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    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    not the right forecast for where they will likely be fishing
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    Tuna all over 10/4-10/8

    probably guys dropping off lobster bait ha ha
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    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    what is so great about albies? i will take bonita over a albacore. i think it is funny when there are 200 lb bluefin down south but still some people down there wish the albies were back. i say keep the bluefin and who cares where those delicate , long fin, troll fish have gone
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    "THE CORNER" bait market

    so you saw breezing tuna at the corner or just bait? I am a little bit confused
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    Salt creek 5-5

    I was just giving you some crap, glad you found someone to go get bit with. Man I am just glad I have a smaller boat that I can afford to go solo in, relying on other people to go so you can get out would be frustrating sorry I busted your balls $900 fuel bill would suck solo for sure. If you...
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    Salt creek 5-5

    He wants to take divers, fisherman ext. he has other motives. Bait money? He will be shelling out hush money after that trip. if you have been fishing for 20+ years and have no circle of friends and a 27' boat?????? Ever fished a rubber covered mackerel?That is his first question when you get...
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    Salt creek 5-5

    this guy is posting on all the sites trying to get people to go with him on his 27 grady white. I think if you go on this boat you will only catch a trouser trout in the starfish .For sure the guy is tooling for anus
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    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    i have had epic fishing there in the recent years on some quality bass. I made some fish tacos with one on the boat, if i see you out there i will be sure to hook you up with a calico taco. Super good
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    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    Why? it is not like there is a huge shortage of them
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    Went Looking Outside 3-2 (Video)

    I think taking a look at that zone was a very smart call, I am just bummed you didnt slam one, but you will
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    Went Looking Outside 3-2 (Video)

    there is a band of warm water south just look and see for yourself
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    Monday, February 26, 2017: Secrets Come Out in 70 ft of Water.

    so you are a few years late on the report? Or are you are still slamming fish there?
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    Navionics gold isa and northern bahamas

    MSD/1xg 259870 $50 will throw in a lowrance elite4 for another $25 display only
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    Navionics gold isa and northern bahamas

    MSD/1xg 259870 $50 will throw in a lowrance elite 4 for $25 more. have a furuno fcv667 older one with cable for $25
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    Garmin g2 vision southeast florida

    I have charts 010-C0711-00 southeast florida $65 i live in california so these are useless to me
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    182 out of SD 12/2

    Ha ha, same thing goes for offshore, throw a sea anchor and wait for VA, do not need a kicker to keep your bow into the wind. a normal anchor with a lot of scope can keep your bow into it also.
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    Bait tank

    PM sent
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    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    that was a very cool video of big bugs, and those were quality ones for sure
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    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Good thing for you that they are stupid people, glad they found it, and hopefully everything is intact
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    Calico Bass Fishing & Rescue - VIDEO

    Mike is one of the best captains out there IMO had some great trips to the islands on that boat
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    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Mako with a knife no gun , huge animals on a bow and aarow Eddie you should be the Dos Equis man.
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    091215 Blanked Again - Still Rewarded

    looks like a hammerhead to me, cool video and beautiful conditions
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    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    Thank god I do not have the same taste buds as you ha ha. I think like most tuna it goes down in quality as it is cooked IMO. Skipjack needs to be bled, loined and put on ice for 2-3 hrs then served as sashimi or poke if you want to eat it. Hard to tell it from yellowfin
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    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    All I am saying is if you dive there and do not make yourself seen when there is no canopy, you only have yourself to blame when you are a headless Hunter. I have shot plenty of fish with a float on the outside of a bed on deep dives, but what do I know I guess those floats are for lazy surface...
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    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    If the kelp is down, especially at that spot in the video and you are not flying a flag and have a float you are not that smart. People drive through the kelp, why? I do not know but they do, so protect yourself and other boaters and fly a flag and use a float when you are diving on the outside...
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    THE ISLANDER - This ain't your grandpa's tuna boat!

    By far the best boat I have been on hands down, they are very very good at what they do and go the extra mile every time.
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    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    video was cool and i liked it a lot, just don't like la la la ah ah ah pink rock, just me
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    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    Where's the punk rock part of the video, I just heard some harmonizing homo's
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    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    This is such a great report,and I am very impressed that they pulled those things up from the depths, very very impressive catch one of my favorite reports ever
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    PL report (10/3), PB Yellowtail and slightly lost Yellowfin

    Nice tuna, I think your buddy is wrong, Don't care about the color, look at the fins. Small yellowfin, bluefin and bigeye look very similar in color.
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    Gail Force?

