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    LA Fishing Alliance - New tackle shop in San Pedro

    Obviously it's a tough time to try to start a new business. I wish you great success for many years to come. Tough times don't last forever but tough people outlive them. To quote a rock song, "long may you run." ✌️
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    Deckhand salary?

    When I worked the boats, we were paid according to the trip. Whatever the ticket price of a days fishing was, that was our pay. As I recall, a ticket to fish the Coronado's was $24 and a boat ride for the albies was $35. That was the mid to late 70s. It's got to be better now, but how much, I...
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    Would Anyone Like To Try a New Seat?

    I got an email from them to notify me that I won one. I hope some others from here got one as well. Thank you AMTAK.
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Looks like they're roller blades wheels.
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    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    Both of my Contenders to show the flags and transition. The first shot of the seat shows the Dymondwood insert if I recall, Clemens Custom Tackle sold those for a year or two. Or was it Bullard? I don't remember...😆 I had a rough 70s and 80s.
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    CPX application question...

    Until you're satisfied with it. I do a minimum of two, but typically 3. That is really tough stuff!
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    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    When I worked on the Queen, during tuna season, we would talk on the radio and refer to the tough days as a "2,3, and even 4 pack" days.
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    Happy Sunday my friends

    It looks much better than a smoked mud marlin. 😆😂🤣
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    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    Interesting to see. I don't recall any in SD shops. You were very fortunate!
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    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    As I said before, I don't recall anyone ever selling Contender blanks. Contender rods weren't manufactured with Varmac or Lakeland chromed brass reel seats. They typically had Fuji or Aftco, maybe Pac Bay seats. I have a Contender rod that actually has what appears to be an Aftco, or PacBay seat...
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    They both do! It also means we're in good, if not great company!
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    Shelter island launch ramp overnight

    Waaaay too much faith! I sure as hell wouldn't. Is your personal comfort more important than your peace of mind? More important than the reality of having faith in others to not rip you off? While it's probably safer than South Shores, or anywhere in Mission Bay, tweaker thieves,are everywhere...
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    Any tips for calico bass swim bait fishing

    Not me. 😉
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    Great lures back in the day. One of my trips back to San Diego, I saw that someone was making knockoffs. As an aside, does anyone remember the Stingaroo lures? It had a solid cylindrical body with 4 curly tails coming off the body perpendicular to it.
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    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    You could be right. Yeah, when one company acquires another, quality typically goes downhill. In many cases, it's due to changes in the new companies management style, company policies, etc. The good employees bail, leaving lesser qualified people behind to fill their shoes. Sabre's QC towards...
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    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    A tip to remove the adhesive on the butt of the Truline: Citri-strip.
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    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    I can't speak to the JKF blanks. I only recall seeing their fiberglass blanks. And any of their rods or blanks I would run across here in Denver, are FW or flyrod stuff. I think the Contender rods were made by Shakespeare. I can't say with any certainty though. I don't recall the blanks being...
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    WTB WTB/ISO NIB Penn International 6

    I saw one in the FB Vintage Penn Reels group within the last week.
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    tady 4/0

    Welcome back Jim Brah!
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    GP80 Mega for Elbie

    Beautiful rod, Jim. Great use of the chosen colors. Is he a Chiefs fan?
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    4 For Ted

    Great work on those Jake!
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    Building a 180lb. Trolling rod Components

    Aftco Unibut and Bigfoot roller guides and tip. Or just the #52 roller and tip with the Fuji HB guides or ALPS equivalents between them
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    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    Okay. So use less heat on your torch. I find it helpful to pour the mixing cup onto foil and warm it there. Better still, I use a straw to blow on the bubbles to break them up. The best thing, is don't create them in the first place. 😏 **Just make sure you extinguish the flame on your lamp.**...
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    Three Lamiglas Bass Rods

    Nice work!
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    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    That looks really good. Why do you think it needs another coat of finish?
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    Old Brass Reel Seats

    The hoods resemble the old Lakeland reel seats I remember. Some were cheap stamped numbers though.
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    Spinning Guides For UC 70HP

    I stand corrected. I'm not familiar with their newer stuff. I suggest the Alps XN Series or Fuji KW Series of guides.
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    Spinning Guides For UC 70HP

    Just a point out, that reel was made quite a few years before braid came on the scene. Therefore, you really won't have the drag capabilities that you would a more modern reel. That reel was most likely made to fish 25 or 30#. 40# would be pushing it hard. I would suggest 1) get a more...
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    Albacore Tuna Lures

    Back in the mid to late 70's, I worked on the PQ for Big Ed. We were fishing albies and some guy, using an Ambassdeur 5 or 6000 on a Fenwick Lunkerstik was throwing a Rebel deep running Fatback minnow on the bow. His line was that hideous looking flourescent yellow Stren. The plug was a...
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    Seeker PH BH89 Question

    The BH89 was originally patterned after the Truline of the same designation. That's been my understanding anyway.
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    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    The old days of albacore and Morro Bay? Among other things...
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    As a kid , I grew up across the bay from San Diego. There was a small rock jetty at the beach. As a kid, I used to fish there frequently. Plenty of mussels to use for bait. We took what we needed. Once in awhile I might take a dozen home to clean and freeze for another day. As time went by, I...
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    For Sale truline lm8 Hershey glass

    The LM8 appears to be one of the reincarnation blanks from the late 90s. Nice, but not worth that kind of money. JMO and GLWS
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    Review of Ocean Odyssey boat

    I'm sure their gaffs still reach out and stick the fish. 😛
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    Refinished Sabre

    Nice with nothing fancy. I love those older s-glass blanks and rods.
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    Building Rod with a Uni Butt Process Question

    Why not do it the old fashioned way? 1) Determine the spline, marking it above the final position of your foregrip. 2) Epoxy the ferrule to the butt of the blank, align, and let it set up. 3) Slide your foregrip onto the blank. 4) Affix your tip, aligning it with the spline. 5) Epoxy...
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    Calstar colors through the years

    I've got no experience with chromed steel PacBay guides, but those look like Perfection guides to me. WCSR and unbraced are WCS from them. No longer made...
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    *RED Newell R220-5 and R229-5

    Why not post them in the Classified ad section? You'll get more interest there.
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    WTB Penn 506 reel or spool

    Contact RandyandKaren Pauly on Facebook. They do business as Vintage Offshore Tackle. He probably has a few 506 spools.
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    Where'd the giant bones go!

    I know. That was my nice way of asking for a pic. Why not "ask" nicely? At least you weren't screaming BS without pics...👍
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    Custom roddy

    Looks pretty darn clean to me. Nice work.
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    VC-2-7’6” 20-40.

    Well done Todd! Looking cool...
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    Where'd the giant bones go!

    Like a baby tuna with teeth and stripes. Kind of ...
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    Phenix rod warranty replacement

    Yes. Their blanks are manufactured there.
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    Reel seat slightly too small for blank... go one size up?

    Yes! I doubt it will make a difference though. It is an option anyway. Just do the best thing and go with a 22.
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    For Sale Sabre 670h Excellent Condition

    All the way. I've got one myself and no real room to wrap it. 😕
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    Recoating using CPXtra

    Once you open the CPXtra, just pour off what you'll use. Wipe the opening of the bottle and threads on it. Leave it uncapped ONLY as long as it takes to do that! Once opened, wiped off and capped again. Store it upside down. It will keep it from hardening at the opening. Just at the bottom end...
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    SOLD Cousin blanks. Last last ones!

    Hey Danny. Care to take a green Sabre in trade for the 3050?
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    vintage Salas jigs what cha think!!! some you may have never seen

    At least a few of us saw the pictures. pacificscout What riled you up?
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    Why no love for the original Albright knot?

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    Reaper Reaper

    Stellar job on the rod, Jim. I'm sure Josh will be stoked as heck!
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    vintage Salas jigs what cha think!!! some you may have never seen

    Just a bunch of unpainted 6X and 7X without rings and hooks.
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    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    I'm happy for him. He could use a break, as well as a great opener, and continued support from us.
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    “Cube” Tackle Box in Figured American Black Walnut

    Very beautiful box! Some people are just too fucking picky. Is his middle name Karen? 😉 GLWS
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    Phenix HAX720XH "Astros''

    That's one hell of a beauty Jim. You knocked that one out of the park!
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    Shimano Speedmaster 20

    Why not contact Shimano directly and ask them??? Although they may not know, isn't that the best way to find out?
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    Those were the days! I thought they'd never end!

    I remember fishing with Don McAdams. It was a day trip to the Coronado's on the old Searcher with Frank LoPreste. I was throwing a blue/white 7X on a Truline HD8. I actually outfished him 3 to 2 on the yellows. He was a pretty nice guy as I recall.
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    For Sale **REELS FOR SALE**

    Easy bump for Jim. A class act buyer and seller
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    Gunsmoke boat guides

    Take a look at the newer, high-end bass rods, both casting and spinning. You will notice a quick reduction in the guide train and using smaller guides. This is designed to choke the line quicker, providing a smoother overall flow of the line. Want to cast farther? There you go. In addition, it...
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    WTB WTB - Pro Gear Albacore Special

    I have nothing but good to say about Mr. Jim. He is a class act to deal with!
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    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    From what I've read, people that have been on a ventilator, are experiencing after effects. Yes, they survived the virus, and the treatment. And now, the after effects are giving them issues as well. Maybe they can fully recover and maybe not. Time and studies will tell.
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    Old salas!!!!!! How old?

    You're welcome.
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    Old salas!!!!!! How old?

    Suffice it to say, they are all older than you. I can't remember the last time I saw a 1x100 in a tackle store. Probably the 70s. Hackers...70s All are probably from the 70s anyway.
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    How much for a custom wrap?

    Don't ask us. Most builders here won't openly answer in an open forum anyway. He's got the good and may have started on them already. This is something you should have asked up front. You can still ask him now. I would say a minimum of $100. If it seems low and you like the work, feel free to...
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    Torin and the Sea Beast: A Six-Year Old's First Halibut Adventure

    It's always great when a family can get out on the water together. It's better still when memorable fish are caught. Congratulations on a successful memory maker.
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    Guides (foulproof?)

    Hi Mike. Let me know what sizes you need. I'm happy to share.
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    Rod ID and value please

    It doesn't look like a real Harnell unless at some point it was rewrapped and rebuilt. JMO
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    Setting up boat for SF bay

    Nice boat. I hope it serves you well for many years. I can't answer your questions so please, don't take mine wrong. Is it your intent to store your crabbing gear or scuba gear while underway, or when not in use,such as between trips? If between trips, may I suggest a locked garage? Hopefully...
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    Finally finished - wrapping bench & quad rod dryer

    That's an awesome setup! Very well thought out. My hat is off to you.
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    noob q - white decorative thread

    The idea around using larger sizes thread is that when well packed and burnished, it minimizes gaps for the blank color to show through. White thread requires minimal and careful handling anyway.
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    It was a rod

    That's pretty bitchen! Well done.
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    Jig heads minus any hook.

    I'm of no help answering your question. That sounds like something you might find online from a Japanese tackle store. Why not just use a standard type slip sinker and then add a hook. Maybe use a bead or two as a spacer for your hook as needed?
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    For Sale FS: Old Fiberglass Pacifica MT 270 rod

    They look like PacBay DP (deep pressed) guides. GLWS Jeff.
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    Varmac E-lite

    Very nice Throop wrap. I like the colors and how you made use of them.
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    Guides (foulproof?)

    I'll take them Steve. Happy to pay for the shipping.
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    GP900 Reaper for Peter

    Very nice Jim. It reminds me of the Chargers early days team colors.
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    Betty Boop weave

    What's not to love about Betty Boop? Damn fine work there Steve, as always.
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    ALPS Titanium

    Try reading the post down from this one on Alps guides. It may clear things up for you on the nomenclature issue.
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    Kennedy fisher rods

    No. It never was a Turner's store. The location actually became something else after Stanley Andrews shut down.
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    In search of Tiburon SST 16/20/30 1:1.2 low gears

    Have you tried Cal Sheets?
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    SOLD Older series Torium 20

    That seems to be a great deal for someone. I wonder if you are looking to trade for something.
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    SOLD Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    Great story! That's a gift to be treasured. Karma found you big time. Congratulations!
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    Custom EVA grips - blue abstracts

    Nice job. Billy blocks rock!
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    My quad Rod dryer

    Very nice! You thought it out well! 👍
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    Calstar repair

    So, instead of nicking and unwinding the black thread off the guide, and wrapping a new guide, their repair guy chose to "get close" to it? 🙄 You had the answer in your original post asking about soldering the ring. When you went to Squidco to get it repaired, did you ask how they would do the...
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    Quarantine Build Varmac VC Graphite #5 8' 30-60

    That looks really nice Todd. Good work!
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    Shout out to The Rod Room for being awesome

    @RayRaff some manufacturers or suppliers do have that information in their catalogs and online at their websites.
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    Gloss finish

    Personally, I use it on the blank first and then wrap the rod.
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    WTB Fenglass rods or blanks

    Talk to Danny, 45King...
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    Tuna Jig/Pop blank for Spinning Setup

    "The most often asked question I've got from customers is; Can you build me a rod to do this and that and maybe a little of something else? The answer I always give them is: Yes, but it likely won't do any of the tasks well." Spot on statement there Bill!
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    Pacbay replacement Dryer grease

    Personally, I don't know. It does seem wrong at face value. Fishy even. Contact PacBay directly.
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    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    That's tits work! Just beautiful...
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    Just like bedbugs. You don't see them until it's too late.
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    Old Lamiglas blank 01162

    Try contacting Todd Vivian at Mudhole. He designed quite a bit of their newer stuff before moving to Florida. He might be familiar with the old stuff that he replaced with newer up to date designs and materials.
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    Tuna Jig/Pop blank for Spinning Setup

    Contact Jamie at Bob Sands Fishing Tackle about the UC blanks.
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    (Seeker) Blank ID help and wrappers info

    Very cool. I'm glad he remembered it.
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    the rainshadow judge

    Contact Batson Enterprises.
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    Jigging rod- the Puppeteer -

    Well this is an informative post. What's the point?
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    (Seeker) Blank ID help and wrappers info

    The wraps are very reminiscent of Jim Kastorff's. Especially the crosswraps. DK was probably the owner.
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    8 Week Wonder Still Around?

    Hopefully he's staying healthy and safe.
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    US80 Terminator for Brian N.

    As always Jim, another great looking rod.
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    Is this a Harnell?

    You may need to add more guides than were originally on it if it's a conventional rod. Maybe even if it's a spinning rod. Use a fine polish on the ferrule to clean it up. Too much polishing can ruin the fit into the handle though.
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    About the ring size on top tops...

