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  1. Richard Cranium

    Spolar Gold Reloader 12g

    I have a Spolar Gold that I want to sell along with some empty 12g shells. Going to post pics and serial # of this reloading beast. Send PM's to me if your interested..
  2. Richard Cranium

    Jose Wejebe of Spanish Fly Dies!!!

    Shocked and Saddend to read this. RIP..
  3. Richard Cranium

    500+ Blue Marlin Jumps in the Boat at Tropic Star Lodge

    Damnations, what a read! I can't imagine what it sounded like when it went apeshit, from the pic it looked like it got pinned under the chair for a bit with those scars on the weigh in pic.
  4. Richard Cranium

    Venice fishing report

    Gotta love the email address...Fish with me and get a great buzz
  5. Richard Cranium

    Exotics from the shore?

    :git::git:Would this qualify? It was quite the catch!
  6. Richard Cranium

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Product Pack - Ending 9/22/11

    Hey Bro looks like you got a Big One on...Check THIS OUT!
  7. Richard Cranium

    Another tough day

    Capt. G, Did you get the mold of the lure "with the pink-tickler" from one of those hard candy rings you purchased when you were fishing in the San Francisco area on your last visit to the states?
  8. Richard Cranium

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

  9. Richard Cranium

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

    Shaka in da Rainbow Tank Brah!
  10. Richard Cranium

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending July 14th, 2011 at 5pm

    The Booger Eater comes face to face with favorite Bedtime Story...... Fish Heads...Fish Heads Roly Poly... Fish Heads Fish Heads... Fish Heads Eat Them up, YUM!
  11. Richard Cranium

    Wal Mart Pooter fun....

  12. Richard Cranium

    WSB!!!! and CALICO'S to boot

    WOW! Break out the multiple vacuum packing machines...Great sesh
  13. Richard Cranium

    Larry Dahlberg's Diver Frog

    Did you fish with the Kermit? If not then don't try and hijack the thread db.
  14. Richard Cranium

    Tropic Star Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends June 2nd, 2011 : 5:00 PM

    I have to give it to you brah. In all my years with izorline. That was one hell of a Spectacular cast you just demonstrated..Your going to kill it in Panama.
  15. Richard Cranium

    Yellowtail Caption Contest Presented by ProTackle your Jigging and Popping Authority

    Alka Seltzer and Seagulls is not a Myth after all...
  16. Richard Cranium

    Red Tuna Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends May 26th, 2011

  17. Richard Cranium

    Red Tuna Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends May 26th, 2011

    It has been documented...The "YMCA" species of fish does exist.....Saluki can finally troll inshore with is assortment of fleshielights and get bit.
  18. Richard Cranium

    Red Tuna Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends May 26th, 2011

    Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are....Ha-cha-cha-chaaaaaaa!
  19. Richard Cranium

    Reason to Bern one's runs to the wall in Dana

    Way to go John! Nice read.
  20. Richard Cranium

    Holy Swordfish

    Way to go!
  21. Richard Cranium

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Huge...Keep the focus and wipe out the rest of the bullshit he was commanding..
  22. Richard Cranium

    Jaw Jerkin Fun on Falcon

  23. Richard Cranium

    sc golf course

    Go check out DLB in FV...
  24. Richard Cranium

    What good can you say about PV??

    Yeah...Capt. Josh's reports are the shit...I miss it...It was like reading a book from the first chapter and not wanting to put it away.....
  25. Richard Cranium

    Identification Help?

  26. Richard Cranium

    steve coggn lures

    You just can not describe it other than SEXY, and SEXY does not lie...
  27. Richard Cranium

    Ice, Ice Bass

    Is that a Suzuki Hayabusa outboard?
  28. Richard Cranium

    Update on Japan Earthquake.

    Capt. G, I'm glad to see you and your family are ok. Take care and prayers sent for your friends and business aquaintances to the North of you.
  29. Richard Cranium

    My Photography from around western Australia....

    This is amazing...
  30. Richard Cranium

    My Photography from around western Australia....

    WOW...Thanks for sharing..FANTASTIC PICS! I dig "Red Bluff by Night, Kalbarri"...Cheers...
  31. Richard Cranium

    Team Baylor: Toledo Bend Reservoir Day 1

    Great post! Glad its getting warmer....Great BD sticker placement...Classic!
  32. Richard Cranium

    regrettably, had to join the club.

    Sorry for your lose Mike...Been there before...Take care dood.
  33. Richard Cranium

    LAB(APHEX)Part 1

    Great vid
  34. Richard Cranium

    Facebook comment of the year......

    Classic! Great one Saluki!
  35. Richard Cranium

    Bass Baytes.

    Fish net stockings?
  36. Richard Cranium

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    It's all about the Oldsmobile 442....
  37. Richard Cranium

    Hi, My Name is Capt. G,

    She was..The blond had a better set of :boobies: Good times.
  38. Richard Cranium

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    1966 Shelby Cobra 427 vid... Loud and Mean!
  39. Richard Cranium

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    Nope...Check the post...There is a B-2 Patch 393rd...
  40. Richard Cranium

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    Im done..for now...From my home state.. going to Bayou Barriere to Belle Chase..Woodland Hwy..
  41. Richard Cranium

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    I wanted to post on this and the next one... Ali enjoy...
  42. Richard Cranium

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    Since my nephew looks like the Mad Magazine Dood.. edition 396 Letterman and edition 397 Sandra Taco's for those that keep them....
  43. Richard Cranium

    Trick shot Quarterback

  44. Richard Cranium

    STICK Figures

  45. Richard Cranium

    Congratulations Packers!

    This should be your profile pic till the end of the superbowl..
  46. Richard Cranium

    Twas The Night Before Fishmas

    Great Read!
  47. Richard Cranium

    > NIGHT OPS. V.220 <

    Silent and Deadly...
  48. Richard Cranium

    Paradise Ridge: Looking For Investors

    Standard read for those in the Bass insanity realm...Pretty much covers all the characters that are in line for Parsdise Ridge...Do you have single digit golfer with a 2 piece rod in the bag on the roster? My LI is a 5...
  49. Richard Cranium

    Killing Pablo

    Good stuff! Congrats on the PB! How yum yum is the Escolar Sashimi?? Do they flat out pull drag deep and then get nasty when they get by the boat? Great Pics..Operator....
  50. Richard Cranium


    Ok...Rocket Launcher issues...
  51. Richard Cranium

    Base Jumping....Dean's Blue Hole...

    Just WOW!
  52. Richard Cranium

    Going off the Grid

    Just have a laugh dood! You will flat out tear it up! Just have a laugh....
  53. Richard Cranium

    NZ fly fishing...

    Do any of you old salts that fly fish remember the famed mouse year that was written into your fly fishing folklore?....This vid makes me want to fly fish NZL... YouTube - Fly fishing DVD Video - 2009 Drake Flyfishing Video Awards Winning Clip
  54. Richard Cranium

    DVL 10/25

    Sweet! Nice PB and a missed reach around from capt g...
  55. Richard Cranium

    Swamp People

    Love it..Grew up in St. Charles Parish..
  56. Richard Cranium

    And you think you've got problems...

  57. Richard Cranium

    After work catching

    WTG dood!
  58. Richard Cranium

    Kelly Slater best athlete ever?

    no...he is not a scratch no...
  59. Richard Cranium


    The most interesting Horse in the World..
  60. Richard Cranium

    G U N S L I N G E R

    Ohhh my....Dat is Sexy bra!...Operator?
  61. Richard Cranium

    The Sun Sets with Mark Fretwell (SD Angler)

    A fine tribute to such and amazing person....Perfect.....EPIC!...Fair Winds and Following Seas....
  62. Richard Cranium

    One for the Ages

    Really...WOW! That sunset pic was killa...
  63. Richard Cranium

    Can anyone help identify this rod blank?

    I agree...Full on PussyWillow...or a SnatchumKnot
  64. Richard Cranium

    Miramar Air Show..Oct 1-3...Blue Angels..

    They will be tearing up the airspace in and around Miramar....The show in person is EPIC and so wicked loud....Watch out for the sneak passes from the solo's..:eyepoppin YouTube - Best Blue Angels Music Video: "Pump Up The Angels"
  65. Richard Cranium

    Lights Out

    Just classic!
  66. Richard Cranium

    Ambushing some Pussy...

    Meeeeooowwww YouTube - Cat Ambush
  67. Richard Cranium

    Bass Slayfest

    Sweet..Nice gill grabowski..That must have been the 8...
  68. Richard Cranium

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    YouTube - CRAZY Football Hits and Tackles
  69. Richard Cranium

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    I used to be foxhole...because I would get to sleep early on away golf tournaments or outings..I would play better golf, and feel way better on those 7am tee times, on plenty of rest..So I was called a dickhead for not partying all night before playing a killer track..So I had it changed to...
  70. Richard Cranium

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Do you thinkski, the douchebagski might be having a rethinkski about all his bullshitski?
  71. Richard Cranium

    ANGLER PROFILE #16 - Kelpbass_Kid

    :appl::appl::appl::appl: Good stuff! Your passion and drive for fishing is a gift! Keep the posts coming and the youtube vids..I think a fishing show is coming in the near future..
  72. Richard Cranium

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    I might speak some foxhole on this one :rofl:
  73. Richard Cranium


    Board Room I raise the glass till there is no more.. Wake up in Paso.. Idle wind chimes before they start to sing... Jaws.. Intimidation Side Out Grindage Walking the Back Nine in the Early Morning Talent
  74. Richard Cranium


    (Ingredients) Here's to you FRIENDOS! Thanks for makin' life grand! Show em' if you got em'. Looking forward to seeing what you see. Shaka. [/B] Spookey..same time and thought.....different place..same sunset pic you took.. Damn Seagulls! Epic Redfish bite @ Port...
  75. Richard Cranium

    Dekka Do Do, Eat Da Poo Poo

    Classis...Miss it...Wondering about a Mardi Gras rod....
  76. Richard Cranium

    Biwa Lake News

    Very nice!
  77. Richard Cranium

    Amazing 3 day Trip to Catalina Island

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: :worship:
  78. Richard Cranium


    Have fun with the piece of wood on the left......
  79. Richard Cranium

    A rod for ????

    I thought I had seen a Mardi Gras or LSU rod back in the day...No Voodoo gals involved...Just pure fish catching sticks....I hope to see pics of them again...very insperational.....Indeed....
  80. Richard Cranium this movie..You might get Lucky

    classic pee wee pic...Killer movie for sure...
  81. Richard Cranium

    I'm back......who cares....So let's have a Laugh

    It's all about being SNEEKEE and having a LaughSKi...So Popski a this to oldski to talk aboutski? So I might get some FU who gives a frickski....just saysking.....It's all about the Laughski....:supergay: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  82. Richard Cranium

    New guy

    Jason...just remember...You need to laugh on this site..If you can not..then is will be painfull...
  83. Richard Cranium this movie..You might get Lucky

    not gay...sophisticated and special if you enjoy the grape or vine.....if you do not..then go and watch a pee wee herman movie.."someones" favorite..
  84. Richard Cranium this movie..You might get Lucky

    Good movie for the wine connoisseur's on BD...I think that Brandon can bring it home if he can get through it...just saying.. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  85. Richard Cranium

    Hey Saluki...The Cubs still Suck!

    Enough said.....The Cubs will not get it done...yet again...:rofl: :ashamed: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  86. Richard Cranium

    Drunken party photos it goes..stand fast...:Death_To_Above:
  87. Richard Cranium

    Drunken party photos

    Well the Cranium is back...I need to piss off my good friend Saluki! Well he might put me in time out..but it might be worth it...hahaha
  88. Richard Cranium

    Drunken party photos

    ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH.....Been way to long...Im back homeslice!
  89. Richard Cranium


    Alrighty then...I'MMMMMM BACK!
  90. Richard Cranium

    Drunken party photos

    That is some good shit.
  91. Richard Cranium

    Shark Attack

    Frankster...good thing there is not a BigGirl Shark...You might be lost at sea looking for it...:-) Miss ya Dood.....shoot me Emailski...
  92. Richard Cranium

    New Fuji Guides

    Very nice HQ pic of the guide...Good camera does it do on the starfish?
  93. Richard Cranium

    Evil E

    I like...Can you get a yellow, green, and purple glow? If so..When your doing the Ninja bassin with that weapon...When you roll up to your low riders after fishing. You will have starfish girls flashing you... Expecting some type of beads..Mardi Gras love and all...
  94. Richard Cranium

    Cubs are in 2nd place...........