    I hope everything was ok, heard the coast guard trying to contact them
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    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    Never had a bonita go straight into the island and rock me, lost plenty of yellows on heavy line that have. I have also caught a fair share of 10lb Bonita on light line and yea they are a very very good fighting fish, pound for pound maybe the strongest, but a yellow around structure is just...
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    Gail Force?

    Heard a coast guard call on sun, did the Gail force sink off Catalina sun?
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    How do you register a unregistered trailer in california?

    Very easy to do if the trailer has a VIN. If you do not want to go to the CHP, call a VIN verifier, it will cost you $50-$75 and they will give you the DMV form and come to your house or wherever. Fill out a STATMENT OF FACTS sheet from the DMV explaining why you do not have the paper work, a...
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    Catalina Island Report 7/5/14

    Why would he release it, it was gaffed. It looks like it is well over the legal size.
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    17'6" glasspar seafair restore/pilot house build

    Did not think mat worked with epoxy
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    Furuno radar 1621 cable

    Yea, I wish shorter lengths were available. I have a bunch coiled up and zip tied. I could put my radome on top of Everest with the amount of cable I have ha ha.
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    ROCK on Capitola CA fishing

    I am just giving Rodman some crap, I don't really want him to drown.
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    ROCK on Capitola CA fishing

    Rodman, Go put your Italian piece of crap yacht up on some rocks and drown, your boat will make a great habitat for some big female lings for us all to eat and your body will fatten up the crabs.
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    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    . Your only moving 20mphs suerte And that is to fast at night IMO
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    Safety steps if engine failure in open water?

    In a smaller craft heading offshore a sea anchor is a must IMO.
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    Fish ID

    Are Tomcod & Queenfish different or am I mixed up? 2 me tom cod or white croaker are the ones with the croaker mouth that you catch on a soft bottom, on the bottom& queenfish have a sea bass type mouth are in the upper water column and are the ones I have caught big Calicos and Halibut on. used...
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    I remember fishing Calicos on a boat Dave captained back in the late eighties, he used the chovies to get the bass all worked up, then it was flylining marlin baits for huge calicos at the island. on the coast it was the same except it was brown baits. If he offers advise I listen. I learned...
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    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    It always amazes me when I see a boat on the radar at night or in poor conditions going 20+. I do not care how good my electronics are I am not going over 10 knts. at night or in limited vis. Have you ever seen half submerged dangerous crap floating in the channel…. I have on more than a few...
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    Unfortunate experience with Boston Whaler and Schock Boats

    yep. and the fish don't care
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    All those questions about how far your boat can go....

    This guy knows what he is doing and has been doing it for years. If it is iffy he will stay on the hook for days at Nic waiting for a window. This guy is my hero
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    Furuno radar 1621 cable

    Buy a new cable from Furuno. It is easy to connect it to the radome. I would not want to splice a radar cable. JMO.
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    All those questions about how far your boat can go....

    I have seen him on the backside of Clemente years ago. Being able to read and understand weather patterns is one of the most important things. This guy spends days a Nic, Cortez ext. so he knows his weather. He has balls of steel & inhaled to many fumes when he built that boat.
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    So cal Offshore Boat Question on size needed for offshore fishing

    I would not agree with this. The average person with the average wallet cannot afford to operate a 30' boat. If you pick your days and a proven hull you can fish offshore no problem in a smaller craft. You have great maneuverability in a smaller boat, especially if it can plane at low speed...
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    Custom Boats

    Thanks for the clarification. Those are great looking boats.
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    Custom Boats

    It sounds like he is talking about transom angle, that has nothing to do with the deadrise. 15 deg. is the max for outboards I think. I do not understand this at all, because you said it used to be 19 deg. What did you change? the transom angle or the deadrise at the transom? I do not think i...
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    Did you hear that? I think it was the lobster whisperer.....

    This should be the cover photo for the 2015 DFG regulations.
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    $300 Stringari Skiff

    A hook in the hull at the transom has to be great for the fuel burn, I would guess that it is not supposed to have it, but maybe I am wrong. The boat might have not been supported correctly on the trailer and over time started to sag. Still minor problem, will not affect fish coming over the...
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    Anybody know this guy?

