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  1. FHisherman

    New 2021 Parker 2320 "GrayLight"

    The gunmetal gray has been a hit.
  2. FHisherman

    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    No problemo. Miss Mickster would probably just offer me a new one.
  3. FHisherman

    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    Up yours Dash One and all.
  4. FHisherman

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    Back to the origin of this thread...just take all the great advice here...and there is a lot... and get your own time out on the water. There is no substitute.
  5. FHisherman

    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    I've seen some really big Summer and Winter Chinarks caught on the smallest spoons and mini squid and also caught on the largest plugs and largest spoons money can buy. Drag it in front of their face and let the good times roll. You never know. It's more important to to be at the right place...
  6. FHisherman

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Oh, BTW nice boat, lol. Might be involved in something similar very soon.
  7. FHisherman

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    I think Wildcat is a great name. The workhorse of the carrier fighters. Much respect to Allied/name and naming their boats after the WW2 planes. Must be some history there. I'd be interested to see what it is.
  8. FHisherman

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Total thread hijack, but my pops flew F4F Wildcats and F6F Hellcats in the Pacific off the lil flat top carriers. Battle of Layte Gulf and Battle off Samar. I donated most of his stuff to the VFW in Friday Harbor if you ever want to check it out. His flight log book is opened to Leyte last time...
  9. FHisherman

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    10/90 holds consistently, lol.
  10. FHisherman

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    JTFC, chill. Maybe he was catching fish fast enough he put them in the bleed bucket and hadn't had time to get back to them yet. Sounds like he was done at 8 am so not exactly late or warm. Looks like the rockfish were caught on the same lure and possible released with a descent device. Who...
  11. FHisherman

    The Paragon

    Damn nice looking boat.
  12. FHisherman

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    I'll see if I know anyone looking for a $33K fish killer too. Nice boat, nice upgrades. Love the Old Olympics.
  13. FHisherman

    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Now that's how you post a boat for sale. GLWS and MT. I'm looking hard at Idaho right now for retirement property.
  14. FHisherman

    Kelli Ann. Anacortes to Westport

    Good to see you guys off today. Hope the trip is uneventful.
  15. FHisherman


    Just Bezos trying to spin because Amazon lays down a huge carbon footprint. Playing the PR game. BTW I like laying down a huge carbon footprint too. Not Al Gore huge, but as big as possible.
  16. FHisherman

    Starting a 2320 Build

    Looks like she's got shore power which is a big bonus. Color looks good. Nice to be a lil unique. Congrats, nice ride.
  17. FHisherman

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Curious too. Just used a Disco Bay on a clients boat and thought it was very good.
  18. FHisherman

    Shrimping report

    Very consistent size and numbers in a well know spot yesterday in MA 7 W. Plus got to break in a client's new 38 Lindell with first blood (or prawn detritus as it were) on deck. Got to get those first dings out of the way so they can work her hard and not feel bad about it.
  19. FHisherman

    Tired of losing fishing opportunities? Do something

    Have to agree with this. @liltrouble respect your time in the game and you as a person from what I know. However, in regards to this new organization in the fight, they seem to have realized the best way forward to try to get our rights and opportunity back. I've been preaching for years that...
  20. FHisherman

    Etec’s toast....

    Suzuki 350s DO NOT like anything lower than 89 octane fuel.
  21. FHisherman

    A6 or A7 Halibut?

    Nice job! Reminded me I need to get back in to see her and get my fangs polished.
  22. FHisherman

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    This, plus a replacing 9.9 with Yamaha 25 would be the ultimate way to do it on that boat, financial concerns aside. Might want to beef up the swim step too if needed, Just trying to spend other people's (your) money for you.
  23. FHisherman

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I'll be there for the opener in full body condom.
  24. FHisherman

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    Probably have to show ID when logging in at a bar or restaurant too. If not, probably get a bunch of Hugh G. Rections and Homer Sactuals signing up.
  25. FHisherman

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I'd log in at the Wheelhouse just to be able to sit and chill in a bar and get served drinks and appetizers again, but probably no place else that I didn't know the owners well. I haven't read through the guidelines but have heard from someone who has that some segments of retail will also be...
  26. FHisherman

    Let the games begin

    Good to see you guys and BS a bit today.
  27. FHisherman

    Pop ups....

    Yeah, bring back green bikini girl.
  28. FHisherman

    Keep on the look out..... get that gear loaded

    On the bright side, I started getting the chick in the green bikini Best Large-cup swimwear pop up instead of the health care one. Love that gal. But seriously, it's a somewhat opening and hopefully a start. Gotta keep the pressure on. Obviously misguided/stupid/trying to out liberal the other...
  29. FHisherman

    Westport to anacortes 4/13

    Just saw her going down the street.
  30. FHisherman

    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    And...start pumping out good hatchery fish from good places. Rant over. Tapped out.
  31. FHisherman

    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    And, so what should we do instead of bitching on the internet you say? Well, coming up against the tribes and whale advocates and winning ain't gonna happen. If you held all the power, emotional sentiment of the (mostly liberal) voting base and financial resources in the state...and had it out...
  32. FHisherman

    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    I'd take a 1 fish limit to open it up on hatchery fish year round. Recreational impacts wouldn't make a bit of difference in the big scheme of things. And pressure would even itself right out. But, we ain't being governed by common sense, fair negotiations, what's good for 2/3 of the...
  33. FHisherman

    Over a Week Without a Fishing Report???

    Very cool. She's the best.
  34. FHisherman

    Over a Week Without a Fishing Report???

    Nice fish! I think your daughter is my dental tech. If so, great gal!
  35. FHisherman

    Only turn 40 once…

    The Reel News trips in May to Los Barilles/ Palmas de Cortez with Goerg and Sheely are a helluva bargain, perfect place to stay and really fun. Inshore/offshore. Roosters, Dorado, Tuna, Marlin. Highly recommend and they have spots open for this year.
  36. FHisherman

    Munson Sportfish, walk around 55', lower and upper helm QUAD Yamaha 425s

    Well, there you go. Guy may have liked it (or not) and went through some "life changes'. Never know until you get the full story. I see it all...often.
  37. FHisherman

    Munson Sportfish, walk around 55', lower and upper helm QUAD Yamaha 425s

    Actually looking at the picture, that ain't Florida. Looks like PNW and maybe around LaConner. Could explain the downriggers. Then headed South. IDK. Call Munson for the straight dope or flame away on the internet as usual I guess.
  38. FHisherman

    Munson Sportfish, walk around 55', lower and upper helm QUAD Yamaha 425s

    The listing seems legit...ish. Downriggers in Miami? Photoshop? Probably burns 2.5-3 gallons per mile. Could be 1200 gallon capacity vs 600 as Yachtworld is notoriously wonky in loading data and many dealers/brokers don't double check their listings. Never heard of Munson building this boat but...
  39. FHisherman

    Boat show deals

    Come by and say hi at West Hall #4. I'd enjoy meeting those I haven't yet and seeing those I have. Lots of good deals at the show. I'll be on one of the big white boats.
  40. FHisherman

    It was a great day, turned bad

    This is all so sad between a group of good folks and good fishermen. I don't know the whole story, and the operators of WTC seem like good, well intentioned dudes. But the winners need to be paid within at least a couple weeks. The process needs to be streamlined, obviously. We didn't have to do...
  41. FHisherman

    Washington Park Launch update

    Seems like there's a bunch of one eyed seals around. I guess they live a hard life. Not hard enough IMO. Good to see a new dock in. Hopefully gravel can get moved. Big tides and waves wash a lot of it in at some ramps.
  42. FHisherman

    Be Carefull in Wilipa Bay!

