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    WTB Okuma Guide Select Spinner

    Hello looking for this model, if anyone has a new or slightly used rod. 2 piece 9’6” txt is best 9497338808

    For Sale Cheap Hobie Mirage Pedal Kayak

    Hello BD, Got a used hobie mirage for sale. Not familiar with the year of the make. Comes with the hobie pedals and some hand paddles. Pickup only. Selling because I am leaving CA for school in August. $700 Txt is best 9497338808 Txt if you would like more pictures or details. First come...

    TRADE LB Greenie BS 756

    Hi BD, looking to trade my green glass LB made seeker 756. Brand new blank 7’ 8-20lb. Looking for $120 cash or a penn fathom star 12/15 txt is best 9497338808 Located in OC

    SOLD Shimano Trevala Spinning

    Hi Bd, Have a Shimano Trevala 7’ 10-30lb braid. Would go great with a 5000 or 6000 size reel. $80 TXT is best 9497338808 Located in OC 92603

    WTB Penn Fathom 12&15 star

    Hello BD, Looking for some penn fathoms star drag. Preferably the cheaper original model. 12 and 15 sizes. located in OC TXT 9497338808 thank you!!!

    SOLD $80 Brand New Costa Blackfins

    Brand new. Comes with case and everything original. 580P copper lens with matte gray frame. never used, decided to go with hamlins instead. Located in OC, pickup preferred Buyer pays shipping if needed Txt9497338808

    SOLD White Tiger 90F

    $old—9’ 20-30, solid 30lb 9’ bait rod IMO this blank has a lot of glass at the t White tiger 90 made by Johnny Schoeberl. Used only once or twice, like new condition. Have too many rods on the rack and need to get rid of some to make more space. 9497338808 TXT local pickup in OC only txt for...

    For Sale LB Seekers & Conolon

    Hi BD, I have the following for sale. All rods ready to be fished. No shipping, local pickup in OC $280-LB Factory Super Seeker 8’ 196-8, 8’ 12-20lb. Perfect for small dine/chovy bite Handle upgraded to tuna cord, with blue bands to match the factory colors $300-LB Blue EX S Glass (OG, not...

    WTB 1/2 Day Tackle Bag

    Need to downsize from my SKB 7100, looking for a smaller tackle bag for 1/2 days. Open to brands like WFO, Calcutta, Shimano, Daiwa, etc. new/used works, just need this for short trips. Txt is best 9497338808 LOCATED in OC PFA
  10. GOTTEM

    SOLD Shimano Terez Torium

    $old Shimano Terez 8’ TZC 80m(30-65lb PP) Like New W/O Tags $old-Shimano Torium 9/10cos 10/10mech $100-Shimano Baygame 9/10cos 10/10mech Pickup in OC 92603 Txt is best 9497338808
  11. GOTTEM

    For Sale Long Beach SharkmanSpecial SS-196-8’

    Hey BD, $350 8’ 12-20 Amazing s glass for casting chovies of tiny sardines. Super parabolic tip to cast far. Original Long Beach super Seeker with turbo guides and new tuna cord rewrap done by Johnny in Irvine. Has blue and good bands to match factory wrap. Txt is best 9497338808
  12. GOTTEM

    FREE PSA Mustad Hooks Sale 75% Off

    PSA for Fishermen who like Mustad hooks. Deal is on the Mustad Fishing Site. Really good sale, just picked up and I'm set for couple seasons now. Most is 75% off.
  13. GOTTEM

    SOLD Costa Sunglasses

    Looks to be new. I found it in the garage and don’t remember wearing it. Looking for $old Txt is best. Shipping on the buying 9497338808
  14. GOTTEM

    YFT off Cat (Newport Beach, 3/4)

    Two short reports for my weekend fishing. All trips were aboard the Western Pride. Friday Double 1/2 AM (10/25) -Good grouper fishing off the local spots. Mike set us on some spots where the boat made quick work. Easy limits if you wanted the rockfish -Had extra time so Mike opted to look for...
  15. GOTTEM

    For Sale $480 Mint Talica 16II

    Selling for a friend so please TXT him directly!! (714) 612-8759 He is selling a mint Talica16II (refer to pictures for cosmetics). “Reel feels like it came right out the box, never pulled on a fish. Any visible wear is from a boat ride with lures flying around on the rack” Comes with 400+...
  16. GOTTEM

    WTB Penn Fathom Star 12 & 15

    Hello BD, Looking to add a penn fathom star 12 & 15 to my arsenal. Prefer excellent-new condition reels. Original fathom or fathom II doesn't matter, just looking for deals. Please shoot me a txt 9497338808 Located in Irvine
  17. GOTTEM

    For Sale Torium 30HG $180

    Hey BD, Just got this 30HG recently only to find out that it’s too wide for my liking. Looking to trade it for any of the other models in similar condition, but specifically looking for the 14HG. Or sale for $200 (with 450+ yards of 80 lb MC braid, no clamp) Located in Irvine TXT is best...
  18. GOTTEM

    WTB Torium Power Handle

    Anyone have one of these torium power handles or want to trade for a standard one that comes on a HG one? I think the handle that I want come on the PG versions. Looking to buy one if someone just wants to let it go. Please refer to pics to see the handle I'm searching for. Located in Irvine...
  19. GOTTEM

    Leopard Shark tips for a beginner

    Hey BD, I know most people don't usually care for these, but I'm looking for some tips on how to catch my first leopard shark. I live near Newport beach and was hoping I could get some advice on where to start. Is it better to fish a little south near Dana Point? Not looking for any specific...
  20. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano TORIUM 14HG

    Looking to purchase a Shimano Torium 14HG in great-new condition. Please send me a text with pics and price. I have lot of different gear to trade if you want to go that route. located in Irvine TXT 9497338808
  21. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 40N clamp (TIB or Factory)

    Hello BD, looking for a clamp I need for my 40N. Tiburon preferred, factory works too. Shoot me a price. I also have couple extra tiburon clamps from TRANX, maybe some TRINIDAD A series if you happen to want to trade. TXT is best 9497338808 pics for example. Not for sale
  22. GOTTEM

    Double Report 8/27 & 8/29

    8/27 Fished the Western Pride out of Newport on Tuesday as they were planning on running a 3/4. With Mike at the wheel and Robby and Bobby working, we sat in for the 3 hr drive to Cat. Weather was beautiful all day, with the wind only slightly picking up towards 4pm. Bass fishing on tuesday...
  23. GOTTEM

