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  1. highhopes

    Great commercial

    Saw this on another site and thought I'd repost..
  2. highhopes

    Any Sekiu Reports???

    Yea Bruce.... He's a good guy and has built a nice rv park. I talked with him last night and he told me he's all booked up now.
  3. highhopes

    Any Sekiu Reports???

    My buddy owns the rv park above Van Ripers on Rice street. Next time you need a spot pm me and I'll give you his information. I didn't know Van Ripers sold. I was told Olson's sold. Keep us posted.
  4. highhopes

    Alaskan Moose report, 62"bull

    Toad!!!!! Nice Bull!!!!
  5. highhopes

    Blue Avet MXL MC 5.8 For Sale

    Thanks Anthony!!!!
  6. highhopes

    9/20 Wide Open YFT and Dipshits at 277

    Sorry to here about your trip. I've never got the opportunity to fish for tuna. I only have a 17' Arima and I'm in Washington state but same thing happens salmon fishing. Once you start catching fish or pull out the net here they come. Plus it got so bad when we were drifting the rivers for...
  7. highhopes

    Summer project duck/bay boat

    Nice job!!!!! Looks great!!!
  8. highhopes

    Saltist 20h BG or Avet SX for 20 pound

    I like my avet. I have a couple and just bought another. My buddy uses a saltist and likes it as well. Basically it's personal preference. You could have a 100 opinions either way. Both good reels.
  9. highhopes

    North Idaho Moose Down *girls with guns*

    Nice Bulll!!!!!! Way to go!!!
  10. highhopes

    What Fillet knife do you use?

    cutco !!!!!!!
  11. highhopes

    Any Sekiu Reports???

    My buddy fished today,,, a little slow but they got a few keepers. They released a few natives as well.
  12. highhopes

    What Reel With Fetha Styx DR965

    x2 Avet sx!!!!
  13. highhopes

    Blacktail with 1 day to spare.

    Dandy buck!!!!! Are you going to do a European mount. Definitely has some character!!!
  14. highhopes

    4x4 bull

    Nice bull. Ended up finishing mine off down in a creek. Cut it in 4 quarters and packed it out. Last hind quarter broke the pack board. Time for a new one. Wish I could have halfed mine..... Good job!!!!!!!
  15. highhopes

    2 Elk down

    Remington 338 ultra mag. jewell trigger, Teflon coated, custom muzzle break, new stock, custom bolt, Night force scope, harris bipod and I forget what else. Basically a guy could have bought a descent atv for what he spent on his rifle....
  16. highhopes

    Black Wolf on the E side

    Wolves in Washington state is a joke. Why reintroduce? All they do is kill. What do they do that's beneficial? Nothing..... All that's going to happen is a complete drop in the wildlife populations and confrontations with people. I wish common sense still existed!!!!!!!
  17. highhopes

    2 Elk down

    Opening morning my buddy and I did well!!! The only two bulls in the herd!!! We got lucky right place right time.
  18. highhopes

    Affordable Health Care - not so bad LOL

    My insurance rates went up 18%. I pay more for my insurance than my house and wife's suv payment together. This is getting ridiculous. I can't afford any more of our presidents affordable rates or gimmicks. Enough is enough quit spending our money!!!!!!!!
  19. highhopes

    Sekiu 24-27 Sep Coho Report

    I know last time I fished sekiu which was two weeks ago the fish were right on top. We didn't use our downriggers and I tried a diver but that was to deep. My buddy was fishing 4 ounces of lead on top and I switched two six ounces on top and we limited in 45min.
  20. highhopes

    Rainshadow shark rod

    Nice work.... Looks amazing and I bet fishes the same.
  21. highhopes

    Question on down riggers.

    Ok I've had my scotty 1106's for about 5 or 6 years. Before that I had scotty manuals. I've had zero problems with my Scotty's. I use mainly a 12lbs. balls and do well. Little silvers we reel up before the ball gets to the surface but being 150' it takes a little bit. I switched to braid and...
  22. highhopes

    Fillet Knife (Bubba Blade)

    I ended up with a cutco. So far so good. Stays sharp.
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    ? for duck dorks

    My buddy ordered breathables and there working great. I still have my lacrosse brush tuffs and when it's time I'm going breathables.
  25. highhopes

    Avet sx or mx and which rod?

    I have two Avet sx's on my fetha styx downrigger rods.
  26. highhopes

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    Fun day at Sekiu... My buddy Bruce and I limited in 45 min. He and his wife own the RV park Laura's place right above Van Ripers. Flat water lots of fish and a good time. Can't ask for much more.
  27. highhopes

    Tres Rainshadows

    Very nice!!!!!!
  28. highhopes

    Fishing rod blanks help

    I'll be ordering from utmost.....
  29. highhopes

    Phenix M1 MX78MH

  30. highhopes

    Fishing rod blanks help

    I'm going to be starting on wrapping my first rod as well. I'm going to go with a rainshadow blank along with Alps reel seat and woven handle.
  31. highhopes

    The reason I fish.....

    No way I could throw that back!!!
  32. highhopes

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    All I can say is last weekend it was great for pinks and silvers. I fished the derby yesterday and it was slooooowwwww.... Found humpies at 150' on the rigger along with lots of blackmouth. Silvers took a long time to get. Fished 250-600' of water.
  33. highhopes

    Jackhole(s) tried to jack me.