    Maybe trying to beach her intentionally for a clam w/crabs combo trip to one of the towns down there.
  43. FHisherman

    2 pair of Under Armour Hunting Boots

    I'll take the Brow Tine 2.0s. I will need them shipped. I'll PM, thanks!
  44. FHisherman

    WTB: Used Yamaha F250 Outboard Motor, maybe F225

    I would like to purchase your current set up as is with everything included. Please send more pics. Seriously, unless you already know, beware early to mid 2000s 225-250 Yamahas without exhaust corrosion issues having been rectified.
  45. FHisherman

    FS: Proline 20' Walkaround Hardtop Boat - 2007 Four stroke Yamaha

    Nice lil boat that will be fun for someone and get the job done. Those seats are cool. GLWS.
  46. FHisherman

    Buying a 2120 & I want your opinon!

    I'd run the 150 and see how it works for you before repowering.
  47. FHisherman

    Best 22-23' Walkaround Boat?

    Not sure how that first part prematurely posted on my last post. That was weird. Can't edit either. But, you get the drift. good luck shopping, there's a boat out there for everyone. Mechanical inspection is your friend.
  48. FHisherman

    Best 22-23' Walkaround Boat?

    The feedback is just because the Gulfstream Grady has a well deserved cult following. Widely regarded as a very special boat. If it doesn't fit the bill for you due to trailering concerns then The reason for the feedback is that the Gulfstream Grady has a well deserved cult following. It's...
  49. FHisherman

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    Not so sure that boat could go from idle to WFO without some type of operator error, or human F'up. And it definitely went WFO and then seemed to back off. Sincerely, a keyboard 125' yacht tech.
  50. FHisherman

    Safe Boats

    Check out Life Proof Boats. They've got some pics of a recreational boat set up for fishing on their website. Deck space does shrink with the collars. Probably not many out there at auction or on the cheap. Very good riding, well made boats.
  51. FHisherman


    This. Plus might want to seek out anyone who has done an inboard to outboard conversion on your hull and see how they like it. I know the 24s run well with bracket and outboard, but not sure about the 22s. Might be some good weight distribution advice out there. She might like transom lift and...
  52. FHisherman


    350 Zukes have been good performers so far from what we've seen, but they don't like 87 octane fuel. 89 seems fine. 300 Yamis seem to detune and run OK on lower octane. 300 Yami or Zuke would be good power for a 22 Sea Sport. Yamaha is running a free extended warranty promo this fall to get you...
  53. FHisherman

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Buffalo porn. Prolly a thing in Montana.
  54. FHisherman

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    More boat porn. Posted in the correct thread this time.
  55. FHisherman


    Shit, sorry Patrick. Just noticed I posted those in the wrong thread. Couldn't see how to delete. Oh, well. Boat porn.
  56. FHisherman


    Saw this Buffalo in LaConner too. Twin 300 Zukes. Rec boat.
  57. FHisherman


    Didn't have time to ask any questions, but got a look up close. She's nice. A bit different than many would want on the interior and not a full walk around on a flush deck, but I'm sure that could all be addressed in a custom build. Triple 425s sure seem like a lot of weight and power. As...
  58. FHisherman


    Jury is still it is on you.
  59. FHisherman

    Osprey 28

    Those 24 and 26 made for outboards are good boats.
  60. FHisherman

    Osprey 28

    That's a good boat (the 28 made for inboard) with diesel and D drive. Slammed a bracket and a couple outboards on...not so much. Got wonky.
  61. FHisherman


    Just go with the dealer you're comfortable with and/or what you get the best deal on between the big three: Honda, Yami, Zuke. And which power fits your boat the best. Kinda like Ford, Chevy, Dodge. All good these days,
  62. FHisherman

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    I'm going to be out there Monday and was going to stop by and talk to them. I'll report back if I find anything out. Hopefully there's no 10' tall guy in fishnets lurking around...or any guys in fishnets lurking around for that matter.
  63. FHisherman

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    I just talked to the tech that did the PDI on the engines. She's got triple 425 Yamis. That is badass. Not a fan of the camo, but Mavrik makes a helluva boat and that's a helluva platform.
  64. FHisherman

    Trolling squid for salmon

    Flasher mimics a salmon slashing through baitfish (or just provides attractant and action to the hootchie). Spoon or hootchie or bait looks or smells like some kind of something they'd eat and mimics a wounded or stunned baitfish, or squid. From downrigger videos salmon mostly strike from behind...
  65. FHisherman

    Speeding Boat Crashes into Another Near Edmonds, Injuring 3

    After dark, Labor Day, WOT...Lots of bad decisions.
  66. FHisherman

    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Just watched it last night. Excellent. Been skipping past it for awhile. Thanks for the heads up.
  67. FHisherman

    Kill or no kill

    Hooked 6 in one day down in Baja about 5 years ago. Fun day. Finally bonked a smallish one for the hell of it. Felt kinda bad afterwards, but it was good smoked. Release down there, kill up here because it's probably a once in a lifetime deal.
  68. FHisherman

    Shark week out of Ilwaco with a side of tuna

    I was just looking at this post while you were talking to our parts guy on the phone. Overheard "shark" and "Mitchell" and put two and two together. Pretty funny. Sorry to hear about the shark damage. Seen one eat a rockin' chair one time.
  69. FHisherman

    1999 Lindell 36 Sportfisher for sale

    That is a beautiful Lindell. You'd be hard pressed to find a better built boat. Jim Lindell is The Man. We won't see his like come this way often. He built great vessels and is a good dude to boot. I feel blessed to be part of a great lineage now with Lindell. BTW, that 36 was just better...
  70. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Did a launch and photo shoot with Lia today on the 21' Rowboat...that's the name. For Snapchat which I'm thankfully not familiar with. Just mind blowing she's going to row across the Pacific on that boat.
  71. FHisherman

    F'ing chipmunk

    My pops was a REAL cowboy back in the day. Went to college on the GI bill at WSU and then to work on the big Harder cattle ranch outside of Ritzville as their foreman after he got back from WW2. Served as a pilot flying fighters off a lil flat top carrier in the Pacific theater. Saw heavy action...
  72. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Yeesh. Your wife's a good sport. Texted my Swedish born and raised boat dealer buddy (Carl Skarne) if he was having Surstromming for dinner this evening. He lol'd back. I'll stick to the bratwurst.
  73. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Yeah, I had to google it too. Rotten herring. I thought Lutefisk was bad. Darn Scandinavians.
  74. FHisherman

    Defiance 220ex repower

    Sounds like the engine needs to be raised. I'd try that first, then see what others with the same set up are getting the best results with in regards to a prop and try that. You should see 5800-6100 RPM (unloaded) and be able to trim her out until she gets the hops or blows out. Glad she's...
  75. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    I don't think getting in anything other than world class athlete shape is an option. She's got a weight limit she has to hit on the limit of provisions on board. I don't have all the answers as this is a once in a lifetime shot and haven't done all the logistics about rowing a boat from Japan to...
  76. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Yeah, a lot to think about. Where does that hand line go and what damage could it cause? Get a line rash or hook stuck and a bad infection and it's game over. Although entire endeavor is out of my realm of safety comprehension anyway. The whole thing is dangerous, fishing or not. She should have...
  77. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Yeah, I'm starting to lean towards meat line too. Wouldn't need to mess with net or gaff. Although a couple rods with jigs and swim baits should probably be on board in case she gets in trouble and is really fishing for survival.
  78. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Hope this posts in the correct forum. Although it's probably better in long range offshore, thought I'd start here. So, to make a long story short, this gal Lia Ditton ( is rowing from Japan to San Francisco in 2020. She's pretty bad ass. Rowed across the Atlantic and captained...
  79. FHisherman

    Rich Passage

    Thanks for the Lindell mention. Drove the first 38 with triple outboards last weekend. Exceeded expectations. Pretty epic. Not to hijack the thread.
  80. FHisherman

    Parker Sea Dek

    Get a hold of Marine Detail Specialists in Anacortes. They work out of Seattle as well. Hate to quote for them as we usually have the customer deal direct after we set it up. I've been happy with the product and their work, and they're easy to deal with.
  81. FHisherman

