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  1. fishboy93

    For Sale Marlin/tuna teaser dredge set

    Have a set of weighted marlin/tuna/wahoo spreaders in a typical “t bar” style. They’ve been used but work just fine once rerigged. Selling as a pair for $120 or best offer. Similar rigs sell for $150 per dredge online and they aren’t made of metal but instead plastic. Posted a pic but if you’d...
  2. fishboy93

    CUI mandrel?

    Heard that the 12’ cui blanks that were being made for a short period of time are based on a classic mandrel. Anyone have any insight into this? Figured this or the rod building board would be the best place to ask.
  3. fishboy93

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    I was lucky enough to find what I’ve been told is a seeker 540 composite (graphite/fiberglass) half honey colored half graphite colored blank. Does anyone have any info on these rods? The friend I got it from swears it was a prototype and I’m inclined to believe him since I haven’t found...
  4. fishboy93

    LAX amo

    Was wondering if any of you guys have shot their LAX brand 9mm amo new or reloaded... saw they have some flats of 12ga for clays on sale and figured it may be worth the trip for a one stop shop.
  5. fishboy93

    Anyone ever fish the dredge off Mugu?

    Have some old numbers for this spot but it's been a long time since I've fished it. Has anyone been out there lately? It's kinda no mans land now a days but I figured someone had to have run down or up to it for a peek. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. fishboy93

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    So a buddy and I got a sweet deal on a 14' Gregor with a 15hp 2stroke evinrude for a $1. After spending a couple of months going through the boat and getting all the safety gear and mechanical issues settled we were gifted a buddies old lowrance unit with transducer and gps system. The problem...
  7. fishboy93

    Help getting started

    A buddy and I have been itching to get into catch and release sharking but don't know where to start. We are thinking of going down to Dana and finding some clean water and startin a bucket slick? Holes drilled filled with fresh caught macs mashed up. And then toss some chunks every 10 minutes...
  8. fishboy93


    GUSA 8' 15-40lb the model wasn't on the blank but it's most similar to a UC 8' mega but a much more sensitive rod asking $180 it's wrapped black on black with seine twine handle and hasn't been coated so I can add the new owners name. Sabre 196 7' chocolate blank with graphiter reel seat and...
  9. fishboy93

    American Angler 12/26-1/7 later report

    left on the day after xmas for the standard four day ride down to the island. Day one was spent mingling and getting to know a group that turned out to be a 3/4 regulars to the trip. Cant say ive ever fished with a group of guys quite like this, we had a great mix of personalities providing for...
  10. fishboy93

    American Angler Xmas Trip

    Who's on this trip guys. Would love to meet a few bd'ers on a long range trip. And would also love to hear what the boat is like... 8 days and counting
  11. fishboy93

    Bass basics

    Hey guys this year my high school has decided to create a bass fishing team to compete in our valley. Being a salt guy i don't know much freshwater bass other than swimbaits fishing. If you were going to pick 3 outfits to fish with for a season what would they be and what would their application be?
  12. fishboy93

    Islander 8/4 anyone?

    Any bd'ers on the islander 3.5 day leaving Sunday night?
  13. fishboy93

    Islander 2.5day 7/12-15

    Left Friday night with a nice load of bait and woke up Saturday morning at around 100 miles south searching for kelps. Got on one early for a handful of yellows and a single BFT before moving on. Next stop was a blind 2 way BFT jig strike that resulted in 3 baitfish. From then on the rest of the...
  14. fishboy93

    College majors

    Howdy gents, hoping for some input on what you feel the best college major is and why. Personally Im a year away from college and have been applying like crazy hoping to land somewhere. I want to be involved in the environment and Im hoping to land in a Marine Biology program but have thought...
  15. fishboy93

