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  1. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    LOL! Seriously. You'd think the **SOLD** in the title would be a hint. I sold these reels back in August.....of 2013.
  2. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    Sorry, been out of town. All the 10s are sold.
  3. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    20 back on the market. I have 2 10's and 3 15's left.
  4. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    Thanks Excaliber. Looks like they'll be staying with me lol.
  5. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    I agree. Pretty surprised that they're still sitting here considering the bang for your buck.
  6. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    I'll add free shipping, but that's all I can do. Any takers?
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  15. Okuma 20 box

    Okuma 20 box

  16. Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 30

    Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 30

  17. Seekin' Makaira

    SOLD REDUCED...For Sale: NIB Okuma Makaira 10,15 and 20 **SOLD**

    PRICES REDUCED 5/15/14 I have some new in box Okuma Makaira reels that due to a change of location, I won't be able to use so putting them up here. All are new in the box and have never been spooled. I'd like $400 for the 10, $415 for the 15, and $425 for the 20. We can work on prices, but...
  18. Seekin' Makaira

    Thanks for Everything and have a Great 2012

    I'm just going to echo what the others have said. Thank you for your service and God speed.
  19. Seekin' Makaira

    When the stars align...

    Nice work Pat! That's the way to close out 2011.
  20. Seekin' Makaira

    Do you think this is legit

    Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with ya here. Gold, and commodities in general are a safe haven when things like bonds and currency are in a bad way. Like now. Gold might be inflated due to fear, but the recent retracement corrected a great deal of that, shaking out a lot of the specs...
  21. Seekin' Makaira

    need boat info

    It's pretty simple, really. There are a TON of D-bags that come to the Hawaii section and espouse their bullsh*t and holier-than-thou ways to the locals. Things are done differently in Hawaii, and that's that. I'm not saying you've done that, however many here are on edge because it happens all...
  22. Seekin' Makaira

    what boat to charter

    I second this.
  23. Seekin' Makaira

    need boat info

    I vote for ANXIOUS. Great captain, crew, and boat.
  24. Seekin' Makaira


    Welcome to BD Chris.
  25. Seekin' Makaira

    Headin' over

    Probably could have started a new thread instead of digging up a thread that has been dead for more than five years.
  26. Seekin' Makaira

    Tsunami? Good night to spend offshore....

    Good luck guys. Grab some bait and do some drops for swords...
  27. Seekin' Makaira

    Big Island Charter

    Another vote for Anxious.
  28. Seekin' Makaira

    Charter fishing- shipping your catch off island

    Yes, Mexico is a fine alternative. I mean sure, you literally risk losing your head, but if a guy who once lived there said it sucks, the millions who disagree must be idiots.
  29. Seekin' Makaira

    2 Questions

    I caught a tagged Kahala while dropping live aku to the bottom w Capt. Jeff Rogers a few years ago. Turns out Jeff had placed the tag on this fish about a year previous to my catch, and it was caught in virtually the same location. It had put on a nice amount of weight in that time. I think we...
  30. Seekin' Makaira

    39th Grander of the Year

    One other. The Hawaii Grander's
  31. Seekin' Makaira

    39th Grander of the Year

    Game Plan is a 30 Gamefisherman.
  32. Seekin' Makaira

    Garbage Dump

    Congrats on getting the last word in. Now run back to your tree and hug it tight, it's getting lonely.
  33. Seekin' Makaira

    250# blue just outside of BO

    Nice work Grander.
  34. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona charter recommendation?

    Although I agree with (almost) all of the recos so far, my choice is Anxious with Cpt. Neal Isaacs. Kona Hawaii Sportfishing - Big Game Fishing aboard the Anxious Great captain, great boat, great mate, great rates, and a great time.
  35. Seekin' Makaira

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    LOL. Thanks for the clarification. I suck at the interwebz.
  36. Seekin' Makaira

    Boat Shipping Question

    Do a quick search, there have been threads about this in the past. Several guys in Oahu purchased their boats on the mainland and sent them over.
  37. Seekin' Makaira

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    I agree, and those of us who have followed this from its inception know that, but there are going to be plenty of people who only read a few pages and make the conclusion that F.K. is a bad operation because of Chuckles. It's already happened a few times in this thread where guys have said they...
  38. Seekin' Makaira

