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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    You hurt his Ego. He Needs a pat on the back telling him how good he is, :notworthy
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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    Who ever said I was looking for spots, I simply stated my opinion A thread and some people took it bashing the guy that posted it and that's not the way some people perceived it, It doesn't rock me a rock me at all on what some people think of my comment. Oh I forgot explain to you, Why I'm on...
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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    You deserve this, :finger:
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    Battery Charger questions

    There the Best!!!
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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    I don't need the #'s. I have a freind who has a spotter plane and he spots for the commercial guys. II get all the #'s I want and large patties. :D
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    18 Gallong Make Matt Marine Bait Tank Help

    Your right on that one, a lot has to do to the way the water is flowing into the tans. It's compared to having a hose (1 feed of water source vs having either a baffle in the tank or multiple holes flowing tight to the inside walls around the tank. Also the condition of the bait will determine...
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    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    Don't worry about it, The Fish will always be their!!! You, your Wife and Family want you to be around a lot longer than have a bag of fresh fish!! That 300 lb tuna your looking for is only going to get bigger in your absence. Take care of your health first! :cheers: (The Toast is a beer and a...
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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    I don't buy it. To many sport boats and local boats coming and going to the Islands and offshore and all of a sudden they pop up close to a O.C Harbor Entrance?? If they consider the butterfly close to a harbor, Then I buy it. He probably wants other boats to go scout out areas for him!
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    Cedros Corona Status

    I guess you can't read.
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    Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Post your results. The next thing you will see (If it works out) People down at the docks selling drones or Maybe the Landing will start renting (If there's a demand for them) them like everything else.
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Here's my educated guess to your answer, :finger:. Even if he was inside the limit, It doesn't give KAREN the right to do that!!!!
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    Corner-43-pyramid cove 8/5-8/8 weather advice

    It all depends on how well your familiar with the ocean/weather, Use common sense and know when to say" Enough is Enough". The weather is always unpredictable and sometimes wrong. It can go either way.
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Thrown him up a couple of dozen of eggs for breakfast, with a pot of dark coffee onto his balcony, They eggs will be scrambled., and coffee stains are a bitch.
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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Count me In!!! Paybacks are a Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Top shot for BFT

    I think I'm just going to go with 25yds fluoro to spectra on all the reels. Less knots, less re-tying with a short 6' fluoro, Better casting. It's a little more expensive. I just hope I don't get sawed offed to many times.
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    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    Ask the fish processors if they will cut it the way in the video! :eek:. Now I know why a lot people on the sport boats will ask the crew for a few of heads, carcasses and belly's on the BFT when there cutting fish on the way in. Theirs a lot of waste when cut on some of the boats.
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    Santa Cruz Bluefin

    Washington had a 80 lb fish last week mixed in with the Albacore. What's next, Canada or Alaska will see a few wander up that way, I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Top shot for BFT

    That's pretty much the way I do it with a 6' fluoro and no top shot, But people always bitch because it's to short and worried about getting sawed off without using a top shot. Stay in front of your fish and it won't happen.
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    Top shot for BFT

    What do other people prefer when fishing the small and big bft, Spectra to a 6' piece of fluor-carbon or Spectra to top shot and a 6' piece of fluoro-carbon. I know some say that spectra to top shot only doesn't have any stretch and you will rip the hook out easier, especially when it's rough...
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    Proper tipping

    I wouldn't pay for the In laws, So I don't need to worry about that.
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    July 27-29 Apollo Tuna Charter

    Jodi Doesn't run the boat that often!
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    Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    As Rodney King would say, "Can't we all just get along"
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    Proper tipping

    I always Tip them good, Maybe that's why I always get a great stateroom or it all to myself.
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    Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    Just let it go, It's both of your faults, If you weren't their, It wouldn't of happened.:D
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    Tuna fishing advice/help

    Big Question for you, Were you using Fluorocarbon leader, and maybe your hook to bait size wasn't compatible, When fishing is tough sometimes you need to drop down to lighter line and hook size to get bit (ask the deckhand what's the lightest line you can use and get away with), Especially when...
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    Proper tipping

    Maybe the crew should of fed that 288 lb fish you got with with a few 4lb sash weights before going on the scale, LOL. LOL
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    Proper tipping

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    Proper tipping

    Don't forget to add the parking in the lot, any tackle you buy at the landing, any Line fill ups or tackle you got on the boat, It's all part of your trip. Hell Why Not tip the boat's office when you pay and get your boarding pass.
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    JRI a relativity New Company? How Long has he been in Business?
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    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    Nothing like a pair of boots full of water, :D.
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    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    For a smaller boat that boat can handle the weather great. Honestly, I'd rather be on that boat rather than on a few of the bigger boats. That boat cut's right through everything.
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    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    I'll say it again, Your one Lucky man!
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    Best price tackle around fisherman landing?

    Are you paying for it with flash lites and fresh produce?
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    Best bolt cutters?

    What was he thinking for trying to cut a hook with Crimpers, They can cut small small wire or seven strand. But trying to cut a hook with those, Is like using a pair of needle nose pliers to cut through a big hook :argue: !!! The pain it must of caused his finger by using those crimpers and...
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    So the boat only has 1 Captain that can run the boat???? The world is going to stop now and the boat will be tied to the dock!! :eek: On a side note, They caught 8 Bluefin yesterday out of San Diego.
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    5 vs 3 day Fishing Nov 2020

    I thought San Martin was closed the same time they closed Cedros???
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    Coronado Canyon Foamers

    Where did you hear that 5 mile bull shit????
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    Did the Gov. just shut down LR/Overnight fishing??

    If you don't like it, Don't read it!! It's a forum and no one is forcing you to read it!!!!!!!!:argue:
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    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    They probably won't be fishing Lupe this unless they bypass The Ensenada check inn/out.
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    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    What do you do "When you get blood on your hands or your clothes???? Bounce your fish or net them if its that much of a problem getting blood on your feet, Boo hoo :gay:
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    That's two stupid %&^** &*(&*(, They obviously don't know about the 100% goverment paid dental for low income people, These two are not blue or white collar workers!
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Speaking about handouts,,, Whenever I see a homeless person sitting behind a bldg or digging through trash and looking for something to eat, I always give them a $20 or a $50 spot and you can't believe their gratitude. AND No I Don't give the homeless people that are smoking cigarettes, asking...
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    Blues and yellow 7/14/20 on the mission belle

    I know someone selling some beach front property in Arizona if your interested.
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    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    You didn't miss where the OP named the boat, I already named it earlier in the post. Their's only one boat in the fleet that pulls that bullshit.
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    What's the limit?????

    Do you think Long Range Boats file the multi day permit with the DFG, When they Fish Mexican Waters???? I doubt it. I'll go one step further, Do you even think the 1.5-3 day boats file it with the DFG if there fishing in Mexican Waters??
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    Advice on ice chest ...s

    dry ice if the cooler is in the back of the pick up exposed to the sun on a hot day.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    100% of Tax payers money, And he is no where done helping them out with your money. He's going to raise property taxes to 3% and that's just the start of it. Don't even get me started on all the freebies he's given to Illegals and doesn't help out the real people that need it!!!!!!!! These food...
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    Full day fleet

    Same paperwork as in the past couple of years.
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    Blues and yellow 7/14/20 on the mission belle

    Yeah he released them right into the cooler. At the end of the day he has a pile of fish with #7 still on them????
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    Blues and yellow 7/14/20 on the mission belle

    Maybe he can't count. He's braggin about 4 bft and 1 yft, :spank:
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    Advice on ice chest ...s

    Smart and Final sells dry Ice, Get 3 blocks ( apppx 25 lbs total) 2 for the 200qt and 1 for the95qt and your fish will stay frozen a couple of days.
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    California Rollback

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    Affordable room for the weekend in Avalon?

    Check out VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner). There's no middle man taking a cut of the $$$$. Some of the VCBO condos over their even come with a Golf cart for use during your stay, That alone would cost $$$$$$ If you had to rent one.
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    Royal Polaris 3-Day

    100% correct, Anything over 20 lb test, 25 Lb test is pushing it. They will straighten out on you in a New York Minute, It's not Owners Fault, That's why There called Light Wire.
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    Icy Bay Lodge 07/12/20

    Sounds like complete opposite weather than we had last year! Are the Mosquitoes as bad this year as last year? Good luck, I hope you can make it to that area in the next day or two!!!! Is Kil and Dole with you guys?
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    Waianae 7/14/20

    KamiKaze fish. Nice Fish!!
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    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    X2, Their would never be a dull moment fishing with him. That Guy, Is pretty sharp on the area's to fish, If you noticed, He was in an area holding a variety of fish all by himself, Bluefin, Yellowfin, Yellowtail and that Stupid fish that wasn't a Bluefin and didn't spool him, The lifetime of a...
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    6pack license course

    If your going to do it, Don't waste your time on a six lic, It's a joke. Wait and just get the masters license. it is well worth it. You'll be sorry if you don't. I got mine 30 years ago and it's 100X better than a six pack.
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    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    It sure is the best Video. I would even pay money to watch it. He should get a T.V series going, Forget about deadliest catch and tuna wars. I couldn't stop laughing.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    You got to watch what you say "Cash is King". I seen on the news yesterday "That some type of Women's lib or or rights group is trying to get that phrased from being use in statements" They claim it's "Discriminating against Women". They even objected to "Cash is Queen" Stating that it's biased...
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Where? The same place where he read about the dimmer switch! :shithappens:
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    I will say one more thing regarding my last comment, If you want to get in some fishing, you better do it within the next week or two weeks at tops before it's closed. I hope not, I have an 8 day'er in August to go on with my son.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    He will spare that one and make up some bullshit excuse, Like 90% that comes out of his mouth.
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    Pacifica 1.5 day (7/11/2020)

    What's the grub like on the boat? Greasy eggs, greasy burgers and your dinner comes frozen and out of a can??
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    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    One more for ya, They were on a two day trip last year out of H&M and on the 1st day of a 2 day trip,the boat caught 2 day limits of small YFT (on the first day of fishing) and Hunter (the Captain) told the passengers were done fishing, we have 2 day limits, Were going home, no more fishing.The...
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    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    That shit has been going on for years on that boat, In P.V. and in S.D. There banditos. The Mother fights the battles for her son (one of the Captains). The Constitution will never change.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Next Monday Newsome will probably close other operations!
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    Solo boating/fishing

    Bring a broad with you Plenty of ice and beer, Just in case your motor breaks down out in the middle of nowhere.:cheers:
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    Masks or no masks.

    Mr Tuff Guy
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I knew one guy who would filet the fish while fishing and make ceviche with the overage or questionable ones you catch, and If asked about it, He would tell them"I brought it from home for lunch". That person would chop up all the Ingredients and squeeze the limes at home before going fishing...
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    That's good to know and pass along to people so they don't get a ticket. New Rule of thumb, 1" min over legal size to be on the safe side.
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I agree with you, If there short , there short and give him a ticket 100%. You never had whole fish shrink a little 1/16"-3/16" of an inch after they sat for awhile? He wouldn't close the mouth and he was flaring the tail back toward the fish, So the top and bottom of the tail would make it...
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    It's about time, Someone gives them a dose of their own medicine!!!!! I bet they give him hell for being tight lip! I would pay to see their expression on their face, when there questioning him.. PricelessLOL
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    Heading to Sekiu for 10 days

    Post in the Washington ads, You'll get a better response.
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    Alright, who did this?

    Not Enough!
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Did he use that technique on DFG??? If so, Did they try breaking his balls for not answering his questions?
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    You should do a looking into what the DFG has authority over!!! A better question is "What doesn't the DFG have authority over" You would be surprised of what they can and will do. :eek: P.S. $100 for the fine :rofl:, Add another zero to that ticket at the Minimum!! DFG's fines are Outrageous.
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I would assume, Whatever people hire Dave Hansen to show them where to fish on their boat would get a ticket along with "Your fishing guide, Dave"!
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    San Diego day trip blue fin

    He will learn that he has $4.99 less in his bank acct every month, That's all he is going to learn from that!
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    WTB Looking fora good 40lb Spinning Reel & Rod

    I'm looking for a Good 40-50 lb Spinning Rod and Reel for my son. I would like the rod to be 7' Minimum and the reel to hold At Least 300yds of 65lb Spectra. OR what would someone recommend that uses Spinning Rods/Reels?
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    Masks or no masks.

    What trips did book. I'll make sure not to fish those two trips!
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    Masks or no masks.

    Why don't you go find a pond in your red neck/trailer trash city you live in and fish their, You probably don't even need a mask.
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    Masks or no masks.

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    Old rod ID

    looks like an old conolon
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    4th of July BFT

    Nice trip and fish. Who fileted the BFT?
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    Masks or no masks.

  87. K

    Masks or no masks.

    :appl:You hit the nail on the head!!
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    Masks or no masks.

  89. K

    Old School Penn

    I'm Surprised the side plates didn't get blown out, with the pressure and heat from that fish. Your One lucky man.
  90. K

    Masks or no masks.

    I'm sure you know what the answers are about wearing mask's on boats or have read it. Even if the sport boats don't enforce it, once they clear the point, Do you honestly think that someone is going to tell you "NO we don't wear them, it's all B.S" On a Social Network??? If someone did post...
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    Boxing an area on the Tuna grounds...

