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  1. dixonrick

    Very Old Calcutta Rod for sale

    I have had an old bamboo, calcutta rod for over 50+ years. It was very old when I bought it from a neighbor when I was about 11 years old. Since I am not a serious antique fishing buff, I thought that I should try to sell it to someone that could really appreciate it. I am not getting any...
  2. dixonrick

    MinnKota Riptide 50LB Transom Mount

    This is the tilt model, made for salt water. It has a 42" shaft and measures about 52" from top to the bottom of the skeg on the motor. Easy, twist grip speed control that also tilts. This would be great for a Kayak, aluminum boat, sailboat, and ? Honestly, used less than 5 times. A great...
  3. dixonrick

    Slow windy day on the Horseshoe

    We also experienced the same results as many others o 8/5. Launched at Davies, waited for bait about 1/2 hour at Nachos, (everyone in line were very professional and there were no problems). However, the calm conditions inside was soon turning windy just before we baited up. As we headed for...
  4. dixonrick

    ***SOLD***Long Range rods, reels, and tackle.

    Selling lots of "long range" reels,rods, tackle, ect. Avet Pro30EX30 2sp (silver), Shimano TLD20 2 sp,Accurate Boss665H, Shinmano Trinidad 50 Wide, Penn 114H,Penn 113HN Baja Spec., Penn 10LD Formula, (5) Seeker Rods, models..BC665H 6 1/2', BSC6470 John Grabowski-7', SC665H 6 1/2',SC670 7', A660H...
  5. dixonrick

    Avet Pro EX30 2sp

    Due to health reasons, I will be parting with the above reel, plus several others, rods ext. Anyone have an idea what this reel is worth in great condition. Used one 10 trip with less than 3 hours service on it.