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    This is the only thing about this little freight train of Fuck you Charlie that bugs me. I think Captain Dickbag deserves everything he could possibly get, but I wouldn't want to see the owners get hauled through the mud because of Charlie's unethical crap. IMO it wouldn't be a bad idea for the...
  39. Seekin' Makaira

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    In the interest of being thorough...Cheap Chuckles also has a website where he leaches off Kona boats. konafishingfor4u dot com. Should be interesting to see how those guys feel about how he conducts business with their name attached. Poor Chuckles, couldn't catch so he promoted, and he...
  40. Seekin' Makaira

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    You are a very, very stupid man Cheap Charlie. Shit business practices for an even shittier "captain."
  41. Seekin' Makaira

    Don't dare asking for advice about Maui

    We should all be paying attention to this cumdumpster. He's giving us all a free lesson on how not to do business. He's a shit "captain" who can't catch a cold and is relegated to being a dock monkey "promoter." Talk about the bottom of the barrel. Charlie, you really, really suck at life.
  42. Seekin' Makaira

    Need a fast boat to take me to TT bouy immediately will pay

    Awesome work on the pic from Chiripa during the HIBT Jon!
  43. Seekin' Makaira

    Epirb...gotta have it....

    I think it might be a single screw Cummins QSB.
  44. Seekin' Makaira

    Waianae 8/7/10

    Instant karma. Nice work on the solo blue girl.
  45. Seekin' Makaira

    Boat pic...

    Is that a green stick on the nose?
  46. Seekin' Makaira

    Epirb...gotta have it....

    How does the guy buy a $250,000 Sea Vee and not have a backup radio as well as an epirb?
  47. Seekin' Makaira

    How Hard Can Sea Turtles Bite? (photo/vid)

    Thanks for posting. Great stuff as always.
  48. Seekin' Makaira

    What fish is this?

    Species dependent, but you can find them in salt, brackish, and fresh water.
  49. Seekin' Makaira

    Garbage Dump

    CJ, bookmark this link: Fishes of Hawai'i -- Hawaiian names It has a large number of the Hawaiian fish listed in both the Hawaiian name and the common name. Should be a big help for now.
  50. Seekin' Makaira

    Garbage Dump

    More grateful for your sigline, but thanks for killing the sea kitten savior too.
  51. Seekin' Makaira

    Garbage Dump

    Oh I get it now Bryan, thanks for the clarity. It's a good thing we have guys like you in the world to make up bullshit as they go along, otherwise we might be able to have a reasonable argument and come to a mutual understanding. That isn't what you're looking for though is it? You crave...
  52. Seekin' Makaira

    Garbage Dump

    He's missing something in his life so he comes here to play the all knowing(even though he can't site a single source other than his own personal observations) keeper of the Pacific in a desperate plea for attention. He's the message board equivalent of the boy who cried wolf, plain and simple...
  53. Seekin' Makaira

    Marlin goes berserk, attacks press boat during Hawaii tournament

    The photographer/blogger who captured that occasionally posts here. His name is Jon Schwartz, nice guy and he's got a ton of great pics and stories all over the web, including some good stuff on Youtube. Definitely worth checking out.
  54. Seekin' Makaira

    Garbage Dump

    Askmelater, you post a response that you KNOW will not be well received in here, get slammed for it, and then call everyone who disagreed with your unscientific assessment "little bitches." You have absolutely nailed down hypocrisy, and perfected hyperbole. I did some research on the numbers you...
  55. Seekin' Makaira

    31 mahi's !!! show me the money!!!

    Before you share your expert opinion, learn the fishery you're talking about and the people involved. Fishery management is important of course, but 31 pieces taken by a small commercial guy has the environmental impact of a teardrop in the ocean. You want to pass judgment on these guys for how...
  56. Seekin' Makaira

    31 mahi's !!! show me the money!!!

    You're right, I was wrong. However, still waiting for you to back up the numbers you posted with hard evidence. Also questioning why your self-imposed ten piece limit is the gold standard that all Hawaiian fisherman should adhere to. Have you done detailed research that shows stopping at ten is...
  57. Seekin' Makaira

    31 mahi's !!! show me the money!!!

