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  1. BluefinCurly

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    Congrats on a dandy YT!
  2. BluefinCurly

    Shake down trip successful

    Looking good Steph!
  3. BluefinCurly

    UC Predator Bendo pics

    I have one paired with a 12 VISX set-up for 60#. It absolutely man handled the 70-90# BFT in July. I love it!
  4. BluefinCurly

    Wind on Leader clamp Jig

    I made my own. I bought 4 20" quick clamps at Harbor Freight. Grind off the stop on one end, Disassemble one end from another clamp, and reassemble on the first so you have opposing clamps on each end. One end clamps to my bench, the other holds my line. More recently I made a third from a 36"...
  5. BluefinCurly

    Hollow Core Braid Knots

    I use an RP knot. No problem when correctly tied and pulled TIGHT search You Tube for John Collins knot if you are not familiar. Much better than a uni to uni
  6. BluefinCurly

    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    Sav On in Santa Fe Springs has them also. Good quality.
  7. BluefinCurly

    Accurate 197 Tension Knob Issue

    Al is the man at Accurate.
  8. BluefinCurly

    Best Accurate for Calstar 90J?

    Be sure to order a Pitbull clamp for the DH grip.
  9. BluefinCurly

    One Dead, more Missing off San Clemente Island: 7/31/20

    They have located the vehicle and are setting up a recovery platform to recover the 7 remaining service members. It is in 385 ft of water.
  10. BluefinCurly

    Royal Polaris - EPIC 3 day trip July 30 - Aug. 2nd

    Great report! Frank mentioned the dutch double on LTH this weekend.
  11. BluefinCurly

    Newsome, fighting for the people.

    Typical response. Don't argue facts or philosophies, rather attack and attempt to demean the opposing view.
  12. BluefinCurly

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    What a fucking tool. I made no other comment than to state who the person was, and now you insinuate I'm some racist. At least I'm not ignorant.
  13. BluefinCurly

    Newsome, fighting for the people.

    silly boy, The major news networks don't report news anymore, they just feed everyone their narrative
  14. BluefinCurly

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    neither, Colin Powell and both Ben and Colin are still alive.
  15. BluefinCurly

    Canning Bluefin?

    I have canned quite a bit. It is less fatty than ALB or YFT. I do add a tbs of EVOO The canned Toro is the BOMB
  16. BluefinCurly

    Short floro to mono connection in 100lb?

    agree with TOTW. Just go spectra direct to a flouro top shot Unless you want a bite leader, say for flatfall, in which case you should have a much heavier bite leader and connect the mono via a swivel.
  17. BluefinCurly

    TORQUE 402SPD/ Advise

    agree, the TRQ 40 is a 50/60# reel 16VISX for 80
  18. BluefinCurly

    RIP Peter Green...

    One of my all time favorite Blues artist. RIP Peter
  19. BluefinCurly

    3 Day Local Bluefin Gear

    Of course it is ever changing, but just came off a 4 day last week. 25 and 30 flyline for school size YFT 40 2 spd for flyline or 1 1/2 oz slider rig 60 for flyline, or slider 80 for torpedo rig 100 for flat fall (though this was NOT productive at all) Caught most my fish on 60 and 80 The...
  20. BluefinCurly

    SC Knot

    It actually looks like the Dennis Braid knot from 10 years ago. It was primarily for spectra to larger diameter leaders for abrasion resistance when jigging.
  21. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond July 15-19 Trip Report

    Just finished up our annual 4 Day Jan Ishi charter on the Vag. As always great to get on the water with Mike and the crew. Fluffy, Adam, Cuddles, and newbie Chowder, with Brandon and Seon in the galley serving it up. After the meeting the mandatory Covid requirements, we left the dock with 20...
  22. BluefinCurly

    Colt Sniper rigging

    they all seemed to work, but the rainbow (Blue w/pink) and green may have been the most consistent. The majority of fish were in the 70ish range, so several were bent. DO change out the hooks, The stock hooks straightened out.
  23. BluefinCurly

    Colt Sniper rigging

    I just came off a 4 day where the sniper was effective. Best rigging was a 18" 80# flouro bite leader. 80G and 100G snipers
  24. BluefinCurly

    Honey, I'm HOME

    Welcome Back Tommy!
  25. BluefinCurly

    Niland Fire

    Last night about 7:40 a fire started (arson is possible cause) in a field just west of HWY 111 in Niland. Location was between 4th street and Noffsinger. The field that caught was adjacent to a rancho that had a lot of palms and other brush and trees that were easily ignited (temps would have...
  26. BluefinCurly

    Navionics Private Boater Tuna Fishing Webinar Available on YouTube

    Thanks Erik. I enjoyed the webinar, and look forward to the next one. Keep em coming.
  27. BluefinCurly

    Need help with line specs

    In most applications, you don't want the same test in braid as your mono or flouro topshot, rather you want to match similar diameters. That is why your reel is rated for 15 mono and 50 braid, though for 15 mono I often use 35# braid
  28. BluefinCurly

    Group/Hands on hand-gun instruction...

    I recently experienced the same sentiments from my wife. We actually went and sought out a local instructor (I learned 35 years ago to let someone else teach her to keep peace between us). Her statement was "I read about women that were attacked, and had a gun in the house but did not know how...
  29. BluefinCurly

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Not a DAMN thing Mike. This shit is getting old. This time of year I should be hanging in my local tackle shop once a week to spend money on redundant but pretty new toys!
  30. BluefinCurly

    Yellowtail hooks?

    I like Aki Twists, like 7/0 or 8/0.
  31. BluefinCurly


    and its a FREE site Ali. People are free to use it, or free not to.
  32. BluefinCurly

    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

    a Mary Tyler Moore release?
  33. BluefinCurly

    Painting honkers

    Very nice Gene.
  34. BluefinCurly

    In Honor of My Wife

    Bob, Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life, illustrating once again just how precious life is. Our sincere condolences.
  35. BluefinCurly

    3 days in the salt

    An outstanding adventure, and a great write up Gene!
  36. BluefinCurly

    Wister Snow Goose

    ^^^ Yep Jeff, yesterday was a good old bootlip beatdown like the old days.
  37. BluefinCurly

    Thank you Nevada

  38. BluefinCurly

    BBB Clays Closing

    Good News Tom. Thanks.
  39. BluefinCurly

    BBB Clays Closing

    No one know's, but pretty sure now that the county has them out, it will become a snowflake venue of some sort.
  40. BluefinCurly

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    Jeff I feel your pain. The mud in our club is the WORST in the valley, and I would have to walk 1500 yds to get to my blind from camp. Our club had just got acceptable after the last major storm, and looking like rain wasn't going to hit until 10 am, I bailed out of work Tuesday to try and...
  41. BluefinCurly

    Which stateroom for the Vagabond?

    I'm with Buzzy. H or I, if you don't mind a little engine noise, which I like actually.
  42. BluefinCurly

    F thieves!

    POS I'd bait him back, only put about a QT of corn syrup in the can.
  43. BluefinCurly

    I thought you would be taller

    ^^^^ I think she came on to me in a dark bar late one night long ago....
  44. BluefinCurly

    Wister Snow Goose

    Yep. See it all the time. Last week before opener, I watched an unattached group that had been corralled by a smaller family group w/adults. They flew in and sat them in a bulrush stand of ours, left them and flew out to scout new areas, came back 30 minutes later and called them all out and left.
  45. BluefinCurly

    Wister Snow Goose

    ^^^^ Coming to a local park near you!
  46. BluefinCurly

    Dreamer Stolen

  47. BluefinCurly

    2019 Duck Opener

    Nice Job Curtis! Jeff: Female Black Lab, about 5 1/2 mos now. I lost my previous gal in July to cancer.
  48. BluefinCurly

    Wister Snow Goose

    Gray Lives Matter!
  49. BluefinCurly

    2019 Duck Opener

    good luck Curtis. I'll be back at it this weekend, but mainly to see my new pup. My trainer is back from nationals, and I have only seen her once. I'm excited to start training with her.
  50. BluefinCurly

    Imperial valley upland slam

    Way to make a day of it!
  51. BluefinCurly

    Wister Snow Goose

    Based on surrounding reports, I would estimate there were about 4 grand in the region as of Saturday. The actual opener (Thursday) was not as good as it would have been the previous Saturday IMO. There were a lot of juve's, however more unattached adults arrived early last week and promptly...
  52. BluefinCurly

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    I think they crawl better after storm surge RR.
  53. BluefinCurly

    Nor Cal is looking good, very good

    There was a nice little push last Wed - Sat. Lots of gray! I'll be there to greet them Thursday.
  54. BluefinCurly

    My new “cane” pole

    Is that an old Pflueger reel?
  55. BluefinCurly

    1st trip of the year

    Its like Dejavue! I didn't know you hung here too Gene. (IV Hunt on the other board) The look on your dog is priceless!
  56. BluefinCurly

    Do The Sportfishing Boats Ever Pay For Spotter Planes?

    SAC uses a spotter, mostly in the early season, which is distributed to the members
  57. BluefinCurly

    2019 Duck Opener

    ^^^^^ Yep Jeff. Birds are starting to move in. There were actually birds transitioning along Davis yesterday. A friend and buddy were done by 8 in an undisclosed location at the Wizz.
  58. BluefinCurly

    I bought a......

    I have a considerable arsenal of both manufacturer's reels. The construction and performance of the Torques are top notch.
  59. BluefinCurly

    Wister Opening Day

    Yes, it impacts us. It used to be an afternoon westerly would push the birds off the sea. Now, with the water receding, there are now exposed loafing areas where they are more tolerant of a 15mph breeze.
  60. BluefinCurly

    Wister Opening Day

    With all the leveling of ponds in recent years, not as long as it used to. You still have to account for settling (first flood) and evaporation (hot temps, low humidity, and wind). There was NO interim manager at the time.
  61. BluefinCurly

    Wister Opening Day

    Our club sucked balls too, which is what I expected in weeks leading up. However, Snow goose opener looks promising, as it is predominately gray, and opens on a Thursday:D I have it on very good authority that IID had to call the refuge and ask if they were going to order water just 2 weeks...
  62. BluefinCurly

    2019 Duck Opener

    Snows arriving daily, with lots of gray in the mix. Come on Nov 2.
  63. BluefinCurly

    Tuna Seiners

    truly clueless....... "Net fisherman" is broadly generic, as compared to seining, which is a highly selective method. What they (local fleet) take annually is a speck on an elephants ass in the eastern Pacific. I would wager to say the sport fleet harvests more on average than the local seiner...
  64. BluefinCurly

    Lucky Kayaker GW

    Baby got back!
  65. BluefinCurly

    Lucky Kayaker GW

    During shark week one of the programs was about the spate of attacks on the coast a few years ago. They seemed to try and deny they were related to GW, and kept trying to promote either Mako or Thresher sharks as being potentially responsible. Including the hit in Cat Harbor, because they said...
  66. BluefinCurly


    cute as heck. I have had 2 in previous years.
  67. BluefinCurly

    2019 Duck Opener

    It's always and adventure when you manage a property. Like the Forest Gump saying. The damn steam plant adjacent to us sucked all the water off for a week, and I lost about 30% to evap. Now its Katie Bar the doors to recoup the loss and finish what I needed. And just when it was looking like a...
  68. BluefinCurly

    2019 Duck Opener

    My list is a bit more extensive, and I start in May. Be back at it again this weekend, trying to wrap up for opener. Got my major blind work done 2 weeks ago thankfully.
  69. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond trip#31........wanna carpool?

    Good Luck Mikey! Tell Adam and the guys Carl say's hello.
  70. BluefinCurly

    Liberty "Wounded Warrior" 3/4 day report October 1

    Stellar! A mutually rewarding experience, of that I'm sure.
  71. BluefinCurly

    Upcoming Goose Hunting

    ^^^^ Yep. If your on the fence, pull the post out of your ass. You will NOT be disappointed.
  72. BluefinCurly

    Smaller bft ....even smaller window..

    Ha! 10 years ago a 100+ would be headlines in WON Way to slay em...
  73. BluefinCurly

    For Sale Any Savage 99 collectors here

    Wow. Both very nice. Dennis yours is beautiful. My dad had a 99 in .300 savage. I wish the hell I had that gun now (it was stolen many years ago, along with my pre-64 model 7 Remington in .257 Roberts.
  74. BluefinCurly

    Highway 111 updates

    I was in the IV this past weekend. The slated 2 week closure for 111 (estimated for November) started last late last week. 111 is closed to all traffic from Meca to Brawley. It was a bit of a PIA, since I had to get to Gillespie just east of the road work.
  75. BluefinCurly

    Big Bluefin, Swordfish & Yellowfin Bite

    Eric Congratulations on your 500 article milestone. You have become and integral part of the BD community, and we look forward to your articles and seminars.
  76. BluefinCurly


    I'm pretty sure this is one of those items that if you have to ask how much it costs, you most likely cannot afford it.
  77. BluefinCurly


    That is one BADASS ride!
  78. BluefinCurly

    Son's first tuna

    Awesome job Sean! Your young man is growing up fast.
  79. BluefinCurly

    Copolymer rigs

    It has about the same refraction as mono.
  80. BluefinCurly

    Deals on freezer filler trips out of San Diego?

    the last few years a number of boats in the fleet have fished Colonet in Jan - Feb for good yellowtail and RC. Mostly 1 1/2 day trips on weekends.
  81. BluefinCurly

    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    Affected my 7 day last year. Good luck Steve.
  82. BluefinCurly

    Baja hunting permit regs......I'm pissed

    Typical Mexcio. The rules change every year. I sure miss the days of the Diario....
  83. BluefinCurly

    How long before your 100# BF

    many years..... which is why I revere them as a gamefish.
  84. BluefinCurly

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    BTW 3 miles is State Waters, 12 miles Federal, and 200 miles is fishery economic zone
  85. BluefinCurly

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    now THAT'S how you write a story!
  86. BluefinCurly

    Why are my cedar plugs doing this?

    Agree with Jerr on tuning the plug. ...and what kind of swivel, and where is it located? for trolling you should be using Sampo or Spro to insure they turn under load, and if the swivel is too close to the jig it is less effective.
  87. BluefinCurly

    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    So sorry to hear Bill. I just lost my Katie at 13 in July, and it still hurts like hell. Knowing your stomping grounds, a good dog HAD to have a lot of drive to be effective in that crap. I raised 2 dogs down there that were stone cold duck killers. RIP Tia.
  88. BluefinCurly

    Red rooster 9/26 - 10/4

    You should post in the Long Range forum for greater response Alan. On an 8 day I would expect you will be going to the Ridge and/or the Rocks. School to mid size tuna, wahoo, yellows, grouper. Ideal trip length, great boat, and good time to go. Check their website for their recommended tackle...
  89. BluefinCurly

    Dove Wings?

    Sean Though you should introduce dove at some point, they can be an issue. Dove release their feathers as a defense mechanism. If you have ever noticed when you pick up a freshly shot bird the feathers seem to come off easily. I have seen a number of dogs that simply will not pick up dove...
  90. BluefinCurly


    Identical circumstances for me, and millions of others I am sure. As much as progressive history want to soften and white wash the event, I for one will never forget who was responsible and why they attacked an unarmed civilian population in a pure act of cowardice. RIP to all the souls lost...
  91. BluefinCurly

    Open Spot Tomorrow (Sunday 9/8) - Point Loma Full Day Limited Load

    sounds like you guys killed it. My son and his GF went and they said boat was limited out by 11;15.
  92. BluefinCurly

    Sad news, boat fire.

