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  1. SDBorracho

    SOLD Pro gear 255/251/545/541

    I have a 541,545,pg2000,pg2500 and a Yellow tail special in great shape if you’re still looking. All serviced by Kens Custom reels.
  2. SDBorracho

    Free gaffing an airborne wahoo

    Very Cool. One of sickest things I’ve seen on a boat in a long time.
  3. SDBorracho

    SOLD Shed Rubbermaid 7x7x8 $100

    I'll take it. 2nd in line.
  4. SDBorracho

    SOLD Albackore Reel case

    I'll take it you ship to Oceanside. Let me know.
  5. SDBorracho

    Shamano tld30 2 speed needs repair

    Look up Kens custom reels in Oceanside.
  6. SDBorracho

    SOLD Albackore backpack and reel bag

    I'll take the reel bag if you ship. I'm in Oceanside. Let me Know. Thanks
  7. SDBorracho

    WTB Pro Gear Wahoo or YTS

    I have a silver YTS in awesome condition. Let me know.
  8. SDBorracho

    4.5 Day on the SA80 10/17-10/22

    Blue fin round up note was removed from trip and it doesn't seem like they had any success with blue fin all year according to their fish counts. I'm out.
  9. SDBorracho

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    Sounds like a great trip. Thanks.
  10. SDBorracho

    eBay 15% off

    HXW Raptor $436.04
  11. SDBorracho

    eBay 15% off everything

    Thanks. Picked up a HXW Raptor.
  12. SDBorracho

    There's no fish in Oceanside

    Yup! Not Oside. NFIO. Save your time and money.
  13. SDBorracho

    Comment on Get Bit Outdoors

    I'll have to check them out! Thanks
  14. SDBorracho

    Real or just a drill ?

    Training? They were too cool and controlled on there way down.
  15. SDBorracho

    Pacific Queen 2.5 day leaving tonight 7pm. $350

    Wow! Great deal. Wish I could. Good luck.
  16. SDBorracho

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    Wow! Nice rig. Glws.
  17. SDBorracho

    80lber yt landed at lupe

    Fish of life time! That smile says it all. WTG!
  18. SDBorracho

    Pro Gear CS 600 Spool....need one

    Yup. Ken's.
  19. SDBorracho

    Pretty Hen

    Beautiful. Congrats.
  20. SDBorracho

    Better rod for 20-25#...800xlh or 800l

    800l. Great back bone with a sensitive top. Light also. I've used mine for 20-30lb for many years with no problems.
  21. SDBorracho

    What's your favorite 30# fly line sardine set up?

    Love it. I've had it for over ten years and it's my go to. Bullet proof star drag.
  22. SDBorracho

    number 26 is an idiot

    Amazingly stupid! Wow! Get the rope.
  23. SDBorracho

    2003 Key West 2020 WA Cuddy with BRAND NEW 2017 Yamaha F150 – UNDER WARRANTY!!!

    Clean rig but out of my price range. I'll take the Tacoma for 2k. Glws.
  24. SDBorracho

    Labor Day 2 day Charter needs fishermen

    Load? Interested.
  25. SDBorracho

    Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Congrats! Very well done!
  26. SDBorracho

    Better Than Foreast Weather + Magic Paddy = Good Times

    Thanks for the report. Creating great memories. Job well done dad.
  27. SDBorracho

    wtb albakore backpack
  28. SDBorracho

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    Another vote for a Penn 500-501. Tried and tested.
  29. SDBorracho

    WTB: Pro Gear Oceanus

    I have a 30 I would consider selling. PM your number and I'll send you some picks.
  30. SDBorracho

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Red Dawn Cherry Bomb Bloody Red Magma Red Mamba Redfin
  31. SDBorracho

    The Joker weave

    Wow! Impressive skills.
  32. SDBorracho

    Finally got them 9/24

    Well done. Congrats.
  33. SDBorracho

    Power pro 100lb $85

    I'm in for one. Thx
  34. SDBorracho

    9/14 liberty heading out at....

