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    For Sale Calstar/GUSA/Seeker Blanks For Sale.

    Hi Guys, I have some unwrapped blanks for sale. I'm in WLA and goto OC often and can ship for multiple blanks at costs. Calstar 700XH - Blank with Hypalon and aluminum reel seat on. $150 Calstar 700H $120 Calstar 700H $120 Calstar 700M $120 Calstar 700M $120 Calstar 700ML $120 Price...
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    Rodless 4.5 dayer on the Marla's El Pescador PV

    Hi guys, We just came back from the 4.5 dayer on the El Pescador with the Osuna brothers at Puerto Vallarta. We had some fantastic fishing and we caught multiple cows and I caught my personnel best Super Cow of 340lber on an Avet 30W 3 speed and a Rick Ozaki's Graphtec 3XH. :) I will write...
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    SOLD New In Box - Avet HX 5/2 MC Raptor - Blue

    Hi Guys, Price Drop!!!! I have a brand new in BLUE Avet HX 5/2 MC Raptor. Again, brand new in box. Asking $400 FIRM. Can ship on buyers dime. I am in the West Los Angeles area and work in Gardena and go to OC often. Thanks, Harddrive
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    For Sale Swifty power spectra washer

    Hi Guys, I have for sale Swifty power washer for washing your spectra. These are not made any longer as far as I can search for. :) Great for unwinding your spectra and then I let it soak in fresh water for a week and then wind it back on. Comes with the following spools: 3 Large spool for...
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    Replacing HX Raptor ergo handle with Avet 30 power handle

    Hi Guys, I have a brand new Avet HX Raptor with the stock ergonomic handle and I want to replace with the power handle from like an Avet 30 which have. Question is how do you get the handle off the arm? Picture below. :) Harddrive
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    Pacific Voyager 6/1 to 6/3

    Hey Guys, Got back last night from a really good trip on the Pac Voyager. Captain Mark and his crew were fantastic and super helpful and Chef Jeff is the best chef outside of the LR fleet. Chef Jeff 1/2 lb burgers and breakfast etc are awesome. I usually skip meals but, not when I'm eating...
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    Soldering Split Rings???

    Hey Guys, So, I got lazy and I just solder the split rings as I solder regular rings for hooks and lures. I did that on my Nomads DTX as I didn't have the rings in the right size. What I do is solder the two spots where they open up. What do you guys think? Am I just being lazy?
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    FREE Clymer Volvo Penta Stern Drive Shop Manual

    Hi Guys, I am cleaning my fishing room and found this from my old boat. Clymer Volvo Penta Stern Drive Shop Manual 1994-2000. Take a look at the photo of the back cover to see which motors and stern drives are covered. Free for anyone that wants to come and pick it up in LA. Or, I can ship...
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    SOLD Near NIB Okuma Makaira 16 SEA - Silver

    Hi Guys, I have for sale a Near New In Box Okuma Makaria 16 SEA in Silver with box, lugs (lugs and plug), tool, oil, and tags and all paperwork. The reel is brand new, took it on my last trip and kept it without any line in my stateroom. Brought it as a spare, but never used it. Again, the...
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    SOLD New 3 Cowbells In Case

    Hi Guys, I have three new cow bells. Trolled 0-14 KNOTS! 9 INCHES LONG. 16 OZ POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL RATTLE HEAD JET. WATER "POURS" THROUGH IT! BACKED WITH TRIPLE MYLAR SKIRTS! 480# CABLE LEADER WITH AN 9/0 HOOK! In the case. First one is orange, black and silver. The second one is...
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    SOLD Near New - Factory United Composites Viper RCX 76 (7' 6")

    Hi Guys, I have for sale a near new Factory United Composites Extreme Series Viper RCX 76 rail rod. Rod is rated for 80 lbs to 130 lbs, ideally used for 100 to 130 lbs with 45 lbs of max drag. I took it on one trip and fished it once and will now build one in my own colors. Everything is in...
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    Okuma Makaira 20 II SEA Anti Reverse Skipping

    Hi Okuma, I had a Mak 20 SEA reel serviced a few years ago and didn't get to use it again till this year. When I was on a small squirrely 20lb tuna and it's going side to side real fast my trip in April. My Mak 20 did the weirdest thing. As the fish changed direction and there was no...
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    Andros Retiring?

    Hi, I saw a post on the LR board that Okuma is retiring the Andros line. Is that true? Thanks, Harddrive
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    Fish processing prices?

    Holy crap. Had to use fisherman’s processing this week at 1.05 pound. When does it become more economical to cut your own fish and buy your own vacuum packing machine? I will be honest with you that I will never take it to fisherman’s EVER!!!!!!
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    Tiburon Great Service

    Hi Guys, I want to give a great shout out to Tiburon Engineering. Long story short, I was on one of my 16 day trip on the Indy many years ago and I was fishing my original series SST 16. And while fishing at the rail, I had the plastic part of the handle unscrew and fall into the water. My...
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    Bait Tank Seat

    Hey Guys, Was at the Fred Hall show in Long Beach and saw this at one of the fishing boat booths. I was thinking of getting one of these made to sit on my bait tank. Know anyone who could make me one in the LA area? How much do you think it would cost? Harddrive
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    Redondo Canyon/MDR - 10/28/18

    Hi Guys, Late report from yesterday's fishing. Launched out of MDR at 830 am with some light fog with my friend Max and Jeff. Visibility was to 1/2 mile or so. Went to get bait and got a nice scoop of huge sardines for $30. They needed that bait in SD, they were strong and swam nicely. I...
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    Ring for PL68?

