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    WTB Quality Trolling motor

    Want to buy a quality trolling motor for a 12ft inflatable.... Salt water... Asking on here to save a little cash / help someone clear a spot in the garage.
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    30 plus foot rental boats?

    I have a friend at work that wants to do some overnight trips to Catalina with 4 friends. Does anyone know of a Rental that would work for this? During the week mostly. Thank you in advance.
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    Free Fish Tacos

    Canceled because I am a Dick!
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    May 23rd Kayak KOVID TOURNAMENT. LaJolla... Bragging rights only. Who is in?

    I plan on figuring out where to park and then launching my yak for a little bit of fish Who is in? Weather permitting of course. I will have a few extra Coronas on hand to crown the winner, the REEL goal is to catch dinner! I suspect the fish are itching to be caught.
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    Ever Wonder? What it would take...

    Do you know what a Rendezvous with destiny is? Wings of the Eagle, Eyes of the Eagle, Balls of the Eagle? Ever wonder what it would take to deploy the 101st, 82nd, 1st Armored, 1st Cavalry, 2 carrier groups... Activate the National Gaurd in every state... Move Strategic bombers... A "hospital"...
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    Sad really! Shows you that the people who have power now... can do anything they want. Next they will be storming your house for your guns! Come take it assholes! But please make sure a politician is the first through the door! The chinese virus is an excuse for the Democrats to wield their power!
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    Trade 1st gen WTS and limited Edition Blue S glass rod for Toilet paper

    Anyone listen to Gavin Newsome talk about how our schools are a very safe place for our kids to be with this corona viris, wuhan virus, covid19? Wasn't it just weeks ago he needed billions of dollars to fix our schools because they are plagued with ASBESTOS AND LEAD? DID COVID19 FIX OUR...
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    Wanted! Rewrap guides, fix epoxy, and general freshen up "old" rods?

    I am looking to bring my rods back up to par... I have a few guides that need rewrapped, a grip or two replaced, gimbals installed, And epoxy fixed... Some chips cracks yellowing etc... I want original seeker factor colors. And please don't take offense but I want an experienced professional...
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    WTB Want to buy Progear Reels wahoo special, 454, the bigger older ones.

    Looking to get a screaming deal on a or some Pro Gear reels. I want larger size reels older reels not the V series. Thank you. My Quiver! I just picked up some new rods for the new boat... I need trollers.
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    Cool Contest with H&M Landing 4 day trip

    Quick link to be entered for a 4 day trip Lord knows they have my email address anyway!
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    Alaska with the wife planning.

    Thank you in advance... The wife and I are planning on seeing and fishing Alaska. We want to spend 2 weeks total. Maybe fishing half the time. We want the fishing "resort" but not 100% of our trip. Are there any good RV rental trips worth doing? Safe? We dont want to feel like we missed...
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    SunRoad Boatshow this weekend

    The wife is "forcing" me to go with her... specifically we are going to look at the Marlin 300... Wish me luck. Maybe once she gets sticker shock I can make an easy transition to getting a 232 gulfstream fully loaded? Talk to me...
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    25ft Bertram.... Anyone have one?

    Over the years, I have been Intrigued by many boats... I have always loved the lines on the Bertrams. I really want a 25ft classic Bertram I think. Does anyone have one they would be willing to let me ride on, one of these days? I'm scared to jump in the deep end, "invest" a small fortune, only...
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    For Sale OBO above $2250 SEEKER Blue S glass, limited Edition Factory D8

    Since Blue is the Flavor of the week. In all honesty I don't want to sell this rod... It has served me well for 15 years... But I would be dumb not to turn a profit. If you don't know the history of the Blue S glass, I suspect you'll post something retarded below... If you do know you know this...
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    BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    Secret spots and Secret technique... Great Decisions were made this Awesome Trip! BOOYAA! Those are Big Bluefin Charging The Boat! Make your Decisions wisely...
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    Burbank JOBS! Crane Aerospace hiring for quite a few good paying positions.

    Check out I work in the Engineering lab, we are looking for a good technical person. We also need machinists and engineers. My email is [email protected] I will get you an interview! Crane is a great company.
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    For Sale Or trade 2004 38ft Holiday Rambler Next Level Toy Hauler

    In order to make room for my boat I need to sell my 5th wheel... I am hoping the wife changes her mind but I think she wont. Ha ha I bought this used, and I've used and continue to use the heck out of it. It is rare to find room in a toy hauler for a truck this wide! The new stuff is made for...
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    Who would yall recommend for a restoration project.

    I am interested in restoring my trolling rod. I would like it done right, who would yall reccomend and what is a way to estimate what it might cost? I bought this rod off Ebay Guy named Rods by Bob??? He is an east coast guy. This is a seeker I bought probably around 2003. I am not sure which...
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    For Sale My wife would say no but Radon Project anyone? Its SOLD
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    For Sale BD should buy this!

    Imagine the places we would fish! We could put a brewery on board too! Maybe get a kickstarter going...
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    Wife wants to take me fishing Sunday the 10th for my Birthday Ideas?