    New Laptop Advice

    Its been a while (6years) since ive upgraded computers and i finally have some money saved. Im a full time student and will use it mainly for school, internet surfing, and music. Can anyone recommend me a decent laptop? I can rule out macs simply becasue of price but anything reasonable out there?
  16. fishboy93

    spotties and more

    The family decided to do seaworld today so instead of boring myself i decided to stay behind. Walked acrosd the street to fishermans and fished the docks all day. Was using a brown and orange 3" swimmbait and a pink and clear swimbait for pretty much all the spotties i wanted... But nothing over...
  17. fishboy93

    shelter island spotties

    Got dropped off at shelter island around 930 and was given till midnight to fish. Started off tossing a 3 in all black swimbait on 6 lb. Walked down around the sides of the ramp and got my first hit. I had never caught a spot before and was surprised with their strength, pretty sweet little...
  18. fishboy93

    mission bay/ big bay tips

    Hey guys im coming down this weekend to take some family to sea worldand what not and will have some fishing time inbetween. I was wondering what plastics to bring. Im mainly going to be fishing around fishermans landing but may get some time in mission bay any advice is much appreciated. So far...
  19. fishboy93

    san diego suggestions

    Hey guys, i have some family coming into town next week from virginia. We are doing the normal disneyland seaworld nonsense but the women are going shopping one day and have told me im going to be stuck with my 6 and 8 year old girl cousins. We are staying on mission bay and i need some ideas on...
  20. fishboy93

    shortboard sizing

    The last few months ive been surfing a 10' and getting comfortable with surfing. I love surfing and want to expand my surfing ablities by adding some sort of a short board. What would be a good statt to stepping down? Keep in mind im a big guy at 6'2" and 280lbs. People ive talked to say get a...
  21. fishboy93


    Took a ride over to upper today. Looked like the bass were finally starting to move up onto the beds. Saw a few big fish too. Just a heads up
  22. fishboy93

    custom wetsuit

    Hey guys anyone here wear a custom wetsuit? I being a big dude am having trouble with off the shelf suits. Ive tried a few out this season and jusy dont like the way they fit, most are to short but the tall sizes are to tall so ive been debating a custom suit. If anyone has a recomended maker...
  23. fishboy93

    car/house etiquette RANT

    Was having a great day today after meeting my dad for a car show and cruising topanga home. The trouble starts on my way home. I rebuilt a 1969 chevelle malibu that my mother allows me to keep in the garage for insurance purposes. Well today i left my house at 545am to be at the show by 630. Im...
  24. fishboy93

    college baseball?

    Did anyone here play college baseball? Im a junior in high school and im hoping to be able to extend my career. Im just wondering what its like. I played high school ball my freshman year before quitting for political reasons. Since, ive been playing scout and showcase baseball and getting some...
  25. fishboy93

    high school teachers?

    Are there any high school english or history teachers out there? Yesterday my english broke the news that we will be writing a 20 page mla format essay on women during WW2. Im going to squash the sex card now because i dont care about that, but whats the point? Why do we as high schoolers need...
  26. fishboy93

    dropping in

    Today some friends called me up and said lets go surf the oil pier in SB. I being a beginner knew it was a step up but wanted to take the challenge. We paddle out into a the line up with maybe 10 other guys. We were having a great time, and we had a pretty good rotation going on even with the...
  27. fishboy93

    cerritos restaurants

    Well with all the help i got on my last post i figured i might as well ask again, even though its completely different. Well gentlemen being a high school student we have prom coming up and it will be at the cerritos performing arts center. My question is does anyone know of a nice restaurant...
  28. fishboy93

    east coast

    Looks like ill be in virginia, north carolina, and south carolina this summer. Im just wondering if anyone has any spots or advice about back there. My biggest questions are will I need a wetsuit? Should I ship my board(10ft) or just throw it on my car. Do i need booties?
  29. fishboy93

    tree huggers

    Im going to start this off by saying i dont have any problems with environmental awareness... Now with that said i do have a problem with people who chastise me for fishing and killing fish for food. Today i was browsing through my phone after class showing a buddy some pics of old long range...
  30. fishboy93

    10` trueline

    Im selling my 10` trueline long-board. I bought the board new about 2 months ago from a local surf shop and love it but unfortunately need some money to help with school. the dimensions are 10`- 23 1/2- 3 1/4. the board has a false wood look with real balsa wood blocks in the nose and tail...
  31. fishboy93

    10` surfboard

    Im selling my 10` trueline long-board. I bought the board new about 2 months ago from a local surf shop and love it but unfortunately need some money to help with school. the dimensions are 10`- 23 1/2- 3 1/4. the board has a false wood look with real balsa wood blocks in the nose and tail...
  32. fishboy93

    snowboarding tips?