    Parker Sea Dek

    Sorry, here's the back deck/bolsters.
  82. FHisherman

    Parker Sea Dek

    Had this SeaDek interior, cockpit floor and bolster pads done for a customer.
  83. FHisherman

    Crab Seasons Announced

    The 4th in 7 used to be crabapaloosa. Not no more.
  84. FHisherman

    Beat This Local Knowledge (Pic Heavy)

    Freshwater Marlin! Those oversize sturg pull like hell and can jump!
  85. FHisherman

    Post your 1801

    Just an FYI, the last 1801 w/150 we had, the more we raised the motor, the better it performed in all areas. Your experience may vary, but I think we wound up at the highest point for best overall ride and performance. That being said, I think 115 is fine power for the 1801.
  86. FHisherman

    Parker 2120 kicker bracket

    Found this kicker bracket for a customer's new 2120. It's from Adventure Marine in B.C. ( if anyone's looking for one. It was a bit spendier than other options, but looks good and good quality. They have a nice backing plate you can order too. We moved the batteries to port to...
  87. FHisherman

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    We've been pushing for Parker to make the 2830 again for a long time. It would make a great 6 Pack charter as well as a great rec platform. Maybe an influx of capital under new ownership will help...
  88. FHisherman

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    Thanks for that reference...I lol'd.
  89. FHisherman

    +1 for Shockwave seats... -1 for Verado... Literally!

    WOW. That cage on the back might have stopped that prop from coming in the boat and killing somebody. Not sure what failed, but it was epic. I have bad dreams about that shit. Not good.
  90. FHisherman

    For those running Sportfish cruisers to the tuna grounds

    That Pursuit 3070 was the best riding boat they made. I just like a pilot house style more.
  91. FHisherman

    Walk Around Wooldridge - one word - AWESOME!

    Cool boat! I like something with a unique profile and Wooldridge builds a good product with a lot of family history. I love that old pic of OG(Original Glen) running Hell's Gate. Sea trial day on a new boat is a blast, especially when expectations are met or exceeded. Nothing but good folks on...
  92. FHisherman

    Second helm..

    Wow! Very nice.
  93. FHisherman

    Who Has Fish Pics From Before Digital? I do..

    Pic of my Grandma back in the late 50s with a couple June Hogs and my mom from the early 40s with a steelhead. I'm not that old, but I was a whoops when my folks had me in their mid 40s. Those Columbia June Chinook were awesome fish.
  94. FHisherman

    Anyone fished out of Chile?

    I'm seriously thinking about buying a retirement place in Puerto Varas, Chile. Cost of living is inexpensive. Close to salt, lake and river fishing. Beautiful place and it's a German a South American Leavenworth. The seasons are flip flopped between here and there, so their...
  95. FHisherman

    Something odd about this article...

    I've been to a few Orca meetings. One in particular out at Roche Harbor was a real eye opener. Lots of Killer Whale advocates eating, drinking and lodging out there. It struck me that if there's no problem with the SRKW population, none of these people have grant money or jobs. So, it's in their...
  96. FHisherman

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    We were getting 1.3 MPG at 30-32 MPH. Not fully loaded, but full of fuel and H20. No bait tank yet...Flat inland water. She might do better when broken in. She's do worse in ocean swells. So much power the 32 MPH was at 3500 RPM. Lust loping along.
  97. FHisherman

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    Auto pilot drives the mains, steers the kicker by tie in to the mains. We can put big hours on a kicker trolling for salmon. Kicker isn't fast enough for tuna troll though.
  98. FHisherman

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    Yup, touch screen out back. Kicker for salmon trolling.
  99. FHisherman

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    More pics of the 2019 2820 XLD "Fortuna". Just did the hand off this morning.
  100. FHisherman

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    We just launched this 2019 2820 XLD with 300 Yamahas today in Anacortes, WA for a customer. I'll post more about the boat and build after tomorrow. Going to run her around all day, get her dialed in and then give her a bath. Customer is going to take her to fish the Roche Harbor Salmon Classic...
  101. FHisherman

    Parker 2540

    We haven't sold one, but can for sure help out and answer any questions. I'd like to get my hands on one as well. From what I've heard it's a good riding boat and from what I've seen, a good DC layout.
  102. FHisherman

    Winter Derbies

    Not to say that you're not a good patriotic American. I'm sure you are and mean no disrespect. As I mean none to you.
  103. FHisherman

    Winter Derbies

    I guess cause America is my only response. Plus they put a lot into safe top speed due to liability from the manufacturer. Swinging big balls and laying down a big carbon footprint and taking risks is just part of American culture. I'll never drive a grossly overpowered boat...however, the...
  104. FHisherman

    Winter Derbies

    Actually that was probably the vodka soda in me talking, which is why I shouldn't post on Saturday night. 50-55 knots is achievable with light load, 60 was a bit optimistic on my part. But, 600 hp on any 28 footer will make it go fast. Not that I'd want to spend much time at that speed.
  105. FHisherman

    Winter Derbies

    Working hard to get a Parker 2820 with twin 300 Yamis ready for the Roche. That's a 55-60 (or so) knot boat, so might have to do the shotgun start. Really tried to get the first Lindell 38 with trip 300's done in time to fish the derbies, but it just isn't going to be done in time. It will be...
  106. FHisherman

    Boat Sinks

    Would you buy a new car and not insure it because it's covered under warranty?
  107. FHisherman

    2320 Yamaha 300 add permatrim?

    I would install Permatrim first, see how you like it and then consider the 4 blade prop as well. They work well together. You will notice a difference in running attitude and planing (for the better) after installing the Permatrim on the 2320 with 300 and just the 3 blade. 4 blade will make it...
  108. FHisherman

    Boat Pictures

    Not technically mine, but I got to drive her for a couple days. Too pretty not to post. Couldn't resist.
  109. FHisherman

    Need somthing transported?

    Funny, I've been ogling that avatar for years and never noticed the pineapples.
  110. FHisherman

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    Sorry to hear bud.
  111. FHisherman

    Oops, someone lost their sailboat- on freeway

    Post of the decade right there.
  112. FHisherman

    Everett Derby Roll Call

    Don't worry Norm, I'd hate to see you have to go back to work full time.
  113. FHisherman

    Everett Derby Roll Call

    We'll be there Saturday in the new Lindell 46 Flybidge.
  114. FHisherman

    La conner where to fish

    It be. We'll be out fishing her this Friday and Saturday. Probably fish A7 unclipped Friday and Everett Coho Derby Saturday. Tough duty...
  115. FHisherman

    Where to buy Parker 2320 Bolster cushions

    + 1 on SeaDek pads/bolsters. Worked great on my last 2320 demo. Grippy and durable.
  116. FHisherman

    Took home some $

    We knew it was a good fish, took some long deep runs and held down and heavy. Worked him back up and saw it was a big clipped fish. Adrenaline starts ramping up even more. Missed him once at the boat. Fish was a little green and I should have taken a breath and played him out. Took another...
  117. FHisherman

    Took home some $

    I took second in the Bellingham PSA Derby this weekend with this 21.6 lber. Thanks to Jay Field for driving me over the fish! First went to Daren Anderson with a 24.28. Great event for good causes, awesome weather and pretty good fishing. Always fun when you're running to the scales with a...
  118. FHisherman

    Diving with Great Whites

    Sounds like the boat is the Solmar V. A college buddy of mine, Dean Karr, who's a music video director and photographer in Hollywood puts on the trip. Usually some well know rock stars go I guess. I'll be partying with him in L.A. for a couple days before the trip. That's got me more worried...
  119. FHisherman

    Diving with Great Whites

    They can chum. Sounds like that's what brings in the big gals.
  120. FHisherman

    Diving with Great Whites

    I'll be diving (actually hanging in a cage) with Great Whites off Isla De Guadalupe in September I'm used to dragging lures or bait, not being one myself. It'll be a blast, hanging on a 115' boat, good food and drink, etc. Anybody ever done this? I'll post pics and story when I'm done. And, yes...
  121. FHisherman

    Close call today...