    We may Dennis. Yes, Loma Prieta. I graduated in Feb 1974. Small fricking world.
  93. BluefinCurly

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    you know what they say about a 1000 dead lawyers at the bottom of the ocean...
  94. BluefinCurly

    Knot selection question

    Most of the knots listed above all have their place. Aside from all else, what ever you can tie repeatably and correctly each time, and have confidence in. I'm not crazy about the palomar. Drew Card of the PQ was just on LTHU this weekend, and said in that mid grade BFT fishing MOST of the...
  95. BluefinCurly

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Thanks Steve, I did just read that on another article. Heartbreaking for all involved.
  96. BluefinCurly

    Sad news, boat fire.

    A real tragedy for all. I just discovered a connection to this event. The Excursion company in Santa Cruz that chartered the dive trip, was founded and is owned by my HS science teacher that actually certified me in SCUBA and got me a job in the local dive shop. Unfortunately it sounds like...
  97. BluefinCurly

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Tuna Tartare Tuna Burgers Tacos Ceviche
  98. BluefinCurly

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    right you are Mike. I remember hearing him on the VHF the night he jumped in and changed the prop.
  99. BluefinCurly

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Frank the prop changer?
  100. BluefinCurly

    3.5% credit surcharge or service charge ?

    ever notice that most gas stations have a cash or credit price (also applied to debit) which runs just about 3% on average.
  101. BluefinCurly

    Calcutta Jig Bag

    Great bags, I have 2. Diawa has the exact same bag with their brand on it, same price. Sav-On in Santa Fe Springs carries both.
  102. BluefinCurly

    Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    Many seem to think the fish always stay oriented to the lettuce. Most of the time, the drift pulls them off.
  103. BluefinCurly

    Check this out.

    sick ride Dave!
  104. BluefinCurly

    Guadalupe sharks.

    Great Video Pop! You have great taste in music also!
  105. BluefinCurly

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Largely due to the free BD stickers at FH. They put them on their vehicle, but don't know the salute. I had one of the big OG BD stickers in the middle of my rear window on my suburban. Exchanged salutes with several members in the know.
  106. BluefinCurly

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    I stand corrected.
  107. BluefinCurly

    Elvis caught off San Clemente

    saw that yesterday. the Holy Grail at 15!
  108. BluefinCurly

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    I could be wrong Kiwifisher, but our YT are pelagic, migrating annually from the tip of Baja to the upper Southern California bight, and in large volumes. I understood your jacks to be more residential, which would have a greater impact on stocks if pressured excessively.
  109. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond Bluefin...another lesson learned

    Congrats and nice write up! Last year on our 7, I had caught a cow on our July trip, so I gave up my rotation and was helping the other anglers on the kite that had not had the experience. At one point we were trolling the yummy (waiting out the tide for the big shiners to gather) and down...
  110. BluefinCurly

    What To Leave Home?

    Naw, Steve (Warlord) is a Tall guy (we call him Stevesquatch). Fish the 8 footers for bait. I'd leave that pos Tranx at home though! As far as PV, shit all you need is Brian's Phoenix and Talica 16. Didn't you get 2 cows on that rig?
  111. BluefinCurly

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Ha, That's how I ended up here. Started on AMS and found my way to a REAL forum! Thanks for chiming in Mark. I thought of a bunch more last night that you noted, but could not remember your handle. If I recall you won the MAW one year with a 100+ BET solo?
  112. BluefinCurly

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    geezuss, I just figured out how to find my origin date. Aug 4, 2004 Kepdawg, SOA, Saluki, Curtis, a long list of OG's Tommy and the glitter bombs!
  113. BluefinCurly

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    speaking of shit bags, Katana!
  114. BluefinCurly

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    BOD! No Nips, No Lips. God are we PC now.
  115. BluefinCurly

    The Legacy 9.......

    Nice looking pup Sean. At this age, short sessions & keep it fun. Repetition of drills (as Bob says) rather than advancing to the next level too soon builds a good foundation. Try and hook up with someone capable of properly teaching force fetching. IMO this is THE foundation for all advanced...
  116. BluefinCurly

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    Yea. Just like the nuclear disaster of 1900 sent them to the So Cal bight
  117. BluefinCurly

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    Back to the original intent of the post... Billy, though there are many fine local fisherman that have the same dedication to the fishery as you, you are a head above with your willingness to share all you learn every day on the water. I wish you continued success in your endeavors.
  118. BluefinCurly

    War Heroes

    My vote for post of the month. I reiterate the many positive comments above, and humbly express my appreciation and gratitude for all those that serve this great country.
  119. BluefinCurly

    Success 8/22 and anyone fish the boat?

    Luxury 12 pack. LR treatment on a 60 footer. My son is fishing it today.
  120. BluefinCurly

    Surface iron question

    nuff said....
  121. BluefinCurly

    Surface iron question

    If your are in FV, PM Gary "Fishdoggary" on this board. He is in HB and is the man with all things iron.
  122. BluefinCurly

    If you could only troll 1

    Great info from the guys above. I have had great luck running a Zucker 7.5 in bleeding mackerel. We almost always run this long in a trolling spread and have caught multiples with it. If you can afford 2, I agree with the MJG for dark/overcast and the BM for bright conditions. And don't forget...
  123. BluefinCurly

    Where to Dove Hunt?

    and please, don't be "the guy" that places his camp smack in the middle of a good field to "hold his spot". It's amazing the stupid crap you see people do on opener.
  124. BluefinCurly

    Where to Dove Hunt?

    Most of the roads are packed dirt. The area just east of Niland does have sand, and it can be deceiving. Most of the monsoonal rains have been to the north and east thus far.
  125. BluefinCurly

    Trip report: PENN 1.5 day onboard New Lo-An, August 12

    Timely and concise info as always Steve.
  126. BluefinCurly

    Kite rigging and what kite?

    What Dave said.....
  127. BluefinCurly

    Kite rigging and what kite?

    Not enough space to answer everything comprehensively. Gear and methods have evolved quickly over the last 5 years here. For a first timer, I would go with the Boston Kite. It is much easier to fly and only requires a balloon in dead air. Bob Lewis' are better for drifting baits from a dead...
  128. BluefinCurly

    Accurate clicker not working/loose. Fixable?

    Needs the clicker and dog replaced. Yes Ken's or Accurate for service is best.
  129. BluefinCurly

    Backing off lever drag after trip question

    The lever moves a cam which increases the drag force. When it is in free spool there is no contact, unlike leaving the drags on a star engaged.
  130. BluefinCurly

    Fishfinder interpretation of tuna

    #2 could also be small YFT
  131. BluefinCurly

    Wind prediction

    Windy is the best source. If you monitor it daily, and it doesn't change much, then it is most likely to hold true to the original prediction in my experience.
  132. BluefinCurly

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    I second the motion. Irresponsible bad press for a top notch operation. I suggest the author take up fishing the trout ponds to meet expectations.
  133. BluefinCurly

    Auto merger

    With the Euro going down, Ford to acquire Renault..... Ford has announced plans to acquire French automaker Renault and engineering teams have already joined forces to create the perfect small car for women. Mixing the Renault “Clio” and the Ford “Taurus”, they have designed the...
  134. BluefinCurly

    On the Micro

    and another new use for the versatile micro fiber. Have you tried the chartreuse?
  135. BluefinCurly

    Weather looks good for the S9 mile bank tomorrow?

    inshore looks to be ok. 1-3 swell and 10kts
  136. BluefinCurly

    LONG SOAK Sardines Vs Constant Bait Changes

    That's not uncommon. Most predatory fish hang off the paddy by hundreds of yards. They orient on the paddy as it accumulates bait fish. More often tuna, but we have had YT and Dodo's well off paddys before too.
  137. BluefinCurly

    The Double D Getting a Face Lift

    ...and the coffee cans buried in the backyard. Work like that doesn't come cheap. Hell, I can't imagine what a stick of kiln dried pressure treated Mahogany is these days.
  138. BluefinCurly

    LONG SOAK Sardines Vs Constant Bait Changes

    It depends on conditions. Long soaks when the fish hang up swell in the chum line, short when they are under the boat.
  139. BluefinCurly

    Loop to loop braid connection?

    some use 2, i use 3 passes
  140. BluefinCurly

    Help with new Calif. Ammo Laws

    Even if you tolerate the rest of this onerous horseshit, this part is a steamer. You should be able to file once and then be on the goddam list, and not have to re-file each time, or outside of 30 days. I'm in the same boat. Not one of my guns was purchased after they started entering them in...
  141. BluefinCurly

    The Double D Getting a Face Lift

    no wonder Fred is stressed these days....
  142. BluefinCurly

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    On our annual charter, I take a case each of Red Bull and Rockstar, a carton of cigarettes, and a couple of jars of beef sticks for the crew. It is always appreciated. And yes, I still tip 20%+ of the trip cost along with thanking each member personally. I relish my time on the water, and each...
  143. BluefinCurly

    Tranx Drags

    Warlord is an accomplished stick with plenty of good equipment. I witnessed his issue at the rail on said trip.
  144. BluefinCurly

    Rod for Penn Fathom 25n

    what he said.....
  145. BluefinCurly

    offshore weather

    looks like southerly on Wednesday, changing to westerly Thursday, building to westerly to 20kts Friday - Saturday Should be fine on the PS
  146. BluefinCurly

    Penn Torque 25ld2 vs 30ld2

    I have both. 90% of the time the 25N is more than adequate.
  147. BluefinCurly

    Boats not fishing Guadalupe Island?

    If I recall, in July last year, the ridge and rocks were hit and miss, and the Lupe was an alternative to fishing the BFT with a thousand other boats
  148. BluefinCurly

    Komodo SS 463P vs Fathom 2 star drag level wind

    or the spool tension cap is too tight....
  149. BluefinCurly

    For Sale Penn TRQ 25n 2 Speed NEW

    you will be glad if you did. It is one of my favorite go to reels, and that is a very good price.
  150. BluefinCurly

    Can I get away with this?

    your my hero Steve
  151. BluefinCurly


    I have a hard time believing any "sport boat captain" would even want to be in the same vicinity of a dead BSB, let alone offer to cut it.
  152. BluefinCurly

    X-Box No More

    Its about time we got some fresh meat on this thread!
  153. BluefinCurly

    Setups and rigging for 1.5- 2.5 day trips now through Fall

    I started using all flouro top shots when I switched over to hollow a few years back. Now I run primarily mono tops (50 ft) and tie a flouro tip. I think the mono sinks better, and it provides better shock absorption. just my opinion.
  154. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    ditto on Cameron. and yes, Brandon has stepped in well for Craig after Mike went through a few others...
  155. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    Thanks for the report Mike. Who is crewing this year? Go Go, Jason, Adam, Scott. I know Craig was backing off a bit.
  156. BluefinCurly

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Keep the faith Jason. A business associate waited 5 years for a donor, had a successful transplant, and then was diagnosed with cancer. A year later he is in full remission and back out on the golf course doing what he loves. Good shit can happen brother.
  157. BluefinCurly

    Upcoming Vagabond June 13-16

    Most of his trips are 22-24
  158. BluefinCurly

    How to thread needle

    I use a small loop needle first, run it up the desired length of the splice. The loop is larger than the needle, so it inserts easier and then when you pull it through the loop opens up the weave. insert the needle, pinch the end with your left hand, and slide the spectra over the loop with...
  159. BluefinCurly

    Upcoming Vagabond June 13-16

    I wish I was Mike. I'm a month later. Look forward to your report. Tight lines
  160. BluefinCurly

    Hawaii Fishing Tips?

    ditto on the Live-Bait out of Waianae Harbor
  161. BluefinCurly

    Tip for the month of June

    but Dave said did not see anything under the paddy, did not meter anything on the paddy, and no bites. Under those circumstances I would circle the paddy metering for any fish hanging off, and if nothing move on. You have a limited amount of time in a day to find fish.
  162. BluefinCurly

    Tuna for Money

    I'd be very skeptical, considering it is unlawful to sell or barter recreational caught fish in CA.
  163. BluefinCurly

    Dauntless DX2-600 vs Talica 16II

    I think "junk" is a bit harsh. I have a a 600DX2 and its a great reel, and I have Maks that are great reels. I also really like the VISX12, which I run 60# on a US 80 Predator.
  164. BluefinCurly

    Best way to clean reels?

    listen to the LTH archive from Feb 2 with Ken Corwin. He has some great insight, and he has seen it all.
  165. BluefinCurly

    For Sale Tire (Snow) Chains

    Never used snow chains. Fits sizes listed in pic (Light Truck, SUV, etc). New $75, similar listed on E-Bay for $60 $40 PM please.
  166. BluefinCurly

    Yo-yo jig bag?

    The Diawa or Calcutta bags are nice, and less than 20 bucks. Because they are mesh, you can rinse and drain the whole bag of jigs. I keep one for surface and one for YoYo.
  167. BluefinCurly

    Am I in the Twilight Zone?

    I just logged back in and all of the posted dates are 2006 in the long range forum and 2003 in the chit-chat. What gives? is this Y2K delayed?? Or maybe the GPS rollover? Sunspots?
  168. BluefinCurly

    Makaira 20II Sea Line Suggestions for Bluefin

    I'm running a 20 SEA with 100# threadlock on a custom SS 2X4
  169. BluefinCurly

    Xtratuf low cut boots?

    They do run a bit small. I wear a 13 E and had to step up to the 14 and they fit fine without being too long in the toe box.
  170. BluefinCurly

    BFT or not?

    check your scan rate also
  171. BluefinCurly

    Mutu Hybrid for Bft ?

    Were these the 1X or 3X wire? I have used the 1X 1/0 non ringed tied with a perfection loop on the mid size school fish to 40# for finesse fishing with good success. I would consider the 1X too light when you get to the 60-100 lb class.
  172. BluefinCurly

    swivels and snaps

    some examples: Rock cod gangions usually have a snap on one end and a loop on the other, or a snap both ends. Tie a swivel to your main line (use your favorite hook knot). Snap the gangion to your swivel, then snap your weight to the other end (or if a loop, pass through the weight and over to...
  173. BluefinCurly

    Calstar 610 capabilities

    40# is dead nut in the wheel house for a 610
  174. BluefinCurly

    Fishing in Honolulu?

    post up in the HI fishing reports too...
  175. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Portable Sports Net

    if it doesn't go to good use for some kid, then I may re-purpose it, but I am on a rampage to eliminate half of the shit in my small garage.
  176. BluefinCurly

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    you can still get the commercials on the app:-)
  177. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Dahon folding bicycle

    This is a 3 speed Dahon folding bicycle. 13" RIMS. (note the seat stem and handle bars telescope out to fit an adult) I bought this new 18 years ago, used it twice, and hung it in the rafters. Id say 8/10 condition, as it has some light surface rust on some of the spokes and some of the chrome...
  178. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Portable Sports Net

    I have a 6' x 8' portable practice net for youth baseball/softball or golf. I built this myself years ago for LL practice (BP, soft toss, pitching, and pick up games) and for my son when he was on the HS golf team. It is 8' overall length when collapsed and sets- up in minutes. I live in...
  179. BluefinCurly

    NorCal Angler Needing Guidance on SoCal Fishing

    I would suggest deep diving past posts in the So Cal reports forum to get a feel for the local scene. Id also try and plan extended trips to get familiar with the number of launch facilities, proximity to bait receivers, fuel, etc. If you narrow your inquiry to be more specific, you will get...
  180. BluefinCurly

    A call to action for SoCal Duck Hunters

    Thanks Tom. Great meeting you also. Look forward to the next time.
  181. BluefinCurly

    A call to action for SoCal Duck Hunters

    I just got word today the commission approved the request. This upcoming season runs to Jan 31, 2020
  182. BluefinCurly

    1090 radio Fishing show Off the Air?

