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  1. ogirstein

    New HXJ 4.2 Blowout Sale

  2. ogirstein

    Best 60# Reel

    Without a doubt it would be the zebco bullet spincast, no seriously for 60lb. you can't go wrong with the avet hx raptor as previously mentioned.
  3. ogirstein

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 older US models

    I got 313 yards of 50lb izor spectra topped off on my sa20. Hope that helps.
  4. ogirstein

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T How Much Drag?

    Line capacity it going to limit you to fish it at 40lb for the most part with spectra of course. I use mine for 30lb but mostly 40lb and it is great. You can fish 50lb on it, in my opinion, with out any problems in terms of the internals, but keep in mind that line capacity.
  5. ogirstein

    Tranx 500 Lefty

    Would love to have two of them pg and hg.......come on Shimano.
  6. ogirstein

    Bassin, bait and more bait #2015 Offshore Fishing Video

    Thanks for the offer and I will definitely let him know about it. I miss having a guy who took pictures and documented our fishing trips and then posted them on the boats website. It was a way to share the trips with family and friends. By the way, the owner is not "big bucks", but he is a...
  7. ogirstein

    Bassin, bait and more bait #2015 Offshore Fishing Video

    Wait, you are the guy who writes and performs your own music.....Too funny! All kidding aside, I really admire your courage and skills, I wish I had the cojones to do what you do. In the past 5 or 6 years I have fished on my friends 58 foot boat that has all the bells and whistles on could...
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    Fishing cliches..

    Let us not forget that 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish and don't get me started on the dumb fishing shirts people wear to go along with their goofy cliches!
  9. ogirstein

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    The voice of reason!
  10. ogirstein

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    The voice of reason!
  11. ogirstein

    thanks to the dipshit who hit my trailer at shelter island

    I highly doubt it was illegals given where I was at, but it is wrong to hit someone and not own up to it regardless of legal status. Again it should not surprise us given the way more serious and deadly hit and runs in the news.
  12. ogirstein

    thanks to the dipshit who hit my trailer at shelter island

    My cars have been hit three times in the last two years while being parked and not one note! So, sadly, I am not surprised that these idiots never leave a one. I am always mindfull to park correctly so I don't get hit. Ugggghhhhh! Man I feel your frustration.
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    ICAST 2016

    Ok, komodo 450 left hand it is.
  14. ogirstein

    Shimano Curado 300DSV

    Why a typo? Don't rain on his parade, if you don't like something about the post move on to another post
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    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    I love fishing reels, both inside and out, and I love the way you go into great detail to explain the simple, yet complex nature of them. I really apreciate it, because I service all of my reels, both conventional and low profiles and know the effort it takes to do what you do. There is...
  16. ogirstein

    will shimano make a 400 size curado?

    Is this true for the Japanese market as well, because it seems that there are more lefty options in each of the reel lines for that market. Are more lefties sold in Japan vs the US?
  17. ogirstein

    HB flats fishing?

    Are you kidding me, sculpin is shut down. I don't even target sculpin they are a bycatch for me, that by the way do taste good, but really is it shut down for the spawn or is there some other good reason? Just asking, as I had no clue this was the case. It seems like that is the trend to...
  18. ogirstein

    Catalina Sunday 13th

    Nacho, what else would you expect......good going on finding the fish.
  19. ogirstein

    will shimano make a 400 size curado?

    A 400 size curado would be great and even better in a lefty although my calcutta 401te is batting clean up for schoolie yft right now.
  20. ogirstein

    COMING SOON: New Pro Gear Reel V50

    How about a decent parts supply.....just saying
  21. ogirstein

    Bluefin Video/Report from 7/12/15

    Nice job and you were not kidding about the
  22. ogirstein

    Okuma lefty updates?

  23. ogirstein

    Okuma lefty updates?

    Yes, more lefty reels please.
  24. ogirstein

    Useful Info...PE to Lbs. Chart

    Thanks, that helps.
  25. ogirstein

    Is Okuma left hand friendly?

