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  1. san diego jeff

    For Sale Newell 229-f reel for sale

    Selling a Newell 229-f reel. Works as it should. Ready to use or put into your collection. $120.00. Sorry but cash and local pick up only.
  2. san diego jeff

    Cruising to Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau in late September. Interested in shore fishing. Suggestion

    I will be taking a cruise in late September. Visiting Juno Sitka and Ketchikan. I will have a whole day in each city. Looking to do some catch and release from shore. Suggestions on rivers or bays and gear plus line weight most appreciated.
  3. san diego jeff

    Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    Fished on Wednesday aboard the Fortune. Fishing was consistent as long as you used 20 pound test and a size 4 hook. We fished among what looked like the entire fleet. Found a kelp patty at first light and we’re on Yellowfin quickly. For some reason when we drifted away from the patty and...
  4. san diego jeff

    For Sale Selling a large lot of irons. (Plus some plugs and trolling rigs thrown in.)

    Selling a large lot of irons. Some old, some new, some missing hooks, some perfect. Also adding some plugs, and trolling lures to the package. $185.00 for everything. There are approximately 90 irons. Will also consider a trade. Take me out blue fin fishing and the irons are yours. I’ll...
  5. san diego jeff

    Experienced ho seeking weekday spot

    Experienced ho with his own 2 speed gear and tackle is seeking a weekday trip. (Monday or Tuesday is best). I can spot, drive, chum, rig, pull lines and simply help out. I don't smoke and never drink til the boat is cleaned and put away. I always chip in for fuel, bait, food etc... I'm in...
  6. san diego jeff

    Experienced ho seeking weekday spot

    Experienced ho with his own 2 speed gear and tackle is seeking a weekday trip. (Monday or Tuesday is best). I can spot, drive, chum, rig, pull lines and simply help out. I don't smoke and never drink til the boat is cleaned and put away. I always chip in for fuel, bit, food etc... I'm in...
  7. san diego jeff

    Experienced fisherman looking for midweek or ?. hunt

    experienced fisherman with his own 2 speed gear and tackle is looking to fish for some tuna. I am happy to spot , drive, chum bait, etc... don't smoke, never drinks til the boat is cleaned and put to bed. I chip in for any fuel, food, bait needed for the trip and am happiest when everyone has...
  8. san diego jeff

    experienced with some free time this week if you need 1 more

    Free from now thru Saturday night. My work schedule cleared so I have time to get some fishing in. I have US and Mexican permits, all my own gear. I pay my share, can clean, drive, pull lines and even cook. I don't smoke and drink only when the work is done. I have experience in both...
  9. san diego jeff

    Barbados, any tips appreciated.

    Heading to Barbados in a couple of weeks. Anyone have suggestions. Boats, beach/gear for surf fishing. Taking some gear and surfboards.
  10. san diego jeff

    looking for a pickup for my son.

    In need of a pickup for my kid. Price has to be low as he will be paying for it. Clean, reliable transportation is the hope. Any help appreciated as this will be his first car purchase.
  11. san diego jeff

    30' Rupp outriggers

    Selling or for Trade (looking for 15ft to 18ft) Rupp Outriggers. 30ft. Sell new for $5000.00 Selling this set for $900.00 These are used but in good condition. Sorry no pics, sending someone to the boat this weekend to take photos.
  12. san diego jeff

    boat ho looking to leave thurs pm fish friday

    Experienced boat ho. Have gear, permits, and $$$. Non smoker, don't drink til the boat is cleaned and don't leave til everything is put away ship shape. I can drive, bait, rig, and even cook. I'm looking for a private or charter leaving thursday night to fish friday. Anyone??????
  13. san diego jeff

    simply amazing 3/4 on the pacific voyager 6/20/2010

    Sorry for the late report. Took my 3 kids on a fathers day 3/4 day trip out on the Pacific Voyager to the Coronados. I expected a trip of calico bass, white fish, barracuda and a possible yellowtail. What I got was the best yellowtail wide open bite I've had in years. We left Seaforth a 5:30...
  14. san diego jeff

    slot machines for sale (2)

    Selling 2 slot machines. These are real slot machines, not skill stop machines. 1 is a quarter machine, the other a nickel machine. The quarter machine is a Ballys. All parts are there, including a service manual. Top lights but the rest does not light up. The nickel machine is a...
  15. san diego jeff

    I also need a concrete patio poured

    Looking for a BD'er who does concrete. approx. 900 sq ft. Must be reliable, bonded, with lic, looking to have the job done in the next 2 weeks. 858-486-2345 jeff
  16. san diego jeff

    heading to Maui for thanksgiving, anyone with an open spot for fishing?

    Experienced fisherman spending some vacation time on Maui, and interested in a day of fishing. Any bloodydeckers on Maui planning to fish the week of thanksgiving? I can offer some $$ or trade some gear (10/0 senator or other gear) Not looking for marlin but ahi, mahi mahi or ono would be...
  17. san diego jeff

    bugging n county sd

    Dove opening night in n county san diego. 3 bugs all in shallow water (less than 15ft deep) I was surprised at how few bugs I saw over the course of the dive and thought I may have just been to shallow. The bugs were legal but not huge. Tasted great as we had lobster tacos, and fajitas to...
  18. san diego jeff

    anyone need an experienced ho for sat or sun

    Experienced ho with permits, $$ to share expenses and good attitude looking for a ride fishing Saturday or Sunday. Have all the gear, rigged and ready. I can drive, spot, rig bait and whatever else is needed. I show up when promised and don't leave til the boat is clean. San Diego Jeff...
  19. san diego jeff

    anyone heading out Sat to fish sunday - ho looking for a boat

    Anyone heading out Saturday to fish Sunday? Experienced fisherman, know the way around a boat, can rig, drive, spot, even cook. Have all permits, show up when promised and doesn't leave til the boat is clean. Know the routine and pay my way. jeff
  20. san diego jeff

    fished the prowler overnight mon/tues

    Fished on the only overnight boat that seemed to go out Monday. 18 on board, 12 made it on deck at grey light. Never did see the other people til we docked. Ran about 70 mi before we started fishing, ran downhill towards the multiday guys trolling all the way. Fishing was sparse though...
  21. san diego jeff

    2 spearguns for sale

    1. 60" long, stainless steel tube, accutrack, narrow muzzle for improved accuracy. 3 band gun. Model is La Paz from Bandito. excellent condtion. Will throw in an extra spear tip if I can find it. $180.0 SOLD 2. 45" long, aluminum shaft, 2 band gun. Model is JBL 38 special. Have fun in the...
  22. san diego jeff

    any use out there for 9/0 Senators?

    Going back to the islands (Oahu and Maui) over thanksgiving again and wondering if there is a market out in Hawaii for these big Senators. I have 8 of them and no use out in San Diego. Would love to trade for some fishing time out there. Thanks and tight lines.
  23. san diego jeff

    2 penn 9/0 senators for sale

    selling 2 penn 9/0 senators. Need some cleaning, some minor slight pitting on bars, but these reels have minimal use. Spent the last 25 yrs in a garage. These are older 9/0's with bakalite handle grips. Sorry no pics but am working on it. $230 for the pair of reels. They are in San Diego...
  24. san diego jeff

    going to Maui, any info on fishing would help. surf, offshore, kayak.

    heading to Maui for some R&R and thought I may want to include some fishing. I've got a condo so I would like to keep just enough fish for dinner. I'm open to ideas, surf fishing, kayak fishing, or offshore. Not looking for marlin but, ahi, mahi mahi etc.. would be nice. If someone has a...
  25. san diego jeff

    getting zodiac ready to sell. 25hp motor, great deal for bd'r.

    Getting a 14ft zodiac ready for selling. comes with an older but extremely clean 25 hp suzuki that runs perfect. wood floorboards. Boat has no leaks, and looks great. $1,400.00 for bd'r. pm if interested. Boat and floorboards come with zodiac bags. all fits in the back of a ford explorer...
  26. san diego jeff

    experience ho looking to fish Monday or Tuesday. Anyone going??

    Experienced ho with gear, permits and $$ looking for someone going out to fish Monday or Tuesday. Knows the routine, can drive, watch, cook, spot and clean up afterwords. I show up on time and enjoy newbies as well as the seasoned fishermen. IF you are heading out at the beginning of the week...
  27. san diego jeff

    50hp evinrude, keep blowing fuse when I turn the battery on HELP

    As I have stated in the past, I am not the best motor man. Once again I am stumped and am looking for some help. I have an older 50hp evinrude normally runs well. Well now she don't. Every time I hook up the battery, a fuse on the engine blows. I can't see where it could be shorting out...
  28. san diego jeff

    Trying to get 3 generations out fishing.

    Trying to leave Saturday or early Sunday, return Sunday evening. Looking to get a friend, his son and his dad out fishing. Grandpa is supposed to know how to fish. My friend just returned from an Alaska trip , his son is a true newbie. I know my way around a boat, can drive, clean, cook...
  29. san diego jeff

    Still have a bunch of dive gear for sale. 2 womens & 1 mans drysuits + more

    Clearing out the garage of excess dive gear. Mans ML/L henderson drysuit, shoulder zip / neoprene. nice condition $150.00 Womans DUI TLS front entry, fabric suit size L $250.00 Womans henderson drysuit, shoulder entry / unused $150.00 I also have a dozen or so masks, snorkels...
  30. san diego jeff

    selling loads of dive gear. from masks to drysuits

    Time to clear out some of the extra dive gear from my garage. 2 womens drysuits. Mediums ( 1 dui self donning , 1 harveys ) both in excellent condition. 4 mens medium wetsuits 1 mens harveys large drysuit. 6 regulator setups 4 buyancy compensators, from small to large...
  31. san diego jeff

    need help with a 50 hp evinrude (carb cleaning, tuneup, new water pump

    Looking to delve into some do-it-yourself work on my old evinrude. Its a 50 hp 1974 motor. Runs great but I want to be proactive with it. THE PROBLEM:when it comes to motors, I am the village idiot. I'm looking for someone to help me with the job. I have the new waterpump, and carb kits...
  32. san diego jeff

    outboard control box electronic issues - the saga continues

    Solved 1 problem another appears. So continues the saga of my small runabout. This weeks problem - Turn the key, nothing happens! As you may remember from last weeks episode, the motor was running, low on fuel your humble reporter stopped to switch tanks - shutting down the motor. New fuel...
  33. san diego jeff

    ho looking for someone needing experienced crew

    Got a last minute reprieve from work and hoping to find a trip offshore. I've got my mex permit, gear, experience and $$. Can drive, rig, and clean up after the trip. Able to leave ASAP Jeff 858-486-2345 home.
  34. san diego jeff

    forward and reverse mixed up. any help appreciated

    OMC shifter, 50hp evinrude outboard. Mounted both on a small bay boat. However, when I push the throttle forward, the motor goes into reverse. And, when I put the motor in reverse, it goes forward. The throttle cables are on correctly, and the motor does not have reverse pitch prop. As...
  35. san diego jeff

    experienced ho looking to fish sunday.

    Got my lic (mex and us), gear, $$ and most important - experience. Can drive, spot, rig, clean up post trip, anything needed. Not a drinker, but still enjoy having a good time. Looking to leave Saturday and fish Sunday. Anyone heading out long let me know. Thanks Jeff 858-254-4910 cell
  36. san diego jeff

    Ho looking for ride leave sunday or monday

    Ho with mex permit, experience, and $$. Anyone heading offshore give me a call. Jeff 858-486-2345
  37. san diego jeff

    ho looking for a ride Sat night fish Sunday

    Got my gear, my mex permit and some $$$. Anyone need an experienced ho to help keep the world safe from Albacore and Bluefin? Give me a call Jeff 858-486-2345
  38. san diego jeff

    need help setting up 50hp outboard on small boat.

    Ok, I can work in fiberglass, deal with trailer issues and do underwater hull repairs, BUT when it comes to motors, I am the village idiot. And therein lies the problem. I have a 50hp outboard that I need to put onto my small fiberglass boat. I don't really have the $$$ to pay someone to set...
  39. san diego jeff

    Ho with $, mex permit and experience looking for ride

    Anyone leaving Sunday evening fishing Monday? Rigged and ready, just don't have a working boat. If you need 1 or 2 people, please let me know. I know the drills, and am more than ready to help clean up after we return. Email or call me at 858-486-2345 Thanks Jeff
  40. san diego jeff

    great dive boat for sale AVON 17ft inflatable

    Perfect dive boat. Big, but will fit in the back of my expedition or back of a pickup. Fills fast off 1 alum 80 tank in less than 2 minutes. 17ft , AVON CRRC 520. 1992. (This is a military combat model inflatable, bullet holes repaired) Takes motor up to 50hp. ( not included) $1800.00
  41. san diego jeff

    anyone heading out Tonight or Sat?

    Looking to Ho a ride this weekend. Anyone heading out with an open spot? Desperate to get something on a hook.
  42. san diego jeff

    pharmaceutical rep needs a new job

    My pharmaceutical company announced that I will be part of a 900 person layoff at the end of April. So, I hunting for a new job. Looking for a pharmaceutical rep or medical device rep job. As for qualifications, I finished ranked #1 in sales in Southern Cal out of 10, and in the top 5% in the...
  43. san diego jeff

    think I got termites - need inspection

    I think I have termites. ( can see the residue at the front door. ) I need a complete inspection. Any help out there? Thanks Jeff
  44. san diego jeff

    Today in PV

    Its been a great vacation. Lots of sun and fun, BUT the fishing has been anything but stellar. Fished Punta de Mita on kayak (thanks Catherine for arranging a kayak) Lost 1 dorado and something that never came to color and broke off 40lb test. The offshore wind almost did me in but I did...
  45. san diego jeff

    need a 50hp ( or thereabouts) outboard

    Have a small bay/kelp/lake boat with a 50hp force POS. The motor is kaput and I need another outboard. Anyone with a 50hp or thereabouts motor for sale? Or, anyone with a 50hp force they are parting out. Yes, I know the force is junk, but I cannot afford a new motor. All help appreciated...
  46. san diego jeff

    anyone looking for a crew anytime between 12-25 and 1-2

    Have some time off work, anyone looking for an experienced crewman? Interested in any trip. Albies, kepbeds, rockfish, even spearfishing. Have experience, gear, $$, and the time to help clean after the trip. Jeff 858-486-2345
  47. san diego jeff

    anyone looking for a crew anytime between now and Jan 2nd.

    I've got some free time, and eager to fish. Free everyday between 12-25 and 1-2. Looking to make a run for 1st albie of the season, give me a call. Looking to run to the kelp beds, I interested in that as well. Have all my gear ready, experienced, have $$, even my own deck brush to help...
  48. san diego jeff

    Heading to PV last week of January, anyone else?

    Heading down for a week of fun and sun. 2 days of kayak fishing already arranged. (3rd year kayaking for dorado and small yft targeted inshore) Newbie as far as big YFT. Any suggestions or ideas. Even better would be anyone else going down at that time. All help appreciated. Thanks...
  49. san diego jeff

    just a reminder to those catching bugs. Remember the limits

    Ran into some divers this weekend after my opening night bug dive. They were telling me that they caught limits and were going to go out the next night and get more. Reminded them of the possession limit. The law reads 7 lobster per day/in possession. That means, if you have 7 bugs in the...
  50. san diego jeff

    experienced fisherman available to crew leave Saturday fish Sunday

    Gotta get out on the water to fish. The kayak fishing has been good to me with 3 yt this past month, but looking for something more. Coaching pop warner youth football so I can't fish Saturday AMs. (Rancho Bernardo Jr Midget Broncos 3-1 so far) Looking to connect for a Sunday crew spot...
  51. san diego jeff

    La Jolla Sunday Morning yt.

    Don't usually post reports as I most often kayak fish La Jolla. But, seeing as the ocean was packed with life and I came away with a better than average yt I had to post. Launched at 5:00 in pre grey darkness, bait jumping the entire way from La Jolla shores to the outside bull kelp off...
  52. san diego jeff

    ho available for Sunday fishing

    1st football game over. Kids won 28-6. Wish I could say it was my doing , but they don't let me put on gear and hit anymore. Now I have a chance to get some fishing in. Anyone need a crew for a Sunday fishing run? Got gear, permits, $$, and my own scrub brush for afterword. Know the...
  53. san diego jeff

    Lookin to Ho Sunday - experienced and ready

    Lookin to crew a trip this Sunday. Driving, rigging, clean up after, familiar with the routine. Have the gear and permits ready. Give me a call, the freezer is empty. San Diego Jeff 858-486-2345
  54. san diego jeff

    had a tough mechanical night Friday. Looking for a ride Saturday or Sunday

    Left Friday night on Alan's "Paddy Wagon". We had some mechanicals so, safety first, we headed back in. I think Alan felt the worst. But good thing we returned. Anyway, I'm looking for another ride out to the Albies. Anyone need 1 or maybe even 2 people? Have Mex. permits and boating...
  55. san diego jeff

    need mechanic for 1980 140 hp johnson

    Short on cash and looking to get the family out to the kelp beds this summer. I have an older 1980 I think 140 hp johnson outboard that I need to have tuned and given the once over. I have a 1973 mercury 85 hp outboard with extra prop and service manual fish?: ( needs electrical work)...