    Are there any decent 3/4 day non crowded boats worth going out on this Sunday? I dont usually go out on Cattle boats for less than 2 days anymore... Typically fish my Yak... I wouldn't mind a six pack type boat but that could get pricey... And since its tax season we can only go out Sunday...
  22. Tail Chaser

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    First off this is 2 years out... We are financially responsible... so planning is a must. My wife is a CPA... ha ha She cares about the numbers first and my happiness somewhere down the line from there... I am an original member of, I fished a center console Tail Chaser for...
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    Long Beach 3-30

    I am not 100% sure where I am going to launch. I am looking for a free place but may end up just paying to launch at davie's. Or maybe just park at west marine and carry my boat to the water. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I am primarily going to target flat fish but I get bored easily and will...
  24. Tail Chaser

    Kayak Rockfishing Trip...

    I am determined to put some rockfish in my kill bag. I am not sure where the best place to go locally is though? I an leaning toward Dana Point but not sure if that is the best. I am just waiting for my Transducer mount to dry and my fish 'N Chip charts to put in my new Lowrance Elite 5 DSI...
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    Trading Race truck for Boat???? Need Advice

    I am considering a 1999 Wellcraft 270 Coastal with Twin 2 stroke Johnson 150 outboards. I know it was posted for sale on here a little while back. I would appreciate any comments you might have on this boat. I am kinda worried about the laws regarding towing a boat this wide. Couple questions I...
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    10March2008 Spitfire out of Redondo 3/4 day

    Going to give the Spitfire a try tomorrow haven't ever been on a 3/4 day boat. But I have the bug to get out on the water.
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    Shooting Blanks

    An 80-year old man was having his annual checkup and the doctor asked him how he was feeling. “I’ve never been better!” he boasted. “I’ve got an 18-year-old bride who’s pregnant and having my child! What do you think about that?” The doctor considered this for a moment, then...
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    Little Girl

    A little girl accompanied her father to the barbershop. While her dad received a haircut, the little girl stood next to the barber chair, enjoying a snack. The barber smiled at her and said, “Sweetheart, you’re going to get hair on your Twinkie.” “ I know,” the little girl...
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    Oh the Carnage, the BLOOD is everywhere! Qualifier 105 June 26

    Short version, limits of very nice Albies 20 to 30 lbs. Jackpot being about 32 pounds. Long version, Jim (Gratitude) and I had a very unforgettable trip aboard the Qualifier 105. The difference was immediately noticeable even before we stepped aboard. The deckhands were ripping the gear and...
  30. Tail Chaser

    Fishing 24 and 25? Need Tuna Advice!

    Decided on the 105. I can work it into the schedule and it is a pretty good deal I guess. $295 includes food and permits. This is going to be my first and last tuna trip this year (going to Iraq).
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    Two turtles go camping and pack a cooler with sandwiches and beer. After three days of walking, they arrive at a great spot but realize they’ve forgotten a bottle opener. The first turtle turns to the second and says, "You’ve gotta go back and get the opener or else we have no beer."...
  32. Tail Chaser


    A burglar broke into a house one night. He shined his flashlight around looking for valuables, and when he picked up a CD player to place in his sack, a strange, disembodied voice echoed from the dark saying, "Jesus is watching you." He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight out...
  33. Tail Chaser

    Los Alamitos Bay

    Leaving Alamitos, destination who knows. We will fish very local due to bum fuel pump. Most likely hit the horseshoe, break water wall, and maybe go fishin for butts. Jim and I will answer to "Gratittude" on 16 or 69.
  34. Tail Chaser

    Some things you just can't explain

    A farmer was sitting in the neighborhood bar getting drunk. A man came in and asked the farmer, "Hey, why are you sitting here on this beautiful day, getting drunk?" The farmer shook his head and replied, "Some things you just can't explain." "So what happened that's so horrible?" the...
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    Two brothers, aged 7 and 4, were in their room getting dressed before breakfast. "I say it's time we started swearing like Mom and Dad" said the 7 year old. "So, when we go down to breakfast, I'll use the word 'damn' and you use the word 'ass'." "OK" said the 4 year old. When the boys...
  36. Tail Chaser

    1991 75hp Mercury problems (oil injected)

    runs fine up to about 8 mph infefinately, throttle-up and then it starves itself of fuel. If I keep squeezing the fuel bulb it will run just fine but let off and the engine comes to a stop very quickly. Changed all the fuel lines, both the inline filters to include the fuel water sep. used...
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    This fish looked like a calico but the colors were different and the mouth was much larger. Spots on the belly also. I am not sure what it is. Any help. fish?:
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    Cabrillo Beach 5/14

    Fog, Fog, Fog!!! We had intended on heading to Rocky Point but had zero luck getting there. To start the fog was very thick, then the engine kept starving for fuel. ???? Fishing was very good though. We headed to the middle breakwall, caught a few nice calicos and jim caught one very nice...
  39. Tail Chaser

