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  1. goatram

    Another joining the 30' club

    Save some money by deleting the Pain-T Rod Holders DeBur the Aluminum. DW Sucks at that! Add Some Ballast in the Bilge Lead Shot or Something Else. DW Design Flaw? Cabin floor drains Yes on the Bow Thruster
  2. goatram

    Welds broke on boat

    Nick speaks true. Leave the welds alone. Stacked Dimes Look So MUCH BETTER than Pain-T TJ Likes Pain-t. I don't. All that does is create more work to clean the area for either a repair or MODIFICATION! Go Bare Ass! and go slower. Bounding the Hell out of her is only good in a PRONO Film!
  3. goatram

    WTC package deal - tentative

    @WaveDancer Stay away. You are unwelcome around me. Your Lack of Understanding is your issue. Gspot is a person that I can ignore and have never met nor do I desire that experience. Fuck you both.
  4. goatram

    Costco Vacuum sealer Discussion ??

    Drop a jar then drop a bag. Store 50 retort bags in a paper sack, Than move them around. now do the same with 50 glass jars!
  5. goatram


    WTH is good luck line? Never heard of it. Good luck cocaine or a nice crack?
  6. goatram

    Battery Charger questions

    Go ProMariner. Made for boats. Mine is wired in on the shore power. Smart Technology maintains the system. keeps your batteries charged without cooking them. I have a CTech, Norco, and a 50amp Boost charger for my on shore CAR, TRACTORS and other such chit.
  7. goatram

    Welds broke on boat

    Miles The weld did fail but it had help. 2004 Northriver Seahawk 21'. The Aft Bulkhead to the Floor of Sunken Now was what Failed. I kept a 150qt cooler in there as did the OG Owner. It can be Fixed. Either Nick Ruddnick or Jim Clack or Chris Hanson at Ballard Marine Fabrication are able to...
  8. goatram

    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    Fuck them Soy Boys from Kalli. That is most of our problem. Your Right thou; We have gotten bit by the Eyefish Disease. No one wants to play anymore.
  9. goatram

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    I like the way Thursday Looks. I, Sadly will be getting the Finger and turn your head and Cough Inspection. Annually Thing. Saturday looks good ( will be there Friday) so go get em and report, Please.
  10. goatram

    Yoo Hoo....Black Velvet

    Wake the Dead. Dammmmmmmmn Still the Arch Enemy of All
  11. goatram

    Salmon Days left area 2 ??

    Fuck US All.
  12. goatram

    Navionics accuracy

    Southwest underwater spit off of Obstruction Island. At the five mile range it shows Blue. You got to zoom in and it suddenly turns O SHIT BROWN. Two Props and lower Units worth at High Tide, O Shit, Fuck Me Running! Bad. When using the Navionics Chip; the contour lines suck in area 7. Phone...
  13. goatram

    How is L1

    Two have had issues with the liver. Hmmmm Get better. Harness the pain and set goals.
  14. goatram

    1KW Transom Mount Transducers on tin cans

    Drill the 4.5" hole and install the other one. Dont be a pussy. Be the man your kid thinks you are.
  15. goatram

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Buttram kinda sorta Goatram Major Ben Dover Major Puss and Boots The Twin Non Selected Gender Boat Sex Free Strap On goes both ways WildCat is a great name. Coming from a Squid like Bugeater trying to name a Boat after the P-38 is wrong as two boys fucking. Not being PC is a good thing What...
  16. goatram

    Trailer brakes: stainless worth the upgrade?

    Get Tiedown Engineering Vented Disk Brakes G4 Brakes. Use Lucus Premium Marine Grease. A new Surge Brake Actuator Spray it with Corrosion X. Then do your self a favor and stop dunking the actuator in the salt. When the Calipers seize replace them with the 89 Chevy Caliper. These last 2 to 3...
  17. goatram

    Best Marine Bean Bag for Center Console

    You such a ho. Working on Sponsor shit for your new Bitch? Ocean Tamer! I have 3 on my boat. I bought 15 on a group Buy for Washington State Chapter. Easy Peasy company to work with. My 3 have boat name on it.
  18. goatram

    The Paragon

    Nick Ruddnick Or BMF in Ballard. New shop. I Know two of the Welders there and they are real good on Stainless or Aluminum. Jim Clack and Chris Hansen. Congrats of the boat and your retirement. Still wont have time thou to get shit done in the day or week.
  19. goatram

    How do you paint an aluminum boat?

    Are there chips in the Pain-t? To bare Aluminum? Do you have bubbles in the current finish? If you scratch the bubbles do they flake off? White Powder under the bubbles? That white bubbles is the corrosive I speak of. Most boat manufacturers have gotten better with applying top coats. Look at...
  20. goatram

    How do you paint an aluminum boat?

    Pain-t suxs. You have a few things you need to do make sure it stays good long term. Just repain-ting will trap the corrosion. All bare/chipped areas need to be sanded, alodined then primed. As soon as it is sanded aluminum will start to try to repair itself.(corrode). You have about an hour to...
  21. goatram

    Everett Marina Fire

    Damn Kung Flu made her burn fast.
  22. goatram

    WP trailer parking

    I took my trailer home. It used to be $10 a month then $20 Now $35? RTB and I both had our hooks cut off a couple of years ago.
  23. goatram

    Westport Accommodations

    Not my fault for running out in the morning. Fishing or going fishing. Kinda nice water that day that pic was taken. Sally Took That. Then you cried and I dropped the RPM By 200. You Kept Up! Good Job!
  24. goatram


    Sent a pm
  25. goatram

    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    This is a brand new pump with a brass base. Not good on a Aluminum boat. I got it cheap. Where is bluewater marine. It belonks on a plastic boat. My spare is already plumbed in. With Valves I can swap it out once i get back to the dock. Looks 1" pipe thread. Also all you wanna be tuna boys get...
  26. goatram

    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    Bait Sentry, shurflo! Magnetic drive 1500gph for main tank. 800gph small tank on a T fitting. Hell add another T and add your washdown pump to it. I have a 1.5" dia. And a 1" thru hull. I have 3 pumps on my 1.5" manifold with a ball valve. And only one pump on the 1". I have high speed pickup...
  27. goatram

    Boat Detail Help

    But one must do one's due diligence! Call and ask the "Q" uestion. Now you have shown proficiency in buffing Miss Kellie's ass. A Jack of all trades step in and do DaveL's as well. Show US what you got. FD, your truck has a few extra pounds of spuds. Reel Bennie what about your Spa? Is it up...
  28. goatram

    Boat Detail Help

    Dave aka @Fog Ducker! gducker needs to call him as well. His white Toyota has Potatoes growing on ot.
  29. goatram

    Boat Detail Help

    Dave. Travis did a good job on a friends truck inside and out. Talk to him about polishing boats. Sounded like he knew his business. He washed and sealed my truck. Another good job. He is Self contained. Every thing needed is on his truck. Water, pressure washer, electrical power, as well as...
  30. goatram

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    I got my three from Six Robblees. Dexter axles shipped to them from Dexter. Les Schwab has load Range E Ten Ply trailer tires. I have bought 7 new this year for my trailer. Rust on the cast torsion stub? Wire wheel it and then inspect and see if there is still the uniform thickness over all...
  31. goatram

    Sanding/Priming Aluminum

    Sand blasted and then primed same day. The blasting will get the crevices and all the Corrosion. Get some Alodine then Zinchromite primer, then epoxy primer and topcoat. If you go with sanding; paint is off. Use Alumabrite and red scotchbrite to scrub it down. The Alumabrite will etch the...
  32. goatram

    Let the games begin

    when you going to Tuna Town?
  33. goatram

    Shrimp info

    A drop off. 250'. Navionics has current info on the mobile app. Click on a arrow and then the area on top with words naming the Bouy. Shows the current times. Small one lb collapsible anchors tied to your pots and a cannonball or two. A2 bag bouy with a 10 to 20 ft tag line and bouy clipped into...
  34. goatram

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Well for some of the back story. When i built my boat I wanted a new puller. Heard good things about Discovery Bay Pullers. I saw Chuck at the LFS Booth at the boat show in 2012. We talked. I bought and for 4 years it worked ok. I thought i could help it pull faster by pulling on the rope after...
  35. goatram

    Yamaha F150

    Might have a set of Honda's BF 250 with about 1400 hrs next February 2021. They will have about 250hrs on the new lower units. Munched the fuck out of the old ones and the SS Powertec LFS4X17P props. Just tossed them in the trash. But Jesus help me. 9 years
  36. goatram

    Masco sold to PetroCard

    I got the 900 gallons purchase ok. My part of concern is the Tax ID. I lack that.
  37. goatram

    Shrimping report

    Chad you need Ladners and A2 bags 1lb anchors and finally 5/16 leaded line. A 1600 ft spool all from LFS. I already asked Vance to come with the next time but he said Fuck Shrimp! PS I had to hand pull my ladners last Friday after my electric puller shit the bed. Used it on Tuesday after I...
  38. goatram

    Best results ever! Tailwalker Fisheries set me up (boat rigging)

    Nice work Patrick. Doug you will enjoy the AP. Get the Capt seat upgraded to Air. Patrick can do that as well. He has the source for the Aluminum Air tank as well. What's another 1500 for confort. A used 1lb Plastic Coffee can works.
  39. goatram

    Fine China

    Spent 8 years in Japan and never had a desire to play that game. Drunk walked by them on Okinawa along Gate 2 St. Misawa AB had a few as well. Growing Up Our next Door Neighbors had one. Played with it in the 70's a few times. Mr. Flyntz Was a retired Navy Enlisted. Last I heard he was still...
  40. goatram

    Ace Pot Puller Wiring

    THE CADILLAC OF PULLERS. As seen on the Show, Wicked Tuna.
  41. goatram

    License boycott

    Fish season is upon us. Protest or go fish? Not much traction from what I'm seeing from this thread. Fuck it go fish without a license. See what happens! I got mine at Harbor Marine. See ya on the water.
  42. goatram

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    Welcome. What slip on 12? Needs more Rod Holders.
  43. goatram

    I got some grinding to do

    Alumabrite "Acid", scrub pad, gloves, respirator, and a williness to work in cramped quarters. Looks good. Foam suxs.
  44. goatram

    Unemployed, furloughed, got your hours cut?

    Meaning Liberals Only need apply? Asking for a friend!!!!
  45. goatram


    They had to move the pens for the area to be Dredged. Fake news TTP!
  46. goatram

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    Both can be worked. Not without losing something. The seat box will be Sacrificed. Cheapest way is go to McCoy's Truck Supply in Portland get two Airride seats. Downside they might be cloth covered and not Vinyl also wont be the same color either. Use a portaple air compressor that plugs in to...
  47. goatram

    Good day on the pond...

    I said my piece. The Bitch can push the envelope and he will get caught. Boat Impounded and him detained. This has been Discussed here before butt Ignorance is Bliss. Live and learn.:ashamed::slap:
  48. goatram

    Good day on the pond...

    Bitch please shut the fuck up. Who the fuck are you o great seahusky. Besides posting about crossing the border illegally when the border is closed you further compound your JackWagon Status saying you will contact them and self report your Stupidity. You go Boy. Be a really Good Boy! Fuck Off
  49. goatram

    Loop prop

    times 9 Buckaroo. It's Not:spank: but the price would only be $18,000
  50. goatram

    Loop prop

    Fuck no. I can buy alot of gas for that money. $18,000 for right and left.
  51. goatram

    OP Derby

    Shafts on both bent. The skegs are sheared off just below the bullet. A couple of scratches on port bullet. Motors were turned off by me not by the bottom. They were bounced pretty roughly. No hull damage seen. So new lower ends and props is what she needs. Time and insurance will tell...
  52. goatram

    Tapatalk or bd app?

    Try this link That is from one of @Jason "s posts in a reply to me. It is KISS approved
  53. goatram

    Tapatalk or bd app?

    There is an app for that. Sent you a pm. But tapatalk got currupted. Jason as replied and explained how to get er done.
  54. goatram

    OP Derby

    I was rock picking not clam digging. Had a couple fly three foot high out of the water. SOB!
  55. goatram

    OP Derby

    Goat got kicked. Wheels got cut up a bit. Pulling the boat. New wheels on order. I have both good and bad luck. Bitch. Fu64, Bastard... ... ... ... ...
  56. goatram

    Tribes win again

    @sharkster Old buddy old pal. Do I Got a Story to tell.
  57. goatram

    OP Derby

    Miss Eliza is in
  58. goatram

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Think hard on the Pain-t. Think back to.the Bubbles under the Finish. Happens in a couple of seasons from new. A Bare Boat with just her bottom coated/pain-ted is just as good looking. Hell get a Ford and strip her and get both polished and Sharked. Prettier than College Freshwoman with nice...
  59. goatram

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Then!.Support something instead of tearing down MO. Salmon for Soldiers (SFS)was a group that Started After Danny and I got the 20 or so boats gathered up with the Help of SnoKing PSA. They excluded Danny after it their first year. Wounded Warrior Project doesn't give alot back to the...
  60. goatram

    Recommendation Fiberglas guy for custom transom bait tank

    19W X 29L X 30T equals close to 60 gallons. 4 inchs above the deck allows plumbing and a toekick. 2inches on top allows hooks and weights and other such chit. The cutting board on top allows drinks and scent bottles to be securely held while fishing Salmon. the pink meat
  61. goatram

    KiwiGrip Deck Paint Project

    The Blow Fly got the message Loud and Clear. When you become my english teacher wearing the Penguin getup you can Then SKOL ME BOY! Side note: Don't mess with the mods they can be painful in their Retaliation. it is also against the Rules of the Forum that you said you understand and agreed to...
  62. goatram

    KiwiGrip Deck Paint Project

    Dude. When you resurrect a old thread first pm the original poster and ask your question. Might work better or start a new thread and ask the questions for the answers you seek. Now if you need to be an ass. Look up Travis. He fill in all you need to know on how to be a pussy aka Gash.
  63. goatram


    YUP! You Called; and I showed. Rode me a Jackass to the Gate. Love The goat
  64. goatram

    Blackmouth Derby Time!!!

    Capt Poon handling the Side Pot this Year? I seem to remember a fish that was not a derby winner Just a Wee Bit Bigger than Miss Eliza's. Someone else other than Bennie [email protected] aka Travis (Lil Masterbaiter) winning AND GETTING HIS MONEEEEY. Mike was that you? I got sum money for both side...
  65. goatram


    Nut up!
  66. goatram


    You go Boy!
  67. goatram


    Broken Record. Sounds like Lil ADAM Schiff Crying.
  68. goatram

    Shark Hide

    Like my girl bare. Shiny like pain-t requires maintenance. Fuck that. Ride, fish, wash and walkaway.
  69. goatram


    Who wone it last year. I cant remember. I should. I ran it. Will have to search that. He who won it must carry on.
  70. goatram

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Had to edit to correct my Grammer. Sister Tommy Cornfed sees all. He's the Head master.
  71. goatram

    It was a great day, turned bad

    We did donate a little over $9000 Cash to the food bank directly @BirdDawg! Three people won prizes for donating. Grand Prize was a SMAK Cooler that Ryan slid over to help increase donations. Under Mission Outdoors the Food Bank has Benefited Nicely. Last year(2018) was the first year there was...
  72. goatram

    I got some grinding to do

    While your at it pull that felt Carpet off of the Cabin Gunnels. My 2004 NR had it and there was corrosion under it. Clean and acid wash it. Rinse the heck out of it as well.
  73. goatram

    dock cart recommendation

    I repair not replace. Just built a 50" by 28" with 6" tall sides. Wheels are 10" semi hard i.e. no air like Charlies above. Charlie made it so he can mount it up to his trailer hitch. As always you have to improve stuff when you do R&D. Cart that was powdercoated Red. It was Pain-ted
  74. goatram

    dock cart recommendation

    1400lbs cap or Down fall is corrosion of the steel and pneumatic tires. Lowes and Home Depot have garden Wagons had one. Lasted 3 years for around $159 now. 1000lbs cap...
  75. goatram

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Your Crew so........ Capt speaks for the crew. Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Move on Drama QUEENS!
  76. goatram

    It was a great day, turned bad

    I'm a freaking Mechanic not a Freaking Structural Engineer from U of Nebraska aka Children of the CornHuskers. But thank you for the complement Tommy!
  77. goatram

    It was a great day, turned bad Prize payouts will be made via certified mail after all fish have passed inspection by our processor 5-7 days after the event. All winners will be required to fill out IRS Form W-9, request for taxpayer ID, if your prize exceeds a value of $600. You...
  78. goatram

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Sometimes things take time. A couple of you have no skin in this game. Vance, Two Tap Pat, Jon aka G Spot, and Capt. Decent aka Ryan are some of you that need to step away. Rules are the rules. Fish needs to be processed. The fish processor aka Merino's had a busy season last year. They are now...
  79. goatram

    New format bonus

    Sucks again! Damn Screwed up a good thing.
  80. goatram

    garage kicker mount

    Put a folding leg on the fron that you can pin in place both when it is off of the tractor and when its folded back on the tractor for transport to your boat. I like the concept. Copyrite that Idea.
  81. goatram

    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Ye olde navy boy toy and that other navy bugeater are just plain Jealous. Gots to admit if a man post about his use of his Wife's Toys, there might be sum T and A of said wife. Ya never know.
  82. goatram

    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    I was thinking the Same damn thing. He being a navy man and all:oops::gay: Looks good.
  83. goatram

    Wiper motors

    3 AFI's in the boat for 6 going on 7 years. Imtra intermittent with push to wash switches.
  84. goatram

    Gunnel Rod Holder Drainage Problem

    Like the ones I have that have a drain tube on the bottom that you can attach a PVC Tube to. The tube is routed to the bilge to drain. You might have to drill a hole through your foam to allow the tube access to your bilge or to drain out onto your Deck. My gunnels have space under them to the...
  85. goatram

    Winter boat project - deck lights

    Yes the same ones that are pictured.
  86. goatram

    Winter boat project - deck lights

    I have used these and They last but 3 years. Wires corrode out at the point they go into the fixture. I have the blue and white. Toggle the switch once and it turns white. toggle it again it switches to blue. I like the blue light. The Blue underwater Lights, Bait Tank Light as well as the...
  87. goatram

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    I'm doing it on line, Scan in and send the receipts electronically. For last year; had 3 reports sent in getting back about about $700. They do want the Boat WN Number on the receipt. Pain in the rear but worth it. Just remember to get it done and keep your receipts where you can find them...
  88. goatram

    Best tool for the job?

