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  1. TwoTapPat

    Best Diving Plug Storage Solution

    I'm surprised @Marlin Mike hasn't chimed in yet. These are his favorite lure to use.
  2. TwoTapPat


    Wow she's coming along nice. Yes those pumps are the best thing since sliced bread. Looking forward to seeing on the water.
  3. TwoTapPat

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    It's already in the Wurd post. The real question is how many pairs of Lelu Lemon sweatpants is @Team Sency burying?
  4. TwoTapPat

    Nautical/Fishing Dog Names

    Mines Hali. Short for Halibut. She loves the boat. Took he on the boat 2 days after I got her.
  5. TwoTapPat

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic 2020

    Oh the good old Pearl. Had some great night's there. Some memorable some hard to remember. Stay safe and have fun boys. This is definitely a fun derby to fish and the after party is even better.
  6. TwoTapPat

    Igloo 128 QT Elite Marine Cooler - $90

    Might wanna check the date of the original post. It's just a few years old.
  7. TwoTapPat

    Thieve at LB Fishing Supplies

    Hopefully he falls over the side of a boat and no one sees it happen. Karma will catch up with him.
  8. TwoTapPat

    Only turn 40 once…

    I think it would be worth it just to ride on a Freeman.
  9. TwoTapPat

    Bad dock fire Thoughts and prayers for all involved.
  10. TwoTapPat


    Nope. Benjamin stole them. #Westport Tuxideo
  11. TwoTapPat


    Isn't past your bedtime Grandpa.
  12. TwoTapPat

    It was a great day, turned bad

    We all know she doesn't take checks. She would be collecting crisp green backs.
  13. TwoTapPat


    Congratulations Mark and Mary. She's gonna be a beast. Looking forward to seeing her on the water. Yes it makes your truck look a little small.
  14. TwoTapPat

    WTB Parker or defiance Boat

    Might help what size you are looking for?
  15. TwoTapPat

    2003 Black Z06 Corvette $17,500

    Not sure where I would put my fishing rods.
  16. TwoTapPat

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    This is the money ticket.
  17. TwoTapPat

    R.I.P. 007...

    Ya just @Roll the Bones and @Marlin Mike .
  18. TwoTapPat

    Replacement Rod Tips

    Greg's Coustom Rod's and Tackle shop in Lake Stevens. He has everything and is a super helpful guy.
  19. TwoTapPat

    Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

    Yep twice a year. All 12 of them on the boat. Helps to have people you fish with slot do it so they know where they are located throughout the boat.
  20. TwoTapPat

    Bad news for WestPort

    Go fishing. They are gonna send me back to school for retraining. Said I can't go back to masonry work. Which blow cause I really enjoyed it.
  21. TwoTapPat

    Bad news for WestPort

    Your worst nightmare.
  22. TwoTapPat

    Bad news for WestPort

    Haha bitches. Doctor gave me the all clear to go out on a boat again. Hopefully will be down in the next few weeks to go fishing. Need to get some salt air back in my blood and do a little relaxing with some good peeps. @Marlin Mike hope you have been practicing your firewood pile Jenga skills.
  23. TwoTapPat

    Just a reminder to stay safe and be prepared

    I was just gonna go over to THT and check that thread. I was reading it yesterday. Hopping for a good outcome.
  24. TwoTapPat

    Kill or no kill

    Oh God no. Tower Todd.
  25. TwoTapPat

    Kill or no kill

    We're gonna need some WWTTD ones also.
  26. TwoTapPat

    Kill or no kill

    What would @Marlin Mike do. That's what the real question is. I say it's gonna die.
  27. TwoTapPat

    Tacklejacked, read your messages!

    It wasn't me she was pregnant when I meet her.
  28. TwoTapPat

    WTC results 2019

    I took 1st last night. She even called me Oh God. It was some nice warm moist tuna. :frehya2:
  29. TwoTapPat

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Looks like a great time . Missing all you clown right now. Pics of the Goats egg rolls or I call BS on the party. Enjoy my friends.
  30. TwoTapPat

    Weight Distribution?

    Holy cow I was just talking about the the other day. Thats the most scared I have ever been on a boat. Good did I great job driving and got us in safe. That was probably the best tasting drink I have had when we got back to the dock.
  31. TwoTapPat

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    I'm hoping to make it down. We'll see how the back feels. She's been grumpy lately. Goats spring rolls might just be worth the trip.
  32. TwoTapPat


    Now your think. And who said looks matter.
  33. TwoTapPat

    Half Tote Capacity

    You have a cute little toteLOL
  34. TwoTapPat

    Loaded the boat.

    Congrats gentleman. Now I'm gonna have to hear from @Marlin Mike how I wasn't on the boat when the set the new high score.
  35. TwoTapPat

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    What do dashing good looks and a quick Whit get me?
  36. TwoTapPat

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    A good chamber sealer that does retort bags will be on my counter one of these days.
  37. TwoTapPat

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    where you hiding under the rock with Too Short?
  38. TwoTapPat

    Tuna are here!!

    It's like a Unicorn or Big Foot so I have been told. I heard you can catch them in Kailfornia.
  39. TwoTapPat

    Tuna town 2019 now open

    @Marlin Mike hope you have been practicing your firewood pile Jenga skills in the off season.
  40. TwoTapPat

    Boat zincs

    I think you must be lost you are looking at the wrong forum.
  41. TwoTapPat

    Boat zincs

    I had no part in this. My hands are clean.
  42. TwoTapPat

    Tuna town 2019 now open

    Just missing Lil TT.
  43. TwoTapPat

    Simms waterfowl jacket

    Hopefully the sweatpants still fit.
  44. TwoTapPat

    2016 North River 2700 OS | Yamaha F200s | 26 hours | 25hp kicker | Garmin

    So your saying there will be room for my beanbag?
  45. TwoTapPat

    Rupp Outrigger Set

    That is a beautiful boat.
  46. TwoTapPat

    From under the rock......

    That's just what I have on my phone. I'm sure I can find some more good ones. Miss you little buddy. I'll be looking down in Westport for you.
  47. TwoTapPat

    From under the rock......

    Would these be the friends you are talking about?
  48. TwoTapPat

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    It looks like a commercial boat. Probably a big single diesel boat. They probably burn maybe a gallon an hour at trolling speed.
  49. TwoTapPat


    Guess you don't know the secret hand shake and password.
  50. TwoTapPat


    Well that was a good little shake. I wish I was asleep right now. Was just watching TV and heard a rumble then a nice little shake and roll. Course to hear how big it was.
  51. TwoTapPat

    From under the rock......

    Holy shit your alive. Hopefully we'll see you around Tuna Town this summer.
  52. TwoTapPat

    From under the rock......

    What did the circus go bankrupt?
  53. TwoTapPat


    That was still early in the night. The Tequila came out after that.
  54. TwoTapPat


    Hopefully everyone can count to ten on the hands today. Probably the first time I haven't light anything off on the 4th. There was a damn good amount of stuff going off around Lake Steven's.
  55. TwoTapPat

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Hot damn looking sweet. Can't wait to see her in person and maybe go for a ride.
  56. TwoTapPat

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    Back said no go. Still fighting it hopefully it's gets better in the next couple weeks. Haven't seen you doing oil changes. She gonna get the white white treatment next time we are down to check your clean job. Marlin Mike and Me know all the spots newbies miss cleaning.
  57. TwoTapPat

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    Come help us on the Kelli Ann. 17 Gallons for both mains and almost 4 Gallons for the genset.
  58. TwoTapPat

    Haay Norm !!

    Well happy birthday Norm. Your a gentleman and a puck slapper Maple loving Canadians. Looking forward to seeing in WP this summer.
  59. TwoTapPat

    Black Cod recipe?

    I had some smoked from a buddy the other day. Shit was amazing. First time I ever had it.
  60. TwoTapPat

    Crab Bait.

    Just try the Sound View. @Grady226
  61. TwoTapPat

    I'm hearing rumors of a huge halibut

    Well they don't call him Halibut Herb for nothing. My guess is Kristi cought it.
  62. TwoTapPat

    When Pigs Fly

    That's awesome Steve. That's a big pig to get out of the water. I know we have been close before. I think Travis was driving.
  63. TwoTapPat

    Mustang inflatable life jackets

    I'll take 2 from ya I'll give you a call later today.
  64. TwoTapPat

    One time at band camp 2011

    What about beanbags?
  65. TwoTapPat

    Bad news for WTC

    The doctor gave me some good meds.
  66. TwoTapPat

    Bad news for WTC

    Sounds like your trying to ruin someone's chances of winning.
  67. TwoTapPat

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    I'm pretty sure I lost a ball once on Benjamin's boat. But that involved a rod holders.
  68. TwoTapPat

    WA BOLO.

  69. TwoTapPat

    WA BOLO.

  70. TwoTapPat

    WA BOLO.

    We'll I'm in the make for a new one myself. Hali has decided it's here new dog bed.
  71. TwoTapPat

    WA BOLO.

    Your drags a little loose. Might want to tighten that up.
  72. TwoTapPat

    WA BOLO.

    I heard he was wondering around the bait pin with a bait rod. Yell chum chum it's a WFO the bite is on. And buy the way Fuck you Hollywood and Swede you guys aren't my friend anymore. I'm taking my bait stuck and going home.
  73. TwoTapPat

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    That's what I learned from Patrick.
  74. TwoTapPat

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    She already had a fatass. But she rides nice.
  75. TwoTapPat

    26 osprey repower

    Very nice work.
  76. TwoTapPat

    BD’er potty training

    That's awesome.
  77. TwoTapPat

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    Congrats. She's gonna be even better now. Can't wait to get out there with you and test them out.
  78. TwoTapPat


    Nice welds Drew. Those are some dimes.
  79. TwoTapPat

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    She is a beautiful boat.
  80. TwoTapPat

    Register or document

    There are no numbers on the Kelli Ann 40ft sport Fisher. Have to buy tabs. This is in Washington.
  81. TwoTapPat

    Register or document

    A little more info might help. What size- kind of boat. Some States still require you get tabs ever year regardless.
  82. TwoTapPat

    New to Pacific Northwest. Looking for tips, suggestions, & recommendations

    Get off my lawn. Oh what where we talking about. Ohh ya Pictures or we'll call BS.
  83. TwoTapPat

    New to Pacific Northwest. Looking for tips, suggestions, & recommendations

    Lots of good charter boats in Westport. Go to some BD gatherings and get to know some Brutha Hood. Eventually you will get some invites. Sometimes guys will post up open seats on this page. Good luck and welcome to the PNW.
  84. TwoTapPat


    This sounds like fun. Maybe a in water tthrew hull install. I'll bring the beer.
  85. TwoTapPat


    That's a very generous offer of you. We'll have to get you over to the Kelli Ann.
  86. TwoTapPat