    That's a proven method and will continue to be. Also study the fish movement pattern for the past 7 days and see how many miles and direction there moving per day (especially for YFT and those things called Long Fins) and that should give you somewhat of an idea where to look and box in the...
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    Questions about fishing San Diego / Mexico border

    I tried adding punctuation's and periods to try and figure out what he was trying to say and I still have No Idea what he said. :confused:
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    Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    You said "Quit whining like a little Bitch", By the looks of Michael's Avatar picture, It should read "Big Bitch" with those set of tit's on him, How times have changed????
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    Excalibur July 3rd 2020

    Joel Ralston?
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Everybody should just chill out. Follow the guide lines and whatever happens, Happens. It is what it is. You have no control over what Governor Nuisance does or the local Nut Jobs, besides follow their stupid ass guide lines.
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    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    Any sinker will effect the way the bait swim,s. How far up the line it goes is a loaded question. Long and short it will sink to the bottom eventually and the bait becomes further away from your sinker. It all depends on Your line lb test, Current, weight of sinker and the size and condition of...
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    Looking for a 2.5 day or 3 day trip out of San Diego

    It's usually between $400-$500 a day on all the Long range boats in the summer season and a little cheaper before and after the summer season. Keep in mind that it does include 3 GREAT meals a day plus mid morning and mid afternoon snacks and your on a bigger boat w/staterooms and plenty of deck...
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    Looking for a 2.5 day or 3 day trip out of San Diego

    The Islander is 2.5 days @, $895 leaving at 7:00pm and their 3 day trip @ $1100 leaving at 10:00am. Both trips have 2 full days fishing, Except the 3 day leaving at 10:00am, they could go out to 180 miles (If the fish are further down) and be their at daylight day 2, Or they could get in a few...
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    Looking for a 2.5 day or 3 day trip out of San Diego

    That's a great system, ESPECIALLY if you catch Dorado and have them filleted on the same day, Those things will turn to shit if there sitting in the hold after a few days and when there filleted they also will be mushy and stink like shit. I Normally don't keep Dorado on trips unless it's the...
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    Looking for a 2.5 day or 3 day trip out of San Diego

    :confused: Could you put that in "Layman's Terms".
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    Looking for a 2.5 day or 3 day trip out of San Diego

    That is money well spent!!! That boat is a well kept secret along with the Spirit of Adventure.
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    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures

    In the Ocean for starters and One closure is one too many!!!
  103. K

    SoCal deck hand work

    He also has a college degree.
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    I have a few friends told me the same thing, Just like it was prior to them closing the border. If your a U.S Citizen it hasn't been a problem coming back into the U.S, One of my friends entered Mexico on a Visa and When he tried coming back thru San Ysidro Border they DENIED HIM ENTRY back in...
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    New Lo Ann 6/15/20 be prepared for a sinker bite

    Just like the movie Smokie and the Bandit, "Go Get'em Daddy" :cheers:
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    "Just Fishing" by Pete

    When it open's, But for how long is anyone's guess.
  107. K

    Cedros Air strip Closure

    I hear It's suppose to open at the end of the month.
  108. K

    Spots available Pescador full day charter Friday June 12

    Maybe thats why people canceled, he wasn't clear enough on other things also.
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    "Just Fishing" by Pete

    I stop by Pete's place (Just Fishing in Redondo Beach) yesterday and looked inside and I noticed that the contractors have finally finished his shop shop that caught fire last year. It looks nice inside, New hardwood/laminate flooring, recessed lighting, new bathroom, new front windows and doors...
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    That is very Nice of you. Hopefully good karma will bless you! We need more people like you in our society!!
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    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    That's some funny shit, Take you to the rubber house and do a 12 step wahoo program.
  112. K

    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    What are some peoples favorite color's when Wahoo fishing at the Ridge or Alijos?
  113. K

    How much for a custom wrap?

    2 Rods , Give him $250.00 -$300.00 providing you bought all the parts, If not add that to the number.
  114. K

    Any Lodge Recommendations?

    Have a safe trip and hopefully good weather and fishing! Hopefully you'll have the same type of weather, That we had last year at Icy!!
  115. K


    I heard the same, But someone with inside info told me that there also planning some extended trips longer than a day trip, 1.5-2.5 day trips in the summer and fall. It makes sense, There is not to much of a demand for whale watching during the week and the new owners like fishing offshore.
  116. K

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    It probably will be back to normal next spring with a Vaccine, etc. The loads will go back to normal, No social distancing, Buffets in the galley, full settings in the galley, The only thing is the price will NOT go back down to normal of what it was before Covaid, Maybe 50% less of increased...
  117. K

    Face Mask Options

    Not even a piece of Split Tail
  118. K

    Tiagra 50w JB 200lb capacity

    A lot!!!!
  119. K

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    Sounds Good to me, But every trip seems to always have "That one guy" who will bitch and make it miserable for everyone not complying!
  120. K

    Intrepid Guadalupe Permits

    Just a simple case of wishful thinking.
  121. K

    2021 Trip to Alaska Recommendation - Family of 7 including a 2 year old

    Listen to Bosco (reply# 3) He knows Alaska very well and he wouldn't steer you wrong.
  122. K

    Intrepid Guadalupe Permits

    I know in the past the Intrepid has not had Guadalupe permits. Does anyone who fishes it frequently know If they have or will apply for the permits for this summer? It appears the Owner doesn't have a problem putting money into the boat and the food they serve is Top Quality (The Meat's they...
  123. K

    BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Party Boats have the green light to run NOW!

    When the News broke out about the Green light to go, The Shogun STILL HAD 3 SPOTS OPEN (as of Sunday at 200 pm), 14 PASSENGERS ONLY FOR $565.00 WITH MEALS INCLUDED, That is the Deal of the Century!!!!!!!!! Your own stateroom and everyone could all fish the stern. Whoever got those last 3 spots...
  124. K

    Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Sorry to hear the Heart Break, Next time, Don't bring a knife to a Gun Fight! Too many people make that Mistake, And end up with the similar results.
  125. K

    SOLD Portable AC - 8000BTU - SoleusAir - $100

    Doesn't that 5" inch air duct need to blow all the hot air outside???
  126. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    6 foot apart? Your better hope your bait and and fish practice social distancing and stay in front of you, Or it will be a cluster fuck.
  127. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Yep. The Health Department and hopefully that will pass Easily and then back to the Asshole Supervisors in the County to sign off, Good luck with those Assholes making it a Priority to open it ASAP.
  128. K

    New Video This will change what You Catch

    So every Thursday when you put out the game plan where to fish for the weekend, It will only be you and 500 of your friends that listened to the Your hot spot! :eek:!! That sure will be the way you change what you catch.
  129. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Nice flatties and a boat with a great attitude!
  130. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    :shake: That's like one prisoner telling all the other ones, Lets Break out of this joint to show them. Instead of one going down, There all going down!
  131. K

    Question for you defiance owners

    Maybe the on and off switch for the accessory port.
  132. K

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    My Bad, about the taxes I thought it was more than a drop in the bucket. Somebody needs to get off their asses and get it done, Other landings are opening up with higher rates of new cases in their City/County on a daily basis, What is San Diego an Orphan? Something else is going on?
  133. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    The Staterooms on the Intrepid each have their own HVAC system in each stateroom (it's not a split system), I wonder where their return air is located? If it's outside air or from the hallway in the bunk room or galley??? If it's coming from the outside then it wouldn't be a problem with the...
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    Captains Maiden Voyage channel islands– Covid Win (Long Post)

    Make sure you also put 2 (two) fuel and water seperators before the engine, If you don't already have them. Get the one's with a clear bowl on the bottom of the filter with a drain plug that drains the water it accumulates. That will save your ass one day while on the water.
  135. K

    Captains Maiden Voyage channel islands– Covid Win (Long Post)

    FYI, The Fish you caught are probably the tasteiest of the other rock cods. If you ever catch and keep Boccaccio's I would pitch them and only keep the Reds/Vermillion . There not that good and usually have a lot of worms in the meat.
  136. K

    SD County B.O.S Meeting Link 6/2/20

    Do these Jack Asses have any idea the City is losing in income/taxes from the Sport boats not running ????
  137. K

    Trailer Repair Replace u-bolts or use straps and bolts ?

    Use U bolts on axle/axel's and weld the fenders. Their is a reason for u bolts on the Axle.
  138. K

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    What's a kelp fish?
  139. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    That's the attitude all boats need to adapt, After all your in International waters.
  140. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    You would have better fishing and weather holding off until'l August and hopefully things may get loosened up a bit.
  141. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Maybe in some people's opinion, Wearing a mask when your way down the close and tight to the beach and it's 70-80 degrees with a lot of humidity, No Thank You.
  142. K

    First time fishing Alaska

    Catch a Big One, Take a picture in the water and release it. I agree with you on eating the big ones, there tuff, harder to cook and not the same flavor as the 40-60 lb halibut's, The smaller one's taste and cook a lot better.
  143. K

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    How do I go about ordering some of the clown lead heads and some other swim baits, Is their a website with all your line up?
  144. K

    Pacific Queen 5/29

    The long Range Boats should go pick up and return Their customers from a landing open nearby in Orange County, if San Diego doesn't allow it to open this week, Just a Thought. I wouldn't be Surprised if The Independence doesn't do it, Since they own 22nd Street landing and a percentage of San...
  145. K

    Pacific Queen 5/29

    Boat prices will probably increase due to additional Insurance requirements or another type of surcharge to pass along.
  146. K

    Pacific Queen 5/29

    I heard almost the same, They vote on Tuesday (6-2) and it would officially open on Thursday June 4th. So technically your right, The overnight boats would leave Thursday and fish Friday, Unless the over night boats left at 12:01 am Thursday and fish Thursday. That's the dope I heard. i hope I'm...
  147. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    You couldn't of said it better. Go fishing on a private boat when it was closed and possibly go to jail along with a fine. Go bust into a bldg and steal whatever you want while the police watch you doing it and nothing happens to you, I'm surprised the police didn't help them load up their cars...
  148. K

    Pierpoint & Long Beach Sportfishing get the green light

    It's a lot of money to shake off the rust with some of the boat's new prices.
  149. K

    Pierpoint & Long Beach Sportfishing get the green light

    That sure beats Newport's prices, Almost 1/2 the price for a weekend trip!
  150. K

    OC landings get the green light to run

    They also bust their ass of to catch fish and not keep making long moves when the boat is packed just for a galley run, Oh did I mention they catch a lot more quality fish and not worry about fish counts with small fish, I'm talking when It's filleted your lucky to get a fish taco the size of a...
  151. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    The S.D. County Supervisors are voting on opening Sport Fishing Tuesday morning on opening the Industry to fishing. Hopefully you get the word early on Tuesday to be the First L.R. Boat leaving the dock. With Alijos Rocks untouched for a while and no Sport Boats fishing it, You should Kill the...
  152. K

    Any Long Range Fishing Trips Get Out ? What Terms or Changes ?

    Read a few of threads on Long Range, Chit Chat and Sport boat planning and you'll get all the answers to your questions plus a lot more.
  153. K

    A good day 5/30

    Noco Genius makes GREAT jump starters, They also have a built in Strobe and SOS for Emergencies. They also make great on board battery chargers that can also repair batteries as there charging. Take a look at them, You won't be disappointed.
  154. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    You should of kept in your hand and take your time (untill dinner) and fish with the rod in your other hand. :cool: and do the same with your breakfast burrrito.
  155. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    How about a snug pair of cement shoes, The old fashion way.
  156. K

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    I say 50% of the masks will be off soon as you clear the point. I'm not saying I'm one of them.
  157. K

    Fenders out

  158. K

    Fenders out

    I would love for people to take pictures of stupid things people do while on the boat. Just like dcarlisle said in post #6. Dragging their dock lines behind the boat, ETC. Way to many Morons out their!! Common people take pictires when you see it and post them. :-)
  159. K

    SOLD 178qt cooler

    PM me, I'll buy you a new ice chest, Curious on what Jigs and how many, Candy Bars, Tady's, Wahoo jigs, etc
  160. K

    San Diego full day boats $200

    That's the difference to fishing overnight open party boats and fishing on the L.R Boats. Combat fishing vs enjoyable fishing, It's night and day. On open party trips, It seems like almost everyone is "THAT GUY" :finger:
  161. K

    How much bait per gallon?

    Healthy Bait is one of the Big Key factors!
  162. K

    Yamaha outboard problem

    That's very nice of you helping him and saving him a lot of $$$$.
  163. K

    OC landings get the green light to run

    I just seen that the 1.5 day trips on the Thunderbird is $359.00 during the week and $409.00 on the weekends and that doesn't include your food or Mexican License or the outrageous parking fees in the Cost and hope they don't add a fuel surcharge on top of that down the road, OUCH! So basically...
  164. K

    Factory wrap vs. Custom wrap

    :confused: It's not rocket science to build a rod. My 10 year builds rods and they look better than factory rods and he picks his own colors, design, etc.
  165. K

    OC landings get the green light to run

    Supply and Demand for weekend fishing vs weekdays. Same goes for chartering a boat, Weekends are always higher they will book first, While weekdays are no where close to the demand.
  166. K

    OC landings get the green light to run

    San Diego is a different county, Different opening dates. Redondo's fishing fleet (2 boats) looks like their green light to go is, June 30th.
  167. K

    SOLD Factory Seeker A 270H - 8 Feet

    Those blanks are dime a dozen from $80-$110, depending on who you buy tham from. It's just the blank only.
  168. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Just tell Governor Nuisance that all the people living in poverty works on the boats and they can't make any money while it's shut down (except all the money he gives them along w/everything else), I bet the Sport fishing Industry would be opened up in a matter of hours, With little...
  169. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    :finger: Governor Nuisance, He changes his mind everyday. How do you know if the Governor is lying? His Lips are moving. He's a P.O.S!!!!!!!!
  170. K

    Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    Sounds like the Blind, Leading the Blind :argue:
  171. K

    Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    Doesn't look like it has the outside color to be a B.E. Also what a big difference it makes to bleed the fish right away, the picture sure looks like it wasn't bled!
  172. K

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    When San Pedro bait has it available, It's the next best to fresh dead.
  173. K

    Barricuda sashimi??! Say it ain’t so...

