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  1. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale 1991 Trophy model 2003 ( Custom Wheel House )

    Man this thing is sweet! Wish it was mine.
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    Stupid fishing

    17 year old thread???
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    Outer Limits AIS

    Capt. Paul is a funny guy! That shit cracks me up.
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    Looking for help (Sculpin)

    I have not heard that term, but it totally makes sense! And I guess I should look into a trolling motor with GPS =)
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    Looking for help (Sculpin)

    Thank you sir!
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    LA Fishing Alliance - New tackle shop in San Pedro

    Yoo it's Dudefishh =) I was like Jordan Lynn whodat?
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    Looking for help (Sculpin)

    Thank you sir! That was the best FREE information anyone has ever given me. Tight lines brother may the fish gods treat you well! I have the navionics app on my phone I am going to start doing some research =)
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    Best ramp to sci

    Looking at the map, id assume it would be Dana Point or Oceanside.
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    Labor Day 2 day charter Tomahawk San Diego

    I will be on a 2.5 day that weekend. Or I would have been down!
  10. gettingbentwithbo

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    I just went on an overnight boat. All it provided was the bunk which was cleaned before and after every trip. I felt very fine and was not concerned about covid. I am 37 though. If I was 70+ and my wife had health problems.. I probably would have been more concerned.
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    Looking for help (Sculpin)

    Are those the oil rigs you are talking about? If so I think that might be a little far for my boat. It would have to be pretty damn nice out and even then I would want to bring the foul weather gear because it would be a wet ride home. HAHA
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    Looking for help (Sculpin)

    Dave.. like I said in my emails to you.. I DID sign up.. I was paying the $5 a month and it didn't get me anything except being part of the cool kids club. Every single piece of content that interested me prompted me to give you more $$. That is why I politely and quietly left.
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    For Sale 1969 Skipjack 20

    Which he didn't happen to link..
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    WTB Reliable Kill Bag.

    I just picked up an Opah Gear 3'x3' kill bag for my skiff. They are built exceptionally well and I highly recommend them! The owner was super nice guy too.
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    14 Mile Bank Underwater Video - Fish ID?

    From the google machine.. Halibut are usually on or near the bottom over mud, sand, or gravel banks. Most are caught at depths of 90 to 900 feet, but halibut have been recorded at depths up to 3,600 feet.
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    Grande or mission belle

    Both great boats, I like the Grande if I had to pick one.
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    14 Mile Bank Underwater Video - Fish ID?

    Pretty sure those are halibut @1:49:00.
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    Looking for help (Sculpin)

    Hey guys, going out on a limb here I know the norm is find your own spots, but I only have a 14' aluminum bass boat and I would love to catch some sculpin to take home. I am not asking for numbers (but ill take them) but can anyone point me in the right direction anywhere in LA/OC that I could...
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    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    Do you eat the skin or just smoke them with the skin on?
  20. gettingbentwithbo

    Mako 254 rebuild

    Damn this is bad ass! Cant wait to follow the progress.
  21. gettingbentwithbo

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Hey leave the Dutch out of this.. I like this idea. Get them a big fine and hopefully have their gear confiscated.
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    Marine Motor Financing?

    I wasn't sure if companies offered financing for them. That's why I was asking.
  23. gettingbentwithbo

    Marine Motor Financing?

    Is it possible to finance a small hp boat engine? I don't have a few thousand dollars to throw down at once, and would like to re-power my skiff. I would prefer not to use a credit card because of the high interest.
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    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    Yup, my buddy caught a hoo a few years ago just a few miles outside of DP harbor
  25. gettingbentwithbo

    Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    I follow you guys on IG. Thanks for sharing the pics!
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    Mission Belle 7/30

    I am sorry I meant what line was on the 300? 25#
  27. gettingbentwithbo

    Mission Belle 7/30

    What did you have on the lexa 300? 25#?? Were you running a sinker rig or just straight fly line?
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    Swimbaits for Yellowtail

    When Yellowtail is bi-catch, it's always welcome!
  29. gettingbentwithbo

    Surf fishing 7/29

    Way to go!
  30. gettingbentwithbo

    Personal Best Bluefin

    Hell ya! What a catch. Thanks for sharing. Loved the video too!
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    Big Bear Lake Help

    Was just up there Sunday, last year it was all blown out from the heavy winter run off, it seems to have recovered since but I didn't see any fish. Didn't try for them was just looking around to check things out. That being said I did find some nice water that I want to try out.
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    DP to SCI 7/30 Report

    Thanks for the report! That size tuna is my favorite!
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    Searcher 3 day July 23, Foaming spot, Stupid Tunas

    I do not suggest practicing while in the game haha! Find a nice open ball field and tie on a torpedo sinker that weigh roughly as much as a surface iron, and do it there! You will probably birdsnest a couple times (I did) but I am pretty comfortable switch hitting now.
  34. gettingbentwithbo

    Searcher 3 day July 23, Foaming spot, Stupid Tunas

    One thing I can't suggest enough is learn how to cast both left and right handed. I used to only be able to cast right handed and I cant tell you how many times I have been in a situation where a left handed cast would be so much easier.
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    Don't be like these guys...

    Wish it would have!
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    For Sale 2008 Sea Pro 228 Center Console

    Is the bottom paint white or green?
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    Sea Alien ID!

    I mean come on.. you never heard of a Opisthoteuthis depressa? Psh.. Psh.. No it came up when I was googling vampire squid and I was like woah I think that's it.
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    Sea Alien ID!

    Japan really isn't that far if you think about it. I have no idea though..
  39. gettingbentwithbo

    Sea Alien ID!

    Looks like a Opisthoteuthis depressa to me.
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    For Sale Farallon 25' (not mine) $10,000!!

    Love the Farallon platform! Sweet boats.
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    Yellowtail on deck

    Great job on the Awesome fish! Redemption tastes great!
  42. gettingbentwithbo

    What color surface iorn to use

    I without a doubt believe that color does not matter. I have hung fish on Mint, Scrambled Egg, blue/white, baby shit, metallic, it's all about the action of jig! The motion in the ocean if you will. Find a good swimmer and it will get bit! That being said, I find myself partial to mint..
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    Way to go! I also hope to get out of this state one day. And thank you for your service. Enjoy Montana! It's beautiful there.
  44. gettingbentwithbo

    Izors and Inside Fishing Report

    I am by no means an expert but if I was going to try to anchor on it.. I would figure out the drift and then anchor on an edge of the spot and let the current set me on top of it. Start chumming and hopefully the plan comes together!
  45. gettingbentwithbo

    Big Bear Lake Summer Trout Fishing

    If you want to catch fish in BBL, just do THE OPPOSITE of what I do.. I can't catch a cold at that lake.
  46. gettingbentwithbo

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    Ya I signed up for it and quickly found that everything that I would want to see costs an additional fee... 👎
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    For Sale 2001 Boston Whaler Ventura 210

    Curious as to how much this thing sold for? Or at least the market value.
  48. gettingbentwithbo

    Not a fish report, a UFO report

    Did you actually see anything or was it just their word?
  49. gettingbentwithbo

    SC Knot

    I have been using the RP knot for as long as I have been fishing braid. Never knew what it was called until I just googled it. Had a deckhand show me on a tuna trip back in the day and I just continued using it for all my connection knot needs.
  50. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Terez TZC-59HFR trolling rods(2) both for $200

    Depends on what you are trolling for brother... the rods are short because they are staying in rod holders and alot of times you want to be able to quickly grab and manage the lines and it's much easier with a shorter rod than a longer 7'+ rod.
  51. gettingbentwithbo

    Free chit part III

    I have never heard of such a thing. Had to google it. And I am not going to lie.. that is kinda cool! I hope you are doing a build thread, I would love to follow the project.
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    Bigeye Tuna in the count.

    The boat was the Vendetta on a full day trip, according to HM's daily report.
  53. gettingbentwithbo

    Spinning Reel Suggestions for Fiancee?

    I just picked up a combo for my wife/community setup. I am a firm believe in put your $ into the rod and then get whatever reel you can afford to pair with it. I went with a Turners Californian spinning rod (really nice rod) and a Penn Fierce 6000. Loaded the reel with 30# power pro.
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    302 / Coronado Canyon 7.21.20

    Awesome report! Great videos to boot! Thanks for sharing. Need to get me a Tuna this season.
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    For Sale 1994 CALIBOGIE *NOT FOR SALE*

    Curious as to how much you had it listed for before taking it off the market.
  56. gettingbentwithbo


    Would love to see some more pics of your boat!
  57. gettingbentwithbo

    SCI 07-12-2020

    Just added a video of the trip.
  58. gettingbentwithbo

    SCI 07-12-2020

    You never ended up going?
  59. gettingbentwithbo

    SCI 07-12-2020

    How did you end up doing?
  60. gettingbentwithbo

    SCI 07-12-2020

    I am not really good at these report type of things but I will give it a go anyway. Loaded up the truck Friday evening and headed to Newport Beach with my buddy Justin to hop on the Thunderbird for an overnight trip heading to San Clemente Island. Boarded the vessel just after 9pm and we were...
  61. gettingbentwithbo

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    I wonder if Elsinore does? I heard they just put like 50000 striped bass in the lake.
  62. gettingbentwithbo

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    can you take an old ass 2-stroke in any of them?
  63. gettingbentwithbo

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Thanks for the knowledge brother!
  64. gettingbentwithbo

    Dropper loop witchcraft

    thought he was going to tie it like you would a drop shot rig, but then I saw the loop. Maybe it's similar to a dropshot but with keeping a little loop in it? IDK. Dude was quick with it though!
  65. gettingbentwithbo

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Are these split grip? And can someone explain to me what slow pitch rods are? Looking at the stats the heavier ones look like they could make decent live bait rods.
  66. gettingbentwithbo

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    That place isn't far from me right? I have never caught a freshwater bass in my life. I think I might need to give that spot a shot!
  67. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Wooden Rod Holders - 5 Feet Long

    Wish I was closer to La Jolla. Any chance you would ship to Riverside?
  68. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Feeler : 2019 39ft walkaround cabin with twin Yamaha 300

    My god! It's like my dream boat! Fishability of a center console and the comfort of a pilot house! Now I just need to save up about another hundred and seventy thousand.
  69. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    See it's not political.. He would never do anything for personal gain.
  70. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale 21’ baja bayrunner

    Damn that is a sweet rig!
  71. gettingbentwithbo

    Go FundMe for Jesus Companioni

    Damn that is no joke. Prayers going out to Jesus!
  72. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    I Didnt' think you were particularly coming after me. And I agree with alot of what you are saying. I do believe the virus is a wicked one, and I hope myself nor anyone in my family gets it. It's just really hard to believe anything that you hear from the left / media these days.
  73. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Boston Whaler 1992 27 Foot Walkaround

    Damn they are 14yr old? I guess I missed that. Thought they were newer models. I stand corrected.
  74. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Boston Whaler 1992 27 Foot Walkaround

    I agree I was thinking the same thing.. and the $40k he was asking I was like WTF? Then I seen the newer twin screws on the back of it and was like AHHH there's your money.
  75. gettingbentwithbo

    live bait rig

    I am a firm believer that put your money into a good rod. Any reel will get the job done if it holds enough line capacity. But if you don't have a rod that can really break the spirit of the fish you are going to be in for a fight. For what you are looking for id get the best 8' 20-50# rod...
  76. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    nope no correlation.
  77. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    The virus is real, very real. But I am afraid that it is also very political.
  78. gettingbentwithbo

    Calicos-July 1st

    Now that's what I am talking about!
  79. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Just follow the money.
  80. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD sold sold sold !!!!