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    You have to go to the one in Aberdeen to find them.
  87. TwoTapPat

    24 - 22 oz. beer bottles

    @Wild Bill or @ledbed6b .
  88. TwoTapPat

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    I'm surprised Benjamin didn't bet you to the punch.
  89. TwoTapPat

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    They'll look good with the Lululemon
  90. TwoTapPat

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    F U baby Sand dab killer. Your not even man enough to come fish with the big boys. And yes I have been drinking it's my BDAY and I can do what I want. And I'm not wearing Sweatpants:finger:
  91. TwoTapPat

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    Kinda like the Kelli Ann we can get out there but can we actually fish productively.
  92. TwoTapPat

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    That's what back trolling is for.
  93. TwoTapPat

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    I don't think that will float by Friday.
  94. TwoTapPat

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    If your talking where I think you are. Good luck that spot is fished out.
  95. TwoTapPat

    2001 Dodge 2500 Cummins 5sp Manual

    She is a great truck. I be surprised if it hasn't sold already.
  96. TwoTapPat

    Trolling for Clams

    I usually start at about midnight at the bar. Hook up ratio usually gets better about 1:30 in the morning.
  97. TwoTapPat

    Slipping without bottom paint

    What's the metel bar on the side of the boat for?
  98. TwoTapPat

    Maui Jim’s peahi

    Holy shit cuzin your alive. Thought we lots you at the last pow wow. I give you a call tomorrow. I need a new pair of shades.
  99. TwoTapPat

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    So what's your new boat?
  100. TwoTapPat

    Westport boat launch parking

    We'll thank you sir.
  101. TwoTapPat

    Solvkroken Norwegian Cod Jigs

    Double Piss. Those are my favorite in the ocean and that's a hell of a price. Let me know if you come across any more.
  102. TwoTapPat

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    So who bought your old boat? @Master Chief ?
  103. TwoTapPat

    Westport boat launch parking

    Yes you can still use the launch. There is no parking for trucks and Trailers.
  104. TwoTapPat

    Westport boat launch parking

    Get off my lawn
  105. TwoTapPat

    Westport boat launch parking

    Looks like I have a new job in Tuna town on my off days.
  106. TwoTapPat

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    He's put a lot of hard work in and doing pretty good now. He's one cool cat and a bunch of fun to hangout with.
  107. TwoTapPat

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    The quota. The Cornelia Marie is down in Ballard now. He spent 1.5 mill on the boat this off season.
  108. TwoTapPat

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    I believe Josh on the Cornelia Marie bought it. I'll have to ask him next time I see him.
  109. TwoTapPat

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    I was talking with Neal's son last week. He said the brothers are ready to retire. Neal all ready payed his wife off.
  110. TwoTapPat

    23 ft Duckworth Sinks Near Desception Pass 5/2/19 One Fatality

    Very true. It made the Kelli Ann swing going threw the pass.
  111. TwoTapPat

    Website functionality w/ Android phone

    Your check is in the mail:Beat_Them
  112. TwoTapPat

    Anyone have Neah/La Push Cabin May 17/18th?

    What's the matter Lululemon. Can't fish with the big boys?
  113. TwoTapPat

    Hali and ling gear to use

    We will take her fishin with us.
  114. TwoTapPat

    Das Boot

    Here we go again. Can anyone help Mikie find his boots. Let the games begin. I just arrived in Westport see some of you clowns this weekend.
  115. TwoTapPat

    Son's first Halibut

    Very nice. Hopefully he's hooked for life.
  116. TwoTapPat

    PSA Sno-King changed to Wednesdays at new facility-Win a Disco Bay Pot Puller

    We'll see you down there. Probably will find us on float 12.
  117. TwoTapPat

    Wierd looking tuna

    Word on the street is you have been banned from the great PNW. Yes there is something wrong with you fish.
  118. TwoTapPat

    PSA Sno-King changed to Wednesdays at new facility-Win a Disco Bay Pot Puller

    Did you leave the ice maker on for us in Westport?
  119. TwoTapPat

    '19 Neah kick off

    Then are some nice Lings.
  120. TwoTapPat

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    I like the one with the name farther back.
  121. TwoTapPat

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Oh and Thanks for the shirt. It's kick ass and comfy. Your a Gentleman and scroller.
  122. TwoTapPat

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Looking forward to it. Now you just need to come Halibut fishin with the big boys. TUNA TOWN it's on like Donkey Kong in the parking lot when your momma's gone.
  123. TwoTapPat

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Nice work Gooch. Doesn't matter what your doing or who's in trouble on the water you drop what your doing and get your ass over there and help. Frist drink in tuna town is on me Brutha.
  124. TwoTapPat

    Belt for pliers and cutters.

    I like the Grundens because it's stretchy
  125. TwoTapPat

    Mondo Condo shrimp pot

    Yes. It's the one that says Washington Fishing can be a little confusing.
  126. TwoTapPat

    Its in His blood!

    Very nice. He's a happy little man. That hat is awesome.
  127. TwoTapPat

    Need to clear out your freezer?

    Good to see you back. Always look forward to trying your new concoctions.
  128. TwoTapPat

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    First off thank you @Happy Daze and Ron Garnder for all your hard work. This is why we can't get shit done. If only some of you knew how much time and money these guys spend of there own to help us you would change your tune. Keep up the great work guys I appreciate all you do for us.
  129. TwoTapPat

    It’s Sailfish season and the counts don’t lie - Los Sueños CR

    It's in my bucket list . We'll see ya down in Westport in few weeks.
  130. TwoTapPat

    It’s Sailfish season and the counts don’t lie - Los Sueños CR

    Nice work down there Mark. Those are some great pictures.
  131. TwoTapPat

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    You mean the Barns. @Marlin Mike
  132. TwoTapPat

    Another why aluminum is superior to fiberglass thread...

    Ouch. I'm sure that guy needed a new pair of draws. I know I would. I have had some hairy trailing experiences but nothing that crazy.
  133. TwoTapPat

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    That's not good tackle hording practices.
  134. TwoTapPat

    Finally building

    You should have heard about the pulled pork I was promised.
  135. TwoTapPat

    Twwwooooo weeks!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to it. Can't do the first weekend have doctor appointments. Will be down for the second weekend fishin on the Kelli Ann. Looking forward to some fresh white meat. Have 2 packages of Ling left. Gonna fry some up next week.
  136. TwoTapPat

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    Ya I'm probably down to 50 or so now. Starting to get low.
  137. TwoTapPat

    Splashed the North River 29

    Just a suggestion .If you trim that side of the boat up your talking waves from it will cut down on some of the spray.
  138. TwoTapPat

    Lead Melt Door Prizes

    AND. I didn't pour a damn thing. It's all about hanging out with the Brutha Hood. Chucka Marlin Mikie and I just sat back and watched the show. There was more Bull Shit going around than at a bull farm. Maybe next year you'll take your panties off and enjoy the fun. :frehya2:
  139. TwoTapPat

    North of Falcon Updates

    NASCAR salmon.
  140. TwoTapPat

    Lead Melt Door Prizes

    Easy turbo I just drew the winner's. Safety first.
  141. TwoTapPat

    Lead Melt Door Prizes

    You don't know if you don't go.
  142. TwoTapPat

    Lead Melt Door Prizes

    There where 3 lucky winners of the door prizes from the lead melt. Congratulations to you and may they net many fish in the future. Congratulations again. We'll see what we can come up with for next year.
  143. TwoTapPat

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Picture no workie.
  144. TwoTapPat

    Commercial Ice maker issues

    How do you know Phil? That's pretty funny. I have known Phil for awhile. I believe he's moved up more north. Haven't seen him in awhile.
  145. TwoTapPat

    Finally building

    Looks good. Hope that Tranny treat's you well.
  146. TwoTapPat

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    Yes what he said.
  147. TwoTapPat

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Shit I thought I was singing bon Jovi.
  148. TwoTapPat

    Fishing out of Ilwalco

    12 people means your going on a bigger boat probably around 50 ft. They provide all the fishing gear and bait. You will be mooching with a weight and either a chovi or hearning. You have to pack your own food and drinks. There are no Galley on the boat might be a microwave you can use. You never...
  149. TwoTapPat

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Haha I was thinking about that at the end of the day. There really wasn't time for it.
  150. TwoTapPat

    Misguided commitment

    That's it I'm going on a sweet pants strike. I'm gonna chase some tuna.
  151. TwoTapPat

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Well I say it was a great time. We got Vance's place all cleaned up for the most part. The 3 lucky people that won the door prizes congrats. Most of all thank you Miss Kelli and Vance. It was a great time and good to meet new faces.
  152. TwoTapPat

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Shop is looking good. Chad and I helped Vance clean out the Shop today . Just finishing up now. See all you clowns in the Am . It's gonna be a fun day.
  153. TwoTapPat

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Hay I have my own damn garage to clean.
  154. TwoTapPat

    Necro threads rising

    I was wondering the same thing. I look a a thread and it doesn't show I have looked at it. All these old threads poping back up with no new posts. We have been hacked by Russia.
  155. TwoTapPat

    HHHHHMMMMMM, what would you do?

    Sounds like a very wise old man.
  156. TwoTapPat

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    Yes that's the cool kids float. Kelli Ann. But that was the one trip I missed last year.
  157. TwoTapPat

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    I wasn't there. Heard a guy lost his boat off the trailer backing down the ramp. It was blocked for hours. I wasn't down there that time. Hopefully we'll meet you sometime soon .
  158. TwoTapPat

    Fess Up....I'm sure some can relate?

    Where you that guy in Neah Bay a few years ago during Halibut season?
  159. TwoTapPat

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    It's on the boat. Just not sure which one .
  160. TwoTapPat

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Don't worrie I'll eat yours.
  161. TwoTapPat

    TR-1 remotes

    I was thinking we could turn them into Life alert for @goatram and him. Maybe we can start a go fund me for them.
  162. TwoTapPat

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    That would be a big Negative. Ghost Ride the pattern is full.
  163. TwoTapPat

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    Well shit with all the room your gonna take up now. Might be the only trailer that will fit next to your monster house.
  164. TwoTapPat

    Painting a Hull?

    Just saw that thread. That is one sweet ride.
  165. TwoTapPat

    Walk Around Wooldridge - one word - AWESOME!