    Hi Guys, I have some PL68 with treble hooks and want to change out to single hook. What size ring would you recommend? Thanks, Min
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    Installing Rails

    Hi Guys, Question. I'm about to install some bow rails and stern rails. I will be using 1/4" screws with nylon locking washers and 1" fender washers. Question. Do you put in locking washers too? Also, do you apply 5200 between the base plate and the boat and also put in 5200 onto the...
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    Catalina 8/12 - Lots of bait in the water

    Launched out of Southshore launch ramp and went to Nacho's for some nice smaller 4-6 inch sardines. Great bait. The wind was light as predicted and small swells coming from the north-west. I planned to start fishing the west end, but turned more to the middle of the island as we started to...
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    Anyone good with outboards on the West Side of LA?

    Hi Guys, Looking for a mobile boat mechanic or someone who works on their boat to show me and help me do some work on the boat. I like to see someone do the work to learn the gotcha. I need to do the following: Oil change Lower unit oil change Impeller ( I got some trash in there or...
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    SOLD FURUNO Radar - 1623 display and RSB 0093 dome

    Hi Guys, I have for sale a Furuno Radar set with 1623 display and RSB 0093 dome in a perfect clean working condition. Power cables, display cover and bracket and also uncut dome cables. I was going to put it on my boat but changed my mind and went with a smaller unit. A good safety item for...
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    Seat for top of bait tank?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a boat seat that sits on top of the bait tank like in this picture. Tom of Towerfab had the picture and I've reached out to him. But, anyone know where I can purchase? Will sit on top of my bait tank. Thanks, Harddrive
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    WTB Leaning Post for CC

    Hi Guys, Looking for leaning post for my center console. Please hit me up if you have one. Thanks, Harddrive
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    SOLD 2015 Amato 21 Foot Center Console - Gone

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of selling my 2015 Amato 21 foot center console with a 2016 90 HP Mercury on an extended bracket with 350 hours. The boat has a Lowrance HD 7 Gen 2 Touch and sitting on a trailer. The boat has a built-in bait tank and also a Stryker T Top. Easy to tow and a great boat...
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    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV - On Mainland Mexico Board

    Hi Guys, Rodless Jim set up his first charter on the Marla IV out of PV. Story is on the Mainland Mexico board. Thanks, Min
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    Rodless Jim Charter On the Marla IV

    Hi Guys, Just got home from a 3-day adventure on the Rodless Jim (Long Range Board) charter on the Marla IV out of PV. Rodless Jim has been talking about how the fishing out of PV with the Osuna brothers and the big tuna they catch for a long time. Jim put together the Rodless charter and...
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    SOLD New Seaguar Premier 100 lbs 50 Yard X 2

    Hi Guys, I have TWO BRAND NEW in bag Seaguar Premier 100 lbs 50 yards. Amazon has them on sale for $69.51 each. I am asking $50 per bag and you pay for shipping at actual costs. USPS flat rate is about $7.00. Send me a PM or can pick up in LA. Thanks, Harddrive
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    Avet/Seaguar/Raider/Graphtec Charter April 4th to 20th Report

    Hi Guys, Just came back last Friday on the Rick Ozaki annual 16 dayers. As always, the fishing was great and catching wasn't great for everyone, but still fun and better than working. Since Rick's charter is the first trip after maintenance, we get to load up sleep on the boat the day before...
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    New Komodo SS Trade Lefty for Righty

    Hi Okuma, I bought a brand new Komodo SS KDS-463PLX from a company on the east coast. Anyway, I can come to the factory and swap for a KDS-463P? It would save a lot of hassle of shipping the reel back. Thanks, Harddrive
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    Now We Need This For The Long Travel Days

    This would be nice to get to the spot really fast.
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    Chunking Mono Length?

    Hi Guys, What length of mono is good for chunking? About 75 feet to 100 feet enough? Use 130 mono? Harddrive
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    Tip of Hook Pointing Up or Down

    Hi Guys, Leaving in April on a 16 dayer on the Indy. Last trip, I took some 250G glow in the dark flatfall jigs and added a 9/0 7691 hooks instead of the two assist hooks. Because the 7691 has a long shank, the hook would snag the line. I got some Mustad Kaiju hooks and the shank is much...
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    Looking for 200lbs Hollow Spectra

    Hi Guys, I need some 200lbs Hollow, about 300 yards of it. Can be white or colored. Please tell me what you have? Harddrive
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    Fabricator in Marina Del Rey or South Bay

    Hi Guys, Need some customization of a leaning post. Anyone recommend someone in MDR or South Bay?
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    Mounting Gaff Holder Under Gunnel

    Hey Guys, Need some ideas on how to attach these gaff holder under my gunnel. I prefer not to drill into my fiberglass hull. I've seen some industrial strength acrylic double sided tape and they are a bitch to get off. Any ideas? Use some 5200?
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    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    Went out on Sunday 10/29 out of MDR and went to the bait dock to get some sardines. From a distance I saw all these people wearing yellow and red, I thought maybe it as a kids tour of the bait docks or whale watching trip. As we got closer, it was a bunch of Buddhist monks like having a ceremony...
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    Looking For Leaning Post for Center Console

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a used leaning post/seat. Will have to go over my bait tank. Shoot me over what you have and pictures and dimensions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Harddrive
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    Flip Seat/Leaning Post for Center Console

