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    25hp Kicker

    How much more does the 25 weigh? These boats are already ass-end heavy.
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    Best Time of Year for Surf Fishing per species?

    charts are a little hard to read, might want to consider batching the data into weeks.
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    For Sale Custom starboard

    what are the dimensions for the door holder, might mount it on the outside behind the helm.
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    For Sale New 3 rod rack and more

    Will the rod holder also hold the lid to a bluewater bait tank? If so then I want the 3 position holder and the drink cup holder.
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    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    I would think not, I know when we used to dive for them it was key not to flash them with the light. I also have heard that the white of bait cages can scare them, but not confirmed and plenty of people use white tubes. Maybe drop a few with and few without and see if there is a noticeable...
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    Going to Coronado Islands Tomorrow first time

    Seems like conditions are not going to much of an issue in that size boat. the advice is good above, look for action, birds or crashing fish. If you can, get a few macs as well, I've got bluefin (96, 105) on my last two trips with macs. Despration reef, east of SCI is also a possible choice.
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    Going to Coronado Islands Tomorrow first time

    A couple of questions might help get a good recommendation. What type of boat? How much boating experience? Where are you launching from? If you are in SD, then I'd say some of the local shore kelps might be a good place to start. May want to check out some local resources such as fishdope or...
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    Going to Coronado Islands Tomorrow first time

    I'd double-check the weather. San Diego according to NOAA does not look like a fun ride depending on the size of your boat. It may be better south. Sun Wind variable less than 10 kt...becoming W 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 4 to 5 ft at 8 seconds and...
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    Parker MPG on 2520

    Seems low hp for 2520. I thought they stick 200s on them. I have a 2320 with a 300 and my buddies have the same boat with a 250 and they indicated they can tell the difference.
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    Fuel Tank Size

    What happened is the new EPA rules that basically reserve about 10% to prevent you from overfilling and splashing fuel out. Not sure what year that became effective. A number of people with this "upgrade" also have issues filling. check out bmoore's posts for some details.
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    Help need a part for front window

    I think you need to purchase the whole arm, check over on classicparker, I think there was a thread about this a few months back
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    Yamaha offshore Spare parts,fluids and filters

    boat US membership and sat phone.
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    new whip, who dis?

    Boat looks great
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    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    Rolled past this on Monday on the backside, only scraps of the transom left on the beach and a couple of liftbags and two US Boats hanging out.
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    Juvenile Great White

    landlord coming by to collect the rent
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    Catalina or Channel Islands

    A lot more pressure on the islands and coastal area down this way, but a better offshore season (or at least I think so). don't know if the fishing is any better, but Catalina doesn't fish as well as it used to (or that is my opinion) and you guys have hit it well on the WSB recently. How is...
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    South 9-Mile 5/24

    I'm happy to hear she is out on the water and having fun
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    2320 Bruce anchor issue

    do you have a pulpit? My 2320 does not, I have a 16lb bruce and don't have this issue. how freely does your chain come out of the locker? I'd look at seeing if the way the chain falls in the locker is causing the issue.
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    Parker acquired

    I hope they stay true to their word and don't change management. As a Parker owner I love dealing with them, great support.
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    My 2320 is being built

    Welcome to the family
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    Ok or Not Ok?

    Wind and swell, I wouldn't want to go. Even on a big sport going to be knocking around and not fun to fish, but I'm getting to be a softie.
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    Box Canyon 3.18 and warning to private boaters

    i wouldnt have believed it if I didn't see it, never seen anything like that.
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    Box Canyon 3.18 and warning to private boaters

    fished box canyon with a buddy, lines in around 10:30, final line out 12:45 with limits for both and a few sandies tossed in. Great fishing on fresh dead squid and my buddy used a shrimp/garlic setup that was the hot ticket (homemade). Tried to fish the kelp line for calicos, but lack of kelp...
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    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    It's going to get worse as the new management company comes in to make "money."
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    Get the tape measure

    Great question
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    Get the tape measure

