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  1. highhopes

    Great commercial

    Saw this on another site and thought I'd repost..
  2. highhopes

    2 Elk down

    Opening morning my buddy and I did well!!! The only two bulls in the herd!!! We got lucky right place right time.
  3. highhopes

    Rod for Avet sx

    Hey guys looking for a rod for my Avet sx. Mainly for salmon fishing in the straits. I'm thinking 8'6" rod with a MH action any suggestions? I have several rods but looking for a rod that will work well with the avet reel.
  4. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/22

    Fun fishing, easy limits, and a ton of boats!!!!!!!
  5. highhopes

    Hummingbird 587 hd

    Hey guys I fished with a friend last night on his aluminum boat and he was saying his fish finder jumps around on the depth. So as we were trolling I noticed his depth finder jump from 380' we were fishing to 7' and then jump around up to somwhere in the 20' range but never went back to the...
  6. highhopes

    Avet reel

    So guys I bought an Avet sx mc and should have it in a couple days. I was talking to a friend about it and all he did was put down the reel mainly due to not having a level wind. His suggestions were I should have bought an Ambassadeur 7000 instead. I have never used an Avet but the reviews...
  7. highhopes

    Got skunked

    Fished Port Angeles today around 8 to 10 miles west of the hook. 4 of us fishing one 8lb. keeper my buddy caught, one native, and a shaker. Me nothing not even a bump. Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fishing.
  8. highhopes

    Sekiu 9/15

    Fun day at Sekiu lots of fish and their not all small. Averages up to 8lbs. Caught this one which is a little better....LOL