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  1. louisde

    2-Day On Ranger 85

    Had a great weekend of fishing on the Ranger 85, thanks to Capt. Dustin and his excellent crew, some reasonable weather, and a few toads. After a Dustin gave quick seminar to explain rigging and the game plan we left Friday night with live squid and anchovy/sardine mix for bait. We were all...
  2. louisde

    9th Circuit Rules in favor of Steelhead

    :finger: Some good news for a change. Wild steelhead to retain endangered species status, court rules Federal appeals panel rebuffs Central Valley irrigators' efforts to relax U.S. protections on the Pacific salmon. Wild steelhead to...
  3. louisde

    Need 6th person on Josie Lynn 8/26-28

    We have a 2 day chartered on Josie Lynn <cite></cite> out of San Diego. Leaving Thursday evening 8/26 and returning Saturday night 8/28. One angler can't make it so we need a sixth. Cost $750 includes food and drinks. Email me at [email protected] if you would like to go.
  4. louisde

    Fathers Day on Pacific Star Yellowtail!

    We left Seaforth Friday 6/19. It was a 2 day trip we spent Saturday getting the snot kicked out of us on the bluefin grounds, Deadliest Catch weather, no joke, for no fish. We saw fish, had them rush the stern but no bites. We went to the beach to anchor for dinner catching a bonito on the troll...