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  1. mowitlow

    O95 day and a half 7-9

    it happens. nice report anyway.
  2. mowitlow

    Ocean odyssey or Sea Adventure 1.5 day?

    The OO is the right choice. Although Capt.Rick can be alittle moody sometimes. but who isn't ?
  3. mowitlow

    Apollo 2-day 9/14-9/16

    still have spots open?
  4. mowitlow

    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    pm me if you do, thanks
  5. mowitlow

    For Sale Fluoro

    hey rob, got my floro. thanks buddy!
  6. mowitlow

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures July 19-22

  7. mowitlow

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

  8. mowitlow

    5/25 Pegasus Bluefin

    i heard thats a great boat!
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  10. mowitlow

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Wow! im amazed it wasn't worse! hope the injured people make it ! .
  11. mowitlow

    Picking a Ride

  12. mowitlow

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    retarded albies taste the same dont they?
  13. mowitlow

    sportboat name changes

    kinda looks like the Poseiden (the old pacificstar)
  14. mowitlow

    Cedros Yellowtail

    wow! were you at cedros outdoor adventures? were going in august for 5 days! cant wait!
  15. mowitlow

    Cedros Sportfishing - 6 days

    good luck and let us know how it goes! me and my buds are going in august for 5 days! cant wait!
  16. mowitlow

    Come join me on the Constitution August 2nd.

    this sounds like its gonna be a good one! wish i could be on this trip! congrats kevin
  17. mowitlow

    Hotels in San Felipe

    el cortez- great bar and nice pool
  18. mowitlow

    PCH Custom - Any Fred Hall Deals?

    i just bought one at fred hall LB in turners booth for $170 i got the PCH C-801MH for throwing iron. cant wait to give it a try!
  19. mowitlow

    SOLD 1988 MAKO 248 BEAUTIFUL SHAPE $9500.00

    my bad i thought you were just finishing up a rebuild and didn't put new motor on it yet! shes a beut!
  20. mowitlow

    For Sale Avet JX, Carnage, TLD, Squidder

    you must be thinking about shipping it? let me know as soon as you can tho. ive got another offer out there pending your decision. thanks
  21. mowitlow

    SOLD 1988 MAKO 248 BEAUTIFUL SHAPE $9500.00

    it looks great! so close to being ready to fish, why you selling?
  22. mowitlow

    JRI and Salas heavy jigs

    jri 66's were 22 bucks ea. at fishermans landing a couple weeks ago!
  23. mowitlow

    PQ Colonet 1/12-1/14

    i was on this trip and Armond was the hot stick! and i agree with him on everything....Gavin is one of the best captains,the crew were super helpful and cool,and johnny keeps everybody well fed and laughing! the only thing you didn't mention was the water was so smooth and nice the whole trip...
  24. mowitlow

    sportboat name changes

    i agree its one of the coolest threads ever! very interesting seeing the history of the boats and the sport we all love! i especially love the old photos!
  25. mowitlow

    sportboat name changes

    the chief was the "big game 90" not too long ago, i believe?
  26. mowitlow


    booked new lo-ann in jan. thanks guys!
  27. mowitlow


  28. mowitlow

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    shes perfect ! should sell fast!
  29. mowitlow


    looks better than new! awsome boat!
  30. mowitlow

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    great report and fish! good job!
  31. mowitlow

    Cortez 1.5 Ultra Limited Load or the Ocean Odyssey 1.5 Limited?

    ive fished both boats several times and both are very good choices!. but my choice would be the cortez! better captain ,CREW, and attitude ! Rambo and the boys are all about catching quality fish! no rats on this boat! plus its rare to find a spot on the cortez, shes chartered much of the time...
  32. mowitlow

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures 8/28 - 9/01/2017

    im trying to get down there in 2018! looks awsome ! thanks for the report.
  33. mowitlow


    what a boat! shes beautiful!
  34. mowitlow

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    money may will win on points in a track meet ! punch and run, punch and run! unfortunately
  35. mowitlow

    1999 Parker 2520

    clean boat! very nice!
  36. mowitlow

    Best SoCAL Offshore Sportboat Captains

    mark o of the pac voyager is the best! rambo hughes on the cortez david ikeda on the endeaver drew and gavin on the queen. aarron barnhill on the shogun they put you on the fish !!
  37. mowitlow

    Seaguar Premier, Power Pro, Owner Pro Packs, Shimano flatfalls/coltsnipers/jerks

    hey glenn, i got my hooks and floro. already! and it only took 2 days! now thats good service! thanks again!
  38. mowitlow


    good chit!
  39. mowitlow

    Potential new LR boat, needs visionary benefactor

    long long range to hawaii or australia.
  40. mowitlow

    Limited Load Pacific Voyager Trips

    we picking bunks now or day of?
  41. mowitlow

    Limited Load Pacific Voyager Trips

    money sent for two for july trip! cant wait!
  42. mowitlow

    Limited Load Pacific Voyager Trips

    just emailed and texted you about june trip. thanks, Ron
  43. mowitlow

    1.5 Day out of SD....which one?

    my favorite boat is the pacific voyager out of seaforth, if you can get on it? pacific queen from fishermans is very good too! great capts and crews on both!
  44. mowitlow

    Whats up with Aztec ??