    When I saw this I thought to myself damn I didn't know they made center console like that in the late 60s
  81. gettingbentwithbo

    What do the numbers mean?

    I always wondered the same thing.
  82. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Nope you wont hear a thing about that.. it's the bars and restaurants duh! Why would you think that 1000s of people practically on top of each other could possibly be the problem. Of course! It's all his fault.
  83. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    This! This is all you need to do. Use common sense, and wash your damn hands.
  84. gettingbentwithbo

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Beaches, Bars, and Dining Rooms are ordered to close down for the next 3 weeks. Anyone word if the Sport Fishing industry is going to be affected again?
  85. gettingbentwithbo

    6/30 Mussel Farm

    Yup without knowing the weight I would have guessed 15-18#
  86. gettingbentwithbo

    San Diego Beluga whale??

    Damn that is a trip
  87. gettingbentwithbo

    2005 BR20 Project

    Oh shit you are in Oregon anyhow.. wouldn't work out for me :(
  88. gettingbentwithbo

    6/30 Bluefin Biters

    Damn you guys killed it!
  89. gettingbentwithbo

    Tips for live bait fishing bays in San Diego

    That pic of the boys is great! Love the big smiles on their faces! I just had my boys out fishing for the first time and we got into some sand bass and they were having a great time!
  90. gettingbentwithbo

    6/30 Mussel Farm

    Definitely not 25-30.. my guess would be 18-20#
  91. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale 1990 Wellcraft Coastal 250 Price Drop

    Damn that is a sweet rig! LMK if you ever need a +1
  92. gettingbentwithbo


    So there was a pot of gold under the rainbow! Yellowfin and Yellowtail. You got lucky!
  93. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Shimano tranx400 hg

    I get it that the tranx is better. I am just trying to figure out size wise is it closer to the 300 or 400 of the lexa series
  94. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Shimano tranx400 hg

    Is this reel comparable to a Lexa 300 or 400?
  95. gettingbentwithbo

    Lost and found SCI

    Damn stoked you were able to get your ladies rig back!
  96. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD 2015 Bayrunner Baja 19

    Damn that thing is sweet. Wish I had the parking for it.
  97. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale SOLD 23' Hydra-sport WA

    I think the rub rope just came unset. Easy fix.
  98. gettingbentwithbo

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Damn that's a nice one!
  99. gettingbentwithbo

    Conventional Reel Newbie at your service

    I was going to suggest a Jigmaster for his budget. But if he is in the area of you he should really hit you up on this. My first reel was a Jigmaster 500 that was also given to me. I remember catching alot of barracuda on that reel when I first started fishing it was my first real reel, and I...
  100. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Torium 20 NEW loaded READY TO FISH

    Where in OC are you? I will be taking my boat down to Huntington Harbor Sunday morning and would be down to meet up before or after and take it off your hands.
  101. gettingbentwithbo

    Belated Father's Day - Nados 6/25

    Looks a great day with the kids! Glad you were able to add some fish in the box. Thanks for sharing.
  102. gettingbentwithbo

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    I fucking hate thieves! But I Love @whitestroke avatar LOL
  103. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Torium 20 NEW loaded READY TO FISH

    how many yards of braid would you guess there is on it?
  104. gettingbentwithbo

    Got me a new deckhand

    Good Job Skipper! I haven't got my boys outside of the harbor yet. Don't want to ruin a trip due to seasickness. Going to take them watching trip to see how the handle the open water.
  105. gettingbentwithbo

    Any ideas on rods to pair with a shimano torium 20

    The torium 20 is a great choice for throwing iron, but I would suggest a 9' rod. Best bet is to goto a tackle shop and try them out. You want something with some backbone but a nice whippy tip. Go check some out and find one you like that fits your budget. You don't need to impress us. Let...
  106. gettingbentwithbo

    Muscle Pharm yellowtail

    Where is the mussel farm? Not asking for numbers, but I was looking on my Navionics map and didn't see anything.
  107. gettingbentwithbo

    Look but can't touch

    Any idea what they were keyed in on? Sometimes if they are keyed in on those micro baits they wont even look at anything else.
  108. gettingbentwithbo

    Kaneohe 6/15

    Hell ya.. Nice work! Can't wait to get back to the islands. Was just there DAYS before the Covid outbreak happened and they shut everything down. Hope all is well.
  109. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for X-pack fishing charter rec's

    Pinnacle Sportfishing - Captain Duane Diego Seasons Sportfishing - Captain Jamie Thinnes
  110. gettingbentwithbo

    2005 BR20 Project

    How much are you looking to get for it? Sweet boat.
  111. gettingbentwithbo

    Is it illegal in Calif to spear a swordfish?

    HELL NO! I stay on the water.. I don't go in it.
  112. gettingbentwithbo

    Thresher post from a decade ago?

    That's cold..
  113. gettingbentwithbo

    Is it illegal in Calif to spear a swordfish?

    Ya.. chalk this one up on the shit I never intend on doing.
  114. gettingbentwithbo

    Thresher post from a decade ago?

    Just bustin your chops =)
  115. gettingbentwithbo

    Thresher post from a decade ago?

    Was posted 7 years before you joined ;)
  116. gettingbentwithbo

    Thresher post from a decade ago?

    Wow! That was an awesome read! Gotta love the community we have here.
  117. gettingbentwithbo

    Cat on The Patriot - Fathers Day

    Hell ya! Nice job getting the boy out and on some fish! Thanks for the report.
  118. gettingbentwithbo

    6-22 front side Catalina

    Nice job on the yellow! And good karma coming to the boys on the Fish & Chips. Glad you made it home safe.
  119. gettingbentwithbo

    Thunderbird out of Newport Harbor.

    I will be on this boat 7.11 anyone else going to be on that trip?
  120. gettingbentwithbo

    Liberty 6/22

    Yup totally feel you. I am going on a boat in a couple weeks and my buddy that I am going with has been watching the reports telling me "were going to get into the yellows" and I told him, don't get your hopes up or you are going to go home disappointed. I always just hope for a safe boat...
  121. gettingbentwithbo

    Good jig stick reel

    Can't beat a Trinidad. Toriums are good for the price, im currently running an Avet SX whatever you run just make sure you load it up with mono. It's more forgiving and comes off the real easier.
  122. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE [WTT]Avet SX for torium 20

    Looking to trade a good condition Avet SX w/ MC for a torium 20 (newer model). Let me know what you have. I have the box and clamp, would like the same with the torium.
  123. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    I do believe that could be it.
  124. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Looks like it might have been a striped surfperch. Had some really bright blues on it's fins and head.
  125. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Here is another angle of the unidentified fish
  126. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    It was definitely not a BSP. I will see if anyone took another angle that shows the fish better I thought it could of been an Opaleye but it's eyes were yellow or orangeish
  127. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Can I get a fish ID on this species my son caught? Never seen one of these before.
  128. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Thank you for the knowledge. I thought it was when under power. Will make sure they get some PFDs that wont make their fishing difficult.
  129. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Exactly the age of my boys. 6 and 4
  130. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Bonito would smoke them on their current setups haha.
  131. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Totally! Stoked that they are sharing my same passion! My oldest said the spotty was pulling so hard, I said wait till you get on a yellow son! In his defense, I do think the spotties pull the hardest out of all the bass species (for their size).
  132. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    Right! I am not comfortable taking them out on my boat yet, and they think the pier is lame (don't blame them). They just want to fish on a boat LOL
  133. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally took the kids out fishing

    My kids have been asking me to take them fishing which is hard with our work schedules but the stars aligned yesterday (Fathers Day). I woke up early and picked up a couple fishing rod/reel combos and some raw shrimp from Walmart and we took my father-in-laws boat out to Newport harbor. Headed...
  134. gettingbentwithbo

    small bait fish ID

    Huh look at that! Never seen one of them before.
  135. gettingbentwithbo

    6/18 Catalina Yellows

    Damn! That's my idea of a good time! Thanks for the report.
  136. gettingbentwithbo

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    If you aren't drinking to get drunk, why bother?
  137. gettingbentwithbo

    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    For the price a Speedmaster 16 or 20 would get the job done!
  138. gettingbentwithbo

    Silverwood (06/14/20)

    Nice stripes! What did you catch them on? Were you slow trolling?
  139. gettingbentwithbo

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    1 fish on a 15day?? Good lord.
  140. gettingbentwithbo

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    Because we have drinking problems and like to fish.
  141. gettingbentwithbo

    TESORO a TRINIDAD "Killer" just like Galaxy to Iphone?

    Not a shimano guy? What do you prefer?
  142. gettingbentwithbo

    TESORO a TRINIDAD "Killer" just like Galaxy to Iphone?

    Isn't it more of a Trini DC competitor than a standard Trini?
  143. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for Fishing Partner for BFT

    I just picked up my first kite and I am ready to get on the fish! When should I be at the dock?
  144. gettingbentwithbo

    Braid for Surface Iron

    I personally like mono for surface irons. Comes off the reel better. I highly suggest running enough mono for as far as you can cast and then maybe a couple yards longer than that.
  145. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB In search of Avet MXL

    you see this?
  146. gettingbentwithbo

    Beers and Tails Catalina Style

    Wait a second? Did I miss something?
  147. gettingbentwithbo


    Damn that was very solid on your part! I hope the fish gods take care of you!
  148. gettingbentwithbo

    Will my two setups/reels be good for these big bluefin?