    Hi Guys, I bought an Amato center console with a bait tank and no leaning post. I'm looking for a source for a flip seat leaning post or someone to fabricate one on the cheap side OR even better someone has a used one. Here is the picture of the bait tank. Thanks, Harddrive
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    NIB Mercury 802889A 1 Oil Drain Pump

    Hi Guys, I have a brand new Mecury 802889A 1 Oil Drain Pump. It was for my Mercruiser which I no longer have. I'm asking $30 shipped to you. Please send me a PM. Thanks, Min
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    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 3/28 to 4/13 Report

    COMPLETED Hi Guys, Well another year goes by and another trip in the books. I've been fishing Rick Ozaki's charter now for 7 years... My buddy Max who I got into LR fishing has now been on 4 of these 16 dayer and now considered a LR veteran. I guess the part of the excitement is...
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    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    Hey Guys, So I'm packing and thinking of things that I forgot last time. What one thing did you forget on your trip and wish you haven't? Harddrive
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    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to cut down on the quantity of rigs I bring for my trip. :D What I noticed is that I don't even use them all. So on the wahoo rigs. How many should I take? It's a Raider charter, so I mainly use Raiders. 1 - Saltiga 40 LD - Raider 2 - Saltiga 40 LD - Raider 3 -...
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    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 3/28 to 4/13 Roll Call

    Hi Guys, Well another year has passed by and it is that time again for the Rick Ozaki Avet/Seaguar/Raider 16 dayer on the Indy. Rick's trip always has tons of give aways and raffles lots of Avet reels. I haven't won one in about 5 years. Rick did you see that? ;) This year is going to be...
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    Penn International 70VSL Near New - With 1:1 Lower Gear

    Aloha Guys, I know that many of you troll with big reels in Hawaii. :) I have a near new condition Penn 70VS converted to 70VSL. That is an additional $120 in parts to convert the low gear from 1.4:1 to 1:1, which makes this reel a winch. I still have the 1.4:1 low gear and will also include...
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    Penn 70VSL Near New - With 1:1 Lower Gear

    Hi Guys, I have a near new condition Penn 70VS converted to 70VSL. That is an additional $120 in parts to convert the low gear from 1.4:1 to 1:1, which makes this reel a winch. I still have the 1.4:1 low gear and will also include that. Reel has been recently fully serviced and the reel is...
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    Hi Guys, I just came back from the Big Island recently and heard the term VOG for the first time. The guys living there, what is your experience? Is it overrated or is it the real deal on health issues? Thanks, Harddrive
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    Kona Fishing 1/17 or 1/18?

    Hi Guys, I am from the Mainland and coming to beautiful Big Island on the week of the 1/16th. I am considering moving there when I retire and looking to fish while I am there. Anyone have an opening for a single angler with no tackle :) For Tuesday 1/17 or Wednesday 1/18? I will be staying...
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    Private Boat Fishing in Kona Question

    Hi Guys, I'm considering moving to Kailua-Kona in the near future and will get a boat on a trailer. Was thinking something in the 22 to 24 foot class. I've read that that the drop off is right outside of Kona and boats start trolling after leaving the harbor. Question is how far away is the...
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    Anyone looking for an Accurate ATD 50 Topless Frame?

    Hi Guys, I apologize if I am posting on the LR board for a sale item. But people who are looking for this are on this board. Moderators, please delete if you feel inappropriate. Hi Guys, For those guys who have the cross bar on their ATD 50. Here is your chance to go topless in a PG...
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    Okuma Makaira Service?

    Hi Guys, I know that the Makairas warranty is 5 years. But I remember that Okuma would service them free also for 5 years. Can someone from Okuma verify for me? I want to drop off like 9 Makaira for service tomorrow. :D Thanks, Harddrive
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    Almost New - Accurate ATD 50 Topless Frame

    Hi Guys, For those guys who have the cross bar on their ATD 50. Here is your chance to go topless in a PG rated way. It takes about 5 minutes to change the frame. I have an almost new ATD 50 topless frame. I had accurate put the new frame on and I never used the reel again. Greased the...
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    Accurate ATD Shaft Gets Stuck

    Hi Guys, I've had this recurring problem since I got the reel and I've sent it in for service a few years back and the problem is still there. Worse part was they stripped some a screw and then just sent me the reel with the screw wedged in. And the first time I used the reel on my 16 day...
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    C-Map Max NT NA M024.11 - USA West Coast and Hawaii

    Hi Guys, C-Map NT+ Wide Coverage Pre-Programmed Data Cards I have a C-Map Max NT NA M024.11 - USA West Coast and Hawaii from September 2010 in C-Card Format. Here is the compatibility list. Select C-Map NT+ on C-Card for use with an Interphase ChartMaster 11CVX, 11CVXS, 11M+, 11MX, 7C, 7CI...
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    Tuna off the drone!

    Now there will need to be a drone rotation!
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    Accurate ATD Soft Reel Case - Hard To Find

    Hi Guys, I have here a hard to find Accurate ATD Soft Case. They used to sell/give these with the ATD reel to display and protect your investment. The case will fit any reel upto 50 Wide. The case is in perfect condition. Reel not included, but PM me if you're interested in a topless ATD...
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    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 16 Day - 3/29/16 to 4/14/16

    Hey Guys, Just got back this morning from Rick Ozaki's annual 16 dayer on the Independence, sponsored by Avet, Seaguar and Raider lures. First part is for the guys who are about to leave with some tips. 1. Sabiki, bring the really really small ones. One of the hot bait was the tubes...
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    EX50 3 speed Rod Nut Bolt and Clamp Nut

    Hi guys, I had a brand new EX50 3 speed in gunmetal dropped shipped to me from Trophy tackle to my home in LA and it arrived on Saturday. I saw no reason a reel needs to go to NY and then back to LA to just have the spectra put on. The reel is nice and beautiful and in good shape, but there...
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    EX50 3 speed Rod Nut Bolt and Clamp Nut

    Duplicate post.
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    Last Minute Prepping Tradition.

