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  1. Arima-bob

    New Job

    A young guy from North Dakota moves to Florida He goes to a big "everything under one roof" department store looking for a job. The Manager says, "Do you have any sales experience?" The kid says "Yeah. I was a vacuum salesman back in North Dakota ." Well, the boss was unsure, but he liked...
  2. Arima-bob

    R.I.P Charlie Daniels

    Charlie passed away this morning of a stroke at 83. Sad day for sure
  3. Arima-bob

    San Diego Beluga whale??

    My lady told me about this, and I thought she was fuckin with me, so I looked it up
  4. Arima-bob

    Diesel fuel polishing system?

    Anybody here have one already made? I have approximately 50-70 gallons of fuel that needs to be polished before I can get my skipjack running again. Also, if nobody has one I can use, I’d appreciate tips on how to make a proper unit. Thanks!
  5. Arima-bob

    YTSO this year?

    @Jason @Ali I’m curious if this event will happen this year, what any plans are with the current situation?
  6. Arima-bob

    New bill, and it’s FEDERAL

    Please watch and share
  7. Arima-bob

    San Nic lobsters?

    Anyone make the long ride for bugs out there? I know the season is about to end, but I’m hoping to have my skippy up and running soon. I think by the time next season comes around I should know the boat well enough to make the trek. What I’m wondering is if it’s worth the cost and long ride?
  8. Arima-bob

    FREE Hydraulic fluid

    For heavy equipment I have absolutely zero use for these, but it’s new. Just been sitting in my shed for a few years.
  9. Arima-bob

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Have airplane, need lessons. Maybe trade lessons for fishing trips?
  10. Arima-bob

    Where the hell did my avatar go??

    Alright... someone made her disappear. Why?
  11. Arima-bob

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    I’m sure this thread will go down as a lame question thread, but I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t really know how to handle their prized bait from tank to hook, and even casting. What seems to work for me is pinching the sardine on the gills (not tight enough to squish it) so it...
  12. Arima-bob

    SD piers open 24 hours?

    We have some friends in from out of town, and everyone wants to go pier fishing. I know most piers close at 10pm, but can anyone point me to a pier that doesn’t close in SD county?
  13. Arima-bob

    Boat ho etiquette?

    If you are a seasoned boat owner or a salty ho, what do you like in a good fishing partner, or advice on being a good partner to keep the invites coming and a good reputation?
  14. Arima-bob

    For Sale Good tow rig!

    *NOT MINE* just forwarding a link to a nice truck in San Diego F-350 7.3 diesel 4X4 6 speed manual
  15. Arima-bob

    BD wheelin party?

    Anyone interested in a get together while the fishing sucks?
  16. Arima-bob

    WTB Old Zebco reels

    I need two cheap reels to put on my sabiki rods. An old Zebco, or cheap small level wind will do. I'm in the I.E.
  17. Arima-bob

    Anyone have a horse trailer?

    I'm looking to borrow one this Sunday 8/19. Taking my horse from Nuevo to Anza
  18. Arima-bob

    Better rig for cows on the kite?

    These are the two options I have. Just trying to put the best rig up for the job.
  19. Arima-bob

    Pleas Pray for my best friend

    The guy in the back, sitting on the bow is a US Army veteran, father of seven children, and my best friend. He was shot 13 years ago while trying to make a living in real estate. He took a double OTT Buck round to the torso with all 9 pellets connecting. After weeks of surgery he survived. His...
  20. Arima-bob

    Don't be a dick II

    This is a good read for everyone, especially newbies.
  21. Arima-bob

    Fishing MDR?

    Hey all, we have a family member who lives on a boat in MDR, and we are having a get together on her boat next weekend. Since she rents two slips next to her (for privacy) I'm gonna take my boat and have a little fun while we're there. I don't plan on doing anything spectacular, but I thought it...
  22. Arima-bob

    Any automotive diesel techs?