    Saluki...Cubs will gag...Have fun before the allstar break...It goes downhill for your cubbies after that...
  95. Richard Cranium

    I just qualified for the WSOP Main Event!

    Better wear some BD swag...Great job! Good Luck
  96. Richard Cranium


  97. Richard Cranium

    Capt. G VS. Mike Long

    What about Timski?
  98. Richard Cranium

    Judge a book by the cover...just saying...

    This is a killer vid...You just never know WTF will happen...Watch the entire VID...It is EPIC Cut and paste it. """"
  99. Richard Cranium

    Capt. G VS. Mike Long

    OK...Who is Mike Long " I like the Dong"?
  100. Richard Cranium

    No whittling, no storming of miniature golf courses-

    Just an Epic post! Catch you on the flip side G'son...
  101. Richard Cranium

    Orlando Pace......

    Who is this dickhead with the last name Pace...Wtf is that all about!?!? To be True...Pace must be first...Just saying....
  102. Richard Cranium


    Prayers sent...
  103. Richard Cranium

    Warp Drive'n on the Wicket Picket

    Ok...I fucked up on this one...Looked like victory at sea was in the forecast...No good for me...I did get play in 30+ winds that day on the golf couse...I hit my first ever 200+ 8 iron down wind, as well as a 170 yard driver into the wind, and I killed it.....Stupid stuff in HB that day....I...
  104. Richard Cranium

    I'm looking for a fork lift

    Look for another company that is going out of business....I went though it with CompUSA and we sold out Forklift cheep....just saying...
  105. Richard Cranium

    for the Trekkies,..

    Good stuff Jesse....Transformers 2....nevermind...
  106. Richard Cranium

    for the Trekkies,..

    A must see fo sho!
  107. Richard Cranium

    USNS Carl Brashear (T-AKE 7) delivered to the USN today

    Thank for sharing Brandon..Great stuff for sure!
  108. Richard Cranium

    Happy B-Day Johnnyfish

    Happy Belated BDay Bro...
  109. Richard Cranium

    Capt.G's rod Part 1 Well qualified to represent the LBC..

    Like a Chocolate theme..your vision...
  110. Richard Cranium

    Bd'ers in a Library?

    Now this would be funny to see in person..Fred Hall show? BD booth?...Winner gets Mucho Swag? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  111. Richard Cranium

    The Clemen's "Amazing"

    Ryan that looks killer!
  112. Richard Cranium

    If you have time,

    Very sweet..I tried to comment on it...It said no foxhole speak in ref to starfish...
  113. Richard Cranium

    Epic Motivational Pics

    OK im fucking have a headache from laughing so hard...CLASSIC...
  114. Richard Cranium

    Heineken, Fuck That Shit

    Fuck that...Give me a Morgan&Coke...or a Silver Bullet...without the gun....
  115. Richard Cranium

    What you assholes are like at every BD party

    Is that Josh at Fred Hall visting all the booths?
  116. Richard Cranium


    Looks like a sick attempt at diving for dabloons and beads at Mardi Gras!
  117. Richard Cranium

    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent.
  118. Richard Cranium

    Starfish, anyone?

    Capt G. Incredible! Just killer! Speechless for the first time on BD! Thanks again!
  119. Richard Cranium

    Positive Thoughts For a BD Friend

    Maggie...Prayers sent..Be strong!
  120. Richard Cranium

    Set it to Warp Drive, please.

    WOW! Killer stuff...
  121. Richard Cranium

    More Motivational pics 2-10

    Baby steps to becoming a Raiderett! They Suck as bad as the players!
  122. Richard Cranium

    Saluki, This weave is for you

    I thought it was going to be the Fl3shlight, Panda, or -$$...-$$ is his picks for the last NFL season...:-)
  123. Richard Cranium

    New Orleans

    Johnny B...You are a Boner with that post.. BROWN, Commanders Palace is killer...Brunch rocks...Port of Call is a local place, away from the quarter.....good food,nothing special..But good people, drinks, and atmosphere...PM me..I am in contact with people I grew up with in St.Charles...
  124. Richard Cranium

    Connect the Dots...

    This is from a trip a looooong way back in Port A..Hunted ducks and fished for some specs and reds on the sucken barge across from the Bass compound...We had a wide open bite on reds and specs on an oyster reef, coming back in...It was a good 3 day duck hunt and fishing adventure...I am looking...
  125. Richard Cranium

    Rod builders--

    How do you get $$$, for your time & material from a shitty run of blanks from the Manufacturer after you custom built a series of rods?? Is it in the contracts??? Then your Golden... If you have a customer that is an asshole after missing a fish, like a ding-dong that wings clubs...
  126. Richard Cranium

    Hard weather moving into the Ohio River Valley....

    HAHAHAHA! WOW! many purple pills for that one?
  127. Richard Cranium

    I think I`am addicted to X-Box

    It would have been the Wii for that..."Stripper Pick Up, Going home Alone" release with Shock value....
  128. Richard Cranium

    look at this beautiful watermelon

    He did not spill anything on that nice white shirt! Talent..."Not wasting any time".... ...I like a little salt on the melons...No toothpicks....Get it off the vine,good all the time..... Classic Music! New hammer bait, what is with the Earlobe Checker on the truck...
  129. Richard Cranium

    Corbs G-Style Rolled Rod

    That looks killer!
  130. Richard Cranium

    4 Year old Melia, First Bull Red!!!!

    Great job Melia! Great job on the coaching and vid! Very nice!
  131. Richard Cranium

    Sunrise This Morning.....

    Killer stuff Frank!
  132. Richard Cranium

    The new Airbus

    Maybe not....COG is off on that setup....Nice one!
  133. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday DENEK!

    Hope you have a great Bday dood!
  134. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday Lord Trickenstine!

    Have a great Bday!
  135. Richard Cranium

    Dust to Glory....

    Thanks gotta get it! Get Speed & Angels if you like flying and shit...No crashing, and crazy stuff like the trailer from this has..Speed & Angels has some insight on two of the last Tomcat pilots going into the fleet from USN Flight School..Good stuff... "The Saints" chapter is killer as...
  136. Richard Cranium

    Can you think of a good caption for these?

    G'son 1. I need a helmet, knee/elbow pads, and a PDF! 2. Mom...Your Panty line is like my shitty haircut.. 3. Cinderella Bait!
  137. Richard Cranium

    When Ali gets old

    oh my! That would have been grounds for an email full of fun junk back in the day...
  138. Richard Cranium

    For all you Steeler haters....

    Playing with Heart and Playing with a game plan are different... The players are professional athletes getting paid good money. They are getting paid to play for the 60 min, anything less, they should get their pay docked..... Players not coaches decide the game when it comes down to...
  139. Richard Cranium

    For all you Steeler haters....

    Do you wish that the Chargers played with heart during the regular season?
  140. Richard Cranium

    Dust to Glory....

    Anyone seen this? Is it as good as the trailer? Looks Killer..from 06' <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  141. Richard Cranium

    100 to 300 gram Jigging Rod

    What does 177 mean?
  142. Richard Cranium

    GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!

    What a NFC game!...I got robbed for a 3rd quarter winner with the missed extra point....$200 Poof! Owe well...Arz vs Pitt.......should be fun....To bad the ravens dod not get it done....props to pitt!
  143. Richard Cranium

    Augie Garrido - Univ. of Texas Baseball Coach DUI!!!

    Man that is too bad, what a Great Coach to have that on his record...
  144. Richard Cranium

    Bored Sun AM SD

    Im in for some Ninja action...I'll fly G'son.
  145. Richard Cranium

    150of the Luckiest people on the planet and one great Flight Crew!!!!

    Major props to the pilot! Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger did it the way they are trained and then some....Kudos to the crew for getting everyone out safe..But they should all toast the professionalism, skill, and courage of the pilot who put it down like landing with gear and on a runway...
  146. Richard Cranium

    Doesn't the 'Lady'

    Is that Jacko in Japan?
  147. Richard Cranium

    GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!

    If they do...Kurt is a first time ballot in the HOF..2 different teams..end of a career...I hope that it is a dirty bird SB... It can go anyway...Way too many variables.....The ones that turn it over will play golf next week...I hope the players decide the game without any official review...
  148. Richard Cranium

    Funniest Thread on BD?

    Many of Sneekee's Way too many of Capt G's...Classic... No more of the Gwash Meltdowns.... Spike's.."Celeb looks like".. But I am partial since Saluki...
  149. Richard Cranium

    Goodbye my friend!

    Paul, Pepper, You and Your family are in my prayers..Truely one of the hardest things you will deal with as a family..Pepper will always be with your family. Stay strong and think about the good times brotha! I've been through it...You will get another dog when it is time...Take care Paul...
  150. Richard Cranium

    Happy BDay Jason

    Hope you had a great one! Cheers Dood!
  151. Richard Cranium

    Panama Carnage - Paradise Fishing Lodge

    One of the best posts with pics! Thanks for sharing!
  152. Richard Cranium

    Yeah Jim Rice.....

    What is the over/under on how many times Ricky refers to "Ricky"...It should be classic!
  153. Richard Cranium

    SNEEKEE's comin back

    Is that Sneekee speaking to Frank talk? It has to be some new Speak or somthing....Nice!
  154. Richard Cranium

    SNEEKEE's comin back

    There goes the neighborhood! Have fun Sneekee!
  155. Richard Cranium

    What is your favorite duck?

    Daffy...I know you like to chug down hot dogs and all when at a Charger or Padres game...But Geesss
  156. Richard Cranium

    This weeks picks......

    You call the Chargers vs Steelers a Game???...Bolts have a short...Nice run...
  157. Richard Cranium

    Move over Captain

    Diet Dr Pepper and Morgan....Yummie! Gonna try the S.J...
  158. Richard Cranium


    GREAT READ! :appl::appl::worship::appl::appl:
  159. Richard Cranium

    Gran Torino

  160. Richard Cranium

    NFL rules

    Ravens vs Eagles....Ravens...Reed goes off...
  161. Richard Cranium

    NFL rules

    NONONONO NOT LT but IT SuckS!!!!
  162. Richard Cranium

    NFL rules

    My point is they did it without him on the field other post seemed like I was bashing LT...NOT I meant to type IT sucks......Keep it going....Yes he is a stud...No game time for the year....Rust and the unknown from not playing...Nobody is that good to not play a full single game...
  163. Richard Cranium

    Squid Invasion on Discovery Channel

    Man those things are evil! I remember fishing just north out of Newport Harbor 5 or 6 years ago...They were everywhere less than 2 miles from the beach, not the BIG ONES..But killer action on 12-15lb in a skiff, Candy bait for Elvis, and the recipes for human consumtion......I have to find a...
  164. Richard Cranium

    Cooking Competition Get Together

    Check...make some for the booger eaters....
  165. Richard Cranium

    Golf Question

    Speechless.....Lucky to get off the first tee looking at that....
  166. Richard Cranium

    Fun with Fleshlights.........