    SOLD Truline 4X Rebuilt

    sold Have a Truline 4x, measures around 7’2”. I don’t know much about Trulines, but I do know it was rewrapped with fuji sics. Also handle was freshly redone with cord+Turks. Never used since then. It has white and black wraps, with black and white handle. Please inspect pictures. Ready to...
  24. GOTTEM

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamon Spinner

    $180 Perfect red for the yellowfin biting right now. Specs are shown in the picture. Factory rod with a custom split grip. Near mint condition. 7’6” (15-40lb) 760M Txt is best 9497338808
  25. GOTTEM

    For Sale OBO Seeker EX660 Blue Acid Wrapped OBO

    Hi BD, $500 OBO Looking to sell my ex 660 blue extreme seeker. 6’ acid wrapped, only fished a few times. Fuji guides and components. Blue and gold tiger with split grip. Interested in trades involving silver Trinidads. TXT is best 9497338808 Located in Irvine
  26. GOTTEM

    SOLD Tranx 400HG

    Trade my Tranx 400 for your Trinidad A. Just don’t like the levelwind. I will throw in a tranx tiburon clamp. TXT 9497338808
  27. GOTTEM

    SOLD Shimano Chronarch 200e7

    $150 In mint condition. 10/10 mech, please inspect pics Located in Irvine CA 92603 Local pickup preferred, will ship for $13 Txt for fastest response 9497338808
  28. GOTTEM

    SOLD Mint Shimano Torsa 16

    $old selling a beautiful gold torsa 16. One of the most solid lever drags from Shimano. Please inspect pictures for cosmetic condition, reel is mechanically like new. INCLUDES BOX 10/10 mech 9/10 (refer to pics) cosmetics Local pickup in Irvine or add $13 for shipping (PayPal f and f) TXT...
  29. GOTTEM

    FREE 3 Spinning Rods (PENN/SHIMANO)

    Hey BD, Got some extra rods laying around and was hoping someone can get some good use out of them. Hopefully someone with a kid that wants to get into the sport will take my offer on them. It's three spinning rods that I think will be great for the pier, surf, or catfishing. FREE (gone): -2...
  30. GOTTEM

    For Sale LB SEEKER Inshore Series and lots more

    Have the following for sale! Those listed as a "LOT" will not be separated. These are priced to sell so get them while they last: $200 for all 5 rods and the TLD picked up (bundle deal will be given priority over individual items) $110 OG Long Beach Seeker Inshore Series 7' 10 (12) 17lb -In...
  31. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano Bags or something comparable

    Hey BD! Looking for a used/excellent condition Shimano Borona Medium Bag (smaller of the two pictured) for shorter trips. Hoping to pick one up at a discount so if you have an extra please let me know. Would also be interested in anything comparable. txt 9497338808
  32. GOTTEM

    Rod Butt Replacement

    Anyone here happen to have an extra rod butt that will fit this rod? Please txt me if you do, it fell off and need to replace it. 9497338808
  33. GOTTEM

    WTB Custom Seeker, UC's, Calstars

    Hello BD, Looking for some cool custom rods to add to my collection. Rods wrapped by Moon or Schoeberland always a plus, but open to other options. Looking for 8-10ft rods. Located in Irvine CA, shoot me a txt at 9497338808 Happy Father's Day!! Fish on
  34. GOTTEM

    WTB 400TE spare spool

    Hey BD, I know this is a long shot but does anyone happen to have a spare spool for the gold Shinano Calcutta 400TE? Hopefully someone has a reel for parts or something they don’t need. Shoot me a txt 9497338808
  35. GOTTEM

    TRADE Mint Gold Trinidad 40

    Have a near mint Trinidad 40 Gold. A solid 50lb star drag reel that has been discontinued for a while. Very rare to find in this good of a condition. Please inspect all pictures to get a better idea. Comes with the original clamps and screws $360 Ideally, would like to trade for a: Moon’s...
  36. GOTTEM

    For Sale Seeker, Shimano, Cousins and more...

    Hi BD, $130 Shimano and Cousins COMBO -custom cousins 7'3" 10-17lb -caenan 100 (10/10 mech, 9/10 cos) -GREAT beginner or loaner combo for the lakes or bay $old Seeker Blacksteel 6470 7’ 30 (40) 50 -super mint, no rust -Eva handle looks brand new $180 Shimano Bay Game (JDM Curado 300ej) -10/10...
  37. GOTTEM

    5/31 Double 1/2 Day

    Fished the Western Pride on Thursday, they ran a 6am and a 1230pm so I opted to fish on both trips. AM 0600 Headed to the 150 where the whole fleet was catching sculpin. Mike put us on the quality and the boat made quick work on the sculpin. Boat limited out before time was up so we decided to...
  38. GOTTEM


    Hey BD! Looking to pick up some extra JRI's if anyones got some extras they're not using. I'm located in OC, please shoot texts with pics and price! TXT anytime: 9497338808 Thanks & tight lines
  39. GOTTEM

    For Sale FS/FT Shimano Bay Game 300 (JDM 300EJ)

    ****$180**** Bay Game 300 It is essentially a JDM 300EJ with blue and silver instead of the familiar green color. Mechanically it is 10/10 like new. Cosmetically-9/10 (Refer to pictures please!) Spooled with 30lb Daiwa Metered J Braid Trades I am looking for is a new style torium, gold...
  40. GOTTEM

    WTB 15-20lb Conventional Reel

    Hi BD, Looking for a 15/20lb reel to match a 197-8'. Hoping to score a deal on a used Shimano, Newell, Accurate, but open to new brands of reels. located in Irvine CA TXT 9497338808.
  41. GOTTEM

    For Sale Talica 20 II and Crucial

    Hello BD, $480 Got another tac20ii for sale -mint condition -filled with 100lb jb hollow $100 Shimano Crucial Swimbait 15-30lb 7’11” Located in OC please txt 9497338808
  42. GOTTEM

    For Sale GUCCIxSeeker Hercules

    Hey BD, Got a brand new never used Gucci themed LB Seeker Hercules (painted purple by factory) GTS80. It’s got a crazy tiger to the first guide. Rating 8’ 15-30 This is one of my favorite blanks. When I was getting my Swimbait rod built I couldn’t help but pick up another Hercules to make...
  43. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano Torium 14 HG (New Style)

    Hello BD, Looking to pick up a Torium 14HG, preferably in good condition around OC. If you have one you're looking to sell, please text me. Thanks!!! 9497338808 Located near UCI/OC
  44. GOTTEM

