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  1. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond July 15-19 Trip Report

    Just finished up our annual 4 Day Jan Ishi charter on the Vag. As always great to get on the water with Mike and the crew. Fluffy, Adam, Cuddles, and newbie Chowder, with Brandon and Seon in the galley serving it up. After the meeting the mandatory Covid requirements, we left the dock with 20...
  2. BluefinCurly

    Niland Fire

    Last night about 7:40 a fire started (arson is possible cause) in a field just west of HWY 111 in Niland. Location was between 4th street and Noffsinger. The field that caught was adjacent to a rancho that had a lot of palms and other brush and trees that were easily ignited (temps would have...
  3. BluefinCurly

    Highway 111 updates

    I was in the IV this past weekend. The slated 2 week closure for 111 (estimated for November) started last late last week. 111 is closed to all traffic from Meca to Brawley. It was a bit of a PIA, since I had to get to Gillespie just east of the road work.
  4. BluefinCurly

    Auto merger

    With the Euro going down, Ford to acquire Renault..... Ford has announced plans to acquire French automaker Renault and engineering teams have already joined forces to create the perfect small car for women. Mixing the Renault “Clio” and the Ford “Taurus”, they have designed the...
  5. BluefinCurly

    For Sale Tire (Snow) Chains

    Never used snow chains. Fits sizes listed in pic (Light Truck, SUV, etc). New $75, similar listed on E-Bay for $60 $40 PM please.
  6. BluefinCurly

    Am I in the Twilight Zone?

    I just logged back in and all of the posted dates are 2006 in the long range forum and 2003 in the chit-chat. What gives? is this Y2K delayed?? Or maybe the GPS rollover? Sunspots?
  7. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Dahon folding bicycle

    This is a 3 speed Dahon folding bicycle. 13" RIMS. (note the seat stem and handle bars telescope out to fit an adult) I bought this new 18 years ago, used it twice, and hung it in the rafters. Id say 8/10 condition, as it has some light surface rust on some of the spokes and some of the chrome...
  8. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Portable Sports Net

    I have a 6' x 8' portable practice net for youth baseball/softball or golf. I built this myself years ago for LL practice (BP, soft toss, pitching, and pick up games) and for my son when he was on the HS golf team. It is 8' overall length when collapsed and sets- up in minutes. I live in...
  9. BluefinCurly

    A call to action for SoCal Duck Hunters

    To all my fellow bird brains, I urge your response to the proposal below: CWA requests your help in supporting a proposal before the California Fish and Game Commission that would add 5 more days of duck hunting to the 2019/20 season. The proposal would allow hunting within the Balance of...
  10. BluefinCurly

    Roll Call Vagabond trip 30

    Anyone else on the 7 day leaving this Saturday?
  11. BluefinCurly


    A U.S. Marine enters the Catholic Church confessional booth in Manitowish Waters, WI . He says, "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Last night, I beat the ever living crap out of a flag burning, cop hating, anti-Trump protester." The priest says, "My son, I am here to forgive your sins...
  12. BluefinCurly

    Lakewood sighting 8/18

    Got the salute on east bound South Street at Clark. I couldn't understand why my driving elicited a horn and a finger for a minute........
  13. BluefinCurly

    BD Sighting SFS

    I don't know who you were, but suffice it to say I just came off a BAD day when you flew by me on the 605/5 S on ramp with the salute going. I was flat ready to run your ass over and kick what was left of it until I realized you had a sticker on your rear window. Sorry Bro! You got me.
  14. BluefinCurly

    GSP Available

    Guys My wifes friend works rescues and adoptions. My wife asked me to post this 1 year old GSP. This is an adoption (not a rescue) for a pedigreed dog with some hunting experience. Moderators may move as necessary, however I felt this was the best forum. Meet Max, he needs a foster...
  15. BluefinCurly

    Niland CWA Dinner

    Just a reminder for anyone hunting the fuge this weekend, the Seventh Annual CWA Dinner in Niland is this Saturday night at the Chamber building starting at 6PM. I am not an organizer, just a long time member of CWA. If you hunt Wister, you should be too. All the work that has been done to...
  16. BluefinCurly

    My Summer Project

    I made the decision to change blinds (and partners) this year and my new partner and I decided to blow out the old blind and build a new one. I had thought about it the last two years, so had a good idea of what I wanted. After 4 trips down to the club over the last two months, I have the...
  17. BluefinCurly

    Beatdown in the IV

    The extended White Goose season opened this last Saturday, and local conditions lined up very well for our club. From the reports of our Junior hunt last week, we had a pretty good idea of our game plan. Arriving Friday we already had a population in excess of 1500 feeding and loafing on...
  18. BluefinCurly

    Hot on the trail of a poacher!

