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  1. RyanErb

    Export Garmin Waypoints

    Garmin 942xs I saved the way points to a memory card and then put them on my computer. They are in a file format called ADM. There are a few tools on the Internet to convert this file but nothing is working. I want to be able to read the way points in a regular format like gpx or xml etc. Anyone...
  2. RyanErb

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta 200D - BRAND NEW

    I am selling this brand new, unused reel. Got this and did not end up using it. Shimano CT200D Calcutta reel. Brand new in the box, never used. Right handed. Save and pay no tax. My loss, your gain. Great for bass fishing, swimbaits, etc Price $295 Pickup: Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo...
  3. RyanErb

    For Sale CLEAN Parker 2110 - 200HP Yamaha 4-Stroke

    Hi Guys, Well, my dad decided to move up to a bigger boat, so we are letting his beloved Parker go! He has spent so much time fine tuning this boat, it was like his baby. 1997 Parker 2110 walkaround 2011 Yamaha 200 4 strokewith 691 hrs I bought the boat in 2013 with 80 hrs on the engine and...
  4. RyanErb

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 2-Speed Reels - BRAND NEW

    I have Daiwa Saltiga 20's, 35, and 40. All brand new. All 2 speed. Size 20: $295 - sold, no more left Size 35: $345 ONE LEFT Size 40: $395- sold, no more left
  5. RyanErb

    Flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw?

    You roll up on a flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw? I really assume 'size' of lure will depend on bait size (if you can even identify what exact bait they are on). My point being, it seems like almost any of the following items in the poll could be bit in reality... Maybe...
  6. RyanErb

    Last 2016 Rockcod Trip - Low Key

    Went out on a last trip out of Port San Luis. Caught a surprising amount of Lings, tons in the 19-21 inch range. A few bigger models around 27-28". For pics and more, head over to my blog post so I don't have to post the stuff twice...
  7. RyanErb

    181 9/16 3YFT

    My brother fished the 181 today. They had three scoops of dines and ended up in the fleet. They had 6 hookups and landed 3. Light line and straightened hook were part of the failures. 20lb and #2. You know the story. Lots of chum helped. Should be busy out there tomorrow! Sent from my iPhone...
  8. RyanErb

    Sonar Screenshots - Paddy

    Took these mid channel last weekend between Long Beach and Catalina. What do you think? We couldn't get anything to bite... 5 drifts...
  9. RyanErb

    Catalina Yellowtail

    Just got done fishing Catalina Sat/Sun/Mon (stayed in Avalon) Fished the East End Trolled many hours pulling the X-Raps about 4-5mph Never got a yellow on the xrap, only bonito Lost a nicer grade yellow on 25lb on a live sardine on Saturday, 115ft of water, fly line with egg sinker Landed a...
  10. RyanErb

    Islands Yellowtail Report

    I'm surprised for how many boats are at the Islands that there aren't more reports... I guess not everyone is on bloody decks, eh? Or perhaps since there are already 100 boats out there, any reports are just going to bring another 100 boats out there? We made the run from SB Saturday 7/30. Our...
  11. RyanErb

    Get Out Those Downriggers - Bluefin

    Well... Who isn't tired of those foamer schools of bluefin sinking out after 20 seconds and not biting? Might want to try a few other tactics, including fishing deep with downriggers while slow trolling live bait.... Just read a report on social media catching a 200lb+ BFT 75ft down on the...
  12. RyanErb

    July 16/17 Report - Full moon anyone?

