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  1. SalmonWacker

    It’s time to book your winter fishing trip

    Hey Capt Kelly, Catching big Roosters is on my bucket list. Where should I go where they are plentiful and what time of the year? Thanks for your help.
  2. SalmonWacker

    Squid everywhere

    Great report, especially with few coho around. Was given some last year by a friend on Anderson Island who I returned a crab pot to. Made calamari and it was fabulous and better than resturant quality on the first try. Do you have a generator for your four lights or do you leave the motor...
  3. SalmonWacker

    The funny way you figure things out............

    Way to go Dale! Love the GO-PRO overhead. Maybe a video next time??
  4. SalmonWacker

    9/4 tuna

    Way to go! Want to hear more about the new props.
  5. SalmonWacker

    Westport Tuna!!

    First I would like to Thank the guys on Bloody Decks for hooking me up a year ago with premier Skipper and Albie Guide Darrell Johnson of FAR CORNERS CHARTERS....... Fished with Darrell a year ago and did another repeat performance yesterday. Pulled away from the bait dock about 5:30 with my...
  6. SalmonWacker

    How to post a new thread

    I have looked for 30 minutes for the Post New Thread button and still can't find it. I have gone to saltwater Washington Reports where I would like to post but can see NOTHING!! Very frustrating. I know it must be there but WHERE??
  7. SalmonWacker

    Spring Comes to the Parker

    You are right on Eli, Our Permatrim fit and works great! Thanks for all your suggestions. Trying to figure out how to set up the new 32gal Kodiak. The Defiance people wanted $2700 to do theirs!! I'm sure it would have been nice. Keep in touch. Greg
  8. SalmonWacker

    Spring Comes to the Parker

    Great video Tom........ Bet that fish ate well!! Thanks Brian and Benjamin for going over the trim tab and prop solutions again. Did the permatrim last summer but will need the prop and the tabs when we get the Kodiak installed for sure. Parker needs to offer some of these items as options...
  9. SalmonWacker

    Neah Bay Lings 4/19

    Nice Report........ Great Pics and nice ocean. Good Job!
  10. SalmonWacker

    La Push Lings 4/25

    Way to go Tuna Fusion, just getting out......... Not familiar with Westport bottom fishing spots. Where is "The Pile" if you don't mind sharing? Thanks much.
  11. SalmonWacker

    MA 13 shrimp 9-26-14

    Nice job skipper..... Did you run up the Nisqually before it closed? I fished it once and did not do well.
  12. SalmonWacker

    What can you sell me two SX Avet Right Hand 4/1 reels in gunmetal gray for with free shipping...

    What can you sell me two SX Avet Right Hand 4/1 reels in gunmetal gray for with free shipping? Been looking on EBay. Thanks, Greg
  13. SalmonWacker

    Westport Thats a Wrap

    Thanks for the report.... Wondered where the charters were for the last two days. The North beach was good but not spectacular. Great season. Fished the Nisqually today with the river boat. Not good. Early closing tomorrow. Looking forward to the Grays Harbor Tribs. GL
  14. SalmonWacker

    Waco Tunage 9/14

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like you did your intel and came up with a reasonable tank that works well!
  15. SalmonWacker

    Waco Tunage 9/14

    Benjamin, You mentioned your bait tank worked great....... Is the Brute on the bracket something you did yourself? Great report!
  16. SalmonWacker

    Ilwaco tuna??

    Thanks for the come back Bottom Line. Will look for you tomorrow on the salmon grounds at WP. Was there yesterday and did very well 18 mi north of the north jetty in 145'. Won't be out early. Watching the wind wave report also at Ilwaco for Sat. Pretty tough to do a three foot NE in my...
  17. SalmonWacker

    Ilwaco tuna??