    sucks, but could've been alot worse!
  45. mowitlow

    San Felipe please help

    take her older sister!
  46. mowitlow

    Legend reputation

    that kinda sounds like shawn! seriously tho shawn and the legend were once "the shit" back in the day! back when arron b, now capt of the shogun, was deck boss ,we caught tons of albies on that boat! i dont know what happened but shawn turned into a real arrogant prick! never fished her again.
  47. mowitlow

    Any Long Rangers who Fished Frontier Lodge in Sitka?

    i fished frontier out of sitka with my dad and bud 3 yrs ago. we went up in august and had a blast! it was my first and only trip to sitka so i cant really compare it to other lodges. we really enjoyed ourselves tho! lodge and guides were great! we caught halibut,black bass,and silvers. no...
  48. mowitlow

    Surface and yo yo irons

    do you ship?paypal?
  49. mowitlow

    San Felipe????

    tons of corvina near san felipe ,but thats about it. if your taking your parker, your probably gonna want to head south for the good stuff!
  50. mowitlow

    Out of oceanside

    cool report! good job!
  51. mowitlow

    CalStar 800m?

    that'll be a perfect 20-30lb rig for live or jigs!
  52. mowitlow

    CalStar 800m?

    thats my "go to" set up also!
  53. mowitlow

    San Felipe Panga Fishing

    2 cycle oil and cheap fillet knives go over big with the guys also!
  54. mowitlow

    Overnight tonight... Dominator, Producer or Tribute?

    tribute would be my choice. and its out of seaforth which is so much easier for parking!
  55. mowitlow

    Islander Seeker Open 8/20-8/23

    great report and great attitude! way to stay positive!
  56. mowitlow

    The Season That Never Was?

    i agree this year hasn't panned out like i hoped it would either........ but theres still time ! thats what i keep telling myself anyway..
  57. mowitlow

    8/12/16 Yellow Tail and Dorado

    thats why it tasted so good!
  58. mowitlow

    San Felipe 7/26/2026...

    nice! we've ridden dirtbikes down that way a few times! its a pretty relaxing area! we've had our place for over 15 yrs and have never had one problem with theft or anything really! we fish with locals on the pongas and slay the covina! its just a great place!
  59. mowitlow

    San Felipe 7/26/2026...

    it looks like your place is north side of town? i have a place on south side just past the el cortez in club de pesca.
  60. mowitlow

    Labor Day 2 Day on the Voyager.

    it should be a blood bath! the voyager finds fish!!
  61. mowitlow

    Voyager Overnight Charter 6/2-6/3

    how many are going and how much?
  62. mowitlow

    WTS Custom Graphiter 700xl $130!!

    will you ship? im in so cal 92252
  63. mowitlow

    Shimano TLD 20 two speed / Curado 300EJ and Marauders

    is curado still available? how about 180 and youll never have to look at it again!
  64. mowitlow


    ive seen boat when you first posted it and thought to myself "why would you sell the perfect fishing boat?" it really does look perfect for what i would want to do with it! but im way too far from the ocean for such a sweet vessel! good luck my man!
  65. mowitlow


  66. mowitlow


    it looks perfect! why you selling? if you dont mind me asking?
  67. mowitlow


    240 for the mxl shipped to so cal?
  68. mowitlow

    I have 0ver 20 Rods and Reels for Sale Shimano Torsa, Tiagra, AVET and Penn

    what are you thinking on one of the torsa 20 and cal star?
  69. mowitlow

    26 ft. Shamrock Pilothouse

    now thats a cool boat!
  70. mowitlow

    Which one of you asshats has a red miata?

    and his galley is in worse shape than his ride!
  71. mowitlow

    My trip to Alaska - Cracker Jack reviews

    very cool trip and report! good job!
  72. mowitlow

    Selling all of my gear... Reels first

    silver avet is a jx isnt it?
  73. mowitlow

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    i deleted that line after thinking about it for a few. i shouldn't have written that after one bad experience. my bad!
  74. mowitlow

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    eclipse out of seaforth is my choice. never been on the grande.
  75. mowitlow


    will you ship?
  76. mowitlow

    Pride O/N 8-16 - yft

    very nice! going out thursday night!
  77. mowitlow

    Ocean Odyssey 8/12/15-8/14/15 1.5 days

    bunk rooms cold on the OO? did they install a/c's recently?
  78. mowitlow

    Ensenada Panga Style! (Finally get to make a report)

    just so you know.......thats no panga in your pics!
  79. mowitlow

    Ocean Oddysey Aug 12 1.5 day

    very good boat and operation,but no a/c in bunk rooms so sometimes it gets a little warm down there.but its clean and has a good layout.
  80. mowitlow


    i would look a little more before settling. just my opinion
  81. mowitlow


    do you still have the BS 970 and will you ship?
  82. mowitlow

    Calstar 700ML

    will you ship it?
  83. mowitlow

    Opening on Vagabond Day

    ive only heard great things about that boat! someones gonna score!!
  84. mowitlow

    Islander or Legend 2 Day trip cant decide

    well that was pretty unanimous!
  85. mowitlow

    Rpt.-Wed. 03-18-15 Tail Limits before 9am.