    Hi Guys, My trip is about 11 days away and tonight I just fished wrapping two Phenix Axis 720 4X. One for me and one for my new roomie. JL quit fishing, so I had to find a new roomie. So this is probably my last minute prepping tradition. Buy new blanks and let it sit almost a year and...
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    Putting on the labels?

    Hi Guys, Now that I'm wrapping the Phenix 3x and 4x, I need help with the best method in placing the factory label which came with the blank. With the coating heating up after you mix it, I've always had the label lift. What is the pro trick? :) Thanks, Harddrive
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    Mak 50 handle on a Mak 20?

    Hi Okuma and Guys, Is there a way to add the Mak 50 handle onto a Mak 20? Is there parts which needs to be changed beside the handle assembly? Thanks, Harddrive
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    SOLD!!!!! Hi Guys, I
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    Phenix Axis 720 4X Blowing Up?

    Hey Guys, I'm about to wrap some Phenix Axis 720 4X I got last year and I was chatting with my friend and was told that some were breaking. I've heard of at least 3 accounts from people of this happening. One just from setting the drag. Some they saw them break in person. I am hoping it was...
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    To Add or Not To Add More Spectra???

    Hi Guys, So I'm going to be upfront. I am a lazy bastard and don't strip my spectra and wash every trip. If I'm lucky, I'll remove the line once every 4 years. :-D This is for my Cow reels by the way. I polish my spool using Kiwi neutral shoe polish per Jerry Brown and I've never had any...
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    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    So I see iCast is almost over. Where is the the Andros 12SIIa? I thought it was the long shore man strike. Then I thought it was they needed to modify parts. Where is it? I preordered the reel in January of this year and it's 6 months later. Can anyone from Okuma update us loyal...
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    Stock Handle for Penn 50SW

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a stock handle for a old 50SW. Anyone got one? Thanks, Harddrive
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    Penn Cofe 50SW 2 Speed Reel

    Hi Guys, I have an excellent condition and this one is the older reliable shift mechanism proven Penn 50SW 2 speed by Cofe in San Diego. The reel is also filled with 500 yards of 130 lbs Jerry Brown solid spectra and can hold about 100+ yards of 100 lbs mono. The reel also has the Reel Color...
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    Penn 50VSW For Sale - SOLD

    SOLD Hi Guys, I have an excellent condition Penn 50VSW blueprinted by Cofe in San Diego. The reel was worked to freespool and also the drag was enhanced. The reel is also filled with 800 yards of Jerry Brown spectra which is worth $100 or more. The reel also has the Reel Color Handle and...
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    Shimano TN40N - SOLD

    SOLD Hi Guys, I'm selling one of my practically new TN40N with Box. The reel is an awesome YoYo reel and the torque is insane when you hook a fish.
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    Mac Book Pro with Solid State Drive - SOLD

    SOLD No hardware issues or Malware or Virus. Reason I got it for my kid. I just wiped the Solid State Drive and installed brand new install of Yosemite with Microsoft Office for MAC installed. Did I mention it has a Solid State Drive and boots fast and things start up fast. Specs: MacBook...
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    Sea Lion Pulls Man Overboard in SD

    When we were unloading the fish on Friday. There was a huge knot head just hanging around. Man, better watch out. (Reuters) - A man was injured on Sunday after he was pulled into the water by a sea lion that...
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    Seeker Warranty?

    Hi Guys, I have a factory Super Seeker Rod and noticed the ceramic insert had cracked off. I believe Seeker is now in Oxnard? If I take the rod there, will the replace the guide? Their website is being built, so I can't see a contact info there. Thanks, Min
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    Internet on LR Boat?

    Hi Guys, We just came back from the Indy 16 dayer and the Internet was unusable to browse websites for sure. Email was barely usable. I heard from anglers from the last fall that most of the boats moved to a new provider and that things are not going well. Last year, the Internet was slow...
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    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    Hey Guys, This is the beginning of our annual West Coast marketing charter with Rick Ozaki our charter master, Jeff Liu (JL) and Max. Our trip usually starts with Jeff driving down from Alameda to my home in LA the day before in his pickup truck. Where he stays and we go out to our usual...
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    Rods For Sale: Shimano TZS78XH, Seeker Ulua, Seeker 6485

    Hi Guys, I have a few rods for sale: Shimano Terez XH Spinning Popping Rod: SOLD First one is a Shimano Terez TZS78XH a 7' 8" heavy spinning popping rod. Brand new, placed my reel on it once and decide it was a bit too soft for Clarion. I believe mine has the SIC guide which they don't do...
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    Yozuri Bonita/Marauders - 4 of them

    All SOLD!!!! Hi Guys, I have four original large 10 3/8" Yozuri Bonita/Marauders for sale. They have the double hook which can be replaced if you want. They are all the same and are Dorado color. I'm ask $30 a piece and will ship on your dime. I will take paypal as gift. If you take all...
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    Sold - Trinidad 20 with Cal Plate/Carbonex Drag/20 DC Dog Upgrade