    Number one, your very first display of math is wrong. 20 X 250,000 = 5,000,000 NOT 10,000,000! That in turn negates all the rest of your "work." Nice attempt, but you sensationalists always shoot for effect, with little regard for minor details like facts or the truth. Where did you come up...
  58. Seekin' Makaira

    Fishing report Makapuu/ Hawaii Kai

    It's called for God's sake. I think you might be looking for
  59. Seekin' Makaira

    marlin video

    Good stuff.
  60. Seekin' Makaira

    Fishing report Makapuu/ Hawaii Kai

    Do you not have a family, freezer, or friends?
  61. Seekin' Makaira

    Want to start fishing, PLEASE HELP!!!

    Might get more help here: Hawaii Fishing Forums • Index page
  62. Seekin' Makaira

    offshore seamounts, bouys, and long trips question

    No worries Jon. Again not 100% sure, but worth a call at least. His website is and he has two phone numbers on the site: (808) 936-1637(cell) or (808) 329-5129(home). Were you the author of the kayak article in Marlin a year or two ago where you wound up hooking up...
  63. Seekin' Makaira

    offshore seamounts, bouys, and long trips question

    Jon, have you talked to Will on the Golden Dragon? I thought he occasionally does the seamounts, but not 100% sure about that.
  64. Seekin' Makaira

    Most Difficult Ulua Ever

    You've got some of the most entertaining posts on Bloodydecks. Nice work on the fish.
  65. Seekin' Makaira


    Does anyone have an actual first-hand account of this?
  66. Seekin' Makaira

    Anyone Like Trade???

    It's so custom the steering wheel is upside down.
  67. Seekin' Makaira

    Boat pic...

    No, that's Brian in the pic. I haven't talked to the boys in a while, is Brian still there?
  68. Seekin' Makaira

    Boat pic...

    Not my boat, but one worthy of this thread IMO...
  69. Seekin' Makaira

    Maui Fishing

    Do a quick search and you'll find a bunch of threads on the topic. As far as the bite, Startmeup posts here and posts reports fairly often, just look for any of his recent posts in this section. They are also a site sponor and get quite a few good reviews. Tight Lines.
  70. Seekin' Makaira

    Ahi Fishing Tournament

    I think the Classic may have the most entries of all the open class tournies. Peobably due to its relatively low entry fee and the fact that it's a four flag tournament. I had heard that Wee Guys had a big field, but I didn't realize it was that big.
  71. Seekin' Makaira

    Ahi Fishing Tournament

    How does it compare to the Kona tournaments as far as number of boats?
  72. Seekin' Makaira


    No way. I'm sure at least a few were aku.
  73. Seekin' Makaira

    Maui Charters/Captains Help please?

    I third the idea of taking the short trip over to Kona, and agree with the others that Anxious is a great boat, great captain, and great crew. And Cp't Archer, you trying to make Neal feel like a young guy again, or trying to make Norm feel old?
  74. Seekin' Makaira

    BI Bite any better?

    A small sampling of stories from the previous week, updated (almost) every Tuesday: index.html Big Fish List, with a weekly catch report after the BFL: West Hawaii Today - Sports > Big Fish List > Big-Fish List Might give you an idea of what's biting and who's catching.
  75. Seekin' Makaira

    Fishing the Big Island

    Start here: My vote is Anxious.
  76. Seekin' Makaira

    Trolling in a CC

    LMAO. If I send out a YF42, I should send a Bahama41 with it, you know, so you can do an accurate side by side comparison. In reality, as nice as those big CCs are, I like that at 32', the Ventures and YFs are still trailerable with a larger sized truck.
  77. Seekin' Makaira

    Trolling in a CC

    Does anyone fish Venture marine or Florida made Yellowfins in HI? Thy're extremely well made and durable, and popular throughout the Eastern Seaboard the Gulf. I'd really like to talk to hear an opinion of how those boats fare out there, either from an owner's perspective or if you've fished...
  78. Seekin' Makaira

    Want your thoughts...

    Congrats Pat. Real nice rig.
  79. Seekin' Makaira

    BIG, old amberjack...kan/kampachi?