    SOLD MINTY Shimano Talica 20II

    PRICED TO SELL $480 Shimano Talica 20II in excellent condition. 10/10 mechanical, I don’t remember pulling on anything big with this reel unfortunately. Comes with 100lb JB Hollow 9/10 Cosmetically Txt 9497338808 Pickup in Irvine
  45. GOTTEM

    5/6 Great Local Fishing

    Hopped on the Patriot for a quick 9-3 1/2 day. John always puts us on whatever is biting and today he definitely didn't disappoint. Steady pick at the rockfish then yellows in the afternoon. We only landed 8 but there was lots of life. Went 1/6 in our 30ish minutes of fishing.... humbling day...
  46. GOTTEM

    WTB Saltwater Hardbaits/Storage Solution

    Hey BD, Looking to pick up any extra/unwanted tackle boxes that fit well with 110 size hardbaits/coltsnipers. I know shimano makes some or other companies, open to all choices. Also looking for extra hard baits if someone is selling a bulk lot for a deal... TXT 9497338808 Located in Irvine
  47. GOTTEM

    5/2 1/2 Afternoon Flurry

    Couldn’t resist the urge and had to hop on another 1/2 day to get a shot at the local yellows. I was hoping the afternoon bite would pick up after all the fleet left the fishing grounds so I opted for the 1230pm trip on the Western Pride. Game plan was to fish izors for a steady pick of bass...
  48. GOTTEM

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Decided to hop on the 3/4 out of the Freelance hoping that they would make the crossing to Catalina in hopes of yellows. I brought out only long rods 9-10' with the intent of fishing Catalina, but when the decision was to stay local and start at SE bank I knew I would be in for a long day...
  49. GOTTEM

    4/28 Aggressor 1/2 Day

    Fished the 6am-12pm half day on the Aggressor. Couldn't have asked for better weather, just wished the fish would have cooperated. We hopscotched around couple spots at the 150 for tiny whitefish and other scavengers. I wished we fished the deeper zones like the other boats have been but I guess...
  50. GOTTEM

    4/25 PM 1/2 Day

    Headed out on the Western Pride on their PM 1/2 (1230-6pm) with a light load of 20ish anglers. Mike took us to the oil rigs and he put us on whatever was biting. First stop, 5 quick drops yielded quick limits of quality sculpin. After that I stuck with fishing plastics for all the suspended...
  51. GOTTEM

    4/21 Easter Sunday 1/2 Day

    Hopped on a quick 6am-12pm 1/2 day out of the Western Pride. The swells were noticeable and unfortunately lots of the Easter crowd was feeling sea sick. Capt Chris took us to the oil rigs to fish sculpin and the usual bottom critters. The capt had us on the quality as basically every drop...
  52. GOTTEM

    1/2 Day on New Thunderbird

    4/18 PM 1/2— Got a trip in today out of Newport Landing on the pm 1/2 day. The new boat is super nice and rides comfortable despite the windier weather we were experiencing. The crew was super experienced and made fishing with lots of rental rods bearable. Fished the SE bank by the oil rigs...
  53. GOTTEM

    SOLD Irons, irons, and more irons

    Hello BD, The jig bite has been super hot. Cleaning out the jigs that won’t get any use.Tady, Salas, and Sumos. Not trying to part the lot at the moment. $160 for all. 30 irons total, mostly new old stock. Some have stickers still on them. Local pick up in Irvine 92603 Txt is best 9497338808...
  54. GOTTEM

    For Sale Rockfish jigs/bucktails

    Have the following for sale. Some are new, some are used, all will catch fish. The diamond jigs feel like 12 oz but I could be wrong. The bucktails feels like a 2-3 oz model. 9 pieces total, $40 for all. Add $9 for shipping priority anywhere in the US. Txt 9497338808
  55. GOTTEM

    WTB JRI Jigs jigs jigs

    Hello BD, Looking to score a deal on some extra/unused jri jigs. I've heard great reviews so I've been dying to try them. I have a bucket of old/new tadys, salas. sumos, etc. for trade if anyone is interested. txt 9497338808 if you have some for sale/trade
  56. GOTTEM

    4/8 1/2 Day

    Fished the Patriot today out of Newport Landing. Nice load of 15 anglers we were our way for our 9-3 trip. Fished couple small spots below the harbor with fresh dead. It produced quick limits but nothing amazing. We then headed above the harbor to fish some reef spots for bass. The water was...
  57. GOTTEM

    For Sale Shimano reel/rod

    Hello BD, Have the following for sale: $140— Shimano Scorpion 1000xt 6.4:1 (JDM Curado 50e) $old— Shimano Teramar 7’6” 10-20 $110— Shimano Crucial 7’11 Swimbait Black $120— Cousins 7’3” /Caenan Combo Txt 9497338808 Local pickup in Irvine CA 92603 Or Ship for $13 PayPal f&f or Venmo
  58. GOTTEM

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    Been out of town for a week so I’ve been itching to fish. Decided to hop on the Saturday 1/2 day on the Western Pride despite a full load (70ppl). My friend was working on the boat, and said the fishing has been tough ever since the storm so I prepared for the grind. We got out there in prettty...
  59. GOTTEM

    Local Quality Reds

    Hi BD, Sorry for the delayed reports. This has been couple of the trips when I remembered to take pictures. I think these were taken on the Western Pride, Freelance, Patriot. 1/2AM/PM Trips After going on as many trips as my schedule allows, these are some of the things I've noticed recent...
  60. GOTTEM

    For Sale Conolon 11’8” jigstick

    Hi BD, Got this old conolon one piece 11’8” jigstick. Unfortunately don’t know the rating, but feels like a 30-40lb glass jigstick. Would be a super project to rewrap. Glass is beautiful. Please inspect pictures. Looking for $200 obo. Would love to trade for cool blanks as well. 8-10’ blanks...
  61. GOTTEM

    SOLD 20lb 8'-9' Blank

    Hi BD, Looking to pick up a bass blank for my next build. Planning on pairing it with a 200 or 300 size reel. I always like Seeker and Calstars, but I'm pretty open to trying new things. Located in OC txt 9497338808
  62. GOTTEM

    WTB SKB 7000 MINI box

    Hi BD, Looking for a deal on a skb 7000 tackle box (with launchers, even better). Mini box only---I just bought a 7100 size last week and love it, but don't need a duplicate. I do have a nomad rolling bag if the seller is looking for a trade, I can add cash. Located in OC Txt 9497338808
  63. GOTTEM