    I use the podcast in my truck (through my media player) when I travel in the desert, where reception on AM sucks. good shows this weekend. I particularly liked Dave's methods for finding WSB and Calico's
  183. BluefinCurly

    Pretty good video on the FG knot

    My go to for solid to short flouro top shots. Excellent knot once you know how to tie it correctly.
  184. BluefinCurly

    Sit down everybody, and hug your family.....we lost a really good one. RIP Mike (Sluester) Besaw

    So sorry to hear this. My condolences to his family.
  185. BluefinCurly

    Bight Sports Fishing

    I have not, I have other options, but I do know those that have. Brandon's operation is considered to be the apex of the A list. He is very approachable. I would give him a call just to get the run down straight from the horses mouth.
  186. BluefinCurly

    A call to action for SoCal Duck Hunters

    To all my fellow bird brains, I urge your response to the proposal below: CWA requests your help in supporting a proposal before the California Fish and Game Commission that would add 5 more days of duck hunting to the 2019/20 season. The proposal would allow hunting within the Balance of...
  187. BluefinCurly

    Fishing Braid Diameter Spreadsheet

    Thanks! I was able to DL and save to file.
  188. BluefinCurly

    JB Spectra for Calibut

    what reel????
  189. BluefinCurly

    Tern drag # are wrong.

    Actually Lou, i have a number of Torques in addition to a bevy of Accurate's. I had a similar issue with 2 of my Torques (star) , so as good as they are, they are also not infallible.
  190. BluefinCurly

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    The Seaguar Fluoro deals are real. Buy 2 (usually discounted) at your favorite booth, and get a third free at Seaguar's booth. I dropped 6 bills just on floro and threadlock last year and walked out with about a grand in goods.
  191. BluefinCurly

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    I could be mistaken Carl, but having a successful marriage I didn't have cause to question.:D
  192. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    A little pre FHS order has arrived. the 500's are cut off on the bottom...
  193. BluefinCurly

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    I just followed with an e-mail blast to all my club members, charters, industry affiliates, etc urging their support also.
  194. BluefinCurly

    my new homemade spool tensioner

    I just insert the spool between two tennis balls on an all thread rod with a nut and washer end stop. I put the end of the rod in my vice and apply pressure to the end then clamp the vice. It worked ok, but the tennis balls would bind up. So I evolved to putting a series of drag washers in...
  195. BluefinCurly

    my new homemade spool tensioner

    I have a similar rig at home, but I took some 4/0 drag stacks and put them on either side of the spool.
  196. BluefinCurly

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    OUTSTANDING!!! Wendy would be an excellent addition to the commission. Done: To the Honorable Governor Newsom, It is my understanding that a vacancy in the Fish and Wildlife Commission is under consideration, and that Wendy Tochihara is a potential candidate. I strongly urge you to...
  197. BluefinCurly

    Does Santa Barbara ever get albacore

    Rodriquez Dome and NW
  198. BluefinCurly

    Live bait tuna (small/med size) rod for upgraded Penn Senator 4/0

    what Steve said... wold serve as a great dropper loop rig if fishing YT around the islands too...
  199. BluefinCurly

    Recommended Fish Finder

    A lot of fine units out there. My only suggestion is regardless of the unit, be sure to go the extra and install a thru-hull transducer. Even a marginal unit with the correct transducer will outperform a top notch unit without one.
  200. BluefinCurly

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    The last week was like birdieing the 18th hole after a shitty round for us. Good shooting on pins, gads, and teal, with plenty of silverware if you need to fill out. First redheads I have seen in some time too.
  201. BluefinCurly

    Bird die off...avian cholera outbreak

    Saw a disoriented seagull just after shoot time on our way back to camp. I'm just east of there. Mike, the river is not as bad as many years ago, but it sure as hell isn't crystal geyser!
  202. BluefinCurly

    5th Annual Super Bowl Prediction Contest - 2019

    I don't have a horse in this race, but what IF all 4 contestants pick a score over the actual??
  203. BluefinCurly

    Wister 1-19-19

    My club was drying off nicely as of yesterday. I would expect the extra days of wind and sun and it should be fine by this weekend.
  204. BluefinCurly

    RIP Tony Pena

    another industry icon passes. RIP Tony. Tight lines in the next adventure.
  205. BluefinCurly

    Who else has been watching Barrett Jackson?

    I've been watching the last 2 nights. Some incredible deals without the reserves. There was a resto-mod 51 Chevy truck in red that was waaay sweet just to name a few. In the last few years the Dodge muscle cars seem to have really gone up in value, with some at the 100K mark.
  206. BluefinCurly

    12/15 Wister average

    2 birds anywhere in the IV right now is good.
  207. BluefinCurly

    2 speed for yo-yo reel?

    The 40NLD2 is my Yo Yo reel. Good choice.
  208. BluefinCurly

    Wister 12/1 - slowely improving

    Large diameter, narrow profile collects less taffy....
  209. BluefinCurly

    Getting going up north

    How do you keep those Nor Cal guys in the blind past breakfast??
  210. BluefinCurly

    Getting going up north

    Your guiding for FD now?
  211. BluefinCurly

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    Greg Again, to quote Bill, the Costco small chest freezers are a great value, take little space, are energy efficient, and hold a hell of a lot. As far a vacum sealers, my Food Saver is probably 10 years old. I had to change the gaskets a few times, but it still works great for a $70...
  212. BluefinCurly

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    I'm with Bill on this. I had a BFT processed in 5 mil bags at 5 star. Due to available space, I had some in my upright freezer, with most in my chest freezer. Within 2 weeks the packs in the upright started showing signs of oxidation (brown) stored at 0, however 4 months later the packs in my...
  213. BluefinCurly

    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    keep your cooler draining, do not allow the fillets to get immersed in water do not rinse with FW use vacum seal bags, the ziplocks just don't work as well freeze as quickly as possible. In fact, dry ice works best. Store in a chest freezer, NOT your frost free fridge/freezer
  214. BluefinCurly

    Snow gooses!

    Nicely done.
  215. BluefinCurly

    Snow gooses!

    No. Its pathetic right now. Here it is the last week of November, and other than a few geese, I did not see ANY ducks trading. We left early yesterday and drove by the fuge at about 6:10 and did not see ANY flights.
  216. BluefinCurly

    Snow gooses!

    spot on Stephan. I'm not even planting my field this year....
  217. BluefinCurly

    Asylum Seekers In Tijuana

    hmm, That's the kind of diversity we are supposed to support? guessing this thread won't last long...
  218. BluefinCurly

    Question on tying knot if you have an end loop already

    Yes I would, but if you are joining to the flouro bite leader with a swivel, then I would shorten it to about 3 1/2 ft. If its too long and you are in say the stern, you may not get to the swivel without having to lift (not easy on a buggun) at the last moment to gaff. The bite leader just...
  219. BluefinCurly

    Question on tying knot if you have an end loop already

    I would loop in a 130 mono wind on for shock and abrasion as ZZZZZ noted...
  220. BluefinCurly

    Shoulder assist strap ??

    I know Izor makes one... basically a trolling strap with a sliding shoulder pad
  221. BluefinCurly

    Hollow Core Braid Tip

    Yes, it can be done. Match 50# to 50# With a latch needle, insert the solid into the HC and run up a foot, come out of the HC, pull about 3 feet of slack and go back in about 1/8" from the exit. Repeat. After re-inserting the third time, run the solid up until it is flush inside the HC...
  222. BluefinCurly

    ST forum

    If you mean Senior Tuna, yes, he closed down his website. There is a thread on it somewhere..
  223. BluefinCurly

    PR Student Seeks Fishers' Help With Survey

    I opted to complete the survey, but gave my .05 in the comments at the end.
  224. BluefinCurly

    Makaira 20 SEAMa Freespool at Strike

    I would send it in. I have a 20, and have no issues with 30# at strike and 45# at full.
  225. BluefinCurly

    Pack your passports

    FYI I did not realize until my recent 7 day that while the card is valid for identifications, you must have a PP if you were to be evacuated.
  226. BluefinCurly

    A small critique of the fathom 30 ld2

    Randy I have three different rods with 2 sizes of CP's and all three have a version of FTH or TRQ, which are all the same as far as clamp bolts. I did fail to mention I had to cut down the studs and the cylindrical nuts to fit correctly. At the full length, they would go in at an angle and of...
  227. BluefinCurly

    Tropical Storm Rosa

    figures, they have been tracking to the west, now the week I go it is running uphill
  228. BluefinCurly

    A small critique of the fathom 30 ld2

    agree with Kevin above
  229. BluefinCurly

    Epic 5 day memorial trip over Labor Day

    Jim Please thank Polly for the detailed report. Thinking of Kyle brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes simultaneously. I have his picture taped inside my tackle box, and will take him along on my 7 day trip this coming week, as he was the one that convinced me I needed to go long.
  230. BluefinCurly

    Roll Call Vagabond trip 30

    Anyone else on the 7 day leaving this Saturday?
  231. BluefinCurly

    Wahoo on Rapalas aboard long range boats

    Thanks for the timely info Steve.
  232. BluefinCurly

    Supreme 8 day

    Thanks for the post. Good info. I leave Saturday. Ill add a few more egg sinkers to the mix....
  233. BluefinCurly

    If you had 4 fishing days out of SD, where would you fish?

    Aaron The wind has rolled the chloro and put them in a transitional mode. When this pattern changes it should settle back in, perhaps below the 43, out and down to the 60. If I had to place my bet it would be on the 4 day period prior to the next new moon. The weather pattern should (hopefully)...
  234. BluefinCurly

    Cool old video Newport Beach Chubasco 1939

    Fake News!!! Thanks for sharing. I had only heard some vague references to this event before.
  235. BluefinCurly

    Just fished the chief

    Mom used to say, "If you can't say something nice about somebody, don't say anything at all".
  236. BluefinCurly

    How to make wahoo bomb heads bite resistant?

    I'm relatively new to the hoo fishing. I made these by re-purposing some Ballyhood heads I had (machined steel?). I stripped the old feathers, machined a copper bushing to press inside and create the land for the skirts. Came in at about 5.5 oz .
  237. BluefinCurly

    JRI 8 Day Oct 2018 Roll call

    Ill see you when we unload, as I am on the 7 day prior trip
  238. BluefinCurly

    Purse Seiners Suck

    Dragging yes, seining not.
  239. BluefinCurly

    When They're Eating Micro Bait. . .

    Looks pretty sexy to me Gary. What rod are you thinking? Something with a MOD taper and a H or XH backbone?
  240. BluefinCurly

    Braid to braid splice or no?

    Yep. 100% connection.
  241. BluefinCurly

    The American Angler Captains

    Brian has already solidified his reputation as one of the top LR captains. Though I have yet to have the pleasure to fish with Ray, I am acquainted with him. Last season he shared my duck blind for a day. He was on the phone with Brian every hour (sat phone). They constantly keep in contact...
  242. BluefinCurly

    Line Capacity for Local cow BFT?

    I'd say you have it correct....though a 200#er is a bit more than a scrappy YFT
  243. BluefinCurly

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Great news!!
  244. BluefinCurly

    How do you like your Calstar GG 690J for throwing Jigs?

    Ditto on Josh's statement.
  245. BluefinCurly

    Legislature Passes Measure to End Use of Deadly Fishing Nets

    Totally agree Bud. Frankly, when I left the fishery I never expected it would last this long. The time has come. Look forward to hearing more about the DD in the future.
  246. BluefinCurly

    Legislature Passes Measure to End Use of Deadly Fishing Nets

    Agree they could have offered incentives to reduce the transitional period. I was in the fishery and know there a significant investment in gear. If I had just dropped $50-70K on some new gear I would be looking for a reimbursement if it was simply shut down. Everybody wants to bash the...
  247. BluefinCurly

    Legislature Passes Measure to End Use of Deadly Fishing Nets

    It was not to mean that the license is more important, hell i don't personally care. It was more a reflection on the fact that our governance only attends to those issues that make headlines or generate more revenue for them to needlessly spend.
  248. BluefinCurly

    Legislature Passes Measure to End Use of Deadly Fishing Nets

    well at least they got this, but the otherwise worthless fucks we call our legislators dropped the ball on the 12 month license again. Apparently it doesn't generate the same headlines. just sayin...
  249. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    geez, I was in my cabinet last night and completely forgot about the Komodo I bought several weeks ago...
  250. BluefinCurly

    Help a Brother Catch a Grouper

    I must need new glasses. I could swear the first time I saw this it said "Need help with a crotch groper"
  251. BluefinCurly

    Stuff I've learned

    My vote is a sticky for this thread....
  252. BluefinCurly

    Which boat, October

    2.5 in October Steve.... I spoke to a well know rep in the industry the other day and he spoke highly of their operation.
  253. BluefinCurly

    Cow on the Thunderbird!

    Congratulations Lori! That YT is no slouch either.
  254. BluefinCurly

    Okuma vs Penn Warranty

    DK about the high end (for service that is), but when the Fathoms hit the streets , 2 of 4 I bought would bind up the free spool as you increased the drag pre-sets. I took them to Sav-On, they called Penn, and they simply replaced them, even though one came from another source. (Turned out to...
  255. BluefinCurly

    Flying fish rigging tips
  256. BluefinCurly

    Which boat, October

    Ditto on the Constitution for a comfortable ride, and the only sport boat I have been on that has well stocked wet bar!
  257. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    for crying out loud, I need an intervention! Updated: Just added a UC US80 Predator and 12VISX to the arsenal.
  258. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Penn VISX12 and UC US80 Predator

    Thank you Gary. Great meeting you, and hope to share a rail someday. Ill be in touch in the off season for some jig painting.
  259. BluefinCurly

    Chloro/SST/Temp question

    That's a keepah Bud! We used to get a few late in the season, seems like mostly around the Tanner/Cortez.
  260. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Penn VISX12 and UC US80 Predator

    I'm your huckleberry... Text sent
  261. BluefinCurly

    Chloro/SST/Temp question

    Any tips on Louvar Bud??? How do you hook a jellyfish?? I was in the drift fishery late 70's early 80's. I kept all the Louvar.
  262. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    Jim (& Polly) Those of us that came to know Kyle were the fortunate ones. His exuberance for life and the sport we love was infectious. Carl
  263. BluefinCurly

    Stuff I've learned

    Great thread! I'll boil it down to one: If you listen more than you talk, you will learn a great deal more.
  264. BluefinCurly

    Which boat, October

    Steve You might call the Aztec also. Greg was on LTHU recently, and said there may be a couple of October GO BIG Ltd trips. The boat has been all redone LR style. He is more than adept at these fish also.
  265. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    On the Vag? Trip no 30? I'm booked on this also. I'm a bit jaded, since I got my cow on Mike's first big whack in July. I'm really hoping for some 'hoos to show at the ridge. However, I would not be the single dissenting vote to go right. . Who knows Mike? The fish were here the last 2 years...
  266. BluefinCurly

    70 pound Bigeye Tuna on PENN Torque TRQ40NLD2 aboard Prowler

    Nice going Steve! Talk about your proverbial needle in a haystack.
  267. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    I understand Kyle's dad was on the trip, which makes it all the more poignant. Seems like everyone else gets all the press, while Mike just keeps putting cows on the dock.
  268. BluefinCurly

    Bluefin on antique tackle

    BTW Totally cool stuff, further connecting the current cycle to that of a hundred years ago. In the same vein, check out this You Tube on fishing on Zane Grey's boat in Australia for Stripers with OG tackle. Cool shit. Makes one really appreciate the tackle we have now.
  269. BluefinCurly

    Bluefin on antique tackle

    Probably removed it to a donor reel to be washed and dried, and get the moisture out of the reel, since now not only is it antique, but it is historic also.
  270. BluefinCurly

    Producer or New LoAnn?

    you wont regret it....
  271. BluefinCurly

    TOADSTOADSONLY, Full On Send It!!!