    This has to be a joke. Those Abalone look like small reds ( I could be wrong) that he probably got up north. I do not think anybody could be that big of an idiot. (I could be wrong.) I am wrong anyone who would make that video is a complete moron.
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    San Clemente Island (Pyramid Cove) Closed for the rest of the year?

    you need to look at the hours of the exercises, It might only be closed a few hours every day or night. you might have to spend the night at another anchorage depending on what there activities are.
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    That skipjack is so killer
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    Catalina Yellowtails

    you are such a stud paddy diver, at least he shot his at the island and not under a bush. FREEDIVER is a kook
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    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    I have been on a lot of different boats Radon,wilson, anderson, parker, cabo's ext. and from my experience I would say none of these boats ride into the weather like a skippy. That said I have never ridden on a Graddy. I think skippys are just great boats.
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    tin boat cabin build

    I don't want to bum you out, you did such a killer job on this thing but you do need to be real careful when operating this boat. Heck all the fun and rewarding things in life are dangerous just be aware that it could flip in certain conditions more easy. Be safe and have fun, your boat looks great.
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    26 Radon Rebuild

    looks good
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    tin boat cabin build

    I love this thing. you did a good job. Be safe.
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    White Shark or Mako

    The dent that mako sharks put in the sea lion popullation is not that great, they do and will eat sea lions it still is not there main diet. It is funny how many fisherman are, The trout guy that gets pissed at someone keeping a big trout, the marlin guys who get all pissed at a dead marlin...
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    White Shark or Mako

    Just shut up, comparing killing a mako to enslaving blacks! You are an idiot. Why are you shooting big egg bearing white seabass? Don't you know that not too long ago they were not in such great shape. Shark nazis must DIE
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    Cold Water Chickens

    I guess there is a limit now in california, I remember the no limit days and people filling boats with them.
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    The Wedge - fishing report

    Hey, I was just giving you some crap, I was joking around. Man I bet in you saw some crazy stuff in your years of service. I have family and and a whole lot of friends out there.
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    The Wedge - fishing report

    It takes a lot of balls to swim out at the wedge and ride a wave on a good sized day, be it kneeboard, bodyboard, bodysurf ext. For some one to make a comment like beaner did deserves to get rousted a little. I am not a grommet and no elitist. If you tell someone that is bodysurfing the wedge to...
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    The Wedge - fishing report

    grow a set and just go out there. Just cause you can stand up on mechanical bull at the chino hills cowboy bar does not make you a surfer. Keep our beaches trash free, stay in Chino
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    a scale would help this situation. Why are you thinking about measuring dudes dicks?
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    If your fish is 55 lbs then you are right I cannot guess worth a crap. I have never taken a yellow over 50lbs. I have taken a fair share in the high 30's to low 40's so I just base my guessing on what 30-45 lbs yellow tail look like in the photos I have. Honestly your fish does not look 55lbs...
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    If you think that your fish is over 45 you are HIGHER than jig boy . To me it looks like all of the yellows are very close in size. I like how the one kid is pushing the belly out with his knee(good technique) to make his fish look bigger than the rest. That said it is hard to judge the weight...
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    I would guess low 2 mid 30's, It does not look like one is over 50
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    If you put 20lbs of lead down its mouth it would go 50. Still a great catch and a great yellow, just not 50.
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    There is no way that fish is over 40. I would say low to mid 30's. Why would he even think it was 50. I like how he is holding it out.
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    Hands down, the nicest guys you'll ever meet. That boat is just awesome. They work non stop to make your trip enjoyable. The food is very good. The deckhands are very hard workers, very nice and full of knowledge. I honestly can't say enough good things about their operation.
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    Sunday Aug 19 - Daytime Deep Drop fishing for Swords with Team Booby Trap.

    Would someone please buy Keith Poe a bag of meth so I can read a cool report about someone trying to figure it out. Northwestfisherman, Your a kook don't bash the Poe man at least he was out there and making reports. I miss reading his reports.
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    Sunday Aug 19 - Daytime Deep Drop fishing for Swords with Team Booby Trap.

    What ever happened to Keith? I want that nut job to get one.
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    Sunday Aug 19 - Daytime Deep Drop fishing for Swords with Team Booby Trap.