    I still like the top rodholders better.
  89. goatram

    Costco Fuel Fill Up

    Our local Costco only allows $150 at a time. I take one lane with the truck and trailer pulled up to get to the Boat Tank. They don't have Diesel at the local one. Gotta head out about 30 plus miles to find one that does. I head north to the Pakistani's Mobil Station. Current Diesel Price is...
  90. goatram

    Tapatalk Not working

    No. We are out of luck.
  91. goatram

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    I dropped off the Rod Holders for the boat gave a couple of extra. I did get asked about the Windshield Switches and the washer tank. With the Tongue in check was told to shut up and not make their (Brandon's) Life Difficult. My Name was on the list for him to ask questions of. I'm always...
  92. goatram

    Custom gaffs

    Not to far from I405 eastside north of 167
  93. goatram

    Best tool for the job?

    No. Has havin a good day till Jon Showed up and cried.
  94. goatram

    Custom gaffs

    I got the Black with red thread handle wrapped one. Custom made; by Thrasher; to be built.
  95. goatram

    Best tool for the job?

    We are frickin wit the Kalli Fag but you are a close second dude. We did offer suggestions to the OP. You just were in bed front to back on the Kalli Boy luvin him your way so you didn't see, hear, or read our comments. You have a special way like Jon does in showin us how much you know. Get...
  96. goatram

    Best tool for the job?

    Pain-t See Vance. Marine grade Aluminum must be different in Kalli, I like the look but Anal Retentive Boys Don't. Corrosion, Oxidation, And Rust kinda sorta means one in the same but in boats not so.
  97. goatram

    Anyone have any RR Spikes they want to sell?

    That is called Anal Retentive. A Sickness of the Brain. Not conducive for owning a boat. Shit is never True, Straight, or Plum; to abscess about it will drive one Mad. Forgetaboutit!
  98. goatram

    Washington Park Launch update

    Good news. Just need a breakwater. Easy one like Lovrics. Would be cool to have a couple of Decommissioned Clean Steel ships. Think of the Fish Habitat that it would provide. OR do what the Japanese do to create harbors. Concrete interlocking "Cracker Jacks" zoom in to the google maps link here...
  99. goatram

    Paint Matching

    Pain-t suxs except on your bottom. Go Naked Is what I say. Bare! Bob Knows Bottoms and he likes Pain-t Now Benjamin Knows "High End Customers" and He is Anal Retentive to Boot. (PS Ask him about his new truck) He will Freely admit his "OCD" ness to one and all. Betcha can't tell from 10' away.
  100. goatram

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    It was a long 36 hours from Friday morning till you saw me relieving the Monster Energy Drink Consumption Contribution to enhance my wheel hugging experience for that time. I wants to know who the Jackwagon that called Patrick a Rinky Dink Operation? I don't think he knows us very well. He...
  101. goatram

    Paint Matching

    Fuck The sticker Idea is good. A Pain-ter if he really was good could and Should be able to make it work. Your local Auto Body Supplier should be able to make a color match from a chip.
  102. goatram

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Do tell more O Great Capt. Miles stepping up to be a Capt? Glad I got out on Saturday and brought the old Lady Home that night. Sunday is crabbing and flounder fishing with the grand Kids. Next year is coming AFTER A LONG Winter!
  103. goatram

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Sunday the winds WILL pick up! Tomorrow is the day. 5mph on the grounds. Becareful. Buy the app. Look at the map. You can have multiple sites saved. Home, work, Westport, mountains, places you plan on visiting. There is a free app but you get more. is another great...
  104. goatram

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Running in the morning. Leaving at 6. At my boat at 5:30 loading ice and dead bait before heading for live at 6AM
  105. goatram


    What the Fuck? Shit happens and the boat got parked on Patrick's thread. Not the first time that we all had a boat Wreck Here.
  106. goatram

    Ice Tote

    Josh the tote will hold the cold better than the kill bags. 3 inches of foam is better than 3/4 of foam.
  107. goatram

    Ice Tote

    I will have one you can borrow. I am hopefully fishing this weekend and next. Then Pulling the Boat for the year. Cost ya only a steak.
  108. goatram


    I like my Honda's as well except for those High Priced Coil Packs that take 5 minutes to change on the run in. My complaint is when I pop smoke on up to three a trip since August. Need to remember to call Honda tomorrow about this issue. 1150 hrs so far. Congrats Patrick nice install.
  109. goatram

    Welder for minor modifacations

  110. goatram

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Nick; Your on it I see so I will back the fuck out. Vance; Bite Your Tongue till it bleeds Sir! Sir I thought my Tin Lizzy was Ugly but functional and seaworthy. Your Rendition is Hideous.
  111. goatram

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    I bought three switches for my windshield wipers. They are the intermittent ones that allow me to use the 10L windshield fluid tank to be able to rinse the salt off of the windows. Imtra switch Imtra Tank...
  112. goatram

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    WTF!!!! CW's Do not need Flotation Foam! If you ever have to take it out to repair the hull YOU WILL Hate Life. Ask Patrick. 14 trash bags just from the bow area. Then we stuck in the fwd fish box. Do insulate the fish box and Cuddy and cabin walls and ceiling areas. Nice build but asked Bruce...
  113. goatram

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    After the poop pipe is ripped with your finger cut the gills and membrane between the gills and body away and then you grab the gut package and gills and twist it out. toss in a bucket or over the side. As to cutting the heads off and damaging the meat. If you cut it at the backside of the gill...
  114. goatram

    Boulton Paint Repair

    @Ken Phipps You really would get a lot more help from those in the PNW. Just saying "Kalli" Boating Discussion deals in Clorox Bottle aka Tupperware Boats. Aluminum Boats are not as Popular here as they are in the Washington Sub Forum. I don't normally show here. Your choice!
  115. goatram

    Boulton Paint Repair

  116. goatram

    Bait Tank

    What do you expect from a Kalli Jackwagon.
  117. goatram

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    I ain't no navy gay with a beard, dude! That boy manned the Pogey Glory Hole on your boat
  118. goatram

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Bitch ur out! Retired life will suite you. Just get a better rate/job. A fucking cookie works at IHop.
  119. goatram

    Ice and bait open on labor day?

    Go ten more miles west Stephen. We need to gas up and get another scoop of bait for tomorrow.
  120. goatram

    Lowrance Network Cable needed in Westport

    I need a network cable in Westport. To run tomo. Anyone in town that might have one?
  121. goatram

    Yamaha OX-66 Work

    I never saw that that on a plug before. Good Job!
  122. goatram

    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sat 8/24

    I'll be there.
  123. goatram

    Kicker wiring

    Hook it up to the engine battery and run it.
  124. goatram

    WTB: Half Tote

    Elk in it would be nice as well
  125. goatram

    Roof rod rack

    Its a fucking winter project. Winter starts sum time in Oct. last thru early April when its time for Spring Butts. You Guys always want shit done in the Fishing Season. See Nick and Ryan. They don't fish so they can work on boats. Cracker a fish off. Grab another Rod. I Tie enough top shots...
  126. goatram

    Tre-Fin Sport Jackpole

    Too Slow! Sorry no Charlie for you.:p:jig:
  127. goatram

    Tuna run 08/18

    Sunday Like windfinder's forecast. Not so much NOAA's.
  128. goatram

    Honda Help Needed

    Three Rivers will tell you they don't see many in there to be worked on. What happened to John at Bayside? Gig Harbor location? Go to Defiance!!
  129. goatram

    Best information I could ever pass on

    I made the move already.
  130. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    I deleted the pic but will share with selected ppl if needed to.
  131. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    $4667 dollars was deposited to be matched at 100%. So $9334 will be given/deposited to the Westport food bank with in the next 2 weeks. Thank you. Denny the Food Bank manager has responded with multiple Thank You'd to those that have given and to the WTC Org. It will further their mission.
  132. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Norm said "All Inclusive" but cookies and a williness to clean will work wonders. T you Norm for the party and this Grand Prize. Matt said he thought it would be worth it to get another ticket for the chance. Foreshadowing his win. I had a lot of you asking about when I pulled the tickets...
  133. goatram

    Westport fuel dock etiquette

    I followed the 2 Clorox Bottles around a bit before I got my bait After I pulled out of my dock on float 12. Couldn't been me.
  134. goatram

    Westport fuel dock etiquette

    Stephen Name of said boat? My two boats on the list are; Howard H Tyee a Grady prick with a king painted on his boat
  135. goatram

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    My wife says; yous welcome! She made at least 400.cause there was 200 left after the party. My son cooked 200 at least if not 300. Robert Anderson got a 100 and the hostess Carrie got the other 100. To next year's party if norm hosts it again. PS I had phun.
  136. goatram

    WTC results 2019

    Benjamin's team took that small wicked tuna baby. True baby killers. Bennie, cohoho mike, and Ray Bone are three of them. East coast they would have had to let it go to preserve the stocks. But not on the West Coast Baby. Tails up! Congrats Benjamin's Crew
  137. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Well those that donated thank you. We collected around $4567. And 500 pounds of food as well. Now I drew the tickets for the challenge right after the Capt's meeting. First went the spreader bars. Norm Smith was the first one and he got the white sparkly one. Chris Holmes got the second one...
  138. goatram

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    No spring rolls needed? I'll tell the wife.
  139. goatram

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Son Jamie cooked 300 of them and that is no bull.
  140. goatram


    You're used and damaged goods. That bad back of yours means no grandkids for the old man.
  141. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Ok the update for money's collected or pledged is $3650. 15 people are up for donating to the cause. There is still time for you to step up. Friday gets you in the raffle after that you still have mine and those living in Westport's; Gratitude. I also made up two purple bars as well. For...
  142. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    $3000+ donated or pledged to date. When it is doubled; that will help the people of Westport. Still looking for more. Norm has offered a ride for Tuna on his New Sexy Concubine, a half tote from Smak Plastics, and 2 spreader bars are in the drawing to win. 100lbs of food or $100 is the price...
  143. goatram

    My boat destroyed on highway :(

    Kalli shit stirring dead posts from hell. It's the winter time thing to do. But But But it's fish season and Tuna Town is open so go home and pull ur 2nd leg:ashamed: :High_Five That is a $100 fine payable to me for the food bank in Westport. Pm me for PayPal info
  144. goatram

    Best DR replacement braid

    I use off brands. #200 no issues. I have had #30 PP break at #18. Kept breaking off fish at the knot on the top shot. Found a YouTube video telling to check the braid. Did and the line I got from hook, line and sinker in. Arlington, Smokey Point was bad. Your boat dollars, use them wisely, this...
  145. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Yes it is. Plus I get to double your donation and Denny gets to work his magic through his sources and gets exactly what he needs. Will post up what has been donated so far soon. Thanks to those that are helping.
  146. goatram

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    250 spring rolls is my offering and a couple of bodies to cook. They don't know that they are Vollintold yet! Last year was a given a edible. I sat down for a bit and didn't want to talk much. A pill is much better pain reliever.
  147. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Quick wit gets nothing. $100 buy in get you a chance on 2 great prizes and 2 Oh so ones. The Food Bank is the winner here
  148. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Well you can. You do not have to be there to win in like the bucket raffle. PM me for my PayPal# donate $100 and you will have a chance at the Smak Plastics Half Tote as well as the 2 spreader bars. Just confirmed the tote is the main prize.
  149. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    I has offered a Smak Plastic half tote as the Grand prize. Might take him up on the offer. 1 ticket for a 100lbs of food or $100. The two consultation prizes could/would be the spreader bars. What say you? Does the half tote entice you'll to toss a $100 into the food bank coffers? Inquiring...
  150. goatram

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    I have a Fraser Foundery one unused. Drill and countersink for the fasteners and in stal wet with 5200. Water cured and you will be fine. You have been offered 3 now. Do it right!!!!!!
  151. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    No cart. a pain in the butt Still waiting on the price per ticket. Should be the same as buying a ticket last year. Gouche Gave me his Visa and told me to charge $500 for tickets. He got a few tickets. I could not double his, Because it did not go through my bank account. just saying. Thinking...
  152. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    PayPal is fine. pm me if anyone else wishes to do the same. I will share my PayPal. Danny gets deals on food if he has cash. Last year we were a major sponsor to his food bank.
  153. goatram

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    Goatram Challenge Like I have done since the inception of the WTC I am helping the Food Bank. You Can Too by donating Non Perishable can and dry goods. Tickets are given per the amount of pounds donated. I.E. Past history was 1 ticket for 10pounds Cash is KING. Write the check to me I donate...
  154. goatram

    WTB: air ride capt’s seat

    McCoys in Portland has new take out seats for sale for $400 or there abouts. Frieghtliner in Mount Vernon has a bunch of seats on the Floor. $600 and up. I have a Wide Ride by Bostrom. You can get away with a plug in 12V compressor, air Chuck, and shrader valve.
  155. goatram

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    So far past that one. Fuck me running!
  156. goatram

    Tuna town 2019 now open

    Gouche is still alive? He has been like that Brown midget guy MIA. Hells Bells its gotta get better now. 2019 town. Can't call it Tuna Town yet. No tuna have been landed. (Edit) fucking spell check an small phones and old fucking eyes.
  157. goatram

    Aluminum Boat - Anode Type - Which One is best?

    Weld on aluminum ones. On your boat they will last a lifetime.
  158. goatram

    Norm you need this for slap shot

    You hit a lil nerve!!!!!! Bennie don't like his name shorten up.
  159. goatram

    Levee Lumber - liquidation auction (Westport)

    @sharkster Lives down there and a semi good dude.:-):frehya2:
  160. goatram

    Levee Lumber - liquidation auction (Westport)

    I got a 20' car trailer trailer if it don't fit in a truck. going down Saturday.
  161. goatram

    Sad day- loss of a family member

    Any loss is painful. My condolences. I feel yours and your family's pain.
  162. goatram

    Metabo electric impact wrench

    @T2shortB Getsum
  163. goatram

    From under the rock......