    My 2001 7.3 is leaking oil badly. I'm pretty sure it's an HPOP seal, but I can't tell for sure as I can't quite see it.
  23. Arima-bob

    For Sale 1980 Glastron Sea Fury 21'

    I'm posting this for a friend, it's not mine. If interested PM kristophers painting. For sale is a 1980 Glastron Sea Fury 21' This is a great boat, and rides nice. HUGE dance floor, and although it has a cuddy cabin, it is a true walk around. The bow is great for slinging irons, or just...
  24. Arima-bob

    For Sale 24' Skipjack open (not mine)

    I'm not selling this myself, just thought it was a good deal and someone would want it.
  25. Arima-bob

    WTB UC Viper

    as the title says, I won't like to pair it with a Makaira 20 I just purchased. I'm open to other rods that are similar. 80-130#
  26. Arima-bob

    Boating large fish

    How do you guys boat large fish (100+ pounds) in smaller private boats? I have a 3" hook gaff, but I somehow don't think that's enough.
  27. Arima-bob

    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    I've wanted a 7.3 power stroke diesel for a long time. Im finally getting into a postition that I can afford one. The downside is that the ones in my price range have around 300,000 miles on them. I know these engines can go for a long damn time, but what about the rest of the truck? With...
  28. Arima-bob

    24' Skipjack FB ideas

    Ok, so I don't have any customizations done to my skippy, but I would like some ideas. If you have or had one of these boats, tell me what you did to it. Good, bad, anything. Pics welcome!
  29. Arima-bob

    Cookies while fishing?
  30. Arima-bob

    Who doesn't love Girl Scout cookies?

    Hi its me Audrey this is my first year of girl scouts if you are interested in ordering I have plenty :) it will help our troop go do many fun things. Thank you for considering helping me. If you don't want to eat the cookies you can also buy them and we will send them to the men and women over...
  31. Arima-bob

    Tackle shop needed in Orange County

    was going to head over to the longfin only to find out they are closed on Saturdays (makes no sense to me). Looking for a good rod selection, close to Fountain Valley.
  32. Arima-bob

    Financing an engine rebuild?

    It's the new year, and I have a Volvo AD-41 that needs to be rebuilt. The boat is a 1980, so I'm not sure if that would hinder a finance company. I would like to know what some of you guys have done or could recommend. I'm assuming a cost in the ballpark range of 10-12K
  33. Arima-bob

    Andros 12II for yoyo

    I have the reel, and just picked up a seeker 6.5" heavy rod (can't remember the model), but it feels like a good yoyo rod. I thought it would pair nicely with the andros. Thoughts?
  34. Arima-bob


    Your wife is begging for attention.
  35. Arima-bob

    Close, but no stripe!

    Took a very close buddy and his 12 year old son out today. We hauled chicken hawk down to Dana landing for a slightly late start (I didn't want to get out of bed). Splashed the boat at 6:30, got a scoop of healthy sardines at EB, and we were off. Set a course for the 425 in great conditions. I...
  36. Arima-bob

    Need a trailer for a 14' Valco

    The Dilly trailer I have has seen it's better days. Too many dips in the salt have rotted it pretty bad, and I don't really want to chance it going very far. If anyone has a decent trailer (preferably galvanized) for sale, let me know.
  37. Arima-bob

    Same day report 8/19/

    It sucked! Ok, not totally. Weather and conditions were nice, but couldn't find any fish to save our asses. I launched chicken hawk at Dana Point around five am, and got in line for bait. After a half hour wait we got a very lively scoop of 5-7" dines and a few macs mixed in. We left out of...
  38. Arima-bob


    Went south yesterday on a friends boat looking for dorado and yellowtail. We found them! The dorado are more to the south, and mostly smaller grade, but they're thick as fleas. Live bait is all they seemed to want, and a hot bait is the ticket. Most of them seem to be holding off the patties...
  39. Arima-bob

    Any local cows caught without a kite?

