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  1. Joefisherman

    04-19 Waianae Fun

    Way to go guys - Nice first fish Evan and John.
  2. Joefisherman

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    You deserve that monster - you have definitely put in the time. Way to go Tim !!
  3. Joefisherman

    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    Way to go - Great memories that will never be forgotten !!
  4. Joefisherman

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    I took my son and his friend out of San Diego last Sept. My sons friend was going over someone on the rail when a Tuna hit and ripped the rod and reel out of his hand - Never saw it again.
  5. Joefisherman

    GloJRI8 or PL68 squid conversion??

    I think this is very cool - nice going Loc
  6. Joefisherman

    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    Fished all day Saturday (6/9) - started at the pipe trolling 6" sardines. Had several strikes - seemed to be small Barracudas from the look of the demolished bait. Anchored up and chummed for awhile with no bites. Headed to Corona Del Mar to see if we could get some bass - just 1 small sheep...
  7. Joefisherman

    Metaloid gear slipping

    Mine (Metalloid 5II) did the same thing - I sent it back to Okuma (they know about this issue) and they fixed it for free.
  8. Joefisherman

    Mirage? or Pacific dawn?

    Pacific Dawn - Better sleeping bunks and the crew is top notch (Richie is a great chef too)
  9. Joefisherman

    African Safari

    The way these beautiful animal should be looked at - ALIVE Great shots Soda - thanks for sharing
  10. Joefisherman

    Cortez on Friday-Saturday

    I was out on the Pacific Dawn Saturday night and Sunday - fished all day. There was a little mist, but the picture speaks for itself - No rough seas at all - not sure what this weekend will bring, but good luck. There was a lot of bait in the water ]861378[/ATTACH]
  11. Joefisherman

    Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    What at trip - Nice looking fish Cory. Great read - thanks
  12. Joefisherman

    Mako Shark eats seal near Catalina Island

    Great video - Thanks for sharing
  13. Joefisherman

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Feel like I am at the rail with you - Love the story Nebraska.
  14. Joefisherman

    Need Prayers for my wife.

    Prayers sent - Wish the best for a speedy and 100% recovery.
  15. Joefisherman

    Looking for deckhand job in SoCal

    I saw something that the Eclipse was looking for some crew members. But I believe they are in San Diego. Good luck
  16. Joefisherman 8 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    Sounds like a trip of a lifetime - (Until next year) Nice going -
  17. Joefisherman

    Apollo Puerta Vallarta

    Very cool - good job. I am on the Apollo April 1st thru 5th - can't wait to get my PB.
  18. Joefisherman


    1 - Juvenile Correction Officer 2 - Largemouth bass fishing 3 - 10.5 lbs 4 - Yes
  19. Joefisherman

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    I'm in !!
  20. Joefisherman

    Newport YFT Report

    Ryan has a permanent pair of fishing levis - LOL Nice going guys.
  21. Joefisherman

    Dana Point YFT on the Top Shot . with a couple Larger Models

    Way to go guys - Great times with family and friends. What a day !!
  22. Joefisherman

    WTB - Talica 8 II

    Looking for a Talica 8 II in great shape. Thanks
  23. Joefisherman

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Is this what they mean when they say they have "achilles heel" ??
  24. Joefisherman


    I would definitely have the washers replaced - just in case you get another PRIZE !!
  25. Joefisherman

    Triton Overnight to Catalina for Quality Yellowtail! 5/24/15

    Great report Pam. Always enjoy reading your posts and enjoy the pictures. And great job on the yellowtail. Hope to fish with you soon.
  26. Joefisherman


    Nice going Tim - Hot stick for sure - Shimano should use this as an ad for how good their reels are and what the drag can take.
  27. Joefisherman

    San Nicolas Island / Lucanus jigs

    I have caught mostly Reds and sheephead. The Lingcods seem to like Green colored B-52's. From my experiece
  28. Joefisherman

    San Nicolas Island / Lucanus jigs

    I have fished San Nicolas a few times - I use RED "Berkeley" single tail grubs on a dropper loop with a #4 hook. They seem to work really well for me. Good luck - Let us know how you did out there.
  29. Joefisherman

    Let see you best yellowtail

    Caught in Loreto Mexico.
  30. Joefisherman

    Channel Island White Seabass Boat

    The 2 boats I would board to fish for WSB -- Mirage and Pacific Dawn I have caught limits on both of these vessels
  31. Joefisherman

    Fishing the Pacific Dawn

    I used mostly 20lb-25lb test line with a #2 hook. (I brought 30lb and 40lb too - but only used the 30lb when the bite was going crazy) The bait was 4-6 inch Sardines. Good luck
  32. Joefisherman

    Fishing the Pacific Dawn

    I would recommend this boat - quality crew who love to see their passengers catch fish
  33. Joefisherman

    Fishing the Pacific Dawn

    Went out Saturday night on a 1.5 day. Woke up at San Clemente Island with 34 other fishing vessels all looking for Tuna. Well, we found them. I ended up with 8 Yellowfin and my son ended up with 9 all around 20-25lbs. Most all other passengers were close to limits (of 10). I believe the final...
  34. Joefisherman

    209 Magic Paddy 9/4

    Nice going guys - quality fish for sure.
  35. Joefisherman

    Searcher 3 Day Aug 29 / Boat Tips?

    x2 - great boat and crew. have fun!
  36. Joefisherman

    ISLANDER 3.5 Day - Video Added

    Looks and sounds like a great trip Greg. Congrats. Happy Birthday Tim!
  37. Joefisherman

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Fisherman's Access, Brea CA Jack/Frank and Mark have helped me for years. They have a GREAT inventory to fit every fisherman's needs. Fresh and Saltwater.
  38. Joefisherman

    Have you seen this????