    SOLD!!!! Hi Guys, I have the Gold Trinidad 20 with Cal Plate with the Carbonex Drag. I also did the Trinidad DC 20 Dog upgrade, so there is actually a real dog instead of just a roller bearing. Filled with 50 lbs spectra and 75 yards of 50 lbs new mono. Has the 3M Car Bra material on the...
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    Sold - Gold Avet 30 Pro with New Handle and Spectra

    Hi Guys, I am selling a mint condition Gold Avet 30 Pro the larger new style T bar handle. Comes with 600+ yards of Jerry Brown 80 hollow Spectra. No scratches and serviced. I also have the Clear Bra 3M material on the side on the left side plate to protect that from scratches. I'm asking...
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    Heavy Duty Sabiki

    Hi Guys, For those guys who had to make salamis at Clarion or any place you can fish for them, you may understand what I'm talking about. We usually get some of those really light line ones with 4 flies and you cut two of them off and use them. They usually given aways at the beginning of the...
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    New Seeker BSC6485 - 8 1/2 Foot

    Hi Guys, I have a never used NEW Seeker Classic Series 6485 8 and 1/2 footer rated for rated for 15 (25) 40 lbs. Never used or fished and I put some cold shrink on the area where I like to put the rod. In hand exchange as it's too big to ship. I'm in West LA and can meet in the LA or north...
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    Avet Pro 30?

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of drag with freespool I should expect? Thanks, Harddrive
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    Phenix Axis Heavy Blanks

    Hi Guys, Ken Bushman told me about the Phenix Axis blanks. Anyone have any feed back on them? I have the Hybrid and like them. Is the Axis same weight or lighter or heavier? Action? I am thinking of getting some 3X and 4X built or wrap them myself. Thanks, Harddrive
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    Which reel for Wahoo?

    Hi Guys, Haven't check in this forum for a while. So what's the recommended reel for Wahoo? I would like a lever drag two speed. Thanks, Harddrive
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    Ken and Rodless on Intrepid Report Looks like the trip is off to a great start. Yellowtail.
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    SOLD Brand New Seeker 6485 Deckhand Rod

    Hi Guys, Cleaning more of my stuff out. Bought and was sitting in my garage and never fished. I have for sale a brand new Seeker Classic 6485 deckhand rod. Rod is 8 1/2 foot and line class is 15 lbs to 40lbs. Sweet light rod. I'm in West LA and can meet up somewhere local. Asking $165...
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    Brand New - Shimano Terez TZS78XHEG Spinning Rod Emerald Green

    Hi Guys, I have a brand new Shimano Terez in Emerald Green for sale. Was going to use it on my Stella, but got a Phx rod instead. Terez Rods feature TC4 Blank Construction, Smallest Diameter blank, Actions to fish Waxwing with power pro, Custom shaped grips, Fuji K Style Frames, Fuji...
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    Baker Topless Frame Accurate ATD 50 - Worked on by Cal

    Hi Guys, I have a Baker Topless Frame Accurate ATD 50 which was worked on by Cal. The reel free spools like crazy and the drags curb was worked to be smooth. It also has a Tiburon handle and the reel is also packed with 130 Jerry Brown spectra. The reel is in excellent condition with no boat...
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    Bellevile Washer Stack configuration for Mak 20 SEA

    Hi Guys, I took apart my Mak 20 SEA last night to oil the bearings and I took the shaft out and the bellevile washers fell out and I don't remember how they were. In the picture below parts 609, how are they suppose to be stacked? 1. ()() 2. (()) 3. Or??? Thanks, Harddrive
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    C-Map Max NT - USA West Coast and Hawaii

    Hi Guys, I have a C-Map Max NT NA M024.11 - USA West Coast and Hawaii from September 2010 in C-Card Format. Here is the compatibility list. Specs...
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    What kind of Harnell Blanks?

    Hi Guys, I need some help. I have two Harnell blanks. 1st blank has never been wrapped and is 9 feet long. Looks to be something you would fish 20-30 range. 2nd blank looks like was wrapped and stripped cleanly and is 11 feet long. Looks like something in the 20-30 lbs range too. My...
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    Springs for Talica 12II

    Hi, I lost the spring for my shifter for my Talica 12II. It's one of those size of ball point pen or smaller. I got the package of two springs and it came in a big box for the size of the two springs. Was wondering why the cost was so high. Love Shimano, but just saying. Maybe the...
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    Avet's Great Service

    Hey Guys, I just wanted to give kudos to Avet for their great customer service. My Avet HXW which was used this April on the 16 dayers and on the way travel back up, I took it apart and cleaned like the rest of my reels. For some reason the shifter wouldn't stay in low even after taking it...
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    Oil in the Mak Boxes?