    That's what I use. Two labs that bark at anything plus the wife has a ferocious Chihuahua!!!!
  34. highhopes

    Bad Things Come in 3

    Glad you caught it early!!!
  35. highhopes

    33# record for me

    Nice job!!!!!
  36. highhopes

    I broke my pole

    Thanks for the info....
  37. highhopes

    I broke my pole

    I broke my Fetha styx rod last Monday... I feel your pain.
  38. highhopes

    Amazing but true

    I am so sick of thieves!!!!
  39. highhopes

    Landing big Chinook

    Yes exactly. I've lost several fish do to the hook failure on coho killers. Not just big fish either.
  40. highhopes

    Steel Shot when not hunting a refuge

    In Washington state we can't even have lead shot on us while hunting waterfowl.
  41. highhopes

    Rod for Avet sx

    Thanks I'll take a look at their site and try to give them a call. Appreciate the help.
  42. highhopes

    Rod for Avet sx

    Hey guys looking for a rod for my Avet sx. Mainly for salmon fishing in the straits. I'm thinking 8'6" rod with a MH action any suggestions? I have several rods but looking for a rod that will work well with the avet reel.
  43. highhopes

    Sons first Salmon trip

    Nice job guys!!!! Nice fish!!!!
  44. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/22

    My friends fished today as well and limited easily.
  45. highhopes

    New Member

  46. highhopes

    fishing was great! around edmonds

    Nice job guys!!!!!!!!
  47. highhopes

    Coho Mojo Olympia

    Good job guys!!!! Nice!!!!
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    Sekiu 9/22

    My buddy owns an rv park above vanripers. We took his boat I helped him launch and the launch was open so it took 10 minutes. He parked his truck at his motorhome we fished about an hour and a half got our limits moored the boat and I'm home BBQing fish.
  50. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/22

    We were down 20 to 25' in 600' to 650' of water.
  51. highhopes

    My son

    I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers sent to you and your family.
  52. highhopes

    Avet reel

    Okay used my avet sx today and like the reel. Have to get use to using my thumb as I reeled up my first coho at around ten pounds and spooled all the line to one side. After that payed attention and everything worked good. Just going to take a little time to get use to it.
  53. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/22

    Fun fishing, easy limits, and a ton of boats!!!!!!!
  54. highhopes

    Avet reel

    Got my reel today!!!! Spooled it with 50lbs. Power Pro. Drag is set and I will try it tomorrow for coho.
  55. highhopes

    Hummingbird 587 hd

    Hey guys I fished with a friend last night on his aluminum boat and he was saying his fish finder jumps around on the depth. So as we were trolling I noticed his depth finder jump from 380' we were fishing to 7' and then jump around up to somwhere in the 20' range but never went back to the...
  56. highhopes

    Avet reel

    Thanks guys now I know I purchased the right reel!!!!!!!
  57. highhopes

    Which Wa. Marine Forecast for CQ?

    Go to classic weather underground type in sekiu, washington. Click on marine forcast. Good to go.
  58. highhopes

    Avet reel

    So guys I bought an Avet sx mc and should have it in a couple days. I was talking to a friend about it and all he did was put down the reel mainly due to not having a level wind. His suggestions were I should have bought an Ambassadeur 7000 instead. I have never used an Avet but the reviews...
  59. highhopes

    Got skunked

    Fished Port Angeles today around 8 to 10 miles west of the hook. 4 of us fishing one 8lb. keeper my buddy caught, one native, and a shaker. Me nothing not even a bump. Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fishing.
  60. highhopes

    Sekui - bangers

    Nice!!!!!! Way to go!!! :hali_olutta:
  61. highhopes

    Sekiu native opener

    Nice..... The opener was quick with easy limits we did well too.
  62. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/15

    The fish were on top... No need for downriggers, usual gear herring worked the best. Had two heavy hits that broke off my trailing hook. Lots of fish and easy limits.
  63. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/15

    I lost another nice fish as well but again fun day. Lots of boats and not much parking. My buddy owns one of the rv parks above vanripers and I fished with him plus it gives me a place to park.
  64. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/15

    Fun day at Sekiu lots of fish and their not all small. Averages up to 8lbs. Caught this one which is a little better....LOL
  65. highhopes

    Sekui this weekend 14, 15, 16 of Sep

    Got told today fish are plentiful and my friends are all limiting. Also packed and hardly any room to park.
  66. highhopes

    Sekui this weekend 14, 15, 16 of Sep

    I'll be there Saturday Morning and Sunday!!!!!! Fishing with my buddy his boat is already there!!!!!! No need to bring mine. Got a 10lb. hatchery last saturday looking for the big ones this weekend...
  67. highhopes

    Cannot catch a salmon for the life of me..what's wrong with me?

    Believe what you want but all of us changed our tune once we saw our buddy get gas on his hands and not hook a fish. We had fish hitting non stop doubles and triples but nothing for him until we started baiting his hook.......
  68. highhopes

    Stuck thermostat

    Same thing happened to my Honda 8hp.....
  69. highhopes

    Cannot catch a salmon for the life of me..what's wrong with me?

    I fish Sekiu as it's not to far from home. Two years ago we proved the scent theory was true. I normally gas my boat up the night before but this time I fueled up early in the morning. One of my buddies fueled the boat while I paid. Once we got on the water and started fishing three of the...
  70. highhopes

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Hello.... I have a 17' Arima SeaChaser that I've been working on for the last few years. I just repowered to a 90 Honda vtec last year. I fish and hunt as much as I can and I'm looking forward to being part of your forum.
  71. highhopes

    new guy here in Sekiu with Badandy

    Just thought I'd say hello. I own a 17'Arima SeaChaser. I mainly fish Sekiu and sometimes Lapush.....I look forward to being part of your forum....