    I want to put one one of these cows on deck something fierce, but I know damn well a kite would just be a huge headache on my boat. Besides that, I don't have one. Haha Who's had success on these fish and how? I have the tackle, just need some inspiration. Side note, we got into some bigger...
  40. Arima-bob

    Pulling engine, need ideas

    I'm pulling the Volvo AD41 out of my Skipjack in a couple months once the weather cools off to be rebuilt. This is my first I/O boat that I've worked on like this. So far all my functioning boats have been outboards. I'm looking for ideas and things I should do while the engine is out. I'm...
  41. Arima-bob

    4th of July at San Diego bay?

    I should have asked sooner, but I would like to take my family out on the boat and watch the fireworks on the bay. I haven't done it before so I have no idea where to go, how things go. Any advice would be appreciated. Would it be best to launch in Mission Bay and motor down to San Diego bay...
  42. Arima-bob

    Boats no longer exemp from new fuel taxes...

    I got this in an email, thought I should share.
  43. Arima-bob

    Scuppers... yay or nay?

    My 24' Skipjack FB (TunAssasin) will be down for some time until I can get the engine rebuilt. In the meantime, I want to make her the best she can be. Currently, it is not self bailing, and all fluids make their way to the bilge along with anything else that gets caught with it. Is it a...
  44. Arima-bob

    Someone buy this before it ends up in my backyard!
  45. Arima-bob

    California fishing license reform

    I got this as an email, so I thought I'd post it up. If you agree, sign in.
  46. Arima-bob

    List of tournaments?

    Is there such a list? Every year I look forward to the BD Yellowtail Shootout, but I would like to get into more tournaments. I've done a google search for local tournaments, but information is vague. I often learn about tournaments after they've happened or it's in a few days, and I can't make...
  47. Arima-bob

    Good surface iron combo?

    Just looking for some opinions on the matter. I'm also curious how a Lexa 400 would be for the job.
  48. Arima-bob

    FURUNO 1622 for sale SOLD

    16 mile radar in good condition. The radome is a little sun beat, but the display is practically new. All cables (uncut) included. Fog season is coming! If you don't have radar, your sitting at the dock. $500 but open to trade Prefer face to face sale
  49. Arima-bob

    2017 YTS backup ho's

    I should post this in trip planning, but I don't know if it will be inshore or offshore. I'm already signed up for the 2017 yellowtail shootout, and I have a crew ready to go, but I like to have a backup list just in case someone can't make it for whatever reason. I got my crew last year this...
  50. Arima-bob

    Cal Kona marine in O'side?

    Anyone have experience with this shop? They are platinum certified by BRP, and my Etec needs some genuine love.
  51. Arima-bob

    Anyone need a bass player?

    A musician buddy of mine is looking for a blues band to play with. Located in the I.E. Ontario area. It's a long shot here, but never know who's looking.
  52. Arima-bob

    Help a kid that loves to fish

    This is a kid that is in my neighborhood. His family needs all the help they can get. I know the BD group can do him good. I'll be donating too.
  53. Arima-bob

    WTB Ruger Super Redhawk

    My pops and I went shooting over the weekend and he fell in love with my Super Redhawk. Since I love mine too, it's not for sale. He wants exactly what I have, .44 magnum, 9.5" barrel. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  54. Arima-bob

    2017 yellowtail shootout

    Let's get this thing started!!
  55. Arima-bob

    Volvo Ad41 info

    I have a 24' skipjack with an AD41 (not sure which series A,B, or P) some parts are in pieces, and I'm trying to find a repair manual for it. Yes, I have a diesel tech to help, but I need specs and information as such. Does anyone have one, or know where to get one?
  56. Arima-bob

    Private boats to fish Guadalupe?

    I'm curious about this, but I don't know if it's legal. If so, I would like to add it to my bucket list.
  57. Arima-bob

    Yellowfin apparently like junk
  58. Arima-bob

    Thinning out the herd... Some project boats for sale

    1969 Skipjack 20' open with a 5.0 sbc and Yamaha outdrive $1200 obo 1976 Reinell flybridge, $1000 obo. I can't get the pics of it to load. If interested, I can send them via text. Pm me a phone number 24' is sold
  59. Arima-bob

    Need prop shop recommendations.