    That is awesome news......I've always liked the andros line but never purchased one and that is now about to change. Love me those lefties. Thanks for listening.
  26. ogirstein

    Left hand conversion reels???

    I am right handed and absolutely prefer the lefties. Holding the rod in my dominant hand feels more natural to me. I learned as a kid to fish conventionals as a righty as that was the only choice. Once lefties became available, as a true tackle ho, I started to collect them and happy to have...
  27. ogirstein

    Is Okuma left hand friendly?

    I have both, but prefer the lefties and I have gone through a lot of expense to aquire them. I too would love to be able to purchase a few makairas in lefties and piss my wife off some more.
  28. ogirstein

    Terez - Guides - Rust

    Thank you well said.
  29. ogirstein

    Finally Got to the bottom of the Avet Supply Problem......Shocking.!!

    We don't need no stinkin deckhands!!!!!!
  30. ogirstein

    Halco Max 130

    Used this lure Friday and Saturday out of ensenada and caught one yellowtail and several yellowfin on the troll. The yellow was nowhere near a kelp paddy and the yellowfin were also on blind strikes. A newbie Lost the lure to a yellowfin on the prop eventually and so I regret the fact that I...
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    snack ideas

    Beef jerky, all types of fruit, and a big ol "sangwich" with crusty bread with everything but the kitchen sink!
  32. ogirstein

    Release Reel (SG series)

    Well put, I could not agree more.
  33. ogirstein

    Teramar x80m

  34. ogirstein

    hey, scott. is there room for a thrust bearing?

    The silence is deafening.
  35. ogirstein

    We Want YOUR Opinion! Versa-Gear option for Fathom Star Drags. PART TWO)

    Lower gear ratios is a must for us left coasters and while your at it, what about a lefty in 25n.... that would be heavenly. I'll stop dreaming.
  36. ogirstein

    Shimano Calcutta 400 D

    The lack of easy vbs access is a deal breaker for me. I love my 7 calcuttas and was looking forward to a silver edition, but not anymore.
  37. ogirstein

    Left hand retreive reels...

    I am right handed and use both, but prefer the lefties. I don't understand why, if given the choice, more people don't use lefties. I see guys reeling a righty under their right arm..... talk about uncomfortable. On a big fish you use both hands to lift the rod, but if your right hand is the...
  38. ogirstein

    Trinidad A series left hand conversion done :)

    Hey Cliff, you were right... congrats and keep me in mind of you still want to sell the z's. I am as stubborn as you when it comes to fishing with lefties, nothing else will do. I admire your persistence.
  39. ogirstein

    Penn Torque 25N: Service Tutorial

    I meant to say "except for the free floating spool and stainless drive gear".
  40. ogirstein

    Penn Torque 25N: Service Tutorial

    Very nice tutorial, I'm impressed with the detail and great info that followed. In many ways it is still not that different from the old torques, the free floating spool and stainless drive gear. Thanx.
  41. ogirstein

    Pro gear 545 and 255 collection

    Hey Cliff it was a pleasure to meet you and do business as well. The lefty 255 is in great shape and it was nice to talk to you about fishing with lefties. Thanks again and good luck with the rest of the sale.
  42. ogirstein

    Pro gear 545 and 255 collection

    Interested in the gold lefty 255, please pm me when and if available.
  43. ogirstein

    The newest Avet...SXJ!

    What about a lefty?
  44. ogirstein

    Seeker Black Steel

    Yea, I'll take it, not!
  45. ogirstein


    Be carefull doing business with this piece of work. He makes a deal and then turns right around and goes back on his word. Whatever happened to real men and their honor?
  46. ogirstein

    Love my AVET's - Problems with support

    I call bolshit on that one, they should take the time to get it right the first time and if not the first time, then for sure the second time. A little care goes along way. By the way, anybody should be able to help him on this one, not just one particular person. I'm not saying I,m just...
  47. ogirstein

    Rods - Seeker

    Thanks James, the blacksteel 196 is in great shape.
  48. ogirstein

    trinidad 12

    pm sent
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    pm sent