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  1. wheresmypliers

    camp Pendleton evacuations

    looks like they just issued a total base evac. any of you boys need a place to put your stuff, come see me. stax up storage 458 e. mission road, san marcos 92069. i'll comp ya a unit till they let you back on base.
  2. wheresmypliers

    fishing jacksonville/camp lejune in november

    gonna be in jacksonville, nc late november early december. anybody got the skinny on whats biting and where? looking online and dont see much in the way of sportfishing other than a few charter services. no sportboats in the area?
  3. wheresmypliers

    Girl Scout troop 4062 Thanks you Bloodydecks!!

    Our Girl Scout troop 4062 wanted to put a huge thank you out to all the special bloodydeckers that helped out our troop with items for our raffle, you helped the girls to raise almost 450.00 to add to our budget to work on our Silver Award. I did not have my camera all night, but I got a couple...
  4. wheresmypliers

    a BIG thank you to Fishermans Landing

    Troop 4062 wants to send a HUGE Thank You to the staff of Fisherman's Landing . They were kind enough to send us a couple passes to put in the raffle basket for our Father/Daughter dance in a couple of days. We know it is hard with such a short notice for such a request and we are very grateful...
  5. wheresmypliers

    girl scout troop 4062 needs help!!

    Hi, We are the wife and daughter of Chad (wheresmypliers). We are the leader and troop member of Girl Scout troop 4062. Our troop is hosting the father/daughter dance for the Escondido area on June 9th, 2012. We are hoping some of you might be able to help us out. We are trying to put together a...
  6. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    and plenty of it LOL. fresh cut eucalyptus, cut fireplace size. the bigger stuff will need to be split but thats your problem. i'm avalible thursday-saturday for pickup. shoot me a pm and i will get you the address. sorry no pics of my wood :finger:
  7. wheresmypliers

    Navionics ap for the iPhone. Anybody use it?

    Looks pretty with some cool features, but is it worth the 10 bucks?
  8. wheresmypliers

    online license: wtf am i doing wrong

    so i get to the part where you pick your license type. individual for a year. i get $38 bucks for the license and $490 bucks for a resource fee. what the hell is that? $520 bucks for a year feels steep to me LOL
  9. wheresmypliers

    anybody fish around mount holly, north carolina?

    gonna be out there for 10 days in may. wondering if anybody had any intel on whats biting that time of the year and what works. never fished east coast fresh water, so it should be an experiance. thanks in advance
  10. wheresmypliers


    from the way i read the regs, any unpowered vessel less than 16 feet needs only a 360 degree white light. red and green nav lights are not required. am i reading that correctly. i've got the 360 light, an led headlamp, flashlight, and horn. am i good to go or am i gonna get ran over...
  11. wheresmypliers


    came across a couple of bags of these, both the sweepers and the hula sweepers. the hulas look like an easy rig, but the regular sweepers are kinda funky. anybody ever use em? how do you rig them?
  12. wheresmypliers

    1/2 dolphin suicidal slime

    jumped on the dolphin for a morning session with 57 other neighbors. grabbed bait and headed for pl. one of my goals this year was to fish the plastics heavy. after pulling up on a basketball sized foam ball, that idea went out the window LOL grabbed the jigstick and went to work. wide open the...
  13. wheresmypliers

    transducer placement?

    putting a new fishfinder in my yak. what i want to do is place it near the scupper behind my seat to protect it. my question is twofold, should i place it fore or aft of the scupper or should i place it closer to the center of the yak. also does the air noise in the scupper disrupt the sounder...
  14. wheresmypliers

    i went fishing today on my kayak...

    and here is what i saw
  15. wheresmypliers

    golf car mechanic

    anybody around escondido do golf car maintainence? i've got a gem e825 that needs new batteries. 6 12volts is to much electricity for me
  16. wheresmypliers

    do you know jack schitt?

