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  1. bus kid

    For Sale Boys 20 inch Diamondback bike

    My son outgrew his Bike. its a 20 inch tire 7 speed mountain bike, like new paid 225 its yours for $175. located near the 605 and 405 freeway intersection Orange County Ca PM or email me with contact info for response. [email protected]
  2. bus kid

    For Sale extra gear gotta go

    Cleaning out the garage for an early spring cleaning Standard Horizons HX290 includes the wall charger car charger and charging dock $60.00. Sold Kayak folding anchor Free come get it. Trolling lures range in size from 4 inches to 8 inches $5.00 each or all for $50 and you can take the cases for...
  3. bus kid

    Calstar,Shimano and Penn

    Cleaning out the garage. Located near the intersection of 605 and 405 freeways in Los Alamitos Ca Calstar 270-8 custom wrapped Deckhand with Shimano Torium 20 about 50 yards of 40 mono on top of 200 yards of Jerry brown 65# braid.reel cover included $150. Penn Senator 114H filled to the...
  4. bus kid

    HB airshow

    Got an email today,anyone else going? I plan on fishing in the am then anchoring up to watch. WWW.HBAIRSHOW.COM
  5. bus kid

    Need trailer help in OC

    My trailer is in need of some help, bearings, leaf springs and possibly some welding . I have emailed the place in OC recommended above two weeks ago and got no response. I will be taking the boat to Havasu in July and want to be sure that the trailer can make it. who do you guys go to and what...
  6. bus kid

    Shimano Reels and rods

    thinning out the gear a little Shimano TLD 20/40S about 200 yards of 20# mono on Shimano TRD-70MHB 7 foot 12-25 med heavy fast action rod Mechanically 9/10 $125 located in the OC near the 405 and 605 interchange
  7. bus kid

    Speedometer and tail lights

    Blazer tail lights $10. Never been submerged I upgraded to LED. 3 3/8 diameter 0-30 speedo $20. I Rebuilt the motor and I had to upgrade to a 50 mph. located in the OC near the 405 and 605 interchange
  8. bus kid

    trolling gear, lures and other stuff

    located in Los Alamitos Ca 90720 near the 605 and 405 freeway interchange I will ship Usps flat rate buyer to pay. pick and choose what you want lures, lead, will ship at buyers expense,open to offers. the 2 largest cannon balls are gone. i still have 15-20 of the 24 oz lure box #1 plano...
  9. bus kid

    outriggers,downriggers,livewell,& happy troller

    12 foot fiberglass outriggers $100 located in Los Alamitos ca 90720 near the 605 and 405 freeways.
  10. bus kid

    another skipjack question

    I have a skipjack 20 and the bilge blower just went out. The previous owner had the blower installed low in the bilge on about equal height to the engine mounts. I'm going to be replacing it and wondering should I put the blower up higher in the engine bay on the transom or back in the same spot?
  11. bus kid

    volvo mechanic near the OC

    need some recommendation's for a volvo mechanic for both engine and outdrive.
  12. bus kid

    fuel dock in Huntington harbor

    It has been brought to my attention that October 1st Mariners point fuel dock in Huntington Harbor will close permanently for those of us that are slipped and storing in the harbor this means going to either Newport or Long Beach to fuel up
  13. bus kid

    What are your best upgrades?

    We just bought a Skipjack 20 open and I have already installed a DSC VHF and new 8 foot antenna.Lowrance Elite 5HDI from our other boat is in but I have not mounted thr transducer not sure whats better. There are wide trim tabs so my options are on the outboard edge of the transom or about a...
  14. bus kid

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    We just bought a boat and have replaced some stuff on it and have removed the below items so we have no need for them and no space to store them. pm me or call between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. I work nights from 11:00 am to midnight so if I don't answer leave a message and I will get back to you...
  15. bus kid

    1969 runabout $1200 or trade for a...

    1969 fiberglass runabout It has a one 12 and one 6 gallon fuel tank that I can fish all day on $40. 1977 2 stroke 50 HP. Runs great I have been as far out as the the tanker lines off Huntington Beach and always made it home. Top speed with 18 gallons of gas and a 32 gallon bait tank is 25mph but...
  16. bus kid

    boat storage in OC

    I would like to know oponions on a boat storage facility either sunset marina or the storage facility in Seal Beach across from the Naval Weapons base. Since those two are between my house and the launch ramp that we frequently use
  17. bus kid

    20-40# rod and Sealine $150

    price drop $100 takes it. Turners Californian deckhand rod 8 foot, 20-40# 8 out of 10 cosmetically and Daiwa Sealine older model 30 size with 200 maybe 250 yards of 40# braid and 50 yards of 30 mono . Reel has upgraded carton tex drags. this set up is great for firing off the Tady 45 and salas...
  18. bus kid

    looking for fiberglass/gelcoat repair in the OC

    I'm in need of someone who has 1st hand knowledge for fiberglass and gelcoat repair shops or Person in the OC / LA areas. Boat has gouges on the keel from beaching as well as some chips in the gelcoat. I want the work done correctly and do not want to do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  19. bus kid


    1st all coast, now BOTD...
  20. bus kid

    Fish report

    launched out of Hunt Harbor at 6:00 am fished around here. caught a few of these on squid and chovies, really didn't matter. and one of these(released) Back on the trailer at 2 pm. Total count for the day was 4 turds kept 3 released, and 1 smoothie.
  21. bus kid

    looking for Merc. outboard mechanic in the LA/OC areas

    Went out yesterday and could not get the boat over 9 mph. at WOT, We came in put it on the trailer and checked fuel lines and pulled the bowls off the carbs for blockage and changed all 4 plugs. Took a block of wood and wedged the prop to see if it was slipping , felt solid. Back out and same...
  22. bus kid

    need help with DSC.