    I certainly don't consider your post a rant. You put your time in, ignored the haters, learned the curve, adapted to the changing conditions, and were amply rewarded for all your efforts. I'm with Steve K, FUCKING AWESOME!!!
  272. BluefinCurly

    8/25 - Blue Horizon, Oceanside, long boat ride.

    Learn to tie the Seaguar knot and never go back.
  273. BluefinCurly

    Which boats bleed and gut your tuna

    Most of the boats take very good care of fish these days. Do not expect gut/gill unless it is one of the jumbo BFT. If you are fishing kelps, then YT and YFT go in a kill box, then in RSW or Brine. They usually clean on the way in, and will gut/gill or fillet depending on your preference...
  274. BluefinCurly

    Best Fish Eats

    anything on the endangered species list....
  275. BluefinCurly

    Flylining in higher winds.

    What Robert said. Having a drift gets a chum line established, easier to get a bait in the chum, and spreads the crowds out the rail.
  276. BluefinCurly

    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Stellar Eric & Jimmy. That's what you get for poo pooing the BFT on your reports!
  277. BluefinCurly

    Bodega Tuna...we found em!!!!!!

    The elusive Albacore! Outstanding guys. I'm a bit envious. yea, and all we have down here are these pesky Bluefin.
  278. BluefinCurly

    Penn Torque 40LD2 wins the battle

  279. BluefinCurly

    What to expect early sept 2.5 day

    Yep. I got bashed for catching one cow on a 4 day. Best 4 day of my life. We'll sort of for YT in CA. The growth rate and range on most pelagic's is the primary reason they are not. BTW, I have not seen the Chief working the west much.....
  280. BluefinCurly

    Wahoo basic questions

    google you tube, and filter out most of the east coast high speed stuff. Also check the PS tackle recommendations on their website Search this forum for previous threads on wahoo Plenty of info there.
  281. BluefinCurly

    What to expect early sept 2.5 day

    Which boat Shane? Should be much like it is now. 2 main target areas. The kelps to the south for YT, dorado, and YFT. 20-30 bait rigs The BFT to the west. 80-100# rigs, flat falls, perhaps bait fishing squid or macks, and a kite rotation.
  282. BluefinCurly

    Best Fathom for #40

    another 25NLD2 fan among all the offerings today, in the FTHM and better yet the TRQ. 50# w/40 top
  283. BluefinCurly

    Mitch's Seafood is ridiculous!

    Looks good Mike! Love me some fish tacos and cold beer pre-trip at Mitch's.
  284. BluefinCurly

    Rigging a Fresh Dead Flying Fish

    Agree with Tim (above) though we use a bait needle, tie off one wing, punch through the back of the eye socket, and tie the other wing. Double or triple a heavy rubber band and slide it up the tail to just back of the wings. Run your single hook into the bait just ahead of the wing and out so...
  285. BluefinCurly

    Flouro aging

    Correct. It does not condition like nylon (monofilament). Unless you are making leaders for cows, i'd fish it.
  286. BluefinCurly

    RSW limits on length of time?

    Commercial caught fish on ice in refrigerated holds is considered fresh at 2 weeks, then sold and distributed. I think Doug's rule of thumb is right on the money. It just took us 2 weeks to consume a properly cared for BFT.
  287. BluefinCurly

    Bg80 big BFT

    Awesome Mike!
  288. BluefinCurly

    FTH 60: Can I trust the pop up harness lugs?

    I wouldn't worry about them for trolling, considering the maximum drag capabilities of the reel and the fact you would only be at about 30%.
  289. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    but not gender confused....
  290. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    Separate category. Don't get me started..................
  291. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    got my SKB beat all to hell.......
  292. BluefinCurly

    Comparing Trips

    Lots of openings on the Excalibur Curtis...
  293. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    I'm tempted to have the admins block me from the classifieds..... ..and now I'm looking at a new GFGR 800XXH and Mak 16 for a dedicated 80# pick bite outfit... too muck tackle, barely enough $$$..... Any interest in forming a 12 step program?
  294. BluefinCurly

    Comparing Trips

    Great recommendation, but every trip is standby only the rest of this season. Gary's offer is a great value for the Condor. Excalibur probably has the greatest availability since it just hit the schedules a few weeks ago. It looked pretty sharp at the dock, and with Joel Ralston back from his...
  295. BluefinCurly

    Mak20 braid capacity: reg braid vs hollowcore?

    I recently bought a Mak 20 and spooled with about 525 yds of 100# Seaguar Hollow. Yes, you can get more solid on, however as Gary stated above, I lost about 150 yds in a mess and just sliced back in and refilled. Not to take away from the local tackle shops (we should continue to support the...
  296. BluefinCurly

    Iron chuckin torque 30

    If you are not fishing braid to a top shot, then I would back it with 65 to your 50# mono. Considering our application, you are better off with he 30 vs the 25. I have both and love them.
  297. BluefinCurly

    R.I.P. Opos (kerncat)

    RIP Bob. Bummer.
  298. BluefinCurly

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    Yes, it is a one piece frame utilizing the original gear side plate. They upgrade the drags also. I'm sure the improved freespool comes by virtue of a true center for the spool.
  299. BluefinCurly

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    If you don't have a 30 already, then it probably makes sense to buy a newer reel for a bit more $$. Since I already owned one in excellent condition, at 2 hundred bucks it was worth the investment. for all the other questions and inquires, I might suggest you e-mail him for a quicker response...
  300. BluefinCurly

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    I have caught more than my share of fish, including 10 years commercially. I can go jump on virtually any boat most of the year and catch all the fucking yellows I want. Big fucking deal. Go hate someone else asshole.
  301. BluefinCurly

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    . Aaron, I understand your frustration. Whether an open or a charter, the captain will usually side on the majority. Most don't get out much and believe they have to "bring home the bacon" to justify the cost. Our 4 day 2 weeks ago was very unique in this aspect. After getting 9 or 10 over...
  302. BluefinCurly

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    FYI Craig is the real deal. He did my 30 conversion and full service last fall.. Excellent freespool with drags at 26/strike and 40/full. Less than one week turnaround and this is like a new reel. I do recommend a handle upgrade, as these are the remaining weak link. If Craig doesn't have...
  303. BluefinCurly

    For Sale Okuma Komodo 364P Pick up Only

    PM sent. If I can figure out how to meet up Ill take it.
  304. BluefinCurly

    Chabasco 2 Oceanside

    The number of passengers is being dictated by the Charter master.........
  305. BluefinCurly

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Listening to Mike on the com at night is priceless. He would say "big fish at 250 to 400ft, "ohh, there is a biggun". Those times I felt a bit concerned that my Mak 20 with 45# was going to be inadequate.
  306. BluefinCurly

    Need a good fish processor near Mission Bay...

    5 star just off Rosecrans. They are the bomb.
  307. BluefinCurly

    SCI Bluefin 7/25 and 7/26

    bleed, gut, gill, pack with ice. This fish cuts much better after a day or two packed in ice.
  308. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Yea I know Steve. Bryan has been trying to get me to go. 33 was already on standby only when it looked like I could pull off a trip. Ken Wells and a few other acquaintances are on the trip, in fact he is the one that told me about the cancellations.
  309. BluefinCurly

    For Sale shimano reel calstar rod combo

    if you break the set I may be interested in the rod
  310. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    just committed to fill a cancellation on trip 30, 7 day, first week of Oct. I know a few guys on it. I am SO STOKED!
  311. BluefinCurly

    rod for penn fathom 25n

    I have the BWC, as I use it primarily for a 40# live bait stick, and prefer the glass to the GG in this specific application. The GG would be a bit more versatile, as you could also use it for light iron or casting jigs.
  312. BluefinCurly

    Good all around yellowtail rod?

    the classifieds are your friend young man. You should be able to find a clean used stick for a reasonable price. If you are tall enough, I would look for a 8Ft rod to give you some versatility. Something in a M or MH. Maybe some of the seeker pin heads, or a calstar 6480 or 800M. Lots of...
  313. BluefinCurly

    rod for penn fathom 25n

    I agree, but the 800M is a bit over your budget. I have mine on a 6480 with 40# and love it (but then again I'm largely a glass guy). That's just in your budget.
  314. BluefinCurly

    rod for penn fathom 25n

    Star or LD2 and what is your primary intended use?
  315. BluefinCurly

    Got a TRQ25 - now, what to do with it?

    20 to 30 lb is ideal. I bought one even though I already have 6 torques/fathoms. I put a 300 yd spool of 40# Izor spectra and about 150 yds of 20# P-Line on a Truline BC8 for the mid size schoolie BFT. Worked great. I did have to tune the end cap out of the box for max free-spool.
  316. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    John So which trip did you deposit for this season, 29, 30, 34 (Nov)? Im looking seriously at pulling the trigger.....
  317. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Penn torque 25 narrow W extra low gear set

    Any interest in a 25 (near new in box) plus a little $$ trade?
  318. BluefinCurly

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    A friend who knows them just told me they closed the doors recently. no other details.
  319. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Here you go Mike. I also am an avid avoider of social media (BD is anything but social)
  320. BluefinCurly

    How much have you spent ?

    To each his own. I have been after a 100+ BFT for 15 years, and the last 4 I've focused predominantly on that goal. Most any year you can catch some variety of pelagic's with minimal effort and investment, but the cycle we are in right now has not occurred for over 3 generations. This fact...
  321. BluefinCurly

    Triton Sportfishing, Limited Load 3/4 Day

    Have fun Gerry! I'm still catching up from last week or I would jump in. I like the Triton. Tell Jeff that Carl the duck guy says Hi.
  322. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    If you ever have a cancellation hit me up. I have fished with a number of different groups and have always enjoyed sharing the rail with new people, especially on the Vag. Mike will vouch for me.
  323. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Me too Mike. We became good friends on the first trip years ago. Didn't bring the sour patches, but I keep his picture taped inside my SKB box, and his name is on my hat. I felt obligated to take him fishing with me one more time. Again, big kudo's to Andrew for stepping it up to cover the...
  324. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    By the way Steve, I was lucky enough to get my cow on Andrew's (can't call him Fluffy anymore since he got is Captain's license) personal rig with a 50 VISXW. He didn't stand a chance......flawless...
  325. BluefinCurly

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Jan and Kyle were watching over us. In Jan's words "thinking big tuna" This was a special kind of trip, one I could never duplicate.
  326. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond Got Um

    As a group we made the decision to focus the entire trip on trying to insure everyone had a fish over a hundred, and many of us jumped in to help the crew and or others as they were on their fish. It was total team work. The dock pictures should be floating around soon, it is quite impressive...
  327. BluefinCurly

    School me on RSW for a 28’ boat

    I wasn't trying to sink your idea, but RSW is suspending fish in a tank of chilled water. With brine as you stack the fish and they are chilled it distorts the flesh (was the common practice in the sport fleet). In commercial applications we used to put them in a "slaughter bin" first to get...
  328. BluefinCurly

    In Need of Some Guidance

    Dave I echo the sentiments above. THANK YOU for your service, welcome to the board, and welcome to our sport. You will find your niche somewhere in the broad scope of fishing as time elapses and you gain your own personal experience. As stated, this site contains a wealth of experience once...
  329. BluefinCurly

    School me on RSW for a 28’ boat

    This is essentially spray brine, without the added salt to drive it below freezing. How effective it would be really is determined by the volume in the chillier tank vs how much heat (fish) you introduce.
  330. BluefinCurly

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Most of the advice above has been from many "adventurous" individuals. Like soloing on a good weather day to the dumper, catching a 200 lb BF solo in a 19ft skiff, or stacking up an extra 300 gals on fuel on the deck to buddy boat to Guadalupe. These same individuals are trying to tell you...
  331. BluefinCurly

    Knot for popper leader.

    2X on the Spangler
  332. BluefinCurly

    Penn 49 free

    or donate to Kuyamonster (Maurice) for his annual vets and kids trip....
  333. BluefinCurly

    Tackle ho's check in

    OMG Mike, I thought I had been a little loose lately, but I bow down to some of the real tackle sluts on here. Mak 20II sea Torque 25 Accurate Tern 400 Accurate Tern 500 (both pending production) Calstar WCBDH270 8H (have the honey but wanted the black just because) ..terminal tackle doesn't...
  334. BluefinCurly

    Fathom 25N LD2 for CE 80 Wahoo

    Not to be a naysayer Matt, but I use threadlock on virtually all of my gear, including my 25NLD2 in both a fathom and a torque, and I have never been able to get the entire 600 yd spool on either one. And yes, I spool my reels under tension.
  335. BluefinCurly

    For Sale Accurate 130 & Penn 130 w/ Bent Butt Rods

    well aware of it Glenn. Im just surprised with all the kite fishing right now someone hasn't jumped on this. Good luck. If I hit the lottery this week Ill get back to you...just because...
  336. BluefinCurly

    bait rod help

    or with a little bit of effort, you can find a quality rod in the classifieds for slightly more than those bargain rods........... it boggles my mind and threatens my wallet at the offerings in there.
  337. BluefinCurly

    20 differences between sex and fishing...