    I usually keep an old .38 on board that I don't mind tossing over if a two legged or four flippered predator tries to get on board. Except in Canada. That being said, a buddy of mine had the same thing happen, although a bit worse. Little kids on board and he thought the fugger was actually...
  122. FHisherman

    2320 vs 2520

    I've spend lots of time in both the 2320 and 2520 XLD. 2320 will do everything the 2520 will do more economically and will tow easier behind a smaller rig. However the 2520 is just more boat all the way around. 9'6" beam, more room for 4 in the cab, rides better...just more substantial. It would...
  123. FHisherman

    Alcohol and boating

    Wow. Came right off. Light boat, no straps or side bunks. Still pretty surprising. Probably was for him too.
  124. FHisherman

    The Build Begins... New Model 2018 Parker 2320 (new transom)

    C'songrats. You'll love it. TheDid 2320 is a special boat. More cockpit and bang for the buck than anything in it's weight class. Tough and seaworthy too. Great boat. Did you go with the 300? kicker?
  125. FHisherman

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Rather be bucking a big head sea than a big following sea most times. Might have pitched them over, When in doubt power out...lose power....repent sins.
  126. FHisherman

    “Fully Involved” on it’s side

    Hope all works out bro.
  127. FHisherman

    Salmon Fishing Suggestions?

    Well that went a whole lot better than usual from start to finish... You might try Matt at Tyee Charters as well. Solid guy as are those mentioned above.
  128. FHisherman

    Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    Whether fishing from Neah in our old Glasply or on a lake with our old skiff or down the river on our old drift boat, my old man loved every minute. That generation found joy in simple pleasures. Just getting out on the water with the kid.
  129. FHisherman

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    Ouch. That's why I'm on a daily mission to be a 1% er.
  130. FHisherman

    North End Lead Pour

    Anniversary of Mt. St. Helens...could be a good one!
  131. FHisherman

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Not sure what happened on my last post on this thread and I can't seem to delete it. This site is weird sometimes in many more ways than one. In my defense...I do drink post. Anyway drug a 25 Parker through Pugetropolis from Anacortes to Oly today. Used our F 450. That is one hell of a good tow...
  132. FHisherman

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    And, as Patrick said...slow down. Eyes always ahead and constant mirror checks. Don't space off when towing always be on point and focused. With all the suspect humanity on the roads these days it's a wonder we all don't wind up in a crash.
  133. FHisherman

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Who knows what actually happened. I do know we use my Chevy gas 2500 for towing the smaller boats and our Ford F450 dually for towing the bigger boats. No brand hate, love both. The smaller rigs like that one(looks like an F 150) just get pushed around too much with a heavy boat like a Sea...
  134. FHisherman

    2320 Railing

    A customer had this railing installed on his 2320. He and his fishing buddies are all well past 70 years old and we're a bit concerned about gunwale height. The whole thing was around $800. Pretty easy fix for anyone that wants a bit more safety with the benefits of low gunwales.
  135. FHisherman

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    So sad to hear this. Great guy gone way too soon. Feel terrible for the family. Tough loss.
  136. FHisherman

    New Guy post BEWARE

    He said wild "fist". Glad there was little of both, and best not to mention either.
  137. FHisherman


    Nice work! Looks like the WA State record just fell with a 23 lber. That's a Big Eye!
  138. FHisherman

    No cell coverage in the San Juans April 12/13,

    Opalco is a good Co op/ company .
  139. FHisherman

    No cell coverage in the San Juans April 12/13,

    Pretty short outage. We lost all communication around 5? Years ago for 2 days plus. No phone, no cell, no internet/compooter. It was really cool after you just just accepted it. I really miss life before any of this current always in contact shit. Also, social media is fucking us all up.
  140. FHisherman

    when was the new sign installed

    That Wal Mart in Aberdeen is a shit show. Made the mistake of stopping there for supplies on the way West. Makes the Mt. Vernon DMV look like Martha's Vineyard. Real circus freak show action meets Star Wars cantina/Jabba the hut. Sad town. Sad little houses. Not the best of US.
  141. FHisherman

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Haha, funny stuff. I've heard of a few drug addicts around town that offer "favors" out of the bars, so Tony I think you're off the hook. This is why I usually stay out of Herbs and the Pearl and go home early, Usually.
  142. FHisherman

    Here's a little gem from a few years ago.....

    Haha, those day drinkers in the background look pretty familiar.
  143. FHisherman

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Side Pot

    We're in. See you tomorrow.
  144. FHisherman

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    HaHa, I just tipped her and her tip getters yesterday after "work". We'll be at the Bluewater downstairs then Haley's of course before check in.
  145. FHisherman

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Team Raymarine bringing a big gun! Damn, need to get the Fat Cat out here next year. Pubic Service Announcement: Don't go home with any of the local mattress backed dock walkers from the Pearl...that may not be the kind of crabs you want to bring home from 'Juans, just fyi.
  146. FHisherman

    2320 with 300 Yamaha - Real World Fuel Economy?

    These numbers are with 2 guys, full of fuel but a little lighter load.
  147. FHisherman

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    See ya'll Thursday.
  148. FHisherman

    WTC Starting Lineup

    I used to look forward to the shotgun start in derbies like the Roche. No way no more. Waaaay too much liability. Seen way too many close calls. If a boat drops a motor, the boat behind them could run right the flock over em and kill everyone on board. I don't want to be on either end of that...
  149. FHisherman

    33' North River for Sale

    I've spent a lot of time riding and fishing on the boat. It's a great vessel in all catagories. Fishes very well.
  150. FHisherman

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    Then call me Chump, haha! I think just over 1100 ponies will be enough on that boat. 627 is the same motor, just juiced and boosted hotter and a bit more expensive. That choice is the definition of a First World Problem. Can't wait.
  151. FHisherman

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    Same order the new 35 with twin 557 Seven Marine outboards.
  152. FHisherman


    Good to see you at the Show John.
  153. FHisherman

    Unsworth is out.

    Roger this.
  154. FHisherman

    Unsworth is out.

    If I remember right he was hired at $140K per year. It would be nice to get some crazy rich guy in there that didn't need the money and would just go full sporty until he got fired, haha!
  155. FHisherman

    Anybody running a 2540 yet?

    Transom bracket with the notch lowers the engine and gets center of gravity down. Stronger than an elevated bracket. The 2018s all have it. I should probably know more about the 2540 but we just get 90% interest in the pilothouse models so I don't. You really have to physically climb around any...
  156. FHisherman

    Unsworth is out.

    Pretty sure he was going to get the axe if he didn't resign. Libs in power for sure(I'm in downtown Seattle right now and just got screamed at by a homeless guy in a tent who was blocking the entire sidewalk)but he had just not been doing any part of his job. Budgets, morale, dealing with...
  157. FHisherman

    Unsworth is out.

    Good news. I've met him, seen him in (in)action and knew a bit about what was going on inside. I'm glad this last fiasco was the final nail. Bad hire from day one.
  158. FHisherman

    Who makes this boat?