    Thank you guys for the responses. I just find the whole idea funny. A tip is a tip. Just as a blank doesn't know what it was designed for,spinning, casting, or whatever; a tip is still a tip. I believe it's mostly newer builders that get caught up in some age old nonsense of smaller graduated...
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    UC MH76 “Operator Ed”

    Very nice. The MC Chevron really stands out. Simple as well as simply elegant. I use elegant for lack of a better adjective. It's "Marine Macho" in it's simple statement. It tells a would be thief, "DON'T even think about stealing me!" Please thank him for his service!
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    About the ring size on top tops...

    This came about as a result of a current discussion on this forum. I almost hijacked the thread. I felt it deserved it's own thread. So here goes ... I have seen it a great many times in the past here, as well as other rodbuilding forums and websites. I have gotten a laugh out of this for...
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    Gift for the Capitan

    I'm sure he'll be very happy with that gift. Well done!
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    2 more quarantine builds.

    Nice work and executed well.
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    CE900 Wahoo for Big Tuna Brown

    Beautiful rod, Jim! I'm glad he's doing well. I had a friend go to China for some stem cell treatments a few years ago for his brain tumor. He isn't quite the same. Everyone is different and I'm glad your friend is alright.
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    3 FOR MIKE

    Great looking rods! Damn nice work there Jake.👍
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    9ft Black Sabre 690j- any info on rod would be appreciated

    While it's not a 64__ series blank, it's still going to be a backbreaker. Fish a lighter drag or use the rail. Orrr.... put your best chiro-cracker on speed dial. 🤣 Nice look to the paracord handles. Rock on....
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    Broken rod guide

    Actually, it's not mandatory. The black thread can be nicked and unwound. The actual guide location can be carefully cleaned where the overwrap was. Then a new guide added and coated.
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    Removing a Harnell Poodle Grip. How?

    Thank you Bill. That's good to know.
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    Rod ID ?

    Early rods were made of greenheart or hickory. As I don't see nodes, or planed sections glued together, it's not cane or bamboo. It is a longshot possibility that it might be rattan. It too is a grass/reed plant related to cane. The reason for my doubt about it being rattan is that material...
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    Removing a Harnell Poodle Grip. How?

    Nope. I wouldn't waste the time. It would take something along the lines of a hole saw to accomplish and there isn't such a tool. It just wouldn't fit over the rod or even the length of the grips. Even then, you would still have to shim the grip. Why not start with a hypalon, EVA, or cork grip...
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    UNited Compsite Rods

    The graphite blanks.
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    UNited Compsite Rods

    The GUSA blanks are pretty bulletproof. It's due to the dual helix construction. Old advertising showed a Ford F 150 driving over blanks with NO damage resulting. Fragile? Nope! Buy and fish with confidence!
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    SOLD FS: St. Croix Cobalt Blue 4C80XHF

    As I recall, the last time I saw that blank in a Mudhole catalog, it sold for about $210. Glws
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    Let's talk sabre! Socorro special!

    There was one several months ago in the classifieds.
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    UNited Compsite Rods

    Calico bass
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    Quarantine brings out some of the finest in San Diego..........

    That's wonderful! I'm not a fan of opera and I listened to it all the way through. What a great thing she's doing!
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    let’s see your personal best

    I don't have that answer. Rick Pollock, who now runs at charter boat in NZ for yellowtail, caught a 16# on a flylined squid. At deep color, he thought he had a 'tail. Yeah. A po man's yellowtail. 🤣😂🤣
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    Help removing handle?

    How long is this blank ? 7ft unless he cut it down some.
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    Seeker 7X White Tiger for David

    Seriously fine craftsmanship, there Jim! Very inspiring!
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    Help removing handle?

    CPXtra for the blank. It will hold up better in the long run. I've had to deal with stripping rods that were wrapped and then the whole thing was saturated with FlexCoat or whatever. Either way you do it, do the blank first. plj46 is on the money with his application method.
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    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    I believe Jon has closed California Tackle House down. Quite awhile ago.
  126. M


    Or a fence... Nice looking rod.
  127. M

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    A couple of Progear reels. A CS600 and a CS625. Some spools for some old Penn's too.
  128. M

    Gamefiser 7.5 OB

    Yes. Sears sold them.
  129. M

    Rainshadow SWT70H

    Brian, I do not have any personal experience with them. They aren't my thing. If I wanted a glorified golf club grip, I would have taken up golf. 😂 Lately there seems to be some inferior "Winn grips" out there. Whether or not they are the real deal and QC let some bad ones slip out the door, or...
  130. M

    Need a local rod wrapper

    Mike, would that be Jim R.? The notorious acid wrapper?
  131. M

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Gee. A truck and empty boat trailer near a launch ramp. Talk about a red flag to any agency... What could go wrong probably did.
  132. M

    ID these hooks please

    Yes. Patterned after the commercial style tuna hooks used on baitpoles. They made a barbed version for sport anglers. Tinned plating and made by Mustad as I recall. Saw them in the 60's and 70's.
  133. M

    Which Roddys had the Carboloy Decal

    Didn't it also say "tip"? I can't recall seeing them stock with carbaloy guides. What say you Tom? @af dreamer
  134. M

    2 more from Master Skrilla...

    Those ought to kill some fish. Great job on them, Len!
  135. M

    Safety vest

    Your use of colors turned out well. Nice work.
  136. M

    Last one for a while. Seeker CJBF80XH

    Nice work. I love the tiger wrap. Stay safe, and healthy!
  137. M

    US80 Terminator for Brian

    That's pretty damn sweet Jim! I love blue wraps.
  138. M

    Swordfish Caught on Sportboat

    I remember someone hooking a striper on the Pronto when Harold Ellis ran it. Early 70's. The fish rammed the stern below the water line, breaking off his bill. It was cut flush with the hull and is probably still there.
  139. M

    IT'S HERE!

    Welcome to the addiction!
  140. M

    Alps tensioner question

    Some people use magnets to provide tension on the spool with better success. But what do I know? I've been using bobbins for over 30 years.
  141. M

    Some new Quarantine builds

    Nice! 👏
  142. M

    Rainshadow SWT70H

    That's a really great looking build. All very nicely done. I hope your grips hold up. I see cork tape, and/or cord in your future. Maybe X flock tubing.
  143. M

    Seeker PH 36 vs Seeker 270h

    That 270 is E glass. I don't know about the 36. Call Seeker and ask them.
  144. M

    For Sale Trolling / Deep Drop Jigs

    The TNT is indeed a Salas. The Deep Six was made by Straggler. Free bump.
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    UC US80 mega and monster.

    Very very nice work Jake.
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    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    That's what she was. Now, just a waste of time with a bad ending.
  147. M

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    True enough. I lived there for just less than half my life. Many still believe their stuff don't stink. Some still whine about the bridge ruining it there. Sorry, but Disneyland South couldn't last forever. Glad I left in '93. The last time I was there was in '07. I couldn't stand it. I was...
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    Chocolate Sabre thread color

    The large spool is also #317
  149. M

    Chocolate Sabre thread color

    #541 on the left and #317 on the right.
  150. M

    Penn Monofil 26 (Green) with OG Box and Catalog

    It appears to be the green plastic.
  151. M

    Chocolate Sabre thread color

    I agree with Mike. I believe it was Holland thread as well. I have a spool of it somewhere and could verify that number if I run across it. Keep in mind, Gudebrod did custom colors for rod manufacturers so that is a possibility. Yup. 541
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    Buying tackle in 1960's

    Huntington Trading Post?
  153. M

    Metallic thread any good

    Try the Coal Black nylon from Casey at Voodoo Rods. It's great stuff!
  154. M

    Online ordering

    While I have never done business with GetBit, Casey at Voodoo has always done that from the beginning. And yes, it's a very nice thing to see from any vendor.
  155. M

    Grunion Advice?

    Just a friendly tip. Ages ago,I would even see them,or maybe smelt spawning in the same way as in the surf. The difference was, it happened in Coronado which is part of San Diego Bay. So don't necessarily limit yourself to the surf.
  156. M

    Thread size question -- starting out

    plj46: While I can't recall mixing Pro Wrap and Gudebrod threads, I know Gudebrod NCP size C was the same size as their size D nylon.
  157. M

    Forecast SULG guides question

    I'm pretty sure Fuji and PacBay do. Maybe even AmTak.
  158. M

    Forecast SULG guides question

    While I haven't used them, they ought to be. Pretty much the same as Fuji or PacBay's in the same style. You would be good to go with them.
  159. M

    Estimating Microcord Length for Handle Wrap

    Nope. Not at all. I do it too.
  160. M

    Calstar equivalent to a Truline 36?

    Maybe an old e-glass 500.
  161. M

    10’ Seeker blank question.

    You didn't mention it in your OP, so I will ask it: Have you tried asking someone at Seeker? That can often be a good start. ;)
  162. M

    Clint Eastwood weave

    Love it! Truly badass! Welcome back, Steve.
  163. M


    Build them some rockets. 🚀
  164. M

    Nylon thread question

    The Hitena thread is quite good. I've also heard alot of positive feedback on the Fuji thread. Hitena has the best color selection as well, aside from Pro wrap. Also referred to as procrap. Check out Casey's stuff at Voodoo Rods. I don't know about San Diego suppliers anymore other than the...
  165. M

    Nancy's Jigger

    Very nice work Bill!
  166. M

    SOLD Star drag reels

    A fresh bump for Jay. A class act seller.
  167. M

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Don't tell me,let me guess. The handicapped pier at Aurora Reservoir?
  168. M

    Help for those going FH Sunday

    Not to be critical, but you take your son to a FISHING show, and buy him a video game? Why? Get him interested in fishing and you have a fishing buddy for life. Do you think kids these days absorb the love of the outdoors from their friends? Mine started by me taking them when they were young...
  169. M

    Calstar 670XH E-Glass Blanks

    If the 670XH does what you need it to,why look at composites? Sure, you save some weight but as you said, it will be fished from a rod holders. Go for the durability of the E glass. Do a search for deep drop fishing and you're bound to get more answers. Until you have built and fished the one...
  170. M

    Super Seeker SD8 - burgandy / gold

    Nylon silk??? Smoke another one. 😉 Very nice work and damn clean! In the old days of straight silk thread, guide feet were a common sight on rods.
  171. M

    Reel seat for CJBF 80H

    Mudhole was blowing some out on clearance. They were adjustable, I that the ends had locking nuts to secure it in multiple places on a corktape or cord wrapped butt. I believe the range was 26-28mm.
  172. M

    SOLD Star drag reels

    I will buy your 625 for $105 shipped. It will make a great match to my 600. 😁Please PM me your PayPal info. Thank you!
  173. M

    Finding Some Cool Jigs Lately

    The one on the bottom is a Straggler Chopper.
  174. M

    Is there a NON-YELLOW Epoxy out there?

    No more LaDonna... just Casey now.
  175. M

    Daiwa Rod Set Up

    It should fish up to 30# fine. Any good reel will be fine. Saltist,Torium, or Penn star drag reels ought to do the job satisfactorily. Yes, it can handle WSB, tails, or tuna.
  176. M

    ABU Garcia collector wanted

    Dave Gausted in Spring Valley.
  177. M

    Rod design for a Alvey reel

    I have been wondering the same myself. I acquired several Alveys around 2003. I haven't built anything for them yet. My take on it is to go with newer Fuji's and use their systems. Either the NGC(new guide concept) or the other one. Anglers Resource has GPS (guide placement software) on their...
  178. M


    How you are going to be fishing it will make a huge difference. If you want to fish the surf, either moderate to extra fast will do. If it's fishing yo-yo or dropper loop style from a panga, I'd stick with an extra fast blank. No sense giving fish the advantage there. If using bait or surface...
  179. M

    Reel Service in SFV

    Another vote for Hawk. I sent him a Shimano Triton, MK III that appeared to possibly have a bent spool shaft. I don't remember what the issue actually was. (This was years ago) I just remember he resolved it. I was really pleased and the price was very fair.
  180. M


    Yes. Thank you Jerry and good luck to all!
  181. M


    Wasn't the cut-off at 100?
  182. M

    Seeker Hurcules 80xh Blank

    What Seeker forum?
  183. M

    An early Tiburon clanp?

    Those old wrap-on seats were used on old bamboo rods back in the day. By bamboo, I am referring to basically the same stuff that early lift poles were made of. The seats were secured by tuna cord,etc. and varnished or left plain.
  184. M

    Harnell 626R information

    Slap a vintage Mitchell 302 or 402 on it and go fishing. The rod will be fine. There is a good reason why the old Harnell 10 ft rods or blanks fetch good money in resales. That's because they're still up to the task of slinging iron and pulling on fish.
  185. M

    Green Saber identification help

    It seems most of the green Sabres were made to be rental rods from what I've read. Others may have been made for the tackle shop as stated. They ones I have seen in threads in both the classifieds and discussion threads appear to be 660s, 665s, or 670s. I don't really know for certain. I do have...
  186. M

    Sea World at it again

    Umm. Not necessarily catch more fish, that's for sure.
  187. M


    I'm interested too. SF 34 KC 33. At least the Pats have to watch it on TV like the rest of us. 😂
  188. M

    Lamiglas MB 96 5F (?) blank

    It's possible. Check their website.
  189. M

    For Sale Truline tnt for sale

    Well that sucks eggs like a farm dog. Ali, Jason, please reinstate it!
  190. M

    For Sale Truline tnt for sale

    Jim, as far back as I can remember, it's been a rule that anyone's 1st post can't be in the classified section.
  191. M

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Same issue for me.
  192. M

    Question about fishing line

    Which Raptor?
  193. M

    Skinny butt uluas???