    Two distinctly different fish, although tough to tell the difference straight away. Almaco(Seriola rivoliana) was only recently acknowledged as different from the Greater Amberjack(Seriola dumerili), in Hawaiian waters. Almaco and Kona Kampachi are the same fish, I believe. If Capt. Rogers sees...
  80. Seekin' Makaira

    BIG, old amberjack...kan/kampachi?

    Caught a few with Capt. Jeff Rogers, biggest went 50". Caught at about 120 fathoms, kicked my ass on the light stuff.
  81. Seekin' Makaira

    Help... Looking for Charter info for Lahaina
  82. Seekin' Makaira

    HI to CA fish translations please!

    <TABLE border=1><TBODY><TR><TH width="16%">Hawaiian name</TH><TH width="16%">Common name</TH><TH width="16%">Genus</TH><TH width="16%">Species</TH><TH width="16%">Family name</TH><TH width="16%">Common Family name</TH></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top>A'awa</TD><TD vAlign=top>Hogfish</TD><TD...
  83. Seekin' Makaira

    ahi, moano and big island fun

    Agreed. Nice report, as always Mingo.
  84. Seekin' Makaira

    1990 32' Blackfin Express

    Grander, sorry for your loss. Any chance you could post some more pics?
  85. Seekin' Makaira

    Almost...In the Dark

    Ever try walking upright, knuckledragger?
  86. Seekin' Makaira

    Givin' Thanks...

    Nice work Pat. Congrats.
  87. Seekin' Makaira

    Fishing by the Hawaiian moon calendar.

    First thing to do would be join that other forum.
  88. Seekin' Makaira

    Best charter on Oahu?
  89. Seekin' Makaira

    Mingo gets bloody with some Mexican mahi

    Great read as always Mingo. Nice pics too, but I feel like something's missing.....
  90. Seekin' Makaira

    I feel a little better now...

    So you've talked to some people, snooped around on the net, maybe even read a few issues of Hawaii Fishing News. Oh, and you've fished there a handful of times. Great. You don't live there, you don't fish the places they do regularly, and your opinion on the subject is worth exactly zero. You...
  91. Seekin' Makaira

    Going to Maui for a Vacation

    We all know there are better places to go, but considering their limited time, and the fact that it's a short walk from where they are staying....
  92. Seekin' Makaira

    Going to Maui for a Vacation

    Tom gave you a good starting point, and I'd also recommend buying Maui Revealed well before you go. A few other things.... Go up and see the sunrise on Haleakala. I'd suggest doing it the first morning when you're still on PST. You'll likely be in bed early the first night, and getting up...
  93. Seekin' Makaira

    Going to Maui for a Vacation

    You really need to add some more info so you don't just get the standard responses. What area are you staying in? What time of year? Have you been before?.....
  94. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona fishing

    Start here: Then do a search for all the information you'll need.
  95. Seekin' Makaira

    New Boat Prices

    One more local option is: Pacific Boats and Yachts > New and Used Boats - Hawaii on Kona. Although I have to agree with the above, best to buy lightly used. I have been looking for a while, and the longer I look, the cheaper things seem to get. Something else to consider is buying a new '08...
  96. Seekin' Makaira

    Recommendation for charter fishing in Hawaii

    There's got to be a more productive use of your time than spamming the board.
  97. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Classic

    Hey Pat, The only guy I got in touch with couldn't get over in time to fish the tourney, so I instead donated the money to the USO's calling card program, on his advice.
  98. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Classic

    Just a quick update for those of you interested. Day two results have not been released yet, but I just heard that Kai Lio had been fighting a fish for seven hours and just broke it off.... Day one results can be found here:
  99. Seekin' Makaira

    New Member

    Welcome Joe. Looking forward to your reports. Take pics.
  100. Seekin' Makaira

    West Side 6-25/Pilot Whale Fever

    I would think the pilot whales certainly are going to cause them to flee the immediate area, but have there been any noticable current/weather changes in the last few days? I also was under the impression that they will "circle" the islands, as the islands themselves can cause a very pronounced...
  101. Seekin' Makaira

    kona marlin

    Brian told me they also lost an estimated 600. Great day for the boys, real happy for them.
  102. Seekin' Makaira

    Fishing in Kona
  103. Seekin' Makaira

    A Passionate Fisherman

    To find Josh Temple, all you have to do is Google him. He's not exactly shy about a little self promotion. He is a talented writer, recently published an article in Marlin Mag, and contributes a great deal to another website. As far as i know, Tim R. still works at Meltons just across from...
  104. Seekin' Makaira

    There's no cure for the fever.