    Sargos are really well made boats from Finland. The Sarin family that owns Sargo has been building boats there for 50 years. The were called Minor Offshore but changed the name around 5 years ago because of minor meaning unsubstantial in English. Kinda like how the Nova never caught on in Mexico...
  159. FHisherman

    Roche Derby

    Good job...and mystery fish too! You split with my wife Vicki for 4th, but she took the women's $1000 plus side bet so we came out pretty good as well. I can tell by my fatter wallet and headache this morning that we won some cash. Fun derby this year, even though the wind sucked and it wasn't...
  160. FHisherman

    Looking for help - licensed captain

    Sounds like the OP Tom already has a sea trial scheduled for an Osprey 26 and is mostly just looking for help making sure it's a good vessel upon demonstration.
  161. FHisherman

    Looking for help - licensed captain

    Correct. Not all dealers will be down there and not sure about sea trials. Usually bigger boats that can't be moved in over road. Most of the time the floating shows are pretty blocked in. Boats usually don't really go in and out. Just my experience. Could be different this year. Sounds like...
  162. FHisherman

    PSA needs your help to save our salmon fisheries. Send Email to the commission!

    Thanks Ron! So easy to fix (habitat aside) with common sense and good judgement, so hard to accomplish in our States political climate. Keep fighting the good fight.
  163. FHisherman

    2320 SL Pilot house floor

    The Garmin Plotter with radar overlay is great. Confidence builder for sure.
  164. FHisherman

    Looking for help - licensed captain

    It's going to be hard to schedule a sea trial at that time as most of the boats and dealers will be inside at Century Link. However, it would be a great time to look at the boats and talk to the dealers. Then set up a time for a ride after that. The show goes from January 26th through February...
  165. FHisherman

    Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Management Plan-terrible for Washington State

    Not sure, but it sounds like it from what I've read and heard.
  166. FHisherman

    Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Management Plan-terrible for Washington State

    Already has, brother. We can feel it. But think about the other businesses, jobs, ports, real estate, construction, restaurants, grocery stores, fuel, mechanics, loss of tax and license's financially catastrophic and not just for the boat and tackle guys.
  167. FHisherman

    Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Management Plan-terrible for Washington State

    I've heard 7 would also lose Winter Chinook. Basically Areas 5-9 total year round closure to salmon fishing.
  168. FHisherman

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Good deal for WDFW if the new Chinook management plan goes through.
  169. FHisherman

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Looks like you might get your wish on Friday and Sunday. Winter derby fishin'...
  170. FHisherman

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    We'll be there. Good luck!
  171. FHisherman

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    Good job helping those in need...Sammy and your other buddy. I've never seen one of the Scottys break. I'm sure it could happen, especially to one that's seen a lot of UV. They seem to bend not break.
  172. FHisherman

    Area 7 - Zero crab, 1 Patrick

    Probably see ya'll next Saturday for a weigh in and debauchery.
  173. FHisherman

    2018 Parker 1801 115hp or 150 hp

    150 is still an option offered by Parker on new models.
  174. FHisherman

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    Hot damn, that's a beautiful boat with perfect power. I spy a Burnewiin fillet table on the transom. I like the swing a way davit too. Northwest dream machine.
  175. FHisherman

    Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Management Plan-terrible for Washington State

    Par, my take after meeting and talking to UMsworth(not a typo, anyone who has seen the video of him at the senate ways and means budget meeting will get the joke)is that he is just trying to keep his job at this point by taking the path of least resistance. In my opinion he is completely in over...
  176. FHisherman

    Some Words About Depression

    A friend's son committed suicide just after Thanksgiving this year. 30 years old. I feel so friggin' bad for my friend and his family. What do you say? Just told him how sorry we were and to let us know if he needed anything. The son had some troubles, but nothing he couldn't have pulled out of...
  177. FHisherman

    Winter Boredom - Looking at Boat Porn

    I also like seeing my outboards completely out of the saltwater every day after I dock.
  178. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    Both are good boats and would suit your usage well. Ride in each and see what you like best. Then factor in cost and make the decision that's right for you.
  179. FHisherman

    Winter Boredom - Looking at Boat Porn

    Also add that those nasty Merc 6 drives on these big offshore racers making 1000-2000 HP each engine hold up. I guess. I don't know about longevity, but jeebuz imagine that power and torque. I think it's a cost issue. Anything can be done with money but boat builders gotta think about the bottom...
  180. FHisherman

    Winter Boredom - Looking at Boat Porn

    Roger that Steve. VP drives sucked, puked and cost money. A boat mechanic friend of mine summed it up thusly when I asked him why it was so hard to get any outdrive to work: Your're taking a truck motor and mating it to a bastardization to get it to push through the water. That's why shafts were...
  181. FHisherman

    Winter Boredom - Looking at Boat Porn

    As usual Wild Bill speaks with opposite of forked tongue. The newer Volvo drives seem to be holding up well since 2012. The key was decreasing heat in the upper part of the drive and making running gear more robust. Twin D-4s are fairing well. I'm not a Volvo tech or Volvo sales guy, so don't...
  182. FHisherman

    That'll buff right out!!

    Wow. Where was that? Know the story? Could have been a lot worse.
  183. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    It's basically a kit. They're getting pretty popular now. Most shops hanging kickers can do it or get you parts. Kicker bracket is a Parker part. You could fab one up, but theirs is nice and simple.
  184. FHisherman

    2320 fuel range

    At the Washington Tuna Classic the fleet of 2320's with mostly 300's and 137 gallon tanks were running 72 plus miles out of Westport, fishing all day and running back, loaded with 4 guys, lots of bait and ice(maybe fish), and all the other shit without carrying any extra fuel, and had a good...
  185. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 deluxe helm chair uprade

    I had a couple of those on my old Wellcraft. They actually worked great and didn't rust at all. $100 each from Northern Tools.
  186. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 deluxe helm chair uprade

    Sitting up a couple inches higher is really nice. Just feels more correct. I'd love to put a shock mitigating pedestal on...everyone raves about them.
  187. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 deluxe helm chair uprade

    I ordered a ladder back chair from Parker and they actually sent me the deluxe helm upgrade. Decided to use it on our 2320 demo rather than sending it back. Then I used the stock chair for the duel pedestal seat project in my last thread. I have to say this deluxe helm chair is high end, very...
  188. FHisherman

    2120 bench seat replaced with pedestals

    Wanted to post up a project we're working on for a customer. He wanted his wife to be able to sit facing forward. He's an older gentleman and likes another set of eyes looking at what's coming. Good idea. We removed the bench seat and installed a couple pedestal seats. Cut them down and they fit...
  189. FHisherman

    any health insurance brokers around?

    You forgot free smart phone, tablet, laptop, and personal computer to keep on top of said benefits.
  190. FHisherman

    11/10 report

    That flasher is productive. Glad I've got a few of them.
  191. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 Delivered

    So the hauler mount parts were from Safe T Hauler I believe. I'll ask the guy who rigged it what that block the the bottom mount base is sitting on is made from and see if he remembers. Or, I'll just go look at the boat next time I'm in the area. It's been awhile and I can't recall if it was...
  192. FHisherman

    Looking for My Next Boat

    HaHa, twin Force would be the optimum power for the (Dis)Gracie Mae. All yucks aside a Hewes 179 Searunner or another vessel of it's ilk is probably the best your going to do with your needs and budget. I found a 2002 179 with a 90 HP Honda(150 hours) and 5 HP kicker for $9K, but got a helluva...
  193. FHisherman

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Looks like the guy driving the boat was inexperienced or not on his game or both. Got caught not paying attention. Wrong boat, wrong trim, wrong speed, bad timing. Looks like that bar is pretty quirky, but I guess they all are. Actually kudos to the surf kid who handed him his board. Nice to be...
  194. FHisherman

    The house/ shop

    Looking great! Dream space. House/shop is a good way to go if the spousal unit approves. Loft living space is also a good way to go. I've seen some cool variations of that.
  195. FHisherman

    Parker 2530 featured in Seattle Boat Show Commercials

    Parker will be the featured fiberglass fishing brand for the Seattle boat Show's TV spots and promotional material for the next couple years. My wife and I ran the boat for the photo and drone video shoot this Summer with a customer's 2530 right before he took delivery. Pics are taken around...
  196. FHisherman

    Winterizing a moored outboard boat?