    YouTube - The Schitt Family
  17. wheresmypliers


    your clocks back tonight.....i almost forgot. an extra hours sleep...yay
  18. wheresmypliers

    a true patriot

    San Diego Police Officer Killed in Afghanistan <TABLE><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD> Last Update: 10/16 6:05 pm </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> Print Story | Email Story <TABLE class=TextSizeSelect><TBODY><TR vAlign=absbottom><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><SCRIPT...
  19. wheresmypliers

    free dog house

    medium size petmate 2 pc. fits dogs up to 75 pounds. my fucking mutt wont come home so first person to pick it up gets it. there is one black wodow in the corner.....i aint touchin that summabitch. i'm in escondido
  20. wheresmypliers

    tax audit

    The IRS decides to audit Ralph, and summons him to the IRS office. The IRS auditor is not surprised when Ralph shows up with his attorney. The auditor says, 'Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment, which you explain by saying that you win money gambling. I'm not...
  21. wheresmypliers

    why they dont have candid camera in russia

  22. wheresmypliers

    5/16 on the belle

    the kid and i hit the bellle for the day, we picked the right one. weather was beutiful, crew was awesome(deckmother karen was great with trinity), and the fishing was great. first stop resulted in wide open bonies. next few stops got us more bones, some calico and rockfish, and one nice...
  23. wheresmypliers

    mission belle 5/16

    the daughterthing and i are gonna play hookey and take a ride on the belle in the mornin. anybody else ridin? looks like nice weather for tomorrow
  24. wheresmypliers

    where not to stand

    YouTube - Iran-Iraq war accident - where not to stand thats gotta leave a mark LOL
  25. wheresmypliers

    wife training

    Does your horse stand when you mount? i emailed dude with "can you train my wife" LOL
  26. wheresmypliers

    4/13 nlio

    no love in a late 8:00 start. shot up to the power plant for hali's, 2 hours o drift for nada. worked our way back down to the kelp for 1 short ling and a couple o rockfish. 59.4 was the warmest we saw. saw and metered tons o bait so we decided to keep the youngsters happy with an...
  27. wheresmypliers

    freshening up cork handles

    lookin at some of the cork handles on my bass rods and they just look faded. what do you guys use to make them look pretty again?
  28. wheresmypliers


    my lady broke out a section of fence sunday afternoon. my neighbor tried to catch her but she paniced and ran. just hopin you guys up my way could keep an eye out for her. she answers to lady or laddle. she's wearing a red collar with blue tag. i'm way bummed.
  29. wheresmypliers

    now this is how you reload a revolver

    holy shit :daman: YouTube - World's fastest handgun shooter
  30. wheresmypliers


    bunkers are good things LOL YouTube - Paintball Headshot
  31. wheresmypliers


    ohhh boy, fast paced game for sure. im scared......
  32. wheresmypliers

    aquadots recall

    take em away from your kids. the glue in them replicates a date rape drug if swallowed...... Tim Worstall Tabloid Edition: Aquadots Recall
  33. wheresmypliers

    muzzleloading supplies in san diego?

    any decent shops in north county? turners is pretty limited.
  34. wheresmypliers

    in df brittney spears

    :rofl: YouTube - LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!
  35. wheresmypliers

    lunar eclipse

    just about half way now. cant get a better night for it
  36. wheresmypliers

    miss south carolina......

    this is the best non answer i've ever heard LOL YouTube - Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question
  37. wheresmypliers

    lj saturday

    gonna take the nephews outta mb and see what we can see on up to lj. on the water a 05:30. report in two weeks LOL
  38. wheresmypliers


    got knocked the fuck out. bet no one saw that coming. arlovski wins a boring but smart fight. i wouldnt wanna hit the ground with a 3 time bjj champ either LOL
  39. wheresmypliers

    who's up for a sperm count?

    OLD people have problems that you haven't even considered yet: An 85-year-old man was requested by his doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, "Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow." The next day the 85-year-old man...
  40. wheresmypliers

    a babe of the day for saluki

    now thats hot :rofl:
  41. wheresmypliers


    COLTS!!!!!!!!!! that is all :lux:
  42. wheresmypliers

    giant squid on discovery channel

    couple o cool show on the squids right now on the discovery channel
  43. wheresmypliers

    bd'r sighting in escondido

    blue dually parked montview near miller elementry. who dis?
  44. wheresmypliers

    light sticks explained....

    for you guy's hoopin, check out the " heating a lightstick " part Howstuffworks "How Light Sticks Work"
  45. wheresmypliers