    I had suspected that whomever was poaching the geese on our resting ponds had our hunt scheudle dialed and was jumping them on the off days. Well big surprise for him, one of our guys was hunting our field today when three shots rang out across the club and the birds blew out. Our member...
  19. BluefinCurly

    IV Snows

    Proving that even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then, Sunday turned out to be a good day. My buddy Darin joined me at the last minute Friday. Saturday he hunted my blind with my son Dick Bill Will, and I shot with my buddy Steve in his blind. It worked for them as they scratched...
  20. BluefinCurly

    You knew it was coming

    Boy It did not take long for the anti gun lobby to jump on the tragedy in AZ. By Michael Isikoff NBC News National Investigative Correspondent Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., with the backing of gun control groups, are drafting a bill that would ban...
  21. BluefinCurly

    Sat/Sun IV Waterfowl

    Took a couple of buddies with me to our club this weekend. The wind blew all weekend, mostly hard. The snows are starting to settle into our club. Saturday am they were roosted on the wrong side, but managed to work one adult over after the lift off for one nice adult bird. Shot a few...
  22. BluefinCurly

    CWA on wrong page

    Fellow waterfowlers and CWA members please read my post on the MPLA forum. CWA endorsed Prop 21. Please write today!
  23. BluefinCurly

    CWA Endorses Prop 21

    I just received my newsletter from the California Waterfowl Association and was floored when I saw they endorsed Prop 21. YES on Prop. 21 Support Waterfowl and Wetlands On November 2, California voters will consider Proposition 21, the "State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act...
  24. BluefinCurly

    Time to act! Your phone calls are needed!

    Time to get hit with another bogus piece of legisaltion from the state that cannot find time to get it's fiscal house in order, but can find time to legislate the lives of law abiding citizens with more feel good do nothing for crime legislation. I could not get the state website to load, but...
  25. BluefinCurly

    Need recommendation for electrical service

    An associate is in need of a referral for an electrical specialist for solving an issue on a cabo, located in DP area. Please reply or PM me. Thanks! carl
  26. BluefinCurly

    AB 962 updates

    Just received this from Cabella's: To: Cabela's California Customers From: Cabela's Communications Subject: California Assembly Bill 962 Date: Sept. 22, 2009 We are writing to inform you of pending legislation that will restrict purchases of handgun ammunition in California and will...
  27. BluefinCurly

    Lakewood Sighting

    Came up behind a champagne Explorer on South St in Lakewood this morning that was sportin the decal. Made a pass to the right and was ready to acknowledge with the appropriate salute :finger:when I noticed it was a female, and most likely someones wifey, so I held back. Feel like a high...
  28. BluefinCurly

    Pelican's annual sale

    This is not spam... If anyone is interested, Pelican is holding their annual warehouse sale this Saturday in Torrance. They usually have some very good deals on cases and lights. This is only published privately to family & friends of Pelican's associates.
  29. BluefinCurly

    Ted has it in perspective

    I don't recall seeing this here before. Pretty much sums up my opinion on the subject. Ted Nugent
  30. BluefinCurly

    Just add water

    Went down to the club this weekend to get the blind ready for opener. Three loads of arrow weed and 12 hours later the blind was covered. Got a new way to put the dekes out. Get there before the pond is flooded, back up to the blind. Spot the dekes on the dirt, step back and survey with a...
  31. BluefinCurly

    Tuna Tartare (very simple)

    In my search for new ways to consume the bounty of YFT this season, I started checking for Tartare recipes and finally hit on this. for each 6 oz of fresh Ahi dice, strip, or mince the fish depending on preference (chunks are good as a main course, diced is good for appetizers) 1 TBS...
  32. BluefinCurly

    Bismuth re-branded

    I know there were was a thread circulating awhile back about small bore waterfowl loads. The current edition of California Waterfowl has an advertisement for "Bis-Maxx" Brand Bismuth, Non-Toxic shotshells from .410 thru 12 gauge. It would appear as though any restrictions from the sale...
  33. BluefinCurly