    It's got to be pretty darn cold to freeze water in an outboard kept moored in the salt. That big mass of saline solution keeps thing a lot warmer at the boat than it is away from the water. I haven't had any problems down into the upper teens, but I'll take some precautions if a cold snap is...
  197. FHisherman

    USCG Boarding at Sekiu

    Nice haul. Usually these stops are mostly a training exercise. I've had some pretty funny interactions with the young Coasties in the San Juan's. One kid from Oklahoma asked me if I ever caught Walleye out here...Nope they live in fresh water I said. Sometimes they just ask if I've got all the...
  198. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    I ordered them from Defender Marine website. It was easy. Just searched Bennett drop fin. They do provide more tab, but not as much as going to bigger tabs. Make sure and install them straight back or it make slow you down with drag.
  199. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    Just bolted on drop fins by Bennettt. 30 bucks for 4 and they bolt on to existing Lenco tabs. Not as effective as replacing existing tabs with 18" or 24" tabs butt they do give more trim. Inexpensive and wanted to give them a try. If I was running out in ocean swell as the main use for the boat...
  200. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    Took it through some rough stuff after the launch today. The Permatrim and drop fins smoothed out the ride. I think the Permatrim especially just fulcrums the boat forward. Hard to describe but thos who have it know what I'm talking about.
  201. FHisherman

    2530 Custom Bait Tank

    Looks great, those guys do good work.
  202. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    Just finished the last of the rigging on the Parker 2320 Pacific Northwest demo boat. We'll run this from now through the fall/Winter salmon derbies and then it will be for sale at the Seattle Boat show. Makes a good demo boat for sea trials and good promotion for the brand out on the water...
  203. FHisherman

    Permatrim for 2120 with F150?

    Roger that, thanks. That's what I was looking for. I'll go under mount Y9.
  204. FHisherman

    Permatrim for 2120 with F150?

    Just got done putting a Permatrim on our 2320 demo(pictured). We've also got a 2017 2120 that's been used for a demo and is now for sale. I'm going to put a Permatrim on there just to test it out and see if it's something we may just add to most boats. It's got a Yamaha F150 on it. On the...
  205. FHisherman

    Runnin' down a dream...

    As the Parker rep for the Northwest, one of the perks is commuting around WA State's San Juan Islands in a 2320 demo. Great weather up here right now and a beautiful morning run from Friday Harbor to Anacortes for sea trials and showings. Love my job. And I know I'm a lucky S.O.B.
  206. FHisherman


    The body cam video from the Bennett Las Vegas incident makes him look like at best an exaggerating drama queen and at worst a race baiter who saw an opportunity to lie to push his agenda and divide people further. Watch the video. Meanwhile hundreds of people from the black communities of...
  207. FHisherman

    a VERY special bloody deck. USS Carl Vinson

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. The US Navy aircraft carriers turned the tide of war in the Pacific in WW 2 and continue to provide us with security and the "Biggest Hammer" if we need them. "When the President calls 911 it rings on the helm of the carriers" was the old saying.
  208. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 NW Demo

    Even though this boat is usually moored in Friday Harbor, I run it to Anacortes a lot, and I can meet you for a ride in the boat. We've got another 2320 available in Anacortes right now too if you want to check that out. The demo will get hauled out October 3rd for a kicker install and a couple...
  209. FHisherman

    Beautiful Boat

    I keep looking at this pic and all I have to say win. She is perfection.
  210. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 NW Demo

    Roger that, SeaDek pads are good stuff.
  211. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 NW Demo

    Thanks! The dash ain't up to Blue Seas Fab level, but it'll do for now. Probably won't put a tank on this one but who knows. We hope to sell it at the Seattle Boat Show after fishing our January Salmon derbies. She runs like a raped ape with the 300 Yamaha, but we're going to add Bennett drop...
  212. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 NW Demo

    Not quite finished rigging but we've got some cool stuff going on our new Pacific Northwest 2320 demo boat. She's mostly running out of Friday Harbor in WA State's San Juan Islands. We still need to rig a second plotter/sounder and a Yamaha 9.9 kicker with tie in to the main. I'll post more pics...
  213. FHisherman

    2320 SL Pilot house floor

    Love your boat. Ultimate new 2320.
  214. FHisherman

    MA ?? Kings

    That's awesome that you jig...especially home made. I should get on that wagon for something different to do. I need to get out these final couple weeks for sure. It'll be fishing right up to the end. Just heard of a 38 and saw a 42 on a scale.
  215. FHisherman

    Beautiful Boat

    It really is a beauty and such a great project. One of the coolest out there for sure.
  216. FHisherman

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    Love the boat and love that dash!
  217. FHisherman

    Ocean Sport boats now being built by Nordic Tug

    Lindell 35 with triple 300 Yamahas or twin 350s coming soon. Then hopefully downsizing to a 30 after that. About all I can say. Obviously bad ass.
  218. FHisherman

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Nope. As usual Wild Bill is correct. I was one spoiled SOB fishing on that boat.
  219. FHisherman

    No ice in Westport brua.

    Just go salt water chiller at 33 degrees and you won't need ice. Sorry, I'm a dick. Couldn't resist. Thanks for the heads up Pat.
  220. FHisherman

    250 yamaha or 300 suzuki???

    Hard to argue with spending more money and getting a 300 Yamaha with 100 hours. Zuke and Yami both good motors and could see thousands of hours, but almost new is piece of mind. Warrantied?
  221. FHisherman

    Togiak River Lodge - Togiak Alaska

    Sounds like an absolute blast! 75 to 100 Coho a day. Reminds me of Nush Kings. Only in AK. Thanks for sharing.
  222. FHisherman

    Salmon for Soldiers roll call

    The entire event was great and well run from start to finish. Our vets were husband and wife. He served 3 years in Iraq and she's sill active duty at JBLM. We caught fish, had fun and could have stayed out all day in the awesome weather if we didn't have to get back for the festivities. Hats off...
  223. FHisherman

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Bet ya'll a dollar that the PS tribes will: A. Use this as an excuse to net unabated and keep Chinook and Coho by catch. B. Use this as another reason to sue the Feds and State sometime in the near future for billions of dollars for loss of salmon and all "retire" multi millionaires. or C. All...
  224. FHisherman

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    There out there. Buddy caught about 40 last night. Still waiting for the how. I think looking for them on the troll and then casting Buzz Bombs and Spinners while chucking pea gravel is as good as any. Pretty crazy.
  225. FHisherman

    Salmon for Soldiers roll call

    We'll be there om Friday afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone and getting the vets on fish!
  226. FHisherman

    WTC pre-party

    Thanks Carrie and Norm! It was great spending time with you guys.
  227. FHisherman

    Charter License Up for Grabs?

    Wow. Cowlitz Clipper strikes again.
  228. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Somewhere Rodney King is smiling...we CAN all just get along!
  229. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Agreed, time to bounce! Maybe kill some fish before the weekend.
  230. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    I'm starting to agree with Alice. Darn dump booze...
  231. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    I did slip a little before the edit. But in my defense it's after 5 pm and this thread...and all the other weird stuff on here today made me start drinking.
  232. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    The Loomis explanation is as good as any. If not the same person, then they both share the Braying Jackass as a spirit animal.
  233. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Between this thread and the $25 a pop Kingslayer thread in WA classified's, I'd say all the BC smoke and full moon fever has got to the board. Looking forward to WTC this weekend.
  234. FHisherman

    Having engine trouble.