    You should have a fighting chance. That's for sure!
  149. gettingbentwithbo

    San Diego 6 packs

    Highly recommend Jamie Thinnes of Seasons Sportfishing and Duane Diego of Pinnacle Sportfishing. They are both very fishy dudes and have been killing it in SD for years!
  150. gettingbentwithbo

    Big Yellows in la jolla

    Never heard of that one either.. Auto-correct sibiki?
  151. gettingbentwithbo

    Queens Gate 6-11-2020

    Thanks for the report. Need to take my skiff out to that area.
  152. gettingbentwithbo

    Pursuit 6/11

    Looks like you guys had a fun day at the islands. Thanks for the report.
  153. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing with into the depths Sportfishing. Any reviews?

    Never fished with them personally but everything I see them posting is big quality fish! Captain is a younger guy who seems to know his shit and works hard to get his clients on fish.
  154. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Withdrawn - Lures

    If you were closer to Riverside, id bite!
  155. gettingbentwithbo

    Role call!

    Me either my friend.
  156. gettingbentwithbo

    Diesel fuel polishing system?

    Getting close to having the Skippy running?
  157. gettingbentwithbo

    Bluefinn 6/4 Got our 1st Cow for 2020

    Good lord! Nice catch and all those yellows to boot! Where do I sign up =)
  158. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing Captain Needed

    $2k a day to run your boat is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.
  159. gettingbentwithbo

    Klamath CC Redo

    My god man! I didn't realize how much work you put into this thing. Absolutely bad ass! Great job!
  160. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    Anyone know any rockfish locations I could get to on my skiff?
  161. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    Oh shit there is two of us.
  162. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing Captain Needed

    Have you tried Captain Jamie Thinnes of Seasons Sportfishing. I know he does Captain for hire.
  163. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    LOL well go.. if we float, well that's another question.
  164. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    I really think its going to be a simple adjustment. Hoping so at least =)
  165. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    I thought I texted you, guess I didn't.. Anyway I went out on Sunday and the motor decided that it wanted to work. I still have some play in the throttle cable, but it definitely wasn't topping out at 5mph.. it was going way faster than I was comfortable going haha. Still want someone that...
  166. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    I hear you there! Nobody wants to lose an anchor.
  167. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    Very cool! Where you located? Would be down to buddy boat sometime.
  168. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    Got that as well! Now if I can just learn how to use it well =)
  169. gettingbentwithbo

    Saturday 5/30 Waianae

    Thanks for the report! Can't wait to get back to Oahu and do some fishing!
  170. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    I have a Lowrance unit with down imaging. Would that work?
  171. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    Found these reef #s and was wondering if any of these would be fishable from my 16' aluminum starcraft. Also anyone that has ever fished out here what kinds of species would I be able to find here? I don't have a livewell setup yet so I would be limited to frozen squid and jigs. Huntington...
  172. gettingbentwithbo

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Isn't that MLPA area?
  173. gettingbentwithbo

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Right on. Very cool!
  174. gettingbentwithbo

    5/25/2020 Memorial Day - Fishing with Underwater drone Izor's reef

    Yup that's because you didn't have a red filter on the camera. Always makes underwater footage display green. Edit looks nice. Thanks for sharing.
  175. gettingbentwithbo

    San Diego full day boats $200

    Curious as to where you got Calicos in the surf.
  176. gettingbentwithbo

    16' Aluminum Starcraft fishing La Jolla

    Exactly! Mine leaks like a b**** but the bilge pump on a floast switch takes good care of it! Kicks on every hour or so and I never have anything to worry about. Now if I could only get my engine to treat me as good.
  177. gettingbentwithbo

    One and done. PL 5/29

    Heard those things make for great poke. Never tried.. might have to next time I nab one.
  178. gettingbentwithbo

    2WD launch vehicle for San Diego

    Isn't your truck 4x4?
  179. gettingbentwithbo

    2WD launch vehicle for San Diego

    I have a 2wd titan, never had a problem.
  180. gettingbentwithbo

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    What are the sport boats using on the twilight trips when they bust out the frozen squid? Works just fine for the bass and sculpin.
  181. gettingbentwithbo

    5-17 Not a bad half day in Long Beach

    Thanks for the report sounds like a good day on the water.
  182. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Gear stolen out of car-please keep eyes put

    Nothing I hate more than thieves. I hope that fucker gets the RONA!
  183. gettingbentwithbo

    DP 05.16.20 Cheap Trip

    Thanks for the report. Love those quick and cheap trips!
  184. gettingbentwithbo

    5-16 Catalina

    Which drone are you running? A tip on getting better video is to eliminate those jerky motions. Other than that the video looks rad.
  185. gettingbentwithbo

    Bluefish Killer

    Feel you, where you located? And how bad is the virus affecting you?
  186. gettingbentwithbo

    2020 halibut

    Damn you guys have to report halibut in Washington? Is there a limit?
  187. gettingbentwithbo

    New boat owner, need help

    Navionics app is great! I use it for my 16' skiff. Can always fish just outside the break walls along the rocks for bass. Don't need much for electronics for that.
  188. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    I appreciate that. I am in Riverside, but I usually take my boat to Huntington Harbor, so Newport isn't much further. I just had some truck issues though so I might be out of commission this weekend. But will definitely hit you up if I am able!
  189. gettingbentwithbo

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    I only have a 16' starcraft aluminum skiff and it's always one thing after the other LOL.
  190. gettingbentwithbo

    5/18 - Looking for buddy boats

    Honestly I think I would rather throw in for bait and fuel.
  191. gettingbentwithbo

    5/18 - Looking for buddy boats

    Hahaha I know some people just have balls bigger than brains.. I for one am the opposite.
  192. gettingbentwithbo

    5/18 - Looking for buddy boats

    I follow you guys on Instagram! Don't think I would be of help to you though as I only have a 16' aluminum skiff LOL would love to join you one day though.
  193. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    Motor was not running when I got it. Tried to kick over, but never got quite there.. figured it was your typical needs new plugs, and a good carb douching.
  194. gettingbentwithbo

    Bluefish Killer

    I assumed with the bends you have in the spoon. Would still like to see what it would look like in action. Maybe in a pool, or some clear water.
  195. gettingbentwithbo

    Bluefish Killer

    would love to see the action.
  196. gettingbentwithbo

    Trinidad 16NA who uses this?

    Yup the narrow models are great for jigging, I like a wider spool for throwing irons.
  197. gettingbentwithbo

    Less fortunate could use a hand...

    Yup same here.. if you got a venmo I am game!
  198. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Looking to BUY Tranx reel new or used

    Ryan from Slayday is selling a 300 size I believe. @SLAYDAYSoCal
  199. gettingbentwithbo

    Lexa/Tranx for everything

    I use half the length of my rod. That way I don't have to worry about the connection knot getting hung up in the guides.
  200. gettingbentwithbo

    New Facebook page for socal fisherman

    Pretty sure there is a sub on here for that exactly. Good luck getting people to use another site when there is already the same thing on here.
  201. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    No worries brother! I appreciate everyone trying to help. I am just trying to get out on the water and I am afraid to leave the break wall when my motor isn't running at full potential =)
  202. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    My guy told me that I did not have a stand alone fuel pump that it was part of the carb and we replaced everything in the carb a complete rebuild.
  203. gettingbentwithbo

    5/10. Good fishing no bait!!!!!

    A box of frozen squid always makes for a great backup plan! Have also caught a lot of bottom fish on frozen fin bait as well.
  204. gettingbentwithbo

    Tips locating Rockfish

    Great information from everyone! Thanks for sharing!
  205. gettingbentwithbo

    YTSO this year?

    Seriously! I was hoping to weasel my way onto your boat!
  206. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    Carb was completely rebuilt. Replaced the diaphram when doing so.
  207. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    The carb was completely rebuilt within a month or so ago.
  208. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    Working on it.
  209. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    Right on.
  210. gettingbentwithbo

    Rod for Daiwa lexa 400

    +1 on phenix.
  211. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    Can you copy or PM me a link? It shouldn't be spark if the motor starts up and idles fine right? Its just that the throttle no matter how hard I turn it the boat wont go past 5mph.
  212. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    broken images brother.
  213. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    The fuel tank is brand new as well as the bulb and lines and fittings. I have not tried running in a trash can as I don't have an extra one laying around. Fuel bulb is brand new and doesnt have pressure issues. Maintains constant fuel pressure going into the engine. I am fairly certain this...
  214. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    Thanks Bob =) I have no problem starting it.. it's just getting it to haul ass!
  215. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    My bad thought you were referring to like a modern engine with a mechanical fuel pump.
  216. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    No has never run correctly, the tank is portable, primer bulb is working as it should vent is open, gas is brand new correct mix, and as far as I know the filters are clean.
  217. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    No I never get to the hauling ass part of the story.. I am in forward gear, and I turn the handle as far as it goes and it doesn't go any faster than 5mph.. then all of a sudden it kicks in and wants to haul ass for a couple seconds and I reduce the throttle because I don't want to be hauling...
  218. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    Doesn't have a full pump. It's carbureted, but I did a full carb rebuild on it and replaced the diaphram.
  219. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    RPMs are what I would expect them to be at 5mph. Not sure what a shear pin is.. Have to look that up.
  220. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    How easily should it spin?
  221. gettingbentwithbo

    Weird issue with old merc

    I have a 1979 Mercury 200 (20hp) tiller motor that is giving me issues. When the motor is in forward gear at wide open it doesn't want to go much faster than 5mph. But every once in a while it will kick in and want to go wide open for just long enough to scare the shit out of me and then go...
  222. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing at Catalina

    Thanks for sharing. At least you got a shot at them and came home with something.
  223. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale GRADY WHITE 228 Pilot house W/pod & Mercury Verado 300hp

    Damn that thing is sweet! Wish I was in the market.
  224. gettingbentwithbo

    Waterproof Hand Held Radio Suggestions

    Can you make a specific suggestion on a model? Yes this would be my primary radio, I only have an aluminum skiff so I won't be going far with it.
  225. gettingbentwithbo

    Waterproof Hand Held Radio Suggestions

    I am looking for suggestions on a handheld marine radio for my skiff. Budget +/- $100. What do you guys suggest? I am seeing these units in my price range. Uniden MHS75 Standard Horizon HX210 Standard Horizon HX40 Cobra MR HH350 FLT
  226. gettingbentwithbo

    GPS Map for SoCal

    It's GPS based Bob. As long as your phone has GPS signal it will work.
  227. gettingbentwithbo

    GPS Map for SoCal

    2nd Navionics. Just got the app for my smartphone and I like it alot.
  228. gettingbentwithbo

    Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    Can't complain when you go home with some YT! Water did look like 💩 tho..
  229. gettingbentwithbo

    Stolen Boat San Diego

    I fucking hate thieves. I am sure they took it for the motor.
  230. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale new talica 20 and 25 in box

    Hahaha that's so funny! I was walking in to grab some things, and saw the Tac20ii box on the ground and was thinking man I wish I was the one buying it. Are you local to that area? I live off La Sierra in Lake Hills.
  231. gettingbentwithbo

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Good lord, thanks for sharing. Hoping you get well soon!
  232. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale new talica 20 and 25 in box

    Were you at the Arco off La Sierra today selling your 20? If so I saw you haha.
  233. gettingbentwithbo

    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    Thanks for the reply! You had yours backed with 65 braid right?
  234. gettingbentwithbo

    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    How do you like that Speedmaster 12ii? How did it handle the 100#+ bft? Do you wish you would have had the 16, or was the 12 plenty?
  235. gettingbentwithbo

    Pacific Queen March 13th-15th

    A couple years ago I was on the Outer Limits and we got into a 20-50lb bite I was running 25lb floro and hooked into a GOOD one. Instantly bent and was in for a good (long) fight. Short story.. thought the line broke at the end of the fight when I reeled in my line the hook was still there...
  236. gettingbentwithbo

    San Nic lobsters?

