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  1. 40Grit

    33’ Pilot house build

    Preparing plug for mold
  2. 40Grit

    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    Got taken by a Pemex reptile. I pulled in to fill up. While letting the dog out, slippery resets the pump. Adds on an additional ten bucks and plays with the exchange rate. While attempting to engage me, I asked him if he played games with locals as well? I kept my ten, told him if there’s a...
  3. 40Grit

    Volvo dualprop restoration.

    After eleven years in Baja, multiple shade tree repairs over the years, I yanked everything last fall, and trucked it back to the shop. It was Volvo Grant, of Sea&Ski who convinced me it was time. His pronouncement, that “All us Baja Cunts, have to bring it home every ten years” As many of us...
  4. 40Grit

    For Sale Mercury 225 SeaPro 3.0 L

    1998 Mercury 225 two stroke 3.0 L carbureted $2200 Clean, running, motor. Make offer tired of looking at it. Steve 714-425-9788
  5. 40Grit

    For Sale East Cape Safari 28

    EastCaper has been in Los Barillies for 8 years after a full restoration. She was re powered in 2000 with a pair of Volvo DP 290s I replaced the trailer last year with a triple axel Pacific The boat is stored in Verdugo’s under a steel roof and has its own bodega garage for gear storage. Over...
  6. 40Grit

    East Caper Safari 28

    Great Sport boat, Safari located in Los Barillies fully restored and re powered in 2010 East Cape veteran comes with new galvanized triple axle trailer, Complete electronics, lots of spares, dedicated storage shed and Bodega easy and economical 32K Steve Brown 714 425 9788
  7. 40Grit

    Pair of late model Mercruser 454 inboards

    Pair of late model 454 Mercruser inboards with 1.5 ZF Gears these motors have very little time on them, We are going to repower with Diesel. fresh Water cooled with all the inline oil and trans coolers. remote oil filters. they were new packages in 07 pictures to follow. $6800.00 Steve B 714...
  8. 40Grit

    Ensenada Mordida

    Customer was the victim of a Ensenada police shakedown. A Well dressed Federalie stopped him and his co driver while driving thru town. While returning to California With all necessary paper work, insurance and limit flags. they were cited for a yet another flag for length$ The federal...
  9. 40Grit

    Too Windy to fish East Cape

    Should take up Kite boarding! it never laid down, always a bit of a gamble during the windy season. We waited a week in the La Ribera marina. on the windiest day the entrance was breaking mid channel. never less than twenty knots, we saw over thirty knots two days in a row. Woof it was blowing.
  10. 40Grit

    Foco Roc

    after dodging the lightning and rain we ran up to La Paz. on the way back to La Ribera we stoped at Foco roc north of Ceravalo it was a bit of a hike out there, nothing prepares you for how strong these fish are.
  11. 40Grit

    Avley Deck winch

    Hello all, I am looking for an Avley Deck winch to use while kite fishing,, or a better reel idea for roping in the Kites?
  12. 40Grit

    Pair of 454 inboards

    Have a pair of 454 Mercury inboards, they were running take outs from Bertram 31 repower we did. They are complete, with 1.5 to 1 Trannys, fresh water cooled, vintage 80s $2500 Steve Brown 714 425 9788
  13. 40Grit

    Matt Lewis Riverside Police Officer

    Got a Call form Officer Matt Lewis today. Apparently my long lost Car Trailer was located Saturday. The Trailer had been stolen four years ago, from my boat yard. it was a great unit, we had purchased it to move a huge production job we had. Officer Lewis noticed the License plate was for a...
  14. 40Grit

    Furuno Sounder FCV-260

    Any one with experience with this unit? I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. if this unit is solid I should leave her alone. if technology has obsoleted this unit I should replace? she comes with a separate pair of transducers, one has 4"x4" face, Giant!
  15. 40Grit

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Check out my new, Ride,She's a 1991 Radovich 34 that needs some TLC everything is just a little crusty. decided to start the new year with the project goal for April-May launch? just gotta stay on plan. nothing prepares you for how heavy all that yellow is!
  16. 40Grit


    Selling my 28' Fiberform, got it on a no reserve auction on E-bay, less than 3 days left! Check it out! Need cash to finish the 40' Owens before the Albacore run! Thanks Brownie
  17. 40Grit

    Shipping boat reefer down to Los Barrilies

    Does anyone have any experience shipping to the East Cape? reefer went out last season, and its a little bulky to take on the plane.
  18. 40Grit

    Chevy Stroker,

    great motor, set up for fishing boat, blue printed with the best of everything. compression ratio and cam set up to get the best mileage. pulled 300 HP on dyno with huge torque numbers. 10 quart pan, Holly carb, built for 383 ci heat exchanger Volvo style. balanced. 4 bolt main block 30 over...
  19. 40Grit

    Big Block Quadrajet

    finally broke down and took my carb in to a pro, the thing looked like shit and ran even worse, freakin gas guzzler. If we got near a mile a gallon it was cause cleb. I know it was hard when Sean in HB asked who last worked on it, or how long has it been this way, or better yet, did you know...
  20. 40Grit

    Fishing fleet north of Malibu Sunday night?

    What fleet was north of Malibu last Sunday night? looked like 20 to 30 boats mostly commercial grade. just a couple miles offshore
  21. 40Grit

    Offshore stroker 383

    Fresh SB Chevy, stroker, Balanced, with stainless valves heavy duty rocker arm assembly 8-1 compression dished pistons and steel roller rocker arms set up for heavy haulin with pump gas. this motor was run in on a dyno it produced 300hp with about the same foot lbs of tourqe this motor has been...