    #24 Nobody seems to mind if you walk around with a stiff rod #25 My rod NEVER has a headache
  338. BluefinCurly

    For Sale Accurate 130 & Penn 130 w/ Bent Butt Rods

    I cant believe these are still up. If I had the cash to burn I would buy them just because...
  339. BluefinCurly

    3 day trip rod and reel recommendations

    Have fun! September is one of the best months to fish.
  340. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Calstar Deckhand - Never used!

    still available, or sold yet? PM sent
  341. BluefinCurly

    Next rod in the quiver??...60-80#

    Here is another legit 60# rod for a very fair price, and from a reputable member/seller
  342. BluefinCurly

    3 day trip rod and reel recommendations

    That's about a 30 page post in itself! There are so many quality products out there I would only be sharing my preference ( a bit pricey). Izor spectra is probably the best value for a quality product IMO. In general, for live bait I like to match my braid as close to my intended top shot, ie...
  343. BluefinCurly

    3 day trip rod and reel recommendations

    September will be a slightly different ballgame from now.... They start chewing better as they feed out the micro baits they are on currently. More YFT and Dorado should be showing, and that's about when the teenage BFT start settling in and bite finbaits and squid. If I had 3 rigs for that...
  344. BluefinCurly

    Next rod in the quiver??...60-80#

    agree on the 40NLD2 also. Great reel for the $$$
  345. BluefinCurly

    Next rod in the quiver??...60-80#

    and here is a legit 60-80# rod for 120 bucks. the whole shebang and you have 80 bucks left over for...MORE Tackle! and this rod will still be worth 100 bucks after you use it if you want to trade up later.
  346. BluefinCurly

    Next rod in the quiver??...60-80#

    Here is what I mean. This is the real deal for 60 or 80. No, its not as flashy as a new Accurate or Avet, but Bakers are not going to lose their value, and you can always trade up later. This would leave you 200 bucks towards a nice stick...
  347. BluefinCurly

    3 day trip rod and reel recommendations

    When and what boat? Conditions and fishing is changing daily down here. Today I would be taking a 20, 30, and 40# rig on 8ft bait sticks, a 60# bait, and a 2X4 with a Mak 20 for 80/100 (many of the boats are carrying GOOD loaner or rental gear for the big stuff). If they have a loaner/rental on...
  348. BluefinCurly

    Next rod in the quiver??...60-80#

    The 60LD2 is a good reel for the price, but not ideal (I have one). It really is going to give you about 26# drag at sunset (Ideally I look for about 40-50% of line size at full) and the bridge seems obsolete in today's offering of topless models. Again, i'm not knocking them, I have a closet...
  349. BluefinCurly

    Fathom 25N LD2 for CE 80 Wahoo

    Id spool it with 50# braid. You'll get around 400 yds if I recall, and more than adequate for a 40# topshot.
  350. BluefinCurly

    Opah on 2 day

    I can verify. It was a buddy of mine on the PQ. He just sent me pics this morning. 1 hour on heavy tackle. Ate a mackeral.
  351. BluefinCurly

    Video: New PENN line spooler

    I'm in for one when they become available.
  352. BluefinCurly

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    at least you still have your sense of humor Jason...
  353. BluefinCurly

    2-3 man lift pole tackle and Squids (Picks)

    Mike The big Garland on the lower right (hooks) is wrapped with Dorado skin, as I mentioned earlier. That's probably pre-1950's
  354. BluefinCurly


    after you tie your first half hitch, you need to pull it under tension until it turns color (as noted above). I only use 2 or 3 half hitches, trim the mono and melt the end, then a 3 turn Rizutto. Pull the tags good and snug, then coat with Tac-glue. I don't trim my spectra tag until the glue...
  355. BluefinCurly

    August 2.5 Day - Very Small Load - Open spots

    You might want to post this in the So Cal Sport Boat Trip Planning forum also Tom.
  356. BluefinCurly

    How to speed up passport process?

    I renewed 4 months ago, and my son just renewed in the last month. The cards are issued separate from you PP and come about a week later. Not sure if you have an existing PP though.
  357. BluefinCurly

    Lost shaft at Dana Point Ramp

    Almost 40 years ago I used to dive the harbor in Morro Bay. There is some structure on the west bend before you get to the bar. I shot (at) an eel and it deflected off the rock. Next thing I know the biggest dam Wolf Eel I have EVER seen charges me from out of the rocks. I dropped my gun and...
  358. BluefinCurly

    Yellowtail fly lining and slow troll techniques

    ...and even if your are fishing iron, use the bait to keep the school with you by chumming 2's and 3's
  359. BluefinCurly

    50# 60# reel advice

    FWIW I have both a Dauntless 600 and a Fathom 40N. Both excellent reels in their respective price ranges. Considering both have similar capacities and listed max drags; The Fathom gets the nod on value and perhaps live bait casting. The Accurate gets the nod on comfort in the hand (not as...
  360. BluefinCurly

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    I didn't start this....
  361. BluefinCurly

    Yellowtail fly lining and slow troll techniques

    are you metering fish? Word is, surface iron, yo yo, and dropper loop baits have all been working well.
  362. BluefinCurly

    Cousins CRR70XXH Rod

    Sav On Tackle in Santa Fe Springs stocks Cousins also.
  363. BluefinCurly

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    agreed bill, except I will see him on our Vag 4 day in a week and a half.....
  364. BluefinCurly

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    They have been hot on the seabass in the Channel Islands when they are on the red crab. See you in 2 weeks.
  365. BluefinCurly

    Penn Versa Gears

    Thanks everyone!
  366. BluefinCurly

    Penn Versa Gears

    Do you have the item numbers? I cant seem to find them on the webpage.
  367. BluefinCurly


    A U.S. Marine enters the Catholic Church confessional booth in Manitowish Waters, WI . He says, "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Last night, I beat the ever living crap out of a flag burning, cop hating, anti-Trump protester." The priest says, "My son, I am here to forgive your sins...
  368. BluefinCurly

    Calstar WT 610 for Alex

    I also fish 40 on my 610. Will it fish 30, yes but a bit overkill.
  369. BluefinCurly

    Need help Penn Fathom

    If your unsure about your gaps, how about what you intend to target, and what do you have now? 3/4 day island for yellows, 1.5 day for offshore, multi-day? Give us an idea or a starting point and there is a wealth of knowledge on this board to get you going Frankie.
  370. BluefinCurly

    Wahoo/King/Dolphin Trolling Rod Penn Fathom 40NLDHS

    I would consider the used market. The classifieds here have what you are looking for come up frequently and inexpensively enough to ship at that price range. The migration to rail rods here on the west coast has put a lot of older stand up gear on the market. I bought a 6 ft RTRS Calstar last...
  371. BluefinCurly

    #65 Berkeley Pro Spec on Tranx 500

    The only complaint I have with pro-spec is the weave in the fibers tend to loosen sometimes in the top section. It does pack well, and does cast well.
  372. BluefinCurly

    Need help Penn Fathom

    It is a versatile reel that can cover any number of applications. At about 24 lbs of drag at sunset, this is an ideal 40# reel (assuming using braid). I have (the torque version) of a 25N on a Calstar 6480 for an 8ft 40# bait rig that is my go to. If chasing bird schools on this bigger BFT, I...
  373. BluefinCurly

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Adrian is correct, the Tiburon clamp should work on the Ulua.
  374. BluefinCurly

    How would you spool these reels

    not sure about the Lexa. If using solid braid, about 600 yds of 80# on the FTH40, and about 450 yds of 50# on the 25N )presuming it is an N)
  375. BluefinCurly

    5 Day Top Gun 80 Lets Go!

    If you have not yet, post this on the sport boat trip planning forum. It may help.
  376. BluefinCurly

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I Love my Torques. Had to add one of these at this price last night.
  377. BluefinCurly

    Spinning Reel and Rod ?

  378. BluefinCurly

    Flat falls with circle hooks trials

    If you have the Lets Talk Hookup app, pull up the session with Marcus Medvak. He has some experienced observations on flat falls and rigging. I think it was in hour 2, but not sure.
  379. BluefinCurly

    Catching BFT on glow sliders, thing of the past?

    its seasonal. As they feed out the krill, red crab, and micro bait, they will change their feeding habits. I'm sure the glow sinkers will continue to work just fine in the fall when you are fishing squid or fin baits.
  380. BluefinCurly

    My "new" 100lb rod.

    A very well respected local skipper told me last year he will never fish a DH style grip again after all the failures he witnessed on BFT the last few years. Awesome rod and helluva deal Mike.
  381. BluefinCurly

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Holy Shit Jason, we had no idea. Hang in there brother. I have a business acquaintance that had similar circumstances 8 years ago. He wasn't supposed to make it, He did find a donor, and today he is on the golf course 3 days a week, still beating the odds.
  382. BluefinCurly

    Question re: Fathom 25N / 25NLD2 and Squall 15

    I run either a Torque 30 star OR a FTM 25NLD on a CG90J depending on my targeted species. Not a lot of difference for me tossing a 45, but for the BFT the 2 spd is a must. I don't think you will be unhappy with the 2sp LD option. It is a very versatile reel.
  383. BluefinCurly

    Windon leader and solid spectra specs

    Art I would go 100 solid to 100 HC. I use a 10 ft insertion, and nail knot both ends under tension (after stretching and pulling to get the HC firmly seated on the solid). Then if you want a 130 finished end (for abrasion etc) you just splice it into the 100. As far as wind on, I try and keep...
  384. BluefinCurly

    I've Known This Kid For Years...

    If it is any consolation, I have a coworker that had the same condition albeit a bit older. He had surgery and treatment and has been in remission for about 20 years. I wish him the best.
  385. BluefinCurly

    Lost the suit

    The fact that PETA could even bring a suit up for a monkey IS a JOKE.
  386. BluefinCurly

    Yeti drops NRA

    Be sure to buy one or two of the Pelican Ice packs. I put 2 in my 120 when I go to the desert (frequently) and it helps hold the ice COLD for days. Its almost like putting dry ice in. And yes. please support them, since I work for one of their primary vendors.
  387. BluefinCurly

    Basking sharks in the channel?

    They are there (Channel islands north) virtually every year in great numbers to feed on the plankton bloom from the upwellings as a result of the spring fetch.
  388. BluefinCurly

    SOLD Super Seeker 2x4 blank rootbeer

    Nice blank. I just had one built. Looking for a 1 x 3 of same construction/vintage....
  389. BluefinCurly

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    circle hooks have a place for rock fish. 35 years ago we used to rig our commercial drop lines of 300 hook gangions with Kirby hooks, which are a long shank full circle hook. The larger sizes like 4/0 help keep the small fish from getting hooked.
  390. BluefinCurly

    B175M Showing blobs not Arches

    nothing wrong with those screen shots. Looks like haystacks of baitfish (the blob) , or as noted in 9ft of water small gamefish (the smaller returns) If you were getting NO returns, or excessive noise underway, then I might question the transducer or installation. Rick explained what makes an...
  391. BluefinCurly

    TLD 30 conversion question

    for a nominal charge you could send the reel back to Craig at Willfish to service it, which he did for me at the same time as the conversion. Other than replacing graphite for machined aluminum, it is not a major alteration from original, like sleeving or gear alterations.
  392. BluefinCurly

    Earthquake at the Channel Islands

    it will have no impact on swells tomorrow, if even today.
  393. BluefinCurly

    Fishing knots HELP

    1. Perfection 2. Seaguar knot
  394. BluefinCurly

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    They already do, sort of. The most notable is Slab City in Niland. Talking to the sheriff after reporting the 5th break in our camp, he said it is like the wild west.
  395. BluefinCurly

    Which Phenix/Calstar for 40lb set up?

    I like my 6480 (still a glass guy) with a FTM 25NLD2 for 40
  396. BluefinCurly

    Long range Reports

    I believe they all still have SSB radios that can communicate world wide, and I am sure CG still monitors their stations.
  397. BluefinCurly

    Line help please (hollow vs solid)

    sorry, didn't mean to be rude. I wasn't calling you out, just the "observation" per se
  398. BluefinCurly

    Line help please (hollow vs solid)

    Im calling BS on that one Gary. They are the same material and both are hydrophobic. I have been using HC for nearly three years and have not noticed any difference to when I was running solid.
  399. BluefinCurly

    Fred Hall Killer Deals?

    I got in on this one! This was THE deal. As always the free spool on purcahse of 2 of Seaguar flouro to back fill my inventory, and a spool of Threadlock 100 with a free 100# flouro leader pack. A new pair of the X-tra Tuff ankle boots from Melton's.
  400. BluefinCurly

    Is my vacuum sealer the reason why my fish tastes "fishy"?

    package that stinky bait in the freezer, or better use an old dedicated freezer for bait only (sure as hell don't want my steaks in there). Use quality bags. I would NOT wrap in paper towels first. No fresh water. just pat them down prior to wrapping. Be sure to get a good vacum on the bags...
  401. BluefinCurly

    My new prized possession from Fred Hall show

    more like a rusty trombone....
  402. BluefinCurly

    Recommendations for Oahu sportfishing charters?

    . Unless you can afford to add a new experience to your life. In my case I would not have gone to HI exclusively to fish, rather our family went for 8 days and we elected to fish 2 of those days. In my case it was my son and brother in law, so we elected to book them exclusively for both days...
  403. BluefinCurly

    Recommendations for Oahu sportfishing charters?

    I have fished with Shannon on the Live Bait. Former SD resident and was generous with fish. They all rely on selling their prime catch at the auction in Honolulu. Previous poster was correct, ask before you go.
  404. BluefinCurly

    WTB Accurate 270 or 400

    The 270 is still my longtime favorite and go to. I cant count the number of fish it has tallied over the years.
  405. BluefinCurly

    Looking for TLD 30II Tib frame.

    Late last season I sent my 30 to Craig in Auburn. For 200 bucks he did the conversion with the upgraded drags, replaced bearings, and serviced my reel, and turned it around in about a week. I give his service and the results a solid five stars.
  406. BluefinCurly

    How and Why do you tip on and off the boat

    Id tell her to shut the fuck up and mind her own business. My fav deck hand may fetch me a beer, but that waitress isn't gaffing a potential fish of a lifetime for me.
  407. BluefinCurly

    Jack Pole 10ft

    to be more specific, that is a squid pole. Sevenstrand wire leader to a garland wrapped in white feathers with a green mylar skirt (the OG was actually cured dorado skin). Bait poles were in the 14ft range. Nothing better than a full speed bite in the rack on the squid pole.
  408. BluefinCurly

    2/14 Daily Double Bass Bonanza

    I might have to pull a weekday and join you. He has been asking me to come down and fish.
  409. BluefinCurly

    2/14 Daily Double Bass Bonanza

    ahhh, Fred was in his happy place!
  410. BluefinCurly

    Anybody Fished the Apollo

    good crew, bunk rooms but spacious and comfortable, wide at the rail. Jody runs a great operation.
  411. BluefinCurly

    Upcoming Jr Hunt at Wister

    Do I see a pro staff network series in the future?? Catch up with you at FH in a few weeks..... BTW, it may help to get some sound wave files of the calls out there.
  412. BluefinCurly

    Horrible So Cal Duck Season 2017/18

    Yes. Should have been there Jason. Surprisingly few hunters out for the second to last week, combined with calm weather made it a bit slower for us in the south end, but you know who just north of you was done in 10 minutes. Hunted with a respected LR second ticket yesterday and we had a...
  413. BluefinCurly

    Horrible So Cal Duck Season 2017/18

    Jason This past weekend was full throttle on GWT, with cins and yes I have seen a few BWT. Saturday was quick to 6 on teal, and had to wait for the breeze to shift to the west for the sprig to fly. Finished by 9 and watched the games from my trailer. I actually hunted yesterday and left with 6...
  414. BluefinCurly

    RIP Molly

    so sorry Chuck.
  415. BluefinCurly


    further south I think
  416. BluefinCurly

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    The light switch was turned on this weekend! Lots of new Pintail and GWT hit the decks this week. Yesterday we had nearly a 1000 fresh sprig one pass it into one of our ponds, drink, and immediately all go to sleep.
  417. BluefinCurly

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    Sorry Bill, we have totally jacked your thread! What a BAD ASS SLED!
  418. BluefinCurly

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    I haven't been down for two weeks, but my last trip they did have the field planted and were watering the center third.That was about 2 weeks past prime based on the weather and moon. We watered 2nd week Nov and were greened up by Thanksgiving. The first geese hit it the day I started watering...
  419. BluefinCurly

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    Thanks Jeff. I did hear there were some drought areas. There was some solid info that a significant population of birds nested in the northwest instead of the grand prairies this past year, but most of those will be lucky to make it to Nor Cal. Hey Stephan! Hope you are smashing them up there...
  420. BluefinCurly

    3 weeks until douchebag-magedon

    not me. My understanding was that a hunting license was acceptable, but I could certainly be wrong.
  421. BluefinCurly

    3 weeks until douchebag-magedon

    well described.......
  422. BluefinCurly

    few duck pics :) from The LCRA

    That's one bad ass sled Bill! You are spot on the migrations. Another odd ball year. Still waiting on the ducks in the IV. Nothing close to what it should be.
  423. BluefinCurly


    Thank you for your service, and Way to get 'er done!
  424. BluefinCurly

    Crossing from Mexico with dogs?