    Ya all are slacking big time. Kerry's hair is at least a 9.3 in that picture. He must use Garnier fructis plus there conditioner.
  166. TwoTapPat

    New bar in Westport

    Thanks for that. Some of us old folks home don't have FaceFuck.
  167. TwoTapPat


    It's gonna be fun. Looking forward to it.
  168. TwoTapPat

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

    I'm sitting in Leavenworth have a screwdriver and breakfast. Stay safe and enjoy the green today.
  169. TwoTapPat

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Did someone say water balloons. Don't crash my bait stop. Luckily on the Kelli Ann we have the old smoke screen device like the old James Bond boat so you can't find us.
  170. TwoTapPat

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    I got two of those covered.
  171. TwoTapPat

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Those are some killer boots.
  172. TwoTapPat

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Key board is gonna need a drink cleaned off it now. Thanks that was a good one.
  173. TwoTapPat


    Nice work Player.
  174. TwoTapPat

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Hahaha very nice. That should hold my beanbag in place.
  175. TwoTapPat

    The Choice

    Have beanbag will travel.
  176. TwoTapPat

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    You win with the Stach and mullet. Those are some great pictures.
  177. TwoTapPat

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    Good luck in your next boat venture.
  178. TwoTapPat

    WTB Snow Skis

    Blue bird day. Looks a little slushy .
  179. TwoTapPat

    Anywhere that cuts granite into circles?

    Either of these places should be able to do it for you. Marenako's is a really cool place if you have never been there .
  180. TwoTapPat

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    It's the only thing I use. It's alot more work than a pipe jig. Most of the time it will out fish a pipe jig.
  181. TwoTapPat

    What Else Can They Smash Into

    Oops. That should buff right out.
  182. TwoTapPat

    Road grime removal

    Shouldn't you be asleep? Wait why am I awake. @TexMojoII you chasing the squirrels tonight?
  183. TwoTapPat

    Equipment Trailer Hook-up/Reccomendations

    He might be a short man, but he's a stand up Gentleman.
  184. TwoTapPat

    3200+ sqft House with 22x52 shop close to Seattle

    That is a great location. My GranpGrandpa have live in Brier since 1947. You can't beat the location and the big shop at his place. And some of the best pizza you ever had in your life is a .5 miles down the street.
  185. TwoTapPat

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    Sitting in a Hot Tub and watching Hali run in the snow.
  186. TwoTapPat

    Letters have Changed?

    Same on my Droid Phone. I head something about there was a few changes to the website.
  187. TwoTapPat

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    Have fun and be safe. I'm leaving for Leavenworth on the 17th to go play in some snow. Don't forget the after party at the Sound View. :frehya2:
  188. TwoTapPat

    WTB: Triple Axle Trailer

    I know Make Colemen had a few for sale awhile back. Might try and get ahold of him.
  189. TwoTapPat

    Splashed the North River 29

    Getting in to a new career. I think your a little old to start now.
  190. TwoTapPat

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Thank you. @DEEP MAGIK don't wanna see him dancing on the bait tank. Now I gotta go wash my eyes again. But it was a trip to remember.
  191. TwoTapPat

    Need a hookup snohomish

    Yes I'm gonna drop it off at your house here soon.
  192. TwoTapPat

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Congrats can't wait to see it and go for a ride. Your gonna give @goatram a heart attack with pain-t on that boat.
  193. TwoTapPat

    Need a hookup snohomish

    All is picked up besides the tranny. Can't find one in Westport?
  194. TwoTapPat

    Need a hookup snohomish

    Talked to Josh eariler today got him all taken care of.
  195. TwoTapPat

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Aww shit that was a miss type. I meant La Push and Neah Bay. The SW corner is gonna be off the hook and the Prarie has 45 pound Ling's this year. :cheers: Hopefully you all have your slips reservation in place . See ya at the Big C.
  196. TwoTapPat

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Hell ya. Looking forward to WP and some flatties.
  197. TwoTapPat

    Splashed the North River 29

    Congrats on the new boat. May she have lots if Bloody Deck in the future.
  198. TwoTapPat

    Splashed the North River 29

    Congrats on the new boat. May she have lots if Bloody Deck in the future.
  199. TwoTapPat

    Need a hookup snohomish

    Please refer to the picture in Vance's thread about the lead melt. What is Ruff? That"s how your mother likes it Terbek. :eek::eek::eek:
  200. TwoTapPat

    Just waiting and waiting

    Glad to hear she is doing good Brutha.
  201. TwoTapPat

    Need a hookup snohomish

    I sent you a PM with my number. I'm 5 minutes from Snohomish.
  202. TwoTapPat

    Anyone missing a 20hp Honda in Tacoma area?

    Probably a Rav -4. Don't you know that's the only acceptable tow rig in Florida if you own over a 40ft center console. Just go check THT.
  203. TwoTapPat

    COW Down in PV - Mexico!

    Damn that's a toad. I'll bet it's pretty damn tasty also.
  204. TwoTapPat

    Just waiting and waiting

    Holy shit man. Glad to hear she is doing good.
  205. TwoTapPat

    Yamaha Aux 12V Charging Cable & third battery configuration

    My guess would be air ride seats.
  206. TwoTapPat

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Wow is all I can say. Felt like I was on the boat watching you. You are an artist with words. Thanks for the great write up.
  207. TwoTapPat


    Suck it tubby. Jealousy will get you no where. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.
  208. TwoTapPat

    Get em while they last!

    Aww thanks Dad. Luv you lots but my birthday isn't till May. :smoking33:
  209. TwoTapPat


    Wasnt the Players Club up there that year?
  210. TwoTapPat


    I wanna know why Marlin Mike is laughing so hard at?
  211. TwoTapPat


    It was cold out had to bust out the insulated overalls.
  212. TwoTapPat


    Benjamin is gonna be jealous for sure.
  213. TwoTapPat


    My guess would be a traveling sling and on to blocks on the boat yard. That's just my uneducated guess.
  214. TwoTapPat

    Might wanna throw one in

    I'M sure we can find some creative uses for it. Might need it when Firewood pile Jenga gets to intense.
  215. TwoTapPat


    Your pallace was quite the place.
  216. TwoTapPat

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    Can't wait to see this one get built. Your last boat was a work of art. I'll be watching this one.
  217. TwoTapPat

    BOL biteme Brian

    I'll have to check my messages.
  218. TwoTapPat

    BOL biteme Brian

    Thanks Brutha.
  219. TwoTapPat

    BOL biteme Brian

    Been trying to get ahold of him for a few weeks. Not sure if he got a new number. The one I have just goes straight to voicemail. Hopefully someone can help me out. @"biteme" @Bite Her . Thanks gents.
  220. TwoTapPat

    Halibut Rod holder for Scotty mounts

    Now that's funny shit right there. Technical he got his rod back. That was a funny day. There is a video somewhere of the retrieve.
  221. TwoTapPat

    Something odd about this article...

    I was scared to open this up at first knowing you.
  222. TwoTapPat

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    Generally the Kicker is hooked to the mains via a tie rod. Trolling for salmon is between 1.5 to 3.0 Knots. @FHisherman could probably answer some questions better for you. When we tuna fish up here in Washington, for Albacore we use the mains. Trolling for them we generally do 5 to 7 Knots.
  223. TwoTapPat

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    This boat is in Washington. Kicker is for salmon trolling. A 9.9 is a lot cheaper to replace than a 300. I know guys that put hundreds of hours a year on there kicker trolling for salmon.
  224. TwoTapPat

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Fine I'm taking my ball and going home.
  225. TwoTapPat

    Damn it ...who gave two tap the keys to the boat

    That's what I was trying to find. They hadn't seen my baseball either.
  226. TwoTapPat

    Damn it ...who gave two tap the keys to the boat

    But it was so much fun.
  227. TwoTapPat

    Damn it ...who gave two tap the keys to the boat

    Sorry that was just a natural response.
  228. TwoTapPat

    Damn it ...who gave two tap the keys to the boat

    It's not mine she was pregnant when I meet her.
  229. TwoTapPat

    WTB - Lowrance Radar Dome Only

    There is a guy selling a B&G in the Marine Electronics four here on BD. I think he's in Cali might wanna check it out.
  230. TwoTapPat

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Yes he is. I haven't seen it yet. I believe MM and Elkfins helped him right it up.
  231. TwoTapPat

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Who's this Bone Roller you speak of? Sounds like some Roller Derby chick.
  232. TwoTapPat

    Juans on New Years!

    Nice work Mike.
  233. TwoTapPat

    The Journey

    I heard he might be turning it into a Cat.
  234. TwoTapPat

    The Journey

    I do love cut and drilling holes in boats. Just ask @dragginballs. I get a big smile ever time he says we gottt drill a hole in the boat. I like the idea of widening the boat.
  235. TwoTapPat

    The Journey

    What does that have to do with it. Where in Merica. You are getting old or where you smoking with MM.
  236. TwoTapPat

    The Journey

    @goatram how about some updates. Since I had nothing to tonight I reread this.
  237. TwoTapPat

    Fuel usage info from Yamaha 9.9 kicker

    Just curious what speed your planning on trolling at? A 9.9 burns about a gallon pre hour at full throttle . It will push a 26 NorthRiver about 5 Knots in flat water. A little more information would help with answers.
  238. TwoTapPat

    Anyone do pipe work?

    Yes they are a bad infulance to hang around. I have seen it first hand.
  239. TwoTapPat

    Worst boat names

    Your just mad you haven't been invited on a cruise. There is no crossing sowards on the boat.
  240. TwoTapPat

    How to pick rock crab meat

    Add a little white vinegar. Helps the meat come off easier.
  241. TwoTapPat

    Transducer install help - Anacortes

    Latitude Marine Services in La Conner. Pulled Vance' s boat out of the water . We did most of the work ourselves and had them do a few bigger projects . They a great group of guys up there.
  242. TwoTapPat

    What’s your porn name

    Big Rip-her haha.
  243. TwoTapPat

    Another d-BAG thief :-((

    It's FaceFuck. I hate that website. Momma says it the Devil.
  244. TwoTapPat

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    Slap a pair of Cummins in front of those and now where talking.
  245. TwoTapPat

    Diesel or gas.....

    Good question. It all depends on who is asking the Question. A 40ft slip is what you want. I have seen too many things happen to guys boats in a smaller slip. I'd rather them hit the dock than my boat.
  246. TwoTapPat

    Finally building

    Very nice. It's looking good.
  247. TwoTapPat

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    Holy fuckin SQUIRREL. How about we get back on track. That really sucks to hear Herb. You and Kristi are both great people. Hopefully you get your stuff back from the douche waffles.
  248. TwoTapPat

    Fuck yeah

    And he's got some of the best stories if ever meet him. Mike is a gentleman and a scholar.
  249. TwoTapPat

    Diesel heat

    @ledbed6b is very smart man. Kinda like the Rainman.
  250. TwoTapPat

    Westport Charter for bottom fish in May.

    I was wondering if anyone has ridden the boat.
  251. TwoTapPat

    Boat Pictures

    Great boat .Chuck was a great captain and his deckhand Chris was awesome.
  252. TwoTapPat

    Westport Charter for bottom fish in May.