    If you can get it on the water haha.. mine's been nothing but a headache. But im inching to the finish line.
  237. gettingbentwithbo

    San Nic lobsters?

    Right on! Hit me up when you ready to go! I have been balls deep into fixing that skiff you found for me. B.O.A.T. acronym is totally TRUE! Except in my case it's only another hundred.
  238. gettingbentwithbo

    Long Beach Thresher Boats Featuring a New Center Console Design

    Wow this is very nice! Would like to see some more rod holders up front.
  239. gettingbentwithbo

    Slack tide crawl tonight

    I wish we got dungies down south. Has anyone eaten the rock crabs?
  240. gettingbentwithbo

    Slack tide crawl tonight

    Did you keep the rock crabs? Are they any good to eat?
  241. gettingbentwithbo

    BLUEFIN SEEN REPORT 2/19 (Islands too)

    Dude I am not calling you a liar.. I know shearwaters hang out with tuna.. they are what you want to find (including terns). The photo is super grainy I don't see a single tuna busting in it at all. And I said to me they looked like seagulls.. that is all.. you were the one that was there not me.
  242. gettingbentwithbo

    I got one Dad

    Love it! I need to get my boys out on the water.
  243. gettingbentwithbo

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    Good lord that was all made with Bonito?
  244. gettingbentwithbo

    Please identify this crab

    I have heard the same thing.. except you need a sledge hammer to get the damn things open.
  245. gettingbentwithbo

    Please identify this crab

    Spider/Sheep crab.
  246. gettingbentwithbo

    BLUEFIN SEEN REPORT 2/19 (Islands too)

    Were you marking fish? I don't see any activity on the surface and (I know it's a low quality pic) those look like seagulls to me. Those aren't usually the right type of birds you want to find when looking for Tuna right?
  247. gettingbentwithbo

    What's the Perfect rod for a Lexa 400?

    8' 20-50 fast / heavy. Brand doesn't really matter unless that type of thing matters to you..
  248. gettingbentwithbo

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    I have actually (intentionally) eaten blue shark. Killed it immediately, bled it out, gutted it, and got it on ice. To tell you the truth, if I never told you it was blue, you probably wouldn't have ever known.
  249. gettingbentwithbo

    Intel appreciated : Oahu fishing

    I figured. I was hoping not since I am a lone ranger. I think I am going to just pack my travel rod and throw some lures into the surf.
  250. gettingbentwithbo

    Some people are stupid

    His boat was bigger than yours. He was obviously entitled to the spot.
  251. gettingbentwithbo

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    I am pretty sure that there isn't a fish that swims that wont taste half good deep fried or blackened.
  252. gettingbentwithbo

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Damn that is gnarly. I saw the video above was hard to take serious, but funny though! I have also heard they are damn good to eat.
  253. gettingbentwithbo

    Outfit my Boat!

    That's a sweet little boat you just got! You are going to be super stoked on her!
  254. gettingbentwithbo

    2 Drifts 4 Baits and 2 Fish

    Good lord! Those will feed the family!
  255. gettingbentwithbo

    I did not win.

    I as well lost twice :(
  256. gettingbentwithbo

    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    Not going to say what rod to get.. but I would go with an 8' 15-45lb or 20-50lb fast action rod.
  257. gettingbentwithbo

    9 mile bank 2-8-2020

    Nice work Doug! Thanks for sharing even though I already seen most of the photos on your IG =)
  258. gettingbentwithbo

    Intel appreciated : Oahu fishing

    Do they offer open party? Or do you need to charter the entire boat?
  259. gettingbentwithbo

    Shore Fishing Oahu - March 2020 - What to use?

    Heading to Oahu next month, was planning on throwing my travel rod in my suitcase. What type of artificial lures or baits work well shore fishing in hawaii? Do the reef fish over there like the gulp products like our surf fish do?
  260. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Cutting board and misc

    Or just click the downward arrow to show more information under their avatar.
  261. gettingbentwithbo

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Just say your sorry and tell the Judge you heard there were 10lbr's in there and hope he's a fisherman.
  262. gettingbentwithbo

    What the?

    Don't do it Bob!
  263. gettingbentwithbo

    15 HP Kicker, 1.25 hrs. Still under warranty

    Wow 187 for a 15hp 😳 I believe the Merc 20 only weighs in at 99lbs.
  264. gettingbentwithbo

    H&M Landing giving away a multi-day fishing trip

    H&M Landing is giving away a fishing trip to celebrate their 85th year. More details or enter:
  265. gettingbentwithbo

    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    Great information! Thanks for sharing.
  266. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Teramar bundle

    Great rods! My first setup was a teramar paired with a torium 16. Killed alot of fish on that setup!
  267. gettingbentwithbo

    Long Beach Black Hole USA ATTEND Fred Hall Show !!

    At first I thought OP was referring to Black Hole Weaponry
  268. gettingbentwithbo

    Rockfish Artificials and Rigs

    There are all kinds of tactics I like for targeting big reds. A red tady 4/0, double dropper w/ squid, single dropper with a nice healthy finbait, or a berkly gulp curly tail on a lead head.
  269. gettingbentwithbo

    Rockfish Artificials and Rigs

    Don't forget about them Magic Metal jigs LOL
  270. gettingbentwithbo

    Colonet Lings on Swimbaits

    For swimbaits I like Red or white when specifically targeting lings. The bigger the better! If you can find one of those sand dab looking ones I know Lings LOVE sand dabs!
  271. gettingbentwithbo

    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Man this breaks my heart. So sorry to hear, I hope someone puts a bullet in these cocksuckers heads!
  272. gettingbentwithbo

    If You Only Had One Jig

    45 in mint
  273. gettingbentwithbo

    Big, angry bass at Izors 1/21

    Interesting rig. How were you fishing it? Drop it to the bottom and jig it back up?
  274. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking for friends in lake elsinore

    I am in Riverside
  275. gettingbentwithbo

    Is this BD Today?

    I just ordered my new fishing hat..
  276. gettingbentwithbo

    Anyone here a CFI?

    You have an airplane?
  277. gettingbentwithbo

    How to target (find) sculpin?

    Thanks bud!
  278. gettingbentwithbo

    How to target (find) sculpin?

    Sorry bud I guess I wasn't clear, I meant how to find them on your fish finder.
  279. gettingbentwithbo

    How to target (find) sculpin?

    What type of bottom am I looking for if I want to target sculpin? I know when I have fished for them on party boats I ended up losing gear from time to time, so there is some sort of structure down there, but should I look for structure? Do I want the edges of structure?
  280. gettingbentwithbo

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    He took the video down because it showed "secret spots"
  281. gettingbentwithbo

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    I personally keep as much of the fish in tact when freezing. Skin and bloodline. No freshwater rinse. Also if you have a deep freezer it will keep much longer than a regular freezer as the temperature stays consistent and always below zero.
  282. gettingbentwithbo

    What lb thrust trolling motor 14' aluminum?

    What lb thrust trolling motor (transom mount) would I want for a 14' aluminum skiff for use in Saltwater?
  283. gettingbentwithbo

    Gentleman start Halibut hunt. 1-13-2020

    Wait did you find the bait tank with the fresh dead squid? Or is that what you brought with you?
  284. gettingbentwithbo

    43 Donelle

    That thing is BAD ASS!!! Thanks for sharing.
  285. gettingbentwithbo

    1-7-20 extended half day

    Passports were required for this trip correct?
  286. gettingbentwithbo

    Albacore reminiscence

    Hardcor you are the ultimate troll! LOL!!!! You win =)
  287. gettingbentwithbo

    Albacore reminiscence

    LOL that was my first thought!
  288. gettingbentwithbo

    How To Make Poke Video

    Awesome video! The dish looked delicious. I will definitely give this one a try next time I bring home a tuna.
  289. gettingbentwithbo

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Nope that is just TERRIBLE management. Or you just happened to be that one order that something happened with. It totally sucks for you for sure, but id just keep trying to get on the phone with someone and hope they take care of you!
  290. gettingbentwithbo

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    As a web developer who has run many large e-commerce websites I can tell you that this is just poor e-commerce management. Their system is setup in a way that automates every process. They have oversell active so they can offer the sale price. The problem is that they do not have any...
  291. gettingbentwithbo


    Damn the limit on BFT is 10? I thought it was 2 for some reason...
  292. gettingbentwithbo

    FishID -- what is this around my hoopnet?

    Not sure on the first fish sighting, but the one at 0:49 is hands down a Calico.
  293. gettingbentwithbo

    El Sueno new call list!

    I am really hoping it's a joke as well. I have always wanted to fish with him based on his instagram posts, but good lord he has more rules than my wife..
  294. gettingbentwithbo

    El Sueno new call list!

    You expect people to chip in on Slip, towing, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades? What ever happened to fuel, bait and cleaning??
  295. gettingbentwithbo

    Looking to start surf fishing - Gear Recommendations

    This is exactly what I use they are going to get hammered from the saltwater / sand so you might as well just use cheap gear.
  296. gettingbentwithbo

    A pair of fish

    This is bloody decks.. not Plenty of Fish
  297. gettingbentwithbo

    50# setup recommendation

    You don't need to drink the cool-aid you know.. The question you should ask yourself is what size fish are you trying to catch.. where in the water column will you be fishing for them? I run 50lb braid on most of my rigs and then just run top shots depending on what species I am targeting.
  298. gettingbentwithbo

    12/16 - Butts on the Bay

    I mean awesome fish and all, but how cool is it to be friends with someone who runs a brewery =)
  299. gettingbentwithbo

    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Did you get him on a deep drop? Or did you get him on the surface?
  300. gettingbentwithbo

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    Just got the boat registered today! Have to go back to get the trailer inspected or some shit and plated.
  301. gettingbentwithbo

    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    I can't wait to do this in my aluminum skiff =)
  302. gettingbentwithbo

    Salmon heads?