    Check the all main wiring harness connections inside the engine cowling. I had a Yami 150 that had intermittent problems acting like bad fuel. Chased for a couple months before I found a corroded wiring connection. Spark not fuel. Had to replace the harness. Not sure that's your problem but may...
  235. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Must be Montana spell check. If I take anything away from this soul sucking thread it will be me saying "bounch of sourecastic shit" to describe something to someone in the near future. Alice is correct about parts of the state having a "bounch of dopers and low life skum"...not looking forward...
  236. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Malice in Wonderland.
  237. FHisherman

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    For a few reasons, whoever posted this on FB from the WDFW media dept. should have captioned it: "Enforcement officers found and released over 50 Dungeness crab from this derelict pot.", or something to that effect. Other than that, I don't see much wrong with the picture. I'd be smiling too if...
  238. FHisherman

    Questions, Parker 2120

    We would love a West Coast edition of the 2120 up here in WA too if you need some more orders to make it happen. We're really pushing for the 2830 too. Sorry for the semi thread hi-jack.
  239. FHisherman

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Can't make it but HBD JFR! Ping me when you're out this way and I'll buy you a welcome to fiddy in '17 co-miseration drink.
  240. FHisherman


    good job on the Mako!
  241. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 Delivered

    Info coming your way Brad.
  242. FHisherman

    11th annual Rufus trip

    Those fish are tasty. I was living over on the dry side mid 90's when the drunk bass fisherman ran his boat through the net pens and released the triploids for the first time. Colville tribe saw an opportunity for a cool fishery and ran with it. We used to just plunk power bait for them, but...
  243. FHisherman

    Kicker for 2320?

    That's the one!
  244. FHisherman

    Kicker for 2320?

    Yamaha 9.9 is what's recommended for the 2320 (and it's bracket).
  245. FHisherman

    advice on running two downriggers

    I never run more than 2 downriggers. Just not worth the extra possibility of tangling gear and extra effort when clearing gear after a larger fish is hooked for me. Same with stacking. In a hot Ocean bite with Coho, we always get away from stacking real quick. But that's just me, and I've had...
  246. FHisherman

    New 2320 cabin door improvements.

    Just got in a new 2017 2320 and noticed that the cabin door's window is elongated vertically. Then noticed that the corners of the door and window are more rounded to match the windows on either side. Looks good. Also the latch and lock are upgraded. That's a good thing too . I think I like the...
  247. FHisherman

    10-year fishing moratorium in San Juans

    The article does state that the County attorney told the commitee that the State and Feds control ain't gonna happen as far as shutting down fishing. Just goes to show how uninformed and out of touch with the environment and reality most people are. So what if localized fishing was...
  248. FHisherman

    Deck Re-Surface

    That's sweet! Nice bait tank too. Great looking boat.
  249. FHisherman

    Aftermarket fish hold for Parker 2320 pics?

    A few of the guys up here take out the head in their 2320, and then slide the big kill bag up into the berth for running back in. Rides better with the weight up front and center, and fits perfectly. Not a bad option if you don't mind the back in the cabin.
  250. FHisherman

    Area 7

    Yeah, let's just let this die quickly on it's own.
  251. FHisherman

    Anchoring in shipping lanes

    Wow. I skew the opposite of the Jackwagon subject of the thread and stay as far away from those big rigs as possible. They don't have brakes and may not have a Captain who cares enough to even try to alter course. Especially out in the Ocean.
  252. FHisherman

    Aftermarket fish hold for Parker 2320 pics?

    Here's some pics of aftermarket side boxes, which are interesting as they gravity drain over the side. And one of a cool kill bag rack which is a good solution. I don't have any pics of cut in aftermarket fish holds.
  253. FHisherman

    Parker 2320

    Best overall fishing boat in her weight class and a good value. You'll love that boat.
  254. FHisherman

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    As we've seen in 7 West, best management is to open it up for a longer set season. Pressure spreads out quickly. First month will see quite a bit of activity then it goes way down. Folks just go out when they feel like a fresh prawn dinner after that. In my opinion this would be the best way...
  255. FHisherman

    Be careful out there, 2 fisherpeople dead

    Roger that. Train everyone on board to hit the distress button first and start getting a location out. Coast Guard and rescue vessels can turn around if you don't need them, but the first few seconds can be critical. Of course, as said above, don't be afraid to call off the trip and stay in port...
  256. FHisherman


    Great event that is now part of the NW Salmon Derby series! I've fished it for the past two years. Fun time for a good cause. Pacific Gateway and Pacific Anglers are good folks. Make this one if you can. See you there!
  257. FHisherman

    Hewescraft restoration build

    Yeah, don't mean to be a downer but you might be better off going in another direction. A free boat(or close) is never free. Could be a can of expensive worms that never really gets you out there fishing.
  258. FHisherman

    Arneson Outdrives?

    Bad ass technology and simple principle. I've ridden in an 82' Sunseeker Predator with Arneson surface drives at 40 kts. Very impressive. For the right boat they're great, and as far as I know, yes, practical and dependable. If you fall out the back yer gonna be like a frog in a quisenart however.
  259. FHisherman

    Yamaha 200 HP 4 Cyl. 4 Stroke?

    I've got 2. Light and good power curve with the VCT. Had no issues, and really haven't heard of any either. I think they got this one right. Works well in various applications. The 200 would prolly be good power for that boat. I'm not Yami Pro Staff BTW. They just build a good product throughout...
  260. FHisherman

    MA 10 en Fuego

    I call BS. That flasher would never catch anything.
  261. FHisherman

    New bait tank for my parker 2320

    That is a sweet bait tank!
  262. FHisherman

    Thurs Feb 9 Win Scotty DR with Kevin Klein-Fishing the San Juans

    HaHa, this. Seriously, I tried to give people an understanding of how tidal currents push fish and bait around in the Islands, and why Chinook hold where they do. Get people thinking for themselves rather than just reading a "how to" book, which is really just "go here on this tide, and use...
  263. FHisherman

    Area 7 "on fire"

    Hearings going on in Olympia right now regarding raising license fees, and this will be a big example of why people are protesting it. State has got their nuts in a vice, but we can't keep losing opportunity. The entire purpose of mark selective fisheries is to have open seasons so we can fish...
  264. FHisherman

    Thurs Feb 9 Win Scotty DR with Kevin Klein-Fishing the San Juans

    6:30 P.M., I hope, haha! I think the title of "knows the San Juan's best", would go to a lot of guys before me. Lots of long time slayers that have earned knowledge up there. I won't just give away spots and how to fish them. That's why this presentation is different than most of your "Go to...
  265. FHisherman

    Anybody Have Geothermal?

    The ductless split systems like Diaken(sp?) work very well for heating and cooling, depending on the size of the house, etc . We have on in the great room, one in the master. Seem very economical. Supplement with gas fireplace or stove, small electric wall in other rooms maybe, and radiant...
  266. FHisherman

    Is It Just Me?

    Back in '74/'75 after Boldt, Non Tribal Commercial boats blocked the ferries from entering or leaving Friday Harbor in protest. Now the love from NT comm to PS tribes has to be all about fast tracking the ESA permit and getting to fish. An organized protest like that by sporties now would sure...
  267. FHisherman

    Parker 2530???

    We're in the West Hall, South end. Come on by, be great to meet you!
  268. FHisherman

    Parker 2530???

    Running the 2520 XLD with I-4 200's now. Perfect power. Gets up quick, and burns around 15 GPH, 2 MPG at 30 MPH. Your mileage will vary full of fat dudes, ice, and tuna, but that's what I get loaded for your buddies proposed use. We'll have the boat at the Seattle Boat show this weekend. Your...
  269. FHisherman

    This should be interesting in how it plays out...

    Miranda Wecker, once again, goes to bat big time for sport fishing interests. I sure hope the State doesn't cave, but from past actions, I'm very skeptical. Puget Sound Tribes hold all the cards, and want to continue clandestine dictation of policy to the WDFW. This needs to be drug out into the...
  270. FHisherman

    Big fish, little kid.

    Thanks Ben. Me too.
  271. FHisherman

    Big fish, little kid.