    SOLD CHEAP Warbaits, Warbaits, Warbaits

    Hi BD, Don’t miss out on a killer deal on bass gear in bulk! If youve ever been into the stores, you know how expensive these leadheads are. Using the rainy days to clean up the grarage. Found a ton of super high quality baits, most new. They were kept in my backup roller box so most were...
  64. GOTTEM

    WTB AQUA 9ft Wawing

    Hello looking for a 9ft bass stick to add along my 9ft quiver. Looking for the trigger/cork models in aqua or white, used condition. Looking for a deal, doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. txt at 9497338808 if you have one available located in OC
  65. GOTTEM

    WTB Tranx Power Handle

    Hi BD, looking for a good deal on a factory shimano tranx 300/400 power handle. plastic knob or rubber grip doesn't matter. lightly used or new is preferred. Can paypal or meetup locally around OC. TXT is best 9497338808
  66. GOTTEM

    Tranx 200 Handle Help

    Hello BD, Anyone know if the Tranx 200 paddle handles can be directly replaced with a Tranx 300/400 single power handle? Thanks in advance BD
  67. GOTTEM

    SOLD SKB Small or Medium

    Hello BD, Looking to purchase a small or medium skb hard box with rocket launchers. Would like one used (or new if the price is right) that has a lot of life left, with no rust. Doesn't need to have the boxes included. Getting rid of a nomad rolling bag if anyone wants to convert to a roller...
  68. GOTTEM

    For Sale Seeker Ulua, Calstar, Okuma, Shimano, Cousins

    Hello BD, Selling the following: $old--Original Green S Glass LB Super Seeker Baby Ulua $old--Gloomis Greenwater (7'6" 10-20lb Mag-Medium) $80–Shimano Teramar (7'6" 10-20lb Medium) -cork is in good condition -shows usage, but 100% fish ready $60--Cousins Unmarked (7'3" 10-17lb Medium-Heavy)...
  69. GOTTEM

    For Sale G Loomis, (JDM) Shimano, Cousins

    Hello BD, Selling the following: $120--Gloomis Greenwater $80–Shimano Teramar $60--Cousins Unmarked $160--Shimano Scorpion 1000xt $150--Shimano Aldebaran Mg (Box and original handle) Txt is best, located in OC 9497338808
  70. GOTTEM

    Great Community

    Hey BD, I just wanted to make this post to appreciate how helpful and insightful this rod building forum has been! Few weeks back I posted a thread regarding where to buy/if they still exist these unique set of fuji guides. I got lots of leads, but Bill (fat cat) went above and beyond and sent...
  71. GOTTEM

    TRADE Trinidad 14a for Talica8/10ii

    Just like title says. The reel is in good condition, spooled 3/4 with green 40lb braid. Pics will be up later Txt is best 9497338808
  72. GOTTEM

    HELP! Looking for these Guides

    Hello BD, I heard these guides are discontinued but I’m hoping someone on here has a set they’re looking to part with or know where to get them. These are Fuji guides Please txt at 9497338808 if you have any leads
  73. GOTTEM

    Looking for a local builder

    Hello BD, Looking for a rod builder reasonably close to Orange County. I have a couple extra blanks I'm interested in getting wrapped. Hoping to get these rods built soon so hopefully a builder with availability. Have gear or cash, we can work something out. Txt is best 9497338808 Tight Lines
  74. GOTTEM

    For Sale Cheap Cousins & Shimano Rods

    Hello BD, Have the following for sale. All rods are ready to fish, and heavily discounted from MSRP. Cousins $old -red blank cousins 7’9” 2-6 oz lures (specs in pic) —Overall can pass off as new. Great condition and matches perfect with a 200 size reel $60 -unmarked blank cousins 7’3” 1/4-3/4...
  75. GOTTEM

    December Yellows!

    Hey BD! Happy New Year to all. Hope you guys have had a great 2018 season! Here’s to an even better 2019. Short version: —Yellows at the 150 Long version: —Hopped on the last trip of 2018 on my favorite local 1/2 day boat, the Western Pride. With Mike as captain, we headed towards the 150...
  76. GOTTEM

    December Yellowtail!

    Hey BD! Happy New Year to all. Hope you guys have had a great 2018 season! Here’s to an even better 2019. Short version: —Yellows at the 150 Long version: —Hopped on the last trip of 2018 on my favorite local 1/2 day boat, the Western Pride. With Mike as captain, we headed towards the 150...
  77. GOTTEM

    TRADE Tern 300 for Trinidad A

    Hey BD, Looking to trade my mint/like new tern 300 for a Trinidad A (model doesn’t matter). Willing to add a little cash depending on the condition of the Trinidad. Will sell for $280 cash. Located in Irvine CA 92603 Txt is best 9497338808
  78. GOTTEM

    WTB Stella Shimano Knob

    Hi BD, Looking for the direct replacement for the shimano white Trinidad knobs, the black Stella knobs. Located in Irvine CA TXT is best 9497338808
  79. GOTTEM

    WTB Medium sized Tackle backpack

    Hey BD, looking for a medium size tackle backpack. Doesn’t have to be too big. Located in OC txt is best 9497338808
  80. GOTTEM

    WTB Saltwater Bass Gear

    Hey BD, Looking to pick up some saltwater bass gear. Mainly looking for a combo for throwing plastics and another for structure sandbass For rods, I’m mainly looking for 7’6-8’ MED-HVY rods. Brands I prefer are: Megabass, Shimano, Seeker, and old Gloomis For reels, I’m looking for 200-400...
  81. GOTTEM

    WTB 7'11" or 8' Bass Rod

    Hi BD, Looking to pick up a new bass stick to try out. I prefer composites with a little more glass at the tip. Also interested in full glass sticks. Specifically interested in Megabass, G Loomis, Shimano Terez/Calcutta Series, Shikari, Seeker (ISP, React series, etc.) TXT is best 9497338808...
  82. GOTTEM

    TRADE TERN 300 for TN A'S

    Hello BD, Looking to trade my accurate tern 300 for a Trinidad silver A. Specifically looking for the models: 16NA, 16A, 20A, 14A The tern is pretty much brand new, only took it on one rockfish trip txt is best 9497338808 (OC, CA)
  83. GOTTEM

    For Sale UC, Shimano, Seeker (OC)

    Selling the following: $old—Seeker ISP 8’ (factory LB) $300—Shimano Thunnus 4000 & Terez Combo $160—United Composites Swimbait Finatic (factory) Specs are in the pictures Txt is best 9497338808
  84. GOTTEM