    sounds like a perfect day! good job!
  86. mowitlow

    pacific voyager this friday 1.5 day 3-20-15

    my wife is pretty hot isn't she?
  87. mowitlow

    pacific voyager this friday 1.5 day 3-20-15

    they are the best! lets go fishing!
  88. mowitlow

    pacific voyager this friday 3-20-15

    it looks like only 5 booked so far ? thats not good! im guessing we need at least 14 to get off the dock?? i'll give mark a call a little later to see what the magic number is for sure?
  89. mowitlow

    pacific voyager this friday 3-20-15

    thanks i hope we go! i think i might have put this in the wrong section too
  90. mowitlow

    pacific voyager this friday 1.5 day 3-20-15

    the pac voyager has a 1.5 day going friday night. theres only 4 booked so far. they are planning to go down to colonett. this is a awsome boat with the a great captain and and a great crew! i dont think anyone knows about the trip and thats why its not filled already! go to and get...
  91. mowitlow

    pacific voyager this friday 3-20-15

    the pac voyager has a 1.5 day going friday night. theres only 4 booked so far. they are planning to go down to colonett. this is a awsome boat with the a great captain and and a great crew! i dont think anyone knows about the trip and thats why its not filled already! go to and get...
  92. mowitlow

    Colnett Boat?

    i love the pacific voyager if you can get on her! mark and the boys, are in my opinion, the best boat and crew of that class .......hands down!! so good its hard to find an open trip!!
  93. mowitlow

    Colnett Boat?

    huge difference in comfort between the two boats,but both aarron on the "gun", or chris on the "chief",they will both put you on the fish!
  94. mowitlow

    Fs saltist 30 black and gold

    good reel for yoyo-ing and flinging iron, i bet!
  95. mowitlow

    shimano torium 16 **sold**

    if u could ship to so cal, i'll do 150. pm me
  96. mowitlow

    Chief 1-1/2 day Collonett Jan 3rd

    yes! hope its the same for this weekends trip! im bringing seven guys with me too!
  97. mowitlow

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    wheres the fuel dock?
  98. mowitlow

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    i like to "heel hookem" when your using bait this big!
  99. mowitlow


    never mind i just seen the no paypal too.
  100. mowitlow


    im in the desert. what if i send u a tube to mail it in?
  101. mowitlow

    1.5 Day This Weekend

    aztec fri nght
  102. mowitlow

    Avet SX, MXL

    color of mxl?
  103. mowitlow

    nathan can you get the cutter inserts for these pliers? or do you know where i can get some...

    nathan can you get the cutter inserts for these pliers? or do you know where i can get some inserts? i tried cutting something really hard and flattened the edges. let me know if you can. thanks Ron
  104. mowitlow

    For all you haters.....mainly cali pukes

    wow one out of thirtyfive or so......... that blows!! enjoy your one and only championship in anything!
  105. mowitlow

    F/S New Custom Calstar Grafighter 700m

    my new 40 lb rod! thanks
  106. mowitlow

    F/S New Custom Calstar Grafighter 700m

    and i can paypal you now
  107. mowitlow

    F/S New Custom Calstar Grafighter 700m

    ship it to me and ill take it for 175. im in 92252. let me know
  108. mowitlow

    nathan did you get my messages? i dont mean to bug,but im lost on this site now. just want to...

    nathan did you get my messages? i dont mean to bug,but im lost on this site now. just want to make sure we're all good with my order of 2 pliers i paid earlier via pay pal.. let me know if you got it please. thanks
  109. mowitlow

    Brand New Aluminum Pliers

    nathan i sent money via pay pal earlier . im going to send you 30 more for a pair for my dad. thanks Ron
  110. mowitlow

    Brand New Aluminum Pliers

    i want some pliers! hit me up and ill send the money asap! thanks Ron
  111. mowitlow

    sportboat name changes

    this is the best thread ive read in a long time! dam i thought i was old......... you guys are ancient!!! good job fellas!!
  112. mowitlow

    Brand New Aluminum Pliers

    i'll take a set if theres more! pm me paypal! thanks
  113. mowitlow

    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29

    great captain and crew!
  114. mowitlow

    San Felipe fishing

    looks flat calm...good day to head to the rock!
  115. mowitlow

    wtb avet mxl 2 speed for my old man.

    im looking for a good deal on a slightly used mxl 2 speed , im gonna give it to my old man for fathers day, color is not that big of a deal. pm me thanks
  116. mowitlow

    Josie Lynn 6 pack Open Party 3/4 May 10

    i suppose 2......daaaah nevermind!
  117. mowitlow

    First String as a long range boat?

    dont forget the apollo out of seaforth! its a quality "mid ranger"!
  118. mowitlow

    Apollo 2.5day 4/4 - 4/7

    ive heard nothing but great things about jodies apollo!
  119. mowitlow

    how is the fishing in San Filipe in May

    i have a house in san felipe. corvina is always biting! we had alot small threaser sharks a couple of years back in may. but mostly corvina. if you go close to shore around the light house theres alot of trigger fish. talk to the panga guys in town on the beach.
  120. mowitlow

    1997 Parker 1801

    awwww the fish i could kill in this thing!
  121. mowitlow

    CHEAP Seeker G670 Black Steel

    pm me if interested in shipping - - - Updated - - - pm me if interested in shipping
  122. mowitlow

    CHEAP Seeker G670 Black Steel

    i'll take it if you can ship it? - - - Updated - -
  123. mowitlow

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    ''when size does matter'' accurate dauntless
  124. mowitlow

    which boat for a 1.5 day this week?

    thanks guys! i have some friends coming in from outta state and they want to go out this week sometime. and i seen these boats still had spots throughout the week. im not sure if im going with them or not.
  125. mowitlow

    which boat for a 1.5 day this week?