    Nice work, looks like the Ti leaves worked.
  105. Seekin' Makaira

    Well Boyz

    Thanks for all the kind words guys, I think we have a winner. Not a BD'er, but a serviceman none the less. Good Luck to all of those of you that enter. JB
  106. Seekin' Makaira

    Well Boyz

    As it turns out, I will not be coming out for the Classic. A tough decision, but as I look at some of the men posting here serving our country with little more than a nod and a handshake, I feel compelled to offer what little thanks I can. As I sit staring over this great big barren of a...
  107. Seekin' Makaira

    Cruising around the island of Molokai

    Congrats on the great news. Hope you get her a fish or twenty.
  108. Seekin' Makaira

    Big Blue Marlin for Tuia

    Congrats to everyone involved, great fish. WELL SAID.
  109. Seekin' Makaira

    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    This, IMO, is a joke, and about as intelligent as saying all fishermen from California are knuckleheads. As far as the first part of your post...."all the bad press"?? Like the the fact that billfishing in KONA has gone from 80% catch and kill to 75%+ catch and release? How terrible...
  110. Seekin' Makaira

    Spool'd in Kauai!!!

    I'm not talking about you specifically. I said threads like these, the ones that get all hostile where everyone starts chest thumping and sh&$ing on everyone else. However, you could take advice from some of the others and take it down a notch. Tight Lines
  111. Seekin' Makaira

    Spool'd in Kauai!!!

    Is it me, or is it that every Spring, some guy who is not an experienced big game angler, comes here and starts telling everyone how it SHOULD be done in Hawaii? It's threads like these that have degraded the value of this place, and chased a lot of valuable posters away. Damn shame too, this...
  112. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Fishing Headlines for March 3, 2009

    Jim, great stories as always, thanks for posting. Also read your article in the Feb Marlin Mag about lure vs. live. Didn't have to look at the byline to know the author. Congrats on the cover, great stuff.
  113. Seekin' Makaira

    Selfish snorkelers, kiss my ass!

    No bag limit, but I only keep the JAL stewardesses. All the others smell like week old maguro.
  114. Seekin' Makaira


    His brother.
  115. Seekin' Makaira


    Could not agree any more. When Neal isn't running the boat, Jeff Metzler does a great job. Brian is an absolute top notch mate, and will be a cpt sooner than later. The boys work as hard as anyone in the harbor, the boat was overhauled last winter, and is in top shape. I have fished with...
  116. Seekin' Makaira

    Big Island In February

    Do a search too. A lot more info here on Kona boats.
  117. Seekin' Makaira

    Big Island In February

    5th post in that thread. Great place to start. I'd start getting on it now though.
  118. Seekin' Makaira

    Big Island In February
  119. Seekin' Makaira

    Maui, Hawaii -- Sportfishing

    You may not appreciate the non-fish pictures, but the rest of us do. His report, his rules.
  120. Seekin' Makaira

    Finest Kind?

    Did you check out the first anchored thread in this forum? There's not a ton of Maui boats listed, but there are a few. Make sure you call these guys ahead and let them know exactly what you're looking for. You should have no problem getting exactly what you're looking for as tough as...
  121. Seekin' Makaira

    Finest Kind?

    Hey Boyd. Are you looking for a private or share? Are you going to do multi-day or one off? Also, it might help to just update one thread if you have further questions about the Maui charters. It will be easier for the guys to know who you've been talking to and what recs they might want to...
  122. Seekin' Makaira

    Question about Hawaii...

    Nice play YB. Mom jokes are the calling card of the mental midget.
  123. Seekin' Makaira

    Question about Hawaii...

    LOL. Do you think he had the fish?
  124. Seekin' Makaira

    Question about Hawaii...

    Obviously, you're entitled to your own opinion. That being said, what's the point in coming to the Hawaii board and telling a bunch of locals that their way sucks, and it needs to get in line with your ideas of industry norms? You had to know the reaction, as you've stated in your last post...
  125. Seekin' Makaira

    Question about Hawaii...