    I have a group of friends that do a bottom fish trip every May and are looking for a new boat. There is usually 14 to 16 people so a 6pack is out. They used to go on the Freedom but Chuck retired and sold the boat. Looking for recommendations for a big Charter boat for them to go on. Thanks for...
  253. TwoTapPat

    Boat Pictures

    Yes it's been gone for a bit now. He retired. Had a group of friends do a bottom fishin trip every may with him. I hopped on a few times with them he was a great Capt. Ran a really clean and well kept boat. He will be missed.
  254. TwoTapPat

    On my way home early. 14 dead animals

    Nice work Brutha. That shirt is pretty funny.
  255. TwoTapPat

    Johnson 8HP outboard motor

    @richardp I believe mentioned looking for one the Post the picture of your boat thread.
  256. TwoTapPat

    Boat Pictures

    Yes don't them them Cornfuzz ya. They both look kinda the same.
  257. TwoTapPat

    Boat Pictures

    Really you have Twins?
  258. TwoTapPat

    Any one have a lead on a boat trailer for sale.

    Thanks guys your awesome. Sent my number to you guys.
  259. TwoTapPat

    RIP Paul Allen

    Just saw that that's some sad news. He was a good man and did a lot to help others.
  260. TwoTapPat

    Any one have a lead on a boat trailer for sale.

    The boat is a Grady 232. Thought would help.
  261. TwoTapPat

    Any one have a lead on a boat trailer for sale.

    I gave a friend looking for a boat trailer. Needs to be 6000 to 8000 pound rating. If ya know of anything let me know and I can pass along the info to him. Thanks for the help.
  262. TwoTapPat

    Oxe Diesel Outboard Demo Boat

    Nothing like hearing the tubro spool up and the rumble of the engine's in the morning. Makes me go TT night night in my beanbag on the ride out.
  263. TwoTapPat

    Kevin and Cyndi Lanier Live in Mexico Beach Fl In The Eye Of Cat 4 Hurricane Today

    Just was over reading on THT. Sounds like there isn't much of Mexico Beach and Panama City looks like a pile of match sticks. Praying for the best for them.
  264. TwoTapPat

    Deck Boot Reviews

    Ouch not cool. They keep your feet alot cooler on those hot days. I bought a pair more for a joke. They have there place of use.
  265. TwoTapPat

    Everett marina fire.

    That's the first thing I thought was hopefully Casey's boat was ok.
  266. TwoTapPat

    hunting cloths Blow out

    Say what about sweatpants.
  267. TwoTapPat

    Damn computers.

    Thank you very much. Well damn was trying to show a buddy the video.
  268. TwoTapPat

    Damn computers.

    Ya that's the one. It was a aluminum boat.
  269. TwoTapPat

    Damn computers.

    Trying to find the video of that 20ish ft boat that went down crabbing in Oregon a few years ago. I saw it on this site and know it's on YouTube .Can someone help this computer illiterate person. Thanks for looking out.
  270. TwoTapPat

    Where did the warm water go?

    I have had a few of those days. There are long for sure.
  271. TwoTapPat

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    That's what I heard also. Was thinking about a Sunday trip but not really feeling like going for a 15 hour boat ride.
  272. TwoTapPat

    Large black weiners

    Very nice. We'll talk when there getting closer.
  273. TwoTapPat

    Dave Marciano fishing with a rail rod? Say whaaatt???

    That's a great picture. I would enjoy meeting Dave he seems like a very cool and down to earth guy . Good luck to ya all.
  274. TwoTapPat

    Large black weiners

    What's your average Hanging weight? Don't have place to raise one. Love me some good piggy piggy.
  275. TwoTapPat

    Large black weiners

    I was scared to open it haha.
  276. TwoTapPat

    Making memories

    Hell ya Brutha that's badass. Zak will never forget this one and I'm sure we'll get to hear all about it.
  277. TwoTapPat

    Tomahawk Chop

    Just watching from a far.
  278. TwoTapPat

    Tomahawk Chop

    Fuckin slacker. And big spoon makes the rules.
  279. TwoTapPat

    Expired Transderm Scop patches

    99.9% of men would agree with this statement.
  280. TwoTapPat

    Honda quad.

    That should push the Kelli Ann right along.
  281. TwoTapPat

    The Choice

    Nice looking boat Brutha. If you need help rigging it let me know. My favorite thing to do is drill holes in boats. I really like drilling them in the bottom.
  282. TwoTapPat

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Looks pretty sweet. I know what I'm doing tonight. Friday night bender.
  283. TwoTapPat

    Colt Snipers/Shimano Flat Falls

    What the fuck how did I get brought it to this shit.
  284. TwoTapPat

    Everett Derby Roll Call

  285. TwoTapPat

    Westport Labor Day Weekend

    Wish I could have made it down this weekend. But a 3 hour truck ride with my back is a no go.
  286. TwoTapPat

    Wine Barrel Stuff - looking for a craft fair in next few months

    I'll send a picture to miss Kelli. It would look good on the back deck.
  287. TwoTapPat

    Ez loader trailer problem

    Lots of threads about this. Trailer maintenance is very important.
  288. TwoTapPat

    Back to school supplies

    Let me guess Walmart.
  289. TwoTapPat

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of

    Love me a good wetslip. @Marlin Mike says squirrel.
  290. TwoTapPat

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    But what? Everyone likes dessert. Hopefully ya all get those kids on a killer bait stop.
  291. TwoTapPat

    Who's that dude

    Oh shit he's gonna need a bigger hat now.
  292. TwoTapPat

    MA 2 Westport, salmon news

    Haha was thinking the same thing. You gotta meet his little foo foo dog. Then there is no question.
  293. TwoTapPat

    Westport Float 12 Moorage

    It's all about that gangster lean.
  294. TwoTapPat

    Bait tank 50 Gallon (Big Salt) Sold in 22 Minutes!!!!

    Don't forget the Ice Cream sandwich.
  295. TwoTapPat

    27 Almar Sounder

    That's a very interesting set up for the kicker controls.
  296. TwoTapPat

    Washdown pump replacement

    That's what you have kids for. Send one of them in .
  297. TwoTapPat

    One hell of a joy ride

    You guys hear about the guy that stole a plane from Sea Tac airport yesterday. Can't figure out how to link it here. There is a article by the Seattle Times news paper. Dude sounds like he was having a good time in the audio of him talking to the traffic control tower. Hopefully some one can...
  298. TwoTapPat

    Sold Grady White 2006 282 Sailfish

    Congratulations Charlie. That was quick. Sad to see her go had some fun times on that boat.
  299. TwoTapPat

    Calling all Cpt's who participated in the wtc.

    So scurrd. Eli says Redtube is best
  300. TwoTapPat

    Atta bouy

    Watching @Local Knowledge Fishing Show on the couch. Got the dog toy tied to my Halibut pole. 80 pound Lab mix puts a good night and peels some drag. @Jason use PNW Bruthas are hoping your doing better and thinking about you Brutha.
  301. TwoTapPat

    Auto inflate life jacket ?s

    Those are mandatory rules on the boat. Don't like it you don't get on the boat. Better safe than sorry.
  302. TwoTapPat

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Shit I'd send that to the WDFW. Then put it on Facespace for all the tree huggers to see. Shit like this needs to been seen by all the tards that wear blinders.
  303. TwoTapPat

    Not sure can run 50 miles

    Shit we burned 220 gallons of fuel chasing tuna last weekend.
  304. TwoTapPat

    Post WTC tuna reports

    Fishin was slow. We had to pull lines around 3:30 had a boat about 6 miles taking on water. Was hoping for the afternoon bite. Making sure a fellow boater is safe takes priority over catching fish.
  305. TwoTapPat

    First run on Pit Boss Copperhead 5

    Damn that looks amazing Brutha. I can tell you from personal experience. When Travis smokes something it gonna be good.
  306. TwoTapPat

    WTC Weather

    That's extraordinaire to you. How's the boat running?
  307. TwoTapPat

    WTC Weather

    That's extrodnare to you. How's the boat running.
  308. TwoTapPat

    WTC Weather

    Oh ya the weather looks great. Should he like lake Pacific out there with not a ripple on the water. The bar should be flat calm also. @goatram should get a good nap on the way out while Auto drives. You'll be able to see jumpers for miles and the fish are moving into about 30 miles off the tips.
  309. TwoTapPat

    Tuna network saturday

    Where you running out of?
  310. TwoTapPat

    They made me do it

    Best part no FNG'S. Made it alot more relaxing.
  311. TwoTapPat


    Good to meet ya also. That's what the Brutha hood is for.
  312. TwoTapPat


    Not a problem that's what the Brutha hood is for.
  313. TwoTapPat


    Big thanks to Van for the fire wood. We where able to survive the weekend.
  314. TwoTapPat

    They made me do it

    Well first things first. Thanks to Tammy for the amazing Blueberry pancakes and muffins. There where so good. It's always grett to have you on the boat. It was a funny day other than playing human bowling pins on the back deck. That was a narly weather Sunday. Looking forward to fishin with you...
  315. TwoTapPat

    Where are all the tuna pictures from this weekend?

    Was to busy Sunday playing human bowling pins on the back deck and trying to hold on to take pictures.
  316. TwoTapPat


    You mean the weird one with the dog that don't listen?
  317. TwoTapPat


    I knew we could count on you buddy.
  318. TwoTapPat


    In need of fire wood. Not sure if we'll survive till the weekend. Any and all help is appreciated. Feel free to drop you donation off at TUNA TOWN . You might just earn some brownie points. We are counting on you guys.
  319. TwoTapPat

    Where to go advice needed

    Hahaha have fun at the zoo. You couldn't pay me to fish there.
  320. TwoTapPat

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    That one of my new favorites. Minus the nasty mustard.
  321. TwoTapPat

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Friend chicken is money. But eat that shit OVER THE SIDE OF THE FUCKIN BOAT. And having a microwave on board is money.
  322. TwoTapPat

    Just get out there.....

    Nice work Brian.
  323. TwoTapPat


    Nice work work Mark. Good to hear your new venture is going good.
  324. TwoTapPat

    View Fireworks From Boat

    Nice pictures Mike. Lake Stevens was pretty good last night.
  325. TwoTapPat

    Fish report, dont remember what area...

    Nice work Brutha. Those are some nice fish.
  326. TwoTapPat

    Seats on Saturday. LaPush.

    Good for the Rabbi. He puts his work in.
  327. TwoTapPat

    Possession...Fresh vs. Processed

    I heard they have some good boxed stuff.
  328. TwoTapPat


    Nice red meat.
  329. TwoTapPat

    My Birthday wish. Fishing chick nudes

    Miss that crazy. I guess him and @Tues ran off together.
  330. TwoTapPat

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Damn straight. Just put your Prius in the bed and go to work.
  331. TwoTapPat

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    You are doing it all wrong Eric. Here's a good start. Now where talking. Pimpin ain't cheap.
  332. TwoTapPat

    Lapush 6/23

    What's the deal with the Rabbi wearing gloves?
  333. TwoTapPat

    First time to neah.