    CLASSIC! Looks like GOOP trying to be a fisherman among tourist, while mastering the Scoop technique on a vacation in Cabo....Good one Brandon!
  167. Richard Cranium

    NFL rules

    Like the thinking...But IR is IR...IT sucks...but the TEAM is stronger.....If they could bring him back...WHY?? They did it without him...They can finish it with him thinking he should have had the surgery earlier...Do not bring that factor into the game...SD is playing like a team.......
  168. Richard Cranium

    Cooking Competition Get Together

    Frank'n'Beans..No Role playing, you live it...RB&R....sounds like a boat...Killer stuff!...Cookies, They can take off...working on bringing them to the masses....
  169. Richard Cranium

    New guy

    Bert...have fun!
  170. Richard Cranium


    No the evening news anchor chick had Taco Bell for Lunch... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  171. Richard Cranium

    Golf Panties

  172. Richard Cranium

    Florida vs Oklahoma

    University of Florida.. can be...Missed it the wrong way...
  173. Richard Cranium

    Florida vs Oklahoma

    Got my bet covered.....I thought 14.....SEC RULES! LSU WILL KILL IT NEXT YEAR!
  174. Richard Cranium

    capt G this one's for you

    What up will all the Sheep masks T? Trying not to be seen on Vid....??? Not enough real fishing ref for G'son....Fishing for Mardi Gras and Voodoo...ok...
  175. Richard Cranium

    Cubs sign Milton Bradley

    Nice cover up...You bet on them with your book....That is why they lost Mush...
  176. Richard Cranium

    Cooking Competition Get Together

    I'll put my cookies up against anything retail, specialty, and Home made BD style......I'll even put up a good ole' HUGE POT of Red Beans and Rice....Southern Lousiana style...Andouille Sausage from LaPlace,LA...Have some local contacts for the good shit.... Cookies ( 6 different ones, BD...
  177. Richard Cranium


    HB checking in....Thought Goop was mixing flavors at the Ice Cream Goop shop to make a point of the Mega Cone....
  178. Richard Cranium

    Prayers for Garden Martha

    My dearest Martha. Prayers are sent! May you and your family get through this trying time.. Take care my dear....You are always in my thoughts and prayers... Shoot me a PM. Godspeed, Pace
  179. Richard Cranium

    Walking with Dinosaurs

    If it was like this...I missed the calling on this one....Killer stuff <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  180. Richard Cranium

    What is this?

    a very bad implant for the boobies.....:boobies::boobies::boobies:
  181. Richard Cranium

    Meet "Deeaygo"

    I'm with G'son....looks like something special.....
  182. Richard Cranium

    You guys know what this is.

    Only if you loop for the Handicamps....Wheee..That is a Peach Hun.....Wheeeee...75 cents for a coke....
  183. Richard Cranium

    You guys know what this is.

    Is that a "Starfish Trail"? Kind of like a snail trail...Just saying.. It could be a Cinderella Story..An Unknown...Hitting a 2 iron...It's in the Hole...Or a flashlight on the rifle intended to kill Gophers not Golfers in the middle of the night.....
  184. Richard Cranium

    BA Solo with Audio..OppMRT/Tuckaway Cross

    This is impressive..They used to do this stuff without G-suits... From youtube... This is the Opposing Minimum Radius Turn; 6.5 g turn with a cross at about 50 ft. of separation; followed by a maneuver no longer allowed by the FAA; The Tuckaway Cross; the solos approach the crowd head on and...
  185. Richard Cranium

    Old School Blue Angels...Phantoms...

    Flying the F-4 that close....Huge brass and skill! One of the sexiest fighters.. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  186. Richard Cranium

    The Right Stuff Clips...Yeager...

    The Right Stuff was on cable recently... Here are a couple of clips from a classic..... This is Classic!!! Yeager, Going after the demon that lives out in the thin air...Mach 2+.... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  187. Richard Cranium

    Who remembers "Fletch"?

    Just Classic! What a way to being in the New Year! There should be a Section created called... "Capt. G - Uncensored - Living Life with Extreme Passion"....
  188. Richard Cranium

    New Years Resolution for 2009?

    Meet Tricky Tran..
  189. Richard Cranium

    Saluki got Hair Tonic for Xmas..

    Saluki will be looking like Chewbacca rooting on the Bears...Next Season...Takes time to grow...Oh yeah, Nice shirt! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  190. Richard Cranium

    Chit for Chat, Japanese Jigging Revisited

    Very nice! It looks like Evil E decided to smile then got a little GREEN to the point of losing it, since he always has a "bad ass" look....Like not being able to pass a good poop for a couple of days... So you let Evil E off the boat early, to get his color back?.?.It looks like he...
  191. Richard Cranium

    A kick ass rod holder.

    Good stuff! It looks like the Bears offense, One Dimensional, and predictable.
  192. Richard Cranium

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Colts poll/thread...

    The Mush has "spoken"...
  193. Richard Cranium

    Dick Helgren R.I.P.

    RIP Capt.
  194. Richard Cranium

    The Suicide Swimbaiter Says:

    Oh my...Missed this one...Nice Xmas plastic..Does it glow in the dark?
  195. Richard Cranium


    Might be a best seller on BD...
  196. Richard Cranium

    How about those Chargers!

    OK...I gave you a bunch of shit early and mid season... Very nice....They look good...Hope all the best...
  197. Richard Cranium

    Prayers needed for a friend

    Prayers Sent..Get well real soon!
  198. Richard Cranium

    Dick Helgren Auto Accident

    Prayers Sent!
  199. Richard Cranium

    OLD TIME BDers....... How bout a Merry Xmas Rolecall

    Happy Holidays Happy New Year!
  200. Richard Cranium

    How pissed would you be?

    Lokey, CLASSIC! The Horse, Dog in the street, Ollie, snow plow, 4 wheeler, Downhill Tube race......ALL OF IT!! Very nice find! :worship:
  201. Richard Cranium

    Food for (bass( thought)

    Oh my.. So much to digest on this one...Very Cryptic with some good references for the current and the ones that will never come back. The 'Starfish' will always be so very special..Especially the Bleached ones. No Gris-Gris on this one was a surprise...
  202. Richard Cranium


    Can that be "Bleached" for the Import/Export thing I've been thinking about?
  203. Richard Cranium

    How pissed would you be?

    OMG! That was brutal! Salted or Unsalted Butter?
  204. Richard Cranium

    New Toy

    Man you have some brassies! Nice looking Rocket!
  205. Richard Cranium

    How pissed would you be?

    That is a good one..But that could 'F' up some legs on the kids...Very funny.
  206. Richard Cranium


    Dude is a math professor that specializes in the division of fractions..SuperBad ref..
  207. Richard Cranium

    This is for the Old School

    Just one nice fish on it, with a picture of the rod and fish. Then back into the fenwick cloth sleeve. I have some old lures as well..Those will stay in the original packaging. The rod looks new, just old school..The finish is solid without any chips... I hope when I go to cast it it does...
  208. Richard Cranium

    Brought a real snowman home today. w/pics

    Classic! Very good stuff and Great Pics!
  209. Richard Cranium

    This is for the Old School

    Old School, I am attaching pics of a rod that is very special to me. My late father custom wrapped this rod in the 80-85' time frame for my mother's father, Col. Nate Adams Ret USAF. Papa was an all about Auburn University Football. Dad was a pilot for Delta and on a layover in SD...
  210. Richard Cranium

    How pissed would you be?

    Funny stuff. KlaeKm5NToM
  211. Richard Cranium

    Put a Quote on this one...

    The possible "quotes" are endless... "Money shot" -VEzMcoVc0k
  212. Richard Cranium

    Is that Capt G. getting caught??

    Is that Capt G getting caught doing the Ninja Thing? It looks like he moves like a Ninja with a solid stream. Complete with the 'Salute'. ZLqwYt7fwN8
  213. Richard Cranium

    Real or Fake?

    What ya think? _gMLrg07oq8
  214. Richard Cranium

    The Family Kids

    :urno1: Very Killer Pups...How do you have enough time in the day to pet them as much as they deserve?? Your "treat" bill must be as much as your monthly "gas" bill...Very Nice Pics of the Pups! Keep us updated! Thanks
  215. Richard Cranium

    I think my brother turned gay in Iraq!

    If the Symphony is what he needs then so be it. He as earned it. Better listening to the Symphony then gun shots and bombs...
  216. Richard Cranium

    Please Pray for Peter!!!

    Prayers sent
  217. Richard Cranium


    Zilla cloud
  218. Richard Cranium

    Am I the first?

    For Saluki....The Killer of many things and King of Fl3shlight, the perfect stocking stuffer....
  219. Richard Cranium

    Everybody Meet Sir Beans Pigleton:D

    Any Ref to Little Red Robin Hood? Wardrive style? Must have quite an ending....
  220. Richard Cranium

    Am I the first?

    Very nice but.... Merry Xmas for "The Mush.." Da Bears and Cubs....
  221. Richard Cranium

    For Capt. G on his Birthday

    G'son, &#35477;&#29983;&#26085;&#12362;&#12417;&#12391;&#12392;&#12358; Hope you have a Great One!
  222. Richard Cranium

    Tribute To The Heros

    Jesse, I'm IN! You have my contact info..
  223. Richard Cranium

    Need prayers for myself

    Think of it as a reality check for young ones popping of on BD...Look at what Lance Armstong and Paul Azinger did with overcoming the "Big C".... They were grown Men that looked at adversity six inches in front of their faces....Then beat the odds... Yes pilots are the extreme top of...
  224. Richard Cranium

    Need prayers for myself

    You know what....The kid might have the Mox to get it done....Get on the straight and narrow....Go for flight school dood...Gotta buckle down and hit the books hard...look at these vids kid.....Make it happen! Prayers for your journey! You must face VFC-13 "The Saints" out of Fallon....First...
  225. Richard Cranium

    Need prayers for myself

    Oh my...I just had an epiphany! Can you say TIMSKI Maybeski he is going to follow the Greatski....Good Luckski...Eating your Shit Sandwichski...While you flush and clean the toilets from your shipmateskis, while they eat lobsterski's in the galley.. Which you will have to cleanski, while...
  226. Richard Cranium

    Need prayers for myself

    Look foward to spending some quality time with HaliHunter...He will most likely be your boss...So do not send any bullshit responses to him....
  227. Richard Cranium


    Thanks for the laugh!
  228. Richard Cranium

    Go Bears

    Could of Would of......Should have pulled the trigger....Zoobies on me.........mmmmm...Fucking Aints.....No blood no bet.....shhhhh
  229. Richard Cranium

    The passing of a legend

    Godspeed Bettie Page! Saluki is talking dirty to Bettie about the Bears!...They always beat the Saints at home "A Lock"...Bad Brandon for not taking the bet........Devo baby...... :worship:
  230. Richard Cranium

    Need prayers for myself

    Romel, It sucks that you are so young having to experiance such critical decisions you have to make in your life before you get your High School Diploma.......Cowboy Up like SNEEKEE would do...GET ERRR Done and hit fucking books when it is called for... There is NO GREY in the...
  231. Richard Cranium

    Happy B-Day Enfuego

    Happy BDay. Hope you have a great day!
  232. Richard Cranium

    Fishing for one bite.

    Killer post dood!
  233. Richard Cranium

    Fishing Hooks Hurt

    Here is a SA-9 Rapala, that got me by my calf, from being careless..I was lucky that only one hook got me. It could have been really bad if one of he others "stuck". My brother pushed it past the barb and clipped it off..He still has the lure for some type framed pic with it to hang on the wall....
  234. Richard Cranium

    F-18 Crashes in UTC

    Cnn and Foxnews have live video feeds. Hope there was not anyone in the house...
  235. Richard Cranium

    Need prayers for my bro

    prayers sent.
  236. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Well I gotta go with Eat Shit...From this Pic.... Red Flag or Top Gun?
  237. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    It has to be OJ..You have at least NINE YEARS to train... Both...Twat is Twat... Chewing on a Habanaro for 2 minutes then having nothing to drink for an hour.. or Having your ass feel like a Rhino sharpen its horn in it, aka "The Rhinos" for 2 days, when you do take a dump?
  238. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Fat Chick...You can always find the wet spot and get off.. SEC OR PAC-10 FOOTBALL?
  239. Richard Cranium

    CAUTION:picture may inspire the urge to punch your computer screen

    Choad Central has been revisited..Classic..LOL
  240. Richard Cranium

    anyone ever sneeze?

  241. Richard Cranium

    Padres deal Greene to St.Louie

    I have to say that the Pads...suck ass...and will suck ass for many years...who cares about the suckiest of sucks in MLB...just saying....
  242. Richard Cranium

    Six of the top sticks at Biwako,

    Very killer post G'son... Cheers Bro! Killer post...Standard....
  243. Richard Cranium

    R.I.P "Papa" Ret. Col Nathan J Adams USAF

    Thank you for all that responded to my initial post! Granny is doing better than expected...Thank You for the Prayers! Please keep them coming for Granny! Ret Col. Parker spoke at Ret Col. Adams Service....It was Epic...Thank you Col. Parker for such a great Eulogy and Salute to Papa...
  244. Richard Cranium

    Any one see Chemtrails?