    I have a 2320 and don't have any open issues, surprised something this bad left the factory and that Parker isn't on it right away. If it was just the cabin door that is one thing, but this looks like the desk is not on level. I'd be interested to see if this is just the cap vs. the hull...
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    Fishing In Between Days With Weather

    Your boat or a party boat? Has he been fishing before?
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    For Sale 23 Mako Inboard

    Can I bring a setup to test how it fishes?
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    20 year old on PWC drowned near L/B

    I read stories like this and think, 'how the hell did this happen', then I realize I was 20 once too and just by luck this wasn't me. Going to be tough on his friends second guessing not going back and looking for him sooner.
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    PB WSB on the bass gear

    slug wsb on a personal boat, always the best
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    12/27 SoCal Distress Calls?

    Does anyone know if the CG posts their call logs? Some law enforcement agencies post a 'blotter', just curious.
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    Cat shitfish report

    I hate mystery fish. Last year my buddy and hooked something 3 times off 9-fathom reef at SCI, We talk about the "alien" that cut our lines 3 times.
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    2004 Parker 2320

    I might ask what type of fishing do you want to do, if you are going to be running a 65-gallon bait tank, a couple of scoops of bait, 150 gallons of fuel offshore, with 4 beefy dudes, 150lbs of ice then I'd say a 200 wouldn't be enough. If you are going to fish local /coastal or maybe run a...
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    Reel Recommendation for 1 Day and Overnight SD Trips

    I used to be a saltist guy, had a bunch. I had to take them in for service more frequently than I would like. I've switched to Toriums and definitely recommend them over the saltist. You are going to pay about 200 for the reel if you get it from Amazon. Personally, I fish the 16 and 20...
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    Parker 2320 and Trolling Motors

    Following along. Been debating about a kicker for my boat, trying to figure out if the extra weight is worth the value of having a get home motor.
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    2013 Parker 2320 wipers

    My boat is at the harbor, what sizes did you use? I need to replace the starboard. Is that 14 or 12?
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    REPOWER of 2120 SC.

    interesting. Might be the difference between 2018 and 2017. Probably worth a call to parker engineering with you hull id to verify.
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    REPOWER of 2120 SC.

    The spec sheet for the 2017 2120 SC shows max hp 200. That is for the 2017 year model, not sure if it is the same for your boat.
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    Livewell Advice

    Something to consider if you have the deck space is to get the 65 and run it 1/2 full. I have the 65 and love the ability to dump a lot of bait in it or run 1/2 tank with just a scoop. I have the blue water systems tank and love it, I can bang the fish around and only lose one or two for an...
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    2000 Parker 2320 SL 250 HPDI

    Was the boat repowered? I have heard that a motor needs to be run, if it is not run or not run often there can be fuel tank and motor issues.
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    Another new 2320 aka ”TUNA SNIPER”

    Tom, follow me. Let's go fishing
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    Not cool

    Yesterday when I got to my boat in Dana Point there were foot prints leading to the cabin door.
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    Another new 2320 aka ”TUNA SNIPER”

    This looks so awesome, looking forward to a ride!
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    Spent the weekend working on Sticky Business (Parker 2320)

    that tackle station is awesome, love it. Does it bounce around while you drive or does the weight hold it in place?
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    What 2320 Parker?

    I have the full transom, we put our kill bag across the back and use the "fish hold" for tackle, line, and safety gear. We have a large bait tank in the middle of the deck, plenty of room for 4 large guys to fish. Unless you are going to only be fishing artificials I'd say you will need a full...
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    New 2018 Parker 2320 Build

    Which side of Dana on you on? Any issues with the managment company? I'm in Dana West on B dock.
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    Barracuda Mim size question

    Thanks. not sure why searching the page didn't have that show up. Appreciate the quick response. Did a Ctrl F to find.
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    Barracuda Mim size question