    Rocky Point 5/14

    Launching out of Cabrillo. Will be on 69 and 16. Jim and I will be on his boat "Grattitude."
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    Fishing on the Freedom this Saturday. The plan is SCI for yellows. fish?:
  41. Tail Chaser

    4/23 Alamitos Bay

    Tons of bait in the water! Caught 2 Barracuda, 4 Tom Cod, 1 gigantic Skulpin (5+ pounds), and a very nice piece of Bamboo. Jim and I started the morning out catching the two Baries before we left the back bay, next we shot out by the oil rigs where thousands of birds were working on tons...
  42. Tail Chaser

    Little Slow Lajolla Kelp 4-17

    Fished with Rick on "Marie-Marie", we teamed up with Local Bloody Deckers which made it a much more enjoyable day. Thanks again Jason (Finnatic), OBfishguy, Ryan, and Rick. We joined an already slow bite and managed to pick up a few Rock fish on the North side of the Kelp. We then moved to...
  43. Tail Chaser

    Los Alamitos Bay

    Saturday out of Alamitos we may travel to rocky Point we are not sure yet. We will monitor 16 and 69 the boats name is "Gratitude."
  44. Tail Chaser

    Save Toby

    This is some funny @$$ $h1T. The kids that invented this really were very clever. I can't imagine anyone paying money to this guy though. But it is working!
  45. Tail Chaser

    Slow Day

    Fished Alamitos Bay and was left wanting! We were the first to report any fish caught to a survey taker at the docks. Jim, my captain for this fine Sunday was the only one to catch a fish. He boated a monster Sand Bass 23 inches. WOW, the thing was huge. Water temp was down at 55 degrees...
  46. Tail Chaser

    Fishing out of Alamitos Bay

    Fishing Sunday April 9th out of Alamitos. Most likely going to the breakwall for sport coats or fish inside for Halibut. Channel 69 the boats name is Gratitude. She is a Boston Whaler Montauk.
  47. Tail Chaser

    Job Opening

    I work for Honeywell Aerospace as a technician. There are a few openings right now for technician 1 thru technician 4. Honeywell is a kick as company to work for. The job is in Torrance. The benefits are very hard to beat and the pay is what it should be.
  48. Tail Chaser

    Lookin for a ride

    What happened to all of the posts. I was hoping to catch a ride this weekend. Good fish'n everybody and have a great day!
  49. Tail Chaser

    Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn:

    We all must be Genius!!! 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) The farm was used to produce produce. 3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. 4) We must polish the Polish furniture. 5) He could lead if he would get the lead out. 6) The...
  50. Tail Chaser

    Post 46 Sportfisher

    I am looking for a boat to live on and I am considering the Post 46, does anyone have any experience with these boats?
  51. Tail Chaser

    Big Game 90

    I am headed out on the Big Game 90 tonight! I will leave an update when I get back. Is anyone else taking advantage of the $99 special.
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    One busy Sunday before church a priest was conducting confession as usual. He took a look out of his booth to see the line bend around the corner and out of the church. Happy to see so many people on such a nice Sunday, but he had to really go pee. So as the janitor was walking past the booth...
  53. Tail Chaser

    Dana Point Oct 3

    Launched out of dana on my 18ft CC and went off toward the 14 looking for patties with no luck. So I headed for the power plant and still had very little luck until after lunch when I hook a small YellowTail (@9Lbs). Then it was fish after fish. Usually bonita and big macks but with a mix of...
  54. Tail Chaser


    Where would be the least expensive place to get the Navionics chart on an mmc card. fish?:
  55. Tail Chaser

    Fishing with the boys

    Sunday morning four friends were out fishing and counting their blessing that their wives let them out of the house. The first said this would be his last weekend with the boys because he promised if he could only go out today that he would stay home the rest of the year and finish painting the...
  56. Tail Chaser

    Lobster Diving

    Is anyone going to be diving for lobsters opening night? I am planning on taking my boat out I am just not sure where I want to go. Maybe PV. Any suggestions. Last year I went to Catalina on a charter boat which was OK but the Weather was Rough.
  57. Tail Chaser


    I have an 18 ft Center Console and Dare not venture out too far. However, I am itching to try and pick up a few Tuna. Would you guys suggest some spots I might try that are close and within reach. I am thinking about going to the 14 mile bank and 277 however I have no numbers. I appreciate any...
  58. Tail Chaser

    Spelling This is pretty cool!

    I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdgnieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit...
  59. Tail Chaser

    Marine Plywood

    I am building a casting deck for my 18 Ft CC to add storage space and I was wondering if you guys had an opinion on one which plywood would be best and, two where the best place to buy is. I figure I am going to need two sheets. I am also going to need to buy some Deck hatches and I would like...
  60. Tail Chaser

    Fishin and golfin

    Early one morning two bass fisherman were working along a bank when one said to the other "look at those two idiots golfing in the rain."
  61. Tail Chaser

    Tackle Box Advise

    I am in the market for a new tackle box, because my piece of $hit broke. I was hoping for some good recommendations. I want an all around box good size. One that will last. Thanks Yall!!!