    I wasn't out but my dad was and was chasing the bluefin in all the normal spots, off oceanside 8-15 miles, etc. Saturday: large volume of fish, not a lot of biters, had a smaller BF on but popped off at deep color. Sunday: Lots of show, no go. Finally got a 70lb on a live mac. Lost another on a...
  13. RyanErb

    Humminbird Down-Scan

    I feel like the down scan is really helpful because it helps decipher things like kelp... See screenshot below:
  14. RyanErb

    Yellowtail - Islands - Report

    First off, thanks for all the guys who put up with me on here asking questions. Still learning and trying to get better everyday. Quick island trip today. Launched outta SB and headed straight for San Pedro Point at Cruz. Nice crossing, foggy but no wind, averaged probably 22kts Upon...
  15. RyanErb

    Inshore - Fishing the 'Pipes'

    Excuse my lack of knowledge, was wondering if someone could fill me in on all these 'Pipes' that people talk about...Buccaneer Pipe, Goleta Pipe, Santa Ana River Pipe, etc Typically coming from an onshore spot and going out into the sea, fish seem to congregate around these pipes. Now for the...
  16. RyanErb

    Garmin 74DV - 549.99 Sale

    Figured some guys might be interested, got a email from West Marine saying they will have the Garmin 74DV on sale for 549.99 for one day only, June 3rd.
  17. RyanErb

    Jig stick rod holders

    My calstar 8 ft jig stick is too fat in the butt to fit in my standard rod holders on my skiff boat. What does everybody use as rod holders for these larger 8 to 10 foot jig sticks? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. RyanErb

    Shimano Curado 300E Reel - Excellent Condition

    Hi guys, selling this because I need the left hand version instead of the right. Excellent condition as seen in the picture. I don't think this thing has ever seen any salt! Asking $175 & free shipping to anywhere on the west coast (excluding Hawaii/Alaska). Let me know if you have any...
  19. RyanErb

    Underwater Webcam at Anacapa Island

    Well this is not very common, but the fish report is 1 calico bass, as seen on the underwater webcam at Anacapa haha Obviously you only get to see whatever is in front of the camera, but worth checking out if you are interested...
  20. RyanErb

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    It's been awhile since I have gone but plan on going this year. What should I expect in terms of discounts and offers? Will I be able to get a top of the line rod from one of the major manufacturers for 50% off? How deep do the discounts really go? ('Show specials') Would you say the show...
  21. RyanErb

    Curado 300E vs 300EJ

    I'm looking at both these reels and want to study the differences in detail. Differences I am aware of: Power handle Retrieve ratio I'm sure there are some other differences, what could they be? Is one more suited for saltwater than the other? Are the internals the exact same? (I read...
  22. RyanErb

    Video: Retrieving Boat in Storm Surge

    I took this video the other day up where I live, amazing to see at one point the boat sitting in the sand... Crazy!
  23. RyanErb

    Zero Impact Braid Question

    Hello Shimano Rep, on the Zero Impact braid, what happens if I tie a knot in the yellow zone instead of the black zone? If I run out of black zone, I don't want to cut 20 feet of braid just to get to another black zone... seems like I will be down to no line on my reel if I keep taking this...
  24. RyanErb

    WTB Calstar WCDH-6480-C / 6480

    Looking to get a 8ft Jig stick, Calstar 6480 (Glass). These go for 179 at some of the local tackle shops, looking for the black model, not the tan. Let me know what you got and the condition and location! Pics are helpful! -Ryan
  25. RyanErb

    Furbag Population in Trouble

    Well, while everyone is crying over these seals struggling, I would think most of us are hooraying and hooting. Sounds like a study is saying the sea lions are struggling after El Nino... hopefully they are right! Check out the full article here...
  26. RyanErb

    8ft Calico Rod Under $100 - Help!

    Alright guys, I need to round out the rigs and get a lightweight rod, mostly for calicos and inshore rockfish. Mostly fishing big hammer swimbaits, etc. Will hopefully be matching with a Shimano Curado 301e and 50lb braid. I know there are a TON of great rods out there, but I'm on a pretty...
  27. RyanErb

    Black Friday Fishing Gear - Discussion

    I posted after this guy, so use this thread!
  28. RyanErb

    After work with the Wife - PSL Bonito

    Well the wind was down, decided to go for it and take the boat out. Seems like none of my guy friends could go, so I dragged the wife (8 months pregnant...) along (which she wasn't thrilled about). Water about 65.8, was real dirty in