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  1. Coho1

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Found a couple today in area 10...
  2. Coho1

    Area 10 action...

    Made a couple trips out to area 10 for silvers this week. Action was pretty steady both days with a couple doubles and one silver taking the ace-hi right off the surface as I was hooking it to the downrigger to send it down. The average size is definitely improving daily. Off the water by 10am...
  3. Coho1

    4th @ Sekiu

    Just got back from 3 days up there. Amazing fishing. Arrived Thursday night and launched the boat, picked up 2 nice kings after an hour of fishing. Got on the water Friday morning just after sun-up and had limits but 8:30 with several wilds released. Fished this morning from 4:30-9am and picked...
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    Samsung stainless oven

    30” wide, 26” deep
  5. Coho1

    Samsung stainless oven

    Wife wants a new oven so getting rid of this one. Only a couple years old and everything works fine....not really sure why she wants to get rid of it. $400/OBO
  6. Coho1

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Love it! Fast retrieve and smooth drag
  7. Coho1

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Hit it again this morning. Limits by 8am. Best action just south of yellow can.
  8. Coho1

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Most are 2-4lbs.
  9. Coho1

    A10 - Week of 6/15

    Fished out in the shipping lanes at Jeff head this morning. Launched at 6 and done by 9. 45-55ft on the downriggers.
  10. Coho1

    18’ Wellcraft Center Console

    Somebody must need a puget sound or hood canal boat....
  11. Coho1

    Send bail money...

    Hopefully we can go fishin soon
  12. Coho1

    18’ Wellcraft Center Console

    No, my buddy has had this boat for several years
  13. Coho1

    18’ Wellcraft Center Console

    I just called my buddy and he will end me some better pics. I will add them soon
  14. Coho1

    18’ Wellcraft Center Console

    Posting for a buddy...18’ Wellcraft Center console, 90hp evinrude main, 9.9hp Honda kicker with less than 100 hours. 2 cannon downriggers, 5”gps/ff. Clean boat, trailer does have some rust but doesn’t appear to be rusted through. $5500/OBO
  15. Coho1

    WTB G LoomisGL2 1084c

    Looking for a G Loomis 1084C if anyone has one they want to get rid of. Thanks
  16. Coho1

    Everstar portable air conditioning unit

    Everstar AC unit. Moved to a new house and no longer need it. Still in great shape and have vents to a window. Have all parts. Bought a few years ago for $400. Will sell for $300 OBO
  17. Coho1

    Shrimp pots

    Got a buddy who is looking for some shrimp pots if anybody wants to get rid of some. Thanks
  18. Coho1

    Crabbing Kingston

    Just a reminder...they took the docks out at Salsbury launch for the winter. You can still launch but not as easy and the tide can rip through there pretty good.
  19. Coho1

    Yamaha Outboard Dealers in NW Washington

    West side marine in Port Townsend. Great guys to deal with and good techs
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    Smoked salmon processor

    Crimson cove in Poulsbo makes great smoked salmon. 5 different recipes you can choose from and comes back every piece commercially vacuum sealed.
  21. Coho1

    Edmonds Coho Derby

    Fished the Edmonds oil docks to the ferry area and picked up 2 at first light and then the bite just shut off for most everyone. I blame it on the weather change. Limited out the last 3 days in a row before today.
  22. Coho1

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    I’m in! Should be interesting. Not many big silvers around yet...
  23. Coho1

    Where is the hotspot for Silvers and Humpies in Area 10 & 11

    Took a couple buddies this morning, picked up 3 pretty quick then had to work for the last 3. Released a pink and lost a couple good fish. Ready for the derby tomorrow!
  24. Coho1

    Where is the hotspot for Silvers and Humpies in Area 10 & 11

    Looks like the pinks have moved into the rivers. Picked up these 4 silvers in area 10 in an hr and a half this morning and never touched a pink.
  25. Coho1

    Where is the hotspot for Silvers and Humpies in Area 10 & 11

    Edmonds, West Point and Kingston area has been very consistent the last week.
  26. Coho1

    Edmonds salmon

    Hit it again this morning and it seemed like a lot less pinks and more silvers in the mix...
  27. Coho1