    never tried these boats...... which would you ride for a 1.5 day? prowler, the cortez,or the islander. thanks
  126. mowitlow

    Pacific Voyager - 9/1 - 9/4

    that is awsome! great report! im supposed to be on the PV right now dammit!! im sure they're slaying them as we speak!
  127. mowitlow


    i have a place down there and from oct to may its very nice. summers are not! fishing is always good to great! do it!
  128. mowitlow

    Aztec sport fishing

    make plans earlier and get on the pacific voyager! best boat in its class....anywhere! in my opinion.
  129. mowitlow

    WTB Avet SX and jx

    looking to complete my set. i'd prefer blue but quality and price are king.
  130. mowitlow

    Newell s338-5

    so how much for the newell?
  131. mowitlow

    Islander Trip 9/3~9/6

    that was the quick report? great job!
  132. mowitlow

    Pride Overnight Day 08/31/12 (Chom Chomp)

    good job! the pride is a sweet little boat that gets the job done!
  133. mowitlow

    New and used rods

    nice rods!
  134. mowitlow

    pacific voyager does it again!

    ok i guess i dont know how to post the F'n pics! sorry?
  135. mowitlow

    Nice trip to Sitka

    good job! everyone should do sitka at least once in their life! its awsome!
  136. mowitlow

    pacific voyager does it again!

    i didn't even mention all the "Rat Bastards " i fished with..... they all kicked butt and killed some fish! and thanks to Dan for another great charter!
  137. mowitlow

    pacific voyager does it again!

    yeah i know my camera didn't work. some of the other guys took some pics tho. i'll postem if i can get some copies.
  138. mowitlow

    pacific voyager does it again!

    kyle was gonna work our trip but he got an emergency call about a family member that he needed to get home right away for. i hope everything turns out ok for kyle and his! he is definitely a big part of the PV team!
  139. mowitlow

    pacific voyager does it again!

    all i can say is make some space in the freezer! your gonna need it!
  140. mowitlow

    pacific voyager does it again!

    i'll do a quicky report.....i just returned from an awsome 3 day on the pacific voyager last night. mark,todd,matt,charlie and jeff showed why they are the best short to mid range boat in the fleet! they worked their asses off and we loaded up the boat with close to 500 mixed fish! it was a...
  141. mowitlow

    What trip are you booked to go on this season?

    im going on a 3 day'er on the pacific voyager next thursday. i did a 2 day on the same boat about 2 weeks ago. and i might get another 1.5 day or two before the end of the year.
  142. mowitlow

    Royal Star 7 day Rookie trip!

    it will be awsome!! have fun!
  143. mowitlow


    yeah the plan, and how many doughnuts?
  144. mowitlow

    5 day on the Shogun

    great report and bitchin pics! and i agree,Aaron is an awsome captain! one of the best!
  145. mowitlow

    tackle backpack or.....

    im looking for a med size backpack or soft tackle box for offshore fishing. let me know what you got. thanks
  146. mowitlow

    Tackle Box and Tackle Bag

    i want the bag! pmed you.
  147. mowitlow

    GLoomis Pelagic Salwater Series Rod (PSR84-30C) *Brand New

    ok then i'll give you 150 if you ship it to..... it is a great rod tho!
  148. mowitlow

    Calstar 700xl

  149. mowitlow


    anything left?
  150. mowitlow

    Calstar 700xl

    it would be cool if you'd at least answer pms or questions when your online. whatever.
  151. mowitlow

    Calstar 700xl

    would you ship it ? pmed you
  152. mowitlow


    ive fished the legend well over a dozen times and always had decent luck but stopped a couple of years ago when shawn really turned into a prick! or a bigger prick,i should say. he' was always fishy,but i couldn't take his rants anymore! i might have to give the legend another try now tho.
  153. mowitlow

    2.5 Day Pacific Voyager

    im making some phone calls! how many spots do you have left? i'll call you or email
  154. mowitlow

    pac voyager or outerlimits

    if you like the dominator you will love the pac voy! you'll love it,i promise you or plasticslinger will give you your money back! right mikey? have fun boys!
  155. mowitlow

    pac voyager or outerlimits

    absolutely no question....the pacific voyager! ive fished all the boats out of seaforth and the pac voy is by far the best!! seriously!!
  156. mowitlow

    1.5 Day Trip Aboard Legend (Saturday, 1/14)

    was the captain the owner? cuz if he was,that explains everything. ive fished the legend probably 15 times in the past 10 years and shauns a complete asshole! the best thing about the legend was arron. im glad he made the move! the legend isnt what she used to be!!
  157. mowitlow

    INDIAN 2day Carnage at Colonett 12/17-18

    great report Ron! it was a blast! i was there with my dad ,brother in law,and mike. i dont think ive ever had such perfect conditions!and a week before christmas! and captain Randle and the indiam crew are the best!
  158. mowitlow

    Indian Capt Randels freezer special 2 day trip 12/17/2011

    last trip of the year!! i got 4 going. i think theres 15 as of yesterday. it looks like we might get alittle rain tho. as long as the wind doesn't kick up,we'll be fine!
  159. mowitlow

    Avet MXJ Single

    mxj sold to me. unless your throwing in a rod too? thanks
  160. mowitlow

    Avet MXJ Single

    money sent! thanks
  161. mowitlow

    Avet MXJ Single

    what color?
  162. mowitlow

    Calstar, Seeker, Shimano, and Newell

    hey any pics of the JG 6470? thanks
  163. mowitlow

    Legend... Has anyone on here ever fished it.