    Thanks for the reports guys. Heading to Westport in the morning to fish salmon and wanting to run for tuna Saturday. Looks like off Ilwaco is a better bet especially since we will be only driving from WP. Generally straight out??
  18. SalmonWacker

    MA 13 shrimp 9-5-14

    Tide Chaser.......... How big is that Pig King in your photo. Where did it come from??
  19. SalmonWacker

    MA 13 shrimp 9-5-14

    Wow!! Both you and Tide Chaser are really on top of the Nisqually area bounty. I have crabbed in 185' plus for over twenty five years when you might see one other boat crabbing. That has certainly changed!! Would like to hook up with you guys and learn the squid deal and share my experience...
  20. SalmonWacker

    MA 13 shrimp 9-5-14

    Hey Chris, Are you jigging squid out around Anderson also? You seem to have that area dialed in. I returned a lost pot to an Anderson Isl guy last year and he gave me a mess of squid. Calamari....... Boy were they ever tasty!!
  21. SalmonWacker

    Parker 2320SL, Allumaweld Super Vee.

    Parker 2320SL, Allumaweld Super Vee.
  22. SalmonWacker

    MA 13 shrimp 9-5-14

    Great report and thanks for sharing info on your honey hole. I understand the winter crab season is not looking good. Shrimping is a good option. Took my black lab to Westport a few years ago and he turned green! Won't go near the boat after that. Your GS looks content.
  23. SalmonWacker

    Westport Sept 5-6-7

    Loved the report and the two trip days. Agree with your downrigger comments. Has sure been nice leaving them in the cabin this year.
  24. SalmonWacker

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Great report and pics. You wasted no time dialing in the new boat. Looks good!!
  25. SalmonWacker

    Why didn't I catch tuna

    Right Larry, That was me....... I go by your street on the way to my sons house and always looking to see if MoJoII is there or fishing. Try my cell (360) 280-2505. Would love to learn more from you guys when you have an opening.
  26. SalmonWacker

    Why didn't I catch tuna

    Thanks guys for all the great information! Love this site. Will be trying to figure out a baitwell and bait rods while waiting for the next window. Also, supprised to see how many avid tuna guys are right here in this area. Would love to crew (and share expences) for any of you when you have...
  27. SalmonWacker

    Why didn't I catch tuna

    Do the type of birds matter? Gulls, Murres or Sheerwaters? Is just sitting good enough or is it better that they are working and diving as with salmon?
  28. SalmonWacker

    Why didn't I catch tuna

    Wow.......... What a great thread for guys like me that don't have it dialed in. Obviously many of you guys do and have stepped up to the plate with the right rods, reels, live bait wells, etc. Will be looking to you experienced guys to help with the right rods, reels and the best size bait...
  29. SalmonWacker

    If it helps, a handful of Westport Tuna

    Thanks much........ Sounds like you had a great day! Greg
  30. SalmonWacker

    Late Report Newport

    Good report! Sounds like a great day. Not familiar with "Pigs Ear." Is that Oregon? Do you have numbers? Obviously I am just a newbie. Thanks
  31. SalmonWacker

    If it helps, a handful of Westport Tuna

    Hi Ken, Did you go offshore on Saturday? We are going later in the week if the weather permits. Been doing well on salmon on the North side in on the beach. Greg
  32. SalmonWacker

    wp tuna 8-23-14

    Thanks for the report. Looking at going later in the week. I agree......... Ilwaco is the answer.
  33. SalmonWacker

    Quick run

    Is there a bouancy box on each side of the fatory backet and is it made by Armstrong? Will I need it on my new boat with the new (50lb) lighter 250 Yamaha & kicker? Something I have wondered about since ordering the boat. Thanks, Greg
  34. SalmonWacker

    Hi lucerunner, good to hear from you. I am new to the forum but am enjoying it already...

    Hi lucerunner, good to hear from you. I am new to the forum but am enjoying it already. Getting another boat after being restricted to rivers for two years...... What is your name and boat so I can watch for you when we finaly get to the big water!
  35. SalmonWacker

    Westport June 21-22 Report

    Thanks for sharing...... Good report!
  36. SalmonWacker

    Quick run

    Just the small ones that are Standard on a Parker 2320.
  37. SalmonWacker

    Quick run

    You got my attention when you said you were not happy with your fuel economy! Gas prices, wow and going higher..... I have a new 2320 with the same motor coming next week to Bellingham to be set up. It'll have the same three blade that comes from the factory as standard. From talking to...
  38. SalmonWacker

    MA 13 Shrimp Limits

    I've heard there are spot shrimp in 13 but have not gone after them. Next year. Thanks for the report! glk
  39. SalmonWacker

    Parker 2320SL

    Parker 2320SL