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    Run & Gun Weekend on the CONDOR

    Always looking for fishing fanatics!
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    Run & Gun Weekend on the CONDOR

    Sorry Gary! I am terrible with names but you were a real pleasure to fish with. Nothing rushed, very polite and I usually will read two or more books on my long range trips.
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    Run & Gun Weekend on the CONDOR

    I was fishing a 80 gram Katy Perry( upgraded hooks/ rings On foamers count of three and then burn it. On sonar schools I would let it sink out for a 30 count/ burn it/ sink it.
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    Run & Gun Weekend on the CONDOR

    I was on this trip and Surfgoose sums it up perfectly when he said Run N Gun! You had one chance to pick the perfect bait or make the perfect cast and we were on to the next school. The crew worked their tails off and never gave up. I was one of the Bow sniper slingers and was fortunate to hook...
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    “The Next Generation”

    My son and I took a 1-1/2 day on The RR3 on the 4th. My son is 27 now and the years go by faster and faster when you plan your seasons by this trip and that trip. I was reminiscing about Jorge Nicifore because his memorial trip had just returned. I recall many conversations about how proud he...
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    Some of us still have some from the trips with Richard( never will part with them)
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    Pacific Queen 5/29

    Thanks Tyler, I have a company charter in August ! Looking forward to getting the guys on some fish again!
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    I have (2 of the Tranx 500’s but in a jig bite I find myself going back to my trusty Trini40 and7’ Original GUSA 70x. I have hooked wahoo on the tranx but do not feel like I can turn their head and surf them like the 40 can.i have all the fancy new rods but the original 70x I can fish all day...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    if I was quarantined for 14 days I would gain 50 lbs on Mikes cooking! A Good 50!
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Don’t have to worry about my fishing tackle carrying the virus. It Never Catches Anything! Cmon October on the the Rooster
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    I am interested in a 9’ reaper jig stick Dale Fero 949-678-2612 24 raposa, Rsm -ca 92688 Curious what the sale price is?
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    SOLD *gone

    Texted you
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    Captain Alec Robbie on Let’s talk Hookup Sunday 5-3-2020

    Jeff any loading spot looks good to me right now
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    Captain Alec Robbie on Let’s talk Hookup Sunday 5-3-2020

    One of our local kids that have made there way in the sportfishing fleet.Andrew Viola, Aligarh being the others from South County.
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    Surface iron?

    I think Jeff is being modest friends, he is one of the best surface iron fisherman I have seen!
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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    Great job Bill! A trip of a lifetime until next time!
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    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    Great trip Bill! Nothing like getting your personal best and then crushing it 4 times. Hey Jeff what are you signed up for next year? Would love to fish with you.
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    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    That pretty new white truck stays off the “Devil Mud”
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    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    You ready to go back?
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    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    Jeff my brother hunted yesterday as well and had similar results in both hunting and driving! Wister mud is legendary for all the wrong reasons! Be safe out there guys it is slick!
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    Red Rooster

    Dan I am on the trip right before you. Hit me up at the dock I can give you some info on what/what not and some jigs that the wahoo didn’t get!
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    Red Rooster

    Great boat! Rides well in chop. Andy has a Great crew! Have ridden the boat for 15+ years/ Great food from Mike and Fernando!
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    Accurate Tern 600N

    Thanks mike! Might have to add one for next years trip
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    Accurate Tern 600N

    Mike do you like them better than the Trinidad 40?
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    For Sale Lets Try Something Else- Original Pro Gear Reels

    Great reels I have the full set of original in black. They are the best backup set for long range trips
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    For Sale Full Length Rod Sock Covers

    Thank you Aaron for the rod socks! Great product custom made! Time to cover all 17 rods!
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    RR3 Trip #21 Oct 4-12

    Richard it would be fitting if you guys slammed the Hoo in honor to Richard!
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    SOLD Accurate and Phenix rod

    Good deal Anthony! My friend Todd picked it up!
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    For Sale Gold Pro Gear 454

    Great price on that reel! I have a whole set of the Progears . Started my long range with them.
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    SOLD Accurate and Phenix rod

