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  1. mcrae

    Deals on freezer filler trips out of San Diego?

    It has been a while since I have fished out of San Diego and I would like to do it again. I recall there being freezer specials starting in December and going until February or so.Does anyone have any recommendations on which boats out of San Diego still do these trips?
  2. mcrae

    Looking for multiday trips near Central CA

    I recently moved to Central California near Mammoth Lakes. I am looking to spend some vacation days on the ocean. I don't want to continue to drive to San Diego and while I know and like fishing out of CISCO'S I would love to know about other options. Where all do you sail from for multi day...
  3. mcrae

    WTB Ultra light spinning reel for trout.

    The reel would have to be shipped. Please pm or text me what you got. 718-496-8237 Thanks, Chad
  4. mcrae

    SOLD Cosmos, SS6470, BS6490

    Rods for Sale in Rancho Cucamonga. Black Steel 6490 rated for 20 to 40pound test line$130.Cosmos700ML wrapped custom rated for 20 to 40 pound test line $130. .
  5. mcrae

    Connecting Maxcuarto

    Is it possible to splice the 50lb test into hollow spectra? If so how would it be done? Am I better of simply tying it ? What line to line knots work best?
  6. mcrae

    Heavy lead heads for small plastics?

    I want to use bass swim baits for ling cod and rockfish. Where can I find a supplier for lead heads that won't split the plastic? Thanks folks.
  7. mcrae

    Progear cs501 and cs 551 capacity

    The CS501 and CS551 can both hold huge amounts of power pro braided line.The CS501 will store about 616 yards of 40lb test power pro braided line. The CS551 holds 730yards of 40lb test powerpro. The latest generation of power pro is much better stuff than the line made available 5 or 6 years...
  8. mcrae

    Power Pro

    Despite my past problems with early generation power pro I'm thinking of rigging my smaller reels with the latest evolution of power pro braided line. I have one sx size reel spooled with 40lb test. It is an unwaxed line, 40lb test (which seems rare), casts well, and comes in colours(high...
  9. mcrae

    When in San Diego...

    I will be spending a work week in San Diego (october 8th through the 11th) and would like to know what the fun options are. I probably won't get to fish but I would like to enjoy the area. Other than buying more tackle what if anything is there to do?
  10. mcrae

    How far is too far for a joke?

    On one of the charter boats I fish on I found the crews porn stash. It seemed to be a lot of the barely legal stuff. I'm thinking of taking thier porn and switching it out for some newer mags. I can't seem to find any man on animal mags. Would gay porn be to much? Please keep in mind I can only...
  11. mcrae

    Pacific Islander

    Capt Steve Virtue of the Pacific Islander has a 2.5 day tuna trip leaving out of Channel Islands Sportfishing (CISCOS) Monday night 9/10/12. Cost is $400 There are currently 6 fares. We only need 4 more to sale. Let's make it a BD trip.:finger: CISCOS 805 382- 1612 Capt Steve 805 302- 1158
  12. mcrae

    Trips are good if I get home.

    Lately a few folks with few post have been posting a lot of reports about how bad things can go on a fishing trip. I've witnessed some things go wrong and I've read some others. With that in mind I thought a thread on truly bad trips may help folks put thier trips in perspective. I will go...
  13. mcrae

    Pacific Islander 8/27/12-8/29/12

    Captain Steve Virtue and the rest of the crew on the Pacific Islander ran a great 2 day trip! The trip begain with those of us who got there early loading our gear onto a ship that was clean, allready loaded with squid, anchovies, sardines, and ready to go. 1st Day We set sail and as is common...
  14. mcrae

    Every now and then liberal gun laws work well

    Did anyone see this report about a senior citizen shooting some would be robbers? I saw it and thought of bd.
  15. mcrae

    Go Salmon fishing in San Luis Obispo

    I can't find a sport boat sailing on Saturday. Does anyone know of a boat that will be fishing for them?
  16. mcrae

    Sharpen my hooks

    I've got some old jigs I want to yoyo and rock cod with but I think the hooks are dull. What brand of file do most people use to sharpen thier hooks?
  17. mcrae

    Fishing in and near Bakersfield California

    Hey everyone, I will be in Bakersfield C.A. for the next week or so and I would love to go fishing. I do saltwater and freshwater so I would love to get some suggestions as to where to fish and any tips as to how to fish. Advice on the closest saltwater landings and bodies of freshwater will...
  18. mcrae

    Upgraded dogs?

    If I upgrade the dogs on my accurate how much drag can I safely apply?
  19. mcrae

    Pick an ultra light spinning reel

    I don't know what criteria to use in buying an ultralight spinning reel to fish 4-6lb test line on. I have been fishing a lot of saltwater but I would like to target trout in some lakes where a reel that cast well and last is needed. What reels should I look at?
  20. mcrae

    Find The Progear Reel Company

    Tackle Innovations 557 S. Coralridge Place City of Industry,CA 91746 714 606- 8288 [email protected] Randy runs the shop and is there on a on call basis. He is still making reels on a requested basis. So call before you go. He has reels,parts, and will do reel repair as well as making new...
  21. mcrae

    How do I decide on which wind ons to buy?