    I was unable to find the min size for barracuda in the fishing regs, did they remove the min size? We caught a couple of short ones yesterday and didn't remember the min size. I looked in the saltwater regs and couldn't find the size or bag limit. Thanks.
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    Boiler Rocks Salt Creek

    One time I was motoring along in Dana harbor on my way out in the afternoon minding my own business debating do I buy a 1/2 or full scoop when I hear someone yell at me. I'm WTF, I didn't do anything wrong, I'm not going fast... it was Dave, he called me over and filled my bait tank with...
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    2320 vs 2520

    I have a 2320, I love the boat and the fact that I get good mpg. If the running cost wasn't an issue I'd rather have the 25 or possibly even the 28. Mostly for a little more creature comforts. I'd like a table and more inside storage. But the 2320 is cheaper and easier to run solo. A 200...
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    Thoughts on Pro pedestal vs Seaspension?

    Tom, that looks interesting. Let me know how that works? I also ordered transom bench after riding on Brad's.
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    Thoughts on Pro pedestal vs Seaspension?

    the ones I got are coated with a water resistant material, it's not vinyl but something else the repels water/dirt. I store them in the cabin up front of the helm. They are big squares that can be shaped to fit in areas better than the chair ones. I have a raw water that I use on the deck...
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    Thoughts on Pro pedestal vs Seaspension?

    I have a seaspension and I exceeded the max weight limit, the guys at seaspension built a custom one for me, it is fantastic. Service was great and I love the ride. One downside to these is not everyone else has it on the boat, I have to remember other people and slow down. I keep hoping...
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    Picking A Bait

    Someone once told me the injured ones, for example with a red nose look sick and that is one of the reason fish like yellows and tuna will not eat them. When I was told this a long time ago, I switched and my hookup rate skyrocketed.
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    Ideal Bait Tank on 2320

    I have a 65g bluewater on my 2320 and find that I can hold 2.5/3.0 scoops with very little dead (<5 pcs) even in rough conditions. I find myself running it 1/2 full right now with a scoop of sardines and my fuel mileage is better (1.9/2.0 vs. 2.2/2.4). This is with the 300 Yamaha. I believe...
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    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Sim Yamaha was helpful picking the right one for my motor, I hear you do want an undermount (which is what I have). I don't have a picture, but it looks like the one posted. I had my installed by my mechanic, I could have done it myself, but the motor is new, didn't want to rust it with my...
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    New 2018 Parker 2320

    After some debate I purchased a Permatrim for my 2017 Parker 2320 w/300hp. I've only taken the boat out once since it was installed and it was a fairly rough day. All I can say is I love the way it changes the ride on my boat, the backend of the boat rides better and I didn't have to use the...
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    Parker Boats & West Coast Marine

    I purchased my 2320 from Kevin last June, great dealing with Kevin and I could not be happier with the boat. I've made friends with a few other Parker owners that also purchased from West Coast and we have an active communication sharing ideas. Parker has a great community.
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    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    It is my understanding that you can fish there, but the problem is most of the area is deep and area above 360 is not large, so you have short drifts. I did it once, we got ok fish, but nothing special. lots of cranking after short drifts.
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    Any recommendations on a boat detailer?

    Anyone know a detailer for Dana Point area?
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    LED based squid lights

    Anyone have suggestions on squid lights for So Calif squid that are LED? I have a sodium light, but would like to move to LEDs. I hear the light colors are off on the LEDs. Any truth to this?
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    2320 with 300 Yamaha - Real World Fuel Economy?

    My 2320, fully loaded with 1200lbs of guys, 65g in bait tank, 137g of fuel, 80# of ice plus gear and beer I get 1.8-2.0. If I dump half that I get 2.4-2.6 at 3800rpms and do about 28-30 depending on conditions. I have the Yamaha SWS II. Brad, who has the same boat and same motor gets about...
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    2/4 Dana Point Halibut Bowl

    What's with the moon/tides. I caught my very first octopus yesterday in 15 years of fishing.
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    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Looking for flexible/last minute hoes (building a list and checking it twice) ** leaving tomorrow afternoon 2/2/2018, but looking for people for other days as well. My Boat: Parker 2320 Pilothouse in a slip in Dana Point Harbor with good electronics and a great bait tank. Room for 4, but most...
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    Old fuel in Orange County, CA

    Thanks for hte responses
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    Did I score on this Bluewater 21.5 CC ?