    The batteries on the reel were probably out of juice, hence the 12 hr battle. I bet the rod stayed in the holder all night long and they controlled it via remote while they watched movies and drank beer. Lucky bastards.
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    Tuna pens fishing 8-12

    where is the picture of the 35lber?
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    DoDo on 3/4 day Dana Point

    I remember seeing them in the chumline at the clam beds years ago fishing sand bass. Cool.
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    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    This is a Walter
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    Tanner, Gambled and lost.

    That place can go off in the colder water, you do not know unless you go.
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    Dorado @ 425

    Sounds like a Swordfish.
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    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    Wow, I hope you pull a Walter and get your ass arrested
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    WSB Report and Boater Complaints

    I Thought that whole rope thing was about salvage rights and tow prices.
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    Reel Viking in Cabo

    Some people watch birds, others shoot and eat them. Who made the rule that you cannot eat a Marlin? Oh I forgot Makos and threshers have to be released if you want to be a real fisherman. I have eaten Blue and striped Marlin, it was great. If fishing marlin and sharks was my thing I would...
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    Seabass at Catalina East End

    If you were solo I would not have brought more than 3 onto the boat. That is a ticket.
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    Gopro Super Tanker battle video from 5-27

    I have seen a few big fish taped and weighed on a cert scale. I saw a fish that was 58 x 36 that someone did the calcs on and said it was over 80lbs. in reality on a scale it was 69 lbs. I saw a fish that was 61x 30 that weighed 65. So I think a scale is the only way to get it. But who cares...
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    Gopro Super Tanker battle video from 5-27

    I can tell you for a fact that 58x31 does not = 69. but still a fish of a lifetime.
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    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    Now that was the funniest thing I have read in a long time
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    WSB at la Jolla?

    I hate it when people call kelp beds kelp paddys it is like fingernails on a chalk board.
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    Blue Fin in Channel Islands?

    They have been seeing white sharks at lupe forever. There was a few attacks on spearfishermen back when the big bluefin where there, one fatal.
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    Never again will I donate my jackpot for free passes.

    If you are going to give it to the crew anyways who cares if a dead head caught a bigger fish than you. At lest the crew got the cash. The op's situation is b.s
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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    Rex, it is all about location and timing. Tweeking balls and casting Megabaits into your neighbors septic tank at grey light is NOT THE RIGHT LOCATION, I do not care what the GPS in your bowrider says.
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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    While you are sitting out in riverside cooking meth in your trailer I have been fishing
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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    I can tell you DFG banned near shore gill nets, and that is why you see the halibut and white sea bass that you see. So if the fishing is so much worse than why are you not a huge supporter of MLPA? I can go to the same kelp beds and still catch quality calico and sand bass just as I did 20...
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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    Size limits, bag limits where based on DFG scientific research, to keep a sustainable fishery. We do not take fish faster than they can multiply. Commercial fishing in california is so limited and regulated that it does not have as much as an impact as everyone thinks it does these days. Things...
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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    I also do not think anchovies like really warm water either. I have seen the biggest bonita in april out at the cortez bank in 58 water loaded with bait. In the spring at the islands you can find big bonita, but it is different year to year. The size has to do more with the year and migration...
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    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    what cold water? The water has hardly dropped below 59 all winter. I don't consider bonita a warm water fish. I remember many coastal winter time rockfish trips when you could not get down because of the bonita, that was in 57 deg water. They will be back. Did the mexicans wrap all the...
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    bonito at cat/san clemente

    I haven't seen a bonita jig in years, used to fish a clear bobber and a bonita jig off the piers and break walls, so much fun, and in my opinion, just as good as yellowfin if you bleed it, loin it, and get it on ice. A gunny sack full of bonies is only good for lobster bait.
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    Jig Squid Crush Bass

    Where are the pics of the 5 & 7 lbers? you only took pics of the small ones?
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    Bamf 25' Excursion sneak peek

    RODMAN 28 , I hope you crash your 25 and 28' spanish super yachts into a jetty. they'll make a better reef too.
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    Six Gill PL Kelp

    I thinks thats a 7 gill
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    anyone else see this

    My point is how do you know that the big mako did not just pup. I guess it is ok to kill 3 big seabass after they spawn, they will never spawn again. but hell if someone kills a big shark, thats the breeding stock, he should release it, and if its to small he is a baby killer
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    anyone else see this