    Smoked barracuda is great due to the high oil content. Don't filet them before smoking, Just clean good and cut into 4-5" chunks.
  174. K

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    Has it been rinsed?? Generally stores that sell it rinse it throughly to flush out the ink! When you fish fresh dead, You want all the ink it the squid plus a little. When San Pedro bait was boxing it and selling it, It was not rinsed and had labeling on the front saying "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION"
  175. K

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    Two different times I've used Jinkai in the past and had problems with it breaking well under the breaking strength. Also it's over priced.
  176. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    The Game Changer must of lowered their price this year. $1550 for 2.5 days is a good price for that boat. Last year they were charging $1250 for a 1.5 day trip. 6 passengers and ALL Inclusive on a Great Boat. Their meals are Gourmet.
  177. K

    SOLD Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    The Bullshit ad, almost sounded believable untill, The same rod was up for sale, Way before the Bullshit ad of "Giving it the rod to me".
  178. K

    San Diego full day boats $200

    $100 bucks says "They will raise the parking lot fee's at the big 3, I'm sure Frankie wants to stay up with the Increases. Any takers?
  179. K

    San Diego full day boats $200

    If not, They will keep the prices the same and reduce it down to 59 passengers and call it a limited load! I can easily see them doing that, Maybe not 59, But somewhere around 50.
  180. K

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Probably, Read the real small fine print. I wouldn't be surprised if they have something to the effect to "We have the right to overbooked by__ passengers due to whatever they deem necessary.
  181. K

    Dive boat conception investigation

    So why don't they switch to Carbon Monoxide for the death penalty, It seems that Electric shock and the other methods that are used are more inhumane?? Give them their meal and just as there finishing up their dessert pump in the in the Carbon Monoxide at least they will die somewhat peacefully...
  182. K

    Pronto Sportfishing

    What ever happened to the Pronto out of Fisherman's landing. That boat was a fish magnet. Only draw back was no hot cooked meals (except for a microwave and a coffee pot) and no A/C in the galley and bunk room.
  183. K

    Underside rust from saltwater

    The best way and your still probably going to have some spot/spots that was not completely rinsed off, Is to go to one of those Car washes that you drive through or similar and get the best under carriage/underside you can get. Or you can crawl under the car and rinse it yourself (this method...
  184. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Also consider a typical run of the mill 1.5 day trips Base price is $365 does not include anything except your ticket. By the time they get done nickle and dimming you to for everything tour paying about the same price on a lesser grade boat and everything that goes with it.
  185. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Only problem is on the boats, 80-100% percent of their return air is not coming from outside!!! An airplane is the opposite.
  186. K

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    That clip you posted about pillows, etc, Is was over 2 months ago. A lot has changed since then.
  187. K

    BFT ON 5/23/20 (PB)

    Nice fish, It looks like the swells were on the high side!
  188. K

    First time fishing Alaska

    I second the bear spray, You can never have enough!! Also save the Salmon Heads for the bigger Hali's.
  189. K

    First time fishing Alaska

    Where and what outfit are you fishing with in Yakutat?
  190. K

    SF Bay day boats are running.

  191. K

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    It seems if everyone is going to sell their boats for hardship or whatever reason, It will be a buyers market, If that's the case, I'll buy one or two of them if the price is right! If your giving it away for pennies on the dollar, Count me Inn. :D
  192. K

    First Boat Guidelines

    And don't get a flat bottom, The deeper the "V" the Better.
  193. K

    Tips locating Rockfish

    Now you got the skunk off the boat, It's all downhill from their.
  194. K

    Top Gun 80 vs Excalibur

    There both good boats for short trips, Both have state rooms and good Captains. The Excalibur has 27 on most of their trips and the top gun has 25. If I had to pick one it would be the Excalibur, First of all it's not Top Heavy (I've seen the top gun rocking back and forth tied up at the dock...
  195. K

    First Boat Guidelines

    Depending on your age, Their is a course (boaters safety course) to operate on the water. Look it up on the internet, Boaters safety card.
  196. K

    Research project, interviews about yellowtail fishing in SoCal

    I hope you don't believe everything he tells you.
  197. K

    52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Nice Job!!!! Billy K is the Man!
  198. K

    5/15 coronado —- middle ground slugs

    Those Calico's are one of the slowest growing fish in the system, They need to increase the size limit to 18" and only be able to keep one male per year and keep the female's protected. Twenty years ago bass were everywhere, Inc piers, breakwalls, etc. Now they are few and far between.
  199. K

    Small circle hooks... what works??

    What size hooks if Using 10lb test. If your going to tie up the boat all day with one 100 lb fish on 20lb. F..K It, go big or go home.
  200. K


    Also the Carange has been in front of Avalon with live squid for sale, Check before going across with no bait first
  201. K

    Tips locating Rockfish

    Maybe you have the wrong set up ( too heavy of line, Hooks to big, Your leader material?? Keep your rig simple, 30lb test 2 dropper loops and a 1 or 1/0 circle hook and a STRIP (3/4" X 3") of squid to look like a tail on your hook, and a 8-16oz torpedo depending on your drift.
  202. K

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    I believe 1/3 of Cortez sits in Mexican waters.
  203. K


    Go to Catalina.
  204. K

    8 day weather

    The further south ,Your probably going to fish the Ridge for 2 days (nice and warm) or Alijos (usually breezy in June) and the fun ride home uphill with a stiff N/W wind.
  205. K

    Down to wahoo

    Don't forget to put on sliced scallions and chopped olives over the top layer before baking and use lots of green chili sauce because the tortillas will absorb the sauce when it cooks, that's a Great recipe above. Also cover with foil when cooking, then under the broiler for a minute or two to...
  206. K

    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island

    So what your saying is that I can go to Avalon and fire the same gun 20 feet from the Island???
  207. K

    Fleet Re-Opening...facts vs fiction.

    This is OLD News, Maybe new for you. It was posted 4 days ago.
  208. K

    Passport Purgatory

    $60.00 of well paid insurance. Unless your paying for Expedited Insurance, Don't believe everything you read, Especially that everything is pretty much closed with this epidemic.
  209. K

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    The Royal would never go belly up, Frank Own's way to much and his pride would not let it happen. Other boat's? Yes, That's a very good possibly. It's sad , but the truth.
  210. K

    bearing sites?

    The Mfg and you'll always get the right one.
  211. K

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    What happens if someone gets seasick and they think it's Covaid?? People get sick all the time and wish they could go home!!!!!!
  212. K

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Drop them at the closet port in Mexico and tell them to deal with it!:rofl:
  213. K

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    You gotta remember they fall under Maritime Law, A whole different set of rules.
  214. K

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Is this the plan that they are submitting to the state or is it already approved??? If it has not been approved by the Govenor or Whoever is in Charge of approving them, I don't think it will get approved!!!
  215. K

    Huge white plane over LB thurs

    :confused: Those JSX Jets are small (30 passengers), they also fly out of John Wayne Airport.
  216. K

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    :Smoke_Emoticon: X2!!!!
  217. K

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

  218. K

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    Joe is a really great guy!!! Yep, Just like some people (on this thread) putting the Kid down for trying and telling him to go to bed It's a school night, Talk about being miserable.
  219. K

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    Homo say what?? I no comprenda!
  220. K

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    That's great wanting to get out, Half of the kids your age just want to sit in front of the tv and play on X box, Etc, Or the out running around looking for trouble.
  221. K

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    I don't know what planet your from, Their hasn't been school in the U.S for a couple of months. Give the kid a break. What were you doing at 15?
  222. K

    Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    Even going on someones boat for a couple of hrs If the parents don't know the people. At least charter/open party boats they have licensed captains and somewhat are sensible.
  223. K

    Cruise ships sailing in the near future.

    Just seen on the news tonight that Carnival Cruise lines are set to sail August 1st from Miami! If that's the case the Sport boat's should be way before that!! Also, Rumor has it that MLB will start playing again on July 1st (In their own stadium in front of crowds) and the teams will report to...
  224. K

    Acceptable sport boat scenario

    San Diego's Corona Virus cases have been climbing everyday for the past month, It has never leveled off or seen a decrease in cases.
  225. K


    Between the bonito and anchovies everywhere it's kinda looking like that, Those long fins will follow.
  226. K


    Smoked Bonito is Excellent.
  227. K

    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Why don't you wait untill the fishing is wide open and book your trip at the last moment, You should be able to find one ticket on the true Long Range Boats, That way your experience will have both, (L.R Experience and Great,,food, state rooms, customer service, fish handling, etc) If you go in...
  228. K

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    I can just see it now, It will be the same as the super markets markings on the deck every 6 feet (where you stand and fish) and arrows showing the direction you shuffle (one way) and you better hope your fish stays in front of you and doesn't take a run like a wahoo) and the boats will do...
  229. K

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    Dedicate a state room with its own a/c filtration and a dedicated bathroom and who ever coughs or thinks their sick, Quarantine their ass in that room untill the end of the trip!! The crew can place their meals on a tray and leave it by their doors. People would think twice about...
  230. K

    Floro other than seaguar?

    I've used Soft Steel Fluoro and Seaguar and never had any problems with them. I've had problems with "P Line Fluoro and their regular line breaking WELL UNDER the rating (not at the connection) on many occasions with different batches.
  231. K

    Floro other than seaguar?

    I must be missing something! You think Seaguar and Yozuri are Best, Other brands don't work as good,, Ok I get that. Then you say that you, That you never used anything except Seaguar?
  232. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    They did say ALL PARKING LOTS WILL REMAIN CLOSED!! Last time I checked you need to enter a parking lot to access ANY boat ramps :confused:
  233. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    If your Mexican, It's no problamea, they are all related.
  234. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Incest at it's finest, Keep it in the family. Chuck Shumaker is the Grand pa
  235. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    As they say "Theirs someone for everyone!!" More cushion for the pushin :eek: ! It's not my cup of tea and never will be!
  236. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Your absolutely right where it will not go away on it's own, After enough people get it and the virus so say "hits it's quota it will go away" but not untill then or a vaccine is developed, It's sad, but the truth!
  237. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    I say keep the beaches open only for women in Thongs or G Strings.
  238. K

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    They already said they will be citing people, Tickets range from $1000 - $2500. Go ahead and don't comply. Cities are desperate for income.
  239. K

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    Help everyone Including Illegals with more money (Today, Unemployment for everyone, Inc if your not eligible, Illegal's, gig workers etc, more $$ for low income for food, etc. And not doing Shit for the homeless or our vets!!! He is milking this to the hill, why our economy keeps getting deeper...
  240. K

    water getting in boat

    move your motor away from the transom with the tilt pin, problem soved.
  241. K

    Updated gear report

    Your more than set rod and reel wise. You won't need to much in the way of terminal tackle, Your normal hooks, a few surface irons, assorted weights and don't forget to bring plenty of terminal tackle for night time dropper loop for yellows and heavy jigs for yo yo fishing. Your probably going...
  242. K

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    While were doing that, The cooks can can cook all your meals (example: bacon,eggs, hash browns with toast and jelly and some fresh fruit) and put your meal in a food processor and you provide them with a cup (like a big gulp cup) and your own straw and they fill up your cup and you go back...
  243. K

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    I would assume that Whale watching trips will be a thing of the past along with those booze cruises in the harbors!
  244. K

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    Yep, Along with a waiver they (The Insurance company) write for every passenger to sign before boarding or their (The Boats) Coverage could be canceled or a stipulation excluding any claims that may arise from The corona Virus or whatever you want to call it. They probably already have it all...
  245. K

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    For Who?? The Boat or The passenger's who will be paying double if they cut the passengers in 1/2 on the trips?
  246. K

    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    Did you ever find a large area of clean water, If so how far out??
  247. K

    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    Massage Parlors are Right Up their with Fishing.
  248. K

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    Don't forget, When they return they will either be fined or Arrested for Trespassing! LOL
  249. K

    This coming Saturday, Shelter Island Launch Ramp....

    Maybe this guy and the original poster can get together and try to block the harbor entrance to get a point across!! :gayfight:
  250. K

    This coming Saturday, Shelter Island Launch Ramp....

    Somebody has Wayyyyyyy to much time on their hands!!!:idiot:
  251. K

    Won't be long now.