    I'll have to ck them out . Good luck!
  35. SDBorracho

    Thoughts On Rat Yellows

  36. SDBorracho

    Need sheath advice

    Another vote for NEEDLE CROOK.
  37. SDBorracho

    Force air heater help

    Most likely not getting gas to the main burners. Start with the basics and ck your line valve. Make sure it's open. Disconnect the flex line to confirm Ng is present. If ok. the next common issue would be the NG control valve coil. Pull and flip over the lower fan door and find the ladder...
  38. SDBorracho

    O'side pier black seabass

    Nice! Great to see people taking but also giving back.
  39. SDBorracho

    Not a deer or elk but you may like this

    On a hunt in Shorts,tshirt and flip flops! Well done mate.
  40. SDBorracho

    10 year old niece's first Tuna - heart video

    Very cool. Couldn't stop smiling after watching that vid.
  41. SDBorracho

  42. SDBorracho

    HUGE CA Governor tag buck taken!

    Wow. Score of A lifetime.
  43. SDBorracho

    O'side bugs?

    Avoid the harbor. Like others said,find structure outside. Good luck.
  44. SDBorracho

    D15 Buck

    Congrats. Great local buck.
  45. SDBorracho

    mounting a Lexa 400 to deckhand rod

    Tiburon hands down. Strong,quick and easy to set up.. I have mine on a 900h and love it. Clamp comes with two sets of screws. Short and long.
  46. SDBorracho

    D15 #2

    Congrats! Nice local buck.
  47. SDBorracho

    D16 are you ready?

    I'm in. Baby forkys uphill is how I roll.
  48. SDBorracho

    Rod for Lexa 400

    CALSTAR 900H-900M. Light,great backbone and I'm able to throw smaller poppers a mile.
  49. SDBorracho

    Found this on CL!

    Not fake. I adv him to pull the Ad,read up and count the many ways this could go really bad.
  50. SDBorracho

    Found this on CL!

  51. SDBorracho


    Sanctuary island for Americans?
  52. SDBorracho

    6-20 Oceanside report

    Great report. Thanks.
  53. SDBorracho

    6/19 Oceanside

  54. SDBorracho

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  55. SDBorracho

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    Thanks Jed. Epic customer service and product. Buy with confidence.
  56. SDBorracho

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    800M PG255
  57. SDBorracho

    Gudebrod 468 help!

    Got it. You're awesome. Thanks again.
  58. SDBorracho

    Crazy Shark Decoy

    WTF is wrong with people! Stupid in so many levels.
  59. SDBorracho


    Wow.. I'm new to building and now have a new found respect for art like this. Beautiful, like all the others....How many Hrs?
  60. SDBorracho

    Holy crap she is HOT!

    Even want to be bitches be crazy!
  61. SDBorracho

    Gudebrod 468 help!

    Anybody have any 468 purple in C for sale? I'm out in the middle of a build. Thanks.
  62. SDBorracho

    pro gear for sale

    How much for the 540? Condition? Pics? Thanks.
  63. SDBorracho

    WTB pro gear Pacifica or 251 gold

    Silver with black graphite side plates.
  64. SDBorracho

    WTB pro gear Pacifica or 251 gold

    I have a PG Pacifica 2000 with an accurate aluminum clamp in great condition I would sell. Let me know.
  65. SDBorracho

    Grab your rods, again!

    #37 WTF!
  66. SDBorracho

    Leather double plier sheath

    Stonehedge Leather in PL. All custom made and start at about $150.
  67. SDBorracho

    D-16 Deer Camp with Roger and crew 2014

    Well done.Congrats.
  68. SDBorracho

    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    I'm in for a set Chad. PM sent.
  69. SDBorracho

    Russian dash cam

    LMFAO!! x2
  70. SDBorracho

    Hi Alan. I've read many of your posts and admire your work.. I'm currently working on a Pro Gear...

    Hi Alan. I've read many of your posts and admire your work.. I'm currently working on a Pro Gear 2500 and need a gear sleeve. I was told that you sell stainless fine thread sleeves for this model. If so,do you have any available and for how much? Thanks,Luis.
  71. SDBorracho

    R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

    R.I.P MR PADRE...Huge loss for the city of San Diego and MLB...Class act.
  72. SDBorracho

    What Oceanside beach holds GS?