    Tom, when are we going? I want to check out the new boat.
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    Old fuel in Orange County, CA

    Hey, A buddy of mine has an older boat and he wasn't able to take it out for a couple of years. He has about 80 gallons of fuel (gasoline), it was stablized, that is 3 years old. Does anyone know of a service that can come to him, or he can trailer his boat to have that fuel removed? His tank...
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    2320 fuel range

    Get the 300.
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    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Brad, we are going out Thursday night, let's buddy boat.
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    Parker 2320 deluxe helm chair uprade

    Ken at West Coast hooked me up with the upgraded chair from Parker, it is awesome, especially for a big guy like me at 350+. I held off on the seaspension post because I'm over the max weight. After having the boat for a while I contacted Seaspension and they made me one with a heavier spring...
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    2320 Head

    I believe you have to use the pump out station to suck the crap out....5 gallon bucket on the bow for the win.
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    Parker 2320 prop

    How did the new prop work Tom?
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    Tackle Storage on the 2320?

    My boat also has two storage areas in the cabin area at the front under the pads. I keep extra spools of line in there and an extra reel.
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    Tackle Storage on the 2320?

    My 2017 2320 is like yuma97, i keep boxes in the transom and then lock them in the cabin when I'm not fishing. I keep a collection of stuff in small plastic lockable containers/plano boxes. Easier to access out back. That being said, the one thing I'm discovering is I plan better and take...
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    Anyone Using the Furuno Dff-3d Side Scan

    Did you land up getting the DFF3D? Impressions?
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    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    Love the dash, it is a perfect layout. Good luck with sale Tom and let me know when we fish again. Parkers are a great boat.
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    New 2320 cabin door improvements.

    Sadly the door is wider than the port side :( I wish they didn't put those plastic locks on the new parkers.
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    23' Maritime Pilothouse Center Console Yamaha 4 Stroke F200XB w/ Tower

    I fished on this boat a a few times, I seriously was considering one before I purchased my boat. Lots of room, easy move around and it was very fishy for me.
  79. Terabite Decal Final

    Terabite Decal Final

  80. Terabite Shirt Art Final

    Terabite Shirt Art Final

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    Insurance Rates

    I got a policy direct with Geico, thru a broker, that was less than BoatUS for less coverage. Papa J, text me if you want the details. But it is a 1M policy.
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    Defiance Boats?

    My wife and I went out the inland boat dealer in Perris, nice people. We looked at a couple of boats, including the 22 AX and the 23 San Juan. I liked the layout of the boats; however, I landed up buying a Parker 2320 instead. The step down on the Parker for me as a big and older guy was...
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    Fujinon Binos filter

    Thanks Jeff!
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    Need mobile installer in the OC area

    How did Surge do on your install? I was going to use Mark, but he is moving and now I need a backup plan.
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    Fujinon Binos filter

    HI, thanks for the info, clicking on the amazon links takes me to the home page, any chance you could repost the links.
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    Boat security.

    Anyone have a good suggestion on an alarm system or method to deter theft?
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    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    if you go mid to late june I'd be interested in joining out of Dana Point, boat arrives on 5/20, so that should give me time to get it rigged and a run or two before the group trip.
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    Brand New with case Fuji TS 1440

    oh oh. pick me, pick me
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    Yamaha controls for 2nd station. Tower is sold

    +1 for Jason, purchased electronics from him, great transaction.
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    WSB hunting for my 1st

    Fish a couple of boats, find the crew/captain you connect with and enjoy. Each of the Captains listed all have their "way", you dig them or you don't.
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    Hydrofoil on 2320

    This is interesting, I'm trying to decide if I get hte permatrim now, or wait until I've had the boat for a while.
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    Transom wall/dance floor tool organization?

    really like the fillet table, great idea.
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    WSB hunting for my 1st

    Certain smaller boats have better luck with WSB. I'd look at Outrider, Ultra, Pacific Question, and Options. Going to cost more, but your odds go up a lot with a boat that focuses on these guys. You will pick up a lot of tips from the crew, more than you might on a boat with 25-30 people...
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    Deal Over Gyros on sale $715

    Seems like a great deal.
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    How many Rods do you need?