    Then you should read the "talk to the charter before you book" or the "charters in HI are cheaper then most areas because of this" crap. Go compare a full day in Cabo to Kona. Quick hint.....Kona's half the cost.
  126. Seekin' Makaira

    Getting Back After It

    Thanks man. Yeah Neal's great. His stories about the Yankee farm system are very cool, . I fished the Classic with them this past June, and I couldn't have had a better time, winning some cash was a bonus. When Jeff's at the helm it's a great time too, and Brian is a top notch dude, and an...
  127. Seekin' Makaira

    why do people on the islands send me hate e-mail???

    Yeah, the blackface comment was a joke, and in no way a potshot at the boys in the pic. As far as the servicemen are concerned, go read a thread or two below this one, and you'll see where I stand on that subject.
  128. Seekin' Makaira

    why do people on the islands send me hate e-mail???

    Those aren't blindfolds, they're all in blackface.
  129. Seekin' Makaira

    why do people on the islands send me hate e-mail???

    Not likely, but I'm saying there are plenty of legit possibilities.
  130. Seekin' Makaira

    why do people on the islands send me hate e-mail???

    Before everyone starts jumping on the guys in the pic, we should know the circumstances behind it. Is it possible that the fish came up already dead? Were all of these guys on the same boat? How often do these guys keep when they catch? Maybe these represent the only bills they have taken...
  131. Seekin' Makaira

    Question about Hawaii...

    LOL. And the women are all nasty.
  132. Seekin' Makaira

    Question about Hawaii...
  133. Seekin' Makaira

    Question about Hawaii...

    Yellowbanks, your first post had a an attitude about it, and I'm not surprised by the responses you're getting. Had you done a search before you posted, you would have had all your questions answered, there are several threads about this very thing. You knock the way things are done in a place...
  134. Seekin' Makaira

    Getting Back After It

    Mike and Sam thanks. I'm going to bump this thread a few times so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.....
  135. Seekin' Makaira

    Getting Back After It

    I'm heading back to HI starting Jan 1 and will be fishing Kona 1/9-1/15 (or so.) I'll be fishing on Anxious and want to offer any military personnel a day or two on the water. If you'd like to go, send me a PM and we'll figure out days. This is nothing more than a gesture of thanks to you...
  136. Seekin' Makaira

    Need some Help

    Sorry for your loss. R.I.P.
  137. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona in June/July?

    There's a thread at the top of this forum that has a good bit of info about boats in Kona. Thattime will be great for a shot at blue marlin and yellowfin tuna, and will give you a fair chance at mahi mahi, ono(wahoo), shortbill spearfish, and a bunch of others. Share carters are available, but...
  138. Seekin' Makaira

    Huge Billfish Brought IN!

    Come on man, that "little mahi" in his pic is easily 15-20 pounds larger than the biggest one you've posted. Out of curiosity, were you the wireman on the blue?
  139. Seekin' Makaira

    Birthday Ahi mania!!!!

    Nice work.
  140. Seekin' Makaira

    What Happened to...

    This is exactly my point. I have no problem with anyone posting whatever they want. But add a little something to it, and make the pics worth posting. Any of us who fish Hawaii regularly have been in mahi blitzes. We've all filled the hold with shibi. The reports that garner the most respect(and...
  141. Seekin' Makaira

    What Happened to...

    I hear about it every week or so from Brian, I missed the really hot bite by about a week, oh well. What boat do you crew for?
  142. Seekin' Makaira

    What Happened to...

    Where did all the the guys go who posted here up until a few weeks ago? I'm talking about Jager, Hirize, Tim R, Fishinsoldier, and several others who were all great posters and just talked fishing Hawaii. Have you guys gone to another board? If any of you are reading this, and I know I missed...
  143. Seekin' Makaira

    Lahaina Harbor Fishing Report July 24, 25, 26. 2008

    Noah, not only do you come off as a just another advertisement for another boat, you are talking to a bunch of guys who know what they're doing. Your posts so far are better suited for the tourists and first timers, not for most readers/posters in the Hawaii forum. Take the time to read some...
  144. Seekin' Makaira

    Lahaina Harbor Fishing Report July 24, 25, 26. 2008

    What's with Lahaina? Just as we seem to get rid of Lahaina Kat and her spam, we pick up Ono Noah and his monster mahi and "blue stripers."
  145. Seekin' Makaira

    Need 1 day North Shore
  146. Seekin' Makaira

    Fishing in December?