    That post was from 2005.
  194. M

    Salvaging a reel seat

    Those Stuart's are pretty nice seats though. If I'm not mistaken, they made the aluminum Sabre seats for California Tackle tuna Strokers. They had larger knurling on the locking nuts. A distinct advantage over the AFTCO seats at the time. I don't believe Perfection was making theirs yet.
  195. M

    Salvaging a reel seat

    If you want to try and push the blank through, boil the darn thing for 20 minutes. If that doesn't work initially, set it in the freezer for an hour. Then boil it again. Sometimes that is enough of a shock to work it out of the seat. Cubeye's idea is a great one.
  196. M

    2020 Donation Rod

    That rod and thread work are super clean Bill. I hope it fetches a bucket of big bills for the kids. It's nice to see philanthropic efforts from rodbuilders.
  197. M

    Casting to Spiral guides setup

    Actually,there is no outstanding reason to use 5 guides to get the line around the rod. It can be done with less. I would think the quicker you get them under the rod,the less that torquing works against the angler. Hopefully sdrodbldr will chime in with his many years of experience building them.
  198. M

    Seeker I've been lagging on

    Maybe it's the most recently completed in his efforts. That a cool choice of colors and a great looking build. Keep them coming.
  199. M

    What can I use to bring a rods shine/color back

    Have you ever heard of car polish? Give that a shot.
  200. M

    Help with 270-8H or 800ML

    While I've never fished the 800ML, I have loads of experience with the 270 rods. My personal preference for fishing 20 or 25# with bait is the glass 270s. I've used the regular 270, not the H with those line sizes. I can pull pretty hard on 25#. The rod did very well. Another factor for...
  201. M

    Smallest spinning reel ever made

    I used to have a Shimano AXULS. Nice reel for simple trout and panfish use. Good line capacity too.
  202. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    A green Sabre 196-7L from Jerry's shop.
  203. M

    Experienced rod builder recommendation

    You're welcome Grant.
  204. M

    Experienced rod builder recommendation

    Grant Darby. AKA Nirvana on here. He lives up that way.
  205. M

    Rev62ml walleye

    For fishing the big Mac? Lake McConaughy.
  206. M

    Who is the old sabre rod afficianado here? Help needed

    I recall Stuart in Florida making reel seats for California Tackle like those. The knurling on the locking nuts appears to be different though. I may still have one or two tucked away in storage. I vaguely recall selling one or two on eBay years ago. Lighting may have the glass looking darker...
  207. M

    Vintage Truline Rods

    So were Bomber jigs and a squid. :D
  208. M


    I start in the center going out in one direction. Then go back to the center and tighten out in the other direction. Just my way to git r dun. YMMV
  209. M

    80 MONSTER

    Very nice Jake! The guide wraps look like they are floating on gold. Slick trick!
  210. M

    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    That's why socks with Gore Tex are worth it. Check fly fishing stores. Float tubing here sucked without them.
  211. M

    TRADE Long Beach seeker csw1008 blue tint

    Danny, I have green 196-7L calling your name...
  212. M

    For Sale Pro Gear CS600

    Let me know. Thank you.
  213. M

    Lamiglas GBT84XH

    Graphite Boat Trolling 7' (84") Extra Heavy power. Make a dropper loop/troller out of it. The 6oz rating may disqualify it from dropper looping though. It could possibly make a good yoyo stick. I never handled one myself.
  214. M

    Looking for vintage Freshwater Lure collector in SD

    Try finding Dave Gausted. I believe he's in La Mesa or Spring Valley.
  215. M

    SOLD Narrow Penn International 16SII

    Free bump due to my drooling. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  216. M

    WTB Original Graphite-USA's

    Just sold a 70H and a 70HP blank. Only the HP was blue.
  217. M

    First attempt Chevron

    To change your name on here.
  218. M

    For Sale Pro Gear CS600

    Next in line if it falls through. I definitely want it.
  219. M

    Sabre 670-8

    They started using silk screened logos like that in the late 80s or early 90s. Maybe sooner as I've seen those on their S glass blanks as well.
  220. M

    Info on this line of Sabre

    I've never seen that on a Sabre from California Tackle. Ever!
  221. M

    First attempt Chevron

    Another thought on alignment... Don't increase your tension towards the end of the wrap. That can cause the centers to veer off the mark. Maintain consistent tension from one end to the other. Wrapping the threads in bands is good also. It can help maintain the consistent tension.
  222. M

    Piscafun line winder

    Which I've always done by hand myself. In reality, this is just a spool holder. And there are simpler designs that do the same.
  223. M

    Piscafun line winder

    I hope that the spool can be rotated to load spinners. The position shown is fine for conventional reels though. Buy one, load your reels, and if you don't like it, return for your refund.
  224. M

    Early December Delta Stripers?

    A good start is always going to be the local tackle shops. Introduce yourself and build a solid rapport with them. Try searching out local fishing clubs as well.
  225. M

    Keep fishing or not ?

  226. M

    SOLD Jigsticks! Bait sticks! Fish sticks!

    No pics of the fish sticks? 8-) ;) I'm hangry now.;) Free bump!
  227. M

    Kite Rod Tip Top

    Regular chrome plated tips of that size weren't too uncommon back in the old days. I'm not so sure anymore. You may have to use a roller tip. If the old one is just damaged,try contacting Penn to see about a replacement from them.
  228. M

    Beast Striper!

    I saw that pic posted on FB. I think it was in the Vintage Penn Reels group there. A lifetime monster! Maybe not. It could have been in one of the custom rodbuilding groups.
  229. M

    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    LOL LOL LOL LOL A bait barge full of patience! Especially with tiny squid strips! ;)
  230. M

    What Does Hook "3X Strength" Really Mean?

    The strength of the hooks depends on several factors. The actual composition of the wire and diameter of it. How the hooks are heat also has a bearing on things.
  231. M

    Who is the old sabre rod afficianado here? Help needed

    There are a good number of us here. You need to give us something to go on though. No info on it leads to no answers.
  232. M

    57' Hawthorne for sale

    Had a 20 scoop tank?
  233. M

    What is this Calstar rod/reel good for?

    It's a good troller being all e-glass. If you want to, get a modern lever drag reel for it. You can fish bait or jigs with it. Just be aware of it's limitations. While a great many larger tuna,yellows,grouper, and BSB have been caught with that blank as rod platform,it isn't a rail rod. It's...
  234. M

    Attn: New rod builder’s

    Alin, if they did,they would have been prototypes for field testing.
  235. M

    SOLD 7-10’ old gusa.......

    I have a 70H and a 70HP in blue. Both are blanks. Only the HP is blue.
  236. M

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    Kzaam...don't sweat the reel seat. The drag prevents the reel from getting torn off the rod. The seat ought to be up to snuff.
  237. M

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    When in doubt,rent a heavier rod or ask the boat about a loaner. In advance of your trip!
  238. M

    Looking for info loomis 1085 HC blank

    The BB blanks are back bouncers and mainly used for salmon. Up in the northwest anyway. A softer tipped blank with backbone. 108" in length and a 5 power blank.
  239. M

    sportboat name changes

    Also Don Sansome owned the Lo Ann before his brother Dan did. So did Dick Gaydosh, before Don. Last I heard,he and Millie were salmon fishing commercially up north. Most likely they are retired and enjoying life.
  240. M


    Anyone fish the cts6700cc American Sabre/Penn USA made rods rated 20-50lb and can this go above that rating? Why push your luck? I would fish 40# maximum at a drag set at 1/2 of that. If you want to push 50# line,set your drag at ⅓.
  241. M


    Nice work. Keep it up!
  242. M

    Seeker without inside label

    Yes. Absolutely.
  243. M

    post your shop

    Hi Jim. I see not much has changed. That's a good thing though.
  244. M

    Does EPDM need to be covered if it won't see the rail?

    I don't know if the Batson grips are the same composition and the original material. It was developed in the 90s,maybe earlier, as a roofing material. That doesn't mean it can stand up to rail use. Do what you are comfortable with. I'm pretty sure the folks at Batson would be more happy to...
  245. M

    Does EPDM need to be covered if it won't see the rail?

    I don't know if the Batson grips are the same composition and the original material. It was developed in the 90s,maybe earlier, as a roofing material. That doesn't mean it can stand up to rail use. Do what you are comfortable with. I'm pretty sure the folks at Batson would be more happy to...
  246. M

    Mr Wong

    Who are you asking?
  247. M

    Mr Wong

    Mr. Wight's almost twin brother?
  248. M

    Possible guide DIY repair?

    If I'm not mistaken, Seeker used AmTak titanium framed guides. They are still made and pricey to replace. They were also notorious for the inserts popping out. Which may be part of the reason they were discontinued. I believe Seeker replaces them under warranty on those original SS rods. Your...
  249. M

    Applying blank finish for a noob?

    That would work. I use CPXtra from Voodoo Rods. Great stuff and less temperamental than Permagloss. SaltyDawg,Bill, has a great video on its use on YouTube and here as well.
  250. M

    Truline Collins mh81

    Mike, it's hard to say for sure without seeing it. Being in Denver I'm of no help.
  251. M

    Midway B&T painted rods

    Ask ironmike. He would probably know as he worked there for years. I know they sold some blanks of their own design, the Kelp Kutter series. They were painted Conolons that were a blackish grey metalflake finish. The green Collins series Truline rods they sold came that way from the factory.
  252. M

    Cut monster or terminator

    Thank you for the update and correction Hector.
  253. M

    Getting pumped...

    Off the top of my head, I would say if your Oct trips are also 10 day runs,you should stick with the same gear. It may change according to the captains game plan and destination.
  254. M

    Cut monster or terminator

    If I'm not mistaken, the 96 inches is the external length of the package itself. Not the contents.
  255. M

    Acid Wrap trolling rod problems

    American Roller Guides puts out roller guides for acid wrapping. Talk to rodblder. He's in the Mission Bay area of SD.
  256. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    Plus shipping. ;)
  257. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    Plus shipping.
  258. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    Renzetti sells a 3' extension for $49.95. While the current stuff is a tiny bit different now,you could mount the headstock and motor to the extension. That will free up whatever sections you have to match the thread carriage,etc. The connection between the 2 eras prevent a truly fluid and...
  259. M

    Regan (The Exorcist) weave

    Steve, your work is always awesome and this is no less than that. It's great to see a new one from you.
  260. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    I agree. I have one and wish I could help. I do have a suggestion though. Cut enough off to leave the headstock and motor setup on it. Then use the longer section as a base for additional rod supports. It would help to place some alignment rails,made from small wood,or aluminum angle iron...
  261. M

    Need help for UC 40lb 50lb rod

    The Ultimate 40 pound stick UC US 80 Terminator. It's been awhile since I read the thread but there you go.
  262. M

    Nomad Madshad & BFT / YFT

    Hi Eric. Not being a smartass when I say this: just throw them. Best of success on your trip!
  263. M

    For Sale Penn 114H 6/0 Senator

    Price? It's required here.
  264. M

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    There never was a was a 28H made. Just the 22, 24,and 26's.
  265. M

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    A Fuji 26 H actually has the same ID as their regular 24.
  266. M


    Awesome colors and craftsmanship, Jake!
  267. M

    Long Beach Seeker Blanks

    I would enjoy having my blanks back from Jim. Especially that 270-8H,dark blue, and I can't afford it now. LOL
  268. M

    O Ring Size

    Reach out to Al Engling on Facebook. He sells yellow o rings for most all wrappers. As a plus,they don't leave streaks on the blank and last a long time as well. This would have been a question better posted in the rod building forum right above. This is a space for sharing "how to do this"...
  269. M

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    I think Batson makes them. Or Bill Batson had some. Try Utmost Enterprises first.
  270. M

    WTB Manual Hand Rod Wrapper

    You're welcome.
  271. M

    WTB Manual Hand Rod Wrapper

    Have you tried Squidco?
  272. M

    Old rod label identification - yellow with red text

    It could be a Shakespeare Wonderrod at maybe a South Bend. Maybe even a Gladding.
  273. M

    WTB Handle for Penn 4/0

    For a 113 or a 113H?
  274. M

    Ruff N Ready 150 Rod Belt

    Probably made from the 70s and into the 80s anyway...
  275. M

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Nice work on that old gem, Jayson.
  276. M

    striped bass

    Try I think that's the big East coast site.
  277. M

    Blank ID help

    Looks like a Conolon to me.
  278. M

    Reel seat swap??

    Then take a Dremel type tool with a cutoff disc. Remove the seat. Strip the hypalon rear grip off. Clean up the blank. Lay down some cork tape,1 or 2 layers as suits you. You can use 1/16" Atwood cord if preferred. Cover the area the reel seat was with shrink tubing and add a butt cap. I'm sure...
  279. M

    Reel seat swap??

    What blank is the rod built on? It may be in your best interest to sell it and build,or have built what you actually want. FWIW, those Fuji seat barrels are just one size up from the same number in a regular style seat. What you want to do is feasible. I don't know if you want to actually do...
  280. M

    Reel Seat for Calstar 670

    That is so very true. My oldest 670s have old school, chromed brass Varmac seats. They have never,ever been an issue. They are fast action blanks. Not parabolic. Parabolic blanks never were an issue. Even back before graphite seats were around,we had chromed brass or lightweight aluminum seats...
  281. M

    Old Harnells... restoration

    Looking tits, Mike!
  282. M

    For Sale Fishing Rod Lathe

    An old school Clemens/Renzetti for $125? Damn! What a bargain! Go Mike!
  283. M

    KFBK Bob Simms Outdoor Show Large Albacore

    Yes,we never do know for sure. In years past,they always migrated north before turning west. I don't foresee that changing though. Time will tell for certain.
  284. M

    Anyone getting the YFT on poppers or coltsniper?

    It doesn't matter too much about the particulars. If it "matches the hatch", or within reason,jigs will get bit. If everybody focuses on one particular jig,or color,that will be what the fish see most. Hence,it will become "the" hot jig or color. Unless the jig itself is so outrageous in...
  285. M

    sportboat name changes

    I believe the Nova sank.
  286. M

    SOLD CEX sold

    Hi Jim. Did you ever get those blanks I sold you built? Let's see some pics, please. At today's prices, I kind of wish I still had them. At least they went to a good home. I wish I could've tracked down my CEX-ULUA-10'. It has to still be here in CO or Denver somewhere.
  287. M

    Which blank?

    Bummer. Answering the other questions will help get you some better answers.
  288. M

    Lamiglass BT 108 2M. I.D. Help

    I don't have a catalog from that far back. Perhaps an email with your question to Lamiglas is in order. You could even email Todd Vivian at Mudhole. He may know or hopefully,that not working,Spencer Phipps does know. Spencer checks this board occasionally. Posting on is another...
  289. M

    Which blank?

    Not that I am qualified to give suggestions,but what size line do you intend to spool up with? How hard do you pull? How long can you realistically pull at the max drag you wish to fish. Standup or rail rod? Preferred length? Primary fish sought? Those answers will narrow it down quite a bit...
  290. M

    Psychedelic Sabres! Who has them?

    Naturally. It stands to reason. What I am hoping to see, is that maybe there will be some UC psychedelics in the future. Hard to say how that will come about,as they deal primarily with carbon fiber stuff. Stranger things have happened before.
  291. M

    Applying 2nd coat of wrap finish

    If you insert your tie off loop sooner,then pull the tag end tight to the wrap and snip it close,you won't have that nub of thread to cut off after applying finish. Take a bit of extra care when using metallic thread though.
  292. M

    Lamiglass BT 108 2M. I.D. Help

    Boat Tackle 108" 2 power Medium Action. So that rod was cut, or broken,from 9' if it's now 6 1/2'.
  293. M

    Psychedelic Sabres! Who has them?