    We ran into a bit bigger clipped fish out of Friday Harbor this past Sunday. My buddy Andy Holman's 7 yr. old son Floyd reeled in this 16.5 lber (yeah we weighed it) all by himself, with a lil' help on the final lift from Dad. Floyd was stoked, and thinks video games kinda suck now. We might...
  272. FHisherman

    NOAA seeks comment on SJI no-go zone....Let's give it to them

    Thanks for posting this, Andy. Tribes and commercials wouldn't be affected. They can still seine and gillnet all they want if this goes through, so some might be for it. Only would affect sportfishing boats, whale watchers, rec boats and kayakers. As I've said before complete waste of money and...
  273. FHisherman

    2017 license

    I've noticed that the Tulalips have been running feel good ads on local TV. Focusing on how the tribe "gives back" to the community. Saw one this morning on KOMO that was a bit fish related. It struck me that they're probably trying to accomplish two things. Good PR going into the NOF process...
  274. FHisherman

    2017 license

    I think a WDFW license boycott would be the absolute best way to get media attention and the attention of the State and politicians on the issues facing recreational fishing, NOF, season setting, hatchery production, etc. The biggest hurdle is, obviously, getting potential license buyers all to...
  275. FHisherman

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Was lucky enough to ride, fish and even pilot Jay's boat with him last weekend. It's a truly awesome vessel, as well as an absolute beast. Fishes great, performs well, super comfortable. It would be a pleasure to long range cruise on from that helm. Took a while to get there, but a dream machine...
  276. FHisherman

    NOF Process Article

    I think 2017 is going to be the most important year in WA fisheries since 1974 and Boldt. Either going to start getting better, or keep getting worse. Biggest issue out of many is whether the State has the stones and ability to stand up to the Puget Sound tribes. State is really in a tough spot...
  277. FHisherman

    New woman is on her way

    Biggest, bestest, sea worthiest, and most value in 21 feet there is. Congrats!
  278. FHisherman

    NR 27'

    Here's a screen shot of the Parker 2520 XLD demo boat with Twin Yamaha I-4 200's, cruising at 31 MPH. Tops out close to 50 MPH. Good hole shot. Big, fairly heavy 25, 30' LOA, and 9'6" beam. This was with half tank of fuel, fully rigged, two guys aboard. I think it would be comparable in size...
  279. FHisherman

    The Journey Has Began... The next "Omega" 40 Cabo FB

    Always wanted to check out Marathon too. You had perhaps the ultimate reason to go there. Congrats!
  280. FHisherman

    Parker 2520 Northwest demo boat.

    The plan is to bring it to the Seattle Boat Show after fishing the Roche Harbor Salmon Classic. We will most likely have it for sale then...don't want to quote a price just yet on this specific boat. Waiting until closer to sale time to firm up what we will offer it for. I'll start rigging...
  281. FHisherman

    2017 salmon derby dates???

    Not a link, but some info: Friday Harbor Salmon Classic in Friday Harbor and Resurrection Derby held in Anacortes still have tickets available for their derbies December 1-3. Available online at and The Roche Harbor Salmon Classic in January...
  282. FHisherman

    2320 with single 300 Yami

    Just myself in the boat, and not loaded up for fishing.
  283. FHisherman

    My Parker 2120

    You may be able to just put an angle wedge under it to tilt it forward.
  284. FHisherman

    Kingfisher 30 foot boats

    My neighbors. Good dudes. Both boats are always spotless. On a detailing's a benefit of being in the top tax bracket I guess.The 33 Kingfisher design has always been a looker. It's a huge boat when you see it in person. Dwarfs the Osprey, which in turn dwarfs my boat. I haven't...
  285. FHisherman

    Ordered a Furuno 12 inch screen, mounting ideas please

    Here's a shot of the way we've been mounting on the 2120's and 2320's. Hard to tell from the pic, but it's just low enough not to obscure vision. I'm kinda slouching down when I took the picture. I'm 5'9", so your vantage may vary, depending on height.
  286. FHisherman

    2320 with single 300 Yami

    Here's a screen shot of cruising speed on a fully rigged and fueled 2320 with 300 Yamahammer yesterday. Not top speed shot obviously, but interesting to see the fuel burn. Not bad for 29 MPH.
  287. FHisherman

    2320 with single 300 Yami

    We got a legit, fairly easy 50 MPH out of this 2320 with single 300 on sea trial, and I think she's got more in her. 55 maybe? Pretty darn fast. Good hole shot too. Of course, she was unloaded, unrigged, light on fuel, and only 440 lbs of 2 fat guys. Anybody got any top end tales?
  288. FHisherman

    Ordered a Furuno 12 inch screen, mounting ideas please

    we've been moving the compass, and mounting the units on the front or top of the dash. You want your line of site just over the unit. I'll see if I can find some pics. You can go to a remote mounted removable compass that's pretty cool.
  289. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 Delivered

    Thanks all. The fillet table is a Burnewiin. Takes it's own mounts. They make a variety of very cool products. I fished with the owner a couple day ago, and the fillet table and location are frggin' awesome. Love the 2320, my favorite all around boat.
  290. FHisherman

    Oops! Our Bad

    I should apply for a $500k grant to research why this Orca WASN'T bothered by this vessel. If you create the perception of a problem with the killer whales, you can create a pretty good income stream for yourself.
  291. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 Delivered

    Delivered a new 2320 to a very happy customer yesterday, and he's out catching fish today! Mostly going to use it for salmon fishing in Washington State's San Juan Islands, with trips up into Canada. 300 Yamaha, 9.9 kicker with full rear helm control, Burnewiin mounts and products through out...
  292. FHisherman

    Oops! Our Bad

    As I've said before, wish Orca enthusiasts would use all their money and efforts to tackle real problems. Fight the WFC, Improve hatcheries, and put more good fish in the water. Control pinniped populations. Fight out of control tribal gillnetting...the list goes on. I like the Orcas, and they...
  293. FHisherman

    Parker 2520 Northwest demo boat.

    Thanks Fred. Burnewiin! It's very high end, well built stuff. If you haven't seen it, it's hard to describe how nice it looks, and how well it functions. Everything just snaps in and out with a satisfying "thunk". The fillet table can move from the back, to the side, just snap in and out...
  294. FHisherman

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Just traded in a 2006 F150 for a 2016 Chevy crew cab 4x4 2500HD gas/automatic. The dealership had a stripped down, white work truck that they had to order, and kind of got stuck with. It's got power doors and windows, air, radio, cruise and that's just about it, which is fine with me. Still a...
  295. FHisherman

    Lake Washington Rape

    If only the Puget Sound tribes would use all their money and influence for good instead of evil. They could fight the WFC and win. Increase hatchery production in modern hatcheries like the Nez Perce and Colvilles are doing. Fight actual threats to the fish like Seals, Sea lions, birds, habitat...
  296. FHisherman

    Parker 2520 Northwest demo boat.

    Looks like I double posted some pics, sorry. A little trial and error. Got it now.
  297. FHisherman

    Parker 2520 Northwest demo boat.

    This is my first time creating a thread, so bear with me if it's not correct. I've been a 5 year or so BD member, but newbie poster. I'm the Northwest rep for Parker and Inside Passage Yacht Sales, based out of WA state. I wanted to post some pics of the 2520 demo boat we've rigged this Summer...
  298. FHisherman

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    Mucklehoots are dip netting salmon out of the fish ladder at the locks. Video is on youtube and facebook. I'm not savvy enough yet, or have time this morning to figure out how to link it. That's the definition of "deplorable". Not enough to shut down vessel traffic and kill all fish in the ship...
  299. FHisherman

    2015 Parker 2320 winter projects

    That's a very nice piece of work right there.
  300. FHisherman

    Anniversary in Friday Harbor | Hotel Recommendation

    Friday Harbor House and Island Inn at 123 West are the closest and nicest. If they're booked up try Earthbox/Bird Rock Hotel. The Place restaurant on the waterfront is a great anniversary dinner spot. You know the other watering holes!