    Wishful thinking, I hope your right.
  252. K

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    Theirs an alternative than giving them money = :2gunsfiring_v1:= problem solved! One more thing, Why don't you go to Mexico, China, North Korea, Etc, And see what they would give you for being in their Country Illegally???? Try protesting in their Country (Being their Illegal) for not getting...
  253. K

    Looking for Aluminum Fab, NO Weld, Small Piece

    I would be more concerned about the Stress fractures where it's wide open to the elements and water getting In and causing dry rot. Is that a Deck screw (For house decks) in the second picture in the middle (about 1" from the the top, with a beige head on it???
  254. K

    Cost of the Fishing Trips for 2020

    Only way they will increase the price is: If they don't have enough people to run and they tell you and the other passengers "We need to sell X number of tickets for the boat to run and And maybe they ask you and other passengers on the same trip to Chip in a few bucks more to buy the other...
  255. K

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    Your absolutely right! :cheers:
  256. K

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    Why would you want to get tested? There's no medicine that they can give you to make go away. Wait untill your sick and can't shake it off, Then go to the Hospital!! You start going to Doctors or Hospital now (for testing or I think "I MAY have it" ) By the time you get done screwing around with...
  257. K

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    Don't forget the cases of Gatorade and Red Bull!!
  258. K

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    My first overnight trip in the late 70"s (I was 9 years old), I remember to well, It was on the Boat Holiday out of Pt Loma , We had 67 people on it and caught 92 albacore, You talk about a cluster fuck. Also in the 80"s they started having Limited "TRUE" Limited load trips, 15-18 people on 65'...
  259. K

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    Gut out the bunk rooms , Add small state rooms 1 or 2 people, RAISE the cost of the trip to make it profitable.The days sleeping like sardines in a bunk room are over. "Failure to Change, Is failure completely"!! People need to learn to "Turn a Negative into a Positive"!!
  260. K

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    They need X amount of Crew per USCG Operating conditions on their Certificate. And Your correct that the boats don't make a lot of money, Even when there full. It's pretty simple,, Either raise the price to off set the reduction of passengers or go B.K.
  261. K

    Morro Bay Halibut info

    The Commercials Motto is Big or Small kill them all and wipe out that area and move on to the next spot! Then have the nerve to ask "Wheres a good halibut spot"? There one of the reasons there's not many halibut spots around anymore. :Death_To_Above: Give them some #'s where they will...
  262. K

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    And where are you suppose to surf fish, With all the beaches CLOSED????
  263. K

    catalina 4-11

    The only problem with the fish pic's, Is that if he intended to eat the Bonito's is that they should of been Bleed and gutted as soon as they hit the deck, That's my personnel opinion and other people have their own opinion!
  264. K

    Fishing allowed during quarantine? Dana Point

    That's lots of variables to that question!!!
  265. K

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    Good old seine twine and cork tape under if you need it. It will outlast the rod. With a turks head at the top
  266. K

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Starting this Wednesday ) L.A. County), Eveyone in public must wear a mask. Including in your car, If your window is rolled down (Now that is some Funny shit, A mask while driving!)
  267. K

    DFG Shutting fishing down????

    I hope your right for everyone's sake.
  268. K

    DFG Shutting fishing down????

    Good question, They were no more than 1' foot away from me, When I handed the license to him after he boarded my boat. At least they we're wearing the N95 mask's and rubber black gloves. One of the Wardens is normally on the "Coho" (one of their bigger boat the covers Southern California Area)...
  269. K

    DFG Shutting fishing down????

    "ALL" Recreational Fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😟 Those we're the words from his (DFG's) mouth.
  270. K

    DFG Shutting fishing down????

    I was out fishing today (out of Redondo Beach) and I got boarded by DFG and they did all the Normal shit (count and measure fish, Check License, and all the bullshit) as the Warden was pulling the fish out of my hold, I was talking to the other Warden about what transpired on the the Emergency...
  271. K

    Also check some Best Buys locations for floor models and/or scratched ones for cheap. But the...

    Also check some Best Buys locations for floor models and/or scratched ones for cheap. But the Sears Clearance Center will probably be your best bet.
  272. K

    For Sale 2015 Tundra Wheels and Tires $300

    Peso's or dollars?
  273. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    I'll be fishing this weekend and every other day as long as weather permits.
  274. K

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    The Fish And Game (wildlife) has the ability to close fishing in Salt water, Fresh water, etc at ANY given point and time without Justification. Can they close Coastal access , Harbors or boats from leaving and returning to ports, I doubt it.
  275. K

    just stay home

    Then why do the Same, So called EXPERTS keep saying the next 2 weeks are going to be the most critical weeks. The Same people have been saying that shit for the past 3 WEEKS !!!!! It's like a scratched record, It keeps Repeating the Same old shit. Their are NO EXPERTS ON THE CORONA VIRUS, If...
  276. K

    just stay home

    Opinions are just like assholes, Everyone has one!!!! You keep reading everything, You'll drive yourself drinking. It is what it is, Everyone use common sense., and ride it out!!!
  277. K

    just stay home

    Lets see some more pictures like this, instead of bitching about everything. Let's see who put's up the best photo (like above) and the one who gets the most likes, (contest for 1 month) and I'll buy a case of choice of beverage to the winner, :urno1:
  278. K

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    The fish are loving it, No boat traffic, No Assholes to run over foamer while gorging on a Big Bait Ball untill that skuff comes up on the breaking fish full speed and pulls it out of gear when he's on top of the bait/fish and spoils the Tuna's Party.
  279. K

    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    He probably borrowed the olive oil from the galley and put it back in the galley and they used the same olive oil for the house salad dressing, :rofl:
  280. K

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    That's like telling someone what store has a lot of toilet paper and theirs no limit.That ramp will be a Zoo this weekend and probably closed by Monday. Loose Lips, Sink ships!!!
  281. K

    Marine batteries??

    See my last reply. What size group battery/s did you get and the cost and warranty?? I found a great deal on the Batteries I just purchased. I didn't have time to shop or wait to get new batteries, My boat is getting put back in the water tomorrow, Time was limited on availability. Thanks
  282. K

    Marine batteries??

    I looked into them, The ones I looked at were $1700 for three batteries plus another $400 for the Noco Genius 4 bank battery charger, Those chargers are a must for all boat owners, Their all computerized controlled so theirs no over charging and other things. I ordered one of those, But will...
  283. K

    Marine batteries??

    Since Die Hard batteries are almost impossible to get now. What are some decent marine batteries on the market that last???
  284. K

    Boat in the Slip...Can we head out and fish?

    As of Friday, Redondo Harbor patrol says yes, If it's in a slip. But Monday things might change. He said it depends on the County and not the City.
  285. K

    SOLD Custom Fabricated Aluminum Radar Mount

    You could get more money for the metal for scrap than selling it.
  286. K

    How often should I change top shot and backing

    Every 20 years.
  287. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    They Just Shut Down Redondo's Boat Hoist untill 4-24 Even the private parking lot.:eek::finger::(
  288. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    What time are you due back in boys camp?
  289. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    I would of woke up in a cold sweat the day after she was elected!:oops:
  290. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

  291. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Then quit reading it!
  292. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    What are you smoking :smoking33:. What would you do if they told you you can't play tennis and took away your Tea time?
  293. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    100% agree with you.
  294. K

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    What City or County did you talk with??? I'm going to go down to Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol tomorrow and confirm this. I don't doubt you, But I want to hear it from them or "SEE IT IN WRITING" and what could they do if I don't adhere to it?? This is TOTAL BULLSHIT. This is my salute to them...
  295. K

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Just thrown another couple trillion into the economy, Just make it a cool 5 trillion, It's only money. If Trump doesn't use it as relief money back into the economy, The Democrats will have no problem using that money to give to all the Illegal's and re instating the Obama Phone program and...
  296. K

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    Sounds like CNN
  297. K

    Grunion Advice?

    Just go to a beach as you said slope/waves, The MOST IMPORTANT THING is go to a beach where it's DARK and VERY FEW PEOPLE. Believe it or not the grunion will get spooked with noise and a lot of foot traffic along with bright lights. They will come in on one wave, drop their load and go back out...
  298. K

    How much line needed for 100lb BFT?

    Not if it's get's tail wrapped or hooked in the tail :D
  299. K

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    2 weeks ago I got 88lbs for$4.50lb for my smoker. about 2 months ago they were $5.00lb, But I didn't buy any because my friends ask me to smoke salmon and I picked up just under 50 lbs of salmon filets for $7.00lb. This was all at J Deluca, The other vendors are a little higher, That's why J...
  300. K

    Crossing US/Mex border by water

    The Boarder will be open until Midnight THIS SATURDAY for any american or tourist that want's to get home!!!!! After that, I heard you can find some good houses to rent in mexico for cheap untill they reopen the border! By the way, What boat could you of taken to get to Ensenada?? Just Curious.
  301. K

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    They are A Public Service. You can call J Deluca Fish Co @310.684.5180 in San Pedro (they are one of the vendors, They have the best deals and quality) and ask them if there still doing the Saturday fish market. Call before 10:00 am thats when they pretty much close during the week.
  302. K

    Fishing is now cancelled

    LA County is targeting May 5th???
  303. K

    Yellowtail hooks?

    Mustad #7691, 11/0
  304. K

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    For those of you that don't know where the Saturday "San Pedro Fish Market" is,,, It's where 22nd St dead ends at the Harbor. It was the old Cannery Bldg. Also Go when it opens to get the best deals and selection and remember THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH. No CC or debit cards or atm machines their.
  305. K

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    Go to the Saturday Morning fish market in San Pedro. It's 200am-700am every Saturday. You can get Tuna loins for $4.00-$5.00 a lb, all the time.They also have A LOT of other fish,shrimp,crabs,etc for a fraction of the price. You can't beat the prices and it's fresh.
  306. K

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    It's people like YOU, That only care about yourself and Don't give a shit or have respect for the elderly people that are more likely to get it. About 80% of the virus corona virus deaths were 65 and older!!!!
  307. K

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Yeah they do, They need to quit eating Dogs, Cats, ETC.!! That's why their is only certain Chinese food, I will eat when I partake at those restaurant's. What do you think they put in those combo egg rolls?? A friend who use to work at a decent Chinese restaurant told me, "They would put left...
  308. K

    Best Cabo resort for non-fishing wife?

    But the 4th night is free.
  309. K

    Is April too early for SD tuna?

    If you want a straight answer, Just go look at the fish reports from the Long Range fleets reports for the past few years, When looking at the reports, look for the L.R tboats that were fishing the 3 day rock cod/free lance trips. Youll be surprised how many BFT'S were caught. Usually they catch...
  310. K

    Anybody can their fish?

  311. K

    Anybody can their fish?

    How do you can Sardines?? I mean, What do you do with the sardines prior to canning them, Filet them, head, gut and scale them, cut them in chunks, etc??? If their done when frash and the rite way, they can taste great!!
  312. K

    Pacific Queen posts 30 BFT today and still fishing

    Exactly!! And the Old Glory had 10 Bft's for 12 passengers ( with appx 20 plus lost) by 11:30 AM yesterday.
  313. K

    question about denatured alcohol...

    Road trip to Vegas, You can get it all day and all night. E bay sells it.
  314. K

    Long Beach Your Salt Water Guide - Captain Dave Hansen - FREE T-Shirt Booth 1016

    :rofl: I wonder if the shirt says " Rule #1, Don't offer help to anyone broke down in the ocean, Turn off your radio when fishing"
  315. K

    San Nic lobsters?

    There are a ton of commerical traps already their, But on a good note,, It's not hit as hard as the closer islands. If you do end up doing it, Pull a multiple day permit. That way you can spend a little more time their and the shallow water rock fishing is off the charts with nice size fish...
  316. K

    Excalibur capt chuck

    It's a sister ship of the Sea Adventure 80. It's a excellent boat for up to 5 day trips. Chuck does't run it that often ( he is the old man of the seas and really knows his shit, Just deal with his attitude) Joel Ralston pretty much runs the boat and he's got his shit together, I don't know if...
  317. K

    Stranded swimmer while bugging Mdr

    As forest Gump said :Beat_Them "Stupid is, as Stupid does"
  318. K

    New to Saltwater fishing..

    You picked two good boats to fish on, They boat catch alot of fish and both boats are great , when it comes to helping out people that are getting into fishing. Stick with those two boats, Others may disappoint you. Good luck.
  319. K

    Newbie here and need some advice.

    Don't forget about Guadalupe or the Big Bluefin that's been around the past few years.
  320. K

    mackerel for bait.

    Just like all the other weekend warriors (aka "green boaters") that will Hinder the access for other boaters that are in the middle of the buoys and wondering why the tankers/cargo ships are blasting their horn!! :rofl:
  321. K

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    Look on the bright side, You can pick up boats right now (winter time) for next to nothing with good motors already on them. What ever your Motor payments were before it got stolen, You probably could finance a great used boat for the same payment or pretty close to it. I know it sucks, But I'm...
  322. K

    Boat Independence New Engines

    Are we having flashbacks?
  323. K

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    Why don't you just launch from a different boat ramp?
  324. K

    Mid water jigs

  325. K

    I care about your health

    The CDC today said the Mask will not help or prevent you from getting the virus, The mask should be worn by the people that test positive or have the virus!
  326. K

    Did my first 6 day - now I'm hooked

    As everyone else stated, Do a 10 day in the fall. A Smorgasboard. Those are great trips and weather even better.
  327. K

    Any interest in a San Diego Long Rod trip?

    Casting a jig for what?? Mackerel,blacksmith perch and some sculpin if your lucky!
  328. K

    No BFT 2/20 Newport report

    Maybe it's a time of day thing. Last couple of years, The area's were metering nothing, No birds, etc,, Until late in the afternoon (couple hrs before sunset) the areas's that were dead in the morning and early afternoon showed little or no signs of those elusive F____'S, And all of a sudden...
  329. K

    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends

    Just don't feed the Chovies with Sour Dough Bread Crumbs, They will constantly taking a Siesta.
  330. K

    Anyone got Vandenberg AFB Clearance? Kayak fisherman looking to chart new waters.

    The Squid show up, They Seals are right behind them and the greatest is right after them and when you show up with Orca on the bottom of your Kayak, It turns into a Buffet for the Guest. :rofl:
  331. K

    Anyone got Vandenberg AFB Clearance? Kayak fisherman looking to chart new waters.