    Last I saw in a BD thread, Randy Penny scored a bunch
  294. M

    Surface iron question

    Single hooks will work on tuna too.
  295. M

    Deformed BFT

    Whirling disease is not just a rainbow trout thing now? :eek:
  296. M

    SOLD Blue Seeker CJBF 80H blank

    He is the spokesperson,via voiceover, for Motel 6.
  297. M

    Cord split grip help?

    Try making an epoxy ramp to transition from bare blank to a cord wrap. Then do your deco wrap or marbling up the ramp. Do some thread trim on the ends. Check Jim Trelikes pics for ideas. He's a master. Check pics from Moon. He does thread wraps on cord too.
  298. M

    8’ Fly line/ jig stick blanks

    Island Tackle?
  299. M

    Small yellowtail decals?

    I hope you aren't referring to AcidRod. I haven't done business with for a few years now. They used to charge actual shipping or mailing costs.
  300. M

    Small yellowtail decals?

    Shop the smaller local guys. They are in San Dimas and can mail it quickly at a low cost. 1 5/8" x 5/8"
  301. M

    CX80 Raptor for Anthony

    Top notch work there Jim! I'm sure he will love it. I know I do!
  302. M

    Seeker Hysteria?

  303. M

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Not bad. Was that a white pearl metallic? That is well known for sucking up the surrounding color and not being a true pearl white. If it was regular nylon,it sucked up the green from the base wrap. Nice work.
  304. M

    Fenwick su 1689

    A 13 foot blank like that is way too much rod. Frankly, you would be better off selling it and buying what you want. That blank is scarce as hell and there are many looking for that one particularly. The shipping will be a pretty penny, but if the buyer is serious enough,they will pony up the...
  305. M

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Hopefully that inlay in the overwrap isn't white nylon. It won't show up very white. Unless that is the effect you are going for.
  306. M

    Following the tradition

    Well done! Congratulations on a well raised family and keeping the tradition alive.
  307. M

    Seeker Hysteria?

    Not if you choose the right blank to suit your back. Yo Yoshida was a master at it. Don't just grab any old blank out of the rack in a store because of online posting recommendations. Pull them out, pull on them,and go from there. Preferably with a knowledgeable builder helping. Remember, what...
  308. M

    Black dragon scale

    It actually makes more sense than thread. Whatever thread is used, will have a texture to it. By using A for the wrap over the layout threads,(for the best contrast and shadows) it can get caught in the texture. That makes burnishing more tricky. Mono is smoother. Or at least ought to be. ;)
  309. M

    Seeker Hysteria?

    Those were the last of the blue S glass. Seeker only bought so much of that prepreg, due to the high cost. My guess is that as the supply ran low, regular yellow eglass was added, thus keeping the production going strong a bit longer. Blue+yellow=green? Or at least a lighter blue. Maybe teal...
  310. M

    Seeker S229 Live Bait Rod Blank

    Dig this Francisco...the original 229 was a Sabre blank. Before Newells. Seeker bought a bunch of the mandrels from Calif. Tackle when they closed their doors. California Tackle made Sabres. Just a bit of history for you...
  311. M

    In's and out's for making custom rods

    Talk to the distributors that carry the products that you need and will use most frequently. Some of the bigger ones do. They typically have that info on their websites. I would suggest starting with Utmost Enterprises as they have great pricing to begin with. It doesn't hurt that they are close...
  312. M

    Varmac Jigstick

    Cool. I didn't realize they had their own blanks back then. I left SD in early 93. Back then, I was using other blanks. I bought directly from Dick Kantner, or used Calstar, etc.
  313. M

    Varmac Jigstick

    Old school? lol Riiiiiight! It looks good. Keep them coming.
  314. M

    Tuna Rod ID

    I agree.
  315. M

    Looking for color inspiration....

    Alin, if you want to go with the black and white,do your first guide wrap with red, then go with the black over the red. Use size A thread. Old Truline colors... or yellow. That's a Truline combo too. Even green or blue in place of the red. Green base wrap,yellow, and then black.
  316. M


    Wicked ass camo rod. Bad to the bone!
  317. M

    Star Spangled Monster

    A totally bomb looking rod! Super job on that one, Jim.
  318. M

    Forgot I had these

    Cool find!
  319. M

    St Croix 13BT-70xh-1crt 7’ Info

    You are most welcome.
  320. M

    St Croix 13BT-70xh-1crt 7’ Info

    Naturally. You are welcome. I shall include his family in a prayer, for a successful outcome.
  321. M


    Seeker, Sabre, or a PacificStik Royale?
  322. M

    Old Fenwick help

    Those old Fenwicks usually had a clear sticker on them. It listed the rod's specs and had a serial number as part of it. Hopefully yours still has it. They were typically next to the Fenwick logo. I suspect it was made as a troller that could maybe do double duty as a RC rod. Or vice-versa...
  323. M

    Guide Spacing Q?

    You could also try using higher frame guides for the rear 4 or 5 guides. That can often make a big difference. Sometimes going with the smallest and lightest doesn't always work. It actually doesn't affect the overall weight on the butt section. Add more at the upper end as required.
  324. M

    Advice , old rod clear coat

    Try fine auto polish on the blank.
  325. M

    is there a proper rod re build tutorial?

    There are other resources as well. Check out for info on painting and removing old epoxy or finish. There are several groups on FB as well. Those that I know of are the Custom Rod Builders Guild and Southern Rod Builders. Just a friendly tip: use the search feature before asking...
  326. M

    Super Seeker 1x3 vs. Seeker OSP 1x3

    Just a simple point to be made here for the OP. The tip size does not necessarily equate to a soft action tip. That have more to do with the blanks construction. The materials used,how the flags are cut, and how they are laid up on the mandrel. That has to do with a softer action tip...
  327. M

    Tuna Rod ID

    It's hard to tell without better closeups of the blank. It could be a Sabre S glass,Fenwick,or a Lamiglas blank. Probably the Sabre.
  328. M

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    When I worked on the PQ for Eddie, I would often see friends getting on other boats. When asked why they weren't fishing with us, I was frequently told, "Because it's too high off the water." To which my response was always, "Our gaffs still reach and stick the fish."
  329. M

    Anyone fish the Legend or Old Glory?

    If you can do it,find other boats that fit your schedule and budget. More options unless you wait until the last minute to book a trip.
  330. M

    Sabre 530 fish-a-like

    This may help you with drag ratings,but won't directly answer your question. It may narrow your search a bit. It won't answer your question definitively though. Trial and error is still required. Good luck...
  331. M

    Sabre 530 fish-a-like

    Disregard the line ratings. You asked what would fish the same go to some tackle stores and pull on them. That will give you the answer you need. Heck,try UC rods or Phenix while you are at it. What matters is your reel,and line to be used. Factor your drag setting in there as well...
  332. M

    Sabre 530 fish-a-like

    Seeker or Calstar 530???
  333. M

    Rod Value?

    I wouldn't pay any more for the Sea Stalker than an equivalent from Turners. In fact,I would pay less. With a Turners rod, at least you have a warranty. The Stanley Andrews rod was probably built on a 3Jays (J.Kennedy Fisher) blank. That would be more desirable at the end of the day. ANY day!
  334. M

    2nd hand Power Wrappers

    I believe that is Al Engling on FB.
  335. M

    2nd hand Power Wrappers

    A CPW Machine for 230? Steal of a deal...
  336. M

    EZ sliding egg weights

    They look like the old rubber cores,without the full length rubber insert. (I added insert to prevent making myself from being a smart-ass.) Not to mention rude jokes. ;)
  337. M

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    ^^^^^^ WTF!?!?
  338. M

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    Okay. Most folks that want such a rod build them themselves or have them custom built. The market for those is but a small niche and most likely wont sell outside of southern California. Hence,it isn't very wise for a company to produce them. Why dont you tell us about the 2 you bought? Make,etc.
  339. M

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    Nothing new there. Those Winthrop butts have been out for a couple years now.
  340. M

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    That's why I am still here. I was back there for a couple of days in January of '18. Enough to know better. Before that, it was '07 and during 911. I left in '93 and it sucked then, too. No reason to leave. At least for now and most likely, ever.
  341. M

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    In my days as a deckhand,it was cross-tops,some weed,and beer. We still did what was needed and nobody on the boats I worked were injured. After getting clean for a few years,like 6 or 7,a former co-worker tried to get me back on the boats,saying we need people(clean and recovering) like you...
  342. M

    Calstar XLH reel choice

    I used either a 220 or 229 Newell. No need for overkill reels. A Diawa 20 would be fine as well.
  343. M

    Butt Cord Treatment

    I typically use 2 to 3 saturation coats of color preserver and allowed to dry thoroughly. Sometimes I go with just that. I have also used a spray urethane varnish,or CPExtra over the CP coated cord.
  344. M


    Yes. Now,a bit of history. Short stroking was the best method of beating tuna and yellowtail. It basically amounted to raising the rod in short lifts or pumps to get the fishes head turned upward. The rod was then lowered and reeling the lined gained by the lift. The reel was cranked to match...
  345. M

    Sabre grafast guide insert question

    They are indeed Fuji guides,with their old school aluminum oxide rings. They will probably handle braid just fine. When those guides were still around,braid wasn't so who knows. Edit: It is actually a green,not white, "nylon" shock ring, there to protect the ring from getting cracked or knocked...
  346. M

    Tackle Store in Japan... What to buy?

    Without going back,and re-reading the old post to see if it is mentioned,stay away from JDM reels. Shimano won't handle warranties on those reels here. I don't know about other manufacturers like Diawa.
  347. M

    Unlimited rod build

    Where did you get the aftermarket frame and spool? Is it a widened 16/0? Very interesting reel.
  348. M

    One of our own needs help and prayers la tigra

    A prayer has been put out there for her.
  349. M

    Maybe be dumb question about ceviche ? just maybe...LOL

    Ceviche is ceviche. It doesn't matter what you use. I love it made with sierra mackerel and wahoo too. Although,grilled fresh hoo is better than ceviche. If the hoo has been sitting a little long in your fridge,make ceviche.
  350. M

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 868H...

    As always da Man!
  351. M

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    Why the hell not? Just curious.
  352. M

    Maximum Carnage

    I like the cork grips. Very cool rod overall !
  353. M

    Grinding down salt water guide feet'

    Actually,something in a Sharpie contributes to the breakdown of the metal and hastens the rusting process.
  354. M

    Clemente vs Catalina

    LMMFAO..... thank you. This morning needed to start off with a laugh. That did it.
  355. M

    540 and 530

    I see you finally managed to score a couple of the old decals. Were they duplicated or originals? The wrap jobs look great!
  356. M

    Aarghhhh!!! Anyone ever do this?

    I have had some spools of wrapping thread do that. It's never a good time ahead... At least thread is cheaper than Spectra. I can just toss the spool in the trash and move on.
  357. M

    Black Hole Cape Cod Nano

    That is one sharp looking rod. Well done!
  358. M

    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    Fix your motor? haha
  359. M

    Vintage Molded Jigs?

    Not likely. It's a spinner,not a swimmer. LMAO
  360. M

    Truline Collins mh81

    Damn! I wish I could afford it Mike. It's probably already sold anyway. :/
  361. M

    Seeker CJB80H for David

    I love it! Another great rod from you Jim. I am sure he will be stoked fishing it! I know I would be.
  362. M

    Worth of a Rod

    I probably met him a few times in Pappy's garage/shop. I never got to know him as a person though.
  363. M

    Worth of a Rod

    True. It also depends on what Rick would get the most satisfaction from.
  364. M

    Coronados 6/21 Trip

    I would say just go. The best time to fish is when you can. If the goal is a YT,then get on a boat and go,despite whats is,or isn't going on at the islands. There are YT at Clemente also. keep in mind that great expectations can lead to great disappointments. So go fishing with no other...
  365. M

    Worth of a Rod

    And a busted jaw. To go along with the eyes and kneecaps. To flatten his tires then gets you the added charge of vandalism. I would stick with assault and battery. And pray your judge is a fisherman who favors old,classic gear. SDTT and maybe even jiggyn could give you a good range on the value...
  366. M

    CEX Blanks

    You are welcome.
  367. M

    CEX Blanks

    Based on the model number,it is a Boat Tackle,96" blank,3(low) power moderate action blank.
  368. M

    Bob Sand's custom wrap info

    What markings are on the rod? Pics would also help. You need to give us something more to go on than just a vague question. Sorry. I just saw the edited post saying pics coming soon after I sent my msg.
  369. M

    Reel for a Calstar 530 jigstick.

    Fair enough Bill. They key word in your reply though,is **seem.** The 113H's,Newelled,were never much good for throwing surface iron or wahoo bombs at the skinnies. ;) But they were a damn sight easier than the widened 349H's for the 'hoos. Or the more modern,upgraded 114H's narrowed,as a 349H...
  370. M

    Reel for a Calstar 530 jigstick.

    Adjustable Graphite Seat SKU: #CO-#30-28# Maybe you can get an aluminum spool from Tiburon. Maybe Randy Pauly has a Newell spool for sale. Or just get a Penn 113HN.
  371. M

    Reel for a Calstar 530 jigstick.

    Mike,either series would work. I would opt for a 500 series P model,narrowed to 522 size. I think there is an even narrower kit for the 500 series from Tiburon. I say the 500 series as they have bigger drag washers than the 300/400 series. As long as the clamp bolts will fit alongside of the...
  372. M

    Anybody remember shakespeare bottle blanks

    Yes,I remember seeing them listed in the Clemens catalogs. Never used one for a build though. I did see a few sold as a lot of 2 or 3,on eBay years ago.
  373. M

    Stripers in Southern CA...???

    That Mikey looks alot like my old fishing buddy from high school in Coronado. I remember reading in WON ages ago about an occasional striper caught up Newport way. Along with some stray salmon from some sportboat reports. I also recall stripers being stocked in the San Diego River...
  374. M

    Rainshadow RPT100MH Tuna Popper

    Jason,it's all good. Like I said,i wanted one from Bud Ettel and the ex made it happen. Maybe some day I will have Jim build me a stick. Send me a msg or call on your future build idea.
  375. M

    Ulua guide and reel seat question

    The reel seat size will depend on where it is placed at on the blank. Mudhole had some graphite seats on clearance a while back,and may still have some left. They fit a range of 28 to 30mm on a rod. They had locking rings on each end to tighten them over the handle of surf rods. In their old...
  376. M

    Calstar 800ML for Wesley

    If the sun had been out when you took those pics,we would have been blinded by the awesome marbling. Even with the black in it.
  377. M

    2 UC's for Jason....

    Sweet work Jim! Those fades are killer. Those will sure stand out in the rod racks.
  378. M

    Rainshadow RPT100MH Tuna Popper

    Jim,thats an awesome build for a great guy! While I may be bummed he didn't ask me to build it,I understand he wanted one from one of the best ever. Hell,my ex-wife had Bud Ettel build me a rod for a special present back in the early 90s.
  379. M

    “Best” finish?

