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    Where did you that Jeff and the Indy parted ways?
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    SOLD Silver Avet MXJ single speed

    Is the reel still available?
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    Clicker on HX Raptor not working

    The clicker on my HX Raptor isn't working, any ideas what the problem is?
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    Guadalupe Permit fees ?

    What is FMM? On the 7 day trip I was on that went to the Lupe the additional cost was $350 per person for 31 people which included all the permits, etc.
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    Guadalupe fishing time

    I was at the Lupe last week and we caught YFT and YT on the kite. I caught a 107 lb YFT and a 16 lb YT on the kite. There were some casualties due to the great whites.
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    how do you adjust the shift point from high to low on the Tiburon?
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    West Coast Sardine Fishery

    article about the collapse of the west coast sardine fishery
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    SOLD Mint Condition Avet HXJ 5/2

    Reel is in mint condition, went on one boat ride used once but didn't catch anything. Has 65# spectra with P- Line CXX 40# top shot. $300 + $15 shipping. PayPal F&F . Please reply by PM.
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    Tiburon reels made by Okuma?

    At one time were Tiburon reels made by Okuma?
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    Independence Fishing

    You might be fishing Alijos , the Ridge, and/or Guadalupe Island
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    Independence Fishing

    David, My brother and I will be on Sherman's trip, it'll be the first time for us on Sherman's trip. Looking forward to meeting you and Sherman.
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    Independence Fishing

    Are you on Sherman's 6 day trip?
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    Permit for Guadalupe

    You should be getting an email from Judy about the Indy getting permit to fish Guadalupe
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    Rare John Baker 6 reel excellent all round cond.

    I had a 55 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup, it had a 327 motor and the 4 speed granny trans.
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    Favorite Hook Knot

    Spangler or Springer
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    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    quote: I think I forgot something once but I can't remember what it was? I think you have CRS but I don't remember what CRS means?
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    M & M Custom Rods

    I spoke to Monty's son last Saturday, I may have mis-dialed when I initially called
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    M & M Custom Rods

    maybe they changed their phone number?
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    M & M Custom Rods

    called them yesterday and got message "the number you have called is no longer in service" Did they close up the shop?
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    WTB Trinidad 20 & 40

    I have brand new gold TN 20, it has my name engraved in small letters on the left side plate. I think it has the upgrade drag plate when Shimano was offering free upgrade years ago. If you're interested PM me or text at 415 994-4028
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    JRI Stinger jig

    besides the JRI Stinger jig what other JRI jig is good for yo-yo?
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    JRI Stinger jig

    For those who have used them, what is your opinion of them? Thinking of getting some for my 6 day trip in July
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    Owner Ringed Mutu 4/0 hooks, Model 5363R-141, Qty of 22, $20

    Package of 22 Owner Ringed Mutu 4/0 hooks. $20.00 I'm in Northern California and will ship at your expense..
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    WTB- Looking for Avet HX or JX 2-Speed

    sent you a PM for new JX Raptor
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    WTB- Looking for Avet HX or JX 2-Speed

    Tim, Sent you a PM about the JX 2 speed
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    5 Star Fishprocessing

    5 Star has excellent customer service! Couple of days after I picked up my fish from Southwest cargo got a call from 5 Star asking if the fish arrived as scheduled and if i was satisfied with their service. Told 5 Star couldn't have been more pleased with their service and appreciated their...
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    Springer knot vs Spangler knot

    Anyone use either of the knots? Which knot works better?
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    GUSA 70XH rod

    Is it a good bait or jig rod?
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    Bluefin close to San Diego

    San Diego - Seaforth 3/4 day boat report...
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    Shoulder Hooking Sardines?

    How do you cast a shoulder hooked sardine?
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    Sumo Tackle Ninja Fighting Belt - Blue, Mint Condition

    Sumo Tackle Ninja Fighting Belt in blue and in mint condition. $40 plus shipping. No PayPal. Will accept USPS money order, cashier's check or electronic check from your bank.
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    Pro Pack Owner Ringed Mutu hooks, 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0

    $20 per pack or all 3 packs for $50..Located in SF Bay area , will ship at buyer's expense. I don't do PayPal, payment will have to be a cashier's check or electronic payment from your bank. Sale pending upon receipt of funds. 415 994-4028
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    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    Are the yellowtail at Alijos bigger/better grade than the yellowtail at Cedros and Benitos? Is fishing for then at Alijos same or different than fishing for them at Cedros and Benitos?
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    Most Useful Freebies?