    ive fished the legend probably 20 times. its a great boat and crew if arron is at wheel. if shawns on board everybodies on edge. the crew,the cook,along with all the fishermen. lets just say..... shawn can be alittle too fishy sometime!
  164. mowitlow


    i'd take the pac voyager everytime!
  165. mowitlow


    got anymore pics? thanks
  166. mowitlow

    Limits on YT

    great job! did you leave a few out there? going tonight on that 4 day!!
  167. mowitlow

    Super spur of the moment 4 day on Pacific Voyager Oct.1-4th

    this is the trip i really wanted to go on! i love this boat! i cant get the little woman to agree to the 860.00 tho. is there any wiggle room on the price?? let me know.... thanks
  168. mowitlow

    El Capitan 9/23-9/25 Full speed tuna

    great trip and report! they have a 2.5 leaving this thurs.
  169. mowitlow

    what boat for 1.5 day this saturday?

    thanks cristin thats good enough for me! im going on the O.O. hey good luck tomorrow!
  170. mowitlow

    what boat for 1.5 day this saturday?

    which boat would you take the prowler or the ocean odyssey? i've never been on either. thanks
  171. mowitlow

    BFT go stupid 160mi down

    good job kris! go get-em!
  172. mowitlow

    Electric Polarized sunglasses (brand new)

    john you got all the good stuff! did you own a tackle shop or something? well whatever your doing ......keep it up brother!
  173. mowitlow

    On the Cortez

    good job! thanks
  174. mowitlow

    Salas Jigs For Sale

    i'll take a couple. pmed you.
  175. mowitlow

    Still going!!! BFT gone wild

    so if i can just win a little in vegas the next few days........ then when i get back this weekend i can jump on boat to finish up my vacation!! yeah cuz i always win in vegas! i better plan for next year.
  176. mowitlow

    WTF!!! Where are the Albacore this year?

    whats a albacore? i think they became extinct a couple of years ago. in so cal/N baja anyway. i keep hearing ....."they'll be back". i know they will too,i just wish they would hurry-the fuck- up! so welcome to our world boys!
  177. mowitlow

    Daiwa salstits 2speed 40 vs. avet jx 6/3

    i have and use both. i like my avets best tho! and i agree with others......they are pretty much bulletproof. and made in the usa is always cool!
  178. mowitlow

    choice of two boats....

    ive never been on the prowler but the new lo-an always seems to find fish!
  179. mowitlow

    INDIAN 1-1/2 TRIP SPECIAL 8/17-18/2011

    hmmmm...... i wonder if my wife would be upset if i changed our vegas plans next week and went fishing insstead? she'll have another birthday next year,right?
  180. mowitlow

    My first 7 Day! What Boat for a First Timer?

    What about the royalstar or the vagabond?
  181. mowitlow

    avet MXL and Torium 30

    hey jerr i caught a couple of big ole YTs on a couple of the jigs i bought from you earlier this year. maybe you got rid of them too soon..... it looks like they still have a few more left in them! anyway it was a great deal! thanks again brother
  182. mowitlow

    Indian, Top Gun 80, or Sea Adventure 80

    the indian would be my choice. great captain and a great crew!
  183. mowitlow

    Rods - Seeker and Calstars

    nice rods! your too far away for me tho. good luck.
  184. mowitlow

    7-Day Independence Trip - Alijos/Cedros/Offshore

    great report! i have to do a long range in the near future!
  185. mowitlow

    39 bluefin today

    best news i've heard in along time! hopefully the long-fins are close behind!
  186. mowitlow

    Prayers Needed For Mike Metzger...

    i just read the update.... right on! that is great news!! good luck buddy!
  187. mowitlow

    Indian 1-1/2 day report Cortes bank

    he's a semi retired welder from the desert out near indio. he's a good friend of my dad.(and me) i've known him since i was a kid,about thirty years. the dudes into killing fish and he's dam good at it!
  188. mowitlow

    Indian 1-1/2 day report Cortes bank

    i think we did the best we could with the conditions we had out there. plus i finally got a chance to get mike and my dad out on the indian. they were impressed..... so you'll be seeing the three of us very soon! and yes we did make mike share that confused halibut with us!
  189. mowitlow

    Indian 1.5 day report

    do a trip or two, im sure the business would be geatly appreciated. and alot of the guys i've talked to say they think this year is a month or so behind from typical years and we should see the real start of the tuna season very soon.. i hope they're right. there were alot of big time sport...
  190. mowitlow

    Indian 1.5 day report

    my dad and buddy mike and i just got back this morning from a 1.5 day on the indian. we couldnt pass up the great offer they anounced thursday for BD'ers. it was a great deal ...3 for the price of 2 and all meals included! it was alittle tough out at the cortez bank saturday when we arrived we...
  191. mowitlow

    Indian 1-1/2 day Bloody Decks specials

    what a deal! we 're in! see you this afternoon can you reserve the presidential suite for the cressy party of three? ha
  192. mowitlow

    2-day Pacific Voyager

    captain mark and his boys rock!
  193. mowitlow

    Salas jigs up for sale......