    As others have stated,use what you are comfortable with and gives you the best results. As far as dust,etc goes: create your own tent or dryer box setup. Get the tent enclosure from Mudhole if you like.
  380. M

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    Support a local business and start off with a basic PacBay unit. Get it from Island Tackle or C&M( and upgrade to the ALPS heavy duty headstock and chuck later. Use thread bobbins to hold your thread spools. I don't know about the shipping cost from Utmost Enterprises,but the upgrade...
  381. M

    Tip for the month of June

    Two out of the top five isn't bad. What do I expect for free,right? ;)
  382. M

    Who is fishing San Clemente? Is it OC or LA landings only?
  383. M

    Original Fenwick colors?

    Brown NCP over white NCP. I will look up the color for the brown tomorrow. I don't recall the underwrap spanning the gap between the guide feet though. Thinking further, I think just the ends of the wraps were "tipped" in white NCP.
  384. M

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Looking darn good so far Jay. What blank did you lengthen?
  385. M

    Calstar T540 vs. T100

    Why not take that question to a tackle store that sells blanks? Island Tackle may have both of those in stock and you can talk to Sam and his staff about them. You can even pull on them yourself and see which feels the best to you,the end user. How people pull on a rod or throw a jig varies from...
  386. M

    Can anyone date this old Varmac reel seat..?

    I am not sure when Varmac ceased production But I suspect sometime in the late 70s or early 80s.
  387. M

    2 UC's for Jason....

    Droolsssss Man,you really did an excellent job of close to stock,yet making them custom. Those are a pair of eye-poppin sumbitches! Very well done,Jim!
  388. M

    141 inch one piece fiberglass pole

    Gail,it certainly looks like fiberglass to me,based on the bottom pic. Take it to Eric at Eric's Tackle for a better idea of it's origin. It could be one of those mentioned,or even an old Fenwick(Grizzly era) or an old Lamiglass. Eric's is in Ventura. (805) 648-5665 Good luck.
  389. M

    3 Seekers for Lea Anne

    Jim, those are quite different in their own right. very unique and distinctive. Very well done! I am sure she is more than happy with them. I know she had to be thinking when seeing them,the obvious question. "Why didn't I have you do them from the start?" Great job on making a shit sandwich...
  390. M

    Help ID a split bamboo fly rod

    Without markings,that can be tough to ID. Fortunately,there is another possible option. That being by using the ferrule sizes. Unfortunately,I am no help there and it isn't always foolproof. The stripper guide could be agate,or what was referred to as agatine. Unfortunately,HI rods were mass...
  391. M

    Epdm thoughts and experiences

    This should make things clearer for you. As you can see,they aren't actually blended together.
  392. M

    Epdm thoughts and experiences

    Just not doing it right.
  393. M


    Zombie/Jimmy is on FB now and I see some of his stuff pop up there now and then. I hope Scold/Jon is busy with his business these days. I wonder how much of a hurt the changes at Seeker put on him? Oops. It looks like he gave up on that last year.
  394. M


    Fish it as is. The nice thing about that is that it makes it harder to walk off a boat unnoticed! Or fished by someone other than yourself. Redo it when it is actually needed.
  395. M

    Rod ID Help ?

    That's great. As long as it gets used. A mind,or an old Sabre,is a terrible thing to waste.
  396. M

    Rod ID Help ?

    I agree with Mike. It does appear to be a Sabre. Fuji did make that seat. They also made what was essentially the same seats that did not have that sticker. Clemens sold them and they were just a bit less expensive. Like Mike,I have no clue what the number refers to. I will venture a guess that...
  397. M

    R.I.P. Fatty

    So sorry for your loss. At least he had a long life and apparently,lived it fully with fishing. Deep condolences to you and his loved ones.
  398. M

    Looking for Rod Repair Service

    Try contacting 8 Week Wonder here. He may have a tip that will fit your rod.
  399. M

    EX Ulua vs CEX Ulua

    EX is the blue S-glass version. As you already know,the CEX is the composite version. It was the precursor to the Super Seekers as I understood it,back when they came out. I had a CEX 10' Ulua. Until a storage unit fiasco. I have no idea how the actions differ. Email Randy Penny at United...
  400. M

    Am I in the Twilight Zone?

    If you log in on your phone,like I did,you will get the memo. That said...go down to the bottom of the forum page and click on Display Thread Options. Then,in Sort Threads by: click Thread creation time and then click done. That should fix the issue. I had to do it for each forum. Crap on a...
  401. M

    For Sale Newelled black squidder reduced 5/18/19

    I stand corrected. I only recall the red ones in the 70s. I did see an occasional black squidder though. I fished,and worked the boats in SD in the 70s as well. I am a dino too. Just not a petrified model. LOL I appreciate the history lesson.
  402. M

    In search
  403. M

    For Sale Newelled black squidder reduced 5/18/19

    It looks too wide for a 145. Are you are looking for an old black sideplate for a 145,or an actual 145 reel?
  404. M

    For Sale Newelled black squidder reduced 5/18/19

    Actually,the Squidders started off black and then they went to red. As far as I recall. The precursor 500s were the 259 model. They were black also,just slower gears. In the early 90s,maybe late 80s, Penn switched to black sideplates for the 500 and 505/506 reels. If that is the case,your reel...
  405. M

    Grinding Heavy Iron - Reel Choice

    Penn 500s reduced to a 99 size always worked well for me. And I had a lower gear ratio which was adequate enough when short stroking. A Penn 4/0 Special with a Newell YT Special kit and either stock,or 4:1 gears was better. But hey,I'm old school that way. ;) Newells were quite good too. For the...
  406. M

    Matching Rod Sets

    As Bill noted above,take accurate measurements. Another way to do it is to lay some paper (index cards also work) next to each guide on the first completed rod and mark it as to where each layer or inlay starts or is. You could even do it as you go along,counting the turns of thread where necessay.
  407. M

    Fenwick question?

    The weight of the rod itself.
  408. M

    Calstar 610 capabilities

    Why not contact Calstar and see if they will do a single for you as a stock rod? They maybe be lining up a small batch to do for some of their other customers and can do an extra,in stock colors for you. Just thinking out loud here...
  409. M

    Calstar 610 capabilities

    For 50#,simply step up to a 610H.
  410. M

    Question for a pro rod builder!!

    Yes. He pretty much nailed it there. Nailed it again. When in doubt about the cap on a down locking seat,call or email the supplier and ask them. Most uplocking seats are basically the same. The end cap is epoxied by the builder as well. I haven't used any mortised seats for the reel feet,so I...
  411. M

    Cutting a CUI to 9'

    If you like it as it is,why cut it? With that said,if you really want to know how it will throw what you want,ie; certain jigs,etc. You can accomplish that. Get a seat that will fit the desired position on the finished rod and slide it into place. Then do a mockup of guides as you will be,or...
  412. M

    Mutant Spinning Rod

    Actually,those rollers would be wrong to use on top of the rod. The were designed to be placed on the 180° axis. Essentially reversed from 'normal' rollers to keep the line on the roller. He would have needed the transition rollers instead,to get the line from the bottom back to the 0° axis. And...
  413. M

    Mutant Spinning Rod

    I doubt it. The idea is to get the line coils coming off the reel choked down quickly. If done effectively,there should be little(if any) rub on the frames. I have a set of the acid rollers to check the frames,but they're in storage somewhere. Typically,most quality roller guides don't have...
  414. M

    For Sale Avets & Truline's

    Gotcha! Thank you.
  415. M

    For Sale Avets & Truline's

    Since when did Calstar make brown blanks? I would bet that's a chocolate Sabre.
  416. M

    Color suggestions...olive green and?

    Try a white base wrap,olive green overwraps, and add trim bands of black to the green. You didn't say what blank you are using so I won't speculate on one or two thread layers for the guide wraps. If you do two layers,you could do olive over black. I would use size A if going that route.
  417. M

    CUI F1 090 blank

    Alin,they are good blanks from the info I have heard on them. Some liken the longer ones to old Harnells. Some were even rebranded under the Tady name for use as jigsticks. There may still be a few of those floating around. You could try Squidco and Dana Tackle. Rick over at H&M tried to keep a...
  418. M

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    VLC media player worked on my phone and PC.
  419. M

    CUI F1 090 blank

    Good thing you got it when you did. The factory has closed it's doors and Bingham Enterprises are sold out.
  420. M

    How To Finish End Of Chevron / Daimond Wrap

    X2... just don't try to cut too wide a path. More narrower slices will look better. To better explain it,instead of making 5 slices to cut the chevron threads,make 8 or more. I hope that makes more sense.
  421. M

    UC CX76Viper

    Very nice work,Moon. I am sure Phyl will be stoked.
  422. M

    Vertical Jigger-Spin

    Damn great looking rods Bill! Well done.
  423. M

    Does anyone have this Gudebrod HT metallic thread? Fishhawk also makes a metallic dark green.
  424. M

    Does anyone have this Gudebrod HT metallic thread?

    The number 521 had to do with the spool size,as I recall. The Gudebrod metallic threads color always began with a 9 and was 4 digits. The last three numbers were a sort of cross reference to their standard thread colors.
  425. M

    Who and what? Type of blank is this?

    I can't narrow down the when. You could try contacting Randy Penny at United Composite Rods. He could tell you. Yes,it is because of the darker color,as well as the model number. The final ones were more of a turquoise or baby blue color throughout the blank.
  426. M

    Who and what? Type of blank is this?

    Seeker Extreme. S Glass blank from the Long Beach factory.
  427. M

    Corrosion in Guides

    In the old days,we used to clean out brand new spinning reels of the grease,repack them with toothpaste,and crank the heck out of them for a half hour to smooth the gears,etc. out. Then clean it out and repack with new grease and go fishing. To answer your question; toothbrush and toothpaste...
  428. M

    Finish on base wraps

    While finishing the base wrap will do as you wish,you might find it easier to wrap up the guide feet if you first grind them to a shallow taper. Do a search on YouTube for Doc Ski's videos. He covers grinding feet that will explain it better. That includes bending the feet to lay flat on the blank.
  429. M

    Fishing rod blanks

    I would go with either Calstar or Seeker blanks in the same model. The late Leon Todd at Calstar,designed those for Sabre,AKA California Tackle. Seeker bought the original blank mandrels when Calif. Tackle closed their doors.
  430. M

    What tip top kit?

    Those tips don't look like they are worth the trouble. No sizes listed for them either. They might work for emergency repairs in a pinch though. Why not remove them for travel purposes,labeling them for their respective rods,and then re-installing them upon your arrival? I'm sure you can go to...
  431. M

    I'm Being Internet Blackmailed

    If it were me,I would simply go to the police. They may do something,or nothing. It is out of your control anyway. I agree with Todd.
  432. M

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    When I worked for Ed McEwen on the PQ,he often had us make a streaking splash on the surface with gaffs. Just shallow enough to look like a tuna chasing and attacking a bait. If did frequently start a re-bite on the tuna. If you use the search feature on this site,you will find that others put...
  433. M

    Another restore...Chocolate IGFA Uniibutt Sabre

    I'm looking forward to seeing the after pics Mike. Cool old rod. I am certain you did it justice. Those old tan and the darker brown grips typically ended up in that gooey condition,which sucked. It still does from a restoration standpoint too,since they are no longer made. :mad:
  434. M

    Ling cod special

    Is it one per year,or is that a daily bag limit? Not that it matters much here in Denver...
  435. M


    I've been using them too,for going on 35 years or better. What does that tell you? By the way,there have been some posts on this forum showing modifications made to them by other wrappers. The search feature is your friend.
  436. M

    Truline Collins mh81

    Yeah. I got wood over them and drooled on them alot! ;) I just never knew how cool Trulines were in reality. I later owned several.
  437. M

    First Rod Build - Rainshadow RCLB 70M

    Yes,it is nice. As he mentioned Doc in his post,I am betting he used some printed tape under the thread to achieve this. That is something Doc has done in the past.
  438. M

    Truline Collins mh81

    As I recall,the Collins series built for Midway B&T were painted green. At least I imagine they were painted. Pretty smooth painting as they were probably dipped. The colors of the wraps were green,yellow,and white. The guides were Mildrum Carbaloys,as was the tip.
  439. M

    First Rod Build - Rainshadow RCLB 70M

    Looks damn good for a first build,John. Keep them coming.
  440. M

    DIY Travel Rods

    They are Lakeland locking ferrules. Long discontinued. Last I knew,Tackle Specialties carried them. I don't know what their stock level is at these days.
  441. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    There ya go. I believe Cub is right.
  442. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    I believe they were brass.
  443. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    I met Don one time. We were fishing the Coronados on the Searcher. Either he had a bad day,or I just had a better one. I outfished him throwing iron on the old Searcher when Frank owned and ran it. Then again,that 7X was a damn good iron!
  444. M

    ?’s on old Seeker Blue S-Glass

    Those were actually closer to the end of the line for the EX Seekers. I haven't seen the C-EX blanks with that color S- glass.
  445. M

    Fade wrap close up video. Loking for input.

    You may find this one easier to follow.
  446. M

    Rainshadow RCJB84 XXH all Alps components with a JT-CTHD

    That is one great looking rod,Einar! Someone will be quite happy with it. I would.
  447. M


    Really great work on this build Bill. Just like all your work.
  448. M

    Integrity of blank with bent/crooked rod tip?

    Exchange it where you bought it and get what you paid for. The same thing was going on during the last days of Sabre/California Tackle Company. Lots of crooked tips,etc. Quality Control had gone downhill. I don't know if Leon was still with them then,or had already started Calstar. RIP Leon.
  449. M

    Love restoring!!!

    It looks grrrrrreat!
  450. M

    Love restoring!!!

    Hard to beat the old classics. Have fun with that!
  451. M

    rod identification help

    It's a glass blank.
  452. M

    Sub 2-lb combo for killin' Calicos

    Do you have an actual question? Why not stick with FW trout or bass gear?
  453. M

    Fred Hall - Spent more than planned but less than I took

    Pissing myself laughing.LOL :rofl: I would have said the same thing if I wasn't more broke than he is. :zelfmoord:D
  454. M

    Old marauders?