    Seeker EX? Rod ID Help

    Hey BD, Just took a gamble and bought an unmarked custom rod. I bought it assuming it was a Seeker blue EX blank. The blank color looks identical to my other blue EX rods. I was just looking for second opinions, and was wondering if any other manufacturers made blue glass blanks. Please refer...
  85. GOTTEM

    TRADE WTT Shimano Thunnus 4000 Ci4

    Hey BD, Looking to trade my Thunnus 4000 Ci4 for a 5000 or 6000 size spinning reel. Baitrunner feature is great but I don't fish bait on my spinners, so maybe someone will be able to get a better use out of it. Thunnus 4000 Ci4 -9/10 Cosmetically -10/10 Mechanically Feels just like new. Only...
  86. GOTTEM

    WTB Bucktail Hair

    Hey BD, Looking to make my own bucktails. Already got all the jighwads so I am currently looking for a bulk lot of bucktail hair. Interested in all colors, but specifically white, green, red, black, etc. A variety pack would be great. Also interested in a cheap vice if you have one available...
  87. GOTTEM

    For Sale Shimano Thunnus/Terez Combo

    Hey BD, Have a Shimano thunnus 4000CI4 with a terez spinning rod. $170 Thunnus CI4 4000 -9/5/10 Cosmetically -10/10 Mechanically -Spooled with 40lb Daiwa metered j braid $170 White Terez -Lifetime warranty -6'9" 40-80lb braid $320 for the combo -Open to trades for Shimano/accurate...
  88. GOTTEM

    SOLD LEADHEADS Bulk Order!

    Hey BD, Looking for someone who pours and can make me a some banana style head lead heads. Looking for a variety mostly 1/4, 1/2, and maybe some heavier ones. I'm located in Irvine CA but don't mind paying for shipping. Please txt me prices and pictures at 9497338808 Thanks in advance!
  89. GOTTEM

    For Sale Mint Shimano Calcutta 400D & Shimano Blackmoon

    Hey BD, $old CT400D Calcutta 400D. It is in great condition cosmetically (inspect pictures) and in 10/10 mechanical condition. Feels new like out of the box. Box is included. $100 Blackmoon Bag (LRG SZ) Large Shimano Blackmoon Bag, includes 4 trays Located in Irvine CA 92603 Willing to ship...
  90. GOTTEM

    For Sale Large Shimano Blackmoon Backpack

    Looking for $100 Have one in good condition for sale. comes with 4 trays. Txt 9497338808
  91. GOTTEM

    WTB Nomad or any Rolling Bag

    Looking for a good deal on a rolling bag with rocket launchers. I’m located in OC Irvine 92603. If you’re local please txt me 9497338808 Best Regards
  92. GOTTEM

    WTB Trinidad 12A/14A

    Hey BD, Looking for a clean/new trinidad 12a or 14a. I am located in Irvine CA 92603 Txt is best 9497338808
  93. GOTTEM

    WTB UC Swimbait Rods

    Looking to buy the following United Composites Swimbait rods: Custom or factory doesn't matter -711 L -711 M Located in Irvine CA 92603 TXT for fastest response 9497338808
  94. GOTTEM

    For Sale Nice Shimano Saltwater Reels

    Looking to sell or trade the following: For trades, mostly looking for a Shimano Trinidad 14a/16a/20a (cash on my end or multiple reels cash on your end) $250 Shimano Trinidad 14 GOLD —Has around 90% white spectra —includes rare gold Shimano tiburon-style clamp —9/10 mechanically and refer to...
  95. GOTTEM

    Calcutta 400d Handle Help

    Hey BD, looking to swap my stock paddle handle on my calcutta 400D to an aftermarket power handle. I think i found the right shaft fitment (8x5 75mm) but was wondering if anyone had any problems with the star drag system. The star drag is outside the handle and was wondering it that made the...
  96. GOTTEM

    WTB Seeker Blue EX Rods

    Looking to buy some Blue EX rods (S-glass). Prefer rods 8' and up (9's and uluas) Will Definitely consider all EX rods/blanks. Please txt 9497338808 Located in Irvine CA 92603 Pictures for attention
  97. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano Stella Rubber Handle for Trinidad 14a

    Looking for a stella knob handle to replace my 14a white handle. If you're interested in trading, I can do the white knob +cash, or just buy it outright. Please pm/text 9497338808 Located in Irvine 92603
  98. GOTTEM

    TRADE Shimano Power Handles

    Hey BD, Got an extra power handle off a tranx 400, looking to trade it for a power handle that fits on the calcutta 400D. Pretty sure it's a different fitting so looking for any suggestions that will fit it. My power handle is in like-new condition. Located in Irvine CA 92604 txt 9497338808
  99. GOTTEM

    TRADE SHIMANO Tranx, Curado, Terez for Trinidad 14a and 20a

    Looking to trade or sell the following gear. The reels are all in perfect mechanical condition ready to fish. Looking for: Trinidad 14A with Tiburon Clamp and Trinidad 20A with Tiburon Clamp Have the following: -Tranx 500PG 10/10 m 9/10 c ($old) Includes 80lb max cuatro, white knob, and...
  100. GOTTEM

    For Sale Curado/Seeker Combo

    Priced to sell quick. Reel is 10/10 mechanically, just serviced with new bearings/gears. Rod is Brand new no tags Specs in pictures. $280 TXT 9497338808 for fastest response Local pickup in Irvine 92603
  101. GOTTEM

    WTB Super Seeker 1x3 (blue)

    Hey Bd Community, Looking for a super seeker 1x3. Willing to take any color. If you have a blue EX series, even better. Please send pics and price to 9497338808 Located in Irvine 92603 Thanks in advance
  102. GOTTEM

    For Sale Curado 300e/blue lightning

    Hey BD, Have a great inshore setup for sale/trade (trinidad 14a). Rod: NEW no tags Seeker Blue Lightning 7’ -7' 12-20lb (BCSW 708-7') Reel: USED Shimano Curado 300e -just serviced by Shimano (new spool bearings [2], new gears, grease, oil) -Cosmetic 9/10 (inspect pictures) -Mechanically 10/10...
  103. GOTTEM

    WTB Great Condition Shimano Trinidad 14A

    Looking for a trinidad 14A to buy. if it has the tib clamp or line that is a plus. Please txt 9497338808 located in Irvine
  104. GOTTEM

    TRADE NEW Accurate BV600N for Talica 16II

    Looking to trade my new Accurate BV600N. Never used, just going a different direction now. Looking for a talica 16II or 12II in the same condition, cash can be added on either side depending on condition. Located in Irvine 92603 txt 9497338808
  105. GOTTEM

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 300 Handle

    Looking to trade my tranx paddle handle (300) for the tranx power handle/any power handle. Located in Irvine 92603 txt at 9497338808
  106. GOTTEM

    SOLD BLUE Super Seeker Ulua Blank

    Hey BD Fam, Looking to sell my Blue Glass Super Seeker Ulua blank. The rod has never been wrapped, just been sitting in my garage. Looking for cash, or will do a trade for a trinidad 14A. My blank + cash for a 14a Local pickup in Irvine 92603 Price: $250 obo Txt 9497338808 for fastest response
  107. GOTTEM

    For Sale Shimano Trinidads & Scorpion

    Hey BD Fam, Have the following for sale, all reels are ready to fish as is (10/10 mechanically) X2--Trinidad 20 Gold ($old gold clamp, $250 for the one with factory clamp) One has topshot with braid backing, the other had braid to the top X1--Shimano Scorpion Antares (JDM Calais with...
  108. GOTTEM

    WTB Accurate Valiant!

