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  1. Yellowtail Dan

    Royal Polaris 3-Day

    Anyone on the 3-day trip that leaves on 7/8? It’s a limited load trip with 20 passengers. Single riders get their own stateroom. I just signed up for it today, one spot left
  2. Yellowtail Dan

    For Sale Accurate 870’s and 270 for sale

    I have 2 870’s with the waffle handles and a 270 also with a waffle handle for sale. All 3 have been serviced by Ken since last use and have fresh 100yd mono top shots of 40lb on 870’s (65lb jb solid spectra) and 30lb (50lb jb solid spectra) on the 270. They all work great and are cosmetically...
  3. Yellowtail Dan

    For Sale 2020 Silverado Wheels SOLD

    I have a full set of 2020 Chevy Silverado wheels with the Black bow tie logo for sale with all of the hardware except the pressure sensors. They have less then 300 miles on them and are in as like new as you could hope for. $400.00 takes them or possibly a trade for a reel. These are located...
  4. Yellowtail Dan

    For Sale Accurate, Penn Tq 40nld2, Seeker SSR 7660 for Sale

    I have these items for sale or trade in the case of the Penn Torque. Pm for pictures Seeker SSR 7660 custom wrapped by Tim here on BD all blacked out with a Punisher logo on it. Been on a few trips and pulled on some fish. In great shape and will ship on your dime in a PVC rod tube $250.00 plus...
  5. Yellowtail Dan

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day report

    Just got back Wednesday on the Angler from a really good 10 day trip to the Lupe and off Natividad fishing for yellows. This is going to be a bullet point report. We fished hard in the sun and the rain the wind and the cold and even fished the bottom at night just for shits and giggles and...
  6. Yellowtail Dan

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day

    Just signed up for this trip. Lori let me switch from the 12/26 8 Day. There are still 9 spots open on this one if anyone is interested. Great time frame for wahoo or going to the Lupe, maybe both. Anyone else here on it?
  7. Yellowtail Dan


    Just grabbed the last spot on Ken's Custom Reel 15 day on the Angler in Feb 2021. Should have just enoug time to finish loading up on more gear........
  8. Yellowtail Dan

    American Angler 8-Day 11/25-12-2

    Great trip with a really good bunch of people. There was no “That Guy” on the boat. Brian, Brad, Justin, Jordon, Josh, Rocco and Nick all did an amazing job on this one with a mixed bag of anglers. They saved me on a couple of wahoo that were caught in the usual tangles. Food was great even...
  9. Yellowtail Dan

    Spectra question

    I just bought a Mak 20 that has 550yds of 130lb solid on it with room for quite a bit more when I look at it next to my Mak 20 Basil filled for me. What is the best way to connect solid to preferably 100 or 130lb hollow? Or should I just strip it and have it filled with 100lb hollow like my...
  10. Yellowtail Dan

    Penn VSX vs VISX

    What is the difference between the two? Never been a Penn Int guy before but looking at a used 16vsx Thanks for any input on best line strength and spectra capacity Daniel
  11. Yellowtail Dan

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    just got the call my 10 day on the Rooster is being cut to a 6 day Lupe trip. Looking at other options and the 12 day Melton trip on the Excel has some spots. Anyone ever fish this trip? If you're looking for a 6-Day Lupe trip the Rooster has one 12/11-12/17 for $2,100 bucks
  12. Yellowtail Dan

    Red Rooster 10 Day spots open!!!

    I'm throwing this out there for totally selfish reasons and to be completely up front about it I have no ties to the boat The 10 day trip leaving 12/11 has a lot of open spots and needs to get to 20 to go. 11 are booked now ( I'm one of the 11) so we need 9. With the fishing at the lower banks...
  13. Yellowtail Dan

    December 10 Trip

    Has anyone been on a 10 day trip in December and if so how was it? Thinking about jumping on a 10 day on the Rooster if I can get the time off.
  14. Yellowtail Dan

    Seasons Sportfishing

    My buddy and I took our sons out on their first trip ocean fishing with Jamie and David on Seasons 34ft Parker on the 1st. Had done some research and liked what I'd heard about the operation so I thought we'd give them a go. It was windy and bumpy to start but it settled down nice and we ended...
  15. Yellowtail Dan

    Tips needed for Compound Bow for son

    My son wants a compound bow for his 21st B-Day present. I know nothing about them so any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He has some experience and is looking for one to hunt with. He's 5-10 and 210lbs of yoked college rugby player and I believe he said he wanted one with...
  16. Yellowtail Dan

    Looking for a wahoo reel, single or two speed Torque?