    As I recall them,the old Marauders didn't have any curvature to the belly from the front hook to the back. Nor did they have markings with the squiggles as shown on the green mackerel model. The ones typically sold in San Diego stores were orange with black markings, or purple with black...
  455. M

    Grim Reaper weave completed

    Tits work there Steve. Un-friggin-real! I love it. I want to do that on a walking stick for my ex. She was been an emotional death to me twice now. Lesson learned.
  456. M

    Rainshadow RCJB86H

    High quality components,stellar craftsmanship=awesome! Well done, Jim.
  457. M

    Narrowed 631?

    Ask Jerry Downie,reelman on here.
  458. M

    New Blank recomendations

    It does require more work and honestly,for your indicated uses,not really necessary.
  459. M

    old glass rod I’d and advice

    California Tackle Company. Dang Jeff,yours also has those heavy ass braced Varmac guides too. Always a good sign of it's vintage. Both are real deal Varmac products. Not to complain about the Squidco "Varmac" stuff... ☺
  460. M

    Custom Rod Builder

    JAkuhead on here. He is quite knowledgeable and skilled in acid-wrapping. Not to take anything away from Moon. Jim,JAkuhead,is in He met I believe. The last I knew,anyways.
  461. M

    Rod indentification

    That rings a bell in my brain. To go along with the tinnitus in my ears. lol It does resemble the decal on the rod I bought from Midway. ironmike: What say you? Thinking back,I am not so sure mine was painted. I know their KelpKutters were. Also,I believe,made by Conolon.
  462. M

    Rod indentification

    Perhaps ironmike can chime in here. He used to work at Midway B&T back in the day. I believe their Tiger rods were made by Conolon and the one I had,was painted in a silvery grey color.
  463. M

    Small Bone Jigs and Stragglers

    LMAO. No. I left San Diego in '93. Long after they disappeared off the racks of tackle stores.
  464. M

    Rod indentification

    Without even knowing what color the blank is,I would say it could be a Shakespeare TigerStik. Maybe even an old Tiger Rod from Midway B&T. I believe those were made for them by Conolon.
  465. M

    Small Bone Jigs and Stragglers

    Those are indeed Straggler jigs. I believe very early 70s and maybe the very late 60s. Some of that model even had skirts on the trebles. I only bought a few and don't recall catching much,if anything on the couple I bought.
  466. M

    Need some pointers on the fish scale pattern?

    Just pass the info here on to someone else that needs to learn.
  467. M

    Need some pointers on the fish scale pattern?

    Bill, I just use lined notebook paper. The same stuff used in your pictures.
  468. M

    Need some pointers on the fish scale pattern?

    You are welcome,Maing. Best of success to you.
  469. M

    Need some pointers on the fish scale pattern?

    The method I use is to do pretty much the same as Swami. The difference is,I also take the same circumference measurement at the half-way mark of the layout. That measurement then become the center spacing for the pattern. Then,divide the length of the wrap by the midpoint measurement. That...
  470. M

    Old Blank ID?

    Bill,I wish I could give you the answer. I honestly don't know. I'm sure it will turn out nice,whatever you choose.
  471. M

    I have an old Sabre rod. Does it look worth re-wrapping? (Album of pics inside)

    Actually,some were wrapped black over light blue. Others were a light brown/black twist thread. Some of the brown/black may have been over a white underwrap. Ultimately,wrap in colors you like best.
  472. M

    Old Blank ID?

    If I recall correctly,the factory rods with that color finish were built with just the Gudebrod Nylon in a chestnut color.
  473. M

    Old Blank ID?

    Bill,it does resemble a Conolon. Remember,they often extended their blanks into finished rods by using handle assemblies. They were constructed on aluminum tubing already assembled. They were then "glued" onto the blanks. Additionally,they had several series of rods at different price...
  474. M

    Reel for Truline bxm?

    Bill,is that a 522 kit?
  475. M


    I sure can't anything negative about them. A class act all the way! Casey and his wife do it right.
  476. M

    Sabre SC 690-jc

    I imagine it would be good for tossing lures in the surf where you live. We just do it from a boat on the west coast. And not necessarily towards the beach.
  477. M

    Any Thunnus 12000F Owners out there?

    Wayne,actually,it does look similar. Just not identical. Something about it just doesn't look right. Your roller looks to be U shaped to hold the line. The upper one looks much different. If it were my reel, I would take it someplace selling that reel and compare in person. If need be,replace...
  478. M

    Layout Question

    You can coat it with epoxy as you ask,or color preserver. Keep in mind by using epoxy,it will be easier for the thread to slip out of place. It also makes it easierto pack the threads tighter. Once that has dried,use a very fine tipped mechanical pencil to mark your layout crossing points. Just...
  479. M

    Chipped popping rod

    I would contact the manufacturer if taking it to the dealer doesn't help. It would be a good idea to do that anyway. Is it I tip section over butt section ferrule? If so, get some regular black nylon thread and wrap it just past the splinter and coat it. Then fish it and if it breaks,so be it...
  480. M

    Guide question for new Super Seeker 2x4 build

    Yes. Fuji's are proven as are the Alps. You can't go wrong with either one. Just my opinion,of course. A good many of the premier builders on this forum,and along the west coast are using them. I doubt they would risk their reputations,and having to replace guides on faulty components. I sure...
  481. M

    Guide question for new Super Seeker 2x4 build

    There is a reason why Seeker stopped using them on the early factory Super Seeker rods. I don't know whether the reason was the cost,the guide rings popping out,or whatever. Maybe all of those. The fact remains,they changed it up. There have been past threads discussing the AMTAK Titanium...
  482. M

    Opinions on choice of there any reason to use anything other than Fuji?

    Oops. Tired when I wrote that. Sometimes it's about a price point the manufacturer is trying to hit. I can't say. There are many variables...
  483. M

    Questions on Seeker 540

    For some reason,my phone didn't show the photos when I made my post. As I recall,the blue glass was S-glass. The model # indicates as others have stated. E glass blank.
  484. M

    Questions on Seeker 540

    Without some pics,it's hard to say. Is there a model number on it? I don't know if EX,or even CEX 540s were made. They did make 10' CEX Uluas,so why make a CEX 540? A CEX blank is quite different than an EX. As I understand it,some regular Seekers have been painted blue as well.
  485. M

    Rainshadow 10’ tuna popper

    Looks really nice. Keep it up. I hope you slay some beasts with that rod. Or at least fish that won't slay you. ;)
  486. M

    Is Chartreuse ever thrown on the West Coast?

    When I lived in San Diego,my first choice fishing the bay was always Kalin's 2" or 3" grub in Fire Tiger.
  487. M

    Rod protection for the cedros Sportfishing trip On the small Plane

    Something else to consider: divide your rods into two and flip one group so you have tips together with butts. Then add the foam or whatever. When flying with rods in the past,I put them all in a Bazooka rod tube and added foam.
  488. M

    Adhesives for bonding carbon fiber drag washers

    Why don't you believe what you were told? He led you TO the sheet material. Why would he steer you wrong? Feel free to ask him directly.
  489. M

    Shimano TTS 50W Drag Washer

    Have you tried asking on Alan Tani's website?
  490. M

    Who makes JR 14 iron jig?

    No sweat. You're all good. :)
  491. M

    Who makes JR 14 iron jig?

    I was referring to them spinning on the retrieve.
  492. M

    Who makes JR 14 iron jig?

    I never knew spinning a jig was a good way to fish them. I prefer swimming/kicking actions. Unless...I am fishing for trout with a Mepps.
  493. M

    Help with rod id

    Yes,I actually have had to. Those were usually Varmac seats though. I have had a great many customers bring their rods to me,asking me to replace the busted seat. The seat hoods are usually split along the sides at the crease or at the top edge. That seat resembles the ones I saw in my shops...
  494. M

    Help with rod id

    Hard to say without handling it. With that said,I sure wouldn't fish that rod with 60# line or higher. Probably not even 50#,unless fishing light drag settings. That reel seat is the weak link to the rod.
  495. M


    Hahaha. Okay Loc. Have a great trip. Hang one for me!
  496. M

    Restoring a vintage sabre GF540

    Nice work Bill! You really did it justice. I too like the CPXtra. More user friendly than Permagloss. By a wide margin.
  497. M


    Sweet looking build there,Jake. Is Loc originally from the San Diego area? Specifically from Coronado?
  498. M

    Oregon Killing Sea Lions

    Sea lion: the new government cheese!
  499. M

    WTB: butt cap for ulua 9’3” old school 1999

    Just go to a hardware store and get a crutch tip.
  500. M

    Who caught there first 2019 fish today ?

    Way to go Jason!
  501. M

    Gods and Warriors

    Killer sticks there Patrick. Very nice craftsmanship. I can't wait to see the rest of them.
  502. M

    Dreaming of a rasta Christmas...

    Dang man! That stick looks exceptional! Well done,Len.
  503. M

    Rainshadow and UC blanks in san diego

    Okay Bill. That's good to know. I wasn't sure if you still were,or open to have folks want to come by and "kick tires" shopping, and detracting from your production schedule. Merry Christmas to you and your wife.
  504. M

    Rainshadow and UC blanks in san diego

    Save the hassle and make the drive to Island Tackle. You could try contacting SaltyDawg (Bill Havens.) He used to be a distributor for Batson. At the least,he may have the blanks you want to check out. That way you know what to order from Utmost Enterprises. My apologies if this suggestion is...
  505. M

    United Composites US80XF "Silver Surfer"

    I'm drooling over that bad ass blue.... Very nice Jim. It's quite an eye catcher!
  506. M

    Help...Ulua model differences

    Bill is absolutely right! Don't!!! That is a graphite and S glass composite. As I recall,there weren't many made. I was gifted one and unfortunately,it was lost in a storage unit disaster. I would love to have it back.
  507. M

    Vintage Sabre GS1670C Vs Calstar Grafighter 700M for 40lb

    I say fish the 670. For fishing 10-12 pounds of drag at strike,you ought to be fine. Being all glass,and a fast action rod,it will serve you well. Especially when the tuna and biscuits do their headshakes. Using spectra to flouro,you will appreciate it with the reduced risk of hook pulls.
  508. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Tunanorth,maybe because the thread was titled shops in the LA/OC areas? Midway has been mentioned,but not Bianco. There was also another,older shop in that area. I think is was called Trident Tackle,or Trident Rods. While I'm at it,Stroud Tackle wasn't too far away. I recall the owner's of...
  509. M

    A couple of recent builds

    Welcome back,Ralph. Those look pretty damn nice.
  510. M

    my first rod built, Steelman by Steelfish

    That rod looks pretty damn good to me. Nice work,Alex.
  511. M


    From Renzetti
  512. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    I didn't know him back then. I do remember The Fishing Village store in Pt. Loma. It later became Hook,Line,and Sinker. He was quite the character. I was in touch with his daughter some years back. I had a patch from his store and gave it to her. It had the store name on it and a swordfish in...
  513. M

    Another rod ID request

    It could be a rewrapped Phillipson,due to the guides.
  514. M

    Picked up 2 blanks...need a little guidance

    I would simply build them the way you want to. A blank is a blank and has no clue as to its destiny. My concern might be guide placement on both sides of the ferrules when the rod is flexed in a normal fishing situation. It's like a foregrip on a rod. You don't want line coming into contact with...
  515. M

    Rod Identification Help Please

    The Wright-McGill and Eagle Claw fiberglass rods were the brown models. The later stuff was yellow. All their glass rods were built on sanded blanks.
  516. M

    Rod Identification Help Please

    The guides are Aetna Foulproofs.
  517. M

    Elvira weave

    Steve,that is cool as hell. It looks like she jumped right out of a TV. If ya didn't grow up in San Diego in the 60s,there wouldn't be much point in doing Moona Lisa. Too local. Elvira is a standard icon.
  518. M

    Nativity Scene weave

    Well done,Steve. You never fail to impress me. When I read Nativity Scene,my thoughts ran to the whole manger. I love that it is simply Mary,Joseph,and Jesus. The Star pulls it all together. Very,very nice!
  519. M

    Vintage Fuji guides

    Try ebay. I think I saw some CRHGs there a couple of days ago.
  520. M

    Is this Manny Silva??

    He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word.
  521. M

    Vintage 9/0 J.A. COXE?

    DON'T try to clean it up! Collectors have their own ways of doing that and what you have,as is,is more important to them than a cleaned up version.
  522. M

    Is this Manny Silva??

    I don't believe so. I never saw Manny smoke.
  523. M

    Deep set Swordfish...

    LMFAO! What would you have done? Grab the tail,or the bill? Not something I would do at any depth!
  524. M

    looking for an AFTCO 4M or 28 black reel seat

    Now that is A+++ Customer Service right there! Straight from the top as well. Kudos,Bill! Try getting that from Fuji!LOL
  525. M

    Need idea on what guides were used on this mid 1980s Sabre rod

    Thank you,that's helpful info to have.
  526. M

    Need idea on what guides were used on this mid 1980s Sabre rod

    Perhaps. But why,other than keeping the wraps original? I have never brazed my own rings for jigs so perhaps I'm wrong here. If the frame got too hot and heat dispersed through to the guide feet it could potentially compromise the blank.
  527. M

    Need idea on what guides were used on this mid 1980s Sabre rod

    Perfection for sure. Carbaloy tip. I have both. What sizes do you need?
  528. M

    Gaff finish question

    Use whatever you want to,or have handy. I would opt for buying a can of urethane,outdoor grade. It will soak through the tuna cord giving better saturation. When I did some commercial fishing years ago in Morro Bay,we didn't use anything making our lift poles. Even on the business end,securing a...
  529. M

    Gaff finish question

    You could lightly flame the raw calcutta and darken it with a propane torch. Then coat with a spray urethane finish. Just be sure to keep the torch moving and not burn it.
  530. M

    how to remove a thread

    Contact an Administrator?
  531. M

    Trophy Fish Mounts Handmade Local!