    1-6x scrambled 1-6x mint 1-6x jr scrambled how much for the three shipped to palm springs area. thanks
  194. mowitlow

    shimano tld 20 2speed

    some good deals!
  195. mowitlow

    brand new mxl raptor

    people that ask what color will be ignored also.
  196. mowitlow


    thats why he's one of the best!
  197. mowitlow

    1.5 Dayer on the Relentless

    yeah it was joel,i think. cool dude with lots of tats. he is the owner/capt.right? we really didn't see much of him at all. i think he was alittle stressed! he was certainly determind to find tuna!!! we sure burned ALOT of fuel looking for the little bastards, i know that!
  198. mowitlow

    1.5 Dayer on the Relentless

    just got back home this morning from "one of those long boat rides"! we were down about 60 miles or so,were a couple of boats had some success the previous 2 days. we had high hopes for BFs but they just werent there. we seen a couple of areas birds were working but the BFs would spook as...
  199. mowitlow

    Calstar rods must sell

    can i see pics of both of the 700's please. thanks [email protected]
  200. mowitlow

    citica for sale $45

    if "pending" falls through....let me know.
  201. mowitlow

    ryan dunn of jackass!

    that sucks ass! RIP bro.
  202. mowitlow

    Great Deal ends in 2 days

    ....with my big game reels and my boy who looks like a young john travolta! stay thirsty my friend!
  203. mowitlow

    Calstar,Seeker,Penn rods for sale

    lax is the wrong direction....i need you to go east my man! i'll hit you up in a week or so to pick up the 970. thanks mike. Ron
  204. mowitlow

    6/11/11 - Sea Adventure 1.5 day trip

    seems like a good trip to me! and nice "flattie"! my wife and kids actually like the bottom critters better than yt's and tuna. good stuff!
  205. mowitlow

    Seeker Penn St Croix Shimano

    you have any pics of the repaired tip on that 270?
  206. mowitlow

    Tons of jigs and tackle for sale

    i better just jump in before they are all gone...just in case! if they're still available,i'll take the salas 6x scrambled and candy bar squid. and i'll take the shimano butterfly blue and wt. 20 plus shipping to palm springs area let me know if its a deal brother. thanks
  207. mowitlow

    Tons of jigs and tackle for sale

    kimbo has the list been updated recently? is the stuff listed still for sale? thanks
  208. mowitlow

    Anyone else going on the Royal Star on Sunday 6/12

    if you can you stow me away in a big gear bag or something,i'd love to go!
  209. mowitlow


    sweet little cat! looks ready!
  210. mowitlow

    Extremely light load 8 day on the Red Rooster III

    i would love to jump on that trip but,im marrying off the first of my 4 daughters this weekend. wow, weddings are expensive!! so i should have some "long-range" money in about ..... 10-15 years yrs!
  211. mowitlow


    since you dont want to ship.....any trips to havasu or the river planned? im on the way!
  212. mowitlow

    Pacific star??

    good boat. capt.mike will get you fish. i've only fished her out of seaforth tho. have fun brother!
  213. mowitlow


    ship it and i'll buy it.
  214. mowitlow

    San Diego long range trips

    over a month of long-ranging!! you suck! and im jealous!
  215. mowitlow

    Calstar Grafighters

    no paypal or shipping huh? im out in palm springs....dam! ive been looking for a 700ml
  216. mowitlow

    pacific voyager found some!

    i guess my batteries in my camera were almost dead,cuz the pics kinda suck. and im not to sure how to download them either. i'll try again around lunch. one more thing about the trip..... mark was absolutely gitty about how much yellowtail were out there! he kept saying "i cant believe how many...
  217. mowitlow

    pacific voyager found some!

    i hooked 3 and landed 1 pig. my first hook up my new reel just about fell off! so when i straightend it up i got a little slack in the line and thats all it took. daaaah! my third hookup just pulled free near the boat.nothing i could do yeah i talked to kyle and his boy a bit.they were the first...
  218. mowitlow

    pacific voyager found some!

    also we were the only san diego boat down there. there were 2 other small boats in the area.probably from ensenada. they followed us around much of the morning. but other than that, it was only us. i've never threw so much iron in my life tho! im a little sore,i hate to admit. and its always...
  219. mowitlow

    pacific voyager found some!

    took a 1.5 day trip on the pacific voyager this weekend and we had blast! it was our first trip with capt. mark and his crew and we were very impressed! i really enjoyed the captains attitude and desire to not only find us some fish,but he was determined for us to catch our share. it was...
  220. mowitlow

    Shimano Stradic 8000 spining reel

    if that first guy doesn't come through i'll do 70 and pick it up. i can pay pal right now too!
  221. mowitlow

    Shimano Stradic 8000 spining reel

    if its not sold,i'll take it!
  222. mowitlow

    Seeker Black Steel G670-7 Xlnt Cond!

    done deal? if not pm me. thanks
  223. mowitlow

    Avet Sx 5.3 Blue CLEAN! $100

    did someone grab this yet?
  224. mowitlow


    wow! is this the old stuff??
  225. mowitlow

    Anyone ever fish The Indian out of H&M...

    great boat,great crew,and great captain. you'll have fun whether there biting or not! i'll be taking another trip on the indian very soon....... "isn't that right honey"? i like to do about a 100 depending on how much my galley tab is. just do what you can on the tip,but i wouldn't go less...
  226. mowitlow

    Daiwa Saltist LD 20 H

    got it already ed. what took it so long? it took like 12 hrs. i love that kind of shipping! its very nice! thanks man
  227. mowitlow