    Read the anchored thread at the top of this forum. Search function works well too.
  147. Seekin' Makaira


    Yeah, I'm A real dumbass. I forgot every day is a grander day, in Lahaina. Point is, three blues is a hell of a day, no matter what island, let alone what part of the world.
  148. Seekin' Makaira


    Nice work. Nothing wrong with releasing a big female, all she's going to do is go and make more! Unreal that even so you got to catch three blues out of Lahaina. What boat are you crewing on?
  149. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Fishing Headlines for June 1, 2008

    Here's a pic of the Team Anxious fish caught during the Classic. We actually took the 50 daily both days with it, even though we were far outclassed by the 188.
  150. Seekin' Makaira

    On my way!

    Who are you flying, and what's your itinerary? I just flew in today, can't wait to start fishing tomorrow.
  151. Seekin' Makaira

    Hawai'i Dozer

    Actually, kite fishing has been around far longer than Da Rig, but the point is not lost in that it's an extremely effective tuna technique.
  152. Seekin' Makaira

    This week's Kona Fishing Headlines.

  153. Seekin' Makaira

    Oahu June

    What happened to your marlin at the auction? Ever get a confirm on if it were a black or a blue?
  154. Seekin' Makaira

    Community Service

    Nice work, Pete. Great not only for the cleanup, but for the soldiers to get some positive public opinion for a change. Again...Great Job All.
  155. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Classic

    I'm going out on Anxious, fished with them in December and had a great time. This will be my first salt tourney, looking forward to it. As far as the dailies, already talked about it with Neal, done deal.
  156. Seekin' Makaira

    Kona Classic

    Anyone fishing it?
  157. Seekin' Makaira

    Fishing Hawaii

    The top thread in this forum has all the info you need.
  158. Seekin' Makaira


    I was talking more of a resource for people to look at that contained info/contacts for the charter fleet. Jeff Rogers does a monthly recap of his trips, I think that might be closer to what you're talking about..
  159. Seekin' Makaira


    Seeing as how the Hawaii forum has at least a weekly question asking for charters in Kona/Lahaina/etc., how about making a sticky with links to all the charters with feedback. I don't know if this has been done here before, but it could certainly be a good reference point, and would help...
  160. Seekin' Makaira


    I wonder if/how this will affect this summer's tournies...
  161. Seekin' Makaira

    Shark bit Grander photos

    The only problem with that story is that you and "Ankordave" aren't hanging next to the fish. Do the world a favor and go get neutered immediately. Nice fish Jeff.
  162. Seekin' Makaira

    sum pics from hawaii campin no fish tho

    I suddenly have an urge for Totinos pizza now...
  163. Seekin' Makaira

    Is Maui any good in September

    All you manage to do is point out your glaring inability to comprehend the most basic of sentences. I think if you plan on fishing in ANY place you're not familliar with, you should do some research so you don't wind up taking a boat ride. Hawaii is well regaurded as one of the top fisheries...
  164. Seekin' Makaira

    Is Maui any good in September

    1. The point is you are bitching about something that is 100% your fault. When you go to New York, do you buy the watches from the street vendors? And before you say, "I don't go to New York," you should get the point. and I'm pretty sure today is after Sept '07, correct? 2. I Googled...
  165. Seekin' Makaira

    Is Maui any good in September

    Of course, a great alternative is doing even the smallest bit of research to find out what the fishing is like at any given time. Invest another five to seven minutes, and you should be able to figure out which charters are the most consistant performers. Or you could go blind and bitch...
  166. Seekin' Makaira

    fishing maui in april. looking for some info

    That's the way it's been for a long time, and it's also the reason that charter rates on all the islands are comparatively low. If you want to keep some fish, just talk to the captain before you leave, or even better before you book. If his policy isn't to your liking, call someone else, there...
  167. Seekin' Makaira

    Marlin Charter Out of Kona

    I fish with Neal Isaacs on the Anxious when out West. When Neal isn't running the boat, Jeff Metzler is great at the helm. Also, Brian, First Mate on Anxious is top notch. Rates are about $650 a day.