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  1. FHisherman

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Hope this posts in the correct forum. Although it's probably better in long range offshore, thought I'd start here. So, to make a long story short, this gal Lia Ditton ( is rowing from Japan to San Francisco in 2020. She's pretty bad ass. Rowed across the Atlantic and captained...
  2. FHisherman

    Parker Sea Dek

    Had this SeaDek interior, cockpit floor and bolster pads done for a customer.
  3. FHisherman

    Parker 2120 kicker bracket

    Found this kicker bracket for a customer's new 2120. It's from Adventure Marine in B.C. ( if anyone's looking for one. It was a bit spendier than other options, but looks good and good quality. They have a nice backing plate you can order too. We moved the batteries to port to...
  4. FHisherman

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    We just launched this 2019 2820 XLD with 300 Yamahas today in Anacortes, WA for a customer. I'll post more about the boat and build after tomorrow. Going to run her around all day, get her dialed in and then give her a bath. Customer is going to take her to fish the Roche Harbor Salmon Classic...
  5. FHisherman

    Took home some $

    I took second in the Bellingham PSA Derby this weekend with this 21.6 lber. Thanks to Jay Field for driving me over the fish! First went to Daren Anderson with a 24.28. Great event for good causes, awesome weather and pretty good fishing. Always fun when you're running to the scales with a...
  6. FHisherman

    Diving with Great Whites

    I'll be diving (actually hanging in a cage) with Great Whites off Isla De Guadalupe in September I'm used to dragging lures or bait, not being one myself. It'll be a blast, hanging on a 115' boat, good food and drink, etc. Anybody ever done this? I'll post pics and story when I'm done. And, yes...
  7. FHisherman

    2320 Railing

    A customer had this railing installed on his 2320. He and his fishing buddies are all well past 70 years old and we're a bit concerned about gunwale height. The whole thing was around $800. Pretty easy fix for anyone that wants a bit more safety with the benefits of low gunwales.
  8. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 deluxe helm chair uprade

    I ordered a ladder back chair from Parker and they actually sent me the deluxe helm upgrade. Decided to use it on our 2320 demo rather than sending it back. Then I used the stock chair for the duel pedestal seat project in my last thread. I have to say this deluxe helm chair is high end, very...
  9. FHisherman

    2120 bench seat replaced with pedestals

    Wanted to post up a project we're working on for a customer. He wanted his wife to be able to sit facing forward. He's an older gentleman and likes another set of eyes looking at what's coming. Good idea. We removed the bench seat and installed a couple pedestal seats. Cut them down and they fit...
  10. FHisherman

    Parker 2530 featured in Seattle Boat Show Commercials

    Parker will be the featured fiberglass fishing brand for the Seattle boat Show's TV spots and promotional material for the next couple years. My wife and I ran the boat for the photo and drone video shoot this Summer with a customer's 2530 right before he took delivery. Pics are taken around...
  11. FHisherman

    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    Just finished the last of the rigging on the Parker 2320 Pacific Northwest demo boat. We'll run this from now through the fall/Winter salmon derbies and then it will be for sale at the Seattle Boat show. Makes a good demo boat for sea trials and good promotion for the brand out on the water...
  12. FHisherman

    Permatrim for 2120 with F150?

    Just got done putting a Permatrim on our 2320 demo(pictured). We've also got a 2017 2120 that's been used for a demo and is now for sale. I'm going to put a Permatrim on there just to test it out and see if it's something we may just add to most boats. It's got a Yamaha F150 on it. On the...
  13. FHisherman

    Runnin' down a dream...

    As the Parker rep for the Northwest, one of the perks is commuting around WA State's San Juan Islands in a 2320 demo. Great weather up here right now and a beautiful morning run from Friday Harbor to Anacortes for sea trials and showings. Love my job. And I know I'm a lucky S.O.B.
  14. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 NW Demo

    Not quite finished rigging but we've got some cool stuff going on our new Pacific Northwest 2320 demo boat. She's mostly running out of Friday Harbor in WA State's San Juan Islands. We still need to rig a second plotter/sounder and a Yamaha 9.9 kicker with tie in to the main. I'll post more pics...
  15. FHisherman

    New 2320 cabin door improvements.

    Just got in a new 2017 2320 and noticed that the cabin door's window is elongated vertically. Then noticed that the corners of the door and window are more rounded to match the windows on either side. Looks good. Also the latch and lock are upgraded. That's a good thing too . I think I like the...
  16. FHisherman

    Big fish, little kid.

    We ran into a bit bigger clipped fish out of Friday Harbor this past Sunday. My buddy Andy Holman's 7 yr. old son Floyd reeled in this 16.5 lber (yeah we weighed it) all by himself, with a lil' help on the final lift from Dad. Floyd was stoked, and thinks video games kinda suck now. We might...
  17. FHisherman

    2320 with single 300 Yami

    We got a legit, fairly easy 50 MPH out of this 2320 with single 300 on sea trial, and I think she's got more in her. 55 maybe? Pretty darn fast. Good hole shot too. Of course, she was unloaded, unrigged, light on fuel, and only 440 lbs of 2 fat guys. Anybody got any top end tales?
  18. FHisherman

    New Parker 2320 Delivered

    Delivered a new 2320 to a very happy customer yesterday, and he's out catching fish today! Mostly going to use it for salmon fishing in Washington State's San Juan Islands, with trips up into Canada. 300 Yamaha, 9.9 kicker with full rear helm control, Burnewiin mounts and products through out...
  19. FHisherman

    Parker 2520 Northwest demo boat.

    This is my first time creating a thread, so bear with me if it's not correct. I've been a 5 year or so BD member, but newbie poster. I'm the Northwest rep for Parker and Inside Passage Yacht Sales, based out of WA state. I wanted to post some pics of the 2520 demo boat we've rigged this Summer...