    Looking for the Accurate Valiant models in mint or new condition: -BV300 -BV2 400 I'm located in Irvine 92603 please txt at 9497338808
  109. GOTTEM

    For Sale Blue Glass ULUA

    Blue glass from Seeker. Never wrapped, ready to go. Perfect to wrap right before the jig bite is on. Price:$250 (trades for accurate boss or valiant/cash added either way) Local pickup in Irvine CA 92603 Txt 9497338808 for fastest response
  110. GOTTEM


    Hey Fam, Just pulled the trigger on my first valiant and can't wait to put it to good use. But now I need a clamp, any recommendations on some good clamps? Tiburon? If someone also has an extra one for sale hit the DM. Best, Kevin
  111. GOTTEM

    For Sale Shimano Baitcasters/Phenix

    Hey BD family, Looking to sell the following: $200 obo—Scorpion DC7 (200e7 with Digital cast control) $180 obo—Curado 200e7 (made in Japan) $160 obo—Curado 200e5 (made in Japan) $150 obo—Phenix UMBX (6'6" (6-12lb) Model: 606L) Prices more negotiable if you pick up a bundle.... Located in...
  112. GOTTEM

    WTB BULK Deal on Leadheads!

    What's up BD Family, Made a post like this a while back and got a great deal on leadheads, but can't find the member I last bought from. Looking for a variety of leadheads (painted would be ideal) ranging from 1oz-8oz heads. Doesn't have to be anything too fancy, I prefer to the banana style...
  113. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano Clamps

    Hey BD Fam! looking to buy couple clamps for my trinidad 16 & 20. The factory clamp would work (went to shimano and they are out of stock) but the gold clamps would be preferred. Also be in the market for a used tiburon clamp as well. please contact me (txt) 9497338808 located in Irvine (92603)
  114. GOTTEM

    TRADE TRADE Jdm Shimano reels for Gold Trinidads

    Hey BD fam, LOOKING TO TRADE OFF: Used Shimano Scorpion DC7 ($200) —this is a JDM version of the 2008 icast winner green Curado 200e7. 7:1 gear ratio with a Digital cast control; perfect for bass fishing. Used Shimano Curado 200E7 ($180) —same platform that won the 2008 Icast show. Made in...
  115. GOTTEM

    Fishing knots HELP

    Hey BD fam, Looking for some insight/leads to the most reliable knots you guys have fished. I’m familiar with the FJ, San Diego, tony Pena, etc. but I’m having trouble finding the best knots for these 2 specific applications. 1) a strong loop knot for fluorocarbon; specifically intended to...
  116. GOTTEM

    ACCURATE lineup help!

    Hey Guys! For the last couple months I’ve been slowly transitioning to using Accurates for heavier offshore applications. That being said, the lineup to the untrained eye is quite daunting and I’m hoping to get the basic breakdowns for all the applications/reels. Mainly asking about the...
  117. GOTTEM

    WTB GLoomis Rods (Bucara)!

    Hey BD Fam, Looking for the following G loomis models. Mainly looking for rods to pair with a 300 size reel or bass rods. -GLX models -IMX models -Bucara Rods If you got any of these old sticks laying around, let me know! Would love to pick up multiple rods (preferably from one seller)...
  118. GOTTEM

    For Sale SEEKER & PHENIX

    Have the following rods for sale: $240--Mint Condition Super Seeker (SS270-8’) 15-25lb Long Beach Made $150--Mint Condition Phenix UMBX (6’6”, 6-12lb) Will accept trades of equal value for G Loomis Bass rods TXT at 9497338808 for fastest response Local pickup at Irvine 92603
  119. GOTTEM

    WTB Gold Trinidads & Gloomis (NRX, GLX, Greenwater)

    What's up fam! Looking to buy the following reels: -Shimano Trinidad 14 Gold -Shimano Trinidad 16 Gold -Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold -Gloomis GLX models -Gloomis NRX models -Gloomis Greenwater models Looking to pick up multiple reels, so the more reels you have the better... Trying to avoid...
  120. GOTTEM

    For Sale Quality Seekers & Shimano!

    Hey BD Fam, Have the following for sale: All rods are in beautiful condition, ready to be fished unless noted otherwise Shimanos: $old--Red Shimano Terez Spinning (TZS-69MH-SR) 6'9" rated 40-80lb braid $old--BRAND NEW Shimano Exage (XAC76H) 7'6" rated 12-30lb Long Beach Super Seekers (Factory...
  121. GOTTEM

    SOLD White Shimano Stradic 4000FJ

    Hello fam, Have the following reel for sale: Shimano Stradic 4000FJ -9/10 Cosmetic -10/10 Mechanical -spooled with 30lb powerpro This thing is ready to kill some fish! Perfect calico/inshore spinning reel. Price: $130 OBO TXT 9497338808 for fastest response Local pickup at Irvine 92603...
  122. GOTTEM

    WTB: Shimano Chronarch D series/Curado 200E

    Hey BD Family, Looking for the follow reels: Shimano Chronarch D7/D5 Shimano Curado 200E7/E5 Shimano Chronarch 200E7/E5 If you have any that you're looking to let go, please txt me at 9497338808 Thanks in advance
  123. GOTTEM

    SHIMANO/ Lure lot

    Selling everything pictured for $120 Bag is included. Jig box only—$40 Marauders & everything else—$90 Txt at 9497338808 for fastest response Local pick up at Irvine (92603) or shipping on the buyer (PayPal f & f//Venmo)
  124. GOTTEM