  245. Richard Cranium

    Any one see Chemtrails?

  246. Richard Cranium

    Wishing all BDer's

    Here is a partial BD Salute, from Ret Col Adams USAF, in the Santa Outfit. :urno1:
  247. Richard Cranium

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all on BD! Yo Frank...Did you get these 2 pics via email from the Chargers? You want to carve the Turkey? Got Stuffing? You still have the "pics"? Then of the Big Bird... In all seriousness & personal jokes aside.... I hope everyone has an...
  248. Richard Cranium

    Son made New Record for Sand Bass

    Way to go DAVID! Nice job little man!
  249. Richard Cranium

    Need some Prayers

    Prayers sent.
  250. Richard Cranium

    4 J's Roofing

    Fill it up! Check out the swing hanging off the Tree. I think you can get some LoosAnus dives in before the inspector 'checks out'....The Tbickle will be sporting a killer hammock for the 'inspector'..He might pull of the full GAYNOR while showing off..
  251. Richard Cranium

    R.I.P "Papa" Ret. Col Nathan J Adams USAF

    I type this with a Very Heavy Heart. My "Papa" has passed. He was a Ret. Col USAF.. Please send prayers to Papa and my Granny...married over 65 years! So she can get through this tough time...We are going to be there for her...Any Prayers help and BD prayers are very powerful! Col...
  252. Richard Cranium

    Another bird bites the dust....

    very nice!
  253. Richard Cranium

    Intresting Golf article, picture

    She thought it was a "BigStick" from the Ice Cream dood...
  254. Richard Cranium

    Bolts vs Colts

    Gobble Gobble...Happy Thanksgiving from Norm and the entire Bolt family......
  255. Richard Cranium

    Explosion vids. 1k bomb, IED,EOD

    Nice, this is good one <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  256. Richard Cranium

    Bolts vs Colts

    Let the Referee bashing begin! Close game.
  257. Richard Cranium

    World best birthday cake for fisherman

    Happy B-Day... Killer Cake and sweet invitations...What is the name of the bakery that made the cake?
  258. Richard Cranium

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Do they sport the hairy legs and pits?
  259. Richard Cranium

    buckin bulls in socal

    When you turn 21, they have this in Fontucky Fri and Sat...
  260. Richard Cranium

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Saluki and Curt are looking at the person taking the current pic, and not at the 3 Hot Chicks...Photo Op for Team Hanna......What happens on the Hanna...Stays on the Hanna....
  261. Richard Cranium

    15 yds.

    nice job
  262. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    With Saluki's new "Streak" with NFL picks...This should be his new avatar or sig..Her ass has a celebrity look to it....
  263. Richard Cranium

    Saluki's Lock Of The Week #12

    Do Not get cocky....Then your Mushness will show up...Good job on the picks Brandon....Keep them coming! Do you have a '900' sports betting/fishing report/fl3shlight ordering number? Think about it...
  264. Richard Cranium

    R.I.P Marlin (Brown Dog)

    Losing a dog is very painful. Hang in there buddy. You and your wife will know when it is time to get another "friend'. Prayers sent..
  265. Richard Cranium

    I took my boys, 11 and 13

    Family time...good stuff! What is up with 'H.P.S.' sharpied on Nico's fingers?
  266. Richard Cranium

    Bolts vs Colts

    The Chargers are going to get buried this week..
  267. Richard Cranium

    Donks vs da Raidas

    No curse on that pick this week Saluki. These two think the same about Al and his talents with Rocky Mountain Oysters...
  268. Richard Cranium

    Be prepared

    The pic looks like "Shock" was trying to rescue/give away one of his black lab pups. That girl is helping the pup down the ladder between her legs...
  269. Richard Cranium

    For you older farts.....

    Very funny! Thanks for the laugh!
  270. Richard Cranium

    Fun with golf...

    Crazy, Crazy, Crazy...No thanks...seen some shit like that in person during my golfing adventures....Just as stupid as standing 50-60 yards in full catcher gear on a closed driving range. Then having 3 of your friends hit 4-iron punch shots at you. Just to see if you can catch one for a...
  271. Richard Cranium


    Very Cool!
  272. Richard Cranium

    Thanksgiving day fun

    Fucking game stopped and started playing "Dueling Bangos"..WTF is that all about!?!?
  273. Richard Cranium

    Wife gets naked .......

    I can not wait to see what Saluki posts....
  274. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    G'son sporting the Purple belt Karate Kid.. Morning of Surf Fishing Sesh..Becoming One with the balance of life. Sporting Serious Crane at the 'All Valley Tourney'..With Saluki sporting more hair & a BD "Staff" shirt. Saluki even bet on the Blond hair dude...Even though he...
  275. Richard Cranium

    Crash and Burn Site (USJ) Revisited

    Just Classic with the specs dood. WTG on fishing that site again.
  276. Richard Cranium

    Foods you don't see at the grocery store anymore..

    'Tidbits' cheese flavored crackers. Granny always had them when I was visiting.. Steak-Um's ZAPP's chips..
  277. Richard Cranium

    New Star Trek Movie Trailer...

    This is for the Nerds.. Looks like it is going to be good. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  278. Richard Cranium

    11.11 ~ Grouper, Grunts & The Redfish That Got Away

    Nice pics taken from your flights. Standard...
  279. Richard Cranium

    Yorba Linda/ Anaheim Hills Fire

    Man these fires are not good...Many prayers for those, that have lost their homes and those that are in Harms Way...Godbless...
  280. Richard Cranium

    Happy Bday Mstonefish

    Hope you have a great BDay!
  281. Richard Cranium

    Exiled, in the name of Fran

    Just Classic! Did the girl picture have some inspiration from the 'Bleached Starfish Girl', working the Cell, while talking to the 'Operator'? Looks like it....
  282. Richard Cranium

    T Bickle : A Tribute to the Ultimate Choad

    THAT IS A CLASSIC! Very nice Choadism!
  283. Richard Cranium

    Cooters building cars again...

    That has potential as a Float for Mardi Gras!
  284. Richard Cranium

    T Bickle : A Tribute to the Ultimate Choad

    T BICKLE HAS EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG/VID! Watch it! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  285. Richard Cranium

    My job is on the line

    Jorge, Like I posted in another post...17+ years with a major retail company..."poof" gone overnight...It was a shock..No regrets I had good times and grew as a person and manager.....Try to stay positive during this tough time.. Prayers sent! Look at this thread...
  286. Richard Cranium

    Laid off today... and a lesson

    Rick, Many prayers for your friend! Getting laid off flat out sucks...I was with a major retail company for 17+ years...and 'poof' Gone.....I was the exception and taken care of with severence package due to my tenure.... I recommend that you actively look for another job right...
  287. Richard Cranium

    My new neighbors...

    I think that a stop at the "Great Sign" might be in order. Just to make sure they are into it to the very end.... Then they might be able to make the journey to Joe Jost's..Having a killer liverworst sandwich with some pickled eggs with Pretzels......Great combo for the Anorexic-Wifey/...
  288. Richard Cranium

    cali hali

    Listen Grasshopper......G'son is the pied piper of the Halibut!
  289. Richard Cranium

    New jumbo ads on Bloody Decks...

    Better get on those 'little people' running around your shop with red mohawks in check....Give that to Evil E to figure out while speaking japanese to the pollacks you imported....
  290. Richard Cranium

    New jumbo ads on Bloody Decks...

    My screen just shrunk...WTF Jason! Another April's Fool joke...Need a Ring..
  291. Richard Cranium

    Hey Tommy, I told you about bacon

    Carl 'U need' Moore....It goes like this..."She's Aching for the Bacon..errr Sausage"
  292. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Man this thread need to get some more participation.... Since Saluki is on a 3 week 'streak' picking games....I hope he does not post some BS and ruin the 'streak' that gets him in a 'band camp', with the NFL faithful, I'm pulling for you Brandon! He might not look like the Greek..But...
  293. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday WarpDrive

    Well after a short search of the Burrito in question...No Prop 8 in the search... He wears some shirt about 'Tres' & and a very short skirt like a belly shirt.........OK...Three Dudes dressed like...Doods....Which one is Frank aka Warpdrive? Need to start a Poll...Classic... If...
  294. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday WarpDrive

    Of course he is waiting for a Fish Filet from McDonalds with the Hat...
  295. Richard Cranium

    My new neighbors...

    They both bleach their hair...It is like the West coast Choad Couple....All they need is some 'Pumkin Skin' then they have the "Choad Thing" for them..When they both go fishing...Who holds and stores the 'Poles' on the way out to the 'Tuna' grounds?
  296. Richard Cranium


    I can not dribble through my legs and can not drive it to the basket without getting killed...Fuck B-Ball....Those guys on Ice look like they have a fun, as well as late season NFL...As well as waiting for the picks from Saluki
  297. Richard Cranium

    11.11 ~ Grouper, Grunts & The Redfish That Got Away

    Very cool Martha! Prayers sent for your Pops!
  298. Richard Cranium

    Had a chance to fish Venice last week

    Nice Red in the pic. I miss fishing for Reds and Specks on light tackle.
  299. Richard Cranium

    Patriots Thread

    HAHA! You are on a ROLL! Keep the picks coming! Final Jets 34 - Pats 31 OT
  300. Richard Cranium

    Patriots Thread

    24-13 jets...little over 8 left in 3rd....go to espn and get play by play
  301. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Here is Frank aka 'Warpdrive' with a McDizzle Fish well as a pick of his friendly pooch....Enjoy the pics...Happy Bday Frank!
  302. Richard Cranium

    Happy B-day Jeff Dalton

    Happy B-day
  303. Richard Cranium


    Very nice..GREAT JOB!
  304. Richard Cranium

    8 seconds

    I have to take your word on that Sneekee...I hope you find your calling & Kill it on the PBR! Get your school work done the tear it up when you graduate H.S..... I would like to share a hunt or a line with you next season...Get er' Done SNEEKEE!
  305. Richard Cranium

    Patriots Thread

    Bullshit...You have a 'Rep' to uphold...Your overall record on NFL picks could label you as a MUSH...Like the picture with an old man with a black cat on his dome...BUT..You have a couple of winning picks.. Keep it going...At least you can have satisfaction that you were correct on the...
  306. Richard Cranium

    Packers vs Bears this Sunday.........