    Write to fish and game, Why don't you complain about keeping 3 white sea bass all full of eggs when they were in bad shape not so many years ago, Thats more meat than you need. A guy keeps one trophy shark and he is some lesser quality guy. You guys have vaginas and are in desperate need of...
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    Big WSB off La Jolla

    low to mid 60's is my guess, but I don't know much. Thats a big one and one great catch. That is a long skinny fish, if it was not all sucked up I think it would go over 70'. Seabass weight can not be acuratly judged by length, since there weight varies 5-10+ pounds during different times of...
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    Salt Creek Report

    Being capable of diving beyond 60' does not mean crap. If a fish is tied up real bad at 40' and the vis on the bottom is zero it can be difficult. Or if there is current, plus some people just cant calm down under certain situations. I know I have had several fish tie up at 40' in bad vis that...
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    Salt Creek Report

    What's so funny? I am glad that someone did not die getting a fish out . Your such a hot bad ass diver. That's cool to laugh at some one who knew there limits and played it safe. There are some divers that Iam very glad to see put on a tank and not risk a problem. Good for them and screw you THE...
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    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    the problem is most often by the time you get to see what it is it is exhausted. And I have seen them float after the line was cut at color, then the captain had to pull the anchor and go try and revive it, so nothing is perfect.
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    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    He really did do a good job. It sucks to see a 300lbr floating. Sometimes even the best revival efforts fail, and you can't beat yourself up if you do everything you can and the fish doesn't make it. It sucks but sometimes it happens. I edited out the name calling it was uncalled for, cochito...
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    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    Um near shore gill nets never killed thousands of these fish. Yea the bottom scratchers killed quite a few but the commercial guys did way more damage. Since the ban of near shore gill nets halibut, White sea bass and bsb have made a huge comebacks, far greater than just closing the fishery of...
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    sharks and yellows

    365' ??? you have not fished there that much, because if you have you would know that it comes up way within the legal limits. So shut up and keep your false accusations to yourself. If you don't know then don't speak.
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    Middle Grounds 6-25-10

    I agree but his pictures don't prove anything. Thats all I am trying to say. Multiple boats can do drifts over a high spot without problems all it takes is some common sence which allot of guys operating boats do not have in the first place, so if someone drifts a little to close you should...
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    Middle Grounds 6-25-10

    when drifting in a parking lot, someone sometime will get a little to close, Be happy you got a yellow, and from your pictures it looks like you were not just fishing one spot, one pic you were outside and another you were alot tighter, closer to the two boats inside of you. maybe you are the...
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    Matt Walsh 1/2 day: 6/25/10 CUDA

    If you don't think killing a small mako is ethical, then don't do it. If you think that killing a 500 lber is not ethical then don't. But if it is legal and someone choses to do it that is there choice. If you dont like it tuff crap ,go cry to DFG. If it is legal and it is consumed then it is...
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    Middle Grounds 6-25-10

    Only in one of your photos it looks like he was to close, but it is hard to tell from a photo. A telephoto lens could make it look like he was on my swim step, it does not mean he was. How close was he? your photos do not say anything in my book. I bet I could use my camera and make you look...
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    Capt. Dave Hanson Strikes Again!!!!

    A legal bass looks pretty small in a pic, Kind of like your ween biggens. I am sure all of those fish are legal, And you only wish you had dave's knowledge
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    Lobster Opener

    If you see a light by your hoop it does not mean that a diver is messing with your hoop. Please don't be so quick to launch a Tady assault, 99% of the divers could careless about what is in your hoop.
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    Lobster Opener

    Every year there are a group of stupid idiots that put on there slickers after masterbating to the Deadliest Catch and think there Commercial Lobstermen. Stealing lobsters out of a hoopnet is real lame and any one who does it is a complete idiot. Stealing lobsters out of a Commercial guys trap...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    I think everyone knows that it is not as good as it used to be. we can still go out get limits of lobster, get big white seabass and yellowtail in the local kelp beds, see calico and sandbass thick as flies, and quite a few abalone on the rebound. We have a sustainable fishery. And yes you can...
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    You sound like one of them. 95% of all the fish, lobsters and abalone have already been caught, that statement is the problem. There are plenty of fish and lobsters, that is why we have size limits. In parts of California there is no shortage of abalone either. Get a clue.
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    14 mile bank 9/20 DFG, Harbor Patrol, Fish Counter,