    8/24 New Seaforth AM & PM half day

    Hoppped on an AM half day trip out of seaforth landing after seeing the insane counts. Once we arrived at seaforth landing at 6:00am the boat promptly left at 6:30. We were greeted with beautiful bait-cured sardines (5-7 inches) & mackerel. AM Trip- We arrived at a local spot just approx 30...
  125. GOTTEM

    8/21 Aggressor at San Clemente

    Been itching to go out on the water lately so I made a last minute decision to get on a boat. Booked an overnight trip on the Aggressor out of Newport Landing and we were off! The entire ride was eerily calm. Smoothest crossing I've ever experienced to San Clemente. When we arrived at the...
  126. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 16 & 20

    Looking for Shimano Trinidsd 16 & 20. Gold or silver doesn't matter. PleSe send me pics and price. Txt me at 9497338808 for fastest response.
  127. GOTTEM

    Assorted lures

    Everything in the picture for $80 OBO Local pickup in Irvine CA (92603) Will ship for $13 (venmo/PayPal gift) TXT at 9497338808
  128. GOTTEM

    Shimano Scorpion DC & Calcutta 300 TE

    Hey BD family, Selling: $old-- JDM Scorpion DC (Shimano Curado 200E7 with a digital cast control) -smoothest reel ever, freespools forever -mechanically 10/10 -cosmetics are great, but look at pics for reference Pending-- Calcutta 300TE -mechanically great -cosmetics are pretty good, but look...
  129. GOTTEM


    Hey BD fam, Have the following for sale. Everything is sold as is, some used some new. Local pick up in Irvine 92603 Will ship on your dime (PayPal or venmo) TXT at 9497338808 for fastest response PRICE: $110 OBO lowballs will be ignore
  130. GOTTEM

    SHIMANO Talica/Trinidad/Calcutta

    Hey BD fam, Got the following for sale: (X2) $420-BNIB Talica 12II - Both Sold $400-BNIB Trinidad 16A - Sold $390-BNIB Trinidad 12A - Sold $270-USED Calcutta 300TE Pickup in Irvine CA (92603) Will ship for $13 extra TXT at 9497338808
  131. GOTTEM

    WTB: Trinidad 14,16,20 (Gold or Silver)

    Hey BD, Looking for the following Trinidads in gold or silver in great-excellent condition: 14,16, 20 Please text pictures and price to 949 733 8808 Located in Irvine CA (92603) Thanks
  132. GOTTEM

    WTB: TRINIDAD 14,16,20

    Hey BD Family, Looking for gold trinidad 14, 16, 20. In good cosmetic condition please. Please send pic and price to 949-733-8808 Located in Irvine Kevin
  133. GOTTEM

    Calstar 700H

    Hey BD Fam, Got a Custom calstar graphiter 700h for sale. The deckhand handle could definitely use a fresh wrap, but is fully functional as is. Stainless steel guides to the tip, rod is definitely used. Super simplistic theme of black on black, no model designation, name, or anything fancy...
  134. GOTTEM

    Shimano Trinidad 40N's

    Hey guys, This is your chance at picking up the best Yo-Yo reel of all time! These reels are increasingly rare and collectible. The reels are 10/10 mechanically (buttery smooth like it just came out of the box). Cosmetically are 8.5/10, but ratings are subjective so please carefully examine the...
  135. GOTTEM

    1999 Jeep Wrangler

    Selling my 99 Jeep Wrangler. Just gone off to college and have no use for two cars now so it's time to let it go :( Paint is rough but it's a jeep. Runs perfect, feel free to come check it out and take it for a spin. Perfect fun off road car or cool first car for your kid! BLACK 1999 JEEP...
  136. GOTTEM

    WTB: Trout Setup!

    Hey BD, Mainly looking for a stradic ci4 1000 & Shikari 804 or 805. Open to other gear along the lines of it. Have cash in hand or saltwater gear for trade... Located in Irvine TXT @ 9497338808
  137. GOTTEM

    1999 Jeep Wrangler

    Hey BD, Got a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Black on black. Has roughly 132,XXX miles. Clean title, runs great and has couple upgrades. Nice lift, fresh tires, light bar, to hitch, and fresh transmission. Price: $10,500 OBO Txt at 9497338808 Located in Irvine, txt me to make appts to check it out
  138. GOTTEM

    HELP Bent guides..

    hey BD, I just picked up a factory wrapped purple SS, but I was stupid and didn't inspect the rod until I took it home, noticed that the rod guide (first one) was bent, and was wondering if anyone could fix it for me. Looking to also rewrap the handle and add a matching purple/red or other color...
  139. GOTTEM

    ORGINAL Super Seekers/Calstars, Shimano Tranx HG

    Got couple of nice factory rods for sale. All rods are in excellent condition, no rust of any sort, can easily pass off as new. From left to right: $320- SS ULUA 93H-9 1/4' CT (30-60) It is cut from the tip. Best heavy jigstick money can buy SOLD-SS 270H-8'CT (20-30lb) Best 25lb live bait Rod...
  140. GOTTEM


    If you have any aftermarket Shimano gold Trinidad clamps, txt me the price and # u have. Located in Irvine Txt anytime 9497338808 Kevin
  141. GOTTEM


    Hey BD got some lures for sale. This is a LOT, not trying to separate ATM. Includes: used Shimano orca pop River 2 sea popper (new no box) 3 waxwing jr (new no box) $80 picked up in Irvine Will ship for 13$ in medium flat rate box. PayPal gift only Txt at 9497338808 for fastest response
  142. GOTTEM

    Freelance 1/2 Twilight (9-10)

    Decided to go on a short trip out of the freelance at Daveys Locker. Left promptly st 7pm and was on the way. Captain Rusty said the bass fishing had been slow, and tonight was no different. Fished couple spots around the pipe. Lots of effort for little result. Couple of sculpin, small...
  143. GOTTEM

    WTB:Seeker ULUA (CEX) Composite Extreme Blue 10’

    Hey BD, looking for the Seeker ULUA (CEX) Composite Extreme Blue 10’. Complete or blank. Have cash or can offer other fishing gear to trade. txt me at 9497338808 Kevin
  144. GOTTEM

    Liberty 3/4 (9-9)

    Woke up at 330 AM and made a last minute decision to fish the liberty out of fisherman's landing. Quickly grabbed all my rods and sped down to San Diego. Arrived at the landing at 520, bought a ticket and was on the way. Promptly left at 530 and went to load up the bait. The baits were healthy...
  145. GOTTEM