    Nice to have you back Cunt. When you headed to Westport with that Pig of a Scow that turtles in a bathtub conditions. Remember you are no longer stuck in condom. So leave the navy Gayness at the Gate.
  164. goatram

    Cinnamon’s new dance floor

    That looks awesome Norm.
  165. goatram

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    I will attempt this in the morning. I will say this is the only site I'm having a problem with. Vance your a kisser of Donkeys. How's the long sleeve t shirt with pocket in White cuming for you? Your technique is not working for you at that moment.
  166. goatram

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    Been getting a lot of pop up adds like Facebook claiming I'm a winner. Verizon add offers me a phone for $10? Chicken dinner not! Yes I'm willing to pay a annual fee to access. Just stop the fucking shit show of pop ups and banners!
  167. goatram

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Currently running a deleted F350 DRW 8ft bed. Owned all three brands of big trucks. Diesel in RAM and Ford. Like my Ford just hate the cost of a new comparable optioned truck. Hate the big fucking Ford moon roof. This state, dealers always check that box.
  168. goatram

    Porta porty

    Be forewarned that some guy named Dave or Bob will attempt to join you in the cabin when you are using the bucket. Only use it 3milesfrom shore. (Legal disclaimer)
  169. goatram

    whats with all the dark colored shirts for sale

    Dark blue or black not white or light blue or pink
  170. goatram

    Huge shout out to Sharkster Bob

    He does need to borrow a electric reel for Thursday. I got his old school rod and elec fishwrench still in my boat. Just saying Norm!!!!!
  171. goatram

    Huge shout out to Sharkster Bob

    Thanks Robert. :cheers::appl:
  172. goatram

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    Thrasher makes a nice one.
  173. goatram

    Looking to borrow a Diawa electric reel cord

    I have a extra one on the boat Available. Robert has my key. If you want to have in hand Wednesday night.
  174. goatram

    2008 EZ loader W/ Chine Guides Owners beware!!!!

    Weld on a T gusset on all 4 corners. 1 gusset per mount. Then re spray it. Last a while more.
  175. goatram

    Enertia Eco's on heavy alum monohull w/ F300s?

    Olympic Propeller off of Hwy 20 has let me test props. Return them undamaged and you got your money back. As I said in my PM I have a set of 16"D X 17P 4blade my boat is not the same as a Coldwater but weighs close at 12,500lbs. the 3 blade 15.25"D X 17P...
  176. goatram

    HELP!!!!! Oil extractor hose broke off in MOTOR!!!!!!!!

    Harbor freight has a hand held Bore Scope get one of your wifes OLD Pans pour in a qt or two of your old oil and warm it up with the propane torche then pour it back in if you want to try the warm oil. I would get the scope and...
  177. goatram

    WTB: Half Tote

    Englunds in Westport Kinda know that your looking for a better deal. At the Seattle Work boat show in Nov. They were being sold for about $425 and $450 with a cutting board on the top lid.
  178. goatram

    North Sound Ch. CCA Fund Raising Ticket's

    ----- dang old thread
  179. goatram

    2004 Northriver soft top

    10 year old thread. fuck dude if i had it still? fuck ya. bye
  180. goatram

    Looking for a new suspension seat

    I have Bostrom's wide ride air suspension seat. Kenworth truck stores or International trucks stores has some in the showroom. The Mount Vernon Kenworth store has a big showroom of seats. You can air it up with a small cigarette plug in compressor. Does the job and lighter than the Bentley's...
  181. goatram

    Electronics sale

    Goat has Lowrance and has no desire to do a lateral swap. Crazy you say?
  182. goatram

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    Fuck Dick Nite. Won't use a thief's product. Bullshit company. Need to learn the backstory.
  183. goatram

    Lead melt April 13th info

    That dead blow hammer was previously damaged. One hit and it came apart. Got you a brand new one that's orange. Life time warranty to boot. I had fun. Fastest and easiest way to swap balls Vance ever. I got 6 12lbers for my big 15lbers.
  184. goatram

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    He forgot to threw bolt that. SOB!!!
  185. goatram


    Fried Rice
  186. goatram

    ***** RIP *******

    My wife still makes the spring rolls. I'm good. Don't get the squirts from them.
  187. goatram

    Misguided commitment

    Her matra is Orange man is killing them!!!!!!? Screamers the whole lot of em.
  188. goatram

    Eatin’ good part 2

  189. goatram

    Stainless Steel Sink

    Sold Sorry for those that were thinking about.
  190. goatram

    Stainless Steel Sink
  191. goatram

    Stainless Steel Sink

    Got a friend with a SS Sink, 3 basin 12' or so long with it's own stand. Ready for your fish cleaning station in Westport. He also has a big spring whip Faucet if ya want that too. $300 for the sink.
  192. goatram

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Got a conflict. My problem. Just found out that the PSA derby between the Snoking and Everett chapters is on Saturday. Area 8.1 and 8.2 is now closed. Area 9 is opened. My last Blackmouth trip this year! SOB! Was wanting to fish the Stanwood Eagles Derby end of the month. But!
  193. goatram


    :indabutt::gay::eek::jig: I want 12lb balls got 15ers! Doug, one for one swap? I got 6ea.
  194. goatram


    Not the type of party that would warrant such Fine Cuisine. A few for Kelly Ann for putting up with our Shananagins maybe. The rest of the 25 pack for me? Most assuredly!
  195. goatram

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Norwegian blood disorder. I remember you telling me about something similar. Remember? I lost a new rod and reel because of it. Too damn young to be having this issue. Be heathy weathly and wise. Pup!
  196. goatram

    Portable tank vent

    Made a 7 gallon tank built in one. Portable one will work. Just make it so you can strap er down.
  197. goatram

    Team Defiance Capsized in SD Halibut Tourney

    He's a Kalli Tard that is looking to make a name for himself. Be very quiet and he will go away. Problem now we have two contankerous old fucks doing word sparing. G Spot did just threaten the tard. Saying he would show him what if he would travel north up I5. Troy already got spanked by Ali...
  198. goatram


    Back in the day 80's the state let the commies come in and they wiped the Puget sound clear of structure. Dragged the bottom looking for rockfish and true cod. The fish stocks crashed. Restrictions on true cod and now rock fish was the results. Now 10 years or so the state let the purse...
  199. goatram


    Actually Troy about 6 or 7 years ago or so the pinks and Chum became a item for the commies. The Roe is sold to the Asian market. The boats dropped the nets the and the Chum just disappeared in the rivers. Remember there is no hatcheries for Pinks or Chum. The Chum carks feed the eagles and baby...
  200. goatram

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Soon grasshopper you too will be the old fuck. Careful of what you ask and or say. Thinks come true. Karma SUCKS MONKEY NUTS
  201. goatram

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    NOT! :gay::eek::indabutt::supergay:
  202. goatram


    Thank-You I will support you over any others. CCA Is the Devil in person as I said Before. The State Does get Overridden on State Matters by National. Fact. We support them and they Screw Us.I was a member 2008 thru 2011 or 2012. Not again Ever!
  203. goatram

    Just a tip

    My son reported the sale of a car to one of his friends. When the car wouldn't start after work a few years back in Smokey Point. He just left it there and moved to Kalli. Six months later after the car was totaled and impounded it was found that it was towed previously. Somehow was pulled out...
  204. goatram

    Is it just me or my eyes?

    Fuck off. I like it. Us old fuckers don't need glasses now. Win Win. Chicken dinner!:jig:
  205. goatram

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    Miss Eliza is in.
  206. goatram

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    Truth is spoken by troy. Look back in the fish politics of Aug thru Oct of 2009 in our Washington State forum here on BD Troy sat on that soap box and rallied the fight against CCA. He showed me the light. PSA took up the fight after it was stated that they were a fishing club with no interest...
  207. goatram

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Man I thought you said to keep it on the down low. Then to find out another was told on Wednesday of the future deal. Got a idea for your tank. It will look more like Walker's tank on the top. Minds are thinking of the possibilities. Windows? A blue fire place?
  208. goatram

    Truck Questions

    :jig::indabutt:bieber :cheers::frehya2::supergay:
  209. goatram

    Octane rating at WP dock

    Toluene (/ˈtɒljuiːn/), also known as toluol (/ˈtɒljuɒl/), is an aromatic hydrocarbon. It is a colorless, water-insoluble liquid with the smell associated with paint thinners. It is a mono-substituted benzene derivative, consisting of a CH3 group attached to a phenyl group When I used to race...
  210. goatram

    Octane rating at WP dock

    Yamaha needs the mid level fuel to make their rated horse power. Honda and Suzuki do not. Pay for 250hp and get 225 performance from Yami's.
  211. goatram

    Just waiting and waiting

    Recovery takes time! Enjoy the Journey together. Peace.
  212. goatram

    Yamaha Aux 12V Charging Cable & third battery configuration

    Use a 4ga wire. Never know when you will upgrade something. Over build it. Don't skip and be a spendthrift. She's your second wife/girlfriend.
  213. goatram


    No Got more projects that will be put on hold do to fish season soon
  214. goatram


    I'll show and be there unless I break a leg/hip/knee/arm/head or rib Just kidding I'll bring the wet lead wheel weights!
  215. goatram

    Stiches replacement...hmmm

    I have had a few pieces of tape mixed in. Fucking metal Staples sting coming out. And the hundreds of old style stitches collude as to which ones will be left in by the old blind ass nurse.
  216. goatram

    Get em while they last!

    :Bawling_e :hali_parkutuli: :argue: :worship: :_smack_: :urno1:
  217. goatram

    Anybody with a snow plow?

  218. goatram

    Looking for a 16'-19' welded aluminum boat

  219. goatram

    Looking for a 16'-19' welded aluminum boat

    How big is she? A Discovery Bay pot puller ta boot. With DRs. What else Dave.
  220. goatram

    Looking for a 16'-19' welded aluminum boat

    Click is name Of 7 and another screen pops up. Click "start a conversation" and your off and running. George ya selling out and moving? Or just selling?
  221. goatram

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    Has angle. By adjusting the Category 1 tractor top links you can change it. Where it connects to the truck I used a cat 2 bottom arm repair him joint so it swivels to match the road angle.there is no down first just the weight of the.plow. I used blue plastic Barrels cut in thirds. Snow doesn't...
  222. goatram

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    I hate paying retail. I can Fabricate stuff that works. R&D aka Ripoff and Duplicate! Cheaper that away so I can get more chit!
  223. goatram


    Lean To, "Wood" or Metal Carport? Nice!
  224. goatram

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    Couple of more. I plowed 8 hrs on Saturday with chains. Two miles of roads, and 60 driveways. It does need more weight to dig down thru the hardpack. If it's fresh I can pick and move it. If cars are on the road before I plow I can polish some and get some asphalt to show. I have burned...
  225. goatram

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    pictures of said HOME MADe REDNECK PLOW. Harbor Freight 2500# Winch Remote $49 Works good
  226. goatram

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    I do But I ain't driving down south.
  227. goatram

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    CCA is Kinda like CNN or MSNBC. They are PUSHING AN AGENDA and it's all made up!
  228. goatram

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    FISH TRAPS!!!! As to \Wild Fish; There is None!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tribes Do Not Mark all of the Fish they Produce! Fish traps will do two things. Release all of the So Called Wiled Fish. Stop the taking of Non Targeted Fish. i.e. Fishing for Sockeye Salmon and then Killin Spring Kings (Skagit...
  229. goatram

    trailer weight distribution reminder

    John That ain't no fish! John is like those little itty bitty fish in the Asian Nail Salons where you stick your feet in the tank or the bluegill under the dock. Bite anything in the water.
  230. goatram

    Good Price on DR balls..

    Only two. I got so many I leave them in the dirt. And make new ones.
  231. goatram

    Window dsg

    Pain-t suxs. I have DSG. Bare and happy. Back door is a double slider.
  232. goatram

    Solid Oak Flooring

    Josh needs it for the manhouse in Westport. :Beat_Them
  233. goatram

    Tanacom 750

    This is simple and easy. I have 8 recepticals now on the back deck. Added 2 more past year for the cannon DRs. 8ga 40amp. Lost the Cannons but wanted the plugs for the 2106s.
  234. goatram

    Tanacom 750

    I have known a guy that got some for a friend or two. Cords that is. Sucks when your's break.
  235. goatram

    How big a boat do you need for Washington Tuna?

    He's still around on Facebook. Fogducker wants to catch a tuna on a kayak. Crazy but not Stupid. A certain level of risk is what we crave and accept.
  236. goatram

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Jeff report back please.
  237. goatram

    Aluminum boat tray clamps

    Shit my plate is full. Wanna make sum come on over. You cut and drill then tap. I'll supervise. Last week.i went in for orthoscopic surgery. Like all things it had an issue. He found a nub that was bigger than he thought. Cut new 6" insision, ground down the nub, before I could leave that night...
  238. goatram

    Aluminum boat tray clamps

    Cut C Channel. drill and tap for quarter 20 screws
  239. goatram


    if the guy flipping shit has less than 5000 posts or is not an "OG" or the Gatekeeper of the PNW, Tell em to Fucking pound sand. Bob aka chaps aka Omakase is your man.
  240. goatram

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    200 spring rolls for said party is my offer. Only thing Different is Erica "THE OTHER WOMAN" HAS To help with the cooking. This was the Agreement Reached at the Smith Christmas Party This Past year. Larry2 and Erica agreed. Erica Gave me a Finger up after Larry2 Proposed this.
  241. goatram

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Dougiedo I set the alarm for 7:45. I was tired but took on for my team.
  242. goatram

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Team Miss Eliza is in and paid 8:01am
  243. goatram

    Shared Moorage Westport

    how long has that said crab boat been in the slip? Inquiring mind wants to know. I just got the electric bill in the mail. Fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  244. goatram

    Liferaft inspections

    Stephen, Aluminum Boats Sink if over 21 foot. Good Riddance to the bitch for not getting me home.
  245. goatram

    What a Prick

    Shoooot it Barnie!!!!! Ya Got One Bullet; make it count!!!!!!
  246. goatram

    The Journey

    Just woke up from a three hr nap. You all are talking fake news, Has this place place went down the same path as MSNBC and CNN? Tell me it ain't so?
  247. goatram

    The Journey

    I don't smoke the boy. I heard a tall talil about a skinny white boy smoking thou. No names mind You.
  248. goatram

    The Journey

    It's almost 5pm Japan time and she is fishing this weekend.
  249. goatram

    Merry Christmas Wa

    Ain't no Snow in Bangkok that's for sure. Frickin hot. May the holidays and New Year bring you all a great year
  250. goatram

    Edmonds or Everett

    Afternoon commute to Everett will suck from 2pm on. More room there. Close to fishing and crabbing areas. Your wife and kids can be there before 2 and your commute would be sweet. 529 at Marysville and little to no traffic going into the Marina
  251. goatram

    Battery Charger again

    Will it stop the constant clicking of the relay?
  252. goatram

    Free Mariner suspension seats

    Was it picked up? Been on a plane for a wee bit
  253. goatram

    WTB: Rocna Anchor

    Plus the thing is Beautiful. Polished to a mirror. Time and material plus a little profit.
  254. goatram

    WTB: Rocna Anchor

    rocna main office. Tell them what you want and ask them to bring one with them that you will pick up at the end of the show. Fisheries is the authorized dealer for Washington. Phone: 1-604-940-2010 Fax:1- 604-952-2650 Email: [email protected]
  255. goatram

    Battery Charger again

    I transferred my Minn Kota 4 bank charger to Dave Johnson at Norm's Christmas Party. Josh has it or soon will..Free. someone gave it to me so I passed on the deal. Yes I'm a hoarder but I will give stuff away. I just can't throw shit away that someone can use.
  256. goatram

    WTB: Rocna Anchor

    Boat show is next month. Might call them and pick it up the last day .Might get a free pass or two with the deal.
  257. goatram

    Heater and vacuum sealer

    Good deals
  258. goatram

    Marine Fuel (ETHANOL FREE) locations?

    I hate my Costco CC bill every month. Wife gets it, pays it with my money, Bitches about it. Fuck me. I feel the pain Hollywood.
  259. goatram

    Battery Charger again

    Not waterproof Dick. Good for your garage but not for boats and for maintenance of batteries installed in boats Minn Kota, CTek, and or I got a charger for YOU. Free 3 bank waterproof sealed one. Came off of a Defiance boat. Josh, headed to Norm's tomorrow night.
  260. goatram

    Marine Fuel (ETHANOL FREE) locations?

