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  1. MarktheShark56

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    Heading out early Sunday. Any signs today in domestic waters? 9? Ridge? 43?
  2. MarktheShark56

    Bottoms catching LJ 12/30

    Spent a couple hours on my buddy Jon's boat in 240' near the corner for a nice mix of vermilion to 3#, some of the larger honeycomb rf's I've seen, a bocaccio, a big flag rf, 3 whitefish and a 3# goat. All on shrimp flies with squid strips. Not much wind, used 4 oz. lead all morning. Beautiful...
  3. MarktheShark56

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    Threw some x-raps for 5 short halis (1 just barely!) and this nice orangemouth. That's a 28" cutting board so that would be a legal wsb! Fished an hour on each side of the low slack at the inlet.
  4. MarktheShark56

    Shimano lure recommendations?

    Looking to add a few (more) to the box. Appreciate any input on sizes/colors for flatfalls, snipers, maybe wax wings too? Thanks in advance.
  5. MarktheShark56

    O'side offshore patties 2/26

    Went 20 mi. on 240° heading, then north to the 277, back in towards the domes and down to oside. Lots of patties. Lots of 1# yellows under those patties. Tried deep-dropping irons even though no sonar marks. Lots of porps, again no sonar marks. Pod of about 20 unk. BIG porps (11-12'ers), black...
  6. MarktheShark56

    2/17 O'side

    Did morning run out 15 mi. or so toward 181 then looped north. Saw several decent-sized patties. No yellows, no bait, no molas, no nothin! No bird, porp or whale action. Came back in at the box canyon cluster. Didn't see anyone hooked up. Then boat wouldn't start. Found coil was extremely hot...
  7. MarktheShark56

    SD No. county update request.....

    Thinking of prowling the sea tomorrow, anywhere from San Ono to Encinitas. Looking for any fish updates from you weekndrs. While I understand that there are NO FISH IN OCEANSIDE......:D, any helpful info from the last day or 2 would be greatly appreciated. Here's to ya!