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  1. Tre

    WTB World Cat wanted

    Looking for a 266 or 270 ec I see there is one for sale in Temecula. Is that a bloody Decker?
  2. Tre

    SOLD 2012 Livingston 19 Yamaha 115

    I am in the market for a bigger boat, so This Livingston 19 is for sale. $19,500.00 including trailer My 2 sons and I fish this boat regularly- mostly Coastal and Catalina. We can run to Island from Newport, fish all day, and come home with fuel to spare! cruise is 20-21 knots, top end 27...
  3. Tre

    5/29 Cat front- not much

    Worked frog rock to Long point all morming. no current, no birds, no visuals. Calicos & cudas. Went around Long Point, saw a couple boats fishing the MLPA. Continued on to rippers, Empire Landing for more of the same. Returned to Long Point, hen rock, and Frog rock, where we saw a young boy...
  4. Tre

    No BFT 2/20 Newport report

    Made @ 30 mackerel. 6-8“ stuff, tied up a popper, pencil, iron and meandered out. stayed within 15 mile radius of Harbor all day for zero. No birds No bait No meter marks No visual signs of anything good a dozen Mylar balloons and a mola mola. At least it was a nice day.
  5. Tre

    Cat 6/19 not much

    Started @ 8:00 up near Empire. No current, not much bait, no birds, a few seals around and a handful of boats scattered about. Had 7" mackerel and fresh sabiki made deans. a few calico and barracuda bites and that was all. Headed East @ 11:00 for more of the same. Nice day on the water, but...
  6. Tre

    7/19 Newport just offshore

    Nothing good. Headed out 6 miles on the Livingston skiff @ 180 dropped in a few jigs and worked out down and around for another 10 miles. Windy, Green water, lots of bait, plenty of birds, only saw a few scraps of kelp. Was hoping to get lucky and find a paddy with some fish. 25 mile round...
  7. Tre

    WTB Livingston 19 power catamaran

    Have a 14’ Livingston, looking for a single outboard cat in the 18-22’ range.
  8. Tre

    My Stolen Aluminum Trailer

    My Float-On Aluminum dual axle trailer was stolen in Costa Mesa 2 weeks ago. Year 1985, in decent shape but has a few problems. Set up for a 24 Skipjack. please email me if anybody hears of any being sold. Be careful! There are crooks out shopping for Christmas.
  9. Tre

    East Cape Report 5/23 Como No and pics

    Fished out of Rancho Leonero aboard "Como No" once again. We had 10 Stripers, 2 dorado, a rooster and a Jack Crevalle over 2 1/2 days of fishing. The Marllin were everywhere, and filled with squid. Even though there was almost no moon the fish were just not hungry...
  10. Tre

    East Cape "Como No" April 25

    Visited Rancho Leonero and Capitan Pedro aboard the "Como No" again this past weekend. "" We were able to succesfully release 5 striped Marlin, but had shots at 20+ over the 3 days. The fish are thick right now! But, they didn't want to eat anything but green...