    I hunted there for over 15 years, and the requirement was to carry a copy of current rabies cert only.
  425. BluefinCurly


    Trolls like that are just looking for a response. Fuck him.
  426. BluefinCurly

    Tribute to Duke

    How lucky you were to have each other and share the experience Brent. The memory will remain always, and I would guess as the pain from the loss subsides, you will start thinking about your next loyal companion. Nothing heals quite like the promise of the next pup.
  427. BluefinCurly

    Never sucks! Duck opener.

    sorry to hear Brent. To us waterfowler's, a good dog is just as essential as a gun. I can't imagine hunting without one, and have lost several good ones myself. Dukester reminds me of my last male. Opening day all but one retrieve for limits of 3 at 13 1/2 yrs. before I had to put him down...
  428. BluefinCurly

    Wister In The Heat 10-28-17

    Hot it was (for duck hunting that is). I was out of my blind by 8;30 without touching my gun. I would have stayed home if I wasn't still moving water. And yes, the skeeters were out in force this weekend. good on ya for the effort.
  429. BluefinCurly

    Never sucks! Duck opener.

    Great thanks. Not a lot of birds in the IV yet, but we actually had some shooting for teal with a few mallards and sprig in the mix. Club is in good shape so just waiting on some weather and the next moon. My buds hunted the river above you for opener and smashed em up good too.
  430. BluefinCurly

    loop to loop

    If you go through 4 times, the knot is actually easier to untie. I use two bait needles for pulling the knot apart, since I have big fat fingers, unless I am discarding the top shot, in which case as stated cut the downside loop and it releases easier. With the needles, you insert one into each...
  431. BluefinCurly

    Oregon Ducks

    cool shit. I would guess tides play an important role...
  432. BluefinCurly

    Greedy SOBs

    no shit Chuck... rights = privilege opportunity = entitlement assistance = subsistence conservation = reservation
  433. BluefinCurly

    Cast And Blast in NJ

    post it up. We all live vicariously off the experiences.
  434. BluefinCurly

    Greedy SOBs

    so they are going to try and push the bill again, but raise the rent to make it more palatable to the piggys at the feed trough?
  435. BluefinCurly

    300 yds Mono is roughly how in Braid?

    I am willing to share the spread sheet I acquired if you pm me. Disclaimer: it is NOT mine, I cannot give credit as I do not know of its originator, and the formulas are hidden.
  436. BluefinCurly

    12 qt. MIRRO Pressure Canner

    No Kidding. I love mine.
  437. BluefinCurly

    Cast And Blast in NJ

    Nice! At least someone is talking about ducks. 4 days from our opener and it like Helen Keller on this board.
  438. BluefinCurly

    300 yds Mono is roughly how in Braid?

    make mine peach please!
  439. BluefinCurly

    300 yds Mono is roughly how in Braid?

    Not my math. It is from a spreadsheet line calculator I got from another site some time ago. I works relatively well, but not dead nuts. And I'm no math expert, but I believe the differential in volume is because we are working with circumference of both the line and the spool (Pi 3.1414)
  440. BluefinCurly

    300 yds Mono is roughly how in Braid?

    not exactly sure of your question, but 60# mono, .0264 nominal 300yds 65# braid, .0144 nominal 1008 yds That's the conversion I show, but a lot of variables. I usually figure about 80%, or 800 yds equivalent
  441. BluefinCurly

    Floro to Hollow Core

    loop the end of the HC and make or have made up some top shots. You wont even notice the cats paw going through the guides, and you can change leaders anytime.
  442. BluefinCurly

    New Bolsa Chica Ripoff

    On one level I'm ok with this. For years non-sportsman have been re-defining our access without any cost to them. At least those of us that hunt and fish and have already paid are not being double dinged, and others now have to have some skin in the game.
  443. BluefinCurly

    Oregon striped marlin

    wow, uncommon, but not unusual. I know in the years preceding, during, and declining El Nino of 83 while fishing commercially, we caught dorado, big eye, broadbill, and opah above cape Mendocino to Crescent City.
  444. BluefinCurly

    Loop connection for wind-on top shots

    IMO the Bimini defeats half of the purpose of a wind on. Not only is it convenient to change top shots, but the virtually knot less connection glides through the rod guides. As stated above, (as long as you you similar sizes) I run a 10 ft insertion of say 100 solid to 25 to 50 yds of 100 HC...
  445. BluefinCurly

    Youth season in Vermont

    very cool Sean. Good Luck!
  446. BluefinCurly

    TLD 30 2Speed Frames - Will Fish Tackle

    Sorry Guys, I can only give you a bench review for now. I haven't had a chance to get out and fish since I got it back. I am very happy with the results. The frame is beef. Free spool is greatly improved, I believe largely because you have a true center, in addition to the fact Craig flushes...
  447. BluefinCurly

    The Climate Change Mordida

    then they better enjoin every individual that was complicit by the use of fossil fuels. just sayin.....
  448. BluefinCurly

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    In general I have no disagreement with that statement. Most of my reels are Accurate and Penn with a few odds and ends. They are all without exception light years from the old jig master days, like so much of our newer tackle selections. However the thread started looking for a budget 2sp for...
  449. BluefinCurly

    Penn Torque

    I have 2 torques and 4 fathoms. my 40LD2 is a FTM. It is an awesome yo yo or 60 lb bait rig In the 25N, as good as the FTM is, the Torque is heads above that. So i can only surmise the TRQ40NLD2 would be a beast for yo yo, fishing 'hoos, or a 60lb live bait rig. They all cast like a dream and...
  450. BluefinCurly

    Ranger 85 Reporting In

    The last great El Nino. The Osborne was where the 70 lb Albacore where too.
  451. BluefinCurly

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Steve, I have not had a chance to fish it yet (unfortunately) , however even with the spool loaded and the drags set as stated, it still maintains free spool and no noticeable issues with crank turn or function. That being said, I probably would fish it closer to about 22-24 at strike since...
  452. BluefinCurly

    12-month Fishing Bill is Dead!

    couldn't understand normal thinking....
  453. BluefinCurly

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    Another option for the TLD 30 is to send it to Will Fish Tackle in Auburn. They still have 30 frames in black and gold. For 200 $$ they converted the frame (topless) , complete service, replaced the bearings and souped em up with TSI hot sauce, and beefed up the drags with modified 50's. Spins...
  454. BluefinCurly

    Ranger 85 Reporting In

    a 3X RR , Mak 50W, 130 w/200 mono leader I stand correct, 300 lb leader.
  455. BluefinCurly

    WTB: Looking for simple reels or live bait sticks (1/2 or 3/4 day trip). Annual Charity Charters...

    same here. If I'm not too late pm me an address and I can UPS some gear out Monday. Donation only, save the cash for a greater need. Carl
  456. BluefinCurly

    Shimano TLD 30 2s vs 30A 2s

    I just had Craig at Will Fish convert my TLD 30II and it is a whole new reel. Topless, freespools much better than original, and now the harness lugs are solid. I highly recommend them, and turnaround including transit was about a week.
  457. BluefinCurly

    Setting the drag

    lots of good info here, but still a lot of variables. Star or LD is the most pertinent question . If we are talking lever drags, then the best thing you can do is learn and understand your reel's drag curve. Put a piece of tape on the bezel and mark off key drag points. On a bench with a bend...
  458. BluefinCurly

    Rod advise

    Check Mike's website. He has a list tailored to trip duration. If this a trip to the 'lupe, you'll want a beefy dropper for the YT. You will not be disappointed in the Vag. Look forward to a great experience. Tell Kyle and...
  459. BluefinCurly

    Charter Boat Real Viking Burns

    . Insurance for virtually any tangible requires the insured make all due effort to mitigate damage in the event of an occurrence.
  460. BluefinCurly

    Dove with Daughter

    Awesome Brent!
  461. BluefinCurly

    mex or cal waters for best shot at 50lb plus bft?

    I doubt you will need a passport..... conditions are fairly stable
  462. BluefinCurly

    New guy here - - I have cork puppy question

    hmmm. I have three rods with three different sized CP's on them BT540 GG90J WC6480
  463. BluefinCurly

    SSt going south

    read my lips, no albies this year. It takes a lot more than simply the correct surface temps for them to make an appearance. There has been a pretty good push from the fetch above Conception rolling the water. Still plenty of potential for most of what is biting now.
  464. BluefinCurly

    New guy here - - I have cork puppy question

    funny how we never thought we would use any of the shit they taught us in school for practical purposes! and Pie are round, but Pi r squared!
  465. BluefinCurly

    New guy here - - I have cork puppy question

    take a piece of string, go around the circumference of the butt where you want to set the reel, mark it where it meets, measure the length, divide by 3.14 for the diameter. They have some adjustment to them.
  466. BluefinCurly

    TLD 30 2Speed Frames - Will Fish Tackle

    The turnaround was exceptional! It arrived on Monday and it is shipping out today! Hope to have a review for you all next week.
  467. BluefinCurly

    Constitution- anyone fish that rig?

    rode it last year. Thumbs up from me.
  468. BluefinCurly

    Hollow splice serve connection, tag end or floss?

    Art I have been finishing my leaders with a nub and a nail knot. I use a 3ft insertion, tie a 12 turn nail knot of 20# spectra on the leader and cinch with dowels until it turns clear. I pull the hollow over the nub about 4 inches beyond. I tie another nail knot over the HC /leader insertion...
  469. BluefinCurly

    2017 lead or steel????

    If I'm not mistaken, Pigeons (common) are non-game and must be shot with steel now. Eurasian's are considered game, and may use lead (except on state refuges)
  470. BluefinCurly

    Advice on freezer type requested ???

    chest is best. Frost free accelerates freezer burn
  471. BluefinCurly

    Pacific Star 8/20-8/23 2.5 day

    Trying to evade being eaten....
  472. BluefinCurly

    Fishing in Phuket Thailand, Big Game??

    Just kidding. Something must be working for me after 33 years of marriage.
  473. BluefinCurly

    TLD 30 2Speed Frames - Will Fish Tackle

    just sent my 30 in today. I'll be anxious to see the results.
  474. BluefinCurly

    Fishing in Phuket Thailand, Big Game??

    keep planning on fishing and may be "soon to be ex-wife"!
  475. BluefinCurly

    San Jacinto in trouble

    There goes the neighborhood.......... so much for equity stakes in Ramona..
  476. BluefinCurly

    Savage arms 308 feedback/advice

    I have a 20 yr old Savage in 7MM rem mag. I spent as much on my scope as I did the gun, and still spent less than most others in the class. Goes bang and puts in the ring. I would have no problem buying another Savage if I needed.
  477. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond 10-13 Quick report

    funny. It takes awhile for GoGo to warm up to people, and only those he likes.
  478. BluefinCurly

    number 26 is an idiot

    you guys aren't out of popcorn yet???
  479. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond Roll Call - Trip 19 Sun Aug 13 to Wed Aug 16

    I'm not surprised Mike. Lackey has BF on the brain. Sounds like the bite below has gotten real consistent and more area to it, so he is probably real confident on the making up the last day on kelps so he can chase the cows.
  480. BluefinCurly

    Binocular Repair Help

    there used to be a shop in newport, but cant remember the name
  481. BluefinCurly

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    good on ya Corey! Hmmm, seems like last year the results weren't the same fro you...........
  482. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond Roll Call - Trip 19 Sun Aug 13 to Wed Aug 16

    HaHa. Our last trip in the galley meeting he was talking about his open policy and asking questions, looks at my son and says "but Will, you only get three"
  483. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond Roll Call - Trip 19 Sun Aug 13 to Wed Aug 16

    by the way, the kelps were biting 40 pretty well. You will only need the 20 for the schoolie BF and YF.
  484. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond Roll Call - Trip 19 Sun Aug 13 to Wed Aug 16

    probably south due to the length of the trip. One more day and he probably would spend the first one chasing BFT. If you get off the dock early enough, he may try the first day out and see if he can get on a spot to fish ff/bait after dark before sliding down. I saw some late spots on this trip...
  485. BluefinCurly

    are there rules for Seiners?

    ...stacking net
  486. BluefinCurly

    Accurate Dauntless 600

    I run 80 hollow on mine and top 50 to 80 depending on the application (50 ro 60 on bait, 80 for flatfalls or heavy yo yo)
  487. BluefinCurly

    are there rules for Seiners?

    they have plenty of rules, but that's not one of them. My guess is squid out in 40 fathoms .......
  488. BluefinCurly

    Seaguar Thread Lock splicing

    Art I have been using it exclusively and really love it. One trick I use is to run a loop needle through first to loosen the weave, then a latch or insertion needle is no problem. The weave is very consistent.
  489. BluefinCurly

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    . Radon's were designed for exactly that. They made their mark in the commercial abalone and urchin fishery in Santa Barbara back in the 70's. I'm sure many of the retros out there started as working vessels in a prior life. None the less, nice ride sir.
  490. BluefinCurly

    Loop to loop

    30# and up, in FC and mono, in a variety of lengths. I coil them in quart size bags and mark them. I can put a full selection of them in one of the large mesh leader packs. Gives me a wide range of options to adjust to any condition, and reduces my overall tackle space. I keep one tube with...
  491. BluefinCurly


    I'd give a thumbs up
  492. BluefinCurly

    Which 100qt cooler do you use?

    for whole fish I use one of the Igloo 150 qt with the dome lid from Costco. it holds more than most. Next best are the Coleman extreme. They hold ice better but don't have the same volume (as above). My Pelican 105 is too heavy and not enough space for whole fish, but for fillets or vacum...
  493. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond (7/19 - 23) Jan Ishii Charter

    I didn't mean to hijack your thread Steve. It was great just to be a part of it all. I prepped sushi for us last night. The belly looked like a 1 1/2" cut of Kobe strip steak. I sliced up sashimi, and by the time I put it on the table the fat was melting out. It was the most incredible Toro I...
  494. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond (7/19 - 23) Jan Ishii Charter

    Yes! This was one pissed off fish. I think it was a toss up as to who kicked who's ass in this contest, the fish or Steve.
  495. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond (7/19 - 23) Jan Ishii Charter

    Mike payed for it out of his own pocket! While I certainly would not expect that, it is just one more reason he has such a dedicated following. The Vagabond is such a first class operation, in every aspect. The crew are like an extended family. I always look forward to time on the water with...
  496. BluefinCurly

    Spool advice for Penn 50VSX

    you got it! Paired with a SS 2X4 or Calstar GFGR 765XXH would be my choice
  497. BluefinCurly

    Vagabond (7/19 - 23) Jan Ishii Charter

    Thanks for the fish Steve. I waited and picked up for 11 of our charter at 5 Star. It parsed out at 4 lbs each.
  498. BluefinCurly

    Penn Fathom 60LD 2 Speed for a Kite Reel?

    Most of the successful kite fishing is on a 50W with 130 lb braid to a 200# mono top shot of @ 50yds.
  499. BluefinCurly

    Penn 6/0's for Kite Rigs?

    I'd take Dave up on his offer......
  500. BluefinCurly

    Snotty conditions were

    depending on where they go, not much wind, but a mixed swell with the southerly from the tropical depression off baja. I'd go...
  501. BluefinCurly

    Choc Lab Pups available...American

    These aren't mutts for one. If you plan on breeding quality pups, the cost to have the bitch certified for eyes and hips, cost of shots, hell the feeding alone, absorbs much of the cost.
  502. BluefinCurly

    Commercial Fishing Abuse

    As far as abandoning the bait fleet just for the sake of eliminating seiners, this isn't Florida. They have predominantly shallow water and hearty bait like goggle eyes and ballyhoods. Sardines and Anchovies will not tolerate a cast net, even if you found them in shallow water. I don't know...
  503. BluefinCurly

    Commercial Fishing Abuse

    I'm with you on this one Kerry, as I have a similar history. Unfortunately many view the local seiners in the same light as the 1500T super seiners in the south Pacific, or the SS that defy ICAAT and set spawning bluefin illegally in the eastern Atlantic. Even more unfortunate is that we have...
  504. BluefinCurly

    Which hollow for cows?