    Hi Guys, Question. The tube of oil that comes inside with the Mak reels. Is that TS bearing oil or something else? Harddrive
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    Oils/Fluid/Filters For Boats

    Hey Guys, Clearing more stuff out. I have the following Oil/Fluids: 2 x New AMSOIL SAE 15W-40 Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil 1.5 x QuickSilver Power Trim and Steering Fluid - One bottle is new and full. Other half used. 1/8 of bottle of Head Tank Treatment 1/2 full bottle of Sta-Bil...
  96. H

    New Mercury Mercruiser Propeller 15 X 17 Prop

    Hey Guys, I have a brand new Mercury Mercruiser Propeller 15 X 17 Prop 832828A45 OEM. I also have the hub kit and wrench. The hub kit is in a baggie with WD40 and the wretch is a bit rusted. Everything for $100. I am in West LA and can meet up. Shoot me a PM or email me at...
  97. H

    Scotty and Cannon Downriggers for Sale

    Hi Guys, I have one Scotty Manual downrigger and one Cannon downrigger with rod holder mount included. I'm asking $50 for the Scotty and $120 for the Cannon. If someone takes both, I'll give you some downrigger weights with them. This one we definitely have to do face to face as they...
  98. H


    Hi, I have a C-Map Max NT in C-CARD Format. Bought it new on 5/2011, Map from 9/2010. Covers West Coast from Washington to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Hawaii. It came out of my Standard Horizon Chartplotter. Gives excellent details and used it a lot to find the rocks etc when fishing...
  99. H

    Ramp Thread...

    Hi Guys, I just read the thread and some of it is funnier than heck. Ribbing is fine and thanks for keeping the thread going. 8 pages of comments, I will be sending the link to that thread to the landing also. They will realize it's just not one person worried about being injured or seeing...
  100. H

    Slippery Ramp at Point Loma Landing

    Hi Guys, Just got back from a 7 dayer on the Indy. The fishing story is one thing. My thing is what's up with the slippery ramps at Point Loma Landing? Last April, I slipped on the ramp pushing a cart full of our equipment and wrote it off to my blunder. Then when we returned this time, I...
  101. H

    So what's working for these BFT?

    Hi Guys, Me and my buddies, Rodless, JL, Fish2theMax are leaving this Saturday on a 7 dayer on the Indy. So reading all these reports from the boats and from people talking about the big BFT. My question is what's working or what should be used? 40lbs or 50lbs fluoro? What do I need...
  102. H

    Avet HXW Raptor Shift Button

    Hi, I got a new HxW Raptor and took it on Rick Ozaki's fishing trip. That reel performed awesome and one of favorite cow country reels for sure. After the trip on the way up, I opened up the reel to clean the moisture off and lube and when i put the reel together. The shift only works if I...
  103. H

    Accurate Topless ATD 50

    Hi Guys, I have an Accurate Topless ATD 50 for sale. The topless frame is brand new put on by the Accurate factory. The topless frame is spotless. The reel also has a sleeve installed. There were some corrosion on the spool, but that was cleaned up and sealed with wax. Also when Accurate...
  104. H

    Boat's kite rig????

    Hey Guys, Just got back yesterday and the land is rocking still. :) On my recent trip, we were discussing kite fishing and the captain was talking about how the boat gear is very good. But for us to imagine how many fishes and tangles those rigs have been in. I saw like three spectra...
  105. H

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    Hey guys. We loaded up last night and slept on the boat. Woke up this morning with overcast skies. Now at the bait tank loading bait for two hours. Travel day today. Excel sounds like hurricane is picking up. We'll see in 4 days.
  106. H

    Rod Finish?

    Hey Guys, I'm building a few last minute rods for my LR trip and after my base thread, I noticed that my Clear Coat finish is all dried up. I've used Clear Coat for as long as I've been wrapping, but open to change. My question is, what is a good finish now a days? Something that remains...
  107. H

    Thinking of moving to the big island

    Hi, I'm thinking of moving to the big island and bring my 22 foot boat. What's a good area to move to and where are the good launches? Thanks, Harddrive
  108. H

    Reel Colors, Tiburon, Avet Handles

    Hey Guys, Updated to OBO. I have the following for sale: Near New Reel Colors Pivoting Handles: 1. #1.} INTERNATIONAL 16S 2. #8.} SHIMANO TLD 30 / 50 AND TIAGRA 30 - SOLD 3. #3.} INTERNATIONAL 20, 30, 50 and 2 Speed 4. C. It came off a Penn...
  109. H

    Never Used Purple Newell 533 5.5

  110. H

    NIB Penn 525Mag

  111. H

    NIB Torium 14

    Sold - Please delete Hi, I have for sale a Brand New In Box Torium 14. Never used, never had line on it. Only time opened was to take pictures. Asking $120.00 + USPS Shipping. Will take paypal as gift or add 3%. I'm in West LA and can do face to face. Thanks, Harddrive
  112. H

    Interesting article on the UT San Diego
  113. H

    Shimano Stella 20k

    Hi Guys, Well, I went and did it. I bought a Stella 20k spinning reel. The reel will probably be filled to the rim with 80lb spectra. I have to build a rod for it and figure whats the best situation to use the setup. I was thinking that I'd try some poppers and some vertical jigging...
  114. H

    Catalina Island???

    Hey Guys, Haven't fish Cat in a while. Will be launching out of Long Beach. What is biting and where? I have a friend and he has his father from Russia visiting. He wants to catch something other then a trout. Thanks, Harddrive
  115. H

    Sogioka Stires 7 Day Charter on the Excel

    Hey Guys, Got back yesterday from the Sogioka Stires 7 dayer on the Excel. Today at the office with the computer and office shaking from side to side. So figure might as well start the report. The planning for the trip started early this spring. Jeff my buddy's son got into the Air...
  116. H

    Parking at the Big 3?

    Hey Guys, We're leaving this coming Sunday for a 7 dayer. Big question is, how's the parking? Thanks, Harddrive
  117. H

    Wonder Line Winder

    Hey Guys, I have for sale the original Wonder Line Winder. I bought this from Jan Howard (Famous Long Ranger) a few years ago. The Winder is complete with all the original accessories. Has the spool tensioner and line counter. The spool tension is used to put pressure on the spool for...
  118. H

    Trailer for 22-24 foot boat for sale.