    Daiwa Saltist LD 20 H

    dahhhhhh! i sent it to your pm. thanks
  228. mowitlow

    Daiwa Saltist LD 20 H

    ed money is in your acct so its sold! thanks
  229. mowitlow

    Daiwa Saltist LD 20 H

    ed, you didn't sell my "b-day" gift to myself,did you?
  230. mowitlow

    Daiwa Saltist LD 20 H

    pm'ed you bud.
  231. mowitlow

    What's your Avet MXL on?

    my mxl is on my new calstar 270h. i haven't used it yet,but it sure looks good!
  232. mowitlow

    handle for my old jx

    where can i get a new style handle for my old jx? if its even possible? thanks
  233. mowitlow

    Accurage 870 2-speed & Accurate BX-400N SE

    dave, i love the calstar rod i picked up sunday morning. its in great shape and i cant wait to put it use. thanks again buddy.
  234. mowitlow

    Tropic Star Lodge Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec 16th, 2010

    1.when size DOES matter! 2.we got color! on!
  235. mowitlow

    Am I supposed to do something first?

    it depends.....what color is it?
  236. mowitlow

    avet jx 4.1

    pmed you
  237. mowitlow

    San Felipe......Tips Please

    oh yeah the fishermen will usually find you! and if they dont go to the beach in the middle of town. thats where they hang out.
  238. mowitlow

    San Felipe......Tips Please

    i have a little house in town at club de pesca.we've had it for 15 yrs or so. most of the panga guys will have tackle for you. crappy tackle but it works. it will cost you about 25-40 dollars each and you'll probably be targeting small to mid size corvina.thats what most of the guys will look...
  239. mowitlow

    2007 Fountain 25cc

    sweet killa! i want one just like it....someday!
  240. mowitlow

    Avet JX 6/3 MC silver

    dam gary,you have alot of sweet gear!! and its all new! im jealous.
  241. mowitlow

    Avet SX 5.3 MC blue

    gary pmed you.
  242. mowitlow

    Green Seekers

    any pics?
  243. mowitlow

    Mexican Navy 10/01

    mexico has a navy?
  244. mowitlow

    whats the difference between a mxl and a mxj 2spds.?

    what is the difference between the two models? i looked on my mxj's manual were it lists the specs and i dont see any diff. i thought it was drag strength,but im not sure. thanks
  245. mowitlow

    Avet 2 speed 6/4 reel silver

    a 2 speed what? what model?
  246. mowitlow

    SEARCHER 3day San Benitos

    DAM! sounds like one of the better trips of the season!! good job boys.
  247. mowitlow

    Six pack?

    check they have alot of boats advertise from all of so. cal navy seals are some of the baddest dudes on the planet, and true american heros! we owe these guys so much! i'd take em for free if i had a boat.
  248. mowitlow

    Bertram 37 Custom Sportfish

    very nice fish killer!!
  249. mowitlow

    Avet JX 6/3 Blue

    whew,thanks. thats why i got confused i bought the mxj this morning.
  250. mowitlow

    Avet MXJ two speed

    money sent for my new toy! thanks
  251. mowitlow

    legs going numb/back sore

    disk problems bro,go to the doc. sucks getting old!.
  252. mowitlow

    Avet JX 6/3 Blue

    is avet still for sale? i thought i seen this for 225.00? thanks
  253. mowitlow

    Avet MXJ two speed

    pm'ed you.
  254. mowitlow

    Excel December 26th, 10-Day Trip

    i keep trying to convince my wife what a great gift a 10 dayer would be.... shes not buying it tho. i bet it'll be awsome! someday,someday.
  255. mowitlow

    SD worse fishing on the west coast right now?

    im hoping for a late season of albies and tuna. if not,there's always next year. by the way,golf might not be your best bet if you have high expectations of success! it can be very humbling sometimes........kinda like fishing!
  256. mowitlow

    1st Time Ever!!!!!

    look at those smiling faces..... those kids will remember that trip for the rest of their lives! its got to make mom and dad feel good too knowing the boys had such a great time with grandpa! good job gramps! and great post dave!
  257. mowitlow

    Dang I forgot to put the trailer in the parking lot

    wow,i thought i was the only one who got that excited about fishing! i wonder if alcohol had anything to do with there parking selection?
  258. mowitlow

    Shimano TrinidaD 20

    how about selling it on an impulse for 200 ? yeah,i didnt think so. great reel at a nice price. goodluck
  259. mowitlow

    Avet JX 4.1:1

    hey dan i pm'ed you bud.
  260. mowitlow

    Pacific Queen, Aztec, Holiday, or New Lo-an?

    one more thing ...i know its not on the list but the indian out of h&m catches fish! great crew and captain.
  261. mowitlow

    Pacific Queen, Aztec, Holiday, or New Lo-an?

    those are all great boats. i like seaforth tho. the parking is so ez and free! so i'd vote aztec,eqlipse,or pacific star.
  262. mowitlow

    Shimano trinidad 40 reel

    sa weet deal! i used one over fathers day to yank on some huge yellows! it was perfect. and i wish it was mine. ha.....for whatever thats worth!
  263. mowitlow

    Iron Manufacturer Favorite

    salas and tady's work for me. and when they're really biting doesnt matter a bit who made it!
  264. mowitlow