    No Call them Masco 360-537-9744 I can charge at the fuel dock as well. Suxs at the end of the month though.
  261. goatram

    Worst boat names

    Dr Fong Calling Dr Fong Roll the Bone Dragonball Tin Lizzy goatram Go tram Fuck you all. And the ass you ride.:deadhorse
  262. goatram

    Winter derby side pot part 2

    We will see you there at the chilli feed
  263. goatram

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Last one was truly muff diving. Swimming in the cave.
  264. goatram

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    This at 37 years. If I was married to anyone else I would have been Toast. But I had a plan, Dependent Daughter, For those that Served you understand. Met her, Married Her, Got her Pregnant, She took care of the house. I took care of everything else. Threw out my Military career there was a...
  265. goatram

    Laurence?? This should be yours!!

    Tucked in safe
  266. goatram

    Yamaha prop like goat (has scars)

    He did a drive by funny!
  267. goatram

    Winter Derbies

    Miss Eliza in the Resurrection Derby.
  268. goatram

    Diesel heat

    yes. The system is basically a simple thing to make. A small Fuel Pump, Fan, and a regulator. Fuel is pumped to the combustion chamber and it drips into it. Main issue is the coking of the fuel drip line. that happens to all of the systems. Hot fuel will coke up the line over time. Take apart...
  269. goatram

    Diesel heat

    Gabe I have known a few guys that have had one. They work. Only so many boat dollars in the budget for some. You do what you have to stretch shit. I have looked at them before myself. Uncle Bill pays well, but Tramco suxed ass. The guy in the video did check for fumes and for other bad items...
  270. goatram

    Diesel heat

    A review of the Wabasto China KNOCKOFF sold on Ebay. Still need the Marine stuff that was talked about in previous posts above.
  271. goatram

    Pacific Skiff Ride

    Factory is in Marysville Behind Cold Water Boats. has a lot of info on them. Guys have bought and posted up some of the fixes there.
  272. goatram

    Westport charter questions

    The Port is also going after the fenders left on the dock as permanent ones. I have the Costco 4' strips that are fastened to the dock. They took them off this past summer when they Finally fixed the end tie after a commie broke it last fall. When the bastard hit the dock he also hit my boat...
  273. goatram

    Diesel heat

    Tank is supposed to be mounted in a separate compartment vented overboard. I thought about it for my Miss Eliza. Besides the aluminum tanks, there are fiberglass ones as well.
  274. goatram

    Yamaha prop like goat (has scars)

    Got Honda's. Big Fucking 15 and two fiftys. No yammis!
  275. goatram

    Airmar P66 Lowrance

    paid for
  276. goatram

    250 yamaha or 300 suzuki???

    kalli boy to boot.
  277. goatram

    Airmar P66 Lowrance

    PM Sent
  278. goatram

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    Plug the scuppers and fill with Bleach.
  279. goatram

    Clean your pee hole!

    My Honda's (BF250) I'm cleaning them every couple of trips. The water will start to dribble out. Water temps are still good, just dribbling out on one of the motors. Clean them both out. A piece of safety wire that I twisted up with a loop on one end gets pushed up the pee hole for "a ream and...
  280. goatram

    DR Clips...

    Or change out the yellow/green ends tips Dan, I'm surprised you did not bring this up. The tips do wear out. Easy swap and your back to fishing. I buy the clips and halibut snaps make my own. No Monkey fucking and your fishing.
  281. goatram

    Scotty Boom

    I got a 5' something 1 1/4" SS pipe that the outer short boom will fit in to make a even longer on. I spent $200 for a 20' section of tube that I cut into 3 sections to modify my three 1106's. They worked OK. Did hang 2 on the sunken jetty at Westport. That ended the experiment. Brian aka...
  282. goatram

    Scotty Boom

  283. goatram

    RIP Starboard Yami!

    Got a air operated cherry picker. I can bring it to Mukiteo in my truck Tomorrow or Friday. Headed to The Work Boat show on Sunday. Sent you a text. Busy on Saturday
  284. goatram

    Bait pump light for under tank.

    Lumitec Newt Live well light. I use Blue in my tank. $14. dollars. Seadog is a bit cheaper. Blue, Red, or white.
  285. goatram


    My old man was in the WWII as well. He never talked about what he did as well. Most guys that are Veterans don't talk much about their service. They lived while their buddies died. Your Dad did what he had to do to survive. He saw the devil. He didn't want you to know how he felt and did. He...
  286. goatram

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    How else is the man gonna afford the Yellowfin with 3 or 4 Yammies on it plus fuel.
  287. goatram

    My hat

    Was not near MM when He Took it to cover his buddy's Helmet on the short arm. TT is quite large in statue. He Loves his little buddy.
  288. goatram

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    John Clorox boats can use Copper Bottom Paint WHICH CAN NOT BE USED ON ALLOY/Aluminum Boats. It WILL Cause Corrosion. He Screwed you if that was done by him. Mill Scale or the shinny film from the factory does need to be cleaned by either Sanding and chemical solution (AKA Acetone) or Acid...
  289. goatram

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    Josh I have 90 deg motors and drill bits if needed. You might need to machine drill guides to find center. But you got that covered like a boss
  290. goatram

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    Yes the value of Aluminum Boats do hold their own.. Clorox Bottles not so much. Hell even RTB switched over.
  291. goatram

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    This has been an issue for both Steel and Aluminum since the spring. Yes it hurts but screw China and South Korea along with India for dumping.
  292. goatram

    Outboard for Jon Boat LIKE THIS!
  293. goatram

    Chart plotter back light

    A back ligh
  294. goatram

    Back to the transducer.....

    SS270W like John Said. Think CHIRP. Yes the 260 will work but you want the optimal system. Get a hold of Gil Travis and talk to him. @Semperfifishing
  295. goatram

    Raising the trailer tongue

    What actuator did you decide on? I'm using a Dexter 1200psi unit. you have a GM Truck Dexter does not work with the controller. Check that out!!!!!! Carlisle 1200psi or 1000 psi is what DB Vance had on his...
  296. goatram

    U Ship

    And the @fishnazzi is a Professional deal broker. Get er Done!
  297. goatram

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    Good post. Good info. Thanks for helping.
  298. goatram

    How to make a mount a baitwell on swim deck

    L Angles would do it. That is how Kodiak Bait Tanks come. The Tank mounted Nuts are already attached/molded into the tank. The L Angle is then placed in position and you drill and attach the bottom Legs to your Swim Step. When you want to remove it either remove the fasteners from the tank or...
  299. goatram

    Theft at Dagmars last night

    No money in personal property thieft. Need revenue, speed traps and tickits bring money to fill the coffers.
  300. goatram

    Zipwake vs trim tabs?

    Like the old Volvo Penta design. Discontinued! Be the Guinea Pig and buy and install then review. Be my Huckaberry!
  301. goatram

    Need trailer brakes

    I did. 1000 miles on a set of G5 pads. I got 1500+ so far on my current set of Kodiak brakes. I will be doing my 6 month 100hr service next week. I will pull a wheel then and do a detailed Visual inspection then.
  302. goatram

    Need trailer brakes

    Tie Down vented disk brakes are ok. When the caliber freezes up switch it with a Chevy Citation front brake caliber. Stay away from Tie Down G5 brakes. Pads are shit. Wear out in 1000 miles. The caliper pins fall out. Total shit. My Kodiak brakes have held up so far for now over a year. The...
  303. goatram

    Oxe Diesel Outboard Demo Boat

    Jet fuel smells good. Each his own.
  304. goatram

    Oxe Diesel Outboard Demo Boat

    And make your crew Sick! Sweet! The smell of diesel and a hangover is not good Eric
  305. goatram

    10/7 tuna

    Miss Eliza came home on the trailer yesterday, Sunday. Change oils and fix a few delayed discrepancies the on to Blackmouth in December.
  306. goatram

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Greg thanks for the report.
  307. goatram

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    Knot Glass Glass Free Bone Free Pink Bonher Master Cuther Cuther Out
  308. goatram

    Making memories

    Zak is the Boy/Man of Awesomeness! Great Job Dude.
  309. goatram

    Honda quad.

    Piss ants not taking a deal seriously
  310. goatram

    Honda quad.

  311. goatram

    Honda quad.

    Derail train wreck coming soon!
  312. goatram

    Electronics sale

  313. goatram

    Bouy 8 is back

    Fucking tease forgot to post said picture of his Redskin girl sitting in the water!
  314. goatram

    Tuna this Sunday 9/16

    My panties were on yesterday. cot out and fished for my pea-nuts. 15 total. Patric your CW is a much more capable boat than mine. I go Fishing for Enjoyment not for a Business or as my Job. You have paying Clients and you make money to pay the bills. The passengers Puking is something the Deck...
  315. goatram

    Overnight Tuna Float

    I have been caught out there. forecast is scary. When you take 7 hours to return from 60 miles out it humbles you.
  316. goatram

    Overnight Tuna Float

    What are you seeing. I want to look there
  317. goatram

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Texting while driving is like getting a BJ while driving.Same results! "Morning like 0 to 4 fish caught." should read "More Like like 0 to 4 fish caught." Good Day!
  318. goatram

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    3 fish? Peanuts at that! 10 to 12 fish Kim? Not what I heard. Morning like 0 to 4 fish caught. South tides sux Patrick's Big Coldwater Dick. For 3 fish he still smelled good at the end of the day. He made 15 to $1800
  319. goatram

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Asshole¡!!!!!! :hali_blablalba::stfu::shithappens::zelfmoord:zelfmoord Your A Fucking New Guy aka FNG. You're not RMMV ass FNG.sunday and Monday looked Great. Then you a certain other Grady Prick opened up and called out the God's. Those tuna are his. You blabbering woke his ass up.and turned...
  320. goatram

    PSA Ocean Anglers Sept 15

    Kinda sorta what I was thinking as well. Paul must have connections with a charter or 2. He's spinning the dismal tuna catch to positive.:frehya2::finger::jig:
  321. goatram

    PSA Ocean Anglers Sept 15

    From what Port? Catch on Saturday; 4 small peanuts to a few goose eggs.
  322. goatram

    Removable bait tank

    That needs a 50 gallon tank. Use Fraser Foundry round screw down panel. They have the scoop for you. Thread a 6061 pipe, put on your Marlon seacock, SS 1.5in manifold to run 2 or 3 pumps. Wash down, bait, and kill box/deck rinse.
  323. goatram

    Removable bait tank

    What he said!!!!. Or place hatch covers on the deck for hose pass threws, use a High speed Pickup, Seacocks or quarter turn valves on both pick up and drain lines,
  324. goatram

    What’s a good app for checking waves Pay the three dollars and get the pro. Has a wind forecast map that goes out 10 days along with being able to save multiple spots that your interested in. Map shows the locations world wide and pin point as well.
  325. goatram

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Weather took a shit. I bailed. Word on the street was 10 to 12 fish for the big boys. Forecast was wrong. Blowing with whitecaps and not Wide Open Bite made me rethink my trip. A four hour run for 60 miles + for 12 fish or less.
  326. goatram

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Long range planning might work but we are in the fall. Shit
  327. goatram

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Saturday I will be in the hunt.
  328. goatram

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Fuck y'll and Gary you liked this Post? What did you say happened on the boat Friday when you was Capt? VDB aka Venerial Disease Butthole; that was on Ken's boat not mine. I drive 12+ hrs in a 24 hr day to do a tuna trip thank you. As soon as the fishing is done every swinging Dick on board...
  329. goatram

    Hatch latches There is a few items you might like here.
  330. goatram

    Swap even stevens

    Swap was made. A Stephen made it happen
  331. goatram

    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    Only $88,000 and 2000lbs ony transom. 800lbs more than there is now. I could save 200lbs and only have 750 by getting another BF 250. On a often wide boat. Chit and Hells Bells.
  332. goatram

    Speaking of Tuna

    Miss Elza Caught 30 today with Gary Grady 226 as the Capt. Will know how many Gallons used in the morning at 8. Will refuel prior to running for salmon.
  333. goatram

    Speaking of Tuna

    heard charters went to 45.50 125.20, plugged. 97 miles from the hole in the jetty. Not me on Saturday with a worsening window. Don't be that guy calling the CG. Be Safe! Fishing Salmon on Saturday.
  334. goatram

    Anyone for quad Yamaha 425s?

    The XTO will be available in gray, white, or unpainted (for color customization by a boat builder), and in 25-, 30- and 35-inch shafts. Retail pricing will start at $44,000. Yamaha also upgraded its Helm Master features and its CL7 display for the XTO. SPECIFICATIONS: ENGINE...
  335. goatram

    The French don't F around over fishing rights.

    They catch the adults before they spawn already. Last 3 years declining catch with this year being the worst. Good day
  336. goatram

    Speaking of Tuna

    Look at the "tides" before u go. The maps show it coming from the wnw at 2PM I will be hunting for silvers aka coho.
  337. goatram

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Dan, they need to state their case for the increase. Pie charts and all. The increase in the license fee with the shorter seasons with a decrease in limits are an issue that is not well justified. The seasons are set and printed then in season changes fuck it up. Be it for Shrimp, Halibut, and...
  338. goatram

    Swap even stevens

    @TonyG I added the SS Eye Bolt to replace the Weight "J" Hook. Works much better. Currently waiting on Stephen aka @sgwill122 to come back in town.
  339. goatram

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Kurt Jack a wheel and pull a tire off. Look at the caliper and the disk. The disk should be smooth with no grooves. The Caliper will have a port if looking down from the top (relative,) between the two caliper mounting pins will be on each side of the port. The port might be up or facing either...
  340. goatram

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Do your motors rest in the water? Mine are completely out of the water. Are the trim Tab anodes the only ones on the boat?
  341. goatram

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Still Missing Brain Cells and Spark Plugs. Bob Gave you a partial Tune up! You need to Get Smart!
  342. goatram

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Your missing on 7 cylinders. Do some research then he jump in again.
  343. goatram

    Westport Float 12 Moorage

    @FINADDICT* times a wasting. Jump Billy.
  344. goatram

    International 50 with rod. Sold in 55 minutes and already picked up!!!!!

    What the hell is this stuff. Sold in 55 minutes? You sold shit to cheap for a famous BD personally and modirator. Lil boy blue blew his horns.
  345. goatram

    Sacrificial anodes....zincs

    Aluminum! Do not mix! The zinc's will be in great shape and the Aluminum anodes will be gone. I do like the weld on ones. Direct contact with no possible way for corrosion to get in between the boat and the anodes. If you run the bolt on they need to be removed and contact surfaces cleaned as...
  346. goatram

    Swap even stevens

    When Trolling for Blackmouth between Whidbey and Camano, there is a lot of misplaced crab Pots that are in the 120ft line. My luck is I get tangled in them. I do not like to have to hand crank them up. The Motor is a little weak in that dept. I had 1106's and was happy with them but I am a...
  347. goatram

    Swap even stevens

    Answered pms
  348. goatram

    Swap even stevens

    I have set of Cannon Digi troll 10's. Got them from the Seattle Boat Show in January this year. Paid $2200. With them the transducer, covers, connecting cable and I did switched them over to 200lb braid.both run like new but I'm not happy with them. After drinking the koolaid I will say I like...
  349. goatram

    Need advice, mooring aluminum boat in Everett short term

    All aluminum zinc's. I like John's idea on the wax. Bottom paint on a trailered boat will wear at the bunks. The Vivid paint is soft and is easily scratched and rubbed off. I have but my old Northriver in Westport for a month at a time. Pulled it after and sprayed bleach on the boat at the...
  350. goatram

    Westport Float 12 Moorage

    Mike you are like TTP. A Ho. Go away boy ya bothering me.
  351. goatram

    Want to buy... outriggers for our Duckworth

    Two 1.25" 15 foot aluminum Poles and a outrigger line kit. I can bend them up.for you and get the SS eye bolts, 8 each. Drill and tap them for the bolts to screw in. Use your existing rod holders or get the the mounts like on my boat. Copies of the Taco ones. About $70 each, line kit is $40...
  352. goatram

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    for Tiedowning Brakes. UFP Not! Eastern Marine has good prices. 6 Roblees is a Pricey option. I just picked up a set of Tiedown Engineering Vented Disc Brakes for my Son's Boat Trailer. 3500lb axle. I would say the New style G5 Brakes Suxs. Lasted about 2000 miles, swapped out the pads and...
  353. goatram

    North River seats

    A two year old Post? Really? Are you new? Or? Friends want to know.
  354. goatram

    Westport Float 12 Moorage

    Shhhhhhhh! Be werrrry quiet! I'm hunting
  355. goatram


    Windows; Diamond Seaglaze, new electronics, Raymarine, bait pumps; shurflow or bait sentry, bilge pumps and switches; Rule, Switches, C/Bs, fuse panels; blue seas, wiring; tined with heatshrink with adhesive, do it once and spend the money. Don't scimp.
  356. goatram

    Calling all Cpt's who participated in the wtc.