    Paddle out 5 miles on a kayak up their?? Please add me to your Life Insurance policy. Double your policy limit and I'll pay your Premium for the year.
  332. K

    Fish finder, transducer suggestions. Please

    Get A Si Tex, Their GREAT units
  333. K

    For Sale 1979 Skipjack 24 Flybridge

    I would like to see it, In person, Contact me pm. What is the gas mileage appx , Fully loaded with fuel and 4 people at 2500 rpm?
  334. K

    Trolling deep for BFT

    How many BFT have you gotten with this method on sport boats? The size? If it's productive, I don't understand why more sport boats deploy this method especially when it's slow and the fish are responding to the chum.
  335. K

    Your Invited to the next fish fry

    It's in March.
  336. K

    Your Invited to the next fish fry

    We need more people like you in this society! You are Very Generous and always doing Fish Fry's for anyone and everyone. If you ever need some more fish (Your Guest) for your Fish Fry's, Shoot me a pm and I'll see what I can do for you. :cheers:
  337. K

    Looking for a halibut charter out of Seward, July 2020

    check out crazy rays sportfishing. They are located in Whitter Ak. They fish Montegue all the time.
  338. K

    Elfin Cove question

    So True on your statement!!
  339. K

    Looking to gain experience

    Go down to the landings that would be guaranteed or go to different yacht clubs and ask around to help out on the nicer yacht's, The later of the two is what I would do if I was in your shoes.
  340. K

    Not BAJA but does affect sports fishing .. do not support countries that allow shark finning

    People who do that should have their balls cut off and see how they like it!
  341. K

    Wide open Tuna in San Diego...

    The article in the paper said the spilled fish was cleaned up really quick. No Shit, Probably by cars driving by.
  342. K

    2020 crew

    Sounds pretty reasonable to me, As long as your "Not That Guy" once you get on your boat. :D
  343. K

    Alaska with the wife planning.

    Too many questions and not enough answers!! May I suggest buy a few books on traveling to Alaska or Google it! Then. When you can narrow it down to something close you need help on,, I could probably answer some of your questions along with fellow Bloody Decker's. there's to many variables on...
  344. K

    San Jose del Cabo Marina

    Just google it! It will give you a lot of business. Also check yelp reviews.
  345. K

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    Put a waterproof IED in one of the cages with some bait and when the dog opens it, Their will be surprise waiting for him. that should stop them for a while! 😁 The only good Seal is a Dead Seal. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  346. K

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    If it works thats a great idea, Especially with the oil it's packed in.
  347. K

    Intrepid ?

    Agree 100%. Their food is Off The Charts!
  348. K

    SOLD Poly Rope 1/2" X Many Feet

    That's no where near 1/2" rope. Looks like clothes line rope.
  349. K

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    The only good seal is a dead seal.
  350. K

    Jonezing for lobsters

    There's more good people out their, Than bad people!!
  351. K

    Ocean Odyssey vs. Producer

    I couldn't agree with you mo.
  352. K

    Info on Mirage

    It's a really nice boat for it's class size, Very clean, Great crew, Very good food and they generally fill the bags with Quality fish.
  353. K

    1-4 “Sportking” local bass action.

    How much did each person pay for the live squid?
  354. K

    Albacore reminiscence

    X2, If they ever show up again and having the RSW instead of those sweaty old bags (gunny sacks) to put the fish in,, The final product will be awesome!
  355. K

    Albacore reminiscence

    That's one old video I liked. I almost forgot what an albacore looked like!
  356. K

    Jonezing for lobsters

    Also on the sport boats you only get one hoop :finger:
  357. K

    Southeast AK Yelloweye Closure

    I just looked up pelagic and non pelagic rock fish from the ADFG and black rock fish are pelagic, because they are found in the mid column of the water and not on the bottom. I did not see Ling Cod on the list of pelagic or non pelagic list. Even though it lives on the bottom and rocky in and...
  358. K

    Southeast AK Yelloweye Closure

    I wonder if this includes all rock fish (the way I read it, it sounds like it does) Including the black rock fish and Ling cod??? If so, That's going to suck for Southeast Alakaka. I believe they have a pretty strict rules on Halibut, For the size and limit for charter boats.
  359. K

    For Sale Used Shore Power Cords,

    Hasn't anyone ever heard of UPS??????? For a few bucks and they will ship them to you!!! Those cords new are stupidly expensive if you buy them retail.
  360. K

    Indy and Shogun “NY Special” reporta anyone?

    NO Reports = Shitty Fishing. If it was almost good they would of been reporting it on a daily basic or twice a day (If they have Internet) Or they give a report after they get in. My friend was on the Indy and his words were "IT Sucked Balls",,, Although Matt (The Man in Charge said "It was Good...
  361. K

    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    Make sure you get one hell of a lock and a cable, So you can lock that generator down to your truck or It may not be their when you get in from your fishing trip!!!!
  362. K

    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    Or trade a 200lb tuna for appx 12-6oz cans of tuna?? :eek:
  363. K

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    Just read it. Pretty much what I heard this morning. Fish up to 100lbs and only got a handful. it sounds like they had a SLOW 5 days of fishing from what I heard and didn't read.
  364. K

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    That same bird told me. Some of the fish were at 100lbs.
  365. K

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    It must of been the same bird that told me! :D
  366. K

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    Then he should of stated Sunday!! That's how all these reports get screwed up.
  367. K

    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    have the fish freight forwarded to you house.
  368. K

    OK How Big Of A Freezer Do I need :)

    The bigger the better. Get a commercial one with the temp on the door and alarm if the door is left open or the temp rises inside the freezer!!
  369. K

    After Rockfish shutdown?

    How can the Royal Star be on a massive school right now? Unless the Massive school is near their dock. The Boat got in at 600 am this morning.
  370. K


    Good for you Guys finally getting on them!!!! A day late and a dollar short for all those 5 dayer's that left on the 26th, Or They were on them first and told the Royal Star. I doubt it. None of those boats have posted a report for the past 4 days.
  371. K

    What do you think snapped my line?

    A tight drag or a sharp rock.
  372. K

    8 Day trip in Mid-June

    Great Fish would of been heavier if it didn't spawn out. But look at the bright side, at least it put a bunch of babies back into the system before you killed it! I hate seeing someone killing a BIG calico bass,, Especially the ones full of eggs.
  373. K

    Groundfish bottom trawling To reopen Jan 1

    It will only be a matter of months and we will be back in the same situation if not worse than it was 20 years ago. There the RAPIST of the Sea. :finger: :2gunsfiring_v1:
  374. K

    Fishing in Long Beach

    Go look at Redondo Beach (breakwall,surf fishing,Jetty,and a pier) and if you go further down the beach theirs Rat Beach (Good surf fishing and for Leopard Sharks) Then you have Palos Verdes all the down to Whites Point) You need to hike down to fish along the entire Cliffs, But It could be...
  375. K

    Albacore reminiscence

    All hardcore's video are from this year, unless it has a date stamp. :rofl:
  376. K

    12/29/19 1.5 Day Tomahawk

    I wouldn't count on The Long Range Boats helping you, It looked like all three were heading towards Enseneda yesterday after they left. Probably going to lupe, The weather is suppose to be fishable, not comfortable, on Saturday and Sunday.
  377. K


    Exactly, Read the reports from someone who was on the trip and gave accurate info, along with some pics!!!
  378. K


    Read Dan Hernandez report. He was on the Tomahawk that day and he said , Some fish up to 80lbs, But the majority were 25-50lbs. That's A Big difference from "The fish were all 50-70lbs as the boat reported!"
  379. K

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    Not only a waiting list, But read the terms. The boat will overbook by 1 to compensate for last minute cancellations. the trip says it's 30 passengers. $100 dollars says; the trip goes out with 31 or 32 people. I just looked at their website and it says "Join the wait list" They WIN every way...
  380. K


    It's Strange how the Tomahawk new the area or Spot where they were drifting!! Lately the Mustang has been turning off their A.I.S, Before they get in the area and dont turn it back on until there out of the area and on there way home??
  381. K


    I called H&M landing for shits and giggles about the size the Mustang got today and they said the Avg weight was 50-70 lbs with a few going smaller and a few going bigger. At least it's not as excessive like the Other boat. They will say anything to get to get people pumped up and sell more...
  382. K


    Ask your friends the avg size, If I ask H&M, They will add weight to those fish after their already caught and fileted. :eek:
  383. K

    Albacore reminiscence

    Just as I said. "He's probably giving hell to someone"
  384. K

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    The trip is full and has a mile long waiting list. That's why it's not showing up. The O P could probably sell it above face value.
  385. K

    Game Changer out of Point Loma

    Boat and food is plus. About $1200 pp, Inc meals, drinks, fish cleaning, Tackle (rods/reels and terminal gear) base on 6 pass. I don't want say anything negative about the Captain and fish catching. I will say it's alright, In terms of catching fish. Look up the history for their fish counts...
  386. K

    Albacore reminiscence

    I'm sure he's probably giving hell to someone. LOL.
  387. K

    One guy, Two Rods

    Theirs a great place that could fix it for you if you want, It's called "The house of stainless" it's in Gardena, Ca. He's reasonable (Yen) and does great work. He just built me a custom dive ladder ( scuba diving) for my boat and It came out bitchen.
  388. K


    You say a few years before they wipe it out??? Your being to generous. I give it a year at the max!! Their will be trawlers coming from everywhere to get a piece of semi virgin area, and cash inn. $$$$$$$$$$$
  389. K


    Even if they opened up again, I don't think you could do to much damage to the stock, With the current depth restrictions. We did all our damage between 120-150 fathoms,
  390. K


    Ask Joe on the Mirage, He would probably have some insight on it, Since he does a lot of the cod research trips. He would be the first one to ask it it's a possibly.
  391. K

    Weather info, going out one last time

    You mean 15-20 knots and 5-7 combined seas, with gust to 25!!!!:eek:
  392. K

    Weather info, going out one last time

    If I was you, " I would UN Book that trip. Rain and Wind.
  393. K

    Selling fish

    If they do, They better have one hell of a CPA when they get audited. Unpaid taxes, fee's and interest are a bitch with the man. Play with fire??? One day your gonna get burned, it's just a matter of time before it happens.:eek:.. As the old saying goes "The f..k your giving, Ain't nothing like...
  394. K

    Daiwa tactical backpack

    You can also use that Daiwa tackle bag for a portion of it as an ice chest, Since it is somewhat insulated.
  395. K

    Fishing In Belize

    Make yourself one or two trolling set ups that are attached to the boat. All you need is some tuna cord, heavy mono, swivels, a shock cord, air horn with the metal push triggers or Jeri rig a can with light mono to notify you when the stretch cord is pulled tight ( that way you don't need to...
  396. K

    1.5 Day Baja Coast Boat Recommendations

    Are you looking for the bigger boats with more comfort and room OR are you looking at what boat will probably catch more fish??? That makes a Big difference. If it's fish, I would go with the P.Q or New lo-an. Comfort and food probably Tomahawk, Condor or Glory.
  397. K

    WTB trailer for 22ft boat 1k

    How much and when do you think you're going to sell it? pm me if you like.
  398. K

    Lobster taco Tuesday

    I call B... S..T, With No Taco Pics! 8-)
  399. K

    One guy, Two Rods

    What happened to the section of rail missing in the bow? Looks like you made it that way.
  400. K

    Icy Bay Trips in 2020

    I was on the same trip last year and had to cancel my two spots on this trip in 2020, My son wants to do a 10 day'er on the Intrepid in 2020 (he can't have both). I can't say nothing bad about Kil and his trips to Icy Bay. Everything about the trip, the Lodge (they have direct t.v with all the...
  401. K

    Does a Storm Affect the Bite

    Like post # 2 said, Give it a couple of days after it passed. But they sure bite good the day before a storm.
  402. K

    Ketchikan fishing

    Go to Icy Bay lodge, You won't regret it. The fish are, Almost all trophy's.
  403. K

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    That's good to know. My buddies that dive their during the season, "Claim San Nic and Cortez has 10 folds to one compared to the the Islands and and Local spots, But that's all hear say with pictures they also show me :confused:. Maybe I should take up diving, But I'm getting to old for that. My...
  404. K

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Maybe you should lighten up with some your policies or something else!! You seem to be always looking for people, either to invite again or If they want to go again on your boat? Their are countless people on this site for people looking to go with someone who has a boat, And paytheir fair share...
  405. K

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    Not really two deck hands and The 10 who hold the lobster cards will help bait/pull, etc. I would do a trip like that, Just for the variety and fun and I would be a helper/puller also. The boat already has the bait on the trips, All they would need is the Initial investment of hoops, ropes, bait...
  406. K

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    I wonder why the El Dodo Doesn't leave earlier, lets say 700pm and take the 10 lobster traps (70 bugs allowed) allowed by law with them and drop them when they get their and hoop untill sunrise and then proceed on with their fishing trip?? In the end they divide up the bugs w/the passengers. The...
  407. K

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    Have them take the patch.
  408. K

    3.5 day Pacific Voyager 11/21-11/25

    Great Report, I should of grabed a six pak.
  409. K

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    You shoild name one of your boats "12 steps" . The name would fit the boat perfect.
  410. K

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    :cheers: :food-smiley-014: :hali_olutta: :drunk :smoking33:
  411. K

    Help Needed On A Bogus CA Fish Violation

    No brain,, No pain!!!
  412. K

    WTB Iphone 6 or better

    Come on someone and GIVE the kid a phone you have laying around, He's not made of money. I would give him a I phone if I had one laying around. Good Karma always prevails.
  413. K

    Mussel farm accident

    Once it comes tight at the other end, If the other end is submersed it will pull you down, Just as it did to the tug off Point Fermin (back in the 80's) that a sumbmarine did when it snagged the tow cable on a tug, It pulled the tug down stern first.
  414. K

    Cabo San Lucas Airport Transfers?