    You take PayPal for rod?
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    Classic Wahoo reels! Great deal
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    RIP Richard

    With a saddened heart I learned of the passing of Richard Hightower! Richard and his family are mainstays in the fishing business and especially the Long Range industry. I was lucky to have fished alongside Richard on his Newell trips and received numerous side glances because I favored...
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    Mike nail

    Congratulations Mike on your little blessing! See you on the 12th
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    SOLD Murdered out Rainshadow 90xxh

    Tim let me know, I can have the money there this weekend
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    SOLD Murdered out Rainshadow 90xxh

    Tempting! Guys great seller his rods are nice!
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    SOLD Sold

    Thank you Tim Great rod! Great seller! Alijos here we come.
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    SOLD Sold

    Very interested(949)678-2612 Text(Dale)
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    Long Range Give Aways

    Have been on a bunch of trips with Richard Hightower/ The Newell reels and Seaguar line were great! The best part was his friendship and teaching me how to fish for Wahoo!
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    Aaron how much if I have the rod covers shipped? I live in South Orange County

    Aaron how much if I have the rod covers shipped? I live in South Orange County
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    Interested in the rain shadow 949-678-2612 please text(Dale)

    Interested in the rain shadow 949-678-2612 please text(Dale)
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    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    That is so Great! Looks like he had a blast! I will be on the boat in 4 weeks and looking forward to a fun bunch.
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    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    Mike it will be great taste food again. You are a talented chef. Enjoy your time off ! And the new family
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    For Sale Full Length Rod Sock Covers

    Sent you a Pm I would love to buy some
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    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    It will be fun to fish with you Eric!
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    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    Sergio you are on the Seaguar trip. Great group of guys! Say hi to Gary Thompson, Rich Goka, Jeff Bruner.
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    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    Mike it should be a fun trip. We have four coming and two more from Alaska.Lets go get some Hoo!
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    Roll Call RR3 10/12-10-20 Pts South

    Who is on this trip and how do I make it through 30 more sleeps?
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    Spot open (1) on sold out Rooster 8-day fall trip.

    Have fun Jeff! Leave some wahoo for our trip!
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    Guadalupe sharks.

    Great video! Sums up the island fishing to a T!
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    SOLD UC 85 sold

    Interested 949-678-2612 (Dale)
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    Anybody going to put up a fish report

    Best food ever on a 1-1/2 trip
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    Anybody going to put up a fish report

    Chachi we actually went so I could get a friend familiar with the boat before our 8 day in October. It was pretty much a no brainer bite on the yellows that day. Their really is no substitute for Mike Nalls cooking! And the crew on the Rooster! Been there with budget thing and totally...
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    Anybody going to put up a fish report

    Sometimes the money is worth it Chachi. Fishing from a 105ft LR Boat is a different experience.Amazing crews, Amazing Food, Shower before our New York steak dinner!We fished the Coronados for 3 hrs(limits) and then ran 40 miles to fish Bluefin! Well worth the$ when you can relax with 30 guys and...
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    Very interested in 10 and 12 Talica.(949) 678-2612/ I am local so no issues there.

    Very interested in 10 and 12 Talica.(949) 678-2612/ I am local so no issues there.
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    At what point?

    That feeling when you hop on a 8-10 day and once you are moving the phone doesn’t matter, no meetings, no deadlines! Three fabulous meals! Plus snacks/ afternoon cocktail hours and a Good Cab with a 5 star dinner! Fishing memories I will never forget, friendships that will never wane! I have...
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    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    And eat really good food!
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    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    Can’t Take it with You!
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    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    Actually what I meant was” It will be nice to be on the Rooster again”
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    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    Steve that’s what Jorge used to tell me! As he came down the rail with another Hoo!
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    RR3 opened up 1.5 day trips in July

    Jumped on the Friday trip! Breaking in the stern for my Oct Trip!
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    AA on the BFT

    Will be on the boat Friday night! Nice fish!
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    Wahoo tips/techniques

    Great write up Tim! Great tips! I used the owner trebles on knife jigs when John Grabowski ran our 10 day on the Rooster. He was apprehensive until I went 6/6 First day. The crews nowadays don’t like my trebles very much! I Love Wahoo Fishing! Thank you guys for the tips!
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    Good BFT on the Condor

    Great boat! Great crew! Already have our company charter booked! 3rd year in a row
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    AA on the BFT

    Signed up for a 1-1/2 on May 3! Looking for the bite to last!
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    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Great job Billy! Really pretty fish! Let’s go get’em!
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    Brand New Fishdoggary 5oz. Krocks.