    Ghost shrimp
  73. SDBorracho

    Bob Marley Weave

    WOW..Very cool.
  74. SDBorracho

    Marilyn Monroe Weave

    Very Cool.
  75. SDBorracho

    Which Rifle Scope for 30-06?

    Great deal with free shipping and no tax.....Leupold would be my next pick..
  76. SDBorracho

    Del Ton AR-15 for nice bolt action

    300 mag for a 12 yr old...DAMN!...Good luck
  77. SDBorracho

    ar upper complete Ck them out...Good stuff.
  78. SDBorracho

    My first Boston Whaler "El Borrachito"

    Nice rig.Great name....
  79. SDBorracho

    Ryan Leaf is back in the league..........

    What's up with dudes eyes!.....Damn shame.
  80. SDBorracho

    AZ Muley Down!

    Congrats.Very cool.
  81. SDBorracho

    80% lower??

    ARES Oceanside 100%..Give them a call.Good guys.
  82. SDBorracho

    Nice Buck for my Son

    SO CAL Buck of a life time with pops...Goodtimes...Congrats.
  83. SDBorracho

    Which 40 should I get?

    SIG 2022.Great gun at a great price...CK Turners.
  84. SDBorracho

    D16 2 deer in three days

    Nicely done..Congrats.
  85. SDBorracho

    Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum

    WOW.Very nice...Good luck with sale.
  86. SDBorracho

    Advise needed on .40 cal pistol

    1.H&K 2.SIG 3.GLOCK Reliable straight shooters with high resale value.
  87. SDBorracho

    Quality gun safe...

  88. SDBorracho

    Home heating issue

    Sounds like it's cycling on it's limit switch.Not because it's defective but because fan doesn't stay on.It's doing it's job,do not jump limit.Older molders have the fan on and off switch on furnace.These models have a bimetal switch that turns fan on and off with temp change in fire box after...
  89. SDBorracho

    D16 harvest

    Nice kill!Congrats.
  90. SDBorracho

    This would hurt the next day!

    Worth the pain!Fish of a lifetime for sure.
  91. SDBorracho

    Monster in East County!!!

  92. SDBorracho

    Big local buck down

    WOW! Monster for D16.Congrats.
  93. SDBorracho

    Remington Poll

    I own three remy 700's and have never had a problem. BDL 7MM ULTRA MAG. SPS .270 and .308.
  94. SDBorracho

    Need A Little Help Here Here Guys...

    x2...+ Bump.
  95. SDBorracho

    Need A Little Help Here Here Guys...

    Done..Good Luck.
  96. SDBorracho

    The wife said you know I want to hunt deer.

    Remy 700 in .243 or .308.Accurate,reliable,low recoil and high resale value.
  97. SDBorracho


    WTG! Thanks for the report.
  98. SDBorracho

    laguna video report...10# Calico!!!

    Sick vid,congrats!
  99. SDBorracho

    Hick dentist

  100. SDBorracho


    Sick vid,Thanks
  101. SDBorracho

    trailer guide-ons

    West Marine,1719 Oside Blvd
  102. SDBorracho

    Not Bad for 2hours and one kelp paddy

    Damn!:appl: Great job on the tails and more important Quaillity time with the family.Game on!Death_To_
  103. SDBorracho

    11-15 start the day with some tail

    WTF! What are you a witch! Great job and nice fish!
  104. SDBorracho

    11/13 The Agony and the Ecstasy

    Superhero Like Skills Bro!! Another great read!
  105. SDBorracho

    D 16 report?

    I've been out the past two sat.I worked the Indian Flats area for the opener with no luck.I Did see three doe's at about 200yds.2nd sat,I was out in the Lake Henshaw area.Tons of hunters,but no deer.
  106. SDBorracho

    Have a few beers first

    Damn.I hate when that happens!!
  107. SDBorracho

    Toe of the year

    Everywhere I look I see a toe on Landlocked's pic! I count about six. Sick!
  108. SDBorracho

    Vagabond Oct 1-9 Alijos

    Great read and pics.Thanks for posting.Diffently adding the vegabond to the list!
  109. SDBorracho


    I hooped around O'side harbor on Sat till 4am, but no love.Shorts and rays was the final count! I'll be out there this sat. to try again. Don't give up!