    Hi Guys, I got this trailer from a boat I bought. The trailer was holding a Trophy 22 footer. It needs some work, but would be good with someone with the time and skills to fix. Or take the parts you need and dump the rest. The Trailer has: Disk Brakes - Are UFP or Kodiak. Fairly...
  119. H

    738 lbs BFT caught off 18 foot boat

  120. H

    Chicken Feet?

    Fishy... Is this how you eat the Chicken Feet? Harddrive
  121. H

    Large SKB with Rocket Launchers

    Hey Guys, I have a used large SKB box for sale. It is modded with PVC rocket launchers. The openings are larger than the stock ones to accommodate larger diameter rear grips. It is also elevated to enable the lid to open when placed on the tackle racks on all LR boats. Also, two wires are...
  122. H

    Cutting Aluminum Railing

    I bought some aluminum railing and need to cut it. Looking at the picture here, I'm thinking of cutting it at one of the vertical posts and then need to cap it. Any recommendations? Or know of anyone in LA area that I can get them to do it? Thanks, Harddrive
  123. H

    Making Shrimp Flies?

    Hey Guys, I need to arm 4 people for a rock fishing trip. Was wondering if anyone had a source for those nylon heavy strings for the flies? Art supply store? I've read about using lawn chair. I guess I'll go look for one of those too. :) Thanks, Harddrive
  124. H

    Indy 1/6/12 to 1/22/12

    Hey Guys, Well how do I start. :) In this report, I am not going to mention too much on what I caught, because everything was a blur. Other then a few of the fish, It's a nice blur. Love it. The Western Marketing annual January 16 day trip was upon us. Since the Indy was in for a while, they...
  125. H

    Chargers vs Raider Suite Tickets

    SOLD Thanks, Harddrive
  126. H

    So how many rigs do you really need?

    Ok. So for a 15/16 dayer. What do you really need? Kite Rig - 200 Troll - 130 Big Bait Rig - 130 Chunk - 130 Jig - 130 Sardine - 130 Sardine - 100 When is it too much big stuff? :D Harddrive
  127. H

    ATD 50 Freespool Issue

    Hey Matt and Guys, I have an Accurate ATD 50 not topless. I put spectra on the line and when I check the free spool. The spool barely spins. I've had the 4 bearings replaced and lubed and still won't spin for more then a few seconds. I tried all sorts of drag settings and not much...
  128. H

    Eisenglass in LA area?

    Hey Guys, I need to get some Eisenglass/Canvas enclosure made for my Cuddy. Can anyone recommend someone in the LA area? Thanks, Min
  129. H

    Mexican License?

    Hey Guys, Hoping that the Offshore will turn on soon. For Mexican fishing license. Is it true that you don't have to get a license for the Boat now? Just for each angler? Thanks, Harddrive
  130. H

    Plexiglass for Cuddy Cabin?

    Hey Guys, So my boat is missing the Eisenglass and I was walking around and found a Plastic shop. I was thinking possibly of having Eisenglass made for the boat, why not use Plexiglass. Anyone done that?
  131. H

    Catalina/Long Beach 7/3/11

    Hey Guys, Finally got most of my boat work done and got a new trailer now. So decided to head to Catalina. Fished first time out of South Shore in Long Beach. Decided on that location from tips from the guys. Went around a few times on the 710 because we missed the entrance of the ramp...
  132. H

    Launching out of Long Beach?

    Hey Guys, Going to see if we can get out and Launch out of Long Beach and head to Catalina or something. I'm coming from Santa Monica. So what is closer and easier? Davies or South shore? Also where is the bait barge? Thanks, Harddrive
  133. H

    San Francisco Bay 6/24/11

    Hey Guys, I'm a Socal guy and was invited to a fishing Charter out of Salsalitos on the Outer Limit. This annual trip is for a vendor of mine and it's mostly a booze cruise. :D We had Beers, Margaritas, Tequila shots. Since I'm from the Socal Area. We flew the night before into SFO and...
  134. H

    What kind of fishing to expect?

    Hi Guys, I was invited on a 3/4 day trip out of Sausalito. I've never fished Norcal salt waters. And this is on a open party, I'm going to have to go rental rod for this one. What should I expect? What is biting? Thanks, Harddrive
  135. H

    Rob at San Diego Boats?

    Hey Guys, I've been calling/txting/emailing Rob at San Diego Boats for about two weeks now. He replies to email and txting that he'll get back to me, but never does. Is he still in business? If you run into him. Tell him Min is trying to talk to him. Thanks,
  136. H

    Escort Trailer

    Hey Guys, So I bought a boat off the board. The trailer has a bent tongue on my trailer. Well. I went to a WallStrong and the Bob goes. The trailer is in really bad shape. 1. The bent Tongue is going to be a pain as it's welded on. 2. Replace All the leaf springs. 3. The old owner put...
  137. H

    Furuno 582L for Sale

    Hey Guys, I have a Furuno 582L in excellent condition. Unit comes with Cover, Base and Power Cord. Bought this unit from a guy who had a yacht, he used it at his second station and he didn't use it much. I am thinking of going to an all in one combo to save space. I'm asking $475...
  138. H

    Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen II OutDrive won't go all the way Down

    Hey Guys, I bought a boat from Rob on the board. :) That's the good news. Now the bad news. The Outdrive won't go all the way down. The Outdrive does go up to trailer position and will go down. But the Outdrive will not go down all the way to level. This is an issue for low speeds...
  139. H

    Pulling on Hypalon?