    Jeff, please tell me you will be on the RR3 8 day?
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    Now you can buy the sinkers for our trip!
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    I will trade you wahoo on a per hr rental fee! Win Win! Cmon Rick?
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    SOLD Used SKB 7200

    Thank you Mike! It will go to good use!
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    SOLD Used SKB 7200

    Mike I am interested! In South OC Text please 949-678-2612
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    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    Jeff that is because you land every fish you hook! Great jig fisherman!
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    SOLD Phenix rods new with tags, Trinidad 16 A in great condition

    Great meeting you Roberto! Let’s fish together!
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    For Sale SKB 7200.Tackle Box

    Pm if offers fall through
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    SOLD Calstar GG 690 J

    Interested, let me know if it falls through
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    SOLD Lowered price Brand New Avet Sx $150

    Thank Kyle! Great to meet you! Good luck this season!
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    SOLD Lowered price Brand New Avet Sx $150

    Interested in 16a. I am local in Rsm
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    For Sale 2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    It is a beautiful riding boat! Made it to west end of Clemente in 52 minutes(cruising at 60) We left at 11:00 and we were back at the dock at Dana by 8:00 with a big bluefin chilling!
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    U.C. RUS 80 Terminator A Phenomenal 40 pound stick

    Ok that might be what I am looking for! Are these made up rods or just blanks? What components are on the rod?/ I want one!
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    New Wahoo Reel

    I like the Trini 40, big spool, fast retrieve! I watched Jeff Bruner crank in wahoo after wahoo on his Trinidad 40.
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    'Hoo Dat ?

    We did that, mostly catch and release!
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    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    I love the feeling of work stress melting away as you know you are in for a solid two day trip to the rocks. I have been fortunate to fish with my brother on quite a few trips, some great memories made as well as some great friends!It has become more about making friends than fish counts(I do...
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    Red Rooster Oct 13 "Points South" Roll Call

    Ok so who on this trip is going to be productive at work tomorrow#Checkedout!
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    Red Rooster Oct 13 "Points South" Roll Call

    Tim are you bringing the jigs for wahoo? If so I will leave the wire at home.
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    Red Rooster Oct 13 "Points South" Roll Call

    Let’s hope it runs ashore quickly and pulls wahoo up with it!
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    Red Rooster Oct 13 "Points South" Roll Call

    Looking forward to it John! Time to go Hoo fishin!
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    Oct 21 Rooster

    On the oct 13-21 trip also-sleeps are getting tougher! Looking forward to meeting you guys!
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    12 shimano reels, last trip 14-16 on wahoo one reel 40, 7 yt night fishing 45-57 tld50 , yft 150 on a trini 30 with 40 lb at Thetis they work I have 10 pro gears also good but a Shimano is engineered to work!
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    I guess its cow time.

    Would love to see Thetis turn on, leave on my 10 day wed! Can't sleep, can't Eat,! I'm drinking fine!
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    Let the games begin.

    John have a great trip on a great boat! I am on the Seeker 10 day following you. Catch'em just not all of'em!
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    A shout out to everyone on this trip! I have tackle spread throughout the house and a wife that is watching the credit cards like a hawk! She asked what all the reels were for? One response-these are Pumps, These are flats, and these are boots. Putting the finishing touches on the gear, trying...
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    John you should be fine with that outfit,you will be trolling close for the wahoo so the top shot won't be an issue.Good luck! I am on the Seeker Ten day behind you!
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    No,but I will be on the Big "X" oct 7 good luck to you!