    What will the score be?
  307. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday WarpDrive

    Happy Birthday Frank! Have a great day!
  308. Richard Cranium

    Veterans Day - More Than a Name On a Wall

  309. Richard Cranium

    Prayers to the 5 Star girls

    Prayers sent! Godbless!
  310. Richard Cranium

    Veteran's Day Pics! Post them

    The last picture was a gift for me to be able to find for my mom....I will never forget that night...She thought that photo was lost....It was behind my father's 'pinning' that I had in my fathers 'military chest' after his passing........An incredible story for the 'grandkids'...We had the...
  311. Richard Cranium

    Veteran's Day Pics! Post them

    Post pics of your family or friends that have served in the military. I am blessed to have pictures of my mother 'Pinning' my father's wings out of flight school @ Moody AFB...My Grandfather ( 'Papa' ) was Wing Commander at Moody AFB at that time. Here are pics of my late Father Getting...
  312. Richard Cranium

    Trevor Hoffman has left the building

    Fuck the Padres...They suck ass.....It is like a Nightmare that keeps getting worse every time you think about it....Just keeps getting worse and worse...
  313. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    If you have not seen the PBS documentary "Carrier"... Here is the link... CARRIER . Full Episodes | PBS Ep. 2 Chap 4 "Call Signs" is funny.... Here are some vids from ep. 7 Pitching Decks... chap 4 & 5... Chap 4 "Swells" <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  314. Richard Cranium

    Ok I need some advice I loaned a friend alot of money

    Nice...Payment in Pastrami Sandwich's has to bring "Extra Pain W/Pleasure!"
  315. Richard Cranium

    Ok I need some advice I loaned a friend alot of money

    Hope your good intentions are paid back...Good luck dood.
  316. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    USAF Thunderbirds.... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  317. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    Old school Van Halen Dreams..Extended video..Memories..... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  318. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    Enjoy! The Carpet Ride! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  319. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    Would you fish in these seas? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  320. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    This is cockpit footage with audio from a Hog driver on a gun run while being called in for CAS from FAC. With audio from the FAC's, FL, and GF requesting air support for more a-10's (18 sec )... Pilot cussing going in deep on the first pass......You hear him breathing in the mask and calling...
  321. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    If you want to blow shit up... C4 is the shit... The C-7 'Caribou' was called "3-G" airlines by the pilots.....Grunts, _____, and Garbage...
  322. Richard Cranium


    This might be Fung Choad's sister showing off her new line of 'Poo Makeup'.
  323. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    This plane might be slow and ugly. It can flat out bring the pain! It looks like it would be a blast to fly! Some language from the troops on the ground. Night OPS C.A.S. "The hand of God" <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  324. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Bd's one and only 'professional football handicapper' on Sunday afternoon..He is wearing the 'S' but it is the wrong color....
  325. Richard Cranium

    Military Pics

    Nice...Here are some more of military aviation. The pic of 'Santa Bou' is of my father when he flew the C-7 in Vietnam. I know it is not a jet..Thought you would get a kick out of it. The last pic is a good parting shot...
  326. Richard Cranium

    Thursday Night Football 11/6

    Frame this one...You picked a winner! Donks 34 Dogs 30.....Staight up.... You most likely took the Under....I do not know what the spread was.....Hopefully it was a push for you...just paying the Vig...Nice job Saluki aka Mush!
  327. Richard Cranium

    Today is a GREAT day!!!

    Convert it to a Sucking NFL Team Stadium? Just convert it to a MLS stadium...You will have a sell out for every game. Better yet, they will win more games than the Chargers will this year, with half the games.....Marketing Frank....Target market with a professional team that will have more...
  328. Richard Cranium

    Party with Little Ceez, go to Jail

    Sneekee for PREZ! But his running mate will just kill his chances to be elected in the 'Bull Riding' community.
  329. Richard Cranium

    silk screening

    pm sent
  330. Richard Cranium

    Week 9 NFL predictions

    Props to your pops! Mad respect! What did your father coach under Paterno & Coryell? Sorry to disappoint you again...I do not do drugs...I mean I hate to let you down and all...But...I'm Drug free....I know you are not a fantasy geek..I can read as well..just having fun with that...
  331. Richard Cranium

    Week 9 NFL predictions

    HotRod, When I read your posts about the NFL and football in general...It is like reading the Sunday Comics...Color and all...Thanks for the laughs! Cmon....I can care a less about the Donks....I am a Saints fan, yes I did read your posts...I do not care about your love for the...
  332. Richard Cranium

    Recently ............

    They are not that talented or organized to pull one off...
  333. Richard Cranium

    Week 9 NFL predictions

    From reading your post on the NFL..I think you must be some type of astronaut or something..I mean you have all the answers for every aspect of the game like you actually played or coached in the NFL...You should think of something clever to say when it comes to the Chargers..B/C they are shit...
  334. Richard Cranium

    Week 9 NFL predictions

    At least the Chargers will have to play and put you through the agony of watching them..Then the rest of us having to read the arm chair coaching and reading "WE" should have done this..When "YOU" do not play or coach for the team... Perfect for all the candy that was left over, with a fresh...
  335. Richard Cranium

    I thought I had hooked Dickey Mo

    Nice one! TT has some talent...Of what? We shall only imagine....Great post G'son.
  336. Richard Cranium

    "Your momma is...."

    .... so poor she goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken to lick other people's fingers! .... teeth are so yellow she spits butter! .... so fat when she bungee jumps, she brings down the bridge too! .... so fat when she steps on a scale, it reads "one at a time, please"! .... so...
  337. Richard Cranium

    Those sensitive Italians

    :rofl: :cheers:
  338. Richard Cranium

    Would You Have Risked Your Life?

    WOW! Thanks for the read!
  339. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Warpdrive 'losing a prop bet' after the Saints game.....
  340. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Evil E and another Big Bait staff member before going Ninja...
  341. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    "Code Blue" Spike in Vegas... The Intrepid show....Three times the value...
  342. Richard Cranium

    If you weren't a fan of your team......

    Current NFL Saints College LSU Football / Baseball MLB No fav, Like to watch any game on TV or in person.... I follow LSU baseball NBA I do not care NHL I do not care Alternative None
  343. Richard Cranium

    Party with Little Ceez, go to Jail

    Killer Grindage! Great stuff, the whole menu!
  344. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Smudge and Boo Weekly...They like to fish and hunt, as well as wear the Camo....
  345. Richard Cranium

    One of the reasons I don't like cats..

    Well I think that a handful of Pussy is a good thing.
  346. Richard Cranium

    BD Tuna Shootout

    So your making the Popcorn for all of us??? Think of it as a Charger game against the Saints....:frehya2:
  347. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Mongo...If you get your departure time confused....Pay the price!
  348. Richard Cranium

    One for the BD motivational calendar:

    Spike already has the 09' photochop calendar printed...He is taking pics for 2010'..This list is long and distinguished...
  349. Richard Cranium

    50lb Ulua

    Great job! Congrats!
  350. Richard Cranium

    Chaum I know it was you...

    Popcorn....fresh Popcorn...Get your Popcorn....
  351. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Phil Hellmuth - Poker Brat ..Just some facial simularities..Of course not how he acts..
  352. Richard Cranium

    Just a horriable date in my life

    Tom God Bless and hang in there buddy.
  353. Richard Cranium

    One Eight Seven on the Seabass.

    Thanks for the Laugh! OMG what a RIOT! That has to be one of his new recruits to get on his Big Bait Staff...
  354. Richard Cranium

    One Eight Seven on the Seabass.

    Really? Looks like Capt G. is holding up what they call a seabass in Japan.
  355. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Gson..Just a classic no matter how you look at it!
  356. Richard Cranium

    Oceanside Rpt. 10/25 w-pics

    How did the tan/sunburn look from wearing that shirt? Classic!
  357. Richard Cranium

    Dont party with this dude.

    scambled eggs for a brain...
  358. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Have to include the SKI'S on this one.... Timski and the HamburglerSki..He foundski them on a picnic table...Caught red handski....
  359. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Any BD'r posting a PB without pics..
  360. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Xmas is coming...Spike and the Heat Miser
  361. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Their first face to face meeting! After all of the internet love/hate typed between these two.
  362. Richard Cranium

    Code Groups Cause Owners To Lose Boats!

    Were they the nurses or the patients? :Fondle:
  363. Richard Cranium

    Code Groups Cause Owners To Lose Boats!

    So 50 Cent on the MP3 player is a plus.
  364. Richard Cranium


    Man did they ever, and at home!! LSU needs a QB...and some consistant play out of the D... Bama and Florida are strong...Bama is going to wipe LSU out, Nov. 8th in LSU...Sabin going back to LSU......I wish I could go to that game in person...
  365. Richard Cranium


    Grew up in LA..Always have been a Saints fan, even through the "Bag" days.....Saints will not make the playoffs this year...No kicker and avg D...I thought they were going to get killed by SD and I posted that on another post.. Saints got lucky today..I think if the game was played on a true...
  366. Richard Cranium


    That is going to be one long flight back to San Diego...
  367. Richard Cranium


    Rivers INT! 3 and out...shit.... wow ...taking a safety....cmon hold on to the lead....
  368. Richard Cranium


    Both teams have over 400 yards each...WTF! Man that field looks like it had been slick the whole game.
  369. Richard Cranium


    The Saints are going to fucking lose this game...What a great call on the On Side kick by the Chargers, then score..Challenging the pick Brees just threw...please please overturn it!!!!YES! Offsetting penalties...1st and 10...HUGE!
  370. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday PHOTOG

    Happy Bday!
  371. Richard Cranium

    Next time you get fast food..

    Thank you sir may I have another!
  372. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Photog and Pippy Long Stockings.
  373. Richard Cranium

    Similarities between BD members & famous folks

    Three Multi Day'rs and 3 Stooges..
  374. Richard Cranium

    Next time you get fast food..

    Save that one for the post about the girls under 17...They are totally into that as well as video games...Quarters are like dollar bills for you until you turn 21...
  375. Richard Cranium

    need camping suggestion!

    These are a must have for your trip..
  376. Richard Cranium

    SNEEKEE sighting?

    Finding ...SNEEKEE... Is this you getting all agro on the bull? Get er' Done!
  377. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday WreckinBall

    Happy Bday!
  378. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    No Bra Aqua Velva or Old Spice
  379. Richard Cranium

    Name change, 1st Prince now this???

    WHAT he said? LMAO!
  380. Richard Cranium

    Chargers Saints in London

    The Hooligan Saint Fans will be in force...I think the Chargers are going to kill my beloved Saints...
  381. Richard Cranium

    Anyone else SUCKING this season?

    It has been a season with an emphasis on the good ole' Oscar Mayer.
  382. Richard Cranium

    Name change, 1st Prince now this???

    She think she is the female Diddy...Puffy "what"?
  383. Richard Cranium

    Dont beat up women

    Total BULLSHIT...I hope he goes to GP in prison...
  384. Richard Cranium

    Discuss - Bashing / dogpiling other members

    So would this be BD bashing on another site? Is this cool? BD tournamets/members being referred to as wifebeaters and all??? The Madness Continues...And They're Getting BIGGER!!! - Page 2 - Sport Fishing Forum Yesterday, 08:10 AM #16 Capt Josh "We're gearing up for a full on 5...
  385. Richard Cranium

    Corporate fun day idea

    'Star Wars' circle jerk theme is always a safe bet. Another option is a night out with the boyz doing the "bird" hand signs since they are all Dodo's...
  386. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Cork sac-a-lait or crappie
  387. Richard Cranium


    Never drink a beer that is meant for a pie or soup....
  388. Richard Cranium

    Bingo, Bango, Bongo

    The right hand looks like it is pulling some heavy weight...I'll let you drive the golf cart, while we run over all of the red snakes on the course....
  389. Richard Cranium


    Spottie's on the chew! Nice going!
  390. Richard Cranium

    You ate s__it

    Eating shit hurts? What about the peanuts and corn?
  391. Richard Cranium

    Bingo, Bango, Bongo

    In order for One to Be with the 'Ninja', you must be discrete with signs on the fences.... You must ask yourself these few things while at night on the golf course. You might get hurt in all the wrong places....But always think of these quotes from "The Shack" "I smell varmint poontang...
  392. Richard Cranium

    Bingo, Bango, Bongo

    Nice.. During the daytime it is a 'lateral water hazard' boundary, also defined by red stakes.
  393. Richard Cranium

    Bingo, Bango, Bongo

    Nice, Was the ninja sesh on a golf course?
  394. Richard Cranium

    My Dog

    Noir looks great. Good to see him healthy. I need to figure out that helium thing for the 'next batch'. Can you shoot me the box contents of those dog treats? I think my top secret 'RA' experimental ingredients may have been compromised..
  395. Richard Cranium

    Mother in law broke her neck!

    prayers sent.
  396. Richard Cranium

    I can't make this Redneck shit up!!!!

  397. Richard Cranium

    on the Action

  398. Richard Cranium

    You know the Chargers are in trouble when.....

    Man, it is very strange year in the NFL...
  399. Richard Cranium

    Go Chargers!

    The coaching staff pulled the power. In order for some players to get some rest from a night out in Buffalo. :hali_olutta:
  400. Richard Cranium

    Sometimes the best recipe

    Yummie on the Sashimi! Question for you G'son. Is this a Wasabi root? If so, what end do you start to grind for optimal yield and overall flavor?
  401. Richard Cranium

    Calling for the Healing Power of BD...