    1/2 day 9/30

    gonna take my kiddo out for the mornin half on the dd. anyone else gonna be down that way?
  46. wheresmypliers

    wonder what the babys will look like

    have a few anole's and a big blue belly in the same tank. went to give them water and crickets and found this. looks like the guy on the branch below was green with envy LOL
  47. wheresmypliers

    mission bay closures

    barf enjoy your day at the beach......<TABLE width=435 align=center><TBODY><TR><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  48. wheresmypliers

    google earth

    anybody ever play with this? download it, type in your home address, and enjoy. really cool program
  49. wheresmypliers

    dog attack: not for the faint of heart

    Pack of Dogs Kill 'Gator In Florida .....NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH! It just shows that dogs are not that far removed from wolves...... Vicious Dog Pack kills Gator In Florida Dogs savage everglade alligator. At times nature can be cruel, but there is also a raw beauty, and even a certain...
  50. wheresmypliers

    d.d. afternoon half

    took the old man out for a lil fishin this afternoon. nice light load, aybe 20 people. weather was bitchin.....sunny and warm. spent the day slow pickin on the sculp's and rockfish. saw this bitchin bird really red eyes and the coolest haircut one of my old man. took it kinda far away cuz...
  51. wheresmypliers

    5-9 daily double afternoon half

    gonna take my old man out for his birthday. anybody else gonna be out that way?
  52. wheresmypliers

    ferrari enzo vs mercedes slk

    and there only doin 165 on a public road gunz
  53. wheresmypliers

    top 10 items to take with you

    so after a gaziilon hours working on our project boat, my brother-in-law and i are just about ready to put her in the water. im tryin to make a list of things we should have on board fer sure. any help to keep us from sinkin would be cool LOL
  54. wheresmypliers

    top 10 items to take with you

    EDIT byMikeyLikesIt : I copied this thread here so all you ass-monkeys who wanted to post smart ass remarks wouldnt get your panties in a wad when I edited the original thread........(dont take offense......Im one of those too........) ..........on second thought.........TAKE ALL THE OFFENSE...
  55. wheresmypliers

    4/23 1/2 or 3/4 day?

    anybody goin outta san diego or mission bay? i gotta get out the house.........
  56. wheresmypliers


    looks like they did pretty well
  57. wheresmypliers

    3-20 dolphin 1/2

    wife was sick o lookin at me so she shooed me out. jumped on the afternoon half. really light load, 15 people maybe. it was cold and cloudy, but fun. got a kick watchin capt. chris recruit 2 youngsters to mash up anchovies while there mother looked on on disgust. also got a kick outta watching...
  58. wheresmypliers


    ok im getting ready to spool up my jigstick. normally i use 40# ande. was thinking of going spectra. anybody throw the iron on spectra? straight or with a topshot? if ya do what # ya usin?
  59. wheresmypliers

    red ear sunfish

    found this old pic from 1984. my dad and i were at lake cachuma. all tackle record for these guys is 5 pd 4 oz. this one was damn close.
  60. wheresmypliers

    gulp catchs anything

    it official........the gulp can catch anything.........even an 8 month old akita. bitch ate five bags off of my desk. good thing i like her or wed be goin shark fishin LOL
  61. wheresmypliers

    fix a hole in aluminum

    while working on sanding my skiff project, i found two holes about the size of a pencil eraser. looks like they were filled with sealant and then painted over. any suggestions on sealing them up short of having them welded? cant see takin it to a shop for two small holes......or am i gonna drown LOL
  62. wheresmypliers

    sandcrab cafe in escondido?

    anybody been here? saw they had a special for $.18 a pound on clams, mussels, stone crab or crawfish. 18 crab combo to. just wondering what the food was like
  63. wheresmypliers

    i wanna be like from the zoo

    i got inspired by the zoo photos posted by hooookup. how am i doin so far?
  64. wheresmypliers

    outdoor range in north county

    anyone know of a good outdoor range near escondildo? i know of the indoor ones around this area......but they usaully frown on the black powder.......pussies cant take the smoke LOL
  65. wheresmypliers

    tips for training puppys.

    anyone got any tips for training a puppy not to chew? just got an akita/husky mix a few weeks ago and she chews everything. dogs cute but dumb as a box o rocks!
  66. wheresmypliers

    chopping up an aluminum boat

    so since the fishing was so hot this yearLOL, i went out and bought a 12 foot aluminum can for a winter project. the three seat that are in it are single aluminum pieces. my question is.....if i cut the tops to make storage lockers, am i gonna fuck the hull integrity? any input or smartass...
  67. wheresmypliers

    whitey in lj

    anyone hear about this white shark in lj? what i heard was they found a harbour seal with an 18 inch bite mark in yakkers better keep yer feet in the boat LOL
  68. wheresmypliers

    diablo self storage in escondido

    10% discount on storage unit rental and a free disc lock. just mention bloody decks when you rent.
  69. wheresmypliers