    After Reading thru Todd 's thread on DSC, I bought a DSC VHF and found out that the Raymarine Dragon fly does not have the NMEA output (WTF Raymarine) so I sold the 2 month old unit and bought a Lowrance HDI 5. Now I'm not the smartest guy but I got some skills, but not 100% sure as these two...
  23. bus kid

    Springfield Armory XD

    Looking for a Springfield XD(s) 9mm 4 inch service. Pm me if you have one. located in Southern California.
  24. bus kid

    Saltist level wind

    Looking for a Saltist level wind. PM me what you got.
  25. bus kid

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    looking for a Abu Garcia Revo Inshore, pm me what you got, cash in hand.
  26. bus kid

    WTB Hobie livewell

    Looking for a Hobie livewell, cash in hand. Pm me if you got one for sale.
  27. bus kid

    WTB Hobie

    Uncle sam and the Boss said ok to a Hobie. Looking for a Revo or outback pm me with what you got. And where your at. Dont hesitate , as fred hall is coming up. forgot to mention no yellow or red.
  28. bus kid

    Seal Beach pier 1-2-12

    Took my daughters out monday. My oldest got a hook in her hand last year, so I set her up with my sabiki rod to get her confidence back up. fresh cut dine on a 10# sabiki 5 mins after we arrived. by far the biggest topsmelt I have ever seen. [email protected]$k the MPA
  29. bus kid

    Whats your favorite movie?

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  30. bus kid

    What do you think he's going to be when he grows older?'

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  31. bus kid

    @ NPH

    I launched out of the coast guard station in NPH around 730 am 5-14-2011. paddled out to CDR first thing to see what was going on. nothing but angry confused seas and some wind. paddled, trolled and drown some bait, metered something but it didnt want to bite threw some plastic for the...
  32. bus kid

    kayak cart needed

    while I was out fishing yesterday i locked my cart up to the lifeguard tower and at the end of the day when i got out some asshole came along and busted off one wheel. I though about just going to HF and getting new wheels but it is the type that goes through the scuppers so I think I'm better...
  33. bus kid

    Black Friday

    I'm going out this Friday, LB Harbor any advice, tips and or warnings are welcomed. If anyone is interested in joining me feel free to PM.
  34. bus kid


    Jeff &#8220;Doc&#8221; Lausch Surfboard 6' 2" x 17 3/4 I have not used the board since 1998. Its been in the garage since. it has pressure dents, and the nose section needs repair. comes with 1 leash and I will throw in 2 more. $50.00 or trade for a Battery Box Complete Power System for my...
  35. bus kid

    I Found your paddle

    I found a paddle Saturday 11-14-2010 while out in Huntington harbor, describe it and it's yours.
  36. bus kid

    ok to kayak?

    can you launch a sit on top kayak at the following lakes? I have looked on the websites but cannot seem to find a clear answer. prado, all I can find is (16' max., no gas engines, catamarans, or inflatables) sit on tops allowed? irvine I see that KAYAK LAUNCH $5 sit on tops allowed, or...
  37. bus kid

    Happy birthday jarhead

    Happy Birthday to all my fellow Marines, Jar Heads, Leather Necks, and Green Amphibious monsters. :hali_olutta:
  38. bus kid

    got to find a hotel

    So this Aug. is my Wifes and mine 10 year anniversary, I suggested last week that she send me out on the intrepid for 10 days to celebrate,when I woke up from the coma yesterday, :Beat_Them I though hay maybe someone on BD might know of a good Hotel, (note that I said hotel with a "H") to take...
  39. bus kid

    dissappearing act

    where did lynndeva go. other then her last post i enjoyed her posts.
  40. bus kid

    Boat HO list 2010

    Boat Ho list for 2010 <hr style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" size="1"> This list is for ridesharing with BD members. For those of you on the 2009 list please update your information here. How to sign up Name: Age: Boat: Days...
  41. bus kid

    top 5 most expensive car wrecks

    #5. Bugatti Veyron ... $1.6 Million The Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive production car in history. Only 300 are expected to be produced, and already two have crashed. Above is the...
  42. bus kid

    2010 license cost

    So today i went to my local tackle shop to get my 2010 license. I got a Resident Sport Fishing $41.50, my Second Rod Stamp $12.85, I fish lakes also, then the guy asks if i want the Ocean Enhancement Stamp for $4.75 i ask why do i need it? he tells me I say wow for the last 10 years I have never...