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  1. Rockbottom

    Pic of the Day

    why doesn't this site actually have a Pic of the day that is newer than December 10th 2010?
  2. Rockbottom

    Met Steve Erwin of the Pier in real life???

    I have just about all the licenses you get for fishing in CA, But dont have a boat so its as far out in the water I can get, Guess I better just go buy a Boat to get away from these folks. Then the only fish stories I have to listen to are my own and maybe a couple of riders.
  3. Rockbottom

    Met Steve Erwin of the Pier in real life???

    So me and a buddy were fishing the Pier the other night and after about 20 min of us getting settled in, a jackwagon shows up- you know the kind of guy who just rambles on for hours and hours about bullsh** stories. Usually im the type to feed off of themand chime in with some whoppers myself to...
  4. Rockbottom

    MRE on boats?

    after eating countless MREs over the last 10 years of active service in the military and several menu changes they have come leaps and bounds from the "Beanies and weenies" (5 fingers of death) of the old days! one MRE has enough calories for a whole day and they do not dehydrate you or...
  5. Rockbottom

    Do shakers count in your total fish count?

    I misread what i posted my vote on... new vote is still yes being 10 of any species.
  6. Rockbottom

    Left Arm or Right Nut?

    And if grass hoppers had Machine guns, birds would leave them the F*** alone too!
  7. Rockbottom


    As soon as those guys showed up in knew they were going to keep everything they caught.. especially after they were acting all shady when they pulled in their first extremely short lobster and put it in their bucket. The part that pisses me off the most is the fact that they had guages to...
  8. Rockbottom

    Keep from knocking shore fishermen out

    Also something to think about: there are only a few beaches where dogs are allowed off leash and huntington is not one of them!
  9. Rockbottom

    Is is 7 lobsters a day or in a 24 hour period?

    George, My buddy and I were discussing this point you stated above this morning. beacause it clearly states you cannot fish for california spiney lobster if you have 7 in possession (in your freezer/home). I AGREE with your point as well!
  10. Rockbottom

    Two Hoopers...No BOAT!!!

    3 dudes, 1 yak! Whats wrong with that...... oh ya GAY!
  11. Rockbottom

    New forum idea

    I have a friend that is a warden for California DFG and he has said on several occasions "you need your lawyer present in most areas of the regs to be crystal clear what it is saying". However if your not a DOUCHE with the warden when they make contact with you and your not way outside the regs...
  12. Rockbottom

    Anyone interested in teaming up to go lobster hooping?

    Hoopin should be my middle name! im in PM me or gunzup0331!
  13. Rockbottom

    Help making a line choice???

    It depends on how much i am out and the conditions, fish, is the bottom rocky and what not. I do however spool out about 100yrds or so and check for abrasions in the line after every trip or if i get hung up out there. I try to be picky about how gear is stored and cleaned before and after...
  14. Rockbottom

    Help making a line choice???

    I may have just got a bad batch of it, the P-Line I have on right now isn't performing like I have seen others using. Thanks Fish on!
  15. Rockbottom

    Help making a line choice???

    Thanks mike: when I first got the reel I used Stren 30# for about a half hour and realized it is terrible line so I put the Ande on.
  16. Rockbottom

    Help making a line choice???

    I have 30# P-Line on my Diawa SL50SH right now and I like it but its about gone so I'm lookin for advice on if I should change it up or just respool P-line. before the P-line I ran 30# pink Ande and used it for quite some time and lost less gear with the Ande. I watched a guy hook a 100+ pound...
  17. Rockbottom

    Need Feedback

    Site looks good i like how you can reserve right from home and the no fish policy and captains rules look good
  18. Rockbottom

    pelican crewmember

    There are some factors I would consider: 1. How often do i fish and catch? b. have I been hookin up all day and have a few in the sack? 3. Has the deck hand been helpful or just not a dick? off of these 3 questions I would base the answer to your question..;. and if I have a nice stock of fish...
  19. Rockbottom

    Is is 7 lobsters a day or in a 24 hour period?

    just playing devils advocate here, So can i buy say 15 Spiney lobster from the grocery store to have a BBQ on the boat or can i only buy 7. If I do buy 15 would i have to show a recipt for them?
  20. Rockbottom

    Float tube hooping?

    gunzup0331 this is prolly gonna be a :shithappens:show but like a said ill try almost anything once.
  21. Rockbottom

    What Would You Do?

    Well i dont know.... i figure i would get blacked out pissed off and beat the dog crap out out of him and prolly pull out a sweet buey knife nad carve a "T" in his face and hook a nice 7/0 hook through the bridge of his nose or cut a digit off or a whole hand.
  22. Rockbottom

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    Agreed, Although I do/did have some ideas that would fix the problem but I surf too so I figured it was better to move then to slice someone with braided line attached to a 12oz sinker lodged in the rocks and get hurt/drown.
  23. Rockbottom

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    Stanley thanks for the tip/spot, Im new to surf fishing "ish" other posts- all comments are duely noted and have validity thanks Fish on
  24. Rockbottom

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    just looking for others opinions here: Spent the weekend on the beach surf fishing, we would show up early in the morning the waves were calm and the bite was on. fish for about an hour and the surf picked up a bit and the surfers and paddle boarders began to roll in to the beach. We were still...
  25. Rockbottom

    Float tube hooping?

    I am willing to try almost anything once, the only thing that has me questioning this one is the whole legs dangeling in the water after dark. But i think aginst my better judgement we have to give it a whirl.
  26. Rockbottom

    Passports required?

    Went on a trip out of Point Loma on 5 July 2012, Passport was not required we did however have to purchase a Mexican fishing license for like 10$ on the boat. we were fishing by South Island about 2 miles off the caost of TJ.
  27. Rockbottom

    Whats the difference?

    Hi I'm Rudy I'm an angler that is severly addicted to fishing. I hit rock bottom when I only had $100 in my account and spent 75 on a reel and 25 on bait. i woke up the next morning still on the beach with my rod in hand i was convinced i had a problem until i got a bite it made all the feelings...
  28. Rockbottom

    going out for Lobster

    Gunsup0331's camera on his net is a bad a** little toy!! attach a glow stick to your bait box and watch the bugs crawl in and pull it up, takes the guess work out of it! prolly gonna end up purchasing one of these myself by the end of the season. good luck. oh for bait use an oily fish to get...
  29. Rockbottom

    Bug season coming soon.

    I have caught quite a few big bugs this year (and released) i think this season looks good for the big bugs! Good luck everyone and i agree be polite to other fishermen.
  30. Rockbottom

    Open Season on Sealions?

    I agree.. my butthole puckers a little when my legs are in the water in the float tube and see a brown flash past me when i have fish on the stringer!:shithappens: To control the abundant population would be a great idea as long as it is heavily controlled so people dont abuse the...
  31. Rockbottom

    Garabaldi Recipes?

    there was an asain couple on the shore talking about how good they were, so i thought i would try to catch them
  32. Rockbottom

    Garabaldi Recipes?

    I am looking for some fish that has blue eyes and is bright orange recipes for this weekends dinner, we will go out saturday to target some bright orange tasty fish with blues eyes, so i am looking for a new recipe for them anyone have any good ones they use?
  33. Rockbottom

    New WSB Regulation

    i read it was only 15" and daily bag limit was 10 of tht species
  34. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    reports? what do you mean reports? you have to report what you catch? news to me.
  35. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    I just follow the man rules.. whatever me finds, me keeps.
  36. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    where did the size limit change and pole spear info come from? 99% sure you cannot spear any crustations in about 48 of the 50 states! I will continue to abide by the regulations posted in the 2012-2013 fishing regulations i have until DFG releases an adendum to them! Good luck and remember its...
  37. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    OK, I have just talked to the main office in Sacramento to make sure we all have the correct information, Diving for Spiney Lobster is allowed in the 2012-2013 lobster recreational fishing season.
  38. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    ok im just a pot dropper.. but I will pass the diver info on to my dive buddies thanks for the good info! FISH ON!!
  39. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    Spiney Lobster season is NOT cancelled for 2012-2013!!!! as of 2 minutes ago on the website and called local Warden!
  40. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    where did you get that information... DFG website as of lastnight has it still scheduled for 2012-2013?
  41. Rockbottom

    Lobster Season

    Confirmed by the DFG Website lobster season opens the 29th of September and runs to the 2nd of March this year! Time to dust off the old pots and start prepping gear!!! FISH ON!!!!
  42. Rockbottom


    Any advice for keeping the pelicans at bay while unhooking fish in a float tube? Dana Point Harbor pelicans are insane when you catch fish!!
  43. Rockbottom

    .38 Special "K" 5" Swimbait (Feedback!)

    I have used these baits from .38 Special K, They have awesome action in the water. I have caught Halibut, Bass (Whites,calico, sand) Butterfly ray (was surprised). Overall awesome Swimbaits!!!! I'll be ordering a lot more for sure!
  44. Rockbottom

    Labor Day weekend

    I fished San Clemente pier this weekand and after 3 8-10 hour days using about every bait and rig I know I ended Sunday with 7 Calico bass all small and 1 Shovel nose 45" and 13 lbs. Overall slow bite and far between. Whats the deal with all the slow shore fishing this year? any advice to going...