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    Top shot for BFT

    What do other people prefer when fishing the small and big bft, Spectra to a 6' piece of fluor-carbon or Spectra to top shot and a 6' piece of fluoro-carbon. I know some say that spectra to top shot only doesn't have any stretch and you will rip the hook out easier, especially when it's rough...
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    WTB Looking fora good 40lb Spinning Reel & Rod

    I'm looking for a Good 40-50 lb Spinning Rod and Reel for my son. I would like the rod to be 7' Minimum and the reel to hold At Least 300yds of 65lb Spectra. OR what would someone recommend that uses Spinning Rods/Reels?
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    "Just Fishing" by Pete

    I stop by Pete's place (Just Fishing in Redondo Beach) yesterday and looked inside and I noticed that the contractors have finally finished his shop shop that caught fire last year. It looks nice inside, New hardwood/laminate flooring, recessed lighting, new bathroom, new front windows and doors...
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    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    What are some peoples favorite color's when Wahoo fishing at the Ridge or Alijos?
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    Intrepid Guadalupe Permits

    I know in the past the Intrepid has not had Guadalupe permits. Does anyone who fishes it frequently know If they have or will apply for the permits for this summer? It appears the Owner doesn't have a problem putting money into the boat and the food they serve is Top Quality (The Meat's they...
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    Pronto Sportfishing

    What ever happened to the Pronto out of Fisherman's landing. That boat was a fish magnet. Only draw back was no hot cooked meals (except for a microwave and a coffee pot) and no A/C in the galley and bunk room.
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    Cruise ships sailing in the near future.

    Just seen on the news tonight that Carnival Cruise lines are set to sail August 1st from Miami! If that's the case the Sport boat's should be way before that!! Also, Rumor has it that MLB will start playing again on July 1st (In their own stadium in front of crowds) and the teams will report to...
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    DFG Shutting fishing down????

    I was out fishing today (out of Redondo Beach) and I got boarded by DFG and they did all the Normal shit (count and measure fish, Check License, and all the bullshit) as the Warden was pulling the fish out of my hold, I was talking to the other Warden about what transpired on the the Emergency...
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    Marine batteries??

    Since Die Hard batteries are almost impossible to get now. What are some decent marine batteries on the market that last???
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    Spinning reel for teenaager

    What is a good 30-40lb spinning reel for a 8-10 day trip, For fishing the ridge for tuna, yellows and hoo's? It's more or less for casting for my son, when he needs to cast and get the bait or Iron away from the boat. He usually fishes Accurate's for yo yoing or on dropper loops. But he needs a...
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    Fishing Albacore in Washington or Oregon.

    Can anyone that has fished albacore in Washington or Oregon, Give me any recommendations on what boats to charter or open party to fish a couple of days up their this month? Thanks
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    Albacore trips

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction to find a boat to fish albacore on, It can be charter or open party? I am not familiar with Oregon. Any help would be appericated. Thanks
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    Fishing Albacore

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a boat to go albacore fishing. Either charter or open party. I have never fished their and don't know anything about the boats up their. Thanks
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    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Does anyone know, Where Pete has been and If everything is OK with him,,, His shop has been closed for over 3 weeks with no sign or anything about when he will open, etc. Pete never leaves the shop closed for more than a couple hrs without someone being their. If anyone knows anything, I would...
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    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    Is Jeff still running the Indy? I noticed on their website he is picture ino longer on their website for crew members! He was the backbone for that boat, I sure hope it was his choice to leave and find something better for himself, Than the other way around. Now I need to find out what boat he...
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    FREE Vhf raido

    Uniden vhf submersible fixed mount radio, Appx 2 years old seldom, Color white works perfect. No mounting bracket, I had it in a vhf radio case.
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    Ace line pullers

    Is it legal to use battery/110v Line Pullers for pulling Lobster hoop nets up???
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    Lobster Crawl

    Is it better to hoop for lobster on either or both of the following. Is it better when their is a lot of water movement Extreme high tide and then a extreme low tide OR a full moon vs a new moon????? Or is it just being in the right place at the right time,, I can't figure out the mind of a...
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    Storing Lobster in a ice chest

    What is the best way to keep Lobsters alive in a ice chest? Also how long will they stay alive, being on the safe side?
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    Keeping Lobsters alive

    What is the best way to keep Lobsters alive inside a ice chest and how long will they stay alive, being on the safe side?
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    Sportboat fish pictures

    All the fish pictures you see from half day trips and up to muti day trips where the fish is gaffed and the crew is holding it soooo far away from the body to Enhance the size of the fish, When the gaff is literally horizonal to make a 5 lb fish look like its 20lb and so on. People can't see the...
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    Basic brine for smoked bonito/barracuda

    Anyone have any good brine receipes? My brines always came out to salty!!
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    Staterooms on Shogun

    Has anyone sleep in the staterooms that are next to the engine room, If so how noisy is it? I haven't been on their since they re-powered a few years ago. I know with the old engines you needed ear plugs. Any help, would help.
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    Captains own fish tags

    A friend of mine took out a few of his employees, out fishing on the pursuit out of 22nd st landing a few weeks ago and couldn't believe how much the crew was fishing, inc the captain. He said they were in the corner and the bow fishing where ever they wanted too. He even went on to say the...
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    Chief new owner ship

    What happened to Chris Randall non the Cheif. It appears 2 new owners???
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    Baby yellowtail killers

    I'm getting sick and tired of this one web site ( It has something with -tuna at the end of their web site) Day inn and day out they are always posting pictures with them (passengers) holding up all these micro yellow tail, sometimes with 5 fish on each of their fingers, sometimes 10 fish/10...
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    polaris supreme

    Has anyone fished on this boat, If so what are your thoughts. Any Info would be appericiated.
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    flat fall jigs

    2 Question's ? Is their a big difference between the 80, 100, 130 grams and the color when fishing for the Yellowfin / Bluefin tuna, and do you fish them like normal jigs or on the slide, What size line do you use for the flat falls .Any Info would be Appreciated. Thanks
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    santa cruz/ channel islands

    When would be the best time to charter a boat from Cisco's landing in Oxnard, To target white seabass and halibut In July or August 2015. Would a full moon or a new moon be better. I'm thinking about chartering the Mirage for a two day trip, with only 10-12 passengers at the most. I might have a...
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    Redondo Sportfishing

    What happened to Redondo sportfishing, It seems like the new owner, Gives a rats ass about catching fish or providing bait for the sportboats and private boaters. The new owner has it's own bait boat and the Boat Indian, along with privately owned boat "Redondo special and misc charter...
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    Redondo Sportfishing

    Does anyone know if Redondo Sportfishing is still operating the 1/2 and 3/4 day boats??
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    Guest slips

    Would anyone know if they have guest slips (25 foot boat) if I launch out of dana point for one night? If not where would the closes place to tie up for the night? Any Info would be much appericated!! thanks
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    Has any one fished on this boat? Would like to know about the storage in the state rooms on main deck,also their overall opinon on this boat compared to the other long range boats..Thanks input would be appericated..