    Important announcements for Baja travelers

    Just received this message from our outfitter in Baja... Subject: Relevant Information from SECTURE (Secretary of Tourism) In order to create a better environment for visitors to Baja California, we are pleased to share a few of the actions that are taking place in coordination with...
  34. BluefinCurly

    Sea bass Vera Cruz

    Whipped this up last week on some Cubera snapper a friend gave me and it was so good we ate it two nights in a row. Yesterday a very good friend brought in a fresh piece of WSB, so I made it for lunch here at work for everyone It was no less delicious. Would work well on any white...
  35. BluefinCurly

    BD Sighting 4/10

    605 fwy north bound to 105 west in blue toyota van in tonights commute near proper salute Whooo are you?
  36. BluefinCurly

    Long Beach Sighting

    Who are you? 91 freeway westbound at Lakewood exit this morning I gave the appropriate salute!
  37. BluefinCurly

    My Valentine

    Roses are red Violets are blue While I'm out hunting, I'll be thinking of you! and I'm off for the last Baja trip of the year to wind down my hunting season.
  38. BluefinCurly

    Baja Opener

    Hunted the Pheasant opener in Mexicalli last weekend. It was brutal at 96 deg. Dogs and all participants were worked by the time it was over. Will with his first rainbow of the season.... I seemed to be in the right place for a change..... Will and friend Ryan after a...
  39. BluefinCurly

    Saskatchewan Wrap-up

    We'll, we've been back for a week, but have been paying the price for being gone (insert "busier than a one armed paper hanger" here). My son, Will, and I had a great trip inspite of the fact that we arrived early (or the birds were late). Made it into Saskatoon Saturday eve, and stayed...
  40. BluefinCurly

    Countdown to Canada

    Just two more days 'till we leave for the promised land. I can't hardly stand it...
  41. BluefinCurly

    New pup

    Here is the latest addition to our household. Meet Katie - bar the doors!
  42. BluefinCurly

    Sunday 6/24 Albies

    5 guys 20 Albies 15 to 22lb, half on bait 5 8-10 lb yellows and a handfull of bones worked the area aound 31.58/117.48 a nice scratch but done by 10. Numerous kelps, perfect blue 64ish metered quite a bit of fish, if it stacks up and bites it could be good PERFECT WEATHER
  43. BluefinCurly

    6/3 302 and west

    Left HI about 5am for a casual season shakedown. Started at the 302 then ran west out beyond the 500 curve whre we found off blue 67ish water. Ran the jigs for several scattered bones while we searched for paddys by braile. My son gets the nod for spotting most of the days kelps. Most all...
  44. BluefinCurly

    Volvo manual - Free

    I have an original "Instruction Book" for Volvo covering AQ200D, AQ225D, AQ260A, AND AQ290A. First to ask pm with an address to mail it to.
  45. BluefinCurly

    Big balls or No brians? You decide!

    Can you imagine jumping in a tuna pen with this?
  46. BluefinCurly

    Boat funny

    not a good idea.........
  47. BluefinCurly

    Snowing in IV

    Picked up my son at the airport Friday night (just returning from a Georgia deer hunt) and headed for the club. Got in late (1am) but managed to stay awake most of the time Saturday morning for a decent shoot on ducks. Spoonies have moved in, but we managed several teal and a gaddy. My...
  48. BluefinCurly

    Current conditions on the 14 mi bank?

    Anyone have any recent (last couple of days) dope on the conditions around the outer rigs out to the 14? Last I see is 10 days old and I know the temps are about there. May go local Sunday with a bud in his cc and trying to decide on paddy hoping or inshore for the butts. Thanks Carl
  49. BluefinCurly

    Outside lower 500 8/26

    Started around 07/24 at greylight with good weather and great ride, and bitchin tank of deans from the Bros. Woked down to the 00 line then out to our first good area at 02/31 with a triple jig strike of DD and a YFT and themn had open water DoDo's come to the boat for a little pandemonium...
  50. BluefinCurly

    Outside lower 500 8/26

    Started around 07/24 at greylight with good weather and great ride. Woked down to the 00 line then out to our first good area at 02/31 with a triple jig strike of DD and a YFT and themn had open water DoDo's come to the boat for a little pandemonium. My son released one going in the bag! A...
  51. BluefinCurly

    Friday 8/26 c-note

    Planning on running to the 100 mi mark and work the edge back inside tomorrow with Tommy and the crew. Ch 72 Carl Last Minute
  52. BluefinCurly

    Celebrity Cook in our midst!