    I personally think fresh mackerel is better than salmon heads.
  303. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Deep freezer 7 cu ft.

    Where is the freezer located?
  304. gettingbentwithbo

    Lobster Report Gail Force - Triton

    How has the rockfishing been on these trips?
  305. gettingbentwithbo

    20# 25# Setup Q??

    Before ever giving an answer I always want to know what is your target species. My answer would be much different if your answer is Calico Bass vs Yellowtail/Tunas. Since you are looking for an application for tuna I think the talica 10 is fine. It's a little overkill for 20lb but it can also...
  306. gettingbentwithbo

    What's your "Fisherman Name"

    Pluggy Mermaid Meat - Sounds dirty.
  307. gettingbentwithbo

    Squidding Open Seat(s)

    Are they giant squids? Or just the basic bait ones?
  308. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale 1995 Blackfin 29 SF 45,000

    God damn that's a beautiful boat!
  309. gettingbentwithbo

    Pacifica 1.75 Day Friday 10am 10-08-2019 to Sunday 7am 10-10-2019 pics of the slaughter deck...

    Thanks for the report. This trip looks sounds like one you wont soon forget!
  310. gettingbentwithbo

    Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    Thanks for the report. Glad to see you got on em.
  311. gettingbentwithbo

    Small bait hooks

    I absolutely LOVE the blacktail hooks! I have been using them for a few months now and they are great! And priced right to boot!
  312. gettingbentwithbo

    Pescador out of 22nd street

    I have only had good experiences with that boat. Captain worked hard to get us on fish, and the crew was solid. I would go again.
  313. gettingbentwithbo

    Quick rock fishing trip to La Jolla!

    Saw the post on Instagram! Looks like you had a one stop shop.
  314. gettingbentwithbo

    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Good lord! You are so talented! Loving this build.
  315. gettingbentwithbo

    November Catalina Tuna

    Damn those are some nice fish fellas! Fish gods treated you well.
  316. gettingbentwithbo

    Boat Docking Close Call

    Wow. I think this is the first time I have actually seen somebody use Ducking in a sentence. My phone seems to think I want to say it all the time though.
  317. gettingbentwithbo

    Yellowfin on the skiff

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  318. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD 2011 Parker 1801 - 230 hours

    Bad ass skiff! I wish I was in the market, this is exactly what I want.
  319. gettingbentwithbo

    best 40-50lb live bait reel

    Back in 2010 I would have said a Trinidad. Now that it's 2019.. I still say a trinidad. They are great reels!
  320. gettingbentwithbo

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Good lord you are the best ho ever! The only thing I disagree with is if you are able to have your bait in the water get it in the water! We are trying to catch a limit, and maybe you are the hot stick!
  321. gettingbentwithbo

    Please dont touch my drag

    LOL Yup! My favorite as well.
  322. gettingbentwithbo

    Please dont touch my drag

    That is exactly it! The worst is the guys that have orgasms every time they hook up.
  323. gettingbentwithbo

    Please dont touch my drag

    I am ok with it depending the situation. Once I was on the Outerlimits and it was a very slow picky bft bite. We were fishing size 2 hooks and 20lb floro just to get bit. And the deckhand was just checking my drag to make sure it wasn't too tight. Several times I have had deck hands on other...
  324. gettingbentwithbo

    Please dont touch my drag

    I am probably the only one that can't stand it when you hear people yelling "Hook up" "fresh one" "biter" or simply just moaning like it was your first time..
  325. gettingbentwithbo

    The guy that invented auto correct just died

    Has anyone ever used the word 'ducking' in their life? Because my phone seems to think I use it on a regular basis.
  326. gettingbentwithbo

    Yft 10/23

    Thanks for sharing! Nice catch.
  327. gettingbentwithbo

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    I meant this year haha guess I wasn't clear =) Ya I remember that one.
  328. gettingbentwithbo

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Good lord! This is the first local Cow yellow right?
  329. gettingbentwithbo

    Queequeg = Ahab

    Anyone with a sprinkle of tech knowledge would not be kept out by an ip ban.
  330. gettingbentwithbo

    New daiwa lexa lx hd 400 vs wide open yft

    Damn you sounded spent! Great trip you were on bro!
  331. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Quality scoped bolt action

    I was on a budget looking for something to get into hunting that wasn't crap. I ended up getting a savage axis II in 6.5creed and paired it with Athlon glass and it's a really nice shooter for under a grand!
  332. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE Big Brown Cock for 95Jmag/EX/CEX

    The shit posting on this site is reaching new levels.
  333. gettingbentwithbo

    425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Super cool Ali! I want to get my two boys (6 & 3) out and on fish.. just haven't been able to either time or $ isn't right. Thanks for sharing.
  334. gettingbentwithbo

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    Nice! I hooped LB harbor friday night for 3 legals, 2 shorts. Glad you did better than we did!
  335. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale 1997 wellcraft ccf 160

    Are you looking to just get rid of it? I don't see a price.
  336. gettingbentwithbo

    Who's crafty work was this?

    Saw this Grady for sale on Facebook Marketplace and was impressed with the level of craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into building the t-top LOL
  337. gettingbentwithbo

    Needlefish invasion

    I haven't came across any this season, but last year I was getting double hookups on a double dropper with sand worms.
  338. gettingbentwithbo

    10/9 Wide the F*** Open.

    Damn! Got to love those one stop shops. Good work gentlemen!
  339. gettingbentwithbo

    Limits with the Ocean Odyssey by 9am! 10/8

    It's all about respect! Act a foo get treated like a foo.
  340. gettingbentwithbo

    2.5 this weekend. Any point to bringing 50/60?

    Take what you have! I hate retying.. I like to set myself up what what I think I might need so when the opportunity presents itself I am ready! Get Bent!
  341. gettingbentwithbo

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    That is a tuna tickler.
  342. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Cheap Short Shaft Tiller Outboard

    I got a motor.. no longer looking.
  343. gettingbentwithbo

    Lobster limits

    For being dumb they sure do have a lot of success.
  344. gettingbentwithbo

    What the hell went after my fish!

    I don't think it was a toothy critter at all. Those look like scratches to me. Anybody think it went into the rocks and got scratched as it was coming out? Also looks like it could be grouper marks.
  345. gettingbentwithbo

    Lobster limits

    Noob question.. why is bugging almost always done at night here on the west coast? Everyone I see in Florida who dives for lobster does it during the day.
  346. gettingbentwithbo

    Phenomenal morning

    Awesome report thanks for sharing
  347. gettingbentwithbo

    Boston Whaler 13 patch and paint

    Damn that is some quality work!
  348. gettingbentwithbo

    Low ceiling people input wanted - 9' rod with 8' ceilings

    What if I told you that you could store it horizontally =)
  349. gettingbentwithbo

    Most fishy vessel for november - december tuna bite!

    Party Boat - Outer Limits. Captain paul has tuna blood running through his veins. If they are biting you can bet he will be targeting and catching them. Private Boat - Pinnacle (Duane Diego). Fishiest mother fucker I have ever met!
  350. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    Will the engine fire up when I come to get it? I am hopefully bringing my mechanic with me as I don't know the first thing about boat motors.
  351. gettingbentwithbo

    Tranx 400 throwing surface iron

    I have a Lexa 400 paired with a phenix black diamond 20-50 and it works just great slinging irons. So I don't see why a Tranx 400 wouldn't do the same. You might get tapped out on bigger fish (50+). But if your target species are yellowtail, calicos, bara's, and smaller schooly tunas you...
  352. gettingbentwithbo

    Lobster 2019

    Rad video and looks like you were rewarded! Man you got me hungry now!
  353. gettingbentwithbo

    DSLR + many extras $600 OBO

    Bump, possibly open to trades + best offers.
  354. gettingbentwithbo

    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    Look on they have all kinds of weird shit on there.
  355. gettingbentwithbo

    DSLR + many extras $600 OBO

    So do I @von_smozel :-)
  356. gettingbentwithbo

    DSLR + many extras $600 OBO

    Let me know @simmo13 it's a great setup. I have lenses that are great for both photography and video out on the water!
  357. gettingbentwithbo

    28' ugly duckling

    Man I wish I knew how to do that type of stuff. Pure artistry if you ask me!
  358. gettingbentwithbo

    Yellowtail/ Tuna Reel Recommendations Under $200

    Spend a couple bucks more and get the Speedmaster!
  359. gettingbentwithbo

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    I know most wont like the wrap, but I dig it.
  360. gettingbentwithbo

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    I hope someone got it on gopro! I would love to see that. Definitely scary, but cool as all hell! I love GWS.
  361. gettingbentwithbo

    DSLR + many extras $600 OBO

    Bump.. who's trying to be the next Captain Dave Hansen on youtube? I got your camera gear right here.
  362. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Cheap Short Shaft Tiller Outboard

    Bump.. would be willing to trade a Talica 8ii if anyone has something that will get me out on the water.
  363. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE Talica 8ii for working Outboard(9.9-30hp)

    Just testing the waters here.. I am sick of looking at my skiff in my garage and really would like to get an outboard on her and get it wet. I have a great condition Talica 8ii spooled with 50lb braid. Does anyone have an outboard they would like to get rid of in exchange for an awesome reel...
  364. gettingbentwithbo

    28' ugly duckling

    Jesus this rebuild is going to be bad ass! Sticking around for this one!
  365. gettingbentwithbo

    Interesting video

    Wow this is very interesting thanks for sharing.
  366. gettingbentwithbo

    N00b tips for a 3/4 to full day trip...

    If you are going to be fishing mexican waters.. Please make sure you have proper documents in order. As for being a n00b.. nothing will serve you better than time on the water. Stay within your comfort level. If you see an opportunity outside of the norm, give it a shot. You might learn...
  367. gettingbentwithbo


    I am going to PM you. I have some questions you might not want to answer, so I will keep it private.
  368. gettingbentwithbo


    Sweet video! How do you like your Thresher CC?
  369. gettingbentwithbo

    FREE Intel on stolen engine!