    WTB Calstar 900XL/BLANK

    hey BD, Looking for a factory wrapped calstar 900XL rated 10-25lb. Please only looking for rods in great condition. If you got one for sale, txt me at 949 733 8808 Located in Irvine
  146. GOTTEM

    San Diego 3/4 (9/6)

    Decided to go out fishing last night and hopped on the San Diego out of Seaforth Landing. Arrived at the landing at 5am to a pleasant surprise; there was only around 20 anglers! Left promptly and picked up some good sardines at the bait barge. After we loaded up we were on the way. Finally...
  147. GOTTEM

    WTT: Trinidad 16NA for Super Seeker

    Hey BD, Got a Shimano Trinidad 16NA ($400) for trade. The reel is 10/10 Mech, 9/10 cosmetically. Looking to trade for long beach made factory wrapped Super Seekers: Mainly looking for 8 foot rods and up (Uluas, baby uluas, live bait rods, etc) Trade plus cash on your end, or multiple rods for...
  148. GOTTEM


    Hey BD, I'm new to seeker, and have come to really love their rods, specifically the super seeker series made in long beach. But I've seen them all online, with different terms, and have started to get confused. The usual colors I've seen them in are in maroon, but have occasionally seen them in...
  149. GOTTEM

    Original Factory SUPER SEEKER SS 970-7'

    Hi Guys, Got a original super seeker 970-7'. This Rod is there one with the turbo guides, unlike the current lineup. The Rod is in great condition, and rated 20-30. $220 Price is firm Located in Irvine Txt anytime for fastest response: 949 733 8808
  150. GOTTEM

    Pursuit at Catalina (8-10)

    Short story: all you want firecracker yellows at Catalina What worked: 20lb-25lb Fluoro with 1/0 live sardine/ lead head and live squid Crocodiles What didn't work: Surface Irons Long story: Been wanting to go fishing for a while and finally found a window of opportunity to go. Looked at all...
  151. GOTTEM

    Catalina Island Yellows Tips

    Hey Guys, I'm heading out to Catalina tomorrow (wednesday 8-10) on the Pursuit out of 22nd Street and was looking for some advice. I'm thinking of bringing these set ups: Calcutta 200TE/Crucial- Bass rod Trini 16na/SS- 25lb bait Trini 16a/SS- 30lb bait Tranx/10' SS ULUA- Jigstick/popper rod I...
  152. GOTTEM

    WTB Tiburon Clamp for TRANX

    Hey Guys, Looking for a new/used tiburon clamp that fits my Shimano Tranx. Have cash in hand or can offer some JDM yellowtail jigs for trade. TXT 949 733 8808 Kevin anytime
  153. GOTTEM

    Rod/Reel Help!

    Hi Guys, I just picked up a 10 footer deckhand style rod and my reel clamp is too narrow for the handle. The stock clamp screws are too narrow and is squeezing/damaging the tuna cord. the reel is a Trinidad 20A. Any ideas/ aftermarket clamps you guys think would help. And if you guys got one for...
  154. GOTTEM

    HELP Rod finishes

    Hi guys, I just picked up two rods that need a little bit of work. One needs a new shrink tube over the handle, and both need a new layer of clear coat since they're really scratched up. If anyone can help me with this or can recommend me to someone who is really experienced, please hit me up...
  155. GOTTEM

    WTB Standing Rod Rack

    Hey guys, looking for a relatively cheap rod rack. Just txt me price and pics. I also have a shimano caenan I'm willing to trade for one if interested. Kevin 949 733 8808 Located in Irvine
  156. GOTTEM

    *$180 Phenix PSW 807 ML ISA

    Hello guys, I have a mint Phenix ISA 807ML for sale. Only used a handful of times, can pass off as new. Asking 210 OBO. Lowballs will be kindly ignored. TXT anytime for fastest response 949 733 8808 Rod is located in Irvine California Kevin
  157. GOTTEM

    WTB: curado 200e, chronarchs, etc.

    hey guys, Looking to expand my freshwater arsenal so I'm looking for some new reels. If you got any of these reels for a reasonable price, txt me @949 733 8808 Looking for a bunch of: Curado 200e7 Curado 200e5 Curado 50e Chronarch D, MG Core Calais DC Located in Irvine, CA
  158. GOTTEM

    WTB: Trinidad 16A/16NA

    Looking for a used (like new) trinidad 16NA or 16A. If you got one for sale at a good price, txt me at 949 733 8808. Pics would be greatly appreciated. Have cash in hand and can meet up ASAP. Located in OC Kevin
  159. GOTTEM

    WTB Shimano Chronarch D5/D7

    Hey Guys, Looking for Chronarch D5 or D7s. If you got any for sale, TXT me at 949 733 8808 Kevin
  160. GOTTEM


    Hey Guys, Looking for all these, so if you happen to have one, hit me up Reasonable offers only, TXT @949 733 8808, Have cash in hand ready to pick up today SS 980-8' SS 670-7'S
  161. GOTTEM

    FS: 2013 Porsche Boxster

    Hello Guys, Looking to sell my 2013 Porsche Boxster. Currently has 43k miles, but will continue to go up as it is my daily driver. Great weekend cruise and perfect for the summer, just need a more practical ride now. PRICE: 38K firm TXT anytime or call during the day for more information 949...
  162. GOTTEM

    WTB: Curado 300E/300EJ

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a used but not abused 300E/300EJ. Please, reasonable deals only. I have a Curado 200I I can throw in the deal as well if interested. TXT for fastest response: 949 733 8808 Kevin
  163. GOTTEM


    Hey Guys, Sadly I'm letting go of my Wrangler. Enjoyed it on the weekends occasionally for a year and put couple thousand miles on it (bought it at 125k, now at 131k). Great vehicle for off-roading and coolest first car! The car is stripped (no carpeting) and a hardcore vehicle. It has: -3 IN...
  164. GOTTEM

    Phenix Hybrid V. Super Seeker?

    Hey guys, I've always been a fan of Phenix rods, and have only used them to this day. For these big bluefin, I love the Hybrid specifically, because they're a lot stiffer than the normal black diamonds. But I've recently heard a lot of the rods have been breaking, and they're made in china. I've...
  165. GOTTEM

    WTT Phenixs for Super Seekers

    Hey guys, I'm looking to try seeker rods, so I gotta let go of some of my Phenixs Phenix PHD-760H for your SS-6470-7' Mint Phenix PSW -760M for your SS 270-8'/ SS 980-8'/ SS 890-9' Mint Phenix 809H for your SS 270-8'/ SS 980-8'/ SS 890-9' Factory Wrapped ONLY please *Will add cash depending on...