    You could also ride the bus with the live chickens on them for $10 each way :confused:
  415. K

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    WE would have a lot of man made structures:D
  416. K

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Why don't you dive down and selectively place your traps near the caves/holes etc
  417. K

    FREE Propane Smoker

    That's very nice of you!!!:-). If you like Alaskan Halibut, I'll give you a few paks.
  418. K

    FREE Coleman 4 person tent

    Theirs always ups??????
  419. K

    FREE Propane Smoker

  420. K

    For Sale Ratchets

    Knuckle Breakers
  421. K

    FREE Propane Smoker

    How do you make those beef sticks, or do you buying like that raw and smoke them??
  422. K

    Enature Braided Fishing Line

    People on here are trying to help you out and not make you look like a fool, ("That Guy") If you did fish on Sport boats. You don't fish those boats, So don't worry about! Your the one that asked a question and your unhappy with the answers. Don't ask anymore questions if you get ticked off by...
  423. K

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    Remember the rain run off will push them a little deeper and they should be on the crawl leaving the shallow water. Good luck
  424. K

    Lobster Report Gail Force - Triton

    What was the outcome from your friend? How many bugs and cod, any size to either?
  425. K

    starfire, morro bay landing - 7/5/2019

    When does the commercial season start or is it different every year??? I know what your saying, about the count drops off the face off the earth when the commercial season opens!!
  426. K

    starfire, morro bay landing - 7/5/2019

    Fort Bragg is a great place to fish, Halibut, Salmon, Albacore, Cods, Dungeness crabs, and not to mention wide open red tail surf perch 1-3 lbs all day long if you like surf fishing!
  427. K

    How big are these YT?

    If you have a turkey fryer, drop the whole fish in their. Google it for different ways to fry whole fish, My workers do it all the time and swear by it.
  428. K

    How big are these YT?

  429. K

    How big are these YT?

    I agree if it's a shitty trip and keep one or two to eat. But to go out and fill your boat is another story.
  430. K

    How big are these YT?

    That is the truth and it's very sad. Anyone that kills these need to :zelfmoord
  431. K

    Enature Braided Fishing Line

    If your gonna be "That guy" you just might as well get pink!
  432. K

    Weather forecast for next week. Rain.. prepare yourself

    I also heard that a lot of the parents walk their kids to school because the also go to the same school as their kids do! :rofl:
  433. K

    Hey guys! If you need crew for the winter or summer?

    I love Pu..y too and I don't get it for free, You pay for it one way or antother!!LOL
  434. K

    DIY Indoor Rod Storage, photos?

    Google it and click on Images
  435. K

    Red Rooster

    I'd rather be on A 90' x 30' foot boat, Instead of a 110' x 24' boat any day of the week. Ride the Shogun in bad weather and compare it to a longer and narrow boat. Big Difference you will notice. Don't just say it's "Because it's a steel boat". The Shogun cut's the water and doesn't roll like...
  436. K

    crabbing conditions 11/22-24

    By the time anyone rescues you, Your boat will be tooth picks or scrap aluminum with 6-7 foot swells If your that tight to the beach!! Don't forget rocks are sharp and they could do a number on you in no time.
  437. K

    crabbing conditions 11/22-24

    Don't F__k with with Mother nature. That Ocean can be unforgiving., More often than you want.
  438. K

    Rpt.-Tuesday 11-19-19 O-95 1.5 day tuna limits!

    Someone from up above really wanted you to make that trip and catch your limit. Leaving at 700pm during rush hour and going 71 miles and you made it 5 minutes before the scheduled departure. On any other day (during the week) That is 1 1/2 hours on a good day!!! Glad you had a good safe trip...
  439. K

    Old Glory Hole

    That's why It's called " OLD Glory "
  440. K

    Any landings running hooping trips?

    He puts out like 250' of rope in 25' water. By the line gets up and down, The bugs have jetted!!
  441. K

    For Sale 5.7 Volvo Penta & DPE Outdrive

    Someone do a tear down on a boat, Will pick this up in a second, Great deal. You should put it in the "Check out my boat customization". There are a lot of people looking for re power Ideas.
  442. K

    Fish processing

    The landings prices are very reasonable for a 20 lb bag, I don't know what S.D ice charges, but I would say the landings are same price and you don't to go running around, Your only talking pennies in the difference, You spend $500-$5000 on a trip and people bitch about $3.00 - $5.00 dollars...
  443. K

    Best On board fish handling??

    Absolutely, That's one of the major factors. People assume you just chill down the salt water and your good to go. Their are a lot of factors involved, Inc how much additional salt to water ratio, Blah, blah, blah. Also what's the max days You can keep certain types of fish in the RSW before...
  444. K

    Fish processing

  445. K

    Fish processing

    There was a rumor last year that Mark and Paul (owners of the Independence) were going to start running their long range trips out of 22nd, Since they are part owners of the landing and own a percentage of the San Pedro bait. It would save them all the San Diego fees (bait, landing, etc). They...
  446. K

    11/14 - Slowed down a bit, but not skunked

    It doesn't sound like it's slowing down, If you would of got all the fish your buddy farmed, You would of had a killer day. Fishing is not slowing down, your buddy is, Or blame it on Trump.
  447. K

    Best On board fish handling??

    I heard from someone that fished the Cheif for 3 days and they NEVER changed out the dirty water in the RSW the entire trip. The fish smelled and looked like shit when the came out of the hold on their way home. Needless to say, He shit canned all his fish in the dumpster in the parking lot...
  448. K

    Channel Islands Trip

    And it's probably the nicest boat up their, You can walk up the sides when people are fishing unlike some of those boats. Nice galley and bunk room also. Not to mention, One great captain that works his ass off to fill the bags with a variety and not just fish one spot and call it a swinging day...
  449. K

    Leaving your fish on the boat? Giving away your catch?

    So what happened to the fish, did they split it up with the passengers or did it go for side money for the crew? I hope you seen them split it up for the passengers!
  450. K

    Grande Sportfishing Report 11-13-19

    With only 14 people on the boat, Everyone could fish the stern. You pick a great day light load and American Limits, WOW!
  451. K

    RP 11/1-11/11 Part two

    What a trooper to stand out their in the rain and wind! There's no wahoo I would do that for, unless your getting a steady pick at them.
  452. K

    Best On board fish handling??

    My mistake it was in 2017 on the Penn Reels trip that you couldn't make, Renee ran boat. You must of been on the Penn reels last year, I was in Alaska and couldn't make that trip.
  453. K

    Best On board fish handling??

    We fished the Ridge also for 2 1/2 days (7 day trip)and got all we wanted of 20-35lb fish. Maybe they started doing that after Renee and Paul became co-owners. It's great there doing that, It makes me want to go ride with them and see the difference in Quality, compared to not GG them. It's a...
  454. K

    Best On board fish handling??

    Whats the boats Initials on their Improper handling?? It will help everyone who rides those boats to keep an eye on it and make their decision . Nobody wants to come home with fish that were not handled properly, Especially if the water isn't changed out a couple times a day or switched to...
  455. K

    Best On board fish handling??

    Did they do it for everyone or did you ask them? Last year they didn't gill and gut yellows, only tuna over 50 lbs.
  456. K

    100 Ton Master's Course

    Why don't you get a pack license first, Then go after the 100 ton?
  457. K

    Intel on La Jolla or Point Loma kelp for rock fishing

    It's even worse when the boat post pictures of the their catch. A 10 fish limit might weight 8 lbs. It's pretty Pathetic!!!!
  458. K

    Spinning reel for teenaager

    What is a good 30-40lb spinning reel for a 8-10 day trip, For fishing the ridge for tuna, yellows and hoo's? It's more or less for casting for my son, when he needs to cast and get the bait or Iron away from the boat. He usually fishes Accurate's for yo yoing or on dropper loops. But he needs a...
  459. K

    Fall 10 Day Fishing

    100 Agree. But you fish enough and know their will always be one of those guys on almost every trip. Just like if someone "one of those guys" won the lottery, They would still bitch and complain be cause they didn't get paid interest on the money they won from the time of winning it to actually...
  460. K

    Fall 10 Day Fishing

    Please don't tell me, That their was "one of Those guys" on the boat (that you PLUGGED) and bitched about it or ask for a partial refund.
  461. K

    Fall 10 Day Fishing

    I would love to have the chance at catching a 300lb BFT on the way home from the Ridge and the Rocks instead of stopping for ROCK COD. I wouldn't give a rats ass to where there fishing for those Jumbos, Catalina, San Clemente or even the bait receiver. Take it while you have the chance to land...
  462. K

    Can Overnight's still reach the tuna grounds?

    And while your on the phone with them "Ask them if your guaranteed to catch fish LOL.
  463. K

    Question about what operation at Cedros.

    The only problem with Baja Fishing Convoys is they will let you keep and kill all the Big Female Calicos. They don't practice catch and release or conservation on the big female breeders (calicos). :Beat_Them
  464. K

    sportboat name changes

    Got anymore articles to post!! We get the picture!!!!!!
  465. K


    The boat is great, The food is killer, But I don't know about the experience the new captain has fishing H.B. and the lower banks, Hopefully Mark or Paul will run the trip! Have fun.
  466. K

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    Need some more pictures to determine it.
  467. K

    Night time swords up high

    He did, But it went over my head. So many bells and whistles attached to the main line, Etc. He might as well spoke greek to me, at least I would understand some of it.
  468. K

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    The 3rd picture looks like the "A" Bomb picture without the ocean. Blame it on Trump.
  469. K

    For Sale deuce & half

    What year is it and motor size?
  470. K

    Do The Sportfishing Boats Ever Pay For Spotter Planes?

    The S.D Boats and Long Range Boats already do this, Along with the SAC plane and Fish Dope. :smoking33:
  471. K

    Looking for some fishing partners local inland empire

    Which is all the open party boats! LOL
  472. K

    Helium Prices!

  473. K

    Fishing Erendira and San Quintin in January???

    Why don't you take the other couple with you and ride in the back seat and split the cost's, They can take a tent and throw it in your truck and camp right next to you, Since you have everything and that Acura will not carry much in the way of supplies and slow you down,, That Acura will get...
  474. K

    Loreto Fishing Info

    Yep! And some of the Captains will even pick you up at the hotel, to get their business in the future!
  475. K

    Night time swords up high

    A Couple of my friends have been Killing them locally (off the East end of Cat) during the day and night between 1500'-2000', With a few trips of 2-3 fish in a 24 hr period. All you need is the right equipment, which is very costly with all the bells and whistles to go with it.
  476. K

    Upcoming Cow Trips - 16 & 18 day trips

    You guys should kill it on the Royal, You will have 2 of the TOP Captains in the Industry, Roy and Jeff! The food on the royal is probably the best in the fleet or maybe the second best. Have fun and kill'em!
  477. K

    YFT 20-30lbs SW of the 302 10-25-19

    I haven't seen a chrome bait hook for ages.
  478. K

    Full day boat, Point Loma sportfishing oct. 24

    If you don't like non paying passengers fishing, Which I agree (look at the pursuit in San Pedro The Captain and crew fishes along with 6-15 non paying passengers on a daily basis (my friends at work fish the boat all the time and It's the same every trip with crew and non paying customers...
  479. K

    Why So Many 2 Day Trips Instead of 2.5 Day Trips This Fall?!?

    I didn't say 1 day trips, The thread is about 2.5 days. No shit, nobody wants to leave at noon for an overnight trip! Also L.R. boats usually turn around in 2-3 hrs, I've been on a L.R trip when they turned in in just over 1 hour.
  480. K

    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    No, They would raise it to around 10%, After everybody takes their cut (city taxes,port fees,bait company,etc) then the landing or boat would get appx 3% of that 10% after it is cut up. that 3% is separate and does not get divided up. That's why they charge it separate fee and don't include it...
  481. K

    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    Do you think the boats would report all the cash to uncle Sam??? Look how much they would save on taxes by not declaring it!!!! Your allowed to keep petty cash as long as you have receipts to CYA.
  482. K

    3.5% service charge on Excel if you use CC?

    I heard some landings/boats are charging that fee whether you pay with cash, check, credit card, gold bars, It doesn't matter, there getting their 3% or your not going fishing.
  483. K

    Why So Many 2 Day Trips Instead of 2.5 Day Trips This Fall?!?

    What about the 2.5 day boats that get in the morning and turn around a leave again at noon, 2pm whatever. Their not losing any days or money if they keep running back to back trips. Do you think long range boats lose money, when they get in early and leave the same day?
  484. K

    Why So Many 2 Day Trips Instead of 2.5 Day Trips This Fall?!?