    And I thought I had bad luck! Sorry to hear. I hope it turns up.
  370. gettingbentwithbo

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Agree when I was on my 2 day I didn't get charged anything for my fish cleaning. They just came around asked me how I wanted my fish (fillet or gng) and when I got to the dock I had a trash back full of fillets separated by species with my number on it. 1st class operation.
  371. gettingbentwithbo

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    It happens.. we have all had those experiences before. For every captain that wants to stay out past when you are supposed to be back at the dock because the fish are biting, there is that one who wants to leave early and run the boat half speed to make it seem like you were out further than...
  372. gettingbentwithbo

    Pride incident

    I can tell you are a good father!
  373. gettingbentwithbo

    Great day 8-29

    You need new friends. Your boat your rules, wont get my suggestions unless you ask for it. When should I be at the boat =)
  374. gettingbentwithbo

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Love yanni and his recipes, I highly suggest giving him a look see!
  375. gettingbentwithbo

    Pride incident

    100% agree with you. I will protect and defend my children at all costs.
  376. gettingbentwithbo

    8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    Looks like a fun trip, sucks about the worms.
  377. gettingbentwithbo

    8-27 YFT 17nm off Mission Bay

    Hope you get the pictures figured out! Thanks for the report.
  378. gettingbentwithbo

    Pride incident

    You are right! I have seen it during bass fishing though.
  379. gettingbentwithbo

    Pride incident

    It happens both ways.. sporty towards private and private vs sporty.. everyone's balls get inflated when they hit water. I don't agree with anyone throwing irons / lures at other boats. We just live in a world with a lack of respect.
  380. gettingbentwithbo

    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    OMG So freaking cool! Thank you for sharing this totally made my morning. Were you guys able to get it boat-side and get a release on it or did it break you guys off?
  381. gettingbentwithbo

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    Can't argue with video. When shit like this happens start rolling. Call the landings and call the coast guard. No room for violence.
  382. gettingbentwithbo

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Was this deckhand on one of those boats out of newport that regularly fishes 70 passengers? I don't care what you are fishing when there's that many people on board tangles are going to happen. It's not the line.. it's the angler. I will take braid all day!
  383. gettingbentwithbo

    How to handle Tuna fillets from a sport boat?

    Great information guys! Thanks to everyone for sharing.
  384. gettingbentwithbo

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 8/23-25

    What was up with that picture of the dudes ear with the blood dripping down? What happened?
  385. gettingbentwithbo

    8/21 WFO YFT on the Producer

    Looks like a good trip! Thanks for sharing.
  386. gettingbentwithbo

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    I joined 10 years ago myself. I can tell you aint shit changed. Except whatever happened to that Saluki guy?
  387. gettingbentwithbo

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail (video)

    Lol Corey is the general.. at killing fish! And some times releasing them as well.
  388. gettingbentwithbo

    Apollo, August 18

    Would have loved to seen pics.
  389. gettingbentwithbo

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    Yup saw this, posted about it on my Instagram the other day @gettingbentwithbo
  390. gettingbentwithbo

    Caught last week by Jim And amigo at Cedros island

    That thing is a pig Dennis! Your jigs kill it!
  391. gettingbentwithbo

    Tady Squid???

    Damn that thing would work great for cbass, pin a couple live squid on it and let it drift!
  392. gettingbentwithbo

    What jigs are hot?

    Fish will not bite unless you are on a Parker boat, fishing a shimano talica 2 using Shimano butterfly jigs with upgraded owner hooks. Everyone knows this...
  393. gettingbentwithbo

    302 YFT! Thanks to Hardcore!!!

    Corey is a bad ass! Bad ass mustache, Bad ass Hook-set, Bad ass boat! Be like Corey people!
  394. gettingbentwithbo

    250 Mile Trip When I Could Have Gone 1...8/16 & 8/17

    Sometimes it's a paddy holding the gold at the end of the rainbow. Looks like you found yours.
  395. gettingbentwithbo

    Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

    I love the pure chaos! Quad hookups.
  396. gettingbentwithbo

    My first Thresher!

    Damn those looks BOMB Were you targeting T's or did you just get lucky? I have always wanted to catch a thresher but only sharks I seem to catch are blues..
  397. gettingbentwithbo

    A day of Loss - 1 Kite Rod, 1 Kite Reel, 1 Gigantic Bluefin Tuna

    Damn that's a shitty day, at least you got a good look at the monster!
  398. gettingbentwithbo

    Flew my drone around the 32' Liberator.

    Got ya.. never been all that good with those acronyms.
  399. gettingbentwithbo

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    Good point! This is very true.
  400. gettingbentwithbo

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    You would think with a catch like that there would be pictures floating around.
  401. gettingbentwithbo

    Irvine Lake..........

    I have seen the big kitties, but never heard about the Sturgeons.
  402. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale 23’ prolinecuddy 16,000

    I wish I had the room to store this at my house.. Thanks alot HOA..
  403. gettingbentwithbo

    Yellowtail/ Tuna Reel Recommendations Under $200

    The new toriums are REALLY nice. Get yourself a 16 or 20, and you will be whacking some yellows!
  404. gettingbentwithbo

    Irvine Lake..........

    WTF? There was Sturgeon in that lake? I heard the only thing in there was Bass, Cats, and Panfish..
  405. gettingbentwithbo

    Daiwa lexa Phenix axis

    Love my lexa 400 it's works great for slinging iron!
  406. gettingbentwithbo

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    And this is why I will not fish an open party 1/2 day boat. At least without checking the reservation totals first!
  407. gettingbentwithbo

    Jackpot nightmare.

    I never do jackpot either. I don't like to be told what to do with my money.
  408. gettingbentwithbo

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    That's a nice one! Congrats fellas!
  409. gettingbentwithbo

    This is test post

    This is a test comment.
  410. gettingbentwithbo

    Ok, so what is your favorite reel for throwing surface irons and why?

    My favorite was the Trini 16 dc. Could cast the thing a mile! And the sound it made was fun too =)
  411. gettingbentwithbo

    1/2 day success with kids

    They may be ugly but they sure do taste good!
  412. gettingbentwithbo

    Fishing Etiquette ( video )

    Too many people have this "you don't own the ocean" mentality nor do they know how to find their own fish.
  413. gettingbentwithbo


    I hate thieves.. Hope they get what's coming to them. A Louisville slugger.
  414. gettingbentwithbo

    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Not going to lie.. that video was all over the place.
  415. gettingbentwithbo

    Where the hell did my avatar go??

    As long as the dude with the jiggling juggs avatar doesn't get deleted all will be well!
  416. gettingbentwithbo

    Haven't caught a white seabass in 20 years till now

    Here's not it not taking 20 more to get your next one!
  417. gettingbentwithbo

    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    Wow local to boot. Some people could go their whole life w/o ever hooking one.
  418. gettingbentwithbo

    RR3 5 day report

    Yup I hear that. Great pics tho! And an even better report.
  419. gettingbentwithbo

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 7/25 Late report

    Ya big beer belly, and white hair / beard.. Looks exactly like my dad, except you are already cooler than him, looking for a god son you wanna go fishing with? I love me some beer too and my beer belly is currently in training.
  420. gettingbentwithbo

    Excel-Ballast Point Brewing 8-Day, Sept 2-10

    I wish I was in the position to impulse jump on an 8day trip! My wife and employer would dump me.
  421. gettingbentwithbo

    Excel-Ballast Point Brewing 8-Day, Sept 2-10

    I need to get on this trip someday! I love Balast point beer!
  422. gettingbentwithbo

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 7/25 Late report

    I legit thought the guy in the teal shirt in the first pic was my dad. But he doesn't fish so he's obviously not as cool as him or he's not been telling me which would be a total dick move.
  423. gettingbentwithbo

    How much bait do I need?

    Take as much bait as you can afford and your tank will keep alive for the duration of your trip.
  424. gettingbentwithbo

    Catalina 7/29 to 7/31 – Limits of fun, sun and the totally spun

    Yellows may have been deep? Did you try yoyo on any meter marks?
  425. gettingbentwithbo

    RR3 5 day report

    You are Bloody Wahoo on IG arent you =)
  426. gettingbentwithbo

    Do not fish for boats!

    LOL Dave this had me dead! Great video entertaining and informative. :hali_ruahahaha:
  427. gettingbentwithbo

    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    I know I am late to the party, but I use a 1/0-4/0 ringed owner. hook size depends on bait of course.
  428. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD 23 Parker

    Damn that thing is sweet!
  429. gettingbentwithbo

    White sea bass out of Point Loma

    I figured you took a little nap =)
  430. gettingbentwithbo

    Coronados Full day 7/25

    I wish there was an open season on dogs like there is with coyotes.
  431. gettingbentwithbo

    Monster from the deep...Yellowtail or Seal?

    If you were not sitting on the pick and and the line was consistently coming off the reel w/ no shakes I would guess that you got snagged on something.
  432. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Cheap Short Shaft Tiller Outboard

    Where would one find these??
  433. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Cheap Short Shaft Tiller Outboard

    I am looking for something CHEAP to get me in the harbor fishing. 30hp or less short shaft tiller steer, preferably something that is running or just needs a little TLC to get running. Just looking for something to get me out in the harbor until I can get a brand new motor. Let me know what...
  434. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Tranx 500 & Phenix

    how bow you cash me half way? how bow dah? Seriosuly.. I want it tho! But im not driving all the way to SD to trade =)
  435. gettingbentwithbo

    New Tattoo

  436. gettingbentwithbo

    Old Glory Bluefin (HARD TIMES) 7/23 Video

    I was wondering the same thing! I love seeing the next generation get taken care of.
  437. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Tranx 500HG

    Would you be interested in trading for a Talica 8ii?
  438. gettingbentwithbo

    Torium 20 potential 50# reel?