    Fellow BD'ers, I'm calling for many prayers and good thoughts for Mr. Jim Allie. He has been a member of the Meadowlark Men's Golf Club for over 30 years. Mr. Allie had a heart attack on Wednesday 10/15/08, and has been in ICU since. If you had the pleasure of meeting or speaking to Mr...
  402. Richard Cranium

    Tim's 12 and 13lb lobster

    Timski still needs to work on his school workski.
  403. Richard Cranium

    Tim's 12 and 13lb lobster

    Back from campski so soon? Popcornski anyoneski?
  404. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    3rd Cousin Wet fart in church or Terminal Smelly Gas on 4 hour flight
  405. Richard Cranium

    My worst nightmare

    If you think TP is overated...This must be your halloween costume...
  406. Richard Cranium

    My worst nightmare

    better than this option. Chuck Norris TP
  407. Richard Cranium

    It is that time again...

    Very sexy bait! The eye color is killer!
  408. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    FL Pick em' 1. Kryptonite FL 2. Bengals FL 3. Crooked FL 4. Rainbow FL
  409. Richard Cranium

    I went out this morning

    The 'Eyeball' is cool. Does it come in orange and black grips?
  410. Richard Cranium

    SD Clammin

    A little shocker going on...How about this for a T-Shirt when 'hunting' for the bearded clam???...
  411. Richard Cranium

    Pumpkin preservation...

    pumpkin pie yum...When I lived in Dallas. Braum's would have pumkin ice cream around this time through Thanksgiving! It was so good! Braum's Ice Cream!
  412. Richard Cranium

    7:30 PM Friday October 17............

    That's amazing! DVR getting set.
  413. Richard Cranium

    This boat hauler rolled in my dealership today..

    When he honked did it sound like a bull?
  414. Richard Cranium

    I went out this morning

    That Kurodai has a gnarly looking grill. Kool spinner!
  415. Richard Cranium

    Sometimes it's okay to eat the Yellow Snow.

    good one. was waiting for something else..
  416. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Yugo Big Wheel or The Green Machine
  417. Richard Cranium

    I wish I had been this smart, Boy Scouts battle Breast Cancer

    How many takes do you think that took to shoot? I bet they were busting up all over the set. Thanks for the laugh.
  418. Richard Cranium

    I think about you guys all the time on BD I had to share.

    Total oversight! It is the OS...Original Shocker!
  419. Richard Cranium


    I think 120...Divide 240 by 2, instead of multiplying...Since the patch supports it...Early warning stuff and all that....
  420. Richard Cranium

    Ripping out Carpet on deck need non slip paint

    And the other areas look like what? Do you still have the rug burns from 4 years ago?:D
  421. Richard Cranium

    Ellimae and the fires

    Jules, This sucks! I hope you, your family, home, pets, and horses come out of this ok. Prayers sent for a safe outcome!
  422. Richard Cranium

    The Candy Man?

    Old pic but classic! Like being told to stay away from the guys dressed like Bruin Fans, trying to get the Candy Man's attention! As well as those in baby outfits...
  423. Richard Cranium


    What would you do to target Red Foxes?
  424. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    RP Mardi Gras New Orleans or Mardi Gras Rio de Janeiro
  425. Richard Cranium

    I think about you guys all the time on BD I had to share.

    What about the pinkie and ring finger? No specific reppin going on?
  426. Richard Cranium

    There is a restaurant in Los Alamitos, Cali

    Is it the Starting Gate? Used to go and have a laugh after playing a round at the now torn down "Cypress Golf Course"..Too bad it was turned into a parking lot..It was a great track to play. Hardest GC in Orange County from the tips when it was open... If you ever went into the "Gate".You...
  427. Richard Cranium

    I think about you guys all the time on BD I had to share.

    Classic! I have to know what gang that might be....
  428. Richard Cranium

    I think about you guys all the time on BD I had to share.

    Nice... Would this be considered a BD Salute? It's not the middle finger....
  429. Richard Cranium

    OB pier (sick of people taking shorts)

    When you call the hotline...Refer to them as PierSki's...You will have all the agencies there, even the SRA Speargun Recovery Agency...It might get a little ugly...
  430. Richard Cranium

    Fishermen's dictionary

    I think this pic might help to explain, GUERO67 post, in a visual sense, Master Craft and rods..and all...... I think it covers your post about the "Full Diaper" response as well..With some other explaining you might have when you or your WA, "diaper crew" get ready to board the boat at the...
  431. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Pepper Cubs or Bears... Like picking you nose trying to find a winner...
  432. Richard Cranium

    Hey Dodger fans.........

  433. Richard Cranium

    8 seconds

    Good luck!
  434. Richard Cranium

    Pumpkin preservation...

    Found this on a pumpkin carving site on the net THE LIFE-SPAN OF A JACK O' LANTERN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Depending on your local weather conditions during the month of October, an un-treated, carved pumpkin can have a life...
  435. Richard Cranium

    Well, I did it again.

    You must have have read some Aristotle in your time... "To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true."
  436. Richard Cranium

    How to make smelt?

    Whoever Smelt it..Dealt it...
  437. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Punk Rock Cookies or Scones?
  438. Richard Cranium

    Dodger's or Phillie's

    Two good games to watch...Phillies are getting it done..just that simple. Hopefully the Dodgers turn it around.
  439. Richard Cranium


    Good thing that they can cover up her face.
  440. Richard Cranium

    Tree trunk art

    I need to be better prepared before I read your post. Soda out of nose..Thanks..
  441. Richard Cranium

    Hockey fans

    Hockey is fun to watch. The fans are great!
  442. Richard Cranium

    worth a thousand words?

    The guidos are back!
  443. Richard Cranium

    Dodger's or Phillie's

    Phillies are putting the wood to them pretty good..8-2 still in the bottom 3rd. Manny goes yard 3 run dinger..8-5...going to the bottom of 4th...Manny was talking shit to the pitcher that threw behind him in his first AB of the night..Something like if you do not throw 95 do not go there or...
  444. Richard Cranium

    Well, I did it again.

    Standard... The burning van/trash pile was funny. Thanks for the laugh.
  445. Richard Cranium

    Record Book Bug

    Good stuff right there! Nice Job!
  446. Richard Cranium

    Thief at FedEx

    I sent a zipped locked "fart" to a friend, via FedEx, to Destrehan,LA...It got there and my buddy actually opened the package and un-zipped the freezer bag...Curiosity got his attention! I got a classic message left on my voicemail...The employees left that one alone...
  447. Richard Cranium

    Wild fire evac plan!

    Neo does...Which one?
  448. Richard Cranium

    saluki was that you?

    I do not think that he can top the in-flight entertainment within a calender year.
  449. Richard Cranium

    Pacman Jones is at it again....

    This is from If it is true...I wonder what the Cowboys and the Commish think about this... ESPN - Reports: Pacman gets in fight with bodyguard at Dallas hotel - NFL Reports: Pacman gets in fight with bodyguard at Dallas hotel Updated: October 8, 2008, 9:16 PM ET...
  450. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    jethead XM or Sirius
  451. Richard Cranium

    Does Lake Biwa have a bunch of this going on? Need "better pics"...The really good pics...send them to me...Just like the BDOOSO pics I sent you. You should just get the flash out on both cameras and have some fun with those getting busy....Give Evil E one camera and you have the...
  452. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Wife low tide or high tide
  453. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Driver Side with keys please.....SEE YA FATTIES! POOMA's ( Pissing Out Of My Ass ) or The RHINO's ( Just pure pain from eating food that is way too Hot ) ?
  454. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    Rooster Capt Morgan or Bacardi?
  455. Richard Cranium

    This or That

    neither chowder or gumbo?
  456. Richard Cranium

    For those of you who think Soccer is a sport

    This is going to be a good laugh.....
  457. Richard Cranium

    EllieMay Weekly Special

    Yummie! Thanks for the recipe! Gonna get my crockpot out real soon...
  458. Richard Cranium

    Futbol Fan Video Clips

    First one is CLASSIC! Like the airplane incident.....
  459. Richard Cranium


    crazy stuff...repost...
  460. Richard Cranium

    Need prayers for a friends wife

    prayers sent.
  461. Richard Cranium

    Red Alert Red Alert !!!! Catalina Slimballs

    Then he should DuckSki..or you know..Might have some TimeOutSki for that type of PostSki? What happened to "ThemSki's" from the PastSki?
  462. Richard Cranium

    Finally found a deckhand

    Jeff, Isabele is just a gorgeous new born! Congrats! Glad that Mom and little angel got through the birth in good health! The last pic is classic! Front page material! Good luck and enjoy the journey!
  463. Richard Cranium

    Pats vs Bolts....... Sunday Night Game.

    Ok...... att yrds avg td's Sproles.... 26 130 5.0 0 Sore Toe 89 331 3.7 4 Who is their $$ back.....Sproles is a special teams dood....He is 2nd to Sore Toe, and he has to live with it for now...Does not matter....Bolts do not make the wild...
  464. Richard Cranium

    MNF, Vikes @ Saints

    Man what a game... Props to the Vikings...They got it done.... Get the bags out... What a game by Reggie...... Turnovers kill...
  465. Richard Cranium

    MNF, Vikes @ Saints

    Hopefully the Saints get it done..Just lost a key D-Lineman for a month....Petterson goes over 100...Not 200.. It will be fun to watch minus the Korn-Hole and Jaws acting like a couple of married men...
  466. Richard Cranium

    My boy at 8

    He is a handsome dog! How much does he weigh? He has some growing to do as well..look at those paws!
  467. Richard Cranium

    Pats vs Bolts....... Sunday Night Game.

    More like this...All night long...
  468. Richard Cranium

    Sox/Angels Game #3

    Took 12....Angels got it done.....Gotta win 2 more.....Great game!
  469. Richard Cranium


    Only when beads are not being offered at the time of the pics.. :boobies:
  470. Richard Cranium

    Well, it was nice knowing you guys....

    Since you call your bike a "he", did it come with this helmet?
  471. Richard Cranium


    Charger fans...Still looking for The Big Tuna under the Dolphins....????
  472. Richard Cranium

    Sox/Angels Game #3

    Better than the Charger game today..
  473. Richard Cranium

    It must be BIG FOOT

    It was at back door of a secret donut shop handing out free samples...
  474. Richard Cranium

    Get ready for the request for pics...It will be a fun ride.......
  475. Richard Cranium

    I got a new dog!!

    Nice looking pup Pete!
  476. Richard Cranium


    that is good positive thinking!
  477. Richard Cranium

    Red Alert Red Alert !!!! Catalina Slimballs

    Not good....Hope Th FP's lead to something...Let them walk the plank if found...
  478. Richard Cranium


    Thanks for the soda out of the nose! I might need to open the last of the CRATZ.... Nope I'm saving it for the translation of..."So I got that goin' for me, which is nice."
  479. Richard Cranium

    It must be BIG FOOT

    Looks like the Babe Ruth bar got eaten with the wraper on it...."Doodie Doodie!", like Caddyshack...Just on the front door step instead of in the pool.... Keep any food inside...Otherwise you might have another on the back porch as well....Have there been bear sightings in the area? It...
  480. Richard Cranium

    Always an entertaining read..
  481. Richard Cranium


    nice job!
  482. Richard Cranium

    Is she a hooker or a cop?

    I can not blink as fast as your Sig...I'm dizzy....
  483. Richard Cranium

    O.J. is Finally found Guilty...

    Well...How much time does he do? ESPN - O.J. Simpson found guilty of all charges in Nevada - ESPN O.J. Simpson found guilty of all charges in Nevada O.J. Simpson And Co-Defendant Found Guilty LAS VEGAS -- O.J. Simpson, who went from American sports idol to celebrity-in-exile...
  484. Richard Cranium

    Seafood Limits in Freezer?