    That's a good grade of sea bass
  334. TwoTapPat

    Salmon Poachers Caught with 80 Tons of Salmon

    You guys need to explore BD more. Tons of cool stuff on this site. I could spend hours a day look at all the different stuff. This is the best fishin site around.
  335. TwoTapPat


    Nice work gentleman
  336. TwoTapPat

    New Cutwater 302

    I was wondering the same thing.
  337. TwoTapPat

    Thru hull - 5200 still the way to go?

    I like drilling holes in boats. Just ask @dragonballs
  338. TwoTapPat

    New Cutwater 302

    Thanks for the morning wood. She is sexy.
  339. TwoTapPat

    Close call today...

    Get the gun Liz. CHOOT IT CHOOT IT!!!!!! They are ugly little bastards.
  340. TwoTapPat

    Say Whaaat!?? I heard some things.......

    Damn that's a Toad for you guys.
  341. TwoTapPat

    New 2018 Parker 2320 Build

    Very nice. I like the hull color. Lots of info on how to set the boats up. There pretty popular up here in the PNW. Been in some real nasty weather in them offshore and always felt safe.
  342. TwoTapPat

    Who woulda thought???

    He's washing his boot off.
  343. TwoTapPat

    New WDFW director chosen

    And I just spit my drink out my nose. That was a classic.
  344. TwoTapPat

    Could be a sweet setup

    That is pretty sweat.
  345. TwoTapPat

    What a finish!

    Very cool I did the same when I was in Louisiana about 4 years ago. It was really cool. I was mad the captain wouldn't let me drive the air boat.
  346. TwoTapPat

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law

    He just went their.
  347. TwoTapPat

    Greenhorn Looking for a Seat

    That would be a good post to make a sticky at the top. I know a few guys carry them on there boats
  348. TwoTapPat

    Fished the Hoh lately ?

    My girlfriend said she saw Bigfoot last weekend. I told her it was BS without pictures. But now she has proof. Looks like I'm doing my own laundry for the next year.
  349. TwoTapPat


    That's a good one. But now that you mention it they both look like Paul.
  350. TwoTapPat


    @Genie Aye . Sure looks like your brother.
  351. TwoTapPat


    Damn that's a nice fish. I was on a boat about 6 year's ago and we got a 275 pounder. I'll never forget that day. That's a fish of a lifetime for sure.
  352. TwoTapPat

    A hint of highway forming

    Pipe dreams my friend .
  353. TwoTapPat

    FS Toyota 4runner

    That's a nice right and super clean.
  354. TwoTapPat

    Bait tank photos

    That looks pretty sweet man. Very nice work.
  355. TwoTapPat

    So much for fishing salmon out of Sekiu this summer in .CA

    Fuck how about we start will these damn whale watching boat. They harass the shit out of them all day every day.
  356. TwoTapPat

    Possession Fire?

    Hahahaha holy shit that's. Funny shit right there. I should know by now not to read BD while drinking anything. Now I have Gatorade all over my phone.
  357. TwoTapPat

    Fun stuff!

    You all owe's us money. And I'll take back deckhand charges. This bullshit needs to be locked. Much respect for Kevin but this is going sideways. So name a name or????????????????
  358. TwoTapPat

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    But it would be so much fun. Just gotta invite Miss Tina.
  359. TwoTapPat

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    I'm not allowed on there.
  360. TwoTapPat

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    You guys got this all wrong. First go to Walmart and get as many 30 packs of Natural Ice as you can. Then invite all your friends over and start drinking. Place two 5 gallon cans of gas on the back deck. Back to drinking for a few more hours. Then say watch this and shoot flares at the boat...
  361. TwoTapPat

    Suspicious people of westport

    You should have seen the Tommy Hilfiger model we say the weekend running Tail Walkers boat. Heard he was spotted at the Blue Bout this weekend. Stay safe in Westport and use the Buddy system.
  362. TwoTapPat

    Meanwhile out in A3...

    That's a Toad. Nice work.
  363. TwoTapPat

    Suspicious people of westport

    I think it was a bike with a gel seat he was mumbling about this weekend.
  364. TwoTapPat

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    Yep sitting in the dock flying a kite and enjoying a cold beverage. It will be interesting to hear from the few boats that went out.
  365. TwoTapPat

    Well I made it another year.

    Tell your better half I miss her.
  366. TwoTapPat

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    The fish whistle will make you hungry.
  367. TwoTapPat

    Well I made it another year.

    Enjoying the day. See you clowns in WP this weekend.
  368. TwoTapPat

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    That's some funny shit there Steve.
  369. TwoTapPat

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    Front whip.
  370. TwoTapPat

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    That shit is awesome. Might have to get myself one.
  371. TwoTapPat

    Fish Freezer

    Damn those stickers are worth more than the freezer.
  372. TwoTapPat

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    You taught him all wrong. When in dought throttle it out. And yes chicks dig scars. You always have to tell them there's on scare I can't show you in public.
  373. TwoTapPat

    Seaqualizer locally available

    Hehe that's what electric reels are for. Put it in the rod holders and enjoy a cold beverage.
  374. TwoTapPat

    Any Garmin experts?

    Good to hear you got it fixed. You boat looks sweet with those new motors.
  375. TwoTapPat

    Finally ready for tuna !!

    Fuck I just spit soda everywhere that was a good one. Damn Mountain Dew hurts coming out the nose.
  376. TwoTapPat

    Finally ready for tuna !!

    That looks tippy.
  377. TwoTapPat

    Bonar Half Tote

    Hehe you said boner
  378. TwoTapPat

    fun job

    PM on the way. I'm the first what do I get the job or what do I win?
  379. TwoTapPat

    Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    That was one hell of a flask.
  380. TwoTapPat

    Limits Sand dabs

    Damn you put some weight on over the winter.
  381. TwoTapPat

    “Fully Involved” on it’s side

    Damn that sucks Brutha.
  382. TwoTapPat

    WTC reborne

    You know the rules . Pictures or it's BULL SHIT. I would never do anything mischievous. It's all @Marlin Mike he's the instigator . And a few other unnamed instigators.
  383. TwoTapPat

    How was the bar

    No a single one.
  384. TwoTapPat

    WTC reborne

    What happens at the preparty stays at the the preparty. :720icon::hali_olutta:
  385. TwoTapPat

    Let’s make it interesting....

    Good damn FNG's you know better.
  386. TwoTapPat

    WTC reborne

    As far as I know most got deleted. And I'm not the most computer savvy. Hell I don't even own a computer.
  387. TwoTapPat

    WTC reborne

    Hide under a rock much?
  388. TwoTapPat

    Humble thyself

    I got me some new fishin boot's. Best part they where on sale.
  389. TwoTapPat

    Westport halibut?

    Fuck it let's run Friday. We just need fuel in The Miss Kelli Ann. @Marlin Mike said he was driving and could use the practice docking. Don't be Screed. It will be a 3 hour tour!!!!!!
  390. TwoTapPat

    San Juan island boating ban

    Wow tree huggers at there finest. There is a very simple solution to this. Train them to eat the seals then they will have no shortage of food. Damn I should be a Rocket Scientist.
  391. TwoTapPat


    This thread needs to die. @Roll the Bones make it go bye bye.
  392. TwoTapPat

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    Damn you all are making me hungry. I wish I would have made it out for the opener.
  393. TwoTapPat

    Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    May 14th will be 2 years. Miss that man. Hopefully he's looking down on me will I'm out on the water fishin Monday.
  394. TwoTapPat

    Humble thyself

    Sorry I'm fresh out.
  395. TwoTapPat

    2009 North River 26ft Seahawk Offshore

    He makes me feel small.
  396. TwoTapPat

    Humble thyself

    Snuggle struggle is more like it. The more you struggle the more I snuggle. I will say some of the nicest and most generous assholes I have met threw this site. Looking forward to seeing some of you clowns soon.
  397. TwoTapPat

    PSA Sno-King presents Brett Rossom and fishing the San Juans Thursday, May 10,.

    Same thing I was thinking. I'll be in the Big W.
  398. TwoTapPat


    Oh man even with a beanbag that's still gonna no fun. Hopefully it gets better.
  399. TwoTapPat

    This isn't good...

    The in floor fish box doesn't hold enough water to put the off shore bracket under water. My guess is the hold a hundred gallons of water. I could see the pipe that drains and fills it failing then your filling the bildge with water. Then your gonna be in trouble.
  400. TwoTapPat

    2009 North River 26ft Seahawk Offshore

    Is that a 26 short cabin? Most 26's have another window behind the big one.
  401. TwoTapPat

    Ling n butt

    That poor little fish in the background is probably woundering if he's next. Looks tasty man
  402. TwoTapPat

    Metal carport/Boat shed

    Easy buddy. We'll be killing Halibut this time next week.
  403. TwoTapPat

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    It looks like a 22 to 24 ft SeaSport behind a F-150. Wounder what kind of breaks the trailer had?
  404. TwoTapPat

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Well you boys in Neah Bay should have that handled. :frehya2:
  405. TwoTapPat

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Well this sucks donkey nuts. Sanddabs be wear. @ledbed6b BASS MASTERS TOURMENT time.
  406. TwoTapPat

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    Not according to @Sammy Hooker . He recommends Neah or La Push. Shorter run is easier on the back.
  407. TwoTapPat

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    Oh shit you need to lay off the crack pipe cuzin. Everyone knows all the Halibut are up North. Just follow the fleet to the SW corner of the C closure.
  408. TwoTapPat

    Canned clam recipe?

    Wow I should be asleep right now .This is gonna keep me up all night.
  409. TwoTapPat

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Oh shit here we go. @Cohoho he's a real Dodge lover.
  410. TwoTapPat

    This isn't good...

    Thanks. Haven't been there in some years.
  411. TwoTapPat

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    That's sad to hear. He was a great guy.
  412. TwoTapPat

    This isn't good...

    Damn that sucks big time. Looks like La Push.
  413. TwoTapPat

    Venice April 21-25

    Looks like fun. It's on my bucket list to fish down there one day.
  414. TwoTapPat

    Crosby durby 4-28-18

    That's where all the fish are. Common man you know there no fish in the area you fish.
  415. TwoTapPat


    Don't forget Captain Cub Scout. He had his turn on her
  416. TwoTapPat


    That sucks.
  417. TwoTapPat

    2018 Tuna Town Shirts are out

    No more TunaTown. Last year was the last curtain call. Time to go to Neah Bay.
  418. TwoTapPat

    Way to go Hollywood!

    Nice fuckin going DollyWood!!!!!!!!!
  419. TwoTapPat

    Electrical Help Please?