    Looking for some feedback from the guys that have them and have used them. Which model and size are you using? I have no experience with the Penn Torque line up Thanks in advance Dan
  17. Yellowtail Dan

    Help I'd'ing a snake

    I thought I'd post this here where guys are out seeing these guys and will have a better Idea what type this guy is. He was "delivered" in a bin of watermelons to one of my stores last week. The store said they thought it was a garter snake but were then told it was a rattlesnake. It didn't have...
  18. Yellowtail Dan

    900m and International 975 for sale

    Custom wrapped deckhand style Calstar Graphfighter 900m. Like new condition wrapped in cobalt blue and gold thread basic wrap with fuji chrome guides. 150.00 Penn International 975 in very good condition minor rash serviced by Ken when needed. 125.00 I'm in Sacramento area (Roseville) any...
  19. Yellowtail Dan

    Gut wrenching

    E:60 Josiah's Time - ESPN Video - ESPN I'm not to proud to say I was crying. I wish I had half of this kids strenth. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are all Blessed and have much to be Thankful for.
  20. Yellowtail Dan

    Coming back home to Cali

    I just accepted a new job with a company and am coming back to Ca. (I won't miss the crazy Texas weather). I was hoping I could get some tips on good areas to live in the Berkeley or Sacramento areas. I have to be there by Apr 12th and the family will be following me out in late June when school...
  21. Yellowtail Dan

    Fully loaded SKB longrange tackle box

    SOLD This is a fully loaded SKB tackle box for longrange fishing. This box comes with everything you see in the pictures. I'll list some but you can pm me for a complete list. 2 rigged braid maruaders 1 new smaller braid maruader 1 tray j-hooks, owner circle hooks and gorilla hooks varied...
  22. Yellowtail Dan

    Smitty Day belt

    Smitty day belt has some paint chips around rod holder as well as around the edges. Padding and strap are in great shape and the blue paint on the facing only has small scuffs and scratching. 65.00 bucks and I'll pay shipping
  23. Yellowtail Dan

    Sato crimp kit

    I have a sato starter crimp kit with everything it came with including all crimps as well as 135lb crimps (which don't come with this kit) for 150 and I'll pay for shipping.
  24. Yellowtail Dan

    Shimano Tld 30-2speed

    I have an older model 30 2-speed that has been completly upgraded with a Tiburon Magnum 30T frame (no lugs for harness clips or trolling straps) , T-Bar handle, upgrades drags and freespool also is spooled with 100lb JB solid spectra with a top shot you'll need to replace. The reel is a 9 out of...
  25. Yellowtail Dan

    Sportsmens Seafood

    Just got my fish back from Mario at Sportsmens Seafood from my 8-day and everything was perfect. Just got done eating some of the smoked yellowtail and it was great. Mario you came through for me again Thanks bro.
  26. Yellowtail Dan

    Avet 30 narrow

    Can someone give me the model # for this reel and any feed back would be great as well
  27. Yellowtail Dan

    Avet blems on ebay

    Has anybody bought any of these? Most of what I see are just color issues nothing mechcanical.
  28. Yellowtail Dan

    Hatchet Marlin

    I'am sitting here watching this big game fishing show and they're catching what they call a "Hatchet Marlin". The top of the dorsil is straight flat cut. They said it's some kind of hybred. Just wondering if anyone had ever heard of these.
  29. Yellowtail Dan

    Ricky Booby

    Took the boys this afternoon and rate this a must see movie.(Talladega nights) Just don't know if I'll ever be able to look at Wil Ferril again after the ending:rofl:
  30. Yellowtail Dan

    lx 4.6 Feedback

    I'am thinking about picking up an Avet lx 4.6 and wanted to get some feedback on the reel before I buy it. I was thinking about filling it with 65# jb and topping it of with 50# top shot. So if anyone reads this and knows how it fishes, freespool, drag and reliability please let me know. Thanks