    I have not seen anything about "Report Cards" in this thread.. When you purchase one of these. You have to give your fishing liscense # ..Right? I have not purchased one, just reading other threads.....Just asking questions that pertain to "Operations", "Checks and Balances", with the DFG...
  485. Richard Cranium


    I think I have it!!!! The last dollar went on the Cubbies to win the World Series, or another playoff game It is very hard to grasp...Only the true Cubbie fans can "get it"!! You know..Stop making excuses about a goat....BoSox beat the ULTIMATE CURSE OF THE BABE...For a Couple of World...
  486. Richard Cranium

    bass n bugs

    G'son I think you are on to something....But one must have the courage to admit that they are a closet "Bolt" fan..From the Nice Magenta Bolt being sported in the Pic! :chestram2... Nice job... SHAZAMMMMMM!
  487. Richard Cranium

    18 legal Bugs Cat. Sept. 27th....(LATE REPORT)

    YUMMIE! Nice pic of the Girlfriend/Wifey/Friend...She looks like she is ready to have some serious grindage.....ARRRdeARRR ... Give me some buttarrrrrrrr......ARRdeARRR.......
  488. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    So did this guy...His beer still looks cold....Nice Manbag, almost a Magenta one :gay:.....Just looking for something that can not be found..A playoff win.........:hali_parkutuli:
  489. Richard Cranium

    Police to Angel Fans: Have fun, take it easy

    What will the headlines be in the morning....Angel fans will be pissed off...How many Bosox fans will be attacked tonite? Ugly Ugly....Fallen Angels for sure... Looks like it might be Tampa or BoSox and Phillies or Dodgers in the World Series.... My pick...BoSox vs Blue...Do not have any...
  490. Richard Cranium

    Anybody else notice...

    They shut off their phones. So friends and relatives living in other states, watching the game, would stop calling them..Reminding them that they are getting beat...They were not waving because they had a blank stare of disbelief on their faces, or worried about booing their players....
  491. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    That ball was a bomb! He hit that one deep!
  492. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    Oh my...Zambrano should have been out of the 2nd inning on the botched DP to the second baseman...... 5 runs... 2 errors....He was HOT coming off the mound...His pitch count went up on the back to back errors... Still alot of game left...Wind is blowing out....
  493. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    White Sox and Rays game is been good so far... 3-4 end of the 4th... Reynolds is in the booth...Have not heard him since he got canned from ESPN... Great announcer, very informative!
  494. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    drunks at ballgames....It's the only bummer going to watch a game and you represent the opposing team.. It sucks!
  495. Richard Cranium

    Please explain to me Saluki-San

    There is absolutely no room for that at ANY ballgame.. Man that sucks that this happened..I have seen it when leaving different stadiums after a football or baseball game....Just bullshit on every level....Those douche bags will have their day..They will pick a fight with someone who does not...
  496. Richard Cranium


    I know when eating crawfish..Never eat the straigt tails...DOA before hitting the boiling pot... This is from Losters - Online.... "Have people been poisoned by eating lobsters that were allowed to die before being cooked? Is it true that a dead lobster deteriorates very rapidly? What...
  497. Richard Cranium


    This was closed on another thread... I hear the sound of the Jaws soundtrack.....Saluki is coming....
  498. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    will it go 5?
  499. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    I have to find something I saw on ESPN..About the Cubs and their playoff challenges....
  500. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    Cubbies will have to win game 2... Or it will be Kind of like this...
  501. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    Phillies and Brew Crew are still playing as well as the White Sox and Rays...
  502. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    Dodgers got it done. Next game will be interesting.
  503. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    Manny goes DEEP! 5 - 2 HR DEEP LEFT FIELD, off his shoe laces!
  504. Richard Cranium

    Cubs vs Dodgers & Angels vs Red Sox....

    Cubbies draw first blood...2 run hr, Mark DeRosa... dodgers 0 cubbies 2 end of 2nd. Grand Slam Dodgers 4 -2....Loney.... Dempster done...His control was BAD..7 BB...
  505. Richard Cranium

    Big Game

    GREAT GAME! What a catch to end it!
  506. Richard Cranium


    The anouncers are just terrible! Jaws and Kornhole need to be seperated...They go at each other to much. Crazy game
  507. Richard Cranium

    Lobster and a stinger!!!OUCH!!!

    Hope all is well.... see below... How to Treat a Stingray Sting - wikiHow How to Treat a Stingray Sting On September 4, 2006 Steve Irwin (aka "The Crocodile Hunter") tragically died when a stingray barb pierced his heart. Steve was very unfortunate since stingray stings are rarely...
  508. Richard Cranium

    Any Auburn fans..Check out the Girls...

  509. Richard Cranium

    Paul Newman

    One of the best! Tight lines Mr. Newman! You will be missed!
  510. Richard Cranium

    Fun Day

    Man that looks bad...Been there done that really no fun! Hope all is well..
  511. Richard Cranium

    All way stop signs

    Your a Tool!
  512. Richard Cranium

    BCS Knuckle Shuffle!

    Well the BSC has some Rubik's Cubage going on, too early in the season.......Put the Playboy College Edition down & Pick the TOP 5. Then enjoy the ride.... This week results... #1 USC 21 UR ORST 27 HUGE UPSET #24 TCU 10 #2 OKLA 35 #8 ALA 41 UPSET...
  513. Richard Cranium

    All way stop signs

    alrighty then, driving under the influence....not good...assume the postition, it is going to get ugly.
  514. Richard Cranium

    Laptop Lo-Jack????

    Thanks for the update...Looks like some Manufacturers are working with Computrace.. New news for me...It has been over a year and a half since I sold it. It is stronger than what it was. IF your unit is not on the list, then you might be able to get a flash update...Definate purchase...
  515. Richard Cranium

    Laptop Lo-Jack????

    I used to sell LoJack, Computrace when I was a Sales Manager with a Computer Chain. It is a good service...We actually had some customers have their stolen laptops recovered. The problem is this...If the Hard drive is restored or formatted...Or the stolen unit has a new hdd installed...
  516. Richard Cranium

    Geaux Tigers!!

    Grew up in Destrehan...Love dem Tigers! Hope the QB holds up for the long haul...Defense is pretty good! Running game is above average...Would be nice for a repeat...Oh yeah..How are the rubbers doing tonight? OOPPSSIEE, must have a pin hole in them...Oh well...Let's hope the Tigers get it...
  517. Richard Cranium


    Man what a tough loss.....GO LSU!
  518. Richard Cranium


    Great job!
  519. Richard Cranium

    Sunset Beach

    Good one...What part of Sunset?
  520. Richard Cranium

    Weird Stuff tonight Doyers lose and still celebrate

    Why are the Pads so bad? What does their minor league system have coming up the pipeline?
  521. Richard Cranium


    OMG.. The mighty USC got crushed by an unranked TEAM??? Oh my Oh my.. Rubber fans... Just look at it and take a HUGE BITE!!...MMMMMM.....Not to hard, Not to soft...Just a PERFECT MOUTH FULL!!!!
  522. Richard Cranium

    another blonde moment

    oh my! haha
  523. Richard Cranium

    Is Pittsburg in trouble?

    Mike, The Steelers have some challenges to overcome.. At least they have some running backs that will actually play and run like running backs..Something your Static shocks needs to look at... What ever...My Saints are sucking ass right now..Oh Well that is Football..But my Tigers are...
  524. Richard Cranium

    Tricky Tran's Wicked Wok

    If you were a cat owner? Would your order the Fried Rice from the Wicked Wok after reading this?
  525. Richard Cranium

    Puerto Vallarta Tuna Report 9/19

    Very nicely done! I have read about the "Ali Curse" and "bad vibes" when you make the trip to PV. Looks like you turned the worm on that nonsense. Well you silenced the masses that thought you were the one that shut down the bite. Great job on a spectacular fish! I know you will most...
  526. Richard Cranium

    Catalina Classic Marlin Tourney went OFF today!!

    Team "La Dulce Vida" fish went 206 lbs, 95.5 inches....New leader.. The live feed reaction was cool..
  527. Richard Cranium

    SM 9/21 Filling The Aquarium

    Looked like fun! It was is the post. "He's taking his 15ft Duro boat the Red Drum down to Baja in a few weeks..."
  528. Richard Cranium

    Pelican Killer $5,000 Reward

    Would this be subject to the fine? "One Ball, One Swing, One Pelican".... At least "The Cup", has that going for him after shooting an 83.. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  529. Richard Cranium

    It's Miller Time

    Yep..Old School...
  530. Richard Cranium

    Blond vs Geek

    What would it be? Tried to create a poll...Took to long..
  531. Richard Cranium

    Camel Toe Montage...

    Enjoy the Moose Knuckle Montage..If it is old school..Then do not show your age and enjoy!
  532. Richard Cranium

    I have two things to share with you

    Key re-attachment can be done..But one must be true to scrabble..No Tricky Tran Engrish versions.. PM bro...used to run a laptop repair center in a previous life..Seen the "vacuum" thing many times... Qty 2 of the BD 2xl Qty 2 of the Spottie 2xl
  533. Richard Cranium

    Friday Cat.

    Fished Catalina on the MarDiosa, 6 pack Charter..Thanks JD! Great boat and crew..Skipper ( Matt ), 2nd(Daryl), Deck (Dom)..It was victory at sea going out, 9pm (Thur) Pierpoint, and blew hard after 11am(Fri)..Conditions were very tough. Old Yeller did not want to play. We played Checkers all...
  534. Richard Cranium

    Happy Birthday Chuam!

    Happy Bday! Have a great one!
  535. Richard Cranium

    New avantar, new family member, no more fisihing...

    Madison Ann is just gorgeous! Congrats Dood! :appl:
  536. Richard Cranium

    OPAH ???

    Take a look at this link.. It has a few different recipes for opah.. Fresh Island Fish - Recipes Description or these
  537. Richard Cranium

    smell my fish bait

    good one!
  538. Richard Cranium

    Here is how it is done

    Nice...every time I go to wave it will look like I am holding up the number 4.. Not that it was wrong..Just not using the black grip in the pic.
  539. Richard Cranium

    "Lame Captain" Thread Shouldn't Have Been Closed

    Great question...You might want to ask how old is the tunnel and tracks....That will determine what type & number of locomotives, "box cars", and cabooses that can fit into the big hole...
  540. Richard Cranium

    Here is how it is done

    G'son, What is up with the Evil E holding the flyrod like a bass rod... What is the purpose of spraying water off the bow of the boat? Nice pics and story always!
  541. Richard Cranium

    Dennis Braid - Custom Car Builder

    Nice rims as well as the Air Brake on the roof. I never saw that on the original Kitt..Does the new KITT have that much power in the new series to require a speed brake? Will the real Hasselhoff make a camio in the pilot? Will it be equipped with a special Braid 5 point harness for seat belts...
  542. Richard Cranium

    Caption Time #2

    This is what he told Brett back in the day, before he decide to become Jet... I think Brett was telling a joke.... "Why did LT cross the road?"..... "He couldn't, his Big Toe hurt like a good ole' Donk-ey kick in the nuts"
  543. Richard Cranium

    "Lame Captain" Thread Shouldn't Have Been Closed

    C'mon Julie...Relax a little, this is the BD Nonsense Board..... Have some wine, light some candles, and have a Calgon moment... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  544. Richard Cranium

    Caption Time #2

    "No Vasaline needed..I'm all Charged up!" "Objection your Honor, He is inadvertantly leading the witness."
  545. Richard Cranium

    Serious Warning for All Dog Owners!!!

    Just horrible news.. What a bummer..
  546. Richard Cranium

    no tuna, but but but........

    That is some good shit right there! Nice job!
  547. Richard Cranium

    Last week in PV on the Maximo

    Holy chit man! Hope it heals ok... Looks like tape was put on the finger..Was it after the unfortunate incident, to stop the bleeding, or before and it took the tape off as well...Man looks like it could have been WAY worse if it got near any knuckles.
  548. Richard Cranium

    What te HELL!!!!!

    Turrets Syndrome
  549. Richard Cranium

    The Wierd News Thread

    Police arrest man for the 152nd time $10,000 bail in alleged theft of $1.99 beer Paul Baldwin is escorted from Portsmouth District Court by Officer Rochelle Jones on Monday, May 19, 2008. Baldwin is being held on $10,000 cash bail. Police say his history includes 152 arrests. Elizabeth...
  550. Richard Cranium

    The Wierd News Thread

    Danielsville man with homemade vibrator arrested on drug charges Posted by Staff Writer Saturday, August 9. 2008 Comments (29) A deputy investigating a call about a broken windshield arrested a Danielsville man on a variety of drug charges this week. Charlie Van Wilkes Jr., 31...
  551. Richard Cranium

    Maui, Hawaii -- The Action Continues!