    That's the same question I had.
  420. TwoTapPat

    More Batteries??????

    Gotta have that Boom Boom Pow. Cause it's all about that base.
  421. TwoTapPat

    Am Can derby and another BD winner!

    Yes he did get a new number.
  422. TwoTapPat

    PSA - Battery covers

    Yep nothing like dropping a wrench on a 24 V battery. It's quite the show.
  423. TwoTapPat

    2018 ocean fisheries

    You have it all wrong. You have to shoot them as they breathing out then they sink. Or so a Cuzin today.
  424. TwoTapPat

    After a couple of years away...

    Oh and welcome back to the shit show. :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  425. TwoTapPat

    After a couple of years away...

    Don't let him fool you. He's just pertending to trow you off. He told me he really hates dancing with women.
  426. TwoTapPat

    Am Can derby and another BD winner!

    Very nice work brutha.
  427. TwoTapPat


    Dr Tangles is in the house.
  428. TwoTapPat

    Springer love?

    Nice work Mike.
  429. TwoTapPat

    Bottom paint advice

    You should PM @Omakase on here. He's the bottom paint guru. He will tell you everything you need to know.
  430. TwoTapPat

    Spring cleaning at the Smith house

    That's a cute little pile of Q-Coves you got there. :eyepoppin
  431. TwoTapPat

    PSAOA Meeting...April 21rst.

    Some of us don't have to ask for p Some of us don't have to ask for permission. We can do whatever the hell we want.
  432. TwoTapPat

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    I have heard Facefuck is a lot funner. I'm more of a Myspace troller.
  433. TwoTapPat

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    Didn't you see the new regulations this year? You can't fish MA7 if you live south of the Snohomish King County line. Sorry to you South Guys. You can thank @Waterdog~ he ruined it for you.
  434. TwoTapPat

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    Damn that blows monkey nuts.
  435. TwoTapPat

    Well Fuck, Im bored

    I believe the line starts Here hold my beer. Then followed by I'm a Professional, kids don't try this at home.
  436. TwoTapPat

    Well Fuck, Im bored

    I wasn't talking about the kid. I meant you retread.
  437. TwoTapPat

    Well Fuck, Im bored

    You could have at lest put a helmet on.
  438. TwoTapPat

    Tuna Predictions...

    I would never do that. We'll maybe if she was cold I would help out.
  439. TwoTapPat

    Tuna Predictions...

    What is this foolishness you speak of.
  440. TwoTapPat

    Tuna Predictions...

    A stripper.
  441. TwoTapPat

    Will Albacore make an appearance?

    So does this mean your gonna come visit us this summer.
  442. TwoTapPat

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Pretty sure the are pivoting. Would be kinda hard to steer without them.
  443. TwoTapPat

    Anybody know this a$$hol3?

    Oh shit you just went there.
  444. TwoTapPat

    when was the new sign installed

    Haha that's some funny shit.
  445. TwoTapPat

    Need to be a Boat ho (this year)

    Friends don't pee on friends. Just ask Eli @ledbed6b .
  446. TwoTapPat

    Ragin Cajun on steroids. Coming soon!!!!!!

    Will bless your heart.
  447. TwoTapPat

    Value rods and reels

    Well not sure how to respond to that one.
  448. TwoTapPat

    Value rods and reels

    Shit some of us weren't even born in the 70s.
  449. TwoTapPat

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Hay what about me. I have a boater's card and know how to split coards
  450. TwoTapPat

    Detailed A7 Report

    That's a great bank for Halibut.
  451. TwoTapPat

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    Sucks to be you all. My net has no taxes or bag limit. Plus I get a free fireworks stand. See you on the river Cuzin.
  452. TwoTapPat

    Misssing person at Ocean Shores

    Thoughts and prayers for the family. This is not an easy thing to go threw. You can't stop thinking what if I could have. Never easy and lots of sleepless nights woundering.
  453. TwoTapPat

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Where is the hitch to hook it to your bike. Or you gonna have Princess Numm Numm pull it?
  454. TwoTapPat

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Looks great Brutha. Looking forward to killing some Halibut with you soon.
  455. TwoTapPat

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    I'm taking my ball and finding my own sandbox. You guys are mean.
  456. TwoTapPat

    Lake Pacifica!

    That got me half chubbed up.
  457. TwoTapPat

    Did Aliens land in WP

    Did you forget to wear your tinfoil hat last night Larry?
  458. TwoTapPat

    Axiom update

    Did you save the old cords?
  459. TwoTapPat

    T-mobile coverage

    If you want the coverage you gotta go with Verizon. My phone works at the SW corner.
  460. TwoTapPat

    WTB: Old Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick, or Tracker

    They are fun I had one back in the day. It was amazing the places I got with it.
  461. TwoTapPat

    New trailer

    He sits in it in his driveway drinking beer and making boat motor noises. I head he likes to fish for the neighbors cats also.
  462. TwoTapPat


    Had some good times on her back in the day.
  463. TwoTapPat

    Rod storage options

    Just throw your midget on your shoulders to grab your rod.
  464. TwoTapPat

    Rod storage options

    That's why I like the ceiling hangers. Doesn't take up wall space.
  465. TwoTapPat

    27' Northriver OS Twin 200's or 250's?

    Like said before post in on the Washington main page. Lots of those boats running around up here. I would go with the 250 myself especially if you plan on running the ocean. Another thing to think about is getting Yamahas is going to be pretty hard for awhile. Take a look at the 250 Suzuki's...
  466. TwoTapPat

    Stand up paddle board mounting ideas

    Pictures of the hard top would help.
  467. TwoTapPat

    Rod storage options

    Those are the exact same ones I have. They are great.
  468. TwoTapPat

    Rod storage options

    these are what I use. Up and out of the way.
  469. TwoTapPat

    Value rods and reels

    I hear a bus coming down the line. Run little buddy run. I won't tell if you take me fishin.
  470. TwoTapPat

    Sonic hub

    And just take a look at your avatar . No Stevie Wonder we wanna change the station.
  471. TwoTapPat

    Stainless Steel table/sink basin

    I pretty sure Benjamin is looking for one. I'll send him a text right now.
  472. TwoTapPat

    Slightly older Electronics

    Do the still have a certain persons cords for ling's?
  473. TwoTapPat


    Now that's some funny shit right there.
  474. TwoTapPat

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    That's what is normally is.
  475. TwoTapPat

    Converting 26 blackman to bracket with twin outboards ideas, comments and experiences.

    I'm a little late to the show. OB's and a bracket make no difference. Unless your using a 5 ft rod. Good luck on your build. Hopefully she turns out to be everything you want.
  476. TwoTapPat


    Very nice. Don't forget to turn them off.
  477. TwoTapPat


    Very nice man. They look sweet. Interested what your new fuel burn numbers will be.
  478. TwoTapPat

    Go Eagles!

    I'm with you Fred. Screw the Pat's
  479. TwoTapPat

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    Lindell Lindell Lindell. I'll quit my day job and be your deckhand.
  480. TwoTapPat

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Looks like a picture from an AA meeting.:frehya2:
  481. TwoTapPat

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    You never know. I might seen up for a night. The party is always a blast.
  482. TwoTapPat

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Damn you guys. I always look forward to this derby. Doctor's said I shouldn't be on a boat with my back just yet. Peeesssshhhh what do they know. Have fun and be safe.
  483. TwoTapPat

    Shout out for J&G Marine

    I heard he's getting a Blow Boat. Turning into a yuppie type tree hugger. He said he doesn't like hurting fish.:picknose:
  484. TwoTapPat

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Damn that blows. Hopefully you get something worked out.
  485. TwoTapPat

    33' North River for Sale

    I second this
  486. TwoTapPat

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    I heard the same thing. Good luck getting a Yamaha anytime soon.
  487. TwoTapPat

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    With a bad back I'll take the 42 Lindel. If I wanna go fast it would be a 42 ft Freeman cat with quad outboards. At 70 MPH I'll be there in no time. Sweet Sweet dreams.
  488. TwoTapPat

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    My first call after winning the lottery is a call to Lindell
  489. TwoTapPat

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    Don't think they sell those at the boat show.
  490. TwoTapPat

    Roche Derby

  491. TwoTapPat

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    A new inflatable life vest is on the list.
  492. TwoTapPat

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    At least I can drink my whole beer now that your not around.
  493. TwoTapPat

    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    And I know how to run it. I'll make sure and put fuel back in her. Props to you for what your doing Larry2. It will be a very rewarding venture for you. I'm in to help out anyway I can.
  494. TwoTapPat

    Do you leave the anchor in the cradle?

    What he said . Tie it to the cleat with a Paracord. Easy to cut real quick if needed.
  495. TwoTapPat

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    I love these shoes. They are all I pretty much wear. But they are not the same traction as the boot. I have almost eaten shit walking in to a store when it raining out. Wet fiberglass is dangerous as hell. There fine on none skid surfaces. Just my experience.
  496. TwoTapPat

    What the hell?

    Someone start drinking a bit early today?
  497. TwoTapPat

    Bad ass Ford, LOL

    As always top quality work Brutha.
  498. TwoTapPat

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    Not sure if your aware. We are talking about the Seattle boat show.
  499. TwoTapPat

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    January 26th to February 4 the.
  500. TwoTapPat

    WTC registration opened today

    I'm with you on that one. I'm give my donation to Danny and his cause. WOUNDEDVETSFISHING.ORG
  501. TwoTapPat

    Superbowl predictions

    Holy shit what a finish. That was nuts.
  502. TwoTapPat

    Pics From WESTPORT, WA - Very Pic Heavy!

    Holy old Post. Look at these crazy kids.
  503. TwoTapPat

    Fictional Fishin Friday

    Holy shit. I just spit my drink all over the place.
  504. TwoTapPat

    31' Silversteak on Craigslist

    Sounds like an add for Jenny Craig plan.
  505. TwoTapPat

    Yamaha corrosion

  506. TwoTapPat

    Fishing Canadian waters

    Did someone say brownies?
  507. TwoTapPat

    Superbowl predictions

    Taking the Browns to the Superbowl.
  508. TwoTapPat

    Fucking cancer...

