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  1. Jig Stick

    Cabo Rooster Fishing

    Fished Cabo, 6/26, with my fishing buddy/daughter. She loves the sport, hangs with the boys like a champ, no complaints, loves boats and is up for multi-day trips without hesitation. I’M SO STOKED!!! We were to fish with Jamie Gonzales on the Jessica but the Jessica fell victim to the sea when...
  2. Jig Stick

    For Sale Accurate BX-2 500 - Reduced

    Accurate Boss Xtreme 500 2 speed in extremely clean condition. OCD owner, stored with braid off reel and serviced after every season. Back from Accurate since last trip. No mechanical issues and no corrosion. Includes box and clamp. $360
  3. Jig Stick

    Mak 50SEa Low Gear Ratio

    I know the manufacturer's specs say 1:1, however I am getting a bit greater gear ratio, somewhere around 1.11:1. I get ten turns of the spool for nine turns of the handle. Not that it really matters much, but I'm just curious if others are getting the same results as I'm finding.
  4. Jig Stick

    WTB Phenix X10 or X12

    Looking for a spinning rod for my daughter, specifically either an X10 or X12.
  5. Jig Stick

    SDSU Basketball...

    Recruiting is blowin up! We're gonna have something special for quite some time... Shepard Shrigley Spencer Allen Davis Chol Pope Kell Cheatham Zabo Not a bad run of star recruits and transfers. This team is gonna bring a lot of excitement to San Diego. Class of '93
  6. Jig Stick

    For Sale: Accurate ATD 30 Reel Handles

    Have two of the finger grip style size 30 handles. One includes the handle knob pin ($25) and the other does not come with the pin ($20). PM me if you are interested. Ken
  7. Jig Stick

    Calstar 7465M

    Custom wrapped by Ken's in Oceanside. Great 80-100lb rail rod. Has a double-over-single butt cord wrap to grip the rail w/o damaging hypalon. Fuji H-26 handle and aluminum gimbal with end cap. $170.00 PM if interested
  8. Jig Stick

    It's 10:00...

    Time to root against the Raiders!
  9. Jig Stick

    Accurate, Newell, Calstar

    Trimming down and fine tuning the collection. I prefer in person deals only and willing to travel to meet as I am regularly in OC, IE and throughout SD. Here is what is for sale: Accurate BX-2 500 -10/10 mechanical, 9.5/10 cosmetic. Serviced at Ken's in O'side. Comes with original box and...
  10. Jig Stick

    Accurate BX2-500 for BX2-600N

    Looking to trade for a clean BX2-600N. I have a super clean BX2-500 in the box. It was used only once, then serviced at Ken's after a trip last year. It was stored w/o spectra on the spool and it's been sittin since it was serviced. It's in perfect condition, I just got the wrong reel for...
  11. Jig Stick

    Accurate ATD 50 Handle

    I'm looking for a larger Accurate handle for an ATD 50. Specifically, the contured one with the finger grooves that comes stock from the manufacturer. Let me know if you have one. I can trade one from an ATD 30 or pay csah. Thanks
  12. Jig Stick

    Aaron Harang

    All zeros after six................. Mets and Pads are only teams without a no hitter. Amazing Mets don't have one.
  13. Jig Stick

    F. U.

    For all you Line Crossers, Paddy Jackers, Guys fighting a fish from the bow while it swims off the stern nimrods, etc...F.U.! Or at least I will try to "Forgive"
  14. Jig Stick

    (Partial) Sato Starter Set

    I have all of the items in the Sato Starter Set except the crimps, which are being sold seperately on BD. This kit has been lightly used on a couple of trips and is very clean. Price is $50.00. Pending
  15. Jig Stick

    Sato Crimps

    I have a bunch of Sato crimps for sale. Here's what I have: 100# (.049)....7 crimps 120# (.054)...33 crimps 130# (.060)...18 crimps 150# (.068)...35 crimps The whole lot for $70.00.
  16. Jig Stick

    Sato Crimps

    Sato Crimps, all new: 10 Aluminum 40# 10 Aluminum 50# 10 Aluminum 60# 10 Brass 80# 10 Brass 100# 50 Crimps for $40.00 (includes the plastic crimp box that Gary sells with his kits)
  17. Jig Stick

    Long Range Season

    Offshore, the fishing is as cold as the weather in San Diego! The water is cooler than normal. The summer in San Diego has been the coldest in a reported 77 years. Down south, however, the rocks are kicking out some decent size tuna for this time of year. The reports elsewhere are mostly all...
  18. Jig Stick


    Fenwick Pacificstik 1670C; E-Glass 1670C (30-50lb.), Factory wrapped, 7' in good condition. $50.00. A decent rod for throwing iron, local tuna, kayak stick, just about anything at a great price.
  19. Jig Stick

    Accurate 870

    Accurate Boss B 870XC; Single speed (6:1) with cast control, wiffle ball handle. Extremely clean reel, like new, in box and used on only a couple of trips. SOLD.
  20. Jig Stick

    Calstar 700ML

    Brand new, never used, custom 700ML. 20-40lb. line class rating. Black with some silver. Gimbel butt with end cap, Fuji reel seat. Perfect for local school size tuna. $175.00 Email ken at [email protected]
  21. Jig Stick


    Accurate B2 870C- Perfectly clean two speed reel, used once and stored with the spectra off the reel. No marks or rash. Perfect for 40-50lb. line class. Comes with the box and in like new condition. Sold Accurate B 870XC- 6:1 high speed reel is in perfect condition. Great for wahoo iron/bombs...
  22. Jig Stick

    Tennis Anyone?

    Simona Halep is a 17 year old tennis star...17!!!
  23. Jig Stick

    Accurate 870X and B-2 665W

    Accurate Boss B 870X; Single speed (6:1) with cast control, wiffle ball handle. Extremely clean reel, like new in box and used on only a couple of trips. $350 Accurate Boss B-2 665W; Two speed with cast control, wiffle ball handle. Also extremely clean reel, like new and in box. Used on one...
  24. Jig Stick

    Cryin' Ryan charged with Drugs and Burglary

    Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf indicted on drug charges - ESPN Nice job Buddy!!! We love ya in San Diego.........................NOT SO MUCH!!!
  25. Jig Stick

    Smitty Long Range Fighting Belt

    Black... some scrathces but foam is in perfect condition. Includes strap to fit any size guy. $110 new. $50.00 SOLD
  26. Jig Stick

    Rods for sale (Calstar, Seeker, Fenwick)

    Calstar 700M; Custom wrapped 700M (20-50lb.), black with silver, fuji seat, conventional guides, gimble butt, excellent condition. SOLD Calstar 700ML; Custom wrapped 700ML (20-40lb.), black with silver, fuji seat, conventional guides, gimble butt, excellent condition. SOLD Seeker 655XH...
  27. Jig Stick

    Accurate, Trinidad, Penn, Sealine

    Accurate B2-665W; newer model, like new, in box and VERY clean, $400. SOLD Trinidad 16; with Shimano Trinidad TN16 rod clamp ($50), used twice, VERY clean in box, $350. SOLD Custom Penn 4/0; Clean Penn 113H ($100 new), Tiburon T4 Topless frame ($80 new), Tiburon TB400 T-Bar handle ($40 new)...