    Edmonds salmon

    Yep! He caught several. Loved it.
  28. Coho1

    Edmonds salmon

    Took the wife, nephew and a buddy out for salmon this morning off Edmonds. Nephew has never caught a salmon so that was the main goal. Started trolling at the oil docks and trolled with the tide. Non-stop action...finished with 4 pinks and 4 silvers. Even the pup was ready to get in on the...
  29. Coho1

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    It’s been great last 2 days at possession and apple tree point. We hooked 5 kings each day and got a hatchery silver about 5 lbs. released 3 big wild kings. Don’t be afraid to go deep. Picked up 3 of the kings with 175ft of cable out or more. Most caught on plugs
  30. Coho1

    Area 9 opener

    Ventured out to area 9 this morning with about 400 other boats. Picked up a nice clipped fish that ended up being a white king. Released 2 more wild fish and found a clipped silver at 110ft of wire.
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    WTB Snow Skis

    Sent you a message
  32. Coho1

    Free little Chief Smoker

    little chief smoker, 3 racks, and wood chip pan. Works fine just don’t use it. Free
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    2019 is starting out pretty good!

    Floated the river after 3 hours of sleep and it paid off!
  34. Coho1

    Quick Edmonds trip

    Hit Edmonds again this morning. Started at 630 and had 3 fish in the boat in an hour. Took another 3 hours to lose a nice one at the boat and finally get the final fish about 8 lbs
  35. Coho1

    Quick Edmonds trip

    Went back out this morning and bonked 4 more
  36. Coho1

    Quick Edmonds trip

    Picked up my daughter after school and she says let’s go fish for a little bit. How can I say no to that? Pack the boat and head to Kingston launch. Head over to Edmonds area and drop the gear, 15 minutes later rod goes off and she gets it to the boat. Set the gear again and 10 minutes later the...
  37. Coho1

    Oil docks

    They have been out there several days in the last week
  38. Coho1

    Easy limits this morning

    Green spatterback hoochies with a strip of herring
  39. Coho1

    Easy limits this morning

    Brett, I’ve been fishing mostly from meadow point north to the Edmonds marina area. I love my Hewes, handles great in rough water. Fished the derby this weekend and had plenty of room to move around with 4 guys on board
  40. Coho1

    Easy limits this morning

    A friend and I hit area 10 this morning and caught quick limits. 450-550ft of water, 55-70ft off the downriggers. Marked a lot of fish out there. This rain must be bringing them in. Saw another boat release a nice king at first light.
  41. Coho1

    MA 10 silvers

    Ya, the bite was definitely slower today and yesterday, probably due to the commercial netting in front of Edmonds the last 2 days. They weren’t out there today so hopefully it will pick back up.
  42. Coho1

    MA 10 silvers

    Only 2 for us today for the Edmonds derby
  43. Coho1

    MA 10 silvers

    Got a late start after dropping daughter off at school and getting the boat ready but it paid off! Launched around 11 and back by 230 with 4 decent silvers and lost a couple. Will be back out there tomorrow to repeat and get ready for the derby on Saturday.
  44. Coho1

    Straits kings

    Great day In area 6 yesterday. Fished from 11-430. Caught 2 keepers and released 3 wild fish. Find the bait, find the fish. They were both loaded with candlefish
  45. Coho1

    Easy limits!

    Last day of shrimping and it was easy limits. 4 people on board and first pot had 315! Had to dump the rest.
  46. Coho1

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    Area10 was a little lumpy heading out this morning but limits of shrimp were quick and easy.
  47. Coho1

    G Loomis IMX 2 wt flyrod and 4piece GL3 with STH reel

    G Loomis IMX 2 wt 2piece flyrod with STH reel and travel case. G Loomis GL3 5wt 4 pc with STH reel and travel case. Both excellent condition. 250$ each
  48. Coho1

    Scotty depthpower 1106

    Scotty electric downrigger with extendable boom. And swivel base. 350$ Located in Poulsbo. Selling for a friend.
  49. Coho1

    Browning 300WSM

  50. Coho1

    Browning 300WSM

    Browning stainless stalker W/ boss system 300WSM, comes with a redfield widefield 3-10x50 scope. $775
  51. Coho1

    Another nice morning at Westpoint

    Fished Edmonds this morning from about 645 to 11. Landed 4 wild all over 8 lbs but couldn't find a hatchery fish! Only saw one other fish landed
  52. Coho1