    If it's all I had I would run it. I personally think the 20 is better suited for slinging iron. It's smooth and casts very nicely. If $$$ is the issue, those new speedmaster II's that should be available shortly would be much better suited. It's so nice to have that low gear for winching...
  439. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE WTT Talica 8ii

    Bump! Looking to move this thing. Really want a Tranx 500.
  440. gettingbentwithbo

    7/22 Catalina run

    was wondering the same thing
  441. gettingbentwithbo

    Reel for phenix abyss 806 12-25 stripers,halibut,salmon,rockfish

    I have a lexa 400 as well. If you are looking for more of a bait caster type setup then this would be the way to go. I really like conventional reels though personally.
  442. gettingbentwithbo

    Salt Fever

    Oh My God.. this is bad ass!
  443. gettingbentwithbo

    Reel for phenix abyss 806 12-25 stripers,halibut,salmon,rockfish

    An avet sx would be perfect. I am pretty much running that exact setup.
  444. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD 24 Foot Custom pilot house

    Damn! Would love to see those pics bigger! That looks like a sweet rig
  445. gettingbentwithbo

    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    The only things being thrown back on the party boats are short fish and over priced beers LOL
  446. gettingbentwithbo

    7-20 mission bay 6 mile bank Point Loma kelp

    I was just joking around.. you gotta get your views some how.
  447. gettingbentwithbo

    7-20 mission bay 6 mile bank Point Loma kelp

    Thread jacker of the year award goes to... You guessed it! Hardcor! :appl:
  448. gettingbentwithbo

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    Great photos! What kind of camera were you using?
  449. gettingbentwithbo

    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    This unfortunately can be seen a lot this day in age. Nobody wants to work anymore everyone just poaches off everyone else's hard work.
  450. gettingbentwithbo

    Catalina, SCI, more. 7/13 - 7/17

    Hahaha I hear ya! Let me know when you get a day off!
  451. gettingbentwithbo

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    I try to grab them softly by the head covering up their eyes and flip them belly up when I am hooking them they don't seem to wiggly like crazy when I do this and as soon as I get the hook in them get the bait in the water asap.
  452. gettingbentwithbo

    ICAST video: New PENN Fathom II star drag reels

    Awesome vid Tunanorth, just sent you a PM
  453. gettingbentwithbo

    SA80 2.5 July 12-15, 2019

    What a trophy! Congrats to you brother!
  454. gettingbentwithbo

    Underwater video - Cuda strike and WSB good looks

    That first video almost looked like a permit flashed past the camera.
  455. gettingbentwithbo

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    I hope that talica owner at least paid your galley tab! You just saved him about $700
  456. gettingbentwithbo

    SA80 2.5 July 12-15, 2019

    :eek2: good lord that is a biggin! Did you ever get a scale on it?
  457. gettingbentwithbo

    Choosing the right dean

    For me it's a nice green healthy color, no bloody noses, and no missing scales. A lot of times I don't even go for the one that looks like it's on meth in the livewell as they are banging themselves up and using all their energy before even hitting the water.
  458. gettingbentwithbo


    Do you guys get many quakes up in Washington?
  459. gettingbentwithbo

    New Shimano DC Reels

    Anyone else totally think that these were going to be a brand new Trini DC? I thought for sure how they were teasing it that this is what it was going to be. I was really disappointed when they turned out to be a bait caster.
  460. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Talica 25

    Trade for a Tac 8ii?
  461. gettingbentwithbo

    Summer Trips - Tuna or bust!

    Your list is very close to mine! Wahoo YT Dorado Grouper Bottom Critters YFT BFT
  462. gettingbentwithbo

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day

    That is the california line of thought. Apparently we don't know how to slow our retrieve. :D
  463. gettingbentwithbo

    Anyone need anything from Florida? FL to CA

    Cases on cases of Yuengling!
  464. gettingbentwithbo

    Leopard sharks in OC?

    Thank you bud!
  465. gettingbentwithbo

    Leopard sharks in OC?

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to fish if I am specifically targeting Leopard sharks in or around Orange County? Haven't had any luck the couple of times I have tried.
  466. gettingbentwithbo

    Summer Trips - Tuna or bust!

    I personally prefer fishing for Yellowtail over Tuna.
  467. gettingbentwithbo

    PAC Queen 7/3

    Thats a nice one! Good work
  468. gettingbentwithbo

    Reel for throwing iron???

    Trinidad 16a 50lb braid 9' rod.
  469. gettingbentwithbo

    Need help finding agent to sell my boat

    I would throw it up on here as well. Very good chance it would sell here quickly depending on make / model.
  470. gettingbentwithbo

    best STRONG circle hook for blue fin?

    I had a 1/0 owner aki twist hook straighten on me last year on a big bluefin after a 1hr fight. Sucked!
  471. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale SOLD THANKS BD!

    I have a mint tac8ii if you are interested.
  472. gettingbentwithbo

    Strange catch

    It's a fuckin tuna Jay! Lets fuckin hook that shit and well be on the fuckin news man!
  473. gettingbentwithbo

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Holy shit! I can't believe it.
  474. gettingbentwithbo

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Great report and photos to go with it! Sucks that guy was robbed at gun point. So sad to hear. Glad he is ok.
  475. gettingbentwithbo

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    Wow Fuck this Guy! He should be banned from fishing for life!
  476. gettingbentwithbo

    Warship off San Pedro

    That is cool! Did you happen to get any pictures?
  477. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB Looking for a Talica 8II

    I am in riverside, mine's damn near mint I never ever ever use it. But I would prefer to trade for another reel.. Do you have anything??? PM me.
  478. gettingbentwithbo

    Man eating shark caught from beach

    HAHA I am not the only one!
  479. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Maytag 14.8 Chest Freezer

    Where are you located and how much are you looking to get for it?
  480. gettingbentwithbo

    Catalina 6/05/19 on SlayDay Boat

    I need to get out on one of the Slayday boats!
  481. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Cousins Raze 799 20-30#

    Would you be interested in trading for a talica 8ii? For the Tranx.. it's pretty much never been used. I can send you pics if you text me your number.
  482. gettingbentwithbo

    Epic day on the San Diego

    Damn you got so lucky! So jealous!
  483. gettingbentwithbo

    San Diego Bay Shark Fishing (video)

    The video was over just as I was getting into it! Need more!
  484. gettingbentwithbo

    Coronado islands 6/1

    Hell ya! Nice job. Thanks for the report.
  485. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Tac25ii

    Would you be interested in trading for an 8ii?
  486. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale SOLDPhenix Hybrid 809xh price lowered

    Would you be interested in trading your 12ii for an 8ii?
  487. gettingbentwithbo

    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    Looks great! Curious as to why you used wood and not something like angled aluminum? I am currently in the process of building a custom box in my little skiff to hold my batteries and other random stuff. I went with angled aluminum for my structure, I am about to buy wood to finish it off.
  488. gettingbentwithbo

    Bad Ads Thread

    LOL Did you really just trick everyone into clicking your ads to make more $$$.
  489. gettingbentwithbo

    5/25 Pegasus Bluefin

    Haha right on! I knew it, nice to see ya on here.
  490. gettingbentwithbo

    5/25 Pegasus Bluefin

    Did you post a picture on Reddit?
  491. gettingbentwithbo

    Juvenile Great White

    Rad shot! Thanks for sharing.
  492. gettingbentwithbo

    Who knew Long Beach LingCod had Balls?? 5/25/19

    Reminds me of the stones you get out of a WSB. But they aren't nearly as round.
  493. gettingbentwithbo

    Bahia De Los Angeles - Fished 05/25-26/19

    Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing.
  494. gettingbentwithbo

    another web-site for the Mid-Atlantic Anglers..

    Lol the link doesn't even work. Someone is just trying to ruffle feathers.
  495. gettingbentwithbo

    Thunderbird - SCI - 5/17

    Love Bryan Timm's videos I have been subbed to him on YT for awhile. Not sure if he is on here, don't remember ever seeing him.
  496. gettingbentwithbo

    Where to Fish in riverside

    Fairmount Park and Rancho Jurupa like other have mentioned are probably your best bets closest to Riverside. Rancho Jurupa is pay to play, but fairmount park is free.
  497. gettingbentwithbo

    It was his first bluefin and it was triple digits!

    Good shit Rodney. Hope you keep these videos going!
  498. gettingbentwithbo

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Damn $30 a pop! These damn things were jumping in the boat just before sunrise at Cat.
  499. gettingbentwithbo

    Jigs, Flat falls, top water or ?????

    Personally, for so cal fishing I always have a couple yoyo jigs (blue/white, mint), a couple surface irons(same colors), and an assortment of hooks and lead. I pretty much run 50 or 65lb braid on all my reels (for the trips you mentioned) and then adjust the topshot per application. I like to...
  500. gettingbentwithbo

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Unless you need to learn how to operate your boat and what not.. just get out on the water. BD has a list of GPS coordinates published on the site here dig that up load them into your FF/GPS and get out on the water and do some trial and error. Stop by the bait barge pick up some chovies or...
  501. gettingbentwithbo

    Mission Belle/Coronados 5/15

    I assume you needed a passport for this trip?
  502. gettingbentwithbo

    Tuna survival on release.....

    I am not a huge fan of tuna either.. Love catching them! But a small football sized tuna is enough for me to take home. Anything bigger is too much and would go to waste.
  503. gettingbentwithbo

    High Tide vs Low Tide

    I personally like fishing the change, mixed with current you should be golden.
  504. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Marine electronics bundel $500

    No cords? I sure hope there isn't a boat out there with a bunch of power cords or no electronics.
  505. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Gold Avet JX Raptor Price Drop!!

    I wasn't asking you. I have a Tac8ii I want to trade Edward.
  506. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Gold Avet JX Raptor Price Drop!!

    Talica 8ii for the jx? PM me if interested.
  507. gettingbentwithbo

    More Reels Cheap

    This is kinda funny tbh.. I love seeing people unknowingly responding to these old posts.
  508. gettingbentwithbo

    The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    You would hope they keep chumming and keep the fish with the boat.
  509. gettingbentwithbo

    The San Diego 3/4 Bluefin Tuna 5/8 2019

    Some fish are suicidal and just want to die.
  510. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE WTT Talica 8ii

    No. I would rather keep it if I can't trade it.
  511. gettingbentwithbo

    Upgrade G2 to G3 garmin maps?

    Excuse my ignorance, but is the bluechart maps Navionics? I don't see reference to navionics anywhere on the Garmin website.
  512. gettingbentwithbo

    goofy dates

    I am all the way back in 2003 :(
  513. gettingbentwithbo

    another web-site for the Mid-Atlantic Anglers..

    This is going to get taken down quickly.
  514. gettingbentwithbo

    popped my cherri in the surf w/ pics

    Dont want the fishes wife thinking he had been cheating? Jokes aside, good job out there I love fishing the surf, you never know what you are going to git and it's free!
  515. gettingbentwithbo

    Upgrade G2 to G3 garmin maps?

    From the limited research I have done it appears that all updates for the G2 are free as well as the G3 updates, but not upgrading from G2->G3. But I can not figure out if there is a paid upgrade available? I hear the G3 charts are much better than the G2, but I cant find any upgrade pricing.
  516. gettingbentwithbo

    Upgrade G2 to G3 garmin maps?