    Last year won a pair of Izorline fish handling gloves in the raffle and they really came in handy at the end of the trip, used them to unload fish from the carts and didn't want to bring the gloves home so gave them to Sarah of 5 Star.
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    Hotel around fisherman's landing

    if you're staying at the Ramada and flying into and out of San Diego, the Ramada has a shuttle that will pick you up from the airport on the day you arrive and on the day you leave you can arrange for the shuttle to drive you to the airport
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    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    7 day in mid July on the Indy with the Half Moon Bay Sportfishing Charter and John Collins will be one of deckhands
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    Reversing Harness Lugs on HX Raptor

    Do the right and left side plates have to be removed to reverse the harness lugs?
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    Reversing Harness Lugs on HX Raptor

    I won't be using the harness lugs and how do you reverse them ?
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    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    Any guess as to how long it will take for Frank to recoup the $$$ he spent on getting permits?
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    Daiwa SL 30SH reel

    Sold, please delete
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    Daiwa SL 30SH reel

    Sold, please delete
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    Daiwa SL 30SH reel

    Daiwa SL 30SH reel that's used but in very good to excellent condition. $85. I still have the box and literature that came with the reel. Located in Northern California and will ship at buyer's expense. Call or text 415 994-4028
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    Can You post General Tie Up Photos

    Check out the instructional videos on the Royal Polaris website, good videos by John Collins on how to tie knots
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    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    Calstar 700MH or 700H with Avet Jx 2 speed
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    Indy staterooms

    Thanks for the great pictures! All I gotta do now is to remember to bring the charger for my cell phone!
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    Indy staterooms

    Thanks guys for the positive responses..
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    Indy staterooms

    I asked the landing and was told to check the Indy's website but website does not mention if staterooms have electrical outlets
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    Indy staterooms

    Do the staterooms on the Indy have electrical outlets?
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    Spangler knot

    my veteran long range friend showed me how to tie it and will use it next month on 5 day trip
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    Spangler knot

    anyone use the spangler knot?
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    5 day trip in mid July, what to expect in terms of the fishing

    want to try shoulder hooking the sardine and debating to use either Calstar 700MH or 700H for live bait rod
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    5 day trip in mid July, what to expect in terms of the fishing

    I'm hoping to catch yellowtail using iron, have caught them flylining and on the dropper loop already
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    5 day trip in mid July, what to expect in terms of the fishing

    I'm going on a 5 day trip in the middle of July, want to get an idea of what to expect in terms of the fishing? The islands for YT and offshore for tuna?
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    3 Day July Excel Trip

    what are JRI's?
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    2015 of adventure charter

    Alan, What colored heavy jigs worked? Blue/white, scrambled egg?
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    Here we go…..You Ready?

    5 day trip on the Indy in mid-July , hope it'll be an epic trip!
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    What can be used to prevent sliding egg sinker sliding down to the hook?

    Ah, I like the idea of the Carolina keeper, my friend used them last year but couldn't remember what they were called or where to get them.
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    What can be used to prevent sliding egg sinker sliding down to the hook?

    Sometimes I need to use a sliding egg sinker when fly lining a bait , what can be used to prevent the sliding egg sinker from sliding down to the hook?
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    WTS - AVET HX2 speed SOLD

    reel still available?
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    WTS - AVET HX2 speed SOLD

    reel still available?
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    WTS - AVET HX2 speed SOLD

    reel still available?
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    WTB Trinidad 20

    i have a TN 20 that's brand new but has my name engraved on one of the side plates, if you're interested in it let me know and i'll send you pics of it.
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    B2-870 with handle problem

    Matt, My brother will send the reel in to have you repair it. Thanks for your reply.
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    B2-870 with handle problem

    it is loose in and out, seems like if you pull on the handle it wants to come off
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    B2-870 with handle problem

    My brother accidentally dropped his B2-870 and now the handle is loose on the shaft. Any idea what is wrong? He'll probably send it to Accurate to have it repaired.
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    Move forces sale Accurates, Super Seekers

    is the BX2-500 still available?
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    Accurate 665 2 speed

    is your 665 the "N" version?
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    BX2-600 NIB $500

    is the reel still for sale?
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    Accurate BX2 600

    is the BX2-600 still for sale?
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    I have one brand new in the box but it has my name engraved on the left side plate, let me know if you would be intrested in it?
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    Fisherman's Landing Trip Pass - $75

    The trip pass has been sold.
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    Accurate 197 270 870 B2-665

    where did you get the blue handle from?