    Area 10

    One wild released and 1 small shaker
  53. Coho1

    Area 10

    Fished area 10 this morning from 6:45 to 8AM. Non-stop action!
  54. Coho1


    A slow morning turned into a great afternoon! Ended up with 4!
  55. Coho1

    Diamond Triumph bow

    Bow is sold
  56. Coho1

    Diamond Triumph bow

    Draw is adjustable to 31" I believe, set at 28 1/2 now, tru-glo 5 pin sight, set at 60 lb right now, release and bow case included.
  57. Coho1

    Diamond Triumph bow

    selling a Diamond Triumph bow, tru glo 5 pin sight, set at 28 1/2 inch draw right now I believe. Release and bow case included. No longer bow hunt. $300
  58. Coho1

    16.3 Hewescraft

    Still for sale
  59. Coho1

    16.3 Hewescraft

  60. Coho1

    16.3 Hewescraft

  61. Coho1

    Special Permit results are up

    Manastash cow tag for muzzle
  62. Coho1

    Tanacum 1000

    Also interested, pics?
  63. Coho1

    Billy Nik Derby Feb 13th Hood Canal

    Any results from the derby?
  64. Coho1

    Need river report

    Make coot, we left the boat at home and hit the bank below rich wine. There was a lot of debris floating by. All the fish hit within 20 feet of shore. A lot of people were wading out past where the fish were coming up.
  65. Coho1

    Need river report

    We hit the quillayute on Sunday and got 7 silvers. Very slow in the morning til about an hour before high tide.
  66. Coho1

    A9 coho

    Fished Edmonds this morning. Hooked 4 landed 2. Not many nets flying
  67. Coho1

    Neah Bay super opener

    We fished for kings a few years ago when it was open on a late halibut opener and stopped around Umatilla on the way back in from the halibut grounds. We ended up getting 3 kings in the mid to upper teens and lost one. All at around 175' on the downriggers. Was a great day, limits of hali and...
  68. Coho1

    looking for new pup. springer spaniel

    Sent ya a msg
  69. Coho1

    Westport with a side of awesome

    Very cool video! Thats a good couple days!
  70. Coho1

    Driftboat for sale - sold

    Phone #????
  71. Coho1

    Nikon laser range finder 550

    Ended up getting 2 Rangefinders for xmas. Selling a Nikon Pro Staff 550 laser Rangefinder. Never been used, sell for $200.
  72. Coho1


    Nice job Greg! One more tag to fill!
  73. Coho1

    2012 Ocean Salmon options in Area 2 poll

    Greg, I think the solution is you just need to get a bigger boat! Makes your chances of hitting good weather better.:rofl:
  74. Coho1

    Sol Duc OR Hoh River intel?

    They were stacked up about 1/4 mile below Richwine. I know when we left that hole they were rolling everywhere. I did see a few small schools shoot up through the fast water but not many people hooking fish off the bar. Talked to another guy that put in at Lyendecker and caught a couple nice...
  75. Coho1

    Sol Duc OR Hoh River intel?

    Fished the Quillayute from Richwine down with a couple friends on Saturday. River was full of fish. We ended up catching 1 king and 9 silvers and lost about 8-10 more. Casting blue fox spinners was the ticket. the afternoon brought lots of fish in.
  76. Coho1

    Ilwaco Tuna

    Im sure there will be more opportunities Greg! Now that ive figured out this picture posting thing Im going to have to be more of a contributing member of this bloody decks site! No more just looking at fish porn!
  77. Coho1

    Ilwaco Tuna

    Thanks Josh
  78. Coho1

    Ilwaco Tuna

    Went out with a couple friends on Tuesday for tuna out of Ilwaco. We headed almost straight out from the CR about 40 miles or so and started to see some blue water. Set out 5 rods out back with all different color plugs. About 5 minutes into the troll the red and white cedar plug gets hammered...
  79. Coho1

    Westport alittle tougher but still some nice fish

    A friend and I went out there on Sunday and went out to about 240ft. DEAD!!! A few blackmouth that were barely legal size and we released em. Came in to 175ft and picked up one about 14. Trolled around about 10 more minutes and got one about 10. We were getting tired from the 3am wakeup so...