    Most of the posts on this boards about pretty weaves and wraps. I have a simple question. How do YOU put on Hypalon? For example, I have a 20" fore grip with a 1/2" hole that I have to put on a Calstar 770XXH. What a pain in the ass... I've tried putting the Hypalon with a wet rag...
  140. H

    Volvo Penta Duo Props D5 2 Sets

    SOLD!!! Please Delete Hey Guys, I sold my boat a while back and now probably won't get another one for a while. So, now I am selling two sets of D5 props sets. One brand new set of D5. Never been put on. One used set of D5. Needs to be repainted. But no burrs and straight...
  141. H

    NIB Avet HX Magnetic Cast Silver

    Hey Guys, I have a brand new in box Avet HX with Magnetic Cast in Silver. $350. That is $100 off Retail. I live in West LA and will ship at what ever the UPS charges. Also will take Paypal. You just pay the service charge. Send me an email to [email protected] or PM me. Thanks...
  142. H

    NIB Avet HX Magic Cast Silver

    Hey Guys, I have a brand new in box Avet HX with Magnetic Cast in Silver. $350. That is $100 off Retail. I live in West LA and will ship at what ever the UPS charges. Also will take Paypal. You just pay the service charge. Send me an email to [email protected] or PM me. Thanks...
  143. H

    Stiff Shift Button on ATD 30

    Question. I have a brand new ATD 30. But the Shift push button is really stiff. Any way to loosen that up? Thanks, Harddrive
  144. H

    Indy 16 Dayer Report. 1/6/10 to 1/22/10

    Hey Guys, This report maybe in pieces as this was a long trip. :) This was the trip Sponsored by Rick Ozaki's West Coast Marketing, Avet, Raider Jigs and Graphtec Rods. As with the sponsorship of the Trip. Rick brought lots of give away and everyone got something real nice and and...
  145. H

    FishWorks OuterWear Jacket.

    Hey, I just want to give a kudos to FishWorks products. I had a OuterWear jacket that I had for a few years and the inside water proof coating was peeling off from the inside. I emailed FishWorks Products and they said they would give me 50% credit on the jacket. Next thing you know, I...
  146. H

    Guides for Calstar 7465M

    Hey Guys, I have a question. :) # of guides for a Calstar 7465M. I built one a few years ago and built it with Rollers. I have 7 rollers on that rod. This one I'm building with Turbo ringed guides. How many guides would you use? Thanks,
  147. H

    Wahoo Trolling Color?

    Ok. We've all trolled for Wahoo. Sometimes it's the Tony The Tiger, Orange and Black, Purple and Black. So what the heck in nature are those colors imitating? I'm thinking Purple and Black is Skip Jacks. Orange and Black, Squid. Your guesses?
  148. H

    Troll Setup for Cow Town/Hurrican Banks?

    Hey Guys, So. I filled my 50 and 50W reels to the brim with spectra for a very short top shot of Mono/Fluoro. Like 25 feet Max. Can I troll with this setup? Mostly going to be trolling a Marauder or a Big Tuna Feather or Marlin lure. I have Thanks, Min
  149. H

    Kit Setup?

    Hey Guys, So I need to setup my Kite Rig. I have a 70VS with a one to one low gear. 130 spectra with 300 yards of 200 hollow on top. It's going to sit on a Calstar 6465XXH. So on the mono leader. What poundage and what length? Thanks,
  150. H

    Swivel on PL68?

    My buddy says that I should put a swivel on my PL68. He also suggests that I cut the ring on the lure and then put a new ring on with a swivel inline. Anyone suggest a Swivel for this use? Sampo? What Size? What Poundage? Thanks, Harddrive
  151. H

    Cal'ed Penn 50S for Sale - Get it for the Cow's!!!!

    I have a Cal'ed 50S. Very clean and Near New. No Scratches or etc. $450.00 Will Ship at Buyers Cost. I am in West Los Angeles.
  152. H

    PacBay RW-3L Power Wrapper- Used Once

    PacBay RW-3L Power Wrapper- Used Once -Sold Hey Guys, I have a in the box PacBay RW-3L Power Wrapper. It was used once it is basically new. All the pieces are there and put back in the box. It was used by my friend to wrap one rod and then he traded it to me for a reel. Cost at...
  153. H

    Longer Clamp Bolt for 50 SDS?

    Hey Guys. I have a 50 SDS special that I'd like to put on a Calstar 6465XXH. The reel seat is pretty big and the Bolt for the reel clamp is not long enough. Does Avet have a long bolt that I can order or any ideas? Thanks, Harddrive
  154. H

    Avet Clamp

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to give Props to Avet. Got a new reel and it didn't have a clamp in it. Called Avet and they're shipping me one. Cool service. Harddrive
  155. H

    June 30 - July 5th Purfield Indy

    Well Guys, Some of the best part of a Long Rang trip is reminiscing about the trip you had. So here is mine. :) Started and left LA around 4:00am to beat the traffic and end up at Point Loma at 6ish. The traffic was none existent luckily and I got a parking sport no problem. The...
  156. H

    Parking at Fisherman on Monday June 30th?

    Hey Guys, I'm leaving Monday June 30th out on the Indy. It's a Monday morning. How should the parking be at the main lot? Thanks, Harddrive