    Sorry to hear Brutha. My heart goes out to you and your family. Hard times ahead but you always have to remember to good. Oh and take Chris and go fishing!!!!!
  509. TwoTapPat

    Neah Bay halibut moorage

    That trip was epic. I still look at the videos on my phone and laugh my ass off. One I'll never forget and will talk about for the rest of my life. Hopefully we will do it again one day.
  510. TwoTapPat

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Damn wish I was up there having fun. Doctor says no boating for me till next month. Hopefully I'll be at the Friday harbor derby. Be safe and have fun. And no crashing bait stops.
  511. TwoTapPat

    Deck seating

    Beanbags are for the ride out and in. When your running 3 hours each way they are a lifesaver. When fishin the are stored out of the way. The Ocean Taimer bags are Marine grade Vinal that's triple stiched all water proof.
  512. TwoTapPat

    New Years clam diggin

    Someone dig mine please. I'm still on the side line from back surgery.
  513. TwoTapPat

    Bean Bags

    Thanks for the heads up.
  514. TwoTapPat

    Bean Bags

    Mine is still going strong. No rips or hole's in it. I have the large teardrop style. Love it. Don't go on a boat without it. I'd rather forget my tackle bag than my beanbag. Only thing is it could use some more beans they have compressed a bit over time.
  515. TwoTapPat

    Christmas Pressie

    They look sweet!!!!
  516. TwoTapPat

    Tried to salute you. Everett

    Not really. As I say I'm the brains the looks and the muscle of the operation. Just ask @Marlin Mike . Or is it hear no evil see no evil.
  517. TwoTapPat

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    You know the rules. Pictures or it's BS.
  518. TwoTapPat

    Help me name this girl

    Or you mean Halibut AKA Hali for short. She's gonna be mad Uncle Steve.
  519. TwoTapPat

    Help me name this girl

    Always good to go with a unique name for a hunting dog. I kinda like Ahi.
  520. TwoTapPat

    Smoke salmon dip

    Let me know what time I'll stop by and help you taste test it.
  521. TwoTapPat

    Osprey Boats

    Some day when you grow up you'll drink real beer. :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  522. TwoTapPat

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    You had Two Trannies there's your problem. Always knew you where into some weird shit. :supergay::frehya2:
  523. TwoTapPat

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    I have been on both sides of the fence. I know what it takes to run and maintain a boat. I'm luckily enough the have a great group of friends with boat's now. Make sure your paper is strong learn what needs to be done and for good sakes help clean. I never have a problem finding a ride. Fishin...
  524. TwoTapPat

    Osprey Boats

    Brian pulled his boat apart because it only had 2 40 gallon saddle tanks. He put in a 180 gallon tank. Seams everyone forgets that part. It was a State of Virginia boat that they ordered that way. It was used as a pump out boat in Bay.
  525. TwoTapPat

    WTB Gloomis

    Build your own. I built a Rain Shadow 2 years ago. It's a great all around rod. Don't have the model number I'll get it for you when I get home.
  526. TwoTapPat

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    You can't forget the Goards Jin and Juice. Always a good one.
  527. TwoTapPat

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    No fuckin techno. Nothing like some good heavy metal will on a good bait stop.
  528. TwoTapPat

    Westport kids need our help

    Now that's some funny shit right there. :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha:
  529. TwoTapPat

    December is starting off pretty bad or the why some people really suck thread.

    Damn that blows. Hopefully you had a generator to keep power to all your beer. Oh and the freezer.
  530. TwoTapPat

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    Wow this is a good on. I have spent lots of time on both boats. They both have there advantage's and disadvantages. If I had to choose between the two I would take the NorthRiver. Bigger cabin no waxing and I like the look of the inverted windshield. The Parker's are great boats also. Tons of...
  531. TwoTapPat

    Halibut dates are out.....

    Thanks I'm on my phone right now.
  532. TwoTapPat

    Halibut dates are out.....

    Any info on Area 2?
  533. TwoTapPat

    2007 Suzuki DF250

    He is Stryker20 on here. He's a mechanical wizard.
  534. TwoTapPat

    WTB: Neon rose for Christmas

    Your a day late and a dollar short. It has found a new home. And no it's not my house. @dragonballs has re-homed it.
  535. TwoTapPat

    Has anyone upgraded to the new Suzuki DF 350As?

    I'll have to come visit you. I go in December 1st for back surgery. Gimp time winter time. Hopefully it goes smoothly for you Brutha.
  536. TwoTapPat

    Kinda glad I'm not in WA anymore.....

    Damn you bastard. We miss you up here. You where such a good catcher for the team.
  537. TwoTapPat

    Has anyone upgraded to the new Suzuki DF 350As?

    I don't think he needs to borrow your walker. You better hang onto that. Winter is coming and we don't want you to slip on the ice. :frehya2:
  538. TwoTapPat

    Mandatory California Boater Card phase-in starts in January

    We have had them for years in Washington. Just take the test and be done with it.
  539. TwoTapPat

    Friends of yours??

    That's some funny shit right there. Someone was board.
  540. TwoTapPat

    Bait Tank Bait Capacity

    He does love his bud light or tequila. Always start the season by giving him at least a half rack.
  541. TwoTapPat

    Christophers first buck

    Congratulations Christopher way to stick with it and get it done. That's very generous of Josh helping the bruthahood out. That's what is all about.
  542. TwoTapPat

    My slip neighbors blog

    A slip mate? Is that like a tunnel buddy or Eskimo brutha?
  543. TwoTapPat

    35 Cabo - Cummins or Cats?

    The first question is what HP are the 3126 Cats? They are a great motor as long as they are not the 420 HP ones as they don't have sleeve's in the block so they can't be rebuilt if something fails. Cats are great motors that wouldn't stop me from buying a boat.
  544. TwoTapPat

    Veterans - Sound Off....

    Thanks to all that have served our great country and protected or freedom. Much respect for all of you.
  545. TwoTapPat

    Wallis Heater

    Those are some nice drill bits. Had fun drilling holes in the Kelli Ann with them. If anyone needs holes drilled in your boat let me know. I have no problem doing it. I might even enjoy it a bit.
  546. TwoTapPat

    Cinnamon Bear Rug for sale

    That would look great in MarlinMike's shop behind the bar.
  547. TwoTapPat

    Another Handle Retired

    Or your Avatar.
  548. TwoTapPat

    I'm mad as hell and im not going to take it anymore!!!

    The BARNES. Now everyone has to take a drink.
  549. TwoTapPat

    I'm mad as hell and im not going to take it anymore!!!

    I'm not mad just disappointed. Screw it I'm having a drink.
  550. TwoTapPat

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    Don't give the cords to Humpy Hollow. That's a secret.
  551. TwoTapPat

    Happy Halloween

    You are a very blessed and extremely generous man. Not sure who is luckily. But Carrier wins in the looks department. You are both amazing people and thanks for all you do.
  552. TwoTapPat

    Avet reels 10% off

    @RUNNOFT . AKA other Travis. He is your mancub.
  553. TwoTapPat

    Looking for My Next Boat

    I know I know. Had to get threw tuna season.
  554. TwoTapPat

    Looking for My Next Boat

    Good to hear she's getting used. Hopefully we'll get some Blackmouth fishin in this winter. Gonna be having back surgery in the next month.
  555. TwoTapPat

    Looking for My Next Boat

    She is a pretty garage queen.
  556. TwoTapPat

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Your boat rides like that as long a Travis's isn't driving.
  557. TwoTapPat

    my daughters question

    That's the easiest way to explain it to none fisherman. It's like Facespace. They just nod and say ok.
  558. TwoTapPat

    A sad day in Westport

    Not a problem. That's what the bruthahood is for. Hope you got that dirty girl cleaned up.
  559. TwoTapPat

    A sad day in Westport

    We can always move it to your driveway.
  560. TwoTapPat

    A sad day in Westport

    @Genie Aye you had a surprise BD OSHA inspection. Your wood pile was found in violation on multiple levels. It was removed for further instruction. You be notified of the fines. All the wood was destroyed to pervert future contamination. Sincerely TwoTapPat BD OSHA
  561. TwoTapPat

    A sad day in Westport

    Rolled down with MarlinMike Friday to Westport to bring back the Players Club. Got down around Noon and started the party. Limey and Tammy stopped by and said hi. Talked with Benjamin for two hours on the phone. He was unsupervised last night. Ran out of firewood around 1 in the Am and headed to...
  562. TwoTapPat

    WTF ??

    Some one screwed the pooch.
  563. TwoTapPat

    Looking For a Home

    Nope one dog is more than enough for me. For the record my dog is have chocolate lab. Mom was pure chocolate lab. Neighbor had a pit the snuck under the fence. Ask anyone who has meet Hali she is one sweet heart and very well trained.
  564. TwoTapPat

    Blue Friday Double D Special

    Now that's some funny shit right there.
  565. TwoTapPat

    It’s over.....

    Low blow same team Farva. Me and MarlinMike will make sure and check on your fire wood pile tomorrow night.:eek2:
  566. TwoTapPat

    Blue Friday Double D Special

    I don't share very well. Since I'm a nice guy the mocha stand at the Machis gas station.
  567. TwoTapPat

    It’s over.....

    So I have heard. It's either gonna be the out house on the pent house. Gonna have some .
  568. TwoTapPat

    It’s over.....

    You all need to lay off the booze. All this crazy talk.
  569. TwoTapPat

    It’s over.....

  570. TwoTapPat

    Coyote's and Pets

    I've seen your ASS. Now I'm scared for life.
  571. TwoTapPat

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Vance love you long time. Enjoy my friend. We need to go kill some fish here soon.
  572. TwoTapPat

    First time pressure canning

    Just at the Players Club. So I've heard. Oh shit some one said the BARNES. @dragonballs @Marlin Mike @Tower Todd @GHfishin Some one said the BARNES
  573. TwoTapPat

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Him and Vance @dragonballs are avitar bestest. Avitar bestest's . Work your magic ninja style.
  574. TwoTapPat

    It’s over.....

    @Coives life's matter. As long as they catch tuna. Now it's blackmouth killing time.
  575. TwoTapPat

    First time pressure canning

    Your wife is gonna be pissed. And for the record TT does enjoy a cocktail ever now and then.
  576. TwoTapPat

    Its on!!!!

    Thanks for the info. That was a 275 pound Hali by the way. And I don't do Facespace.
  577. TwoTapPat

    Its on!!!!

    We don't get cows as you call them. But we do have some barn doors one in a while.
  578. TwoTapPat

    Its on!!!!

    I would love to do this one day. I enjoy reading all the reports and pictures. I'm curious as to where you find all this up to date info. Sorry for the semi dumb question but I live up in the PNW. Some day I'll make it down a long range trip is on my bucket list. Thanks for the help.
  579. TwoTapPat

    Salmon charter for Puget Sound?

    These are the guys to go with.
  580. TwoTapPat

    Blue Friday Double D Special

    I already have a mocha girl. Just ask @Marlin Mike . Keeps your hands off her Mike. I called dibs first.
  581. TwoTapPat

    Blue Friday Double D Special

    I could start drinking coffee
  582. TwoTapPat

    SeaSport Tuna

    Tell us how you really feel about Volvo Penta. :frehya2:
  583. TwoTapPat

    Coyote's and Pets

    I used to live north of snohomish by Storm lake. 3 1/2 years went threw 30 chickens. Damn bobcat. Tried everything thing to get ride of that bastard. Just gave up on having chickens.
  584. TwoTapPat

    Minimum age for tuna fishing

    That's some funny stuff right there. Like Hollywood said get back to learning.
  585. TwoTapPat

    When Thigh Gap Isnt Enough...