    Calstar Grafighter Blank 760L 6'

    is the drawing to scale?
  265. mowitlow

    ***IRONS & PLASTICS***

    why you selling all your gear? you going gay or what?
  266. mowitlow

    Seeker 196H-8'CT Perfect Albie rod

    crap,i thought this was a new post. you cant ship it,huh? Ron
  267. mowitlow

    Seeker 196H-8'CT Perfect Albie rod

    hey Brian im interested but cant make it to rivercity this weekend. any other ideas? when you head back to do you go? im in the yucca valley/palm springs area. thanks bud, Ron
  268. mowitlow

    Fathers day yellows wide open

    saturday's ride was so bad i thought i'd want alittle break....... i don't! we should make it an annual event! it ended up being alot of fun. hey skip do you know the last names of a couple of guys on the trip,steve and robert? you remember robert, the loud,but funny guy. i shared a room with...
  269. mowitlow

    Legend vs Pac Star vs Aztec?

    ive been on the legend probably 10-12 times over the past 10 years and for most of those years the legend was a fish killer! always at or near the top of the fleet! so everybody could overlook shawns little tissy fits! i always heard its ok cuz..."he just wants to catch fish" thats all cool,but...
  270. mowitlow

    2.5 Day Indian 6-18-20

    we should all do it again next fathers day. good boat,good crew,and a bunch of great guys! im in!
  271. mowitlow


    skip explained it nicely and i agree with everything he said. saturday was brutal!!"deadliest catch" stuff! without the ice anyway. a great capt.and a great crew and a bunch of good guys and lots of big yellowtail!! it was a terrific fathers day! and the other BD'ers on the trip were excellant...
  272. mowitlow


    right on boys.....advice taken and i'll see some of you guys at the dock tomorrow. "its gonna be a blood bath"! thanks, Ron
  273. mowitlow

    2.5 dayer should get us to the tuna,right?

    hey ned what does that mean anyway?
  274. mowitlow

    2.5 dayer should get us to the tuna,right?

    its not that im unconfident.... im just looking for reassurement,i guess. and kris,i'll be the old white guy with a big grin on his face! kris have you been on the indian before?
  275. mowitlow

    2.5 dayer should get us to the tuna,right?

    going on the indian tomorrow night for 2.5 days and im stoked! we should get down to the tuna shouldn't we? i mean the biting tuna anyway. i sure hope so! and the indian is a great boat,i've heard....... so we should catch some fish....right? if you disagree with any of this stuff.... just lie...
  276. mowitlow


    thanks guys. hopefully the 2.5 dayer should put us right in the middle of the bluefin that are headed north. thats what im hoping anyway. ive never been on the indian before, but have only heard good things about the boat and crew. im all fired up about this trip!!
  277. mowitlow


    going tomorrow night! im so excited to be going longer than my typical 1.5 dayers. im not sure what gear to bring tho. i really only have a 2-30# and a 40# setup. will i need a trolling rig? and trolling gear? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  278. mowitlow

    Party Boat Recommendations

    the "Legend" out of seaforth catches fish. and seaforth is the best for several reasons.
  279. mowitlow

    Ensenada 6-7-2010 - Lower 500

    i love capt louies reports! they always get me all fired up and sweaty! keep up the great work louie.
  280. mowitlow

    Calstars, avet, accurate

    any pics? thanks
  281. mowitlow

    Shimano Trinidad and Torsa reels

    pics of the saltists available?or how about pics of reels that are still up for sale? thanks bud
  282. mowitlow


    pics if you got'em. thanks
  283. mowitlow

    calstar/ss seeker avet combos. the whioe lot!!!!

    sweet rigs!! and this is your old stuff?? i am so under-gunned!
  284. mowitlow

    RIP Ronnie James Dio

    santa monica civic 1982 he opened up with the commit "i'll rot in hell with all of you!" i sure hope not ronnie. rest in peace bud!
  285. mowitlow

    offshore fishing is a disease!

    well if i got to be sick,its good to know im not alone! now if i can only convince my wife that the cure for this affliction can only be found 500 miles south of the border on some little rocky islands! yeah i'm sure i'd be sicker than ever when i finally get down there, but she doesn't need to...
  286. mowitlow

    offshore fishing is a disease!

    i've fished for tuna out of san diego for about 12 yrs. once or twice a was fun but no big deal. but the past 2 years,i dont know what the hell happened,but i cant hardly think of anything else but offshore fishing! its crazy!! im either looking at boat schedules,checking ebay for...
  287. mowitlow

    where the F is that??

    thanks guys. i love this site!
  288. mowitlow

    where the F is that??

    is there a place to get a map of some the "hotspots"that the 1 day through say 8 day boats out of San D visit? i'm always reading about this "ridge" or that "bank"and im just curious on where they're talking about. thanks
  289. mowitlow

    alittle help on ensenada fishing....

    thanks for the all info. boys! good stuff!! hey arturo thanks for the invite buddy,but i need at least a day or two to work on the wife! i appreciate it tho!
  290. mowitlow

    alittle help on ensenada fishing....

    my dad and i and a couple of buds want to go albie/tuna fishing and were thinking we could get a good deal if we drove to ensenadas and hooked up with some local fishermen. does anyone have any advice or suggestions for us?there would be 3 or 4 of us going.what could we expect to spend on the...
  291. mowitlow

    Avet SX MC 2 Speed (Blue)

    my wife would kill me,but i got 200 if you get desperate. let me know