    I know Basil makes good ones but I am on a budget. Are the ones sold by Bass Pro shops worthwhile or should I just spend the extra money?
  22. mcrae

    2 for 1 rods

    Factory Wrapped Rods Calstar Deckhand 270-H 8 foot 25lb-40lb test line Graphtech 8foot rod rated for 15lb -30lb test line Turners Calico Special 7foot 6 inches 15lb-30lb test line Shimano Talavera TEC60XH 6 feet 30lb-80lb test line These rods are in great condition just not in use anymore. I...
  23. mcrae

    Which rounds do I use in a 9mm pistol?

    I'm thinking of target shooting with a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol. Other than making sure the rounds fit the pistol how do I choose what to buy? I will probably shop at Turners, Walmart, and Bass Pro Shop. Any advice on brands, discounts, and the sense I might be lacking would be appreciated...
  24. mcrae

    overnight trip this week.

    I would love to get out before this weekend. Are any of the boats sailing at times other than the weekend.
  25. mcrae

    SS 6470H

    While I would prefer a factory wrap I'll entertain other offers. Please let me know what you are willing to get rid off.
  26. mcrae

    Get the eccentric spring back into my Pro gear reels.

    It is driving me crazy. The first one I tried I could not figure out. When I opened up a different reel to see what it should look like the spring shot out and across the room. Now I am left with two reels I can't get back together. Could someone help me out here?
  27. mcrae

    Accurate Platinum ATD-12

    I recently bought a used one. How much can I push it ? How heavy a line can be used with it. Does anyone have expierence using one. Thanks,everybody.
  28. mcrae

    I'm really tall. Will the rail work for me or just work me?

    I want to do a cow trip and am currently gathering gear. It's been going smoothly but now I have a problem. I'm 6 foot 7, which is not always a problem but regarding the rail it may be. Getting on my knees to use it is a problem as is getting up. Should I have my rods modified to use it or...
  29. mcrae


    I'm looking to pick up a couple 2X4s. I'm also going to attend the custom rod show in October. That said if someone on this board can offer me a better deal I'ld love to support the BD community.
  30. mcrae

    Ship rods from NY to California

    I own a Plano Jumbo shipping case and want to ship 3 rods. Should I UPS, Fedex,postal package or just fly with them ? What is cheap and dependable? Also important;how much will it cost me. Thanks everybody.
  31. mcrae

    Knots as I understand them.

    I'm no expert on knots. However, I am fairly good at statistics. I often read about 100% knots on online forums. While it sounds great it doesn't sound probable. Unless the knot weakens some other part of the line causing a line failure should n't a none damaged line always break at the knot?
  32. mcrae

    Fish the long soak

    Last year was a good year. I caught a few bluefin tuna. Most of them I caught of the long soak. Maybe 200 or so yards out. What worked for me was fishing either midship or the bow. However, I had quite a few tangles. Does anyone know how to avoid the tangles?
  33. mcrae


    No Power Pro but please let me know what you have available. I am partial to 65lb test. Izor spectra is great as is Jerry brown and a host of other brands. I can do paypal and will cover shipping. Thanks, for your offers.
  34. mcrae

    What and who is the Raptor serios designed for?

    While I like the idea of the Raptor serios I don't understand how they would benefit me. Is thier enough line capacity on these reels to fish the heavier lines that thier drags can handle? Can I fish them on a long soak? Or are they a nich reel for a task I have not thought of?
  35. mcrae

    This tuna season may be winding down

    Trip report: Overnight trip on Holiday Departed Friday night around 9:30 pm October 23rd returned October 25th in the am. Great crew, boat and great fishing, but few fish. About 21 passangers and 25 mixed tuna. Bluefin, Albacore and Yellowfin tuna. Nothing worked consistently we tried...
  36. mcrae

    Big Game 90 tuna trip $350

    Big Game 90 tuna trip $350 Offshore tuna trip on the Big game 90. Out of Hand M landing San Diego Leaving July 26, returning July 29, Price is $350 Price includes meals. Permits, tips, bottled beverages and fish cleaning are not included I don’t check this site often so please contact me at...
  37. mcrae

    GUSA ?

    I am thinking of buying a used 7 foot GUSA to fish 50lb test line on. I have no idea about the blank numbers. I have read mixed reviews about the company and the blanks. Are the rods worth buying despite the complaints about the company?
  38. mcrae

    How much Spectra do I need for the Lupe?

    I have a 5.5 day trip in the begining of October and plan on fishing a pair of LX single speed reels with Spectra backing and a 40lb topshot. I could use some advice on how much spectra I will need.Thanks,guys!