    Good stuff! Nice pics and write up... These two Mahi have "scoops" out of their flesh..Looks like it is from a cookie cutter shark? I've seen pics of that on Ahi, and much deeper..1st time on a Mahi Mahi, as well as your pics. Do you see this much on the fish you guys keep? When you do...
  552. Richard Cranium

    Patty Marlin 9/11/08 on 30lb @182

    Nice job on the outfit! Too bad it came up dead.. Enjoy the smoked stuff!
  553. Richard Cranium

    1st hand account riding out IKE in the GOM

    This is from another site..This thread is from a guy riding out IKE in the Gulf of Mexico on a big vessel. They are in the face of IKE's Northern edge..He is off the coast of LA below Grand Isle.... Pretty interesting..Some of the pics at the end of the thread page 5-6 are pretty amazing...
  554. Richard Cranium

    Hurricane IKE

    Man.... Ike is a Three Headed Monster! He can go anywhere..I'm thinking more towards Lake Charles or just East of that....Hope that all in his path are spared the least damage possible..It is like waiting on the playground for a fist fight..Hopefully the bully does not win... Godspeed for...
  555. Richard Cranium

    HUGE Mantis

    C'mon get over it......No Bandage..What kind knot is that on his pendant?
  556. Richard Cranium


    Very Nice!
  557. Richard Cranium

    Hurricane IKE

    Prayers sent for all in Ike's path.
  558. Richard Cranium

    ...and everything in between...

    Great stuff! Pics are just amazing.
  559. Richard Cranium

    I'm Pickled!!!

    cola out of the nose!
  560. Richard Cranium

    Happy Bday Nancinator

    Hope you have a great Bday!
  561. Richard Cranium

    Good Credit Cards?

    look into USAA...
  562. Richard Cranium

    HUGE Mantis

    Reports state that it was caught off of Laguna.. Pretty Gnarly looking!
  563. Richard Cranium

    moooooo! always...Just a stunning, breath taking report..Always great pics, especially the ones with the good looking gal in them Great job!
  564. Richard Cranium


    Initial reports from his injury said he could go vertical into the line, North and South, with no problem. The question was Horizontal, East and West, Lateral pursuit... He would need to be able to move, E & W with ease without pain, to be effective as a defensive player with the...
  565. Richard Cranium


    Eddie, Sucks to see the truck damage...It could have been much worse..Good thing the tidal surge stayed lower than the levees...It looks like power will be an issue..Have friends in Northern St Charles Parish that are still without power. I will be saying my prayers for IKE to miss you...
  566. Richard Cranium

    new Tiger ad.........pretty cool

  567. Richard Cranium

    May I see your Starfish Hole, please.

    Now that is a very handy starfish.. What is the delio with the head? You guys could not put up the seat before you took a pee? Those jigs look bad ass. Funny stuff G.
  568. Richard Cranium

    Boltz vs Carolina........

    WOW..Man that stadium got REALLY QUIET on the TV coverage...
  569. Richard Cranium

    Poker Game Tonight Sat 9/6/08

    thanks for the 411...good stuff sounds like a good time was had..
  570. Richard Cranium

    God dahm it.

    I think so...
  571. Richard Cranium

    NEED HELP!!!

    Can you read this smart ass...Gotta give it to ya...funny...Or do I NEED TO HAVE ALL CAPS??
  572. Richard Cranium

    Poker Game Tonight Sat 9/6/08

    It's the fucking WSOP BD style... BDwsopBS.... How many players??? Who won?? What was the winning hand...What was the final payouts?
  573. Richard Cranium

    Thanks Tackleman!!!!

    Gulp! good stuff it smells ripe....
  574. Richard Cranium

    purchase HP and you'll be sorry

    Only when they get http404 errors.....:food-smiley-014:
  575. Richard Cranium

    purchase HP and you'll be sorry

    what was it?
  576. Richard Cranium

    Water Park

    "We're sorry, this video is no longer available."... Should be a Red X....Check the link brotha...
  577. Richard Cranium

    Photo for avatar?

    What about these??
  578. Richard Cranium

    Happy to have our daughter home!!!!

    Spike, I am glad to see that your pride and joy, Emmarie is doing well. Your family has been through some VERY tough times in the past 12 days. Your little girl is just an amazing child. She is strong, brave, and tough. I hope that the hours, days, weeks, months, and years to come...
  579. Richard Cranium

    How NOT to cook ribs.......

    So, ummm...I'm confused! Looks like she really wanted to cook with charcoal? Not a fan of Hank Hill is she? Just classic!
  580. Richard Cranium

    Why do we not chose our love

    Good stuff...I prefer a piece of ass.....Good luck bro!
  581. Richard Cranium

    Happy Bday Capt. Juan Moll

    Feliz Cumpleaños! Hope you have a great one!
  582. Richard Cranium

    Shift Happens

    Cool Info...
  583. Richard Cranium

    I have Red/Pink Eye with Cratz crust eye..

    More Bad Dreams.... Turning into Nightmares....What is that in it's left hand???
  584. Richard Cranium

    I have Red/Pink Eye with Cratz crust eye..

    Yes.. I have some serious Red/Pink Eye.. Cratz crust eye.... It is something that effects a person with a serious habit..with Moto lures...As well as one that is always eating Japanese snack foods provided by a certain Captain...... Green eye with envy is no good it only attracts...
  585. Richard Cranium

    Salty Chocolate Balls

    MMMM..sweet tooth grindage...
  586. Richard Cranium

    Prayers are going out for you guys!

    I'm still looking on for information in the Fourms..Looks like power is out in that area..They are still not letting people in N.O. unless your a business owner and something else..ST. Charles Parish getting power have had it since yesterday.. This is from a post on the Plaquemines...
  587. Richard Cranium

    Oldie but Classic

    This is an oldie but classic! object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=""...
  588. Richard Cranium

    300 lb SWORD!

    Elvis is in the building! That is Sick! Great Job!
  589. Richard Cranium

    Heading East

    Good luck and Tight lines!
  590. Richard Cranium

    My band sucks,

    Is that all? Your getting off cheap! Classic G'son!
  591. Richard Cranium

    Prayers are going out for you guys!

    That is good news.... Looked like Morgan City & Houma got some weather...I looked at the radar when Gustav was offshore and the outer bands started hitting the NO area...Laplace, Norco, Destrehan, and Hanhville looked like they got killed...RED/YELLOW and hooks on the dopler radar...It also...
  592. Richard Cranium

    Prayers are going out for you guys!

    Looks like you guys dodged a Huge bullet! Gustav did not regain it's eye and got going too fast...Hope that all is well. God Bless to all in Southern LA!!
  593. Richard Cranium

    I told you so...

    Is that a new Japanese Razor that has yet to be introduced to the USA? It looks like it did a great job on your dome. It looks like it cuts the hair, in the time needed, just right without taking skin off the Cranium. The Smooth Cranium reel seat..comes in many colors....Fits perfectly on...
  594. Richard Cranium

    UCLA vs Tenn

    Nice....Looking good for LSU......... Go Tigers!
  595. Richard Cranium

    UCLA vs Tenn

    OK Brandon, Cubbies.... Bruins...... I know were your heart is at.... Go Bears!
  596. Richard Cranium

    Which fights harder?

    B F T Y F T/B E T Yard Strutter Nice big AJ's on the Rigs in the G.O.M...Like F'n Freight Trains...
  597. Richard Cranium

    I hate fucking snakes

    G'son, Give Noir "BoMar" all the love that can be given...It sucks to have stuff like this happen to your pets..They are Family! Give him a HUGE HUG and Smooches! He is a Handsome Fella, and still has to meet Coco! Give him some treats from Coco and me! I hope that Noir has a speedy...
  598. Richard Cranium

    Marlin in Rowboat! You Bet

    Woody.... great post! Matty is quite the angler! Keep them coming...I know that you have way more to tell about...Pretty sick stuff!
  599. Richard Cranium

    How to stay out of the dog house

    Good eats right there..How did your pee smell? .So is Boomer in the bed yet??
  600. Richard Cranium

    To Kill an American....

    Nice read!
  601. Richard Cranium

    Thanks for the Tournament

    That is nothing...Your holding your arms out to far....Jeeeess.... Nice one!
  602. Richard Cranium

    Spikes daughter - out of heart surgery:

    Spike....Many prayers for Emmarie! Godspeed and God Bless!
  603. Richard Cranium

    Pics Harbor Island West Weigh-In HEAVY PICS!

    It was my pleasure to take the pics... I had a great time at the weigh in dock! I mean the stories WarpDrive told were just priceless.....As well as the SurfDoc adventures....I'm not going forget the Mikey offshore adventures.... It was something to remember brotha! Even if I talked your...
  604. Richard Cranium

    Ha Ha Dumb ASS

    Funny stuff. I have heard about sales contest and the ToyYoda.
  605. Richard Cranium

    Prayers are going out for you guys!

    Second that..Looks like they are starting to evac personel in the Gulf.. Prayers sent for you guys and gals...
  606. Richard Cranium

    Oops....................... sorry.

    Oh shit I have a headache and I'm crying I'm laughing so hard! Classic!
  607. Richard Cranium

    Whats the meaning of this..

    Move on...Go fuck her best friend!
  608. Richard Cranium

    Pics Harbor Island West Weigh-In HEAVY PICS!

    Had to start another one...It starts pretty good..There was not a bead thrown for the viewing...It was quite a viewing...
  609. Richard Cranium

    Pics Harbor Island West Weigh-In HEAVY PICS!

    Here are some pics that I took from the dock, waiting for the teams to come in for weigh in..... There are some extra pics that could not be posted...No beads were needed...
  610. Richard Cranium

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    It was fun...Traffic was easy and light...I will be there again for the next one... with the camera and all that...:hali_blablalba:
  611. Richard Cranium


    Nice Martha! That black Gulp is working for ya!
  612. Richard Cranium

    Vs. The Ghost)

    'shiokaisenyakisoba' looks gooood! Good call on leaving... I've seen some weird stuff at night in the swamps in St Charles Parish, LA. The stuff that makes all the hair on your arms and neck stand straight up. Getting all your senses going full speed..Then the WTF look and see ya!
  613. Richard Cranium

    If you see my old boat its not me

    That would have been a great pic! Imagine what it sounded like....TOO F'N FUNNY!
  614. Richard Cranium


    Good read G! Your son has a good swing. Only 5 tokens...must not have been that good for him... "Who's fucking this Goat?" - Great comeback to shut someone up!
  615. Richard Cranium

    Tuna and the mammals!

    Nice pics! That is scary big..As far as try and catch it, no thanks. I would leave that to someone else..
  616. Richard Cranium

    Its time for some college football talk..

    Grew up in Louisiana..SEC football was on every weekend.. Hope LSU does well...QB is big question mark..Defense should be good..I am also partial to Auburn, Gparents are alumni, forced fed when real young.. SEC just reloads each year....
  617. Richard Cranium

    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda....

    Good stuff right there Wayne.
  618. Richard Cranium

    kyle bush is a pud wacker

    I love the good old Nascar debates....They just go round and round....Pass the popcorn when its ready...
  619. Richard Cranium


    That was very cool Martha..high five again.
  620. Richard Cranium

    I'm sorry

  621. Richard Cranium


  622. Richard Cranium


  623. Richard Cranium

    News on BD

    Stone's concert stuff is like fishing/water reports?...Like it...Seems good?
  624. Richard Cranium

    Thank god!!!!

    Thanks for the visual...This is her sister Bunny..better talent and less of the "why did I do that" factor....
  625. Richard Cranium

    De-Motivational Poster

    Is that the ONO dude in the pic...classic!
  626. Richard Cranium

    North O.C report 8-21-08. Dos mas !!

    You have it nailed! Nice job and great report!
  627. Richard Cranium


    Ok then...Nice!