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    Dumb battery wiring question

    I feel pretty stupid. I took a battery out a few months ago and now putting it back I seem to have one more wire than I remember. I have an outboard with 2 batteries and a Perco switch. Do all 3 of these wires go to the negative post? Thanks for the help.
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    Starter Question

    Last week I took my Cobalt out of storage and pulled it to Tahoe for the season. It started right up without the jump starter. I ran it about 30 miles. It ran great and shut off and restarted a couple of times. Next morning, when I start it up all I get is a loud clicking. Seems to be...
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    Makaira 16II question

    HI, I bought a used 16 on ebay. The reel is in fantastic shape but stays engaged when I go to free spool. I was going to tear it apart but was looking for suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks for the help! Ed
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    Cedros Aug 10-15 report

    Hi, I took my 2 sons 17 and 19 to Cedros Outdoor Adventures and just returned Wednesday. The fishing was fantastic on 25-30 lb yellowtail. My son caught a 43 pounder which they said at the dock they thought was the biggest of the season. Fish were caught on live mackerel (bring sabikis) with...
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    Bob Sands

    I went out to Bob Sands with my son to meet up with Jamie and pick up my JRI jigs. I got to try out a bunch of heavy UC rods and he taught me a bunch about technique for big fish. Really a great experience and a super nice guy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for new rods. Best...
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    Red Rooster 15/12 Nov 7 open spot

    Hi guys, I had made a deposit on the Red Rooster 3 cow tuna trip sponsored by Accurate leaving Nov 7 for 15 days (12 days with optional fly back from Cabo). My teenage son is in the hospital and I will not be able to go. If someone wants to go I will give an $800 discount on the trip. I was...
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    Cedros 9/11-15

    Hi Just got back from a fantastic trip at Cedros Outdoor Adventures. The lodge and rooms are beautiful and the food is great. Service is fantastic with the fish handlers, captains and ladies in the kitchen. We had a great group of people who all got along well. The ladies in the kitchen...
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    Newbie question

    Hi guys, Longest I've gone is 4 days to Guadalupe years ago. I do follow these forms closely and love fishing. I'm looking at fall LR trip openings and considering booking a 10 or 15 day trip Oct - Dec. My question is how much fishing time would you get on a 10 or 15 verses travel days? I...
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    What size/color flatfalls are working for the bluefin?

    Thank you. Searched threads but couldn't find much.
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    Honda outboard lowering problem

    Hi I have a 225 4 stroke Honda that is about 15 years old. The motor to lower and raise the outboard was sticking. I haven't used the boat in a while but today it won't move at all. I can hear the motor engaging but it won't move up or down. Is this a difficult or expensive fix? Thanks...
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    Okuma Komodo power handle

    Hi guys, Is the power handle on the Komodo 463 larger than the 364? Thanks, Ed
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    Older Penn Torque star drag

    Did the old style torque reels also have the disengaging spindle? Thanks, Ed
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    salmon season extended through Sept 6!!

    Can't fish Tuesdays or Wednesdays but at least we're fishing! Cheers, Ed
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    mexico in Feb

    We are planning a family trip somewhere in Mexico in the middle of Feb. I am getting knee surgery thrursday and need something to look forward to. Where is a good bet in mexico for offshore fishing in Feb. Panga or a less expensive (like 25-28 ft) sportfisher will work but I want to catch...