    Happened to see our very own Captain Bruce Smith aka TunaFvr last night on the Food Channel! He was on Bobby Flay's grilling program. They had footage out on the Shogun fishing at Alijos, and then when they returned they filleted up a nice fatty and did some seared YFT with Ponzu sauce that...
  53. BluefinCurly

    Furuno 7000 GPS/Plotter ?

    Is anyone familiar with this unit (Furuno 7000 Chart Plotter/GPS w/c-card)? We just added one to our arsenal, and true to Furuno they are bitchin in everyway except their user manuals (not complete enough imo). After spending several hours with it, the one thing I cannot figure out is how...
  54. BluefinCurly

    More to come?

    I have it on good authority that there is a very large area with a huge biomass of baitfish (finbaits) some 200 miles below us. This should bode well for us as the baitfish move in the 'core should settle in. I also understand there is a shitload of Yellowtail further south still.
  55. BluefinCurly

    sick surf footage right now

    ch 65 KLCS which I think is an OC public station has some absolutely sick footage of log cabins (north shore, O'ahu) at 50 foot with 90 ft faces. It is unreal!
  56. BluefinCurly

    Blake Walks

    Just heard that Robert Blake walked on the charges. No surprise really. If he did it he covered his tracks very well based on what the prosecution brought to the table.
  57. BluefinCurly

    Looking for surf link?

    I was browsing around here a few days ago and someone posted a link to a surf site that had the Cortes bank from last Thursday. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  58. BluefinCurly

    Oahu Reccomendations

    Taking the family to north shore the end of March and the wife okeedoked a couple of days fishing. Looking for any personal reccomendations for charters. I have looked into a couple, including one from a rec I saw here earlier in the year, but want to spread it around. Particularly looking...
  59. BluefinCurly

    Saturday Dumper

    We will be looking at the area from the dumper to the 390. Tommy and Darrin for sure, I am trying to get out of a honey do. Carl Last Minute ch 72
  60. BluefinCurly

    Weekend report.

    The boys (less me) made the long run Friday night to the area outside the plane. After an early single they opted to move opposite the fleet and went west. They found a spot of jumpers and slid in for limits by 8 with a 25# YFT and 15# BFT in the mix. Working back up the line they hit a paddy...
  61. BluefinCurly

    Monday lower 500

    After the rest of the boys hurt the albacore population yesterday without me, I just got the call for the turnaround. Leaving SI around midnight bound for the lower 500 in search of red meat. Monitoring 72 Carl Last Minute
  62. BluefinCurly

    Saturday 209 and south?

    Have a group of our boys and their freinds, so we are going to give it a shot at the 209 then south along the break to the Bfly hoping for some patty action rather than making the long run with this group. Be on 72 as long as we can stand it. Carl "Last Minute" 35 skippy
  63. BluefinCurly

    8/21 Rerun w/pics

    After an awesome day Friday, I get the call Saturday for a turnaround! Left HI at 11pm and tanked with cured at eb. Headed back in the general direction of Friday outside 220. Late dope was action at 1010, but looked void passing through (from the glow it looked like sporties outside on the...
  64. BluefinCurly

    8/20 Report From Sw 220

    Left HI at 10:30 with a great tank from EB bound for Hana's numbers from Thursday at 22/45. Last 9 miles into area lost all life on meter and temp dropped off by 1.5 deg so I back tracked before daylight to 32/47 with 67.5 water and plenty of mm. Camped on a mm but only caught one unk that...
  65. BluefinCurly

    Friday 295

    We're planning leaving Thursday pm from HI to make the run below the 295 looking for red meat and big chickens. Anyone want to buddy up post up here or pm me. Probably have a compliment of 6 on board. Carl "LAST MINUTE" 35 skippy Ch 72
  66. BluefinCurly

    Having trouble with the gallery

    I must be a bonehead. I'm new to the board, and after posting this weekends trip a buddy sent pics of my kid at the dock. He asked for me to post them on BD. I read the faq on using the gallery, but cannot seem to view any existing pics, nor use the post function. All I see is a black screen...
  67. BluefinCurly

    8/14 182 to 9

    Made the decision to stay close with 4 additional guests that bailed out as we were leaving Long Beach. Rick and I decided to stick with the alternate plan instead of trying to bust it out long for the albies/bft. Just the 2 of us and our sons who are now becoming veterans. Made 3 scoops of...