    I have a SS prop that needs to be fixed. I wouldn't mind traveling for quality work. San Diego, OC, IE, etc...
  60. Arima-bob

    Catalina rock fish help

    I'm heading to Car on Saturday morning, and I figured I would have rockfish as a backup plan. However, I never go out for rockfish! The only time I've caught them was on a party boat, and I spent more time drinking. I'm looking for some rockfish spots. You could pm me some numbers so they're...
  61. Arima-bob

    Need a ho for Saturday!
  62. Arima-bob

    Saturday, April 30th

    Looking for 1 person to fish. Launching most likely from long beach, targeting yellowtail, calico bass, and bottom feeding taco meat. Smokers are ok, alcohol is ok (with moderation). Please have a valid fishing license. Split costs, help clean, blah blah blah. This will also be a shakedown...
  63. Arima-bob

    What happened to Bye-eye?

    He was gone before I came on this site, but he had some of the best posts. Where did he go?
  64. Arima-bob

    2003 Escalade $7000

    I'm posting this here to help my neighbor. 125,000 miles. Any questions, contact Sharon (619)550-84five three
  65. Arima-bob

    Yellowtail Shootout ho list...

    I'm already entered in the 2016 YT shootout, and I have a team assembled. However, I post this because shit happens. If one or both of my teammates can't commit for whatever reason, I need a backup tournament ho. Please be able to cover your entry fee; and standard ho rates apply (meaning 1/3...
  66. Arima-bob

    Eisenglass in the I.E.?

    Need to get some work done ASAP North county S.D. would work also.
  67. Arima-bob

    Bring the kids!

    *mods, if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move* Kids tournament fundraiser fishing event. A friend of the family who is a park ranger at Lake Perris CA set this up, so I'm putting it out there for him. I'll be there with my little ones too. Free admission to the tournament with paid...
  68. Arima-bob

    WTS: 2012 Etec 90

    Has 135 hours on it, just serviced with a clean bill of health from WOT Marine. 20" shaft $7200 $6500 without controls.
  69. Arima-bob

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    This is what I want to do with my skippy. It's a costly conversion, but I figure I could save a lot of money doing the job myself.
  70. Arima-bob

    Etec owners...

    Can anyone recommend a good reputable Evinrude Etec shop? I need to send mine in for its three year maintenance. Anywhere between San Diego and Los Angeles is fine with me. Just don't want to get hosed...
  71. Arima-bob

    1976 Reinell sport fisher FB PROJECT

    I was going to restore this old girl, but I couldn't pass the deal on an old skippy. I can't afford to restore both boats. The boat has been on here for sale before, so some of you may recognize it. Pros: Engine and outdrive seem to be in good condition It's a Mercruiser 233 (Ford 351W) 2...
  72. Arima-bob

    2016 yellowtail shootout?

    Any info on this yet? I had a great time last year, and can't wait to do it again!
  73. Arima-bob

    Hesperia ducks... Yes, Hesperia

    Missed a lot more, but lots of ducks flying. Got these a few hours ago.
  74. Arima-bob

    Looking for a 15 hp tiller...

    Title says it all. Whatcha got? Needs to be a short shaft.
  75. Arima-bob

    Reinell Resto... God help me!

    I picked up this ol' 24' Reinell flybridge that was for sale here earlier this year. I'm not in a hurry to get it done, but I want to do it right. I have more questions than answers since I've never rebuilt a boat before. My first issue is the floors (inside). They are.... Gone. I figure it's...
  76. Arima-bob

    Making wire leaders for wahoo?

    Is there any threads or how to videos on this? I looked, but couldn't find any. If anybody has a link, or could just explain how to make them, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  77. Arima-bob

    Coffee grinder suggestions?