    PM'ed ya. Late to the paaaaaarty
  357. goatram

    Washdown pump replacement

    Shit Eric, your meat hooks won't fit in the hole. She'll be squealing if you stick them up in the hole. Just saying. Send the kid. One for the team and all.
  358. goatram

    PSA Ocean Anglers august 18 meeting

    Should be showing up
  359. goatram

    Looking for some direction - newbie

    A Clorox Bottle, I.E. Plastic boats Used are cheaper, Really need to know what the Heck kind of Use you expect to get out of it. Boating with the Family or Fishing for Bass in Fresh Water or Salt. Joint use, Pay into it like a Time Share? Not for me. Do join a fishing club in the Area and Also...
  360. goatram

    8-9 Tuna run

    Good report.Feel the pain. Fishing for pink meat on Sunday.
  361. goatram

    Need some bait tank expertise..

    He is correct. That are is behind the boat high and dry when on step. You need to drill a new hole in your hull bottom. And install a new high speed water pickup scoop and a ball valve. Your old one needs to be plugged/decommissioned. It's worthless. If you have a wash down pump install a thru...
  362. goatram

    Yamaha 9.9 tilt/ trim switch

    Get a replacement one. They are pretty Reliable, failing what every once in a great while. Mine failed on my Northriver 04 motor in 2011.
  363. goatram

    Ball valve or upgrade to seacock?

    Use a ballvalve. Forespar Marelon Seacocks...
  364. goatram

    Atta bouy

    Not me!
  365. goatram

    Any word on 2 kings a day in Westport yet?

    ???? Explain this please.
  366. goatram

    For Sale: VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    I have that one and one of the Quality Matters commercial ones. Doing the bottom fish packing I use both. Tuna, I use both unless I'm doing retort bags.then the big boy gets the job. It works well but it takes 45 seconds to do a bag.
  367. goatram

    Post WTC tuna reports

    A Alarm Horn and a flashing light hooked up to a float Switch. Mine are connected to a switch and 2000gph mounted 6 inches higher than the main one. Just know and be aware that if it's alarming than your pumping on your Secondary Emergency Pump. Once its pumped out the alarm will quiet. Mine is...
  368. goatram

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    Kamen Sorry to see you go my friend.
  369. goatram

    Unofficial WTC Results

    Thanks Scott. I feel this event went well. I am Glad to be a part of it. All of the Volunteers did an Outstanding Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!:worship:
  370. goatram

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    I had Fun for the first part. Told my wife that y'all liked them springrolls. Took her 4 hours to wrap up the 200 or so rolls. All I did was pull the packs of fifty skins apart with out tearing them. Some of you know that that is not an easy task. I have big meat grabbing hands that does not...
  371. goatram

    2018 WTC - overall impressions

    I had a good Time. I agree with Doug's Ideas. Understand that Patrick might not be Kevin's Best Friend. I can Live with that. Next year We need to also push the Food Drive for the locals or take it out of the program. Even With my Challenge; Only 6 teams stepped up. We did donate 200 pounds of...
  372. goatram

    Paint my Yamaha?

    PAIN-T HONDAS pain-t suxs donkay balls. Enjoy the boat and life. Rattle can!
  373. goatram

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    See you all in Westport have $2400 donated so far. I will be there Friday to pass out ticoits and collect your donations. Please and thank you
  374. goatram

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    As promised the picture of the New Metabo Impact Hammer Drill. As I stated 1 chance for every 30 lbs of food donated. Or $15 dollars. Good luck
  375. goatram

    How do i find best fishing product reviews?

    Troll alert. Alarm bells should be going off. Who's our friend in Arizona? Who's been banned?
  376. goatram

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    Not a crush just big brotha looking out for litl sis. She might get distracted from the spring rolls so there's more for everyone else. She can get fat after she hooks up.
  377. goatram

    WTC Weather

    I'll be fishing this Thursday on my boat. You BH? Ya really need to change your profile. It shows a sweet boat as yours when in fact you are a poser. Be one with your Ho'ness. But like others your just trying to redefine boat identity. Does it work with the Bait Tank Dancers?
  378. goatram

    Tuna, Blind run

    Someone ran out of gas Saturday and called the CG. We ran 54nm SSW found 63° water. The 61° water as with in a mile. Caught fish in 61.3° trolled all around and out to 125.17. Caught 9 fish between 1:30 and 2:15. Left the grounds at 2:30 to run in. At the slot by the sunken jetty lost a coil...
  379. goatram

    WTC Weather

    A Boat Ho has spoken!
  380. goatram

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    My crew will be there less the bells. Erica still has to dance aka like Shirley tuna Temple did. A new crowd favorite starting this year.
  381. goatram

    WTB - Half sheet of Starboard

    Norm Pray tell! WTH?????
  382. goatram

    Goat.... do you still have the Rule contact?

    Text with contact card sent
  383. goatram

    WTC Weather

    Fuck the fucking forecasting fuckheads¡!!!!!! :hali_blablalba::stfu::stfu::stfu::2gunsfiring_v1:
  384. goatram

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    After My run tomorrow I will be getting the Drill to take a picture and will post it up in the evening.
  385. goatram

    EGR Delete

    At 41,000miles I had the Fuel Pump, Multiable Sensors, EGR Cooler, and the Bazooka Replaced under Warranty for under $10,000 on Ford's Dime. At 82,000miles will it happen again? I don't really want to find that out.
  386. goatram

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Do tell why? Dan
  387. goatram

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    CCA has been Quiet and kept all of their agenda close to their Chest. TexASS Boys, Them Boys Run the Show, Collect The Money, Dictate the Agenda to State, Has Gone Behind the State Board of PSA and tried to throw monkey wrenches into the workings. Their Lobbyist has been caught in lies in his...
  388. goatram

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    From What I heard the Charter Association made some rules up to keep them out. CCA Management are not our friends either.
  389. goatram

    WTB - Half sheet of Starboard

    Tap Plastics in Lynnwood has it in white, Black, and Might have it in gray. Cut to order. 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1". gET SUM
  390. goatram

    EGR Delete

    Soon to my 2015. I'm at 53,000 miles. Rudy's or Alligator Performance with the later having a better price.
  391. goatram

    Downrigger control system

    I bought the hype from Woody at the show as well. My won't pull up a 18lb weight without pooping the main fuse. Forgetaboutacrab trap being pulled while Blackmouth fishing in the sound. They don't like to spool up nice without constant attention. They are cool with the depth reading but shit for...
  392. goatram

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Who the fuck are you? What gives you the right to throw your fucked up opinion in to this? Are you a relative of a charter owner? What skin do you have in the game Bitch? Or are you a member of a tribe that sows the troll bait out. My pet Sealion is still waiting for his kiss. Paul is right...
  393. goatram

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    My opinion is not fit for BD. Mark R kiss my pet Sealion on the lips. He's the big boy swimming in the marina.
  394. goatram


    Don't try to kiss or hug him. He's a onrary bastard. Just saying what I know. Lack of sleep and all. Larry2 is right.
  395. goatram

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    For those that work at Boeing; I have attached the email that I got this Afternoon. The South Beach Food Bank is now registered and You can Donate to them and Boeing will match it. Please print a receipt and present it to me and the the WTC organization to be counted. I truly appreciate it...
  396. goatram

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    Jeff; They do not have a website. This here is Denny the Manager's Reply to my Text to him. "No. No website. Any type of protein is good. Prefer canned product or frozen product. Veggies are always good, cereals, soups, fruit. Bulk rice flour and sugar are hard for us to deal with, but not...
  397. goatram

    WTC not Filled

    So says a navy boy! Glad Wrap it is. Wrap the rascal up and Dive In. Either on board or when in port. You Boys don't Care as long as it's wet and it fits!
  398. goatram

    21,000 triple axle trailer aluminum I beam

    His mind is still on his Prius. They think they (owners of said cars) own the left lane. They are like Fred Flintstone; they are whipped but won't admit their delema nor can they see freedom just beyond their enclosed cell that they are locked in. SWMBO OWNS everything like Mom did. Rebel!! Own...
  399. goatram

    Thrasher halibut rod/ Avet LX reel 4.6:1 ratio

    Benjamin needs that for his boat. The reel fits is boat to a "P" ink
  400. goatram


    5 finger discount! Like Mikee's Bicycle with the Cussy Gel Seat. Hop To It!
  401. goatram

    WTC not Filled

    There are a I think 51 teams Registered. Ryan, Scott aka glad wrap (Navy Term) along with Steve Cummins are working hard to make it happen. The Old Management is no longer a part of the classic. Ryan so far has impressed me on his drive. It will be a party and Aloha BBQ is the Caterer (Hope they...
  402. goatram

    Raymarine Electronics and Garmin Autopilot - $1000

    Slippin Justine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  403. goatram

    Thrasher halibut rod/ Avet LX reel 4.6:1 ratio

    Pic of the Rod? did you mean? I would like to see one as well
  404. goatram

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    an by the way I got First Place coming. Boys and Girls I'm due! Smack Talk!!! SOB!
  405. goatram

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    Time to Start collecting food for the WTC Food Drive. Part of the WTC Festivities Benefits the local Food Bank. They are looking forward to this year, Hoping that their Pantry will be filled after the Tournament is over and we have gone home. Can you help? Last year we gave close to 2000 lbs I...
  406. goatram

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 21 meeting

    No, not till Norm's party. Erica has to do a tuna dance. Or she gets none.
  407. goatram

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 21 meeting

    Planning on showing up. Any fish in shallow?8-):Dbarf
  408. goatram

    Raymarine Electronics and Garmin Autopilot - $1000

    Your not so unsmart after all. Cool. Should work well on you lil boat.
  409. goatram

    Raymarine Electronics and Garmin Autopilot - $1000

    WTF OVER? You didn't PM on that deal? Dude your slipping. Hit the Wife over the head and get it. Damn the Consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOB!
  410. goatram

    21,000 triple axle trailer aluminum I beam

    You'll break your neck!
  411. goatram

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    Sorry Larry2. I wish no hospital stays on no one. Been there and done that in this decade. 11 times to be persise. Painful and one looses money better spent on a boat.
  412. goatram

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    Becareful of what you cast young Billy Two Dogs Fuck, it may come back to haunt you. I kinda remember a face plant and a aid care sticking a thermometer up a young man's ass. Being you is already F'ed up in both body and mind. Won't take much. A lil ole nundge at the right time Billy! From a...
  413. goatram

    HDS Gen 1 power chord

    got one as well
  414. goatram

    Where to Buy Pipe Jigs

    I was offering him mine but for the cost of the hooks. Give you a $100 for the window big Buddy
  415. goatram

    Free Firewood (Woodinville)

    Dave has a circular driveway and a tractor. if you don't jump it will be gone. He hits the bed early so send the PM's
  416. goatram

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    I use Para cord. Softer on the hand. I also Pull off a 1 foot length and do a knote in the length to make a loop then slip it thru the eye of the ball to use it as a grab handle to move the ball around on the boat and also to suspend the ball on the snap clip. Broken fishing poles make good...
  417. goatram

    Down rigger Repair.

    Harbor Marine does a great job as well.
  418. goatram

    Cost effective Yami oil changes? has most parts shipped to my door within the week. Local Shops take upto 3 weeks at times plus you have to pay shipping at times. The only thing I buy from Walmart is Oil. The best price around. My Honda's take 8 quarts each. plus a little over a quart in the lower end. The Walmart...
  419. goatram

    Finally, my time of the year starts Sunday

    He got 5 Sunday. Then threw his back out giving high 5s to @The Woman. She's tall and Larry2 was jumping to reach her out stretched hand. I had to go there. Wrong; but the rest of the story had to be told, per Paul Harvey.
  420. goatram

    SS prop repair. Why it costs so much?

    Same name as the local shops here in Mukiteo. A southern Good ol Boy!
  421. goatram

    Where to Buy Pipe Jigs

    I got a few 3/4"dia 12"ers. You cut them down to get the weight you need. Hooks are the pricey part. Live in Stanwood. Got a few B2's as well. No tuna chords though. Work in Everett. Second shift just south of future of flight museum.
  422. goatram

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Monster, Absolute Zero. Muscle Milk aka scotch for Dave Beer for my crew if they buy it Water for the pup Apple Strudel Cherry Strudel Cookies, outmeal raisin Kibble for the pup and anything else that is begged for or dropped.
  423. goatram

    Even though u can’t see it

    He's ANAL Retentive about his boats. No two ways about that.
  424. goatram

    Open Slip Westport?

    But you fuck with Tranny Queen when you can. He's a little bitchy at times, lies thru his three teeth, and steeles cords all he can you fit right in with Tex. Only steers and queers come from texass
  425. goatram

    Best lawn tractor

    Not me bitch. They are contankorous Dent hoods of cars and eat all of the flowers.
  426. goatram

    Open Slip Westport?

    Try to get the end tie on one of the floats were the commie tranny's dock at
  427. goatram

    Tanacom Bull service

    eBay has the cords around $35 shipped.
  428. goatram

    Looking for a Tanner team

    Check the maximum size of the trap.
  429. goatram

    The day has arrived!

    Congrats Jamie. 32 years is a long time. Thank you for doing what few would. Fish On!
  430. goatram

    Lowrance Link 8 VHF AIS receive

    I'll pay the $100
  431. goatram

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    those are different than the numbers of older Lances. Looks like you might be golden. I wish good times and memories for you and your family. Enjoy.
  432. goatram

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    Wrong as two boys fucking!o_O:D;):indabutt:
  433. goatram

    Highway looks wide open

    You mean he lied on Facebook? SOB!!!!!!!! TO CORRECT SPELLING! dAMN sPELL cHECK ON YOUR PHONE. And yes I am typing this from my work puter. Planes to dispatch!
  434. goatram

    How many motor hours are too much?

    I got almost 5 years with almost 900hrs runs strong and I'm looking to continue till I got 4000 hrs or more before I repower. My kid can when I'm dead. Charters are getting that and more unless the got a motor deal that requires them to swap out every year.
  435. goatram

    Highway looks wide open

    Mark Coleman was and he returned last night with fish 40 nm from Westport.
  436. goatram

    Need new disc brakes on boat trailer

    Eastern Marine on line. Kodiak Brakes. Stay the hell away from Tiedown G5s. The regular Tiedown Vented disc Brakes are good for the disk but the calipers will bestuckin two months. Replace them with $25 "89" Chevy Cavalier calibers. Get 2 years or more out of them then buy another set of loaded...
  437. goatram

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    here in PNW that is not the case. They are still available and desired. Not much difference in price, $200 more a year to insure, almost the same capacity in payload, Shorter turn radius, bigger Brakes, Same creature comforts. Just got to swallow the King Ranch or Limited Price Point. Heck with...
  438. goatram

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Eric spend the money for the Front Jack Hinge Extensions. I'll let you borrow my truck for a 20 mile test run. That will cure your Innocence. Eric's boat weighs 6 or 7000lbs. The tongue weight of 10% is the 6 or 700lbs moved 3ft further aft of the bumper. The Lance is heavy with a big ass...
  439. goatram

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    This! I had a 05 3500 with airbags and energy suspension overload rubber pads. I used the extension stinger with a cobbled up superhitch of my own RnD Design. Kim is right. drive it a few times and you will want 19.5's or a DRW. Been there done the switch. Got rid of my SRW got a DRW. Got rid...
  440. goatram

    Central Machinery Metal Bandsaw

    I got 2 of them. I get my blades from Steller Industrial in Everett. Last long time. A little over $10 a pop.
  441. goatram

    LaPush 6-21 and 6-23

    BBC per RTB aka Charlie Missed you yesterday on float 12. Go get some.
  442. goatram

    Fuel tank tits up

    Tap Plastics in Lynnwood, Trex decking trim board 8'l x 11.5"w x 0.5"t at Lowe's in SP. I have a couple scrap 25inch long or less pieces.
  443. goatram

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    What about "the woman" she is part and parcel to you Batman and Robin. Lone Ranger and Kemosabi. She quit and ran off or she got tired of my political views?
  444. goatram

    Thru hull - 5200 still the way to go?