    If I got a garmin unit that had the bluechart g2 coastal maps, but the g3 maps were available. Is it possible to upgrade your unit to the newer maps? I would imagine it's probably not free, but is it possible?
  517. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Brand New Talica 25ii (Oceanside)

    I use my 10 for everything. But would love to have a bigger one in my arsenal than the 8
  518. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Brand New Talica 25ii (Oceanside)

    Your 8ii called said he was lonely.. wished he had a twin brother =)
  519. gettingbentwithbo

    BSP On The Chew

    Thanks for the report. Went out last sunday and got the skunk.
  520. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE WTT Talica 8ii

    Bump.. Looking for Tac12ii, Tac16ii, Tranx 500
  521. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Tac25ii

    Interested in trading? I have a tac8ii
  522. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Talica 12II reduced price

    Interested in trading for an 8ii? Sorry I didn't see the No Trades. Free Bump!
  523. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Brand New Talica 25ii (Oceanside)

    Would you be interested in a Talica 8ii?
  524. gettingbentwithbo

    Cinco de Cod - Sunday May 5

    Damn you got some nice ones Ali! Good work bro.
  525. gettingbentwithbo

    Cinco de Mayo Yellows

    Those aren't no pinche yellows!
  526. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE WTT Talica 8ii

    Bump! Really looking for a Talica 16 would go as small as a 12. Would entertain other reels in the same size class.
  527. gettingbentwithbo

    Super Bowl LIV

    Siiiiiiiighhhhhhhh....... Lets hope not.
  528. gettingbentwithbo

    La Jolla 4/25

    Damn a hali on the flat fall! Those things will catch everything I guess.
  529. gettingbentwithbo

    Yellow Tail at the oil rigs 4-27-19

    How the hell do you see a hook in that pic Bob? LOL
  530. gettingbentwithbo

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    This is what I run. Will be perfect for anything you would want to hunt in California. Even would work out of state if you want to go after bigger game, as long as you are within range and have proper shot placement.
  531. gettingbentwithbo

    Its in His blood!

    Hell ya! So bad ass. Can't wait to get my little man hooked!
  532. gettingbentwithbo

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    They are available via YouTube.
  533. gettingbentwithbo

    4/24/19 1.5 day Topgun80 Small but fun grade bft

    I mean those are not jumbo's but I wouldn't call them small either. Those class of BFT are great fun to catch and excellent eating!
  534. gettingbentwithbo

    4/25/19 SoCal Inshore & Catalina Report!

    Can you send me that DM too.. also wondering.
  535. gettingbentwithbo

    What do you do when Snapper wont bite?

    Fish are like women.. sometimes you just wiggle your worm and they practically jump in the sack. Other times it seems like no matter what you flash in front of their faces they just wont put it in their mouth. Try a different spot.
  536. gettingbentwithbo

    Easter 4/21 Mission Belle

    Damn! Looks like a fun one. Thanks for the report.
  537. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale New Freeman Boatworks Build - FOR SALE

    I have an inheritance coming in from a Saudi Price! Just waiting for the $ to show up in my bank account.
  538. gettingbentwithbo

    4/22 Mission Belle ! Aw Yea ! ! !

    Hell ya! Great trip. Thanks for sharing.
  539. gettingbentwithbo

    Has any fished on the Outer Limits?

    Outer Limits is my FAVORITE boat out of Seaforth. Captain Paul is one of the best Captains I have had the pleasure to fish with. Great crew, incredibly fishy boat, and even fishier Captain.
  540. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Shimano Talica 20ii - like new

    I was seeing if he was interested in the 8ii. I am not looking for one.
  541. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Shimano TranX 500 HG - Lightly Used

    Would you be interested in a talica 8ii?
  542. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Shimano Talica 20ii - like new

    Any chance looking for a talica 8ii?
  543. gettingbentwithbo

    Fish processing prices?

    Just a question as I have never had fish processed. Do you pay for the weight of the fish processed, or the weight of the fillets?
  544. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale Avet HX 3/S Raptor (new)

    Interested in a talica 8ii?
  545. gettingbentwithbo

    Site for fish recipes

    Absolutely check out Yanni's youtube channel! Dude has the best recipes ever for fish!
  546. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    You interested in a smaller talica? I have an 8ii im looking for something bigger.
  547. gettingbentwithbo

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    So what exactly am I seeing here? Tons of fish in a feeding frenzy?
  548. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Talica 12ii , Penn Torque 25NLD2 (reduce price)

    Are you interested in trading the tac12ii for an 8ii?
  549. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD All of them sold please delete

    You looking for a smaller talica? I have a (mint) 8ii im looking for something bigger.
  550. gettingbentwithbo

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Haha I hear ya there! That would be annoying. So you suggest going through hull with a drain fitting. That isn't a bad idea.
  551. gettingbentwithbo

    Cool You Tube Channel

    I am with you, I spend way too much time on YouTube haha.
  552. gettingbentwithbo

    Yellers on the Sherminator

    Did you get the yellows on the troll?
  553. gettingbentwithbo

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Curious as to what the thing is that I have circled in my attachment? Is that some sort of thing to regulate the water going into the tank?
  554. gettingbentwithbo

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Where I have the tank placed is where I would ideally like to permanently house it (thoughts?).
  555. gettingbentwithbo

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Planned on adding pictures when I got home. But I am "working" so I was unable to.
  556. gettingbentwithbo

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Bob, tank came with a pump. I will text you pictures later you can tell me if it's worth a damn or not.
  557. gettingbentwithbo

    White cbass setup

    Best advice find the squid nests! Big hooks pinned with squid.
  558. gettingbentwithbo

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    Interested in seeing / hearing about how you guys with smaller boats rigged up your live wells. I just got a 14gal round tank and looking for plumbing options. Any photos or videos you have please share!
  559. gettingbentwithbo

    Bight Sports Fishing

    I have not been on their 1.5 day trips, but I have been on a Cbass/Lobster trip once. Great captain. Solid boat. I would recommend Brandon he knows his shit especially when it comes to Cbass.
  560. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    No Shit! Thanks man, I am going to give this a search.
  561. gettingbentwithbo

    dana turd roller

    Nice one! Looks like glass out there!
  562. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    I did not see any visible numbers. Only thing on the trailer is the out of state license plate.
  563. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    I do not have AAA, what DMV services are you referring to?
  564. gettingbentwithbo

    What is this animal

    The way it walked really made me think it was a coon.
  565. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    Right! I cringe at the thought of having to goto the DMV.
  566. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    I am not an AAA member but this might be something worth looking into getting if it will make the process any easier.
  567. gettingbentwithbo

    What is this animal

    Looks like a raccoon that is missing his tail.
  568. gettingbentwithbo

    I'm Being Internet Blackmailed

    Just ignore it. I got the same email, and I went to reply back to the email to Fuck off, and go ahead and publish it. The email bounced back.. they aren't going to do anything. They are just trying to scare people into sending them free money.
  569. gettingbentwithbo

    How to register a Boat / Trailer I got for free

    How can I go about registering a boat I got for free? I do not have a title, but I do have a bill of sale. The boat looks like it was last registered in 2013, and the trailer in 2015. Trailer has an AZ license plate on it. I can not get a hold of the seller. The boat is a 14' aluminum...
  570. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE WTT Talica 8ii

    Could also be interested in a Tranx. Bump.
  571. gettingbentwithbo

    TRADE WTT Talica 8ii

    I don't use this thing.. like ever! It is in great condition, loaded with 50lb braid. I would like to get a larger talica, like a 12 or a or 16. Would be willing to trade for one w/o line, or one with line and some boat rash, or one in great condition + $. Let me know what you have. Will...
  572. gettingbentwithbo

    Dispersing a Crowd of Sea Lions the Canadian Way

    Open season baby! These damn things are the Coyotes of the ocean.
  573. gettingbentwithbo

    Hawaiian yellowtail wanted!

    Was watching a fishing show and I believe they were in New Zeland, and they were catching Yellowtail Kingfish that looked identical to our CA Yellowtail.
  574. gettingbentwithbo

    Just acquired a boat/trailer, how do I register them?

    So no matter what I am going to have to start off by going to the DMV.. Great!
  575. gettingbentwithbo

    Just acquired a boat/trailer, how do I register them?

    I just got a boat for free and all I have is a bill of sale, which is basically a piece of paper with the signature of the person who it was acquired from. From what I can tell the boat was last registered in Arizona in 2015, and the trailer (same state) which I am not certain it looks like it...
  576. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD Avet Sx Raptor Cheap

    I have a talica 8ii id be willing to trade if you would throw in some cash on top? PM me if remotely interested.
  577. gettingbentwithbo

    35.7 Homeguard

    Damn that's a nice one!
  578. gettingbentwithbo

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    Anyone ever use a Solterra SLX 50WII? The price is right on this bad boy, but I have no experience with it. Thinking about getting one. Wonder what equally priced rod you could pair it with?
  579. gettingbentwithbo

    Bloody Decks Members Coupon Code !!!!!!!!!

    Honest question. Was looking at your poppers and was wondering why the eyes were on the tail end? Shouldn't they be on the open end?
  580. gettingbentwithbo

    PB big butt

    Thank you! Helluva catch!
  581. gettingbentwithbo

    Deep rock fishing.

    Curious as to which berkley gulp you guys use?
  582. gettingbentwithbo

    PB big butt

    Curious as to how you were fishing that bait? Were you cast/retrieving? Or slow trolling it bouncing off the bottom?
  583. gettingbentwithbo

    Big Butt landed on Sunday

    I was about to call bullshit on the size of the butt until I saw the picture of you holding it! Damn that thing is a HUGE LOCAL!
  584. gettingbentwithbo

    If you had 3 Avets...

    Seriously.. this guy gets it. You can not go wrong with these three reels. I personally own none of them, but have fished all of them and they are great reels.
  585. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD 1997 17' Aquasport CC

    I apolagize for all the questions, adding the oil after filling up is sufficient? It mixes well enough doing this? Also how big is the tank on this thing? What kind of range do you get?
  586. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Good lord! I am in love. Was just the hull $3k? Or did it come with a trailer as well?
  587. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD 1997 17' Aquasport CC

    I understand it's in your garage I seen the picture, that does not mean it will fit in any garage. Most people have clearance of 7' or greater where as my garage is barely just over 6'. So I need to premix fuel / oil and can't just roll up to the gas station and gas up and go?
  588. gettingbentwithbo

    SOLD 1997 17' Aquasport CC

    Is this boat still for sale? If so can you tell me the over all height of the boat on trailer? I need to know if it will fit in my garage. Also is the outboard oil injected?
  589. gettingbentwithbo

    FREE Lobster/crab nets

    You know the stipulations! And yes there will be beer =)
  590. gettingbentwithbo

    For Sale SeaVee 39 -2008

    This boat gets me more excited than Roger Kraft in a FL strip mall!
  591. gettingbentwithbo

    WTB 20-22’ Bay Boat

    Woah woah woah! What is that?
  592. gettingbentwithbo

    Local Walmart clearance

    Right.. I was having a brain fart! DUH! haha
  593. gettingbentwithbo

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    I am a big fan of 6.5 creedmoor! If you are a damn good shot it should be able to take down what you are looking to go after.
  594. gettingbentwithbo

    Local Walmart clearance

    Bass, Barracuda and ???
  595. gettingbentwithbo

    FREE Lobster/crab nets

    Oh nice! Can I drink your beer too?
  596. gettingbentwithbo

    FREE Lobster/crab nets

    Dammit! Wish I was closer :(