    I am building a spinning rod for a buddy's girlfriend, and I have a rod picked out but I don't know jack about spinning reels. The rod is a 12-25# medium action. Just a bait caster. What is a good solid reel for this application?
  78. Arima-bob

    Fuel pump question...

    I have a Mercruiser 233 (Ford 351W) with a bad fuel pump. It is a factory manual pump, but I am wondering if I can replace it with an automotive pump? Is there a difference between automotive and marine applications?
  79. Arima-bob

    8/28 report

    Launched at SI this morning and got the last scoop of bait at EB, all macs. Went to the N.9, to the corner, to the 182, to LaJolla, and back to SI. NOT ONE DAMN FISH! I am enjoying some In N Out on Mira Mesa though...
  80. Arima-bob


    might need one for Saturday 8/1/15 for chasing cows. Waiting on some replies, but if none pan out, I'll be accepting applications.
  81. Arima-bob

    Looking for a gaff

    Anybody have one for sale? I don't need anything fancy, just functional.
  82. Arima-bob

    Painting aluminum help!

    I have a radar mount made of aluminum. It's not worth the time or hassle to polish, so I decided I would just paint it. I'm only looking to do a rattle can job, but there are lots of paint options. I'm sure the first step is sand, clean, and primer. Now what? Which type of paint do I get? Will...
  83. Arima-bob

    Wood question...

    I need to make a baseboard for my radar. What would be the best way to go, maybe a solid hardwood and saturate it in teac oil, maybe plain ply, and varnish it, or paint it? I'm not very savvy in wood working, so I need some help or ideas here. Thanks
  84. Arima-bob

    Old Penns, need new parts!

    I have a box of old penn reels that were donated to me. Before I donate them, I need to get them in working order. Any suggestions as to where to get parts that won't break the bank? Reels are 1960's to mid 90's
  85. Arima-bob

    Looking to learn, starting off small

    I've picked up some rods for donation from a few members here, but most of them need repair. Eyes, tips, and some wrap repair. I could easily take these to a shop and have it done, but I really want to know how to do it myself. If there is anybody near Menifee, Riverside, Temecula areas that...
  86. Arima-bob

    The San Diego 5/30... Nice boat ride, lots of BFT

    Got on the San Diego for a chance at some awesome offshore action, and a birthday gift to my son. We headed out to the 181/182 area. It was a cold ride out, but we were just happy to get on the water! We got our first stop about three hours from leaving Mission Bay. Deck hand Mike started...
  87. Arima-bob

    My Mexican woes...

    I was planning a trip this Saturday the 30th on the San Diego for my sons 17th birthday. Had reservations in, and ready to go! I'm not too surprised that Mexico had to change their rules right when the season was about to blow up, but since I can't afford to get two passports by the end of the...
  88. Arima-bob

    Tower wiring holes??

    I hope I'm posting in the right section for this. I need to drill a hole in my tower to run electrical wires for deck light, radar, all around light. What type of drill bit should one use, and what size? Also, should I drill on the bottom of the tube, front, rear, etc...
  89. Arima-bob

    WTB: lobster hoop gear

    Just want to be prepared early for hooping season. I have some stuff but need more.
  90. Arima-bob


    I have a humminbird 597 with down imaging, and all its available bells and whistles. This thing works like a well oiled machine... In the lake! In the ocean, it's not very good at all. I'm not very tech savvy, and with so many options to choose from, I get lost. I like my humminbird' plotter and...
  91. Arima-bob

    Sea Watch out of Seaforth?