    Not at night, but their has been a lot of bites right before dusk and into the night.
  485. K


    Was that off point fermin a long time ago?
  486. K

    The tuna bite

    I wouldn't do Long Beach or the Thunder bird, Go to San Diego. If your taking your girlfriend or wife I would do a 1.5 day trip on a boat with staterooms (she would like that vs sleeping in a bunk room) A 1.5 day will give you more travel and fishing time if the fish slide down or out s/w of San...
  487. K

    Grande or Liberty? Didnt do too well on our own boat 10/20

    Both boats you mentioned are good, But I would seriously consider going on the San Diego out of SeaForth Sportfishing!!! Just go back and look at the fish counts for the Liberty, Grande and the San Diego, It may shock you with the numbers the San Diego post compared to the other 2. Just my 2...
  488. K

    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    Why buy a ticket, When you can fish and get paid for doing it!
  489. K

    Openings on 2-day trip aboard Pacifica Oct. 25-27

    Should we bring our bait caster rods with some assorted grubs?
  490. K

    Openings on 2-day trip aboard Pacifica Oct. 25-27

    If they strike out off shore they may do some Power drifting for halibut in the shallows Or If the grunion are running they can load up on them.:-)
  491. K

    Cat report

    Just follow the Native Sun or Find them on your own.
  492. K

    Tuna Seiners

    That's exactly what needs to be done, Just like they did with the gill netters after it was to late!
  493. K

    Tuna Seiners

    I'm going to start buying cat food in the tuna flavor, Instead of buying the chunk lite tuna, Silly me!
  494. K

    Full Day on Point Loma ( can I bring a cooler?)

    If everyone brought one it sure would look like a shit show. It would look like those Texas overnight charter boats, You just tie your fish sack, bag whatever "To the rail in front of where your fishing on the boat ":shake:. But I'm sure if he asked they would let him once and not make a habit...
  495. K

    Full Day on Point Loma ( can I bring a cooler?)

    See my comment on #6. You should not have a problem, Also, I would take 10-15 lbs of dry ice, Instead of Ice (You don't want to lug down 80lbs of ice in the bag. Just don't let the dry ice touch the fish and your fish will be nice and cool. Let me know what happens!
  496. K

    Full Day on Point Loma ( can I bring a cooler?)

    I have never heard of a limit of Bags you can take on a boat and never seen that NO ICE is allowed to be brought aboard Any boat :rofl:. I've been on some boats where people bring duffel bags that are a lot bigger than some of the kill bags and they store them on the deck or up top. I was on a...
  497. K

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    I thought that Bill Poole was the First to run Long Range Trips/Boats, I could be wrong!
  498. K

    1 1/2 Day Tuna Trip on Pegasus 10/1-10/3

    :finger: Those Skipjack, Now I know what not to use, What were the YFT eating?
  499. K

    Full Day on Point Loma ( can I bring a cooler?)

    Generally "NO ICE CHEST" allowed on boats, Due to space and for safety reasons (sliding around the deck) However It doesn't say anything about taking a kill bag with some ice in it. It doesn't say anything about taking a kill bag take,, a manageable size (like the size of a big duffle bag) You...
  500. K

    Pacifica Sportfishing

    No worries, Just curious who is running the boat. Next trip theirs one with your name on it :goldfish:.
  501. K

    Long hunt for the Albies

    If it's not a problem Shoot me over the slaw recipe, My son doesn't like the traditional cole slaw recipe.
  502. K

    Yield on the big tuna processing

    I agree with you 100% on the the yield amount!! :cheers:
  503. K

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    Out of curiousity do you have the names of the Boats that are Solas certified? I was under the Impression that all the L.R. Boats were Solas certified???
  504. K

    Long hunt for the Albies

    At least you got the skunk off the boat and got one, You were determined and made it back safe. Their is always another day. I gotta try that breaded and fried Albacore. What did you bread it with and what size did you cut the pieces into?
  505. K

    Pacifica Sportfishing

    Who was the Captain/Captains on your trip?
  506. K

    Sea Adventure 80 10/5 - Reviews/Tips

    I would agree somewhat, But in the the reviews you can figure out if they know how to fish in the way they explain their story, However reviews are an excellent source on the boats overall condition ( dirty bathrooms, galley, bunk room, If the blankets can stand upright, dirty pillow cases etc...
  507. K

    Pacifica Sportfishing

    At least you caught some fish and made it home safely!
  508. K

    Escape Hatch Quandry

    Hopefully ALL BOATS now will have someone on deck (nightwatchman or whatever you call them) in light of the recent incident. I'm more less talking about the short range boats 1-3 days, In the past couple of years some boats couldn't even keep the Captain awake while underway , Much less having a...
  509. K

    Sea Adventure 80 10/5 - Reviews/Tips

    Go read yelp or trip advisor reviews, Plenty of reading to answer all your questions!!!
  510. K

    Need 1 for Friday 9/27

    Split $150 for fuel 4 ways??? Only if you want to fish at the bait receiver.
  511. K

    No harness Lugs let’s see what you do

    I would love to watch someone pulling on 50lbs of drag for a period of time and not using the rail untill,, it's straight up and down. That would be an ass kicker. :1041677399:
  512. K

    2 spots available on Apollo trip to Guadalupe

    Now that's what you call a true limited load!!!!!! Other boats same size sell tickets for 28 as a limited load in the same boat size :finger:!! That would be a trip to be on with all the amenities of a L.R. boat.
  513. K

    Long Beach lobster spots?

    Theirs some Excellent lobster spots just south of Cabrillo boat ramp and west of Davies. Good luck!!
  514. K

    Yft Wide open.

    Unless I'm missing something, Correct me if I'm wrong.
  515. K

    Yft Wide open.

    All I seen was Skippys and no YFT>
  516. K

    Finally found some dodos

    I thought it was Mexicos weather buoy/station. LOL
  517. K

    Big Bluefin Or Bust Trip Departing Sunday September 29th on the Thunderbird

    That's a great deal, ONLY 20 Passengers and the food Included!!!:cheers:
  518. K

    Aloha Spirit 9/30/2019

    What's up with their prices?? They are starting to charge as much as San Diego's fleet!!! San Diego has a reason, They pay appx 43% of their ticket sales in misc fees paid to the landing, city, bait company etc, before they even leave the dock!!!! The landings up north probably don't even pay...
  519. K

    Looking for shared boat 9/20

    Check out bongos sportfishing in newport beach. They have 2, 6 paks
  520. K

    2.5 Day Legend 10/04-10/07

    Agree with you, even make it 10, There's plenty of people that would pay the extra amount to fish with 10, I am one of them. Plus now the boat doesn't need to feed 28, Instead the boat could use the difference in money on people they have to feed (10) and buy better quality food ( filet mignon...
  521. K

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Way to GO!!!!!! I'm sure that made him one happy camper and will never forget that trip. Good karma will come your way!!!!
  522. K

    Deep Drop Swords

    Just like some idots on sportboats using 30lb line to get bit on those BIG butterball BFT"s (when the captain is telling everyone on the boat to use a Minimum 80lb test,, And the guy fights it for 6-8 hrs a looses it (in the meantime everyone was waiting since the beginning of the stop to get...
  523. K

    Deep Drop Swords

    Thresher that deep, unbelievable
  524. K


    How do you get 4 gay guys on a bar stool?? Turn it upside down!!:gay:bieber
  525. K

    Clemente overnight info?

    When it's closed or their shelling the Island it"s closed!
  526. K

    El Dorado?

    I heard you guys had a lot of fish on that trip.
  527. K

    Sunday 9/15

    You did very well getting BFT on the troll especially the bigger one!:appl:
  528. K

    The yellowtail?

    Those are some big ass yellows!
  529. K

    9/15 Sunday - Who’s Going Offshore?

    The reason the bite is off the past couple of days (especially today) is because TOOOO MUCH Boat traffic!! These fish are spread out from the San Clemente Island to just above Ensenada!. Stay away from the dog and pony show and go find your own spot, You will be better off and probably whack em...
  530. K

    coho at Icy Bay Lodge, Ak

    You caught all your fish on the beach in front of the lodge?? I would rather fish the beach also, Joshua loved fishing in front of the lodge with you. I just showed Joshua your pictures and now he's mad at me, For me and Josh not going up with you on your trip :Beat_Them. I'm Glad you had a...
  531. K

    Bait Tank

    Taken 3" off the height (for plumbing) it is 75 gallons, the water weight is just under 626 lbs. If you knew the math why did you estimate 45-50 gallons, The actual gallons is 50% more than your guess!! I was just trying to be nice about it and you got to be a dick about :finger:
  532. K

    Bait Tank

    Those measurements = 82.44 gallons and the water only weights 688 lbs. Thats a lot of weight to put on a swim step. That is a sweet bait tank, Put a coat of L P on it and good as new!
  533. K

    What happened to the Chief

    Maybe he had his Radio OFF, when someone was trying to tell him not to do it that way?????????????
  534. K

    What happened to the Chief

  535. K

    Jig ID

    Looks like one of the first Candy Bars
  536. K

    Part one

    Your probably one of Dave's Brown nosers, I'm mean that literally!! Why don't you see how far you can get your nose up his ass and due what you do best!
  537. K

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    Some people like to fish that way and have their favorite boat, I'm sure there's a few boats to the exception. I just prefer to stick with the L.R boats, I've had nothing but great experience's on them and I cant say that with the other boats, It has nothing to do with catching or not catching fish.
  538. K

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    That goes to show you people don't look at what you get on a long range boat for the price you per day! One day on the "So called limited load boats (60-80 foot boats) carry more passengers than some of the long range boats,, And their paying $300 for an over night trip, sleeping in a smelly...
  539. K

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    Because it's night and day comparison to the 1-3 day boats. Would you rather have your dinner that comes from a can or the freezer or have it all made from scratch and eat like a king? A smelley bunk room or a state room?? Top sirloin steak or filet mignon? The list goes on and on and they are...
  540. K

    Safety on the Water

    I guess you can also be struct by lighting! :Smoke_Emoticon:
  541. K

    H&M Landing Strikes Again!

    A trip on the Apollo has 4 spots open leaving Saturday night ( 2 days) and is limited to 18 people. Cost is $580 and it includes your meals. The Apollo is a first class operation, clean boat, Long range style food (Not Sea Adventure 80 style food) Great crew, Very Fishy (more so than the SA 80)...
  542. K

    2.5 Day Legend 10/04-10/07

    Your not going to have any problem filling up the empty spots. It's prime time and the closer you get (A week before the trip) People will be begging to find a spot. You guys will get all the YFT'S you want and probably a good shot at the BFT'S to round it out. One more Hurricane from down...
  543. K

    Safety on the Water

    Great idea, Unless your on a mooring or tied up to a dock!
  544. K

    coho at Icy Bay Lodge, Ak

    I should of made the trip with you and Just left Joshua to stay with his Mother!!:(
  545. K

    Dream trip or just dreaming???

    Halibut limit is 4 per year for non residents (you stated you live in Cleveland Ohio) and Lings are 2 per year in most parts of Alaska! Even if you buy tags it still counts toward your annual limit, That's what I was told. In order to ship back a couple of thousand pounds of fillets, Your 4...
  546. K

    Part one

    When someone is possibly in a life and death situtation on the water and the Coast Guard finds out you were in close proximity to the vessel that was in distress and did not help them!!! Just tell the Coast Guard that Captain Dave Hansen (Fishing guide) suggest that we don't monitor the radio...
  547. K

    Part one

    I 100% agree with you, As I stated above (maybe I wasn't clear enough) Those are the two things to rely on getting saved offshore, Along with your ditch bag, flares,dye and a hand held radio when help is getting close to you. :cheers:
  548. K

    Part one

    The main thing you need on a boat is a Class A EPRIB and a good DSC Raido with a big antenna. That eprib will save your culo every time even without a raido ( tie the eprib to your life raft or yourself). You should also have some dye paks to put in water when you here a approaching helicopter.
  549. K

    Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    Hero or asshole in some eyes! You can never win.. That's why fisherman will be fisherman and cry babies will be cry babies. bottom line!
  550. K

    El Dorado?

    Your suppose to check the water temperature every few hours and should change out the water every couple of days.. Sounds like they weren't doing their job!!!
  551. K

    Overnight recommendations: Producer or Mustang?

    You will be fine that far south (Just west of the Coronados) Read the forecast closer, The shitty weather will be on the western portion of the forcasted area. S/E 5-10 knots and 4foot @10sec. That is plenty fishable
  552. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    How does it work with the lawsuit (formal papers to show he did everything to make the boat seaworthy and for safety) the owner filed to limit his liability? He stated he did everything prior to the fire for safety/seaworthiness, etc. He (the 1/2 owner) said during his speech to the press and...
  553. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    I get the first part of your comment (anything is possible) But what does an Autopsy have to do with no roaming night watchman???
  554. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    I guess it came out from the NTSB that "The boat was in lack of a roaming night watchman!!
  555. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    The NTSB today stated: "The boat was in lack of a roaming night watch" along with "It would of been difficult to access the escape hatch easily". Sounds to me that their wasn't a roaming night watch!
  556. K

    Live bait

    You need to go when it's not busy. I know, Their would be a bunch of pissed off people behind you.
  557. K

    Live bait

    That's why we use buckets with a little bait in it when transfering from receiver onto boat. It's less stress on the bait and will hold up when everyone uses the scoop and dies a few hours latter. It takes about 20 passes to make 1 scoop. It takes time but it's well worth it to keep your bait...
  558. K

    In light of the Conception fire, which boats are equipped properly?

    You said it perfect, No matter what safety equipment is in place, 99% of the accidents are Human Error, Not paying attention, Sleeping at the wheel, Pure negligence, etc. As said the Coast guard has requirements for passenger for hire vessel's and if not compliant the boat will not pass their...
  559. K

    Tuna processing at home?

    So that's where the water comes from in the bag when defrosted, Glad to know that.:daman:
  560. K

    Tuna processing at home?