    I personally have 2 or 3 for each class of line, one for fly line, a surface rig and a dropper. Sometimes I'll have multiple for the same class, purpose, hot bite goes off the last thing you want to do is being out of the action as you re-tie. Grab another flyline setup because you broke off...
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    best chirp transducer for c bass tuna rockfish so cal ?

    Curious why you picked the 275 vs. the 175? Is there a specific scenario that the 275 addresses I should consider before purchasing? Thanks!
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    best chirp transducer for c bass tuna rockfish so cal ?

    I've had a couple of people tell me B175h - wide. That is what I'm planning on buying in 2 weeks, right before my boat ships. Gonna run between 1150-1250. There is a step up, I think it is the 275 or 285, runs 2k.
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    Parker 2120 Trim Tab Upgrade

    Reminds me of skags on my surfboard when I was a kid, will be interested in hearing how this turns out. D
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    Suggestions for an Overhead Storage Box

    I use a plano plastic storage box like that with plastic hardware to store earthquake supplies. Not as heavy duty, but an option. Dave
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    Suggestions for an Overhead Storage Box

    Tagging along as I have this same question. Someone told me to mount a dock box up there, sounded like a good idea at first, but now, not sure sure. He said it makes a great seat for a tower.
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    Freedom boat club

    I was part of a different boat club here in So Cal for 3 years before I finally bought my own boat, as mentioned if you have a flexible schedule it is a pretty great deal. I'm probably out of pocket double the monthly costs of a club, plus maintenance. I learned a lot and helped me finally...
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    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    Great tips Bob. Do you have any pictures of the rails and plywood. I'm having a hard time visualizing that.
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    Kimber Custom II for sale

    Kimber makes a fine quality firearm, if I wasn't already tapped out with the boat I'd be interested.
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    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    About 8 weeks, feels like forever.
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    I've been debating about getting a kicker for my 23' Parker, any downsides other than the cost of a unit, mounting, and maintenance. Located and fishing in So. Cal
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    Boat loan

    we just did an equity line, 3.4% for 5, then floats to 6% for up to 20. Interest costs as a tax deduction made about an 11k difference in savings for us and even if the rate pops to max the loan is cheaper (excluding tax benefit) by about 1k compared to the loan quote we got from Essex. We are...
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    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    and dual bait pumps, primary and backup.
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    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    Here is what I got. Windlass 15 rocket launchers Upgraded helm seat (big guy, needed big seat) Coaming pads 300hp 65 bait tank I'm doing a custom thing with my electronics and got a heavy duty seaspension post custom made. Jeremy, I think I met you that rainy weekend, were you wearing a...
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    New boat electronics

    Thanks Robert, Garmin seems to be leading the pack for recommendations.
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    New boat electronics

    Hi, I'm about to pull the trigger on a new Parker 2320 and I'm hung up on electronics, I'm looking towards spending about 8-10k and needs some suggestions. Never owned my own boat, always fished on someone else's boat or on the commercial fleet so I do not have a good starting point of...
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    2000 Grady White Seafarer 228 Hard Top

    Hey Frank, is this boat still available?
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    2000. 21' striper 2100, 2011 150 hp optimax, 21k

    Did I miss the hours on the motor?
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    Squid out of Dana Point

    I'm heading out of Dana Point tomorrow, any options for live squid or do I have to run up to Newport? Not sure if Newport even has squid, but just checking options.