    Anybody fish this boat? Is it worth the money to charter?
  92. Arima-bob

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    My boy is turning 17 next month, and he actually wanted something worth spending money on, an ocean rig! He got sucked in to big fish with a 150 pound mako last summer, and has been itching to fish since. I want to get him the best combo I can, that covers the most options. I know many of us...
  93. Arima-bob

    Big Bear Lake report

    Short Story. . . Water level way down (about 15 feet). Warm weather, cool water, lots of rocks. Went 1 for 2 today for a seven hour sit. I didn't see any other fish caught except the one I got. Nice scenery, but slow fishing. Hopefully we will have better results when boats are allowed back on...
  94. Arima-bob


    I was all geared up this morning, and ready to go stand in the sweat line at San Jacinto. I figured I would just give it a go alone succeed or bust. Being new to waterfowl (as an adult) I had no idea about this one: Prepaid Wildlife Area Pass. I took a look on their website to make sure I had...
  95. Arima-bob

    WANTED: Old but usable fishing gear

    I've decided to try and collect any old fishing poles and give them to kids that can't afford them. I found I like cleaning up old rods and reels and giving them new life, but I have enough crap of my own and I know plenty of kids that have nothing. If you have any old rods/reels, and would like...
  96. Arima-bob

    Anybody willing to take a noob along?

    If anybody has read any of my posts, you'll know that I'm trying to get back on ducks (been a long time). I have a dog in training, some gear waiting, and a Bennelli Super Nova on the ready. I honestly don't remember how most things were done, but If anybody is going out on a Saturday, and...
  97. Arima-bob

    WTB Duck Decoys

    I'm getting back into duck hunting again after 25 years. I was 11 the last time I took a shot at a duck, but went last year with a buddy. We didn't get any shots off because we were to busy BS'n and spooked the birds. I had a great time, and realized how much I missed it. I got a dog, and is in...
  98. Arima-bob

    Long Beach Bugs??

    Thought about going out saturday evening looking for bugs. Is it worth the effort? Prefer to stay inside the harbor, anything deeper than 40' really hurts the arms.
  99. Arima-bob

    Swell charts?

    Whats a good web site for current swell conditions? Height, and time.
  100. Arima-bob


    I just bought two troll rods in the 40-100 Lb. class. I only needed one since I already had an old Penn 114 that used to be on a old school rock cod rig. I got the second because I'm a sucker for a good deal (why not). I figured I could use them both anyways, but I really don't know a lot about...
  101. Arima-bob

    "Might" need a ho for tomorrow . . .

    Looking to run out early tomorrow morning (8/15) from Shelter Island or Mission Bay, targeting pelagics. I have a buddy who is supposed to go, but might have to cancel due to work. If your free, and interested, let me know. Typical Ho rules apply, BYOB. Smokers/drinkers welcome, but if your a...
  102. Arima-bob

    Home made squid lights?

    I've been looking into squid lights, but they are beyond my budget. Anybody here make their own? if so, how did you do it, and how well did it work? seen some good ideas on youtube using waterproof LED strips that look neat, but not tested for squid, and not here in SoCal.
  103. Arima-bob

    59' Ford F-100 4X4 FS

    I'm selling my old project truck. I don't have the time or money to fix it. I'm selling AS IS for $1500. It has a 351W under the hood with a 4 speed manual trans, and single speed transfer case. It does NOT currently run, but is capable of running with some work (I drove it home). The body is in...
  104. Arima-bob

    R/C Airplanes FS

    I have a number of R/C airplanes taking up space. I never got to fly any of them, so it's time to find them new homes. I have a number of them in different sizes and condition. PM me with a phone number or E-mail for pics and info $30-300
  105. Arima-bob

    Anybody got a CVA Hawkens .50 cal for sale?

    Title says it all. Would like to find one of these or something similar for shits and giggles.
  106. Arima-bob

    Own a Corvette??

    A monkey and an elephant, who have been long time buddies were taking a stroll through the jungle one day. As they were walking, the monkey falls into a hole that was just too deep for him to jump out of. The elephant says, "I'll get you buddy" and flings his pecker down into the hole, and the...
  107. Arima-bob

    Lab vs. Golden

    I have been persuaded to get back into waterfowl hunting after many many (23) years. I realized that nobody I know who hunts duck, has a dog! I think I might have to be the guy with the dog, especially if it gets me invited on more hunts. Anyways, I ask this question of Lab vs. Golden retriever...
  108. Arima-bob

    Anybody Free?