    Aluminum boat use 5200. Clorox Bottle Boats use 4200. A little heat sofens the 5200; also the sealant needs mosture to cure from my understanding. Drill the holes just use a electric or air driven motor. If you fucked it up you can fill and redrill:eek:....... :appl:
  445. goatram

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    This might be a wrong reading of my offer. I have a full Boat. Ryan from Mission Outdoors produced a Warrior to fill the last spot. My Offer was intended to read that the OP aka Jason take his boat to Westport and I will give him a couple of rigs to fish with. (Pipe Jig, Tuna Cord, and B2 Squid...
  446. goatram

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    Well since your retired unlike Navy Chief who has to do something 9 days before his retirement head down to Westport and go fishing this Thursday. I will be leaving float 12 at 05:30 headed North West. PM me if you want a couple of rigs to catch with. Copper pipe and B2 squids I got a few to...
  447. goatram

    Who woulda thought???

    Life suxs in a hospital.
  448. goatram

    Scotty pot puller for sale.

    $350 at Costco A good deal. The guy needing one did not come in today. If it's still available tomorrow afternoon I will let him know.
  449. goatram

    Who woulda thought???

    Jeff Look for a red coffee can. More men die pissing off of a boat than anything else. I have a red Piss bucket that I can handle. Piss, Rinse, and carry on.
  450. goatram

    Who woulda thought???

    Photo Shop be damned, it was funny.
  451. goatram

    Who woulda thought???

    Flowmax has been my friend a time or two. Dave are you butt hurt? It was just a picture of a few Billy Boys. Missing Jimmy Carter in it though. You and @Spokaloo Did try to set me straight but I find it Funny in my own Demented Way
  452. goatram

    Pipe jig hook location

    Use wax aka BOE lube to lube the drill bit. The drill press with a vice to stop the movement of the pipe. I use a 1/8" aka 30 bit to drill my pipe after I pour the lead.
  453. goatram

    Fuel tank tits up

    I'm an ass at times as well. Just don't ask for area 7 cords from me. I've been sworn to secrecy by better fishermen than I. Be it shrimp or Salmon. :p:
  454. goatram

    Dildos by Yamaha!

    Sorry. I have paid $75at Bayside Marine after I tossed mine in and it sunk BUT they are 39 plus tax at Cabelas. See the link below>>>>>...
  455. goatram

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    Or steal the signs to give them that "Too Legit To Quit" Free Advertising .........Look how many that are fooled already here.
  456. goatram

    Fuel tank tits up

    I have two 108 gallon tanks sitting under my Carport along with a fuel polisher with pump that will take a few hours to pull the fuel out and transfer it into the tank. Get your new tank and pump it back in to your new tank. The Pump is wired to a scotty plug. You supply the filter. Yours to use...
  457. goatram

    Wind and waves

    A different forecast for Lapush and Neah than what was printed for Westport. Almost all of the Charters and Sports stayed in or returned to the dock in Westport. 20 to 25 knot winds. NO!
  458. goatram

    Wind and waves

    Rules are really self imposed "Lessons Learned." There are Young Studs and Then there are Old Studs Swap the word "Studs" With Pilot Bull or Boss I want to catch fish and have Fun. Difference is how one goes about Accomplishing that Goal and the price one has to pay for it. :boobies: or...
  459. goatram

    Wind and waves

    Look at LC Todd's Post for his description of the wind. If it's blowing 15 to 20; I learned my lesson already. Happy to stay on the beach. Anything over 2' wind waves will suck.for the other people on the boat. Call me a pussy but shit turns fast and I'm getting where I like to enjoy the fishing...
  460. goatram

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    Look at the map of where you currently shrimp at; find similar areas. Easy peasy
  461. goatram

    Sables out of Westport

    Electric reels. Halibut and ling's then run deep.
  462. goatram

    Wind and waves

  463. goatram

    Bait tank hose?

    Quick Google search. That stuff when it gets warm won't take a set or kink. I screwed around with a Bait Tank I Built for a guy for 2 months. Even bought a 2000 GPH SurFlow Pump. Kept saying to myself the hose was good. Finally Unbolted the tank from the floor to find the hose was kinked. The...
  464. goatram

    Bait tank hose? @Joe orosco
  465. goatram

    Fishing is CLOSED from Cape Flattery to Point Reyes Ca.

    Wow. Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  466. goatram

    Bait tank hose?

    Red rubber water hose. The Clear PVC With Braid in it gets old and brittle. The White PVC Sanitation Hose will Kink if it is stressed and under the deck and the Sun heats the Area. Had both happen to me.
  467. goatram

    Bait tank

    A pipe with holes that distribute the water to the whole column of water. Mine comes in from the bottom and goes to the top where it is capped. My pipe has .153" dia. holes. i use a 1500 gph pump to feed mine. It fills in approx. 7 minutes. I have built a few of them for others. Did you have...
  468. goatram

    HHHHHMMMMMM, what would you do?

    No thanks. I'm a hoarder and realish in the atmosphere of my affliction. 30 years as a squid is awesome for you. To love your life so; that you are being forced to retire against your will says a lot. Congratulations. 20 years to the day, 21 years ago was all I could do. Again go fish?
  469. goatram

    What Captain chairs to choose.

    Stidd are nice and pricey. I put a Air Ride Bostrom Wide Ride. Blue and Gray leather and vinyl truck seat. Cost was $790 5 years ago. Local Internation or Frieghtliner truck store should have a few to look at. Use a small plug into the cigarette lighter 12volt plug. Or get a Viar 1w volt...
  470. goatram

    Christmas presents

    DB is back in the game people!!! Ducker your sleeping on that bench. Hollywouldifshecould. Be respectful of your elders. Ducker is almost as old as dirt. Norm you need to control what boys are allowed on the bench. Ugly ones older than you are ok on that cool seat. Hate to see some new speedo...
  471. goatram

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank for Duramax

    Tell them to reschedule. Tell them that the Damn WDFW threw the curve ball not you. Adapt and Overcome is your new Mantra!
  472. goatram

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank for Duramax

    one more day for Halibut. Got one seat Soon to be OLD Chief
  473. goatram

    Well this happened...

    He can remove it if needed. If you're going to leave it in the water; put the correct Bottom Paint on it for you and your boat's well being. I like Shaved UnPain-ted Fat Bottom Girls. Congrats on the new boat. Your plan of attack sounds like you like to Mod Stuff. Good for You.
  474. goatram

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank for Duramax

    Might still work for you. Drop and Test fit the thing. Just got to run in to almost empty. I'm Sure Nick will let you test fit it on a Saturday. I got a lift in the shop and live about 35 miles north of Mr Nick. Its Raining this weekend so I'm inside playing while the boat is in Westport...
  475. goatram

    Westport Moorage available 2018

    No I don't. Mr Post shit up and then give curt reply Man I would hope you knew. Me; I'm old and Senile can't remember Shit.
  476. goatram

    Self Bailing Cockpit SCUPPERS

    Looks promising!
  477. goatram

    Westport Moorage available 2018

    Usually one so states that when you receive a pm and a deal is pendingo_O not a day or three later. Just saying.
  478. goatram

    What bilge pump are you using?

    Rule and Rule Float Switches. 2 each 800 GPH front and back Bilges 4 each 1500 GPH, 1 in Fwd Mid Compartment where the Fuel Tank sits under the Cabin. 2 in the Aft compartment where the batteries, Fish Box, Thru Hull Valves and water tank reside in. One is set 6" higher to act as a High water...
  479. goatram

    Happiness is a dry bilge! Fraser Foundry casts all of their products on site along with doing the machine work right in house. Your...
  480. goatram

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    Chris my boat is not dry in the bilge. I have 5 pumps on board for the 4 compartments. With a spare pump wired to plug into a Scotty plug with enough hose to reach the side. She is moored for a couple of months at a time. My leak/leaks are connected to my bait tank/pump set up. I close my...
  481. goatram

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    If that much water was in there you have a bigger issue. You need a charger on board and connected to shore power. Automatic Bilge pumps cycle continuously and will suck a battery dry. Pull your boat and inspect it thoroughly to find the source. At the same time add a battery charger, shore...
  482. goatram

    Happiness is a dry bilge!

    No silicone sealant for your boats sake. Urathane sealant only please. Silicone is bad juju. Contaminates the aluminum and promotes corrosion. Find corrosion? Use alumabrite and scotchbrite pads to remove it then flush with fresh water. Let it self heal.:beerbang:
  483. goatram

    Bait tank photos

    Ryan how do you drain it? How is the level of the water set for a half tank or full tanhow is water slosh controlled? Pain-ted? Please consult the picture of the Clorox bottle getting gel coat fixed. This has the most rod holders award. Eric use no more than 6during the troll. You might have...
  484. goatram

    Bait tank photos

    I wish you well Eric. Do show pics of the tank when installed. Inquiring minds want to see.
  485. goatram

    Bait tank photos

    Smoking weed sucks for the hired hand that thinks he knows everything. Saying of my friend that can stack a pile of Dimes on aluminum.:cheers::smoking33:
  486. goatram

    Braid for tuna

    Braid then Mono topshot. Big Game. Test your braid for strength. You might find issues. I did with 30lb yellow powerpro; broke at 18lbs. I thought it was my knots till I found a YouTube vid of a East coast guide showing the use of a fish scale to show the issue.
  487. goatram

    Attaching flexible brake lines

    Zip ties aka panduits Get er done! Howard's mounts are rather expensive. We use thth inside of aircraft. Works great but a lot more expensive than a $8 bag of black zip ties
  488. goatram

    Self Bailing Cockpit SCUPPERS

    They Jam open as well. John Kaiser had his boat sink at the dock supposedly due to the balls getting clogged with Pine Needles up her in Washington State. This style would have to be fabricated to screw on inplace of your flapper or ball style. Wooldrige installs this type on their boats...
  489. goatram

    Stackable Ladner Shrimp Pots

    I have had Ladner pots since 2006. Love them. Don't get the cheaper Ladner "like" Ones. They Suck. When you get them get the A-2 Green Balls for floats along with the small 1# collapsible Anchor for each pot.
  490. goatram

    Can you run 2 bait pumps and raw water wash down off one thru hull?

    I run a 1.5" thru hull with a high speed scoop that feeds a 1.5" manifold that I run three pumps off of. 1500 GPH Bait, 800 GPH and a washdown pump. Never had a problem. Just make sure you have a seacock above the hull.
  491. goatram

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    :mad::slap::puff::zelfmoord Wax on after you use the chemical of your choosing.:D enjoy.
  492. goatram

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Wire a separate 8ga pot puller plug. A 40 circuit breaker, a manico(sp) 3 lug trolling motor qd plug (accepts 8ga wire), and a Discovery Bay 2.3hp pot puller will pull your ladner shrimp pots. Your bow rails wash and and then use some polish on them. The surface rust will come right off. Go...
  493. goatram

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    What was the fix? Mine took a new Precision 9 Compass in place of my Simrad RC-42 Compass. Not to tune it so it's not acting like a AIM9 MISSILE. Doing constant Zigzags. Playing with the Response times. Got better. But not rock solid straight.
  494. goatram

    Tonight's Halibut pregame warmup

    Fish Tacos were Great!!! Thanks you two.
  495. goatram

    Metabo Cordless grease gun

    Love the idea but not the price
  496. goatram

    Vacuum Sealer Options

    I have a VP 215 and one from Tom. At Vacupack out in Maple Valley this one comes with two bars to do the regular bags or the retort bags. He also sells parts and bags for the cheaper China VP models. Mine shit the Cercuit board and he helped diagnos the issue and got my...
  497. goatram

    1100 GPH Bait Pump. Rule Cartridge or Jabsco Bait Sentry?

    Bait Sentry! If you run a scoop on the water Pick up you want the Bait Sentry. The Impeller is not directly connected to the Motor. It is Magnetic so on plane the Water Pick up can't overdrive the impeller and shear the SS Shaft. Come back off the power and start trolling the Pump reconnects to...
  498. goatram

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    :banned::frehya2::idiot: Truth is in the TIDES
  499. goatram

    Seaqualizer locally available

    Dave aka @Fogducker. Get busy writing the grant Paperwork please!
  500. goatram

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    Tides sux for Friday as of this morning. Sunday looks much better than it did yesterday.
  501. goatram

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    Stitch's are cool! It don't hurt till the bone shows! A racing gocart is what you want to search for. The Brigs and Stratton engine can be tuned for the amount of speed you want. In my twenties I had just a regular stlye like Northern Industrial Sales sells. 3,5hp and I regularly beat younger...
  502. goatram

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Looks like he was licking his Balls and you Just walked in on him. Have you no Sympathy?
  503. goatram

    How many axles need brakes on a triple axle trailer?

    I have a 3 axle boat trailer and have brakes on all 6 wheels. EoH plus a F350 DRW truck. With a heavy ass boat. I know it will stop the boat with out the trailer brakes. What is cheaper? The trailer brakes or a wrecked combo? You decide. Family go with you. Look at the Fully Infolved accident on...
  504. goatram

    Limits Sand dabs

    Now Stop that Billy
  505. goatram

    Needing Opinions on what Boat to Purchase

    I Can't but... Same Model Rolled in heavy surf. Not hearing of others doing the same. My Opinion and My Observation. I find it odd that it has happened to two Duckworth's. The Boat is well made but is the design not suited for the Northwest Bar condition's that we experience? More experienced...
  506. goatram

    Needing Opinions on what Boat to Purchase

    Not a Duckworth! A Design flaw that causes them to roll over? Last Friday. And one brand new at Westport. Flipped on the sunken jetty with a father and son on board. Maiden Voyage. Not good in my book. You hear of North Rivers and others sinking at the Dock but not rolling over. Your...
  507. goatram

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk Neah Bay a boat took a large wave and Sunk. 3 on board went into the water. 2 were rescued by surrounding boats. 58 year old Sequim man found unresponsive in the water. Jay Radtke died. Happened at the mouth by Tatoosh. Be Careful and...
  508. goatram

    WTC reborne

    The Event Staff and Management has changed. I need to hear from Jack aka @graybear. Did he quit here as well?
  509. goatram

    Weather determination

  510. goatram

    Westport halibut?

    Keep Talking the weather is improving @Genie Aye @Swede I like were its going. Dropped a foot in the wave dept. Sofar.
  511. goatram

    Westport halibut?