    Those are quite interesting and certainly unique. Best wishes with your business venture. Do you use measurements of the actual fish,custom sizing each mount?
  532. M

    Tackle Shop Trollers

    Those are as clean as they get. Very nice,Bill. Impeccable finish work!
  533. M

    Roddy 2 Pc Spinner

    Gudebrod has been out of business for years now.
  534. M

    Atlantis trolling rod

    If they did,I never saw one. Every company worth a damn was making tubular rods and blanks.
  535. M

    Atlantis trolling rod

    Possibly made for Squidco. The all glass(solid) blank may have been made for those by Montague. Possibly as late as the 70's. In the day of bamboo,and early fiberglass rod production,many major manufacturers made what were known as traderods. Those were typically mass production items. They were...
  536. M

    580 Rod identification

    As there was not sticker inside the butt,I am guessing it is a Calstar. Warm the cork tape up and peel it back. Use contact cement to secure it back in place. It may have had the original Calstar,or even Sabre sticker removed.
  537. M

    Roddy 2 Pc Spinner

    Those old Roddy's were varnished. They pre-date Flex Coat and other epoxy finishes. I believe that includes Fullerplast and Tenaco which were pre FC.
  538. M

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Yes Jason,it was in Tustin.
  539. M

    Sabre rod ID

    To the best of my recollection,as chocolate Sabres go,they didn't make an 8' 210. Just the 7 footer. Or was it 7 1/2 ft. Lol. The 220 came as a 9ft blank. They may have made an 8' though.
  540. M

    integrating a fabric in rod wrap

    Or cut a ribbon sized strip and add dress blue uniform colored threads between the spirals.
  541. M

    integrating a fabric in rod wrap

    My first question is this: does he really want or need a reminder? Please thank him for his service.
  542. M

    if you could only own 4 Trulines. What would they be?

    I seriously hope you are joking. :rolleyes: :p ;)
  543. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    As I recall,Ray Duane owned it before running a boat up that way. Wonderful guy on a 10 day long range trip I was on in November of '72 on the Cape Polaris. Yes,I realize this is an old post. I just got an alert that someone liked my prior comment in this thread. :D
  544. M

    Reel seat replacement

    Leave the length of corktape you want the foregrip to be. Cut/peel off the remaining corktape. Take the rod someplace where you can try different sized seats. Buy the smallest reel seat that will fit over the butt of the rod. Make masking tape arbors to center the reel seat. SaltyDawg has a...
  545. M

    rod building link

    Check the stickies in the Rod Building forum....
  546. M


    No problem Bob.
  547. M


    Would you care to elaborate?
  548. M

    Lamiglass Black Inshore Rods?

    Lamiglas has always put out high quality rods and blanks.
  549. M

    Deckhand grip solution.(?)

    Thank you Bill. I bought some several days ago.
  550. M

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Most unfortunate and saddening to hear. Prayers for all involved. I hurt for the lost fisherman and his family.
  551. M

    Weave Patterns

    Rick, I have quite a few that I can copy and send to you. I wish my scanner worked. Anyway,they are old patterns from Clemens. For the record, has a large selection of DocSki's weaves available.
  552. M

    Best place to buy thread?

    You won't regret it,Bill.
  553. M

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    Maybe deep dropping for Elvis?
  554. M

    High Stick..... oops.

  555. M

    Penn 349 Wahoo Special -Accurate side plates- Acurate Spool

    The original Wahoo Specials were 349H reels that were widened with Newell kits. Just an FYI...
  556. M

    How much line for rock fishing los angleles

    Actually,it depends on the floor you are on of the building you are fishing from. The 4th,20th,or greater. What bait are you using to catch rocks with? Will they eat jigs too? :D
  557. M

    Harnell fly rod

    Most dry fly rods of that era were typically 5 or 6 weight rods.
  558. M

    Do skippie work for lobster bait?

    You can actually get bugs with canned cat food. Just use a church key to puncture it in multiple places,top and bottom. Use some masons twine to secure the can in the center of the net. I used to use some of my ex's old nylons. I would throw the punctured can inside leaving long overlaps on the...
  559. M

    looking for a rod wrapping lathe

    Squidco doesn't have any?
  560. M

    Jim Trelikes weave completed

    Nothing short of awesome!!! That's a job well done. I'm sure his wife will be very pleased. Many wives have pictures of their husbands on their desks at work,or wherever. I doubt there are any that can claim to have a weave of him.
  561. M

    Rehabbing Old Glass

    I actually polish the blank to see how the original gloss coat is holding up. If it is obviously toast,I sand with 600 or 800 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Rinse,and then use CPXtra to provide a very thin coat or two of finish before rewrapping. Thread finish,for the most part,is not necessarily the...
  562. M

    Seeker 6465XH for Steve

    Well done Jim. That looks great!
  563. M

    Which blank to replace a kencor swbt rod?

    I may have a newer Kencor blank I wont be using. It is a carbon fiber model. It is only 8 ft long as I recall. I suggest a Rainshadow blank from Batson.
  564. M

    Targeting stripers in so cal..

    I recall ages ago,probably in the mid 70s reading about exotics being raised by SDG&E in the lower end of San Diego Bay. Homes got this newsletter either annually or quarterly. Something to that effect,anyway. To the best of my recollection,they were raising a handful of different species...
  565. M

    Stills of Mike Pritchard Rainshadow 80M

    WOW! Just Wow! Killer work,Doc.
  566. M

    The Verdict is in -------------------Eagle gets Pardon.

    That is going to turn out very nice when it's completed.
  567. M

    Jim Trelikes weave.

    Well done,so far. I am sure he will be very happy with it.
  568. M

    seine cord on an Ulua

    I don't know what is thinner,1/16" cord from Atwood rope,or coreless paracord. At least either of those provide more color options. If that is what you want.
  569. M

    Help identifying a guide similar to ALPS XHN

    At one point they used Essex guides.
  570. M

    please identify this old freshwater lure

    From the top pic,it looks like a Heddon River Runt. Just not the ones I used as a kid. Those were full bodied floating baits. Try a google search for old lure collectors. Tom Gaustad in San Diego may be of some help to you.
  571. M

    For Sale Fishing Rods - Inshore to Cows - Seeker

    Wednesday bump for a great guy and seller. Trust when he tells you it is mint,or otherwise... GLWS Jim.
  572. M

    Old School Sabre Rod ? ? ?

    While this is a very old post,I would be interested in the outcome. Especially as it appears to be a bastardized Frankenstein rod. The lower half comprised of a factory built Sabre,and the upper half being a broken junk rod. I'm surprised that neither Mike or Rick picked up on that. That cheap...
  573. M

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special 2pc

    Contact Black Hole BEFORE doing anything! Sanding may void your warranty. Some room is typically allowed for normal wear over the life of the blank.
  574. M

    Old fenwick blanks

    I think that I moved my catalogs to storage. I will try to get by there tomorrow and check for you.
  575. M

    Old fenwick blanks

    The pic of the tag in the lower pic is a tag reminiscent of the ones that Dale Clemens Custom Tackle used. I may be able to dig that info up for you this afternoon. If I have the right catalog.
  576. M

    United Composites online

    Rods,blanks,or both?
  577. M

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Well done,Jason!
  578. M

    Roddy H9 Help??

    Your buddy Adam did a very nice job of rebuilding that BR100. A restoration is quite different. A restoration requires leaving it as intact as possible. True serious collectors have another term for it if there is removal of parts to clean it up to appear new. Maybe refurbished?
  579. M

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    I do not have an explanation for the behavior but it was pretty awesome to witness. As was stated,hit shark,shark pukes,yellows eat. Typically when squid were on the flats spawning. I saw this behavior myself several times. Cool as shit to watch!
  580. M

    How bout pics of bright rods
  581. M

    Stripper Guide Size Question

    If that's the route you want to go,use the KW7, and 2 or 3 KBs,the rest being 5Ls.
  582. M

    Stripper Guide Size Question

    I would use a 8 or 6 as a stripper guide. A 10 at the very largest.,RunningChokeGuides.aspx Used in conjunction with 1 or 2 KB guides. For the rest of them,you could use size 4.5 or 5's.
  583. M

    sportboat name changes

    It started life as the H&M 85 to the best of my recollection.
  584. M

    Looking for a Saber Decal for NOS blank

    I saw a couple on ebay recently.
  585. M

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    I remember much of that. I don't recall a ladder at the IB pier though. They had the platform though. I also remember the Flats off South Island with tons of mousetraps and skiffs running around. The Weber manufactured Hoochy Toads were knock-offs of the French made Vivifs. Or vice versa...
  586. M

    Red rooster III rescues panga

    No doubt they,and their families are grateful. Way to go on the Red Rooster III crew!
  587. M

    You know you are hooked wrapping rods when:

    Long before marbling became a thing,I would buy eyeshadow powders in little tubs from larger beauty supply places. Now,there are many more colors available to us and it makes more sense to purchase through the usual channels,supporting our suppliers. There are other options as Einar pointed out...
  588. M

    You know you are hooked wrapping rods when:

    Robert,you beat me to that one. Lol. I'm surprised anyone remembered the CKW... Doc didn't though. ;) Poor Dave got ran off for his ideas...
  589. M

    Information on Duvalls Sporting Goods (Red Knob Tackle)

    I got that easily enough. Apparently not everyone did. ;)
  590. M

    Information on Duvalls Sporting Goods (Red Knob Tackle)

    I believe the red knob question had to do with the sticker on the left side plate which reads Red Knob Tackle.
  591. M

    Anyone done a recent local multi day?

    My non-fishing friends,and family members would often ask why I took so many rods. My feeling back then was it was better to have and not need,than to need and not have. It still holds true today. Offshore conditions can change quickly. The key to success is measured in how quickly we can adapt...
  592. M

    Question about guide wraps

    A double overwrap of A is fine. Even on heavy duty tuna sticks.
  593. M

    Spinning Guides.

    Alps or the Fuji KW series guides.
  594. M


    I don't agree with that 100%. Tests results (not the ones referenced above) show that by controlling the lines oscillation,you actually increase the distance achieved. Freshwater bass guys are notoriously resistant to change. Much like us saltwater guys. ;) These days,they are all about rods...
  595. M


    I recall a magazine article back in the 80s that described some testing done with roller guides. I believe it was South Coast Sportfishing. The article was the result of using 2,or maybe 3 rods. They used Fenwick Pacificstiks. I seem to recall they used a 655 and a 670. For each of those,one was...
  596. M

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    ^^^ Who knows,or cares? What bearing does this have on Cousins closing their doors? When Leon started Tackle Specialties,he was selling hypalon,and other rodbuilding stuff. Maybe he had a non-compete clause. Maybe not. If he did and knew it wouldn't hold up in California courts,there could have...
  597. M

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    I can't speak to the cousin factor with ATC. I can say,that if the Loomis family members were not allowed to manufacture,due to a no competition clause or whatever,in the purchase contract with Shimano, Gary would not be manufacturing his own still. Check out North Fork Composites on the web.
  598. M

    New Squidco blank,G~lite 2-8’ 20-40 lbs.

    I apologize Steve. That is one sweet looking build with a lot of time put into it. It is quite pleasing to the eye. Enjoy fishing it.
  599. M

    New Squidco blank,G~lite 2-8’ 20-40 lbs.

    If I'm not mistaken,Squidco bought the rights to the name and have used overseas manufacturers for their products.
  600. M

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    I was simply adding additional info for perspective. Nothing more and nothing less. Take from it what you wish...
  601. M

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    Having worked in the restaurant business in the past,I learned some things most people don't know. The waitstaff in the ones I worked at,were required to share their tips with the others behind the scenes. The cooks,prep staff,bussers,and dishwashers all got a small percentage of each...
  602. M

    SD Boat storage with Launch/Retrieve?

    Campland in Mission Bay.
  603. M

    R.I.P. Opos (kerncat)

    My condolences to his family and friends. I am sure Doug feels a great loss.
  604. M

    San Diego -Tackle Shop

    Fisherman's landing has a good selection but they charge way over msrp. It is actually due to Port District taxes. Mostly anyway...
  605. M


    Why not check the Rodbuilding tutorial section for your answer? Same for paracord as it will be for cord.
  606. M

    Identifying what type/style guide?

    Yes,that is entirely possible. I can't recall if it is on the leg,or more towards the edge of the foot where it meets the leg. I will go by my storage to see if I have that guide for you. I have to believe that most rod manufactures don't care to do super great guide preparation before wrapping...
  607. M

    Identifying what type/style guide?

    Fuji stamps their guides with their name on a rear leg and the ring size on rear edge of the front foot. Right where it would be covered by theend of the guide wrap. I may have one. I can check my stash tomorrow or Monday.
  608. M

    Tiger Experiment 5 of 7 of 7

    Or try alternative colors...
  609. M

    Where to buy bamboo for gaff building in san diego

    LOL Yup! Or the wife's broom/mop handle.
  610. M

    Catalina Aluminum Project

    I really like that! Too cool for mere words! Very well done and the blue background totally sets it off. Please,keep sharing the follow-up islands.Thank you.
  611. M

    900xl guide question

    Hi Colleen. It's good to see you post again!
  612. M

    Trulines: which color glass is the strongest?

    I remember Squidco at their location on Dahlbergia St. carrying them. The lightest color they ever made compared to everything else up to that point. That was in the early to later 70's.
  613. M


    The S glass blanks were denoted by an S in the blank model number. Ie; SG196-7,SG 665H, or whatever the model number was. In addition,they were a brighter yellow than the gold or honey color of the E glass rods and blanks.
  614. M

    The fade...

    SBK...I do use a bobbin and it works well for me so you are on track with that suggestion.
  615. M

    The fade...
  616. M

    Fishing Coronado tomorrow

    The islands? Or my old hometown across the bridge?
  617. M

    How to fish with live bait

  618. M


    I'm glad it wasn't worse! Good on the crew and medical staff. May you heal swiftly.
  619. M

    MOON wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H grey-blue blank.

    Could it be a CEX Series CJBF-80H? I don't recall the blue being that bright though. Typical quality work from Moon. Very nice rod.
  620. M

    Anybody Use A Spiral Wrap Rail Rod?

    Graya ought to chime in on this. Maybe Scold will too. rodblder has, to your other thread about the build.
  621. M

    Honolulu Hawaii fishing

    Or as dey say dere,"talk da story." :)
  622. M

    Pacific Queen long rod storage

    On the upper deck,as I recall.
  623. M

    Converting EVA grip to tuna cord

    If he had access to a lathe,he could simply sand the EVA to a more workable size,then add the cord over it. There are several ways,obviously. Do what you feel is best for you. All are sound suggestions. You could try contacting Mark at I think they are in San Dimas and he could...
  624. M

    Thread Color Combination Chart

    Yes. That is the one I was referring to.
  625. M

    Any one have any new old stock varmac reel seats?

    Check with Swami805. He has a few and may have the appropriate sizes you need. At least for reel seats. As for triple foot guudes,are you looking for the stradle leg design? The ones that have a guide foot in front on the top of the blank,and two rear feet on the sides?
  626. M

    Tip selection for Alps TIXNZG guides

    Utmost Enterprises?
  627. M

    Picking A Bait

    I worked for Ed McEwen on the PQ in the 70's. The crew were instructed to scoop the dead chovies off the bottom of the tank and keep them in some 5 gal. buckets on hand for such times. He told me he has seen passengers scrambling around,looking for dead baits on the deck to use during a WFO...
  628. M

    Brown Rod about 6 feet long what is it?