    Just make sure their is no cameras that can get you dumping them and your license plateLOL
  561. K

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    It was a female crew member missing and she was down below sleeping, Her sister was on the news today saying her sister worked on the boat, crying why did this happen and now I don't have my sister, very sad.
  562. K

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    The BIG question was their somebody on watch????? In my opinion, If their was, I'm sure he would have smelt smoke or visually see the fire. The other boat (grape escape said that ALL the crew members were in their underwear except for the Captain, he only had on a pair of jeans when they found...
  563. K

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    If they have a ladder, I could name a few S.D. boats that don't have a ladder to access it, I'm not going to name the boats, so save yourself the question on which boats they are. Some of the Boats access hatch would be hard for people in good shape to go through it. Let me know what you find...
  564. K

    sportboat name changes

    Unless someone photo shop the picture, That is the lines and structure of the Finalista on fire, Maybe that picture wasn't available when it went to court.
  565. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Very interesting, I'm surprised they even allow the tanks to be inside the galley, even with a remote shut off valve. ONE Small Explosion (5 gallon tank or smaller with limited fuel) Could set the entire galley on fire within seconds.
  566. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    I forget to mention, when the tank exploded it bounced off two sides of the concrete bldg (on an angle) before going through the steel fence. It was like a rocket on the ground and after all was said and done, the 30 gallon tank was split open from top to bottom, It looked more like a big taco...
  567. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    I had a 30 gallon propane tank explode at my office. It was almost empty and the explosion it made blew out car windows near by and ripped a 4 foot hole in a steel fence.The tank was 10 years old and probably developed a small leak, which created the explosion. Every propane tank has a...
  568. K

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Does anyone know if their galley stove uses propane??? I Guarantee you the Coast Guard will rewrite what required equipment will be required and not to be on boats (especially propane tanks) on any passenger for hire boats in the near future. It is truly sad that this had to happen to open up...
  569. K

    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    All Passenger for hire (sportboats) ARE required to have a secondary (emergency) exit for down below, This is a Coast Guard Requirement. Generally they come up through the galley floor. However, Getting up to the hatch can be tricky with no ladder. Generally you would need to climb on a bunk to...
  570. K

    Pacifica Sportsfishing

    If my Aunt had nuts "She would of been my uncle". It's still a F__king Accident!! ,, No matter which way you say it!
  571. K

    Pacifica Sportsfishing

    Or have a captain involved in 2 boat crashes in one year. Who Runs the Pacifica now????
  572. K

    Bed bugs on boats

    Was it the dolphin motel, They use to rent rooms by the hour??
  573. K

    Bed bugs on boats

    Spend the extra $$ and go on a better boat that has a cleaning crew come inn and change the sheets and pillow cases, etc on on every trip. Some of those day boats change the pillow cases when they look dirty. Your lucky thats all you got.
  574. K

    Looking for multiday trips near Central CA

    Try Cisco's landing in September/October The Ranger 85 will do some 2-3 day trips fishing Tanner/Cortez etc, When they return from San Diego.
  575. K

    Kokiak Island, 2020

    Here is a quick run down on Kodiak, nothings in order...Directly across the street from the harbor master in Kodiak is a Restaurant/bar that has Great food, it's pricey but good. Fishing is ok, not many halibut over 100lbs caught, salmon fishing ok along with some rock cods. Theirs not much to...
  576. K

    For Sale Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    :finger: Your the one Who asked the question, Because you must be Illiterate and couldn't figure it out AFTER the original poster clarified it.:rofl:
  577. K

    When can I take a look at it?

    When can I take a look at it?
  578. K

    For Sale Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    :shake: He said cruising at 3000 rpm is about 23mph and to figure 1 mile per gallon!! Now do you get it???
  579. K

    US waters tomorrow

    One boat today got 76YFT for 10 people. You and 1000 other people will be out in full force tomorrow. You might as well go drop your boat at Shelter Island and get your bait tonight or shortly after midnight if you plan on fishing tomorrow. The line for the bait receiver tomorrow morning will...
  580. K

    SOA 4 Day Report - 8/16 - 8/20

    Here is a little secret, While Everyone is in the stern throwing a bait and fighting the cluster fuck. Get a hot bait, go up to the bow drop in your bait (you don't need to cast it) then wait for the magic. You will probably hook more fish than other people and you won't be elbow to elbow and...
  581. K

    5 STAR Makes it right

    My bad, Missed read it.:daman:
  582. K

    5 STAR Makes it right

    YEP, And they probably gave him someone else's fish, Since his was missing!! What a business.
  583. K

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    That's true, No one is forcing people to stay at a slip if they dont won't to!!! I'm sure their is a waiting list for a slip in H.H. that someone would love to have and deal with it!!!!
  584. K

    Yellowfin US waters????

    Your a Winner!!! They are fishing below and with the S.D. Fleet.
  585. K

    Yellowfin US waters????

  586. K

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    On your 5th reply, Don't be to hard on yourself, I don't think Dan Hernadez is better than you, I would say you two or pretty much even.
  587. K

    Any news from Yakutat?

    Thanks for the Info.
  588. K

    Any news from Yakutat?

    How big of Halibut?? Whats the average size of the halibut?? Do you have any idea how far their traveling for the big halibut? Thank you
  589. K

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    :puff: Maybe your gain is turned off.
  590. K

    Fishing Albacore in Washington or Oregon.

    It's a nice boat, Too bad their sold out for the next 2 months
  591. K

    Fishing Albacore in Washington or Oregon.

    Can anyone that has fished albacore in Washington or Oregon, Give me any recommendations on what boats to charter or open party to fish a couple of days up their this month? Thanks
  592. K

    Albacore trips

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction to find a boat to fish albacore on, It can be charter or open party? I am not familiar with Oregon. Any help would be appericated. Thanks
  593. K

    Fishing Albacore

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a boat to go albacore fishing. Either charter or open party. I have never fished their and don't know anything about the boats up their. Thanks
  594. K

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Salmon back in the 70's, 1/2 mile out of the harbor.
  595. K

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    I thought Jerrys tackle box was first (back in the 70's), Then he moved to Pier Ave (In the late 80's /early 90's). When Hermosa went through their make over (closing off pier ave at Hermosa ave) Is when Pete left Pier Ave and went to 190th st appx 15 years ago???
  596. K

    2020 long range schedules

    Alot of the L.R. Boats already posted their 2020 schedule, However they generally won't take reservations until the 2019 trip for the same trip the following year has finished. It gives the customers first shot a booking the same trip for the following year, Usually it opens up for reservations...
  597. K

    Mystery Fish ..

    Do you can them yourself or is their a place you can take them to get canned for a fee???
  598. K

    Doritos 7/28

    Poor LITTLE Yellowtail, probably enough to make 4 fish tacos:shake::deadhorse
  599. K

    I'll try to talk with him. I heard today from some of the surrounding tenants that he was...

    I'll try to talk with him. I heard today from some of the surrounding tenants that he was looking for someone to run the shop or take it over and he is wanting to walk away from it! I don't know how much merit their is to that?? Hopefully he keeps it!!! Thanks
  600. K

    Thanks for that, Did he say what caused it and what time and how it happened?? Is his or the...

    Thanks for that, Did he say what caused it and what time and how it happened?? Is his or the property owners insurance going to cover it?? I know Pete doesn't have a lot of $$ laying around. Maybe I'll start a go fund me page if the Insurance doesn't cover it. I've known Pete close to 50 years...
  601. K

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Does anyone know, Where Pete has been and If everything is OK with him,,, His shop has been closed for over 3 weeks with no sign or anything about when he will open, etc. Pete never leaves the shop closed for more than a couple hrs without someone being their. If anyone knows anything, I would...
  602. K

    Question, What's the reason to button down the drag before soaking it in fresh water? Just...

    Question, What's the reason to button down the drag before soaking it in fresh water? Just curious, I never heard of that.
  603. K

    Avet went overboard

  604. K

    Ken, Joshua and myself want to Thank You for the GREAT present you gave Joshua for his Birthday...

    Ken, Joshua and myself want to Thank You for the GREAT present you gave Joshua for his Birthday at Icy Bay Lodge. He wears it all the time and LOVES IT!!!! It was a pleasure fishing with you. Your a Very Special Person!! Thank You for Your company while at the lodge and for the gift. Kevin & Joshua.
  605. K

    Choosing the right dean

    Were you using fluorocarbon?? What was the other guy using?? What lb test and color was it?? The hooks and sizes make a big difference. How long was your leader??? Did you try shoulder hooking it or even collar hooking it?? There are a lot of variables and not just the hottest sardine. But I...
  606. K

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    Is your wifes name Peggy Bundy? Go buy a good steam iron. 5 minutes later it will look brand new.
  607. K

    FREE green egg BBQ

    You should of never got rid of them. If they crack, break, etc, Green Egg will replace them for FREE> They have a lifetime warranty.
  608. K

    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Do you ever go out and not catch anything?? Every time you post you just kill it. You should change your screen name to "The Fish God". You have some unbelievable reports! :notworthy
  609. K

    Sitka -- Great Fishing Great Place -- weird size limits (slots) suck

    Basically the gaf is for people that already caught their limit for the day and were continuing to catch and release halibut. If you caught a 200lb after you already had your limit, The GAF program would give you the option to pay the tag fee (Appx $150-$300 dollars depending on the boats...
  610. K

    Need help from some BFT guys

    Your equipment is good for fish up to 40lbs max. If you hooked a 80 lb bluefin on your penn 500 (jig master) The side plates would probably blow out before you got spooled. Now your out of fish and and reel!! Just go rent 2 outfits from the landing, Your odds of landing a fish are a lot better.
  611. K

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    It's all good. There's people out their that will spend $3-4k on trips and bitch about $30.00 in parking. I can't figure that out.
  612. K

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    It's the Blind leading the Blind.
  613. K

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    You spend how much money on a 1.5 day trip when you add it all up???? And you complain about $10.00 in parking fees or walk from ASW???
  614. K

    Redondo King harbor

    They have metered parking inside of the marina, right next to start of the break wall.
  615. K

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    I believe the Royal Star does the same thing. It's cheaper if you call their office, Instead of doing it on the internet.
  616. K

    22nd street pursuit

    The only thing that will change is that ,, with summer just around the corner it will bring out more people fishing and more people on the boat!!! I know you don't want to hear that.
  617. K

    22nd street pursuit

    That sucks, God gave you lemons, now go make some lemon aide
  618. K

    Boat Suggestions - July SD Trip

    Islander, don't think twice
  619. K

    Tuna for Money

    Call the Fish and Game and get the answer your looking for from the horses mouth.
  620. K

    Tuna for Money

    100% Accurate
  621. K


    What is the good cause, You only accept large quantity?
  622. K

    1.5 Chief

    I'll take that plan B all day long with that quality of those yellows, at least they weren't killing those 3-5 pound fish! I have respect for that boat.
  623. K

    Finally going to make the crossing

    And the people that don't have a radar the go flying through the water at 25-30 knots night or when it's foggy, That's the ones that scare the shit out of me and other peoples safety. Even if you have Radar, they come up on you FAST out of nowhere!!
  624. K

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Don't go right behind them, or you will have an "E" ticket ride, Stay way behind them, Their wake is big and very close together. I learned that in my Younger days on a friends boat and he was a cluster.
  625. K

    Starboard bait table

    That is one sweet table and kudos to you, For offering it for free. Good Karma will come your way.
  626. K

    89 and counting...

    :finger: Our ocean needs all the help it can get from this kind of B.S that happens everyday!!!
  627. K

    Catching Crawfish to Eat

    What is the obsession with these sewer dwellers (crawfish)?? Am I missing something???
  628. K

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    I think King Harbor is not even 30' deep anywhere at the deepest point, Let alone 60-65' deep.
  629. K

    One and Done but Better than None - Nados 5/24

    That's a sweet yellowtail. Look on the bright side about his shorts, He could of worn one of those Goofy Ass Captain Hats!!
  630. K


    Do what all the other weekend warriors (green boaters) do, Get to the horseshoe around 10:30 - 11:00am,, Pick out your favorite 1/2 day boat and wait for him to pull his anchor (to go back to the dock for their p.m. trip). As he starts pulling his anchor get right on his ass and drop your anchor...
  631. K

    5-18-19 Report

    There not reds, There Maggot infested Salmon Groupers aka bocaccio.
  632. K

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    Call "Just fishing by Pete", He is in Redondo Beach (310) 376-7035. He has a lot of used poles and reels. I'm pretty sure he will be able help you out. Good luck, Just tell him "Kevin " referred me and "said that you would give me a good deal"
  633. K

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    That would be like going golfing and only taking a putter to play 9 rounds. Rent a couple of outfits.
  634. K

    Halibut Day Trip Recommendations out of Seward

    I Agree Andy is probably the best. But the only negative thing about trying to book a charter with him, You better do it a year in advance, He fills up his trips fast!
  635. K

    89 and counting...

    When the boat runs every day the galley should be stocked like all the other boats. Good for you in the wheel house, am I suppose to be impressed??
  636. K

    89 and counting...

    Sport boats have no problem charging Extra $$$$ for a limited load (when the actually take like 5 people less than a regular trip). Why don't they Charge less when it's overbooked and give a discount.??? 90 plus people on any boat would be a cluster fuck, I don't care what size the boat is. The...
  637. K

    New boat Hull failure

    I smell a lawsuit
  638. K

    Catalina 5-9-19

    Good for you Dad, He will NEVER forget that day and he was with you when he did it on his own.:jig: