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    WTB Jig stick 8-10'

    Got a supper seeker ulua 10 footer wrapped by Moon 30-60
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    Amazing 2 day on the Endeavor

    Trip was a blast Crew work soo hard Thank you Ray
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    For Sale Accurate bv2 1000 Green

    Filled with 130 lb seaguar threadlock Used on few trips $550.00 Price is firm I am in Redlands [email protected]
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    For Sale 1.5 day Voucher for the Cheif

    Hmm It looks like it hit an iceberg
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    For Sale Tern 500x black

    Email me some pics Or email your phone#
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    For Sale Tern 500x black

    Sure What do you have?
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    WTB Accurate B2-1000

    Hmm I got a like new green 1000 Never got a fish I got it new Email me [email protected]
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    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    I’ve been on this boat last year Huge bunks They were initially made for couples When the boat was used for diving I remember the food was great Nothing to complain about my I would go on this boat any day Also great captain
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    Well Do you want the braided line too? Email me so I get you some pics Davidcamini Then yahoo

    Well Do you want the braided line too? Email me so I get you some pics Davidcamini Then yahoo
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    WTB Accurate tern 400 or 500 in black

    Hmm Got a black 500x Full of seaguar threadlock I have too many reels I took this one fishing but I didn’t catch any fish Make me a offer Thx David
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    What would you spool a Accurate Bx2-600 up with?

    My favorite reel Bx2 NN I got 65 lb seaguar threadlock braid and I use a short 5 feet fluorocarbon 40 lb premier seaguar I got a 80 lb BFT very easy in The two speed made it very easy I use also for the huge ones valiant 1000 With braid seaguar 120 lb No luck so far on the big set up
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    Striper question

    Go tomorrow very early at DVL Throw a lunker punker and see what happens It will be very busy but it might be worthed if you catch a big one Don’t forget to get a trout set up You might get a lightning trout
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    For Sale Like new ahab 12. $275

    Fin nor ahab 12 Made in USA Rare reel Like new T Redlands
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    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Got it today Can’t wait to catch a fish Or two
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    Problem with Daiwa Lexa HD series...also Daiwa service experience

    I have the same problem with my brand new hd sx-p When I reeled in a small yellow tail the handle will turn but not the spool It didn’t matter how tight the drag was
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    For Sale Fin nor ahab12

    Like new Text for pics 909 725-9790 Made in USA Rare reel $200
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    For Sale Accurate 50w reel

    Used but in very good shape Text 909 725-9790 for pics $700
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    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    Hmm maybe I can help you I just decided to get rid of my accurate 50w If interested let me know I’ll give you a great deal Reel is used but is in great shape
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    WTB Accurate 50

    Got one 50w $700
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    Short Range Boat Recommendation w/ individual staterooms

    Excalibur has double bunks staterooms In the middle there are open double bunks That boat is huge Depends how many people you want to bring
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    For Sale ACCURATE BV2-800 & 1000 (Green)

    I got one valiant from him Very trusty Buy with confidence