    I like Seagaur Threadlock HC, but Jerry Brown HC is highly regarded in the long range fleet. Most major so cal shops carry it. My home store is SavOn Tackle in Santa Fe Springs.
  505. BluefinCurly

    Furbags in the Rockies?

    much tastier than your standard issue furbag!
  506. BluefinCurly

    Penn fathom problems

    I experienced a similar issue 2 years ago on a 25N and 40N. Since I bought them at Sav-On, they just replaced them for me without issue. But in the dialogue we surmised that the factory was over-greasing the assy. In my case, once you set the drag at max, it would lose free spool from squeezing...
  507. BluefinCurly

    Hoping to fish So Cal with the Family

    Gary has a good point too. You can check with Long Beach Marina for a temp slip and that puts you right next to shoreline village, bait receive is a mile away, and plenty of local fishing options.
  508. BluefinCurly

    Hoping to fish So Cal with the Family

    All things considered, i'd be looking at launching in Cabrillo or Los Alamitos and spend the weekend at Catalina. Weather looks to be good, plenty of fishing opportunities around the island with plenty of good anchorages, and you can take wifey in to Avalon. Post up on the small boater trip...
  509. BluefinCurly

    #40 Jig Stick Fathom 30 Star or Baja Spec 113N

    I run a 30 Torque star (4.8) with straight braid and a top shot. I would go with the Fathom 30. You can run braid backing and still top it out with mono (as much as your casting length) and get between 275 and 300 yds. The lower height makes it more comfortable tossing the long rod all day...
  510. BluefinCurly

    Accurate uses

    Sorry, I failed to state my use is also in braid (hollow core) w/ wind on leaders, 50, 60, 80 respective
  511. BluefinCurly

    Accurate uses

    depends on which model, Fury or Dauntless ... I run 30 to (40) on my Fury 400, 40,(50),or 60 on my Dauntless 500, 60, or (80) on my Dauntless 600
  512. BluefinCurly

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    I generally don't order fish as most of it cant compare to what we eat at home. However back in the day, I would have to say the abalone at the Seven Seas in Sausalito
  513. BluefinCurly

    Question Squid for bluefin

    match the hatch....
  514. BluefinCurly

    Newbie Advice

    by the way, if you zero in on some options, have some time and cash in hand, you will find a lot of very solid deals here in the fishing classifieds. In fact I just bought another jig stick this morning for my son.
  515. BluefinCurly

    Newbie Advice

    ditto on the fathom LD2. Cousins rods are reasonably priced and similar in characteristics to Calstar or Seeker. Should be able to get both at about your budget.
  516. BluefinCurly

    Blackman on the beach

    We used to run Watch Alarms on our commercial boats. 15 min timers. red light comes on for one minute after 15. If you don't hit the reset it sounds a general alarm.
  517. BluefinCurly

    120# rig - which spectra?

    I'm using the Seaguar Threadlock. I find the weave to be very consistent as compared to most, but JB has a huge following in the long range community, which speaks volumes about a product.
  518. BluefinCurly

    120# rig - which spectra?

    Art I switched nearly all my gear over to hollow core a few years ago, and though there is a bit of an initial investment, including some time to learn how to splice, I think the versatility it gives you is worth it. With wind-on's you can re-rig to a special purpose in a matter of minutes...
  519. BluefinCurly

    Oahu trip advice needed

    I have fished with Shannon on the Live Bait and also agree with the recommendation. I have not fished the Magic but have heard only good things about their operation.
  520. BluefinCurly

    For Sale like New Okuma Andros 5ii 2 speed Grey model with 65lb braid

    good price for a good reel. I paid more for mine.
  521. BluefinCurly

    Braid to Leader Size: By Diameter, by pounds, or just preference?

    I concur that it depends on the application. In general for offshore live bait, I want it matched to my leader test, since most braid tests well above mono or flouro, This provides less drag on the bait for a livelier action. Throwing iron, I prefer it on the heavier side unless capacity is a...
  522. BluefinCurly

    New truck new sticker!

    At least its a legit sticker. None of cars with the freebie stickers from the show seem to know the secret greeting.
  523. BluefinCurly

    Bait Tanks

    sardines and especially anchovies will not survive in an aerated tank. They require exchanged water.
  524. BluefinCurly

    Spectra Question

    If you are going whole hog so to speak, consider going to hollow. You can make up any top shot you want. I have some rigs set-up for longer mono tops, many for short flour, and links to convert one to the other. Totally knotless connection going through teh guides, and if you want to repair a...
  525. BluefinCurly


    what Robert said. 10 ft insertion from each end to a 20 ft pc of hollow, stretch the entire splice and rub your nails over it under tension to get the loose spots out, finish with 2 nail knots on each end, One right at the end to create a smooth transition thru guides and one about 2 to 3...
  526. BluefinCurly

    Long beach: six pack dorado and/or halibut

    Halibut, now thru May, best bet Channel islands for better numbers and size, with a good shot at WSB or YT depending on timing (now) , and always have lings/cod as a fall back. Sorry, I don't have a 6 pack recommendation for the area.
  527. BluefinCurly

    All new gear

    After filtering it down Jason, I would say Penn, Torque in particular. I have both LD and star drag versions and love them. you already have the rods covered with UC or Cousins for home grown performance.
  528. BluefinCurly

    All new gear

    I think your question leaves too many variables. Is this to re-outfit a PB or charter? Is there a budget involved? Are we talking a full quiver from inshore to cows? Or a bit more refined, like coastal 1-2 day trips.
  529. BluefinCurly

    28' skipjack

    Whats up Bill? Trying to finance another air boat?
  530. BluefinCurly

    Fred Hall Show Deals 2017

    I stock up on flouro every year, because you cant beat the 3 for 2 deal. I also made the jump a year ago to go to hollow core and loop to loop (haven't looked back) for many reasons. Turners had the HOT deal on the Seagaur Threadlock. Not only a deep discount, but Seaguar throws down some...
  531. BluefinCurly

    Best hollow core braid

    I started using the Seaguar Threadlock 16 carrier last year and really like it. Seems much more uniform and consistent than PP. However, I have not tried the JB, which I know has a very strong following in the LR community, and that says a lot.
  532. BluefinCurly

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    both, and I learned to nav by dead reckoning and Loran A, which had an O Scope and you had to dial in the 2 RF signals to match for a position reference. Used a chart board, parallels, a compass, and a watch. With the first Sat Navs in the 80's you had to acquire at a known location. If you...
  533. BluefinCurly

    Last day of the season

    Nice way to close it out Stephan.
  534. BluefinCurly

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    Well Dick, I give this thread a 7 for entertainment value.....
  535. BluefinCurly

    One Drake is Enough...but we want more!

    my lease money seems like a better investment all the time.
  536. BluefinCurly

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    one of my go to sticks
  537. BluefinCurly

    Dauntless vs boss extreme

    Yes, The Dauntless reels are already sleeved.
  538. BluefinCurly

    Need Shellfish I.D. Help

    I grew up on Soquel creek, and there were plenty of 'dads, but I never saw one that big. There has been a plethora of unusual species reported from Baja to Alaska over the ebb and flow of El Nino. Possibly another lost inhabitant?
  539. BluefinCurly

    Goose call

    Thanks Stephan. I like to keep a loud call on my lanyard for windy days when you need the volume. The Devil is great, and Dorell can make virtually make every vocalization with it, but it requires a lot of air volume and some finesse. Will blows it pretty well, so it is hanging on his lanyard now.
  540. BluefinCurly

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    I know of a new product that is going to be launched at the FHS that is the cats meow.
  541. BluefinCurly

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    True Dat. Have had many such "greetings" on the road. Best was on the 60 Fwy one Friday night. PoPo comes blazing up behind me making several lane changes to get right on my ass and flip on the spotlight. I'm like WTF did I do? Pulls around the passenger side, rolls down his window, and gives...
  542. BluefinCurly

    Goose call

    Steph How do you rate the Basin White Devil vs Redbone?
  543. BluefinCurly

    Sustainable Tuna Fishing is not Good for The Climate

    hmmm, that would be contrary to established environmental practices now that forbid the take of porpoise and sharks, since that's about all you are going to get.
  544. BluefinCurly

    Season getting started

    You think you are having a slow start Steph. It has been virtually non-existent down here. At least the snows showed last week, but they obviously made a non-stop getting here because they hit the ground feeding, and have been ravenous.
  545. BluefinCurly

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    Regardless Nate, you bring up a very good topic, and I am glad to see the reasonable responses, from both sides of the issue.
  546. BluefinCurly

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    I wondered how long it was going to take. I can't argue with you Nate. It is a game changer. However, we should use caution when criticizing. The Anti's have used fringe practices to erode our overall ability to manage game. Mountain lions, use of hounds, baiting, trapping, ammunition and...
  547. BluefinCurly

    Wister/Imperial Waterfowl

    It sucks right now Ali. I spent most of the weekend working around camp.
  548. BluefinCurly

    who follows Tred Barrta

    and outspoken on many topics.
  549. BluefinCurly

    Largest leader I can tie using 65pp?

    The FG is also a good knot, but tie what you feel confident in as either will work.
  550. BluefinCurly

    Largest leader I can tie using 65pp?

    Double the end of the spectra about 20". I wet it so it is easier to work with, insert the bend of the double through the bend in the flouro so you are wrapping a doubled line up and down.
  551. BluefinCurly

    Largest leader I can tie using 65pp?

    80 max if you tie with the spectra on the double and go about 7 turns up and down, and seat it properly. I assume you want abrasion resistance.
  552. BluefinCurly

    Any 300lb BFT this year??

    Thanks for the update Mike. I certainly believe someone is bound to bust the 300 mark.....
  553. BluefinCurly

    BFT for dinner ?

    I disagree. Grilled med rare and served with dipping sauce (soy, sesame, green onion, mirin, and wasabi poweder) Or on a burger bun with thin slice vidalia onion, some cilantro sprigs, lettuce and tomato, and secret sauce (mayo, crema, diced roasted jalepeno and serrano peppers, NM chili...
  554. BluefinCurly

    Any 300lb BFT this year??

    I hear the Impulse put a 304 on this week. My son showed me a pick on one of the many social sites I never use... It certainly looked to be 3
  555. BluefinCurly

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    Ferrigno Boy has been seining since most of you were a squirt in your dads hand.
  556. BluefinCurly

    Lakewood sighting 8/18

    Got the salute on east bound South Street at Clark. I couldn't understand why my driving elicited a horn and a finger for a minute........
  557. BluefinCurly

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    That's a bit of a stretch. I have worked on purse seiners. You make a lot of sets to connect on a few. Especially considering how squirley most of the spots have been in that area the last several weeks. Not to mention that the canneries could not possibly absorb that much fish in a weeks time...
  558. BluefinCurly


    It's all been said above, but I am a devotee of the Vag also.
  559. BluefinCurly

    Mission Bell

    The Bell rocks 3/4 days!
  560. BluefinCurly

    1 school, 3 bites, 1 fish landed

    been offline for 2 days. I will take some pics tonight and pass along.
  561. BluefinCurly


    Joe Thanks for an educated response. I only keyed on the BFT, but I am in agreement for limiting take of recruitment YT.
  562. BluefinCurly

    1 school, 3 bites, 1 fish landed

    talked to a few of the SD skippers that have a lot of experience with the FFs. Consensus led to the following recommendations: Remove all the rings and hooks. Replace the nose ring with a Owner Hyper wire ring. Upsize the hooks to 10/0 and rig with sevenstrand wire direct to the new ring on...
  563. BluefinCurly


    . I have seen this quoted three times today. 3% global stocks, 3% eastern pacific stocks, 3% Southern Pacific stocks? Where and when were the baselines established to quantify 3% of historic levels?. Scientific?? Maybe, but with a lot of estimates based on anecdotal information to establish a...
  564. BluefinCurly

    Day and a half vs overnight for bluefin question ?

    ditto what Ed said. Give yourself the entire day, gray to gray, for the best opportunity.
  565. BluefinCurly

    The Reasoning Behind RGC Depth Limit Restrictions

    Joe has it correct. I fished sablefish commercially in the late 70's. We fished depths of 350 fathoms to 700 fathoms, and NEVER caught a rockfish. I might spend my time deep dropping for broadbill, but sablefish???
  566. BluefinCurly

    Seaguar thread lock hollow

    Due to the tight weave It can be difficult to get the reverse needle through. When I run into this. I run a small loop needle through first to open up and relax the braid, then the latch is a breeze.
  567. BluefinCurly

    Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    Markus Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to share your valuable insight. It is no wonder you are respected by your industry peers and your many satisfied clients.
  568. BluefinCurly

    Seaguar thread lock hollow

    I switched over most of my gear to it this year and so far like it. I notice the threads are much more consistent than Hollow Ace (when running needles through it)
  569. BluefinCurly

    Tackle Suggestions

    I would think the FTH 15 on the 80M with 30 and the 25NLD2 on the 711H with 40 would cover most of it. If anything you are lacking a 60# rig with 600yds of 80 to even have a shot at some of the remnant big boys that should still be around. This is assuming you are running spectra with tops to...
  570. BluefinCurly

    New Reel Help For BFT Brutes Please

    . The Baja special actually has similar drag ratings to the Fathoms, and ample capacity, but is a star/single speed reel. Depends on if you want a bait set-up, or for throwing these damn poppers. For Poppers I'd go with the Fathom 30LD2, loaded with 65# braid and an 80# top shot. Should get...
  571. BluefinCurly

    Hollow Core vs Solid Braid???

    After dabbling with the idea of changing over to HC, I elected to jump in with both feet this year. I think the few disadvantages are far outweighed by the numerous advantages. More flexibility in terminal leader selection for my rigs. I set up each reel with the nominal, say 40, 50, etc, to...
  572. BluefinCurly

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    those loins have so much marble they look like Kobe beef! Awesome season you are having.
  573. BluefinCurly

    Go Fish for Big Bluefin

    Outstanding perspective Eric!
  574. BluefinCurly

    Kite Rig - What are you using?

    sorry Steve, just saw your post. The Aftco kit has release clips that slide on the kite line. One is sized larger than the other. The swivels are tied into the dacron kite line at 2 intervals (tied in line) which act as a stop for the release clip, but one passes through. So if you were...
  575. BluefinCurly

    Kite Rig - What are you using?

    Just slightly larger. In fact the swivels will actually go through most guides. The swivels are just large enough to stop the release clip. The clips and swivels are sized different to wind the first swivel (retrieving) onto the spool with the corresponding clip sliding up to the second. This...
  576. BluefinCurly

    Kite Rig - What are you using?

    If you mean the kite rod itself, nearly any short stick will do. I took an old Sabre 270C with a broken tip and pit a large ring tip on it and rigged it with a TLD 20 with dacron for the kite.
  577. BluefinCurly

    Aftermarket reel clamp for big butts

    If you can get the reel to seat over the but section where you want it located, in other words the bolts will actually fit over it, then go get the proper size Cork Puppy. I have one on my 540 and one on my 90J (with a Torque 30 that just fits) . The best part is they eliminate ANY rocking or...
  578. BluefinCurly

    Penn Fathom 30

    Which gear set does it have Mike?
  579. BluefinCurly

    New inexpensive reel option to start newbies -- Thanks!

    hmmm. I was unaware of this aspect. Where can I get more info on this please?
  580. BluefinCurly

    Caught nothing at San Dieguito Lagoon because...