    Now that's a tow rig.
  586. TwoTapPat

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    Leave me out of this. I'd go with aluminum. Maybe a 26 NorthRiver OS or a 42 ft Lindel. Come on Powerball.
  587. TwoTapPat

    It’s over.....

    Are you peeping threw my window. Weirdo.
  588. TwoTapPat

    The Juice Lives!!

    Glad to hear you got here back on the water.
  589. TwoTapPat

    It’s over.....

    Who's that strange guy in the back round. I'll bet he would be a lot more comfortable if he had sweatpants on. Until next year my friend. Now it blackmouth killing time.
  590. TwoTapPat

    Be like Vance

    Hay you scratched my truck. Bills in the mail.
  591. TwoTapPat

    Razor Clam Fritters

    Looks tasty. A lot more added to that recipe than the one I got. I'll have to give it a try.
  592. TwoTapPat

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    Nice work. That's a long run.
  593. TwoTapPat

    Canning - Retort style..

    You must stuff the bags in there as tight as you can. When you think your done you can probably get one more in. Don't wrinkle the bags. It will cause a side to blowout. Cut the bottom of a solo cup and stick the bag over that. Keeps the sealing area clean.
  594. TwoTapPat

    Hugh Hefner RIP

    I'm sure he died a happy man with a smile on his face.
  595. TwoTapPat

    Bluewater Baller

    Nice work Zac.
  596. TwoTapPat

    Canadian pilgrimage #2

    It was fun hanging around the camp fire with you all.
  597. TwoTapPat


    Might just have to bring the Megaphone so they can hear you. Stocking up on water balloons also. Make sure to have a squirt water bottle for filling balloons with used beer.
  598. TwoTapPat

    Dodged the one.

    Glad you made it threw without major problems.
  599. TwoTapPat

    Stanwood & Camino island fishing help

    You might try giving Steve Wild Bill a call. He's the guru in that area.
  600. TwoTapPat

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    FYI Halibut Herb runs that 29 ft Trophy. He's a fish killin fool.
  601. TwoTapPat

    It's not an albacore, but it is a tuna

    Nice work brutha. I'll send you my address. Don't forget to throw some tuna steaks in.
  602. TwoTapPat

    Theft on Float 12

    Safety meeting ✓
  603. TwoTapPat

    Theft on Float 12

    They are out riggers not down riggers. They are two different things. I could use new tires on my truck.
  604. TwoTapPat

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    I see one important thing missing on the motor.
  605. TwoTapPat

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Westport Seafoods ice machine is down. Just a heads up for all that are headed down. Bring your own ice and watch out for Dog the bounty Hunter. The ice is no good brutha.
  606. TwoTapPat

    Theft on Float 12

    I heard the whole conversation also. He said down rigger. So we went to the boat and there where no down riggers on the boat. Hooked on Phonex didn't work to well for ya Goat.
  607. TwoTapPat

    Looking for an old friend.

    Have you tried FaceSpace. Or what ever that stupid site is called.
  608. TwoTapPat

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Wahoo we beat Patrick.
  609. TwoTapPat

    WTF where are the WTC results

    That's kinda mean ya old goat. Go head let them fill my place. I love the charity aspect of the WTC. But it is an IFGA tournament a long with there rules. But the way it ran is bullshit and the special treatment is BS. Say what you want I'm calling it how I feel. Rules are fucking rules. I'll...
  610. TwoTapPat

    WTF where are the WTC results

    He is alive. We miss you brutha. How ya been.
  611. TwoTapPat

    Found a few fish this afternoon

    Nice work brutha. Hopefully I can make it up and kill some fish with you here soon.
  612. TwoTapPat

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Maybe there is another team that got DQ. Have to change the standings again. I'll I'll be the first to say it. It's time for some restructuring in The WTC. They way it's ran now is a joke. With out some changes I won't be there next year. I know other people have the same opinion. Hope for some...
  613. TwoTapPat

    WTF where are the WTC results

    Damn how long is this gonna take.
  614. TwoTapPat

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Send me some of your tasty deer and I'll send you some canned tuna. No BS. I don't hunt lost my brutha 10 years ago in a hunting accident. Don't hurt anymore myself but love me some deer.
  615. TwoTapPat

    My greatest day as a captain.

    Come on get it right you puck slapper. Atta Bouy. You get a Blue Bouy next to your name on the calendar.
  616. TwoTapPat

    My greatest day as a captain.

    You are the man Norm. You have a heart that can't be matched. Thanks for all you and Carrie do. We are lucky to have both you around.
  617. TwoTapPat

    What happened to Tailwalker Charters

    I'm scared not even gonna open this.
  618. TwoTapPat

    WTC pre-party

    That was a long walk. I like the cup holder. I even washed your ride before I came back.
  619. TwoTapPat

    Washington Tuna Classic 2017 in pictures

    Great work Eric. Thanks for all your hard work.
  620. TwoTapPat

    Ali would be proud

    Always good to see you back in town brutha. I'll have to make it down and fish with you one of these days.
  621. TwoTapPat

    WTC 2017 Cord Board

    Blow me. Went out on Patrick's boat Monday.
  622. TwoTapPat

    WTC 2017 Cord Board

    F U. I went fishin where was you?
  623. TwoTapPat

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Now that's some funny shit. Travis don't smoke the green. He's been more successful in the first 15 years of his career than you have been in your whole life. Suck a dick and fuck the grammar police. Damn this is what happens when in Westport you miss all the tards escaping the ball pit.
  624. TwoTapPat

    WTC 2017 Cord Board

    Seasoned cords for 225 each. Can't beat this deal.
  625. TwoTapPat

    Considering making a couple fun rides before Norm/Carrie's party

    I would be interested in a ride if I'm around and not busy.
  626. TwoTapPat

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Damn how did this get to the second page. It's pretty quite in TunaTown right now. That will all change in a few hours. Party on Wayne.
  627. TwoTapPat

    Roaming Westport

    I got my Sabakis what about or fish off.
  628. TwoTapPat

    Extra room at holiday motel thurs-sun

    Ewww who stays at the Holiday.
  629. TwoTapPat

    WTC Boat Entry Available

    Hopefully your back on the water soon.
  630. TwoTapPat

    WTC pre-party

    I'll be there looking forward to it. Shenanigans to commence.
  631. TwoTapPat

    Adding extra cable or braid on downrigger.

    Put duck tape on the spool before you put your braid on.
  632. TwoTapPat

    WTC Boat Entry Available

    Damn that good and bad. Hopefully you get her fixed up soon. We still need to fish together one day. See you at the WTC.
  633. TwoTapPat

    Vance and Mikey....the Ambiguously Gay Duo

    I like it so far. Showed the bottom great the whole way down. Now to get it fine tuned and the fish have no chance hiding.
  634. TwoTapPat

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Still wating for my SWP sweatpants.
  635. TwoTapPat

    Vance and Mikey....the Ambiguously Gay Duo

    Pactiens grass hopper. But has been fishin yet to be fine tuned. Everything worked good so far. Until MarlinMike started pressing buttons on the way down and froze the screen up. Reports to come when some fishin happens.
  636. TwoTapPat

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Looking forward to it. I'm excited and scared at the same time to meet your brothers. Even bought an new pair of sweatpants fro the occasion.
  637. TwoTapPat

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    You know that's not me. No sweatpants.
  638. TwoTapPat

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    There comfy. Says the nerd that wears shirts with pockets. Don't forget your pocket proctor.
  639. TwoTapPat

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    Don't group me in with him. I'm a taco guy not w Weiner man.
  640. TwoTapPat

    Doors and wood trim

    That mirror would be sweet above your bed. Then you can gaze into your own eyes while laying in bed.
  641. TwoTapPat

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Very nice . That's a kick-ass boat.
  642. TwoTapPat

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    Nice new Avatar.
  643. TwoTapPat

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    Everyone gets excited when my pants come off.
  644. TwoTapPat

    Shark bit salmon?

  645. TwoTapPat

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    You where busy doing what??????????????????????¿????????????
  646. TwoTapPat

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    We support you buddy
  647. TwoTapPat


    Desperation is an ugly thing. The old saying comes to mind. Horn blows but does the driver blow. I guess we know the answer in this case.
  648. TwoTapPat

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    I think I'll go for a nature walk and do some bird watching. Maybe hug a few trees while I'm at it. Who knows maybe I'll rescue a kitten and save a puppy if I get board.
  649. TwoTapPat

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    I might know a boat that needs to catch some salmon and might have lots of room.
  650. TwoTapPat

    Metropolitan Detail Digs in!

    Congratulations brutha. You bust your ass and it shows with the top quality work your company puts out. Can't wait to see the new building.
  651. TwoTapPat

    Keep a look out...

    Those where my midgets. I would like them back.
  652. TwoTapPat


    I had a ride on Center Cut Saturday. Pooped my Grady White cherry. They ride real nice. Was also supposed to be on a boat today but weather not so good. One of these days you can't pop my Sea Sport cherry. Hopefully the big boat will be down next weekend.
  653. TwoTapPat


    Ouch that's a blow below the belt. We went out with Charlie yesterday and had a fun time. Boat hoes don't fish on just one boat. I like to spread my awesomeness around. And it's blowing like a cheap hooker down here.
  654. TwoTapPat


    ? What you talking about Willis?
  655. TwoTapPat


    Me and MarlinMike are sitting in TunaTown now. It's not pretty out right now. Blowing pretty good last night and all day.
  656. TwoTapPat

    MA 2 salmon catch change

    Oh shit. Can't wait. She's a kick in the shorts.
  657. TwoTapPat

    Raymarine installation in process

    Saw that guy up on the roof again with a drill and drill bits with a big old smile on his face. Most of the wiring is done a few small things to tidy up. Screens where tested today and all work now to figure out how to work it is another story. Hay Clarke where getting a new shitter. Hopefully...
  658. TwoTapPat

    Thursday/Friday overnighter

    Ouch that's not very nice. Your a mean old steer. They make pills for that by the way. I believe they are blue.
  659. TwoTapPat

    MA 2 salmon catch change

    Is Miss Tina gonna be around?
  660. TwoTapPat

    In put on last weekend

    MarlinMike loves him some X-Raps.
  661. TwoTapPat

    Buddy boat at WP on the 19th and 20th.

    Don't don't know anyone here that wouldn't quite fishin to help a fellow boater out. And if that person is around they won't have a friend's around here real quick.
  662. TwoTapPat

    Snowflakes are among us

    Those guys showed some great restraint. I would have ripped the gills out right in front of those wack jobs.