    And it looks like no fishin for any this weekend either.
  512. goatram

    2 Cannon Mag 10 DRs

    :gay:I got digi pro 10s already.bieber :cow::Fondle::frehya2::turkey
  513. goatram

    Humble thyself

    Fuck it I'm Here so deal with it. Can I call you Dick? Hows your head after your Drunk fest? Could have called a party at your house but no! You Drank the Clown Oil and then you posted your feelings here. Time will tell if you stick around or your thin Skin will drive you away screaming Mercy!
  514. goatram

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    Kim it's the software that changed. Lowrance has made their plotter/FF AP controller capable. It interuppts the Simrad AP24 from controlling the system. There is in the software settings switches that turn it off but it doesn't work. The capability is turned off but if the 2 systems are...
  515. goatram

    New Pot Puller

    @Swede I did pull pots the first 4 years by 2006 I went on a friends Bayliner with Flybridge. That cured me of my silliness. 2 Ladner pots and two Wire Cages. Got a gas Puller for a year almost took my fingers off the second year. Sold that and got the SafeTPuller with the air operated...
  516. goatram

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    Kim the Software between the two changed when they came out with Lowrance's AP. They Clash and will not work together. I stuck my AP2403VRF system on my old NR boat worked great. Upgraded to the HDS10 Gen 2's on the NR 6 years ago. worked great. Swapped the AP and the Gen 2's to the new boat...
  517. goatram

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    Lowrance's AP is not designed for twin outboards so we are stuck with Simrad. No one will tell me if I put a Lowrance's AP computer that it will drive the RPU-80. That way I'm out just the $650 for a new computer. Should work But both Simrad and Lowrance Reps cant say for sure and they recommend...
  518. goatram

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    Mine and Kieser's Problem. John Has separated his Simrad and his Lowrance NMEA 2000 network. Based on his advise I did as well. I found a Simrad NSS7 on The Hull Truth. My HDS10 Gen 2 Network was upgraded with Gen 3 Software by Kieser 3 Years ago and it has been screwed ever since. Like some one...
  519. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    I spoke the truth so no need. Very funny that a young man and his sidekick (you) are trying to throw Ford under the bus. Dodge, Excuse me Ram has shitty front seats, limited rear leg room unless you get the Mega Cab that will make you get a short bed. The auto trannies installed are weak. The...
  520. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    :hali_blablalba: bieberbieber:supergay: Your Ass Seat will wear out before the body which will wear long before the engine will. Front ends and the Trannies sux Cat Nuts.:dogpiss:
  521. goatram

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

  522. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    I like this one. The bed floor is Extruded rib stock. If I make one I woold like to source this instead of using .250" Plate.
  523. goatram

    New Pot Puller

    Discovery Bay is local and he is a great guy that supports us and PSA. He also sells thru LFS. Just Buy the 2.3hp aka big boy if you run Ladner Pots or those Smelly ass Ladner Like KAFI Pots. My Small Pot Puller from Discover Bay Burned up last year. I called up and he warrantied it and when he...
  524. goatram

    Aluminum weird patterns

    Yes, A few months won't hurt it.
  525. goatram

    Aluminum weird patterns

    ONLY IF SHE WILL BE PUT IN THE WATER FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS AT A TIME. Up to a month you don't need pain-t. After a month in the water pull it and at the ramp use a garden sprayer to sprat bleach on the bottom then pressure wash it. My bottom shows the wear of the trailer supports. I am...
  526. goatram

    WTB Bait Tank 25-35 Gallon Copy and past the address. $400 plus add the 100 dollar pump and thru hull and scoop and the hoses and fittings
  527. goatram

    Aluminum weird patterns

    You need to remove the Mill Scale and then leave it to weather Nicely. A Great Patina will emerge and you will not have to worry till you scratch your pretty Pain-t,:p
  528. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    I did talk tuna with him. And he made mention of you all. Next month is decision time on the truck, order a New King Ranch or go for one off the lot or keep my old Steel truck and retire.:finger:
  529. goatram

    Aluminum weird patterns

    If she's a trailer queen and not slipped he will not like the performance loss plus the pain-t will wear off. Cleaning it is the only option.
  530. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    They sold the Black Platinum with the 5th wheel prep package. The guy Steve in the fleet section did not get back with me. I offered $67000 for the 2017 truck. I was serious willing to make a deal. Chit!!!!!
  531. goatram

    Aluminum weird patterns

    Mill Scale Corrosion. When the Aluminum is made they coat the aluminum with a Lubricant which the builders do not remove. Water gets under the film and you get that effect. If new you degrease the aluminum with Acetone and you stick shark hide on it and you preserve the finish don't you get the...
  532. goatram

    Need yamaha trim seal cap tool

    I replaced mine at around 6 years on my 2004 F150 and also on the 2006 F250 Charlie's clamp tool looks usable. I had to modify/Rizerize a 2X4 to keep the tool on. I have two. One I bought off eBay and the other homemade. Screw in pins break kinda easy.
  533. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Boat on the trailer is 15,500lbs. I'm Jonesing for a 2019 King Ranch DRW Ruby Red and LT Grey two tone. There is a ton of New 2017 Fords still on the lot.
  534. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Kurt you got a 40' 5th wheel. I have the 5th wheel prep on my truck. You want to use it to try a DRW out? First time I pulled my boat with the 2014 F350 Platinum SRW I bought in 2014 I knew I made a mistake. Took me a year to breakdown and get my current truck. Feels much better having a Big...
  535. goatram

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Ford Truck Enthusiasts as a couple of post of the Mishimoto failing. Trade it in on a 17 or later Ford DRW you be happy happy but sad on the payment due dates.
  536. goatram

    Xm radio setup

    I have the Sonic hub by Lowrance. I do use the weather and Sirrius XM radio. 70 miles off shore in Washington State cell phone suxs.
  537. goatram

    True flood box or...?

    Jason Here are the pics from the build thread. My bilge as I first designed it. I have added a second Bilge pump to the left side. 6" higher wired to a horn and a light that turns on when it activates. Loud as hell and it does get your attention. Sometimes the lower float switch sticks and...
  538. goatram

    True flood box or...?

    Yes the valve is in line. I have a Y tube between the valve and the tank. Post a pic tomorrow or rifle thru my build thread."The Journey"
  539. goatram

    True flood box or...?

    A Fish Box? Yes with a ball valve to keep it dry when I want it that way. When on step she drains. I have a diaphragm pump to drain it instead of a macerator pump.
  540. goatram

    Autopilot Help Please

    If you are doing the commissioning and the heading sensor won't align. Then I would move the puck. My point 1 had interference from my loud speaker.
  541. goatram

    Bunk set up for alum boats with hull strakes?

    Move your bunks to get them away from your strakes. Then lose the carpet. Stick plastic runners on top of the carpet. Wet carpet WILL cause corrosion.
  542. goatram

    Auto pilot install advice

    There is a Fishing and a Going Fishing Speed. Not to be confused with the Speed to get to the Gas Dock Before ED Closes the Gas Pumps at 5PM Speed. That Speed Keeps Changing up to Max Power and trim to get the most speed out of the old Girl. I have come around the corner and Saw Ed and Ed Saw...
  543. goatram

    Looking for small pickup

    Need to ensure he knows and understands about raincoats. You both live in the great PNW. Where it rains, and it pours!
  544. goatram

    Looking for small pickup

    That is almost as good as a truck if it was a station wagon. A true camping and stabbing cabin for sure.
  545. goatram

    Way to go Hollywood!

    I have been know to bring my wife a few. She salts and sun dries them and then share them with her friends.
  546. goatram

    For the SandDab fishermen !

    Hollywood aka @waterdog got stopped by the Enforcement Boat and got a ticket for over limit of the sanddabs. He then started to complain and he raised the red Flag to the state that certain charter Boys were ABUSING the Resource. He screwed the Pooch and this is his OFFSPRING.:2gunsfiring_v1...
  547. goatram

    Way to go Hollywood! April 16, 2018 Coastal recreational bottomfish limit changes Actions: Increases the daily limit for canary rockfish to two fish (from one) in marine areas 1 (Ilwaco) and 2 (Westport). Establishes a daily limit of three...
  548. goatram

    Way to go Hollywood!

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post the rule Change of which you speak of!
  549. goatram

    What Outcome if You Did This?

    @wils; he is the man up here for fixing this issue so please readdress your comments above. Ron is the SME (Subject Matter Expert) on our fish issues so please back up. My comments above was against the Tulalip spokeswoman claiming jurisdiction over the man that was steeling from us. Yes he is...
  550. goatram

    Yamaha Controls and Harness Interchangeability

    Pic of said boat? Red and the one you and your wife was putting around the harbor in Westport? A couple of years ago?
  551. goatram

    Electrical Help Please?

    Yes it is but I got a $35 hyd pump crimper from EBay. Good enough for me. Is that a personal one or company one. Gotta be pricey!!!!
  552. goatram

    Electrical Help Please?

    This! No solder! Put your 80 amp Resettable CB as close to the battery as possible with the rest of your fuses and switches. Easy as pie. Those disconnects are sweet. Use them at work on the Scissors lifts for the battery chargers Yes I take my truck into the dealer to change the oil. 13 quarts...
  553. goatram

    What Outcome if You Did This?

    That Indian forfeited his tribal right by the way he went about getting those crabs Paul7060. He was their Fish and Game Director. A position of trust and honor. Till you live up here Kalli boy and fish in our Waters stay the fuck out of our fish issues. You don't have, nor want a clue of the...
  554. goatram

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    Rod I offered this to Erik. If he passes on it you're next in line. There is a issue. The Gen 3 is in San Diego being swapped out at Lowrance. Should get it back by Hall opener or shortly after.
  555. goatram

    Wanted - Set of MANUAL Downriggers

    I got some Walkers you can put back together. The Bases I think I got. Some one gave me them a few years ago. They sit on the Floor by my tool box by the collection of stuff i have been given. FRee
  556. goatram

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    A HDS10 Gen 2 of any interest? Got a new to me HDS12 Carbon and a HDS12 Gen3 that is moving to the back deck
  557. goatram

    What Outcome if You Did This?

    He and his Spawn left a White Man's Marina, Stole Washington State Crabs from Washington State Owned Crabs from other Properly Licensed Crab Fisherman (HOPEFULLY) Caught off the Rez Selling the WASHINGTON STATE OWNED CRABS to two of his Tribal Buddies that also owned a Seafood Company OFF OF...
  558. goatram

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Mine came in last week and it was a little less than last year as well with Travelers and Anchor.
  559. goatram

    No more rigging the boat in the rain

    Up my driveway into the shop between the lift posts under the boat with side rails giving me 2 inch's total extra width to fit the boat on to the trailer. Child's play.
  560. goatram

    Am Can derby and another BD winner!

    Nice work in both Pimpin and Fishin
  561. goatram

    After a couple of years away...

    BV is still fishing by himself in area 8-1.
  562. goatram

    PSA - Battery covers

    You did notice it and Not I. But the tank worked great. Last and final Miss Rooney: an Ex Nun and Sister Ester; Tried to fix my spelling in 7th and 8th grade. Loss cause. I moved on. What actually saved me is computers and spell check. Jim the Welder aka Tigger aka Jim the party animal screwed...
  563. goatram

    Jury is still out

    Digi10s can't pull a crab pot up. Scotty DR's have no problem getting them up. The breaking locking pin is scary the first time. Used 1/4" line to keep fishing that day. I now have a few replacement bolts for the future.
  564. goatram

    WTB Lowrance or Simrad transom transducer

    Joel It must still be on my phone. Old age and CRS has Kicked in. I should be getting one from Navy Chief aka Chad has a 83/200 Ducer for me. I Can get my hands on it and get it installed in the next few day. Saturday I will have my hands on a used Lowrance HDS12 Carbon. Paul Disregard my...
  565. goatram

    WTB Lowrance or Simrad transom transducer

    bieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieberbieber You Flounder/Sand Dab Killer; Hush!! UP!!!!!
  566. goatram

    PSA - Battery covers

    They make covers for the cables and also for the Battery Boxes If you was a Mechanic you would know that. Metal to the Positive + connector will get your attention and the Aw SHIT Comment from your Virgin Talking Mouth. Sometimes going to school (Collage) Does not make one smart.:D
  567. goatram

    WTB Lowrance or Simrad transom transducer

    No under/line cutting
  568. goatram

    WTB Lowrance or Simrad transom transducer

    Pm was sent Paul and Miles to Joel at 8 am
  569. goatram

    WTB Lowrance or Simrad transom transducer

    Paul the small one with a SS bracket? is so that is the one. Thanks. I will make a deal.
  570. goatram

    Need one of these please

    Navy boys like em small.
  571. goatram

    WTB Lowrance or Simrad transom transducer

    After giving away 2 of these transducers I find myself in need of one. Just stuck a NSS 7 on the boat to keep my NMEA 2000 network separate. The ducer will allow me to follow the contours for trolling. I need one that is 50/200. New one is around 70 to 80. Needs to have the bracket
  572. goatram

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    I was trying to sell it as a package for you. Lowrance changes so fast that soon it will be ancient like you.
  573. goatram

    Need a kill bag stitched up

    You so funny! Ho storage You decide on a boat yet? Or are you gonna be the new co Capt for a New Canadian Flagged Cat FV on float 12
  574. goatram

    Grady White Helm Seats

    I might have a base or two. You would have to get mounting plates. Post pictures tomorrow. Somebody passed them on to me.
  575. goatram

    WTB Lowrance HDS 7 (Head Unit Only)

    @carrie's bait boy Might have a 3G and a some other stuff. HDS12 Gen3, Structure Scan, Sonic hub, XM radio and cabling. Problem is his garage is packed
  576. goatram

    PSAOA Meeting...April 21rst.

    Westport. Mayor Kevin past the Crown to him
  577. goatram

    Coastguard Cocktail

    In 1984 got sick in the back seat of a F-15B, 1985 got 4 rides in the back seat of the OV-10 Bronco. First 2 rides flew out and back to Osan AB ROK. The pilot was an old Major. Good no issues. The second set of rides was with a young AF LT. Had coffee and Pop Tarts. He did the first rocket pass...
  578. goatram

    Coastguard Cocktail

    No it has not. I got a prescription and get it in compounded now from Arlington Pharmacy. $2 a pill. have your doc. write it for 50 and you have a 2 year supply. I have been known to share if someone has not been on the ocean before.
  579. goatram

    Coastguard Cocktail

    Welcome back Eric. Nice write up.
  580. goatram

    Tuna Predictions...

    Just a rumour mind you, a rumor extordiare. But I have no pictures just second hand knowledge. I don't think that those involved would take pictures except for one BFF.
  581. goatram

    Tuna Predictions...

    Rumor has it one boat did. Beer and bare cooter was seen last year out on the grounds
  582. goatram

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

  583. goatram

    Camper Repair Shop Wanted

    Hell No!!! Its rated for a class II Hitch. I removed the old rusted one. Bought a new Class II one and had to modify it to fit. The back frame on the Motorhome is two Channels scabbed on to the original frame. 2500lbs pull and 250lb tongue weight. is class II rating. Miss Eliza is 15,000lb on...
  584. goatram

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    There will be two available this year. One at the Ocean PSA Chapter in June or July. As the grand prize of their monthly raffle. Then one at the Washington Tuna Classic. Mine won't have them Orange Tyres. They will be solid Black Tires. Or you can make one yourself!
  585. goatram

    Camper Repair Shop Wanted

    Mine is now done as well as it can be. Looking at the fridge yesterday. Don't work. SOB! Burst boiler. Yellow powder below the propane flame. YouTube is your friend. The fridge uses Ammonia, Hydrogen, and distilled water to cool the contents of the fridge. $470 later ordered a new rebuilt cooler...
  586. goatram

    Scotty depthpower 1106

    Damn I could have sold my set for $700. SOB!!!!!!:_smack_:
  587. goatram

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Worth repeating Billies! :worship: All Boats need care and Love.
  588. goatram

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Then let him advise or better yet buy him lunch and a 1.75l bottle of JD Honey. Take him for a trip to inspect the boat first hand. He's the Expert and will do you right.
  589. goatram

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    If she is going back in the water long term Bob needs to blast and redo the bottom completely. His blasting will remove all of the corrosion and his pain-t systen will protect her long term.
  590. goatram

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    I Can't tell. Use a SS wire brush to remove the corrosion and pain-t off and see if you got pits in the Aluminum. I agree the bottom paint is missing the primer under the Pain-t. Pitting is bad but the neat thing about Alloy if she will be a Trailer Queen you can get Bob @Omakase to blast her...
  591. goatram

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    WOW A Rocket Scientist that can do discovery. Chinese Blue Print is easy. Still need to make a attachment and a way to deploy. It also has to be secured now that RTB has stuck it on his ass of his truck. I got an Idea when its off the boat and on the dock not being used tie a buoy to the...
  592. goatram

    WTB: Torklift Tiedowns for a Dodge Ram 2500

    Buy some Square tube and make your own, Got a drill? They just slip in and are thru bolted.
  593. goatram

    Aluminum braces?

    Kamen has the .250" aluminum brace material for him to bend, drill, and install. Met up with him in the snow and rain in Bellevue. Long day do to the drive South and then work.
  594. goatram

    Looking for this drain for aft bait tank.

    Make the drain. Piece of 3 or 4inch PVC pipe and cut the slots. Easy peasy
  595. goatram

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    There are a few divers among us that might need a bottle. Would you deny them that. Problem with the float and 30' cord. How to store it and then release if it fell in. 30' cord tangles easy and will always be in the way
  596. goatram

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Looks good. Gotta mod one's ideas to make it your own.
  597. goatram

    Center Cut Seating upgrade

    Brown and not white? Reason? Grady's are Made with and For White Privilege:smoking33: Like it that Elaine's seat is taller. Seats do look good
  598. goatram

    WTB: Scotty Swivel Base

    He passed on mine.
  599. goatram

    Yamaha F115 Help

    Then jump in with the info provided. Bitch might be getting it checked out in a week or two due to the upcoming season.
  600. goatram

    Everett Blackmouth Derby BD Side Pot.and snoking psa minor report

    Two weeks in a row. Team Find won the side pot. Jean has got the fish mojo down.
  601. goatram

    Aluminum braces?