    Of course, who is going to pay the DFW to provide the research necessary to allow fishing. No One, so it will be a moot point.
  581. BluefinCurly

    Anchoring at pyramid cove, south swell?

    3 at 17 south should not be an issue.
  582. BluefinCurly

    Rod ideas for a accurate 197 C

    I think the point was, What do you WANT to use it for? This is a very versatile reel that performs well beyond its diminutive size. Mine is set up with 30lb solid braid that I can top with 20,25, or 30 flouro for a finesse bait rig. 8 to 12lb of drag at preset is no problem. Freespool and max...
  583. BluefinCurly

    Cold fish box

    Avoid using freshwater as noted previously. Tank is correct. Get a bag of rock salt (like for water softeners). Ice the box with a starter layer with a generous amount of salt. As you add fish and ice, each time add salt. If you want to make a slush then add some seawater, but the heat in the...
  584. BluefinCurly

    Sardine Population Continues to Collapse

    About 10 years ago NOAA published a report from a geological survey of the seafloor in the San Clemente basin. Low and behold they found scales in the sediment layers going back several thousand years. From that they gleaned that Sardines and Anchovies had minor and major cycles (10 to 40 years)...
  585. BluefinCurly

    Hitler duck hunting

    OMG that is hilarious!
  586. BluefinCurly

    Really Close Call

    If the angle was right you would have breasted him out!
  587. BluefinCurly

    Braid to mono or flouro splice nice! The "RG" splice.

    I have been using this knot for about three years now with excellent success. Here is the direct YT link
  588. BluefinCurly

    Who has Prime Ribs on sale?

    Wet aging works well also. I do buy at Costco, but I also buy at Stater. When I buy them at Stater I get them whole in the original bag and put them in the back of the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks before cooking or processing.
  589. BluefinCurly

    371 - 1010 Trench

    Thanks Jason. Fits right in with our plans. Still too warm for duck hunting.
  590. BluefinCurly

    Some History of Jigs in California Sportfishing

    Thank you. Great article.
  591. BluefinCurly

    Wister area 10/16/15

    hot AND humid........
  592. BluefinCurly

    National Geographic "Filthy Riches"

    I watched this for awhile when it was on Deb. Pretty interesting. I think there were some mushroom hunters too. The worm hunters are the best!
  593. BluefinCurly

    CONDOR Wahoo Thursday pics

    My bad. I stand corrected now that I looked at the post again. But I was on the Apollo yesterday next to the big bird when they reported the first 2 hoos. What a year!
  594. BluefinCurly

    CONDOR Wahoo Thursday pics

    Way to go Ron. We were next to you yesterday on the Apollo. Stupid fishing! We had a couple of tags but no sticks on the hoos.
  595. BluefinCurly

    50 yard top shot with fluro leader

    I run 25ft of Flouro to braid with a FG knot. The 25ft give me 3 toppers per 25yd spool.
  596. BluefinCurly

    StarKist canned tuna lawsuit

    Thanks, but I do not believe in most class action lawsuits. They are usually trumped up by glorified ambulance chasers that benefit much more than any of the claimants. It's become its own industry.
  597. BluefinCurly

    2.5 day 9-7/10

    they have not been fished out, nor has every paddy been raided. They are pelagic fish, conditions are changing, and they are on the move. We've been spoiled by the length of time the fish settled into the bight this season.
  598. BluefinCurly

    Urgent AB665 need calls today

    It makes PERFECT sense. It is harder to drive the agenda on a large scale. But with abundant opportunities at the local level, they can chip away little by little until they have a enough of a footprint to hit the big tickets.
  599. BluefinCurly

    Upgrade to Dual Drag or TwinDrag?

    I don't own any Avets so I can't comment or compare. I do own numerous Accurates, from Furys to ATD's, in addition to nearly every other brand of reel. The Drags on an Accurate reel (any of the twins) are simply unmatched in my opinion.
  600. BluefinCurly

    Great freespool on PENN Fathom lever drag

    I have a 25N and 40N. Both had excess grease. As soon as you buttoned down the drag a few times it pushed up the excess and reduced the freespool. Have not had an issue since then. These reels really pushed the envelope of value in the industry. The only thing I like better is my TRQ 25N2LD!
  601. BluefinCurly


    Great deal for a really fine reel. I have a 25NLD2 and it is an awesome reel.
  602. BluefinCurly

    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    I fished sablefish commercially in the late 70's/early 80's. Mostly around the Tanner basin, hard mud bottom, along the drop-offs, from 350 to 700 fthms
  603. BluefinCurly

    Just an FYI... High Radiation 1 mile out @ Del Mar...

    Down drops the duck, win a hundred dollars! How many grads decide that staying in school is better than working, take out student loans to get their masters, write a thesis that compels further study, get a federal grant to study cow farts for a few years, indoctrinate the ignorant citizenry...
  604. BluefinCurly

    Truline rods

    Awesome collection!
  605. BluefinCurly

    Dana Point Friday Washing Machine

    "how to catch" Find the Vagabond get in their established chum line catch a fish
  606. BluefinCurly

    donkey on rods needs help bad.

    I have my 40NLD2 set up on a 6460 for 50 or 60. I think 80 is a stretch, and concur that a 16 would be much better in that application.
  607. BluefinCurly

    Chunking Questions

    Once we're stopped, whether from a jig strike, or working a paddy or meter mark. We chum lively's coming into the stop, then start the chunk once we are stopped. We'll chum as long as we can hold the school. Often they will back off for a bit, so we keep it going until we are sure we have lost...
  608. BluefinCurly

    BD Sighting SFS

    I don't know who you were, but suffice it to say I just came off a BAD day when you flew by me on the 605/5 S on ramp with the salute going. I was flat ready to run your ass over and kick what was left of it until I realized you had a sticker on your rear window. Sorry Bro! You got me.
  609. BluefinCurly

    Mastering the art of chunking

    I tend to respectfully disagree with this. The idea with chunking is that your hook bait is the same as the chum, sinks and drifts at the same rate as the chum, as you drop it in sequence with your chum rate.
  610. BluefinCurly

    Chunking Questions

    killed it on the chunk Saturday. 30# flouro, 2/0 gorilla light, 1" chunk
  611. BluefinCurly

    Great Poke Recipe

    red chili flakes, Alaea, and Hawaiian Shoyu.....
  612. BluefinCurly

    Thank you Everingham Brothers Bait!!!!!

    I second that motion Mike. I can't believe all the dumbass remarks sometimes. I saw it first hand again Saturday am. One guy in a CC putting about 5 scoops on and running 30 KTs out of the harbor. You can bet he is bitching about the bait rolling. Or the Rodney Dangerfields in their yachts that...
  613. BluefinCurly

    Mastering the art of chunking

    Lots of good advice here. We have two buckets. One with 1/4" holes drilled in the bottom to drain. Place a layer of chunk, a layer of ice, and salt the ice with rock salt, build up your layers. Stack the chum bucket int the other to catch the drain water. This keeps the chum drained, firm, and...
  614. BluefinCurly

    Chief out of H&M - Question?

    No. Just the opposite. You do NOT want to crowd weak bait.
  615. BluefinCurly

    Rubbrer band and torpedo weights

    I just use a loop connection on the sinker and rig three different sizes to keep in my pocket. Most guys I see loop on the weight three feet up. I prefer to let out my bait about 15ft then hang the sinker so a fish can pick up the bait without immediately feeling the weight.
  616. BluefinCurly

    Penn Fathom 25NLD 2 Spd and Ulua

    I have a 25NLD2 on my CG90J which also has a thick butt. The proper size Cork Puppy worked like a charm since the stock clamps will not.
  617. BluefinCurly

    star drag vs lever drag casting

    I get it RP. My back really cant stand the leverage of a long rod, but sometimes to get bit you just gotta throw it. The early season YT we had is a perfect example. Throw iron or don't get bit. With my set up I can keep a low rod angle and grind em in without sacrificing a lot of distance. And...
  618. BluefinCurly

    Looking at a Calstar 90j or 690j

    here is a BT530 (9FT) for sale right now
  619. BluefinCurly

    Looking at a Calstar 90j or 690j

    The 90J really loads better with heavier jigs. If you don't plan on tossing at 100 lb BFT and you want to throw the lighter or medium jigs, try a 540 before you settle on the 690. Your young so you can probably handle the parabolic action, and it will chuck them a mile. I see them pop up...
  620. BluefinCurly

    9' Jig Stick wanted Try this guy. We bought 3 rods. Great deal and square seller.
  621. BluefinCurly

    star drag vs lever drag casting

    I have both a Torque and a Fathom 25NLD2. They both cast so well for a lever drag, that unless I was trying to toss pinhead chovies I would not think about a star drag. I have the Torque set-up with 40# mono top and toss dines effortlessly on a 610. I have the Fathom set-up with 65# braid and a...
  622. BluefinCurly

    Long-Range Brotherhood--> MUST BUY and (Thanks Vagabond "Angler X")

    I was on the Vag trip and it sounds like one our regulars, Dave. ill forward him this link.
  623. BluefinCurly

    1.5 day Pacific Queen report (7/19-21): How to leave local quality fish to find and catch tiny rats

    It's incredibly frustrating for the sport fleet to be working this close in competition with al the PB'ers. I just came off a 4 day. We caught fish, but I cannot believe the lack of consideration on the part of many PB'ers. We had guys shut down in our slick so close that you could damn near...
  624. BluefinCurly

    Sonar Interpretation

    its more about the frequency........
  625. BluefinCurly

    Heavy Leader for Tuna

    I usually tie jigs for tuna on the double. A 3 turn spider hitch to a SD with about 8 to 10 inches of the double. Good luck on your trip. We leave for our 4 day with Mike tomorrow.
  626. BluefinCurly

    BFT and YFT limits off coast CA. and MX.

    The only thing more frustrating than this are all the guys bitching about it not being a report, but again we are in the "Chit-Chat" forum. So yes, even a redundant question, that is asked almost daily, is at the very least in the correct forum.
  627. BluefinCurly

    7/4 Vagabond 3 Day

    Mike and the boys are awesome, which is why he has developed such a loyal following. Been out twice this spring and we leave next Wednesday on our annual 4 day. I can't wait.
  628. BluefinCurly

    Pheasant recipe?

    There you go, bashing the misunderstood duck again. For pheasant I always separate the legs from the breast. For the breasts I remove the tendons you can get to, and gently pound them some just to relax the meat, not make it thinner. Marinate them in a zip-lock with sliced garlic, thyme...
  629. BluefinCurly

    Torium, saltist or fathom

    I love the Fathoms so much I have added three of them along with a Torque to my arsenal. Quality construction, excellent freespool, great drags at a very competitive price point.
  630. BluefinCurly


    This topic is like Herpes, it just keeps coming back.
  631. BluefinCurly

    Did it again on the Machete!

    The lack of civility these days is disconcerting. Really? All the shit talking over what should be a "pastime"? Good work Bro! Way to go out and catch fish while everyone else is hell bent on bashing. I thought the context of your report was perfectly conforming with the board's etiquette.
  632. BluefinCurly

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    Maybe because this is in the "Fishing Chit Chat" forum and not the reports or sports forum?
  633. BluefinCurly

    DIY Rod Racks for the Garage

    I was just pondering a better solution this weekend, and this is it. Thanks Erik!
  634. BluefinCurly

    Two new Fish and Game Commission members

    Not that it is meaningless, but I care less about their political affiliation than I do their apparent lack of connection to the outdoors.
  635. BluefinCurly

    WTB 6465H or 665H

    you want the 6465, much better taper
  636. BluefinCurly

    Makes me sick !

    and the anti's just love it when all the stakeholders are at each others throats........ just sayin, divide and conquer
  637. BluefinCurly

    Jack poling Tuna

    sorry Pat, must have been typing this at the same time.
  638. BluefinCurly

    Jack poling Tuna

    Its not really a J hook per se. They are called Garlands, and the apex is angular, coming back at about 80 degrees to the shank with the tip about half the length of the shaft and barbless, so it relies on constant tension to maintain the hook-set until the fish is behind you and give it slack...
  639. BluefinCurly

    Green sticks

    pretty much setting up for an epic season
  640. BluefinCurly

    Green sticks

    I don't know about its performance as a green stick, but all of the bamboo used for lift poles and gaffs is specifically Calcutta.
  641. BluefinCurly

    Cool Aerial Shot Of A Local Bluefin Tuna School...

    Thanks Tim. Awesome shot.
  642. BluefinCurly

    Dana Point Tuna

    As soon as Stephan figures out how to set-up 100 dozen BFT decoys and get them fins down they wont be gay anymore.
  643. BluefinCurly

    Dana Point Tuna

    Nice going Gregg!
  644. BluefinCurly


    I just texted you. I cant take it anymore.......
  645. BluefinCurly

    Looking for an Accurate 270

    The only part I know of that could be an issue on the much earlier versions would be the spool covers. They were changed to acetal and they don't fit in the same side plate. This would only be an issue if the clicker became separated from the cover on the clicker side spool cover. Just had all...
  646. BluefinCurly

    Orange county water temps

    The wind has been blowing for two weeks. We are finally in a pattern we usually experience in March, which rolls the water and lowers temps.
  647. BluefinCurly

    Ok, actual Report

    Outstanding Sean!!!!
  648. BluefinCurly

    Okuma Cortez 10cs

    retracted but seller is a stand-up guy
  649. BluefinCurly

    SOLD - Calstar 270-8H & SS 93H Ulua - Price drop

    If the Ulua falls through text me at
  650. BluefinCurly

    PRO GEAR reels

    do you have the line capacity for the 500 narrow? I might have interest.
  651. BluefinCurly

    Okuma andros 5 2 speed

    Don't want to jump Mark, but I'll take it if still available.
  652. BluefinCurly


    The regs can be found here. Clams are generally pretty hearty. If kept cool and dry in a fridge they can last a week. NEVER purge them in fresh water until just before cooking. I usually cover them in cool water in the sink for 30 to 45 minutes...
  653. BluefinCurly


    The regs can be found here. Clams are generally pretty hearty. If kept cool and dry in a fridge they can last a week. NEVER purge them in fresh water until just before cooking. I usually cover them in cool water in the sink for 30 to 45 minutes...
  654. BluefinCurly

    Eclipse 1.5 day out of SD Sunday night

    the Vag if we are still a go. im booked on the monday trip but there are only three booked and they just changed the wednesday trip to Collonet.
  655. BluefinCurly

    Governor to reappoint Sutton

    I doubt Jerry Brown gives a shit what us sportsman think. When he signed the lead ban last year, (to paraphrase) he specifically stated that California sportsman have always been stewards of our resource, and that the director (in his discretion of implementation) should act with regard to us...
  656. BluefinCurly

    Governor to reappoint Sutton

    To the honorable Governor Brown, As a native Californian and lifelong sportsman, I strongly disagree with the reappointment of Mr. Michael Sutton to the Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission. 1) We deserve a commissioner who is unbiased. Mr. Sutton's affiliations are contradictory to...
  657. BluefinCurly

    Choc Lab huntin dog/puppy Where do ya get one ?

    Once you go black, you never go back......
  658. BluefinCurly

    Enjoyable Day

    My first was a cinnamon in Gustine 40 years ago. Now I operate a club and spend most of my year there.