    I recall using Fullerplast and Tenaco into the mid 70s. Those could also provide a good glossy finish when used in multiple coats.
  629. M

    Golden Dot Mono ?

    Tom,didn't they stop making that in the late sixties? I also remember Meslon and Perlon lines. That was pre Maxima and Ande...
  630. M

    Shipping rods over 8'

    Or the group can split the shipping cost equitably.
  631. M

    Jigs ID help

    It could be that some of them were home or garage made,based on no stamping. Maybe they were cast from existing jigs that were modified on a sander or grinder before making a mold?
  632. M

    Thread Color Combination Chart

    Art supply stores have a color wheel showing many colors. There is a way of basing complimentary colors on primary colors. It rotates so you can compare and contrast on it.
  633. M

    Dull Finnish

    It is a far superior product in its ease of use. Far more user friendly than permagloss! The same precautions still apply.
  634. M

    Truline letter designation

    Interesting stuff,Steve! I used to have an AT50. I always figured it meant Albacore Trolling. I only recall ever seeing an AT50 and an AT80 in the racks at Midway B&T. Mine was a 1 pc. rod. I know John used to specify the detachable handle IGFA type rods by the old linen thread count in the rod...
  635. M

    Dull Finnish

    Automotive polishing compounds. I like Meguiars. I often use a Dremel tool with a buffing wheel. It doesn't take much and can be easy to overdo it.
  636. M

    Black SS ring guides?

    Steve,I am pretty certain I have a set of Perfections in black. I can check my storage unit for you if you need them.
  637. M

    ????????JIGSTAR fishing products?????????

    Those have been used by commercial guys in the past for squidpole rigging. You might try looking into that avenue. Places like Taniguchi in San Diego. Unfortunately,they have closed their doors. Have you tried sources like Charkbait,Meltons, or that place in Balboa? Anglers Center?
  638. M

    Prokote mix ratio questions

    Typically,epoxies are mixed by volume. The same weight can vary the volume,affecting the materials ability to set,or harden if you will. There are exceptions to the 1:1 volume ratio. Just not with rodbuilding epoxy finishes.
  639. M

    Jig advice for Bottom Fishing

    Yup. Mousetrapping! Some days,maneuvering on the Middle Grounds or flats off South Island was a bitch.
  640. M

    similar to d8

    You could try going through Jon. He goes by Scold on here. He says he can order them painted. His business is California Tackle House and he can be found on FB.
  641. M

    tuna cord under too.

    How will you match the I.D. of the blank in its final position without killing alot of time? And you end up doing the same thing with corktape and some shrink tubing. Internal vs. external. You are on the right wavelength though. :)
  642. M

    tuna cord under too.

    Go the Rodbuilding Tutorial forum and there should be a few threads there to show you how.
  643. M

    Jimi Hendrix #2 weave completed

    Steve, that whole piece is off the hook!!! I noticed in the first picture of the Throop wrap that as I enlarged and shrank it, the wrap really popped as a true holograph. Excellent excellent work all around!
  644. M

    When to give up on a rod

    Guys,give the wrapper a break on the guides until you know which ones he used. It is possible that he used the AmTac titanium framed guides. There is a reason that good wrappers avoid those and Seeker discontinued using them. Ask Jim Trelikes or SaltyDawg. They have probably made a small fortune...
  645. M

    X - pattern

    It appears the center is a standard single thread inlay. The other is a single thread diamond wrap with the ends tied off with the same color/spool of thread.
  646. M

    Ladies choice

    Very creative Bill. Thinking outside the box by wrapping under it,so to speak.
  647. M

    turbine rod

    Pick a builder whose work you like. Preferably close to you. A good shop can do the work also. Shop will give you a general,if not exact price quote. If you contact a private builder,they will give you the same in a private conversation.
  648. M

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    Your reel seat is probably a size 16 or 17. If you are lucky, it is a size 18. The minimum you could get away with is a size 18. A size 20 would handle your reels more successfully.
  649. M

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    Part of the problem is the trigger reel seat. The other factor is,as you have noted,the narrow hoods. Solution: Cut off the reel seat and get a larger one. Preferably without a trigger. Cut the rear grip off. Install the new seat. Add a grip,cord,or cork tape then add some Batson heat...
  650. M

    My first United Composites rod

    Really? Two speed reels for 20,25,or 30#? Maybe you have some physical limitations I am not aware of. That to me seems like overkill. But hey,whatever works for you.
  651. M

    May the Firth be with you.

    Outstanding work and use of the Pueblo Nations colors,Doc. Totally harmonious.
  652. M

    Truline Rods B4B

    Maybe ironmike or Elreytut. Eric at Erics Tackle in Ventura may know.
  653. M

    Best Custom Acid Wrap Rod Builder

    Jim Racela,AKA JAkuhead
  654. M

    Blank selection for lead core line

    Batson makes some Rainshadow blanks designed for just that. So does Seeker,but why pay more?
  655. M

    Nep-Tuna what is it worth ?

    I stand corrected...
  656. M

    Old fishing lures just found in storage locker! Anyone know the value?

    That is a bunch of interesting stuff. Don't attempt to clean them. Go to some of the sites online specializing in them. Post some pics there.
  657. M

    Old fishing lures just found in storage locker! Anyone know the value?

    There are a number of sites that deal with collectable old lures. Google is your friend without posting pics here.
  658. M

    Nep-Tuna what is it worth ?

    Looks like a 6/0,determined by the absence of forward harness lugs.
  659. M

    Bringing back the shine

    Car polish followed up with a paste wax. Depending on the condition of course...
  660. M

    Shimano TLD Rod

    If it is the Tuna,Toads,and Tails model,you've got a winner. Those were really good rods,in the late 80s and early 90s. Regardless of the model,they were a quality product.
  661. M

    Can we get geebee his own forum section

    Jeebers Crabst guys. Give him a break. :rolleyes: Like none of you were never brand new to anything and had alot of questions? ;) At least his grammar is better than one new guy on another rodbuilders forum years ago. That guy was hard to understand. He got frustrated with things and eventually...
  662. M

    Need a rod builder/repair in Maryland or Virginia

    This ought to help.
  663. M

    Phenix M1 Inshore SMX82H Alternative

    It would help narrow down your choices given if you told us what it's intended useage will be.
  664. M


    So very true. It is like heat shrink in that regard. It is most noticeable when using an extremely undersized grip ID. When I do that, I always use a longer piece than I need and once set,cut it to the necessary length. Grips that shrink some, do not necessarily hold the length when stretched...
  665. M

    IGFA 30lb line class 1987 world record Chum Salmon

    A great memory. Why would a world record fish matter to anyone other than the angler who caught it?
  666. M

    How come no one uses 2 piece rods on the west coast?

    Those were made by Lakeland.
  667. M

    guide spacing GF765XL

    Look closer. His measurements are indicated in inches.
  668. M

    Final Pictures of Drumstick Weaves.

    Doc, there are bands and there are tribute or cover bands. There are tributes to bands. And then, those are proof of an awesome Memorial to what sound like a great Band of Musicians! Not to mention extraordinary human beings. Well done! Take a bow for this undertaking. Kudos to Pedro for...
  669. M

    What's the longest Trulines made?

    The 12 footers were made by Truline. They were created by using cuts from 2 blanks,as I understand it. I had a 12' Truline surf rod and it was legit.
  670. M

    Coral Snake Hande on a Honey Yellow CUI F1-100 10' Jig Stick

    That's going to look sharp as heck when finished! Great way to think outside the box.
  671. M

    Deckhand grip solution.(?)

    Bill...Mudhole used to sell a similar seat until 3-5ish years ago. It seems like they could be duplicated easily enough. Maybe Bob McKamey or Todd Vivian there could tell you who made them. Yeah,I wanted a few for myself for a couple projects I was working on. Bummed to se they were no longer in...
  672. M

    Fenwick woodstream

    As I recall,those rods had either a hickory wood butt,or a brown "fiberglass" butt. The fiberglass butt was more like a nylon smooth butt for a more modern day comparison. Maybe it actually was fiberglass... idk
  673. M

    WSB tips?

    I'm on a 3 day out of Cisco's from 6/12-6/15, with a new moon on the 13th. What are my WSB chances? 100% better than if you stay on the beach. The best time to go they just whenever you can. There are other factors to increase your success rate. Like a boat and crew that fish them seriously...
  674. M

    WTB Sabre 670-8h

    Sorry but mine is a SG670-7H. Blue hypalon grips and an ice blue Perfection reel seat are already installed.
  675. M

    Collins Series ????

    I would say Sabre. It could be a Collins,but I am skeptical of going that far out on a limb. If it is a Collins,it has been rewrapped at some point. I don't recall seeing the Collins blanks for sale in shops. Also,I can't remember whether they had the rubber rings bracketing the reel seat and...
  676. M

    Long 3/8 ID hypalon or EVA - where to buy??

    For EVA,try the NERBS website. NERBS/Northeast Rodbuilders group on Facebook. Best EVA I have found. Disclaimer: I haven't tried it all. I like this stuff because it's extremely firm and handles abuse quite well.
  677. M

    Storing rods/avoiding corrosion

    Right. That dust is some nasty corrosive stuff! LOL Seriously though,I hope your rod socks match the rafters or whatever is anchoring your rods. Thieves walking a neighborhood,casing garages look for those tell tale signs.
  678. M

    Need a new reel for kayak fishing

    Have you considered a Penn 209 or 309 with a metal or maybe an aluminum spool(if made for those reels)? Maybe a Tekota 400 or 500...
  679. M

    10’ travel surf blanks

    Try these folks. It is my understanding that they can,and will build you whatever you wish. A word of warning however: It will not be cheap! Unless they have rolled one like it in the past.
  680. M

    Identifying rod

    True. It could be one from the late 60s or early 70s. Good call David...
  681. M

    Identifying rod

    If you eliminate the clutter in the background: A) you will have a cleaner car. Your camera is focusing on the Clutter. B) Put the rod on a white towel over a dining room table. The camera can then Focus better on the rod itself. A clear picture of the decal or whatever is written on the rod...
  682. M

    Removing abalone veneer

    Personally,I haven't used the stuff so I am not in a position to answer your question. I will however add that it would be helpful to know what manufacturer made the blank. Some manufacturers advise against using certain solvents as they are known to eat away at the painted finish used on the...
  683. M

    Kayak halibut rods and rainshadow blanks

    "I had a lot of unbridged guides break over the years so i dont use them anymore for my kayak rods."
  684. M

    Stanley Andrews Ram Rod

    Dick Kagarice... ;)
  685. M

    Stanley Andrews Ram Rod

    You are welcome. A chocolate Sabre is is a solid brown color that doesn't necessarily show the sloth pattern in the fiberglass. And it's more of a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate color.
  686. M

    Stanley Andrews Ram Rod

    Does the blank look like this one?
  687. M

    Seeker Blank Identification

    You are welcome.
  688. M

    Seeker Blank Identification

    Just a guess on #2: Musky rod,8'6", extra extra heavy power. Probably rated for 65 to 100 lb line or anywhere between that. And probably up to 12 or 16 oz lures. It's hard to say other than my speculations.
  689. M

    Truline "insight" general knowledge

    Personally... I would fish it.
  690. M

    Question for my Seeker OSP Gurus

    It appears the foregrip on the rod,pictured to the right,it covered with cold shrink. It also appears to overlap with possibly a poor trim job on the end. I could be wrong on that though.
  691. M

    Sabre 670 Psychedelic Rod

    Show the blank and not just the wraps. If it doesn't resemble the ones above,it isn't a psychedelic.
  692. M

    Vintage boat sorta...

    It was in the 70's when I worked on it briefly. The landing issued my checks anyway.
  693. M

    Vintage boat sorta...

    While I don't know what the plans are for the Malihini,I see it as a win-win for H&M. Especially at this time of year. Two boats can equate to less crowding for rockfishing on the drift. That works just as well when the islands or closer offshore type fishing are hopping. The Malihini is an H&M...
  694. M

    New Reef being built off San Clemente

    Personally, i would rather see it created in a minimum of 60 feet of water. 90 might be better...
  695. M

    UC US 76H rod tip guide question

    I read the original,unedited post. My take on it is that he was simply frustrated and looking at remedying the situation himself. As to further bashing of the builder,I wont. Nor will I bash the OP. There are other ways to go about fixing this. Heat and remove tip. Take it to a shop and have it...
  696. M

    Clemens wrapper News ?

    Thank you Don. I couldn't advise him as to the merchantability of Renzetti supports,or anything else,on Clemens lathe sections. I suspected they were though.
  697. M

    Clemens wrapper News ?

    You're welcome, Gilbert.
  698. M

    Clemens wrapper News ?

    The Custom Rodbuilders Guild has a group on FB. They also have a section of Buy/Sell associated with their group. Someone (in Texas,I believe) is making stands and thread carriages. Mostly stuff that fits the ALPS,etc machines. They may do them for the Clemens as well. I happen to know the...
  699. M

    Truline Dynamo tips??

    You are welcome.
  700. M

    Truline Dynamo tips??

    Pictures help. That wording is consistent with how factory Trulines were marked. They were what one would call an IGFA type rod. It should have a detachable handle. The configuration was typically (from butt to tip) gimbal,a section of rubber marked Dynamo,a short section of cork,another rubber...
  701. M

    Rod within a rod

    Perhaps it is simply a short extension of the blank to make the handle a desired or preferred length. Do you have some reason to believe it goes the whole length of the rod?
  702. M

    Clearing Stuff Out...

    The first thing to do is match up the rod sections as best you can. Then make a written inventory. Do some searching on ebay or bamboo rod sites to get an idea of value. Some bamboo sites have a classified section if you want to list them as is. Having your rods restored is costly. Go from there.
  703. M

    Custom Grips???

    I think still sells them. Perhaps crudhole does too.
  704. M

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    Whenever you can get out on the water.
  705. M

    Musky rod for sturgeon

    Whether thick,or thin,what you don't see is wall thickness. What you see in the butt of the rod won't equate to wall thickness throughout the rest of the blank. What matters is the rods fishability. Does it have sufficient backbone? Is the tip flexible and responsive? Sturgeon are notoriously...
  706. M

    Rod ID help

    Yes,they did make rods over 10 ft. I had a 12 ft,two piece Truline surf rod. I sold it through here or eBay some years back. I don't recall where it went. LA area I believe... Based on the components used,my guess is that yours is a very early model. As it was a family treasure find,hang it on a...