    I don't trust those fish counters at the docks. I would never cuss one out, but I do tell them no,no no. The ones I have talked to are collage kids who could not give me a straight enough answer about the info they are taking, So I say no.
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    He caught a nice opah, and yellowfin ext
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    great white shark at the domes

    Sorry that I messed up this thread. I am done.
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    great white shark at the domes

    I am not saying there are no white sharks , I think that there are a lot of miss ID's. and there is not as many as are being reported to Pacific coast shark news. And if you don't think that adult makos eat seals you are just clueless.
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    great white shark at the domes

    I don't doubt you for one minute, I believe you had a crazy experience. In the water from above a juvy white and a small mako look a lot alike very easy to miss ID, even their heads, and a 5 foot mako has some shoulders. you could have very well seen a white but it could have just as easily been...
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    great white shark at the domes

    Tell me how you know it was not a mako.
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    great white shark at the domes

    A 5-7' shark with a black back. Could not be a mako or a 7 gill. both have dark backs in off colored water and both will attack a fish. But it could be a white shark two. This encounter proves what I am saying. And at 5-7' x 2' wide it was problaly a mutant halibut trying to mate with your...
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    great white shark at the domes

    Don't get me wrong, I know that white sharks have been seen at San O. My point is whenever a shark is seen in that area it is automaticly a GWS. People are so overly hyped up about GWS around south San Clemente that everything becomes a friggin white shark. I personally know a lifeguard that...
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    great white shark at the domes

    My point is everyone is quick to yell white shark without taking others into consideration. I remember a guy who had a confirmed sighting of a white shark that turned out to be a basking shark, if he did not have a camera that would have been a confirmed sighting of a white shark. A shark from...
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    great white shark at the domes

    Pacific Coast shark news is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever read. Confirmed sighting..... who the hell confirmed it. every dorsal fin, every shark seen is a white shark, bull...dorado. I do believe there are white sharks out there, but that pacific coast shark news pisses me off. Read the...
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    great white shark at the domes

    How can you be sure that it was a white shark? Oh yea every shark that is out at san o is a white shark. Small makos have never washed up on the beach there, threshers have never jumped there. Its jaws oh crap
  132. S

    Yellowtail Bonanza

    Cool that the kids got some quality fish, good going
  133. S

    Big Calico Bass

    I saw you guys out there yesterday evening, I love that place.
  134. S

    Fishing out of newport

    Head south to Crystle Cove and fish the numerous hard bottom areas along that coastline, be carefull of the shallow spots
  135. S

    Fishing With Captain Dave Hansen

    I bet if you would hire capt. Dave you would learn allot more about fishing and catch more fish. Most deckhands have allot more knowledge than the weekend warrior, they are on the water everyday. Just because you have money and can buy a boat does not mean shit about your fishing ability...
  136. S

    with Dave Hansen

    I trust my sst and cloro alot more than someone that I do not know says he slayed them at the 182. People lie to keep pressure off of places.
  137. S

    with Dave Hansen

    My favorite reports are ones with pics of fish on the boat, I could care less about location. But thats just me. I think the perfect report is.... Left oceanside, got some real good bait from the receiver, found an area that looked good and they ate everything we threw. See pics below. I like to...
  138. S

    with Dave Hansen

    Read the sst and color charts and go find them yourselfs, personally thats one of my favorite parts of fishing is doing my own research and finding my own fish. What would you pussy's(talking to the idiots complaining) do without bloodydecks? I guess by your own admission you wouldn't find fish...
  139. S

    Last week with Video

    I love fishing with my yellow Snoopy set up off the back of a big nike shoe
  140. S

    8/14 SCI Yellows & WFO Calico

    There is a reason for the size limit, and a bag limit of 10 fish. If the fish is 12" or 10 pounds who give a flying fish as long as it gets eaten. If you guys ever jumped in the water you would know there is no shortage of calico or sand bass. And at SCI there are millions and millions of them.
  141. S

    Epic Day Off PV Cliffs 8-16

    Nice fish but I would say about 40-45 LBS, no way 60. But it is a beauty.
  142. S

    7-24 Hidden Bank & inside

    I thought all skipjack were oceanic? J/k
  143. S

    7-24 Hidden Bank & inside

    That was some cool video you shot.
  144. S

    7-24 Hidden Bank & inside

    I wouldn't put my finger in a big bonita's mouth, and yes they eat great.