    Classic !!!
  39. Joefisherman

    Thresher Shark!

    Great job on the C&R! X2
  40. Joefisherman

    Catalina Lings - 3/23

    That a way to go Jonathan. It was nice to meet you and your family at the Fred Hall show.
  41. Joefisherman

    Fish /pic report - the Saltydawg Excel 15 day

    Almost felt like I was on the boat with you. Thanks for all the daily reports. Hope to share a rail with you someday.
  42. Joefisherman

    The Saltydawg EXCEL 15 Day live on the water report

    Thanks for the reports Andre. Sounds like you are having a BLAST !!
  43. Joefisherman

    Catalina Island Calico Bass Fishing Video

    Nice going - Looks like a GREAT day on the water.
  44. Joefisherman

    Kids on the Condor Video

    That is soo cool ! Congrats to you both. Nothing like a Father and son fishing. Memories that will last forever.
  45. Joefisherman

    Pacific Dawn Channel Island questions.

    Make sure you bring 6/0 Aki Hooks and some 4/0 hooks. I usually have size 2 hooks with me when I go up there too. Great boat and crew - Good luck
  46. Joefisherman

    Rock Fishing Question !

    I just went fishing on the Pacific Dawn and caught 2 Ling cod using a chartreuse Buck Tail on the bottom dropper loop. I also use Red Gulp grubs. Hope this info helps. Good luck.
  47. Joefisherman

    Killed the yellows at the Nados 3-17-13

    Nice going. Fishing with your Dad - Great memories !!
  48. Joefisherman

    The Producer WFO!!!! Video from Sept finally

    Very Cool Video. Thanks for Sharing.
  49. Joefisherman

    1989 36

    I always enjoy reading your reports Jonathan. Good luck with the sale and Congratulations on the pregnancy. I am sure you will raise him or her to be a great fisherman like you and Jen.
  50. Joefisherman

    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    I go about every other year.
  51. Joefisherman

    MDR Grocery List - 12/9

    Good to see you back on the water. Great report.
  52. Joefisherman

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    All I can say is GREAT job !! Congrats.
  53. Joefisherman

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    What do you mean "They bought all the Accuarte Boss Furys"
  54. Joefisherman

    2.5 Day Pacific Star

    Thanks for the input Paul. I will bring my LARGE cooler for this weekend on the Pac Star 2.5 day !!
  55. Joefisherman

    2.5 Day Pacific Star

    Did the Pacific Star clean your fish for you ?
  56. Joefisherman

    Albacore/BFT/Dodo/Yellers galore!! 8/17 - 2-day on Sea Adventure II

    Very cool. Always good to hear the Captain going that extra mile. Thanks for the report
  57. Joefisherman

    Fred Willard..........

    Poor guy - at 78 years old and still having "QUICK RELEASE" problems.:rofl:
  58. Joefisherman

    dropper loops made easy

    I just use my Knee !!! It's with me anyway -:rofl:
  59. Joefisherman

    SenorTuna 2014 Charter Schedule

    Can' wait to fish with you George !!!
  60. Joefisherman

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?

    Fisherman's Access, Brea. CA
  61. expman


  62. Me and Joey with White Sea Bass

    Me and Joey with White Sea Bass

  63. Joe with DoDo2

    Joe with DoDo2

  64. Boat


  65. CIMG4159


  66. 8 13,8 14openparty006

    8 13,8 14openparty006

  67. 8-13,8-14 open party

    8-13,8-14 open party

  68. Joefisherman

    Accurate B870 Single speed with Acc/cast

    Hey Mike, Why did you pass up on the 870E with cast control (the guy from Fountain Valley) ? Just curious. Thanks
  69. Joefisherman

    Accurate 870 w/ cast control

    Is this reel still for sale? I work in Fullerton
  70. Joefisherman

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    My Dad went fishing and all I got was this smelly fish !!
  71. Joefisherman

    Royal Polaris...?

    Love the Royal Polaris --- Loving this post too - LOL
  72. Joefisherman

    Diamond Valley Lake for Stripers with Guide Mark Franco

    Looks like you and the family had a GREAT trip Pam. Mark really does know what he is doing.
  73. Joefisherman

    Brine recipes

    I'm getting hungry
  74. Upshot


  75. Joefisherman

    Trindad at Turners Black Friday

    I went to the Turners store in Chino Hills-Got there are 7:00 am with 15 people in front of me. Mostly hunters. I got a TN 40 for $199.00 normally $469.99. They only had the one reel (a couple of 12's and 16's). I feel I got a GREAT deal.
  76. Joefisherman

    Anybody ever fished on the Eclipse?

    You will not regret this fishing trip. Crew and Boat are great
  77. Joefisherman

    Challengers Angling Club

    Nice report Pam. It is always nice to fish with you and the gang
  78. Joefisherman

    PACIFIC STAR - 2 DAY TRIP - April 14-15 22nd Street

    Please post a report. I am going out on this boat the following weekend and would like to see how things went. Thanks