    Tomorrow, friday, 7/26/2013 Im looking to go out of DP or O'side. If you can split costs with some local knowledge thats a big help.
  109. Arima-bob

    WANTED TO BUY: Bait tank 25-30 gallon

    Looking for a 25-30 gallon bait tank for my boat. PM me if you have one to sell. I can spend about $50 give or take a few bucks. I got tons of stuff around the house if your interested in trade as well. let me know what your interested in.
  110. Arima-bob

    For Sale! 2007 Yamaha TTR 125R big wheel edition.

    I need money to get out there fishing, so Im selling my boy's dirt bike. I bought it brand new for my boy's 12th birthday but he has outgrown it already. It's been beaten up a little, but nothing horrible. Probably only has 30 hours on it, and has never even been jumped. It's a good bike and is...
  111. Arima-bob

    Catalina in a few hours

    Heading out in a few hours to Catalina. Taking my boy and a couple of his buddies in hopes for something. I have only been there on a party boat catching calicos and barracuda. I'm hoping for a possible WSB or maybe even a home guard yellowtail, but I'm not holding my breath. I haven't seen any...
  112. Arima-bob

    Mexican permits

    I'm thinking about taking my personal boat out to the coronado's on thursday. I need to get a mexican permit, but I don't know how to go about it. Plus, I might be taking my 14 year old son with me. Does he need a permit too? Any help is appreciated.
  113. Arima-bob

    No longer a lobster virgin!

    I went out by myself last night in the long beach harbor for lobster. I finally got my first bug, and a nice legal one too! I got two shorties as well ( which went back in ) and a ton of crabs. Now the question is, what the hell do I do with them? The lobster is still alive, but I'm not sure...
  114. Arima-bob

    Last minute, wanna be my boat ho?

    Saturday, Jan. 26th. Going to Long Beach tonite to do some hoopin. anybody wanna go? call me (909) 268-8326. Your own gear, and experience is a plus. got room for one.
  115. Arima-bob

    As of Jan. 1st?

    I was just reading the rules and regs to keep myself current on the laws, and I read that certain ground fish ie; sculpin, sheephead, and some other fish can no longer be fished from a boat. Did I read that right? The way I read it, you can only catch them from the shore in water less than 300...
  116. Arima-bob

    Bass boat for sale

    I have a 1977 Cajun bass boat that I bought as a project to restore with my son. He has no interest in it, so I want it gone. It's 18' and has a 70's mercury 115 horse two stroke motor. I don't know if it runs, but it looks good inside. Come with trailer too. Use as a project yourself, or use...
  117. Arima-bob

    Dirt toys!

    Well, it's either the bikes or the boat. . . package deal! Individual 2007 Yamaha TTR 125 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...
  118. Arima-bob

    Anybody going out of Dana Point today?

    I'm a new guy to boating, and a virgin to the ocean (on my own boat). If anybody is planning on going out of dana, and wouldn't mind a being a buddy boat. . . I'm thinking of going for it. not planning on going real far. I hav a new motor on the boat, and no experience.
  119. Arima-bob


    I'm selling my 14' jon boat. Don't know the year or the make. It's probably 30+ years old, but floats just fine. It leaks a little bit, but nothing more than two gallons over an entire day. could probably hammer the rivets and fix it. I have outgrown the boat since my family has extended, and I...
  120. Arima-bob

    100 horse Merc.

    *********SOLD********* I repowered my boat recently, so I'm selling my old motor. Works good, and has a brand new tilt/trim unit on it. Comes with tach, controls and cables, and two props. Also have the service manual for it as well. the engine year is 1988. would be a good motor for a smaller...
  121. Arima-bob

    Outboard for sale

    1988 Mercury 100 horse 2 stroke outboard 4 sale. I am re-powering my arima and selling my old motor for $1800 o.b.o. the motor runs, and has a new trim/tilt unit on it. (been in the water once since it was insalled) comes with two props, and controls. tach too if you want it. give me a call and...