    How many? 18"X?Wide 1/4"thick. You can bend them in a vise to fit. I will send a chunk of aluminum to smooth the radius of the bend. then drill. Send me your address by pm.
  602. goatram

    Everett Blackmouth Derby BD Side Pot.and snoking psa minor report

    Well there is only 5 in the side pot and Dave better not let the dogs know any secrets.
  603. goatram

    WTB: Scotty Swivel Base

    Finding the parts. Still looking for the top piece
  604. goatram

    WTB: Scotty Swivel Base

    Riiiiight! I was typing it out as the clock ticked to go home time. The swivel base is in the shop and I will find the replacement parts in the morning and post up. In the Resurrection Derby in January. I snagged Larson Reef in area 7. On Saturday. Bought a new one that night from Holiday...
  605. goatram

    WTB: Scotty Swivel Base

    Got one of the Base Plate; Actually two but one I can touch in 45 minutes when I get home plus I have the Swivel Base that I broke the top 2 pieces. I have a new top square piece just not the small rectangle piece that the pot puller mounts to a top it
  606. goatram

    Pipe Jigs for sale

    Always a willing and able mark.
  607. goatram

    Nice Day on the Water, Although Short

    We got four for two days of fishing. What was the weight of the biggun?
  608. goatram

    Everett Blackmouth Derby BD Side Pot.and snoking psa minor report

    So far it's Ron Gardner and my boat in the side pot for next weekend Festivities. Any More want in? Ron said he will keep the side pot straight. Ron and his Best Fishing Dear Wife; Jean won the SnoKing PSA derby with a 7.71lb. gutted and gilled. My Boat pulled in the 2nd and third place fish...
  609. goatram

    Pipe Jigs for sale

    Not needed when I got yours Florida Boy.:idiot:
  610. goatram

    Haul Skiff from So Cal to Washington

    Shad is one of the good Calli Bro's from our Other Motha.
  611. goatram

    My Shoes

    Make a point Snowflake!
  612. goatram

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    No Rick the Small SS Shaft is shearing off.
  613. goatram

    My Shoes

    What ya talkin about Willis? Inquiring minds want you to Make like a tree and Leave Billy
  614. goatram

    My Shoes

    Mike Davidson aka @Stryker20 would be your Huckleberry. A traveling Mechanic like all of us Mechs. Fuck the personnel Vehicle it runs till it don't then you fix it. Right Mike?
  615. goatram

    My Shoes

    Ya your life at 25 is a lot different than the rest of us. I was 25 and stationed in Korea, no boat, wife and 2 kids, and my dad died! Suxs to be me then. If ya got it flaunt it! Just tow it with a real truck! not a Fallopian Tube Diagram one or a Independent Front suspended Gov. motors POS...
  616. goatram

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    The Engineer AKA Mike Irving, Product Manager for Xylem Inc Applied Water Systems should be happy to hear that.
  617. goatram

    Pipe Jigs for sale

    They all end up on the bottom. I make them and also get the tuna cord rigs and the $10 9" B2 Squids so all toll about $30 per rig. Expensive chit that King Neptune keeps snagging up. He Likes the Bling.
  618. goatram

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    Bill I got one for you. Here is the pictures of a pump. Green impeller is noticeable. So if you pick one up and it's white put it back on the counter and say you want another one. Even the red plastic is a tad bit off from the fist generation.
  619. goatram

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    The pumps I have now have Brite green impellers on them. Pic
  620. goatram

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    Mark I will look for you. Got a pump for you if you want?
  621. goatram

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    About a year and half ago.
  622. goatram

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    Ok here is my story; at the Boat Show this year I talked to a Rule/Jabsco Pump Engineer. He was there for the second half of the show. Talked to him on Friday the 2nd of Feb. I Asked him to consider building a Bait Pump like the Shurflo/Bait Sentry one. Told him of our issues on the West coast...
  623. goatram

    New Goodyear Tires

    Should've bought a dually. I will need a set soon enough. 17's not 18's
  624. goatram

    Dinner and auction for Mission Outdoors

    I'm in to show. Problem with the date I think for me is it's on a derby weekend. Gotta check and if so logistics of being in two places at once or within a couple of hours. Dave aka ducker?
  625. goatram

    Installing a davit puller

    I use the Ladner pots not the Ladner Like POSs that some sell from China. Discovery Bay did stand behind them. I upgraded to the big boy after he explained that. Cost me another $100. Side note don't pull on the rope to help it go faster. It might help it die faster.
  626. goatram

    Scotty 1106 Downrigger pair

    Have not gotten them fully installed yet Jeff. Just got the Transducer in. Sunday might have it in and tried out.
  627. goatram


    A second home tax deduction? Looks like they want you to buy it and when you deduct that from your taxes their thinking is you can then afford it. Kinda like the argument that new truck salesmen say when they offer you 8000 below trade-in for your used truck. By going through them you get a...
  628. goatram

    Need a hinge

    Got one or two at the house. Might even be trilled and have a SS zerk in it for lube. but Central Welding has them on the shelf. along with Steel ones. They come in different sizes. Good Day!
  629. goatram

    Scotty 1106 Downrigger pair

    Pending to Paul aka Yellowlab
  630. goatram

    Scotty 1106 Downrigger pair

    I have two Scotty 1106 Downriggers for sale. I have swapped out the rodholder that comes with them to the Folby Quick Release ones. I also have the Scotty Extenders and the DR Ball Hook mounts installed. The Extender moves the rod in closer for short people aka Karen to grab the rod without...
  631. goatram

    Found an awesome Halibut Charter

    Just a donation. No Profit at all. It is a Gas Hog!
  632. goatram

    Camper Repair Shop Wanted

    I got a free MH from Westport. Good motor and tranny. A slight water leak. Almost done with the rebuild. Had to weld in new steel and replace all of the wood in the cabover. Used 0.040 5052 aluminum instead of the fiberglass exterior. Cost of the Fiberglass was $1000 compared to the aluminum...
  633. goatram

    Trailers and rust/corrosion

    Did that to "Pickle a Jet engine. While in full Burner at the Test Cell, Switch the Fuel Valve to 10-10 Oil. Once the oil gets to the AB, the flame from the Augmentor turns Orange from the Blue Flame of Jet Fuel. Drop the throttle for a 5 minute cool down then shut it down. Engine is preserved...
  634. goatram

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Fred I have used the ProTroll2 on both my old T8 and for the last 5 years on my Honda BF15. On my Honda I have to disconnect the Throttle Cable now. The Shift cable is still connected. The Throttle is connected by linkage. Dis connect the cable and the servo then controls the speed. Precise...
  635. goatram

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Fred; so you don't have a electronic speed control and you use either the throttle grip or cables from the Binnicle? is no speed control like those that are pictured. Your not doing it right. Either the cables or throttle cable has play and your Yami carb don't like the play.
  636. goatram

    Sonic hub

  637. goatram

    Sonic hub

    A PO broke boat ho should be nice to the Capt. One must be nice in the life boat.
  638. goatram

    Sonic hub

    I have one of the older ones. 5 YR old. I use Sirrus to get my music. 35 to 70 miles off shore means no cell towers reach for streaming from my phone.
  639. goatram

    Raymarine System for Sale

    Still up an available. A deal, just not mine.
  640. goatram

    Yamaha responds to supply shortage of large outboards

    Go Honda then. BF 250 fly-by wire with a 9.9 kicker. Pick it up, drop it off, and get a 3some going. You be chilling and grilling.
  641. goatram

    Be Carefull Out There

    Twice today billy!:Bawling_e:Beat_Them
  642. goatram

    Ocean Tamer 20% coupon

    Mine Shipped and Due this week.
  643. goatram

    6 Robbles

    I have had no problem there. Just expensive. If I need it now I don't give a flying (Hoot). Get-Er-Done!
  644. goatram

    6 Pack Near Coastal capt license?

    Just be forewarned that once you have it you will be judged if something happens at a professional level. It does open doors but at the same time your personal responsibility goes way the fuck up. I got my Federal A&P Licence to work on Aircraft plus I'm QA with Airworthiness Release Authority...
  645. goatram

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Only a real cunt would take that name.:Fondle:
  646. goatram


    Looks good. The next time for Miss Eliza; she might have a set of Black 300's
  647. goatram

    Help with Link8

  648. goatram

    Help with Link8

    Mine does that as well. My fix is keep the radio on 16. The other radio is kept to 68.
  649. goatram

    6 Robbles

    You can and that is what 6 Roblees sells with their SS Brake line kit
  650. goatram

    Help with Link8

    your Link 8 has a Menu that you have to go into and tell it to use NMEA 2000 network not the 0183 one. I had a bugaboo time to get mine configured correctly.
  651. goatram

    New Duckworth PAC Nav 215ASAP

    Nice Boat. For the price you will be happy with that motor. A $450. Prop will bring the RPM back up to the Desired range. Might be a tad bit slower. But you will have a Cute Boat for the Mountain Retreat.
  652. goatram

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Ask them to add. They should be able to do them. You don't need the rubber on the inside. A 2" or 3" section of pipe added on to the back at the drain hole with a flapper. Stick a small zinc tab on it. That pic fishing fanatic Jason posted is the idea. Defiance has them on their boats at the...
  653. goatram

    Boat Show Purchase Thunder Jet

    Mark Youngblood on his BAMF Boat "Pacific Dream"
  654. goatram

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Steve; For you and a few others; The reason for the event is bragging rights and helping our Service Members and the Local Area. A Mistake was made, Acknowledge, and the Management Took Ownership of it, Those that made the mistake are over it as y'll should be too. I heard that the RULES WILL BE...
  655. goatram

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    @Jason . Crocs are for fags and Kalli boy toys! We have been down That Road Before. Dave the Fogducker who is a Kalli transplant can and does wear flip flops. And his toes do get stepped on.
  656. goatram

    boat show ticket

    I might be passing on few Sunday. Gotta see how many I need. Got 20. Scored!
  657. goatram

    King 5 interview on Director Unsworth

    Ron would get his hands tied up and he then could not work behind the commissioners to effect change. Gov Inslee says do something it would have to be done. Now if something is up in the wind and Ron hears of it by either the tribes, Gov, or commies.; He can rally the forces to defeat it...
  658. goatram


    Years passed the back side was blank. Aka White. Also it says it is good only on today. Here is the picture minus the bar code. Gotta stop posting from my phone and not wearing my glasses.
  659. goatram

    boat show ticket

    and crippled up
  660. goatram


  661. goatram

    boat show ticket

    sorry never mind. I saw the date of today for the wine tasting event. I thought I got the wwwwrrrrooonnngggg tickets that were good for today only. After I posted I flipped it over and saw the Sails and Ails for the 2 Feb on the backside. Sum of a Beach.
  662. goatram

    boat show ticket

  663. goatram

    Ocean Tamer 20% coupon

    Finally I remembered to call (IN THE MORNING) and placed my order. I have remembered it as I';m driving into work at 2pm. To late for Frank to take my order. Today is the last day!!!!!!!
  664. goatram

    Unsworth is out.

  665. goatram

    Do you leave the anchor in the cradle?

    I started to tie mine off to the cleat after Kevin Fishinlurs got his wrapped around his props 2 or 3 years ago out of Westport. My swivel does does not prevent all of the line twist either.
  666. goatram

    Roche Derby

    Congrats. Got a picture of the leader board?
  667. goatram

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    Kim Try the Sharkbyte shoes from Xtratuf. They do keep your feet dry at the toes. the Corner elastic bands will allow water in thou. Same soles as on the boat. I have 5 different styles Xtratuf foot wear.
  668. goatram

    Halibut Bill on Catch Card

    They need to be fired along with Director UNWORTHY
  669. goatram

    New Yamaha 9.9

    Honda or Suzy for the battery recharge. Most amp output.
  670. goatram

    2015 Duckworth Advantage 16'

    Just make sure he goes where you want him too. Him and that dude Jay aka (too many names) can and will change your plan on their guess.
  671. goatram

    Bait tank photos

    Defiance makes boats. Bait tanks take time and are not profitable enough for them I'm Sure! They make them for those that want one on their new boat and a few more to sell. Get 2short to drive by or someone else to see if they have one on the floor. Or call Capt Decent for one of his tanks. You...
  672. goatram

    2015 Duckworth Advantage 16'

    He's has 2nd mate duties on JTC's and my ride. "Davit" Mercury 9.9 is a 2006. Hooked to the main motor. Another 1106 DR could be thrown in to sweeten the deal.
  673. goatram

    What the hell?

    Drama Queens and newbies. Move along nothing to see here.
  674. goatram

    Ocean Tamer Bean Bag Group Order

    Curt, status on this?
  675. goatram

    31' Silversteak on Craigslist

    3ft wider ass than mine. Same boat. I'm good. If I DID build a new boat. It would be a CW 33' walk-around, bait tank front and back powered by Yamaha 300's a proper head and cuddy. I can dream. The only new thing I want is a New F350 DRW mated with a flatbed and no PAIN-T on the cab. Polish the...
  676. goatram

    Kodiak bait tank. 43 gal

    Tank was sold. Tank is very permanent. Table top is nice if I say so myself. Light grey starboard. Used a piece 2' X 4' X 1/2" to make it.
  677. goatram

    31' Silversteak on Craigslist

    Your choice of beer is girlie piss beer!
  678. goatram

    Bait tank photos

    I added a hole to the drain spout at the top. water lows in at the top right hand side with a valve that you can close. Water flows around the tank opening then exits out the drain pipe. I also installed a drain plug to drain the top out.
  679. goatram

    Bait tank photos

    Pain-t matching abilities suck so far. Need to stick the boat back in the shop again and try for a second coat The first three pictures are of Elim's new tank. I finished his tank lid yesterday. Made it from Starboard, 1/2" thick. 6 cup holders and 2 round scent bottles plus 2 more oval style...
  680. goatram

    Bait tank photos

    You need to change brands of pumps. If you have a High Speed pickup and running a cartridge style pump like a Rule or Johnson the SS Shaft will shear from water over speeding the pump. Bait Sentry or High Flow Water Pump by Shurflo use a Magnetic Coupler that will not destroy the pump...
  681. goatram

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    Art Yee did the first year. Vance hooked them up to his Metabo Battery. I have to extension cables with scotty plugs send two Young Men to the Bow to fish.
  682. goatram

    Yamaha corrosion

    Wait list is sometimes loooooong for POE
  683. goatram

    Kicker Bracket

    Below if the glass needs strength. Or above depending on your specific application.
  684. goatram

    High speed pickup

    Fraser Foundry makes them in Marysville, WA. Make sure you do not have a Rule or other brand of canister QC pump. The small thin SS shaft will shear from over speed. Your tank will now stay half full while on step. Use the bait sentry style magnetic coupled impellor. You'll be happy you did.
  685. goatram

    Take your non-fishing politics out of my fun zone

    I know You all like baby goats. so I will leave 1 here.
  686. goatram

    31' Silversteak on Craigslist

    Get some overloads; you'll be fine!
  687. goatram

    Kicker Bracket

    Have one built like the one above to mount to your swimstep. Beef up the fiberglass with a doubler plate. If there is problem of strength. Defiance Marine makes them and might have one already made and powder coated. Just thru bolt everything.
  688. goatram

    Fishing Canadian waters

    FNG's is a better and more easier term that comes to mind.
  689. goatram

    Portland boat show

    Chris; that is a pot puller and mount, i.e. davit. To have it flush would require more more structure with the the possibility of trapped water. It's on the swim step. Less chance of tripping on it. Most people don't fish off their swim step nor walk on it. Another option would have be in the...
  690. goatram

    Kicker Bracket

    take it to be sandblasted then Powder Coated again. Be pretty as new.
  691. goatram

    Kodiak bait tank. 43 gal

    Sold and picked up, going on a North River. For a year I was told hen he wants a RBW bait tank. The ACB bait tank is almost complete. Gotta hook up the batteries and get the 2 new drain lines plumped outside. needs touch up pain-t antiskid We raised the short coffer dam another 4" to keep...
  692. goatram

    Kicker Bracket

    also Jim welded it up to your design Buddy.
  693. goatram


    Might be me or one of my offspring/spawn. If it look like the picture it might have been. Your picture you posted is Matt the @BugeaterInWa . He is the spiderman. Dallys the girls then throws his cum in their face. Spiders lik