    Got an invite from a friend to go snowboarding for a week in idaho and utah. Never seen snow in my life. Is it like surfing? What should i expect? Anything you guys wanna help me with? Aha
  33. fishboy93

    conditions question

    so lately venturas been blown out almost everyday. tomorrow they're calling for 3-5ft sets in most spots with around 5-10 mph of wind from the north. will this make it a blowout, and if it is blown out are there any spots that wont be? im trying to get in as many surf sessions as i can before...
  34. fishboy93

    surf lessons

    Hey guys just wondering if any of you would be willing to give some surf lessons to me( paid of course) the problem im having is that Im 16 and most instructors want my parents to be there for every lesson, but they dont want to go. Would any of you be willing to help? Ive been trying to surf...
  35. fishboy93

    north ventura... another weird one.

    Fished a new spot up in northern ventura today. Light current almost no structure other than a few troughs. Noticed some baitfish in the water and decided to throw a swimbait for a while. About 20 mins in, it gets ripped. Some big head shakes and all of a sudden it was stripping line. Fought it...
  36. fishboy93


    With the current MLPA maps always seeming to change a little i figured i should ask here. Can we or cant we fish zuma? I was thinking of looking around there on sunday if its fishable.
  37. fishboy93

    chili cook off

    Thought a some guys might enjoy this. Its had me cracking up all day.
  38. fishboy93

    Little more advice needed

    Hey guys, I was asking questions a few weeks ago about what board to buy and ended up getting a 9` 10" murphy that i surfed for about 2 weeks and i absolutely hated the ride. Ive since sold the board and am looking again. I have my eye on a new 10` Trueline with a 2+1 set up. does anyone have...
  39. fishboy93

    weird day

    started out soaking a 2 hook rig with chunked deans a little behind the break... about a minute after setting it the line started ripping, and before i knew it i was unhooking a calico and a smelt. pretty weird. so i re baited it and sent it back out to sit for the rest of the day. i brought my...
  40. fishboy93

    anyone going north tomorrow?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone wants to meet up just north of solimar beach to do some fishing. Ill be there with 3 first timers so lool for 4 teenagers if youre in the area
  41. fishboy93

    mondos sunday 9/16

    Left yesterday at 7am got to the beach and started fishing around 830. Took a while to find a good hole but after a bit of searching it got good. Lots of small 4-6 inch barreds with a few 8-11inchers mixed in. Also caught this weird pink tinged pearch. All in all it was a great day. Even got to...
  42. fishboy93

    ventura perch

    What do you guys use in ventura for barred surf perch. Ive noticed they dont eat the sand worms as aggresively up north as their southernly cousins
  43. fishboy93

    nice day up north

    Today started off at 430 while packing the car to go surfing and the plans ended up cancled. So i make a quick decision not to waste the morning and go surf fishing so we looded up the gear and head north to fish some cool beach on old rincon highway just a mile or 2 above emma wood. We get...
  44. fishboy93

    want to buy longboard

    I want to buy a board. Im new to the sport and have heard a longboard is what i need. Im 6'1" 285 lbs. Ive surfed before not to much avail with a short 8' gun style board. Any info is much appreciated
  45. fishboy93

    first time surf fishing

    Talked to a friend friday night and we decided we would leave saturday morning at 330 and head north. Long story short after going all the to santa barbra we ended up back down at rincon by sunrise. We started fishing in the grey with gulp sandworms and we were instantly catching barred perch...
  46. fishboy93


    Any advice on fishing leopard sharks just north of the ventura pier?
  47. fishboy93

    newbie to the surf help!

    Hey guys im just looking for a little advice. Ive done a lot of long range but not much surf fishing. Ive been told to bring an 8lb test spinner for casting and a 20-30lb for bait and wait. Any other advice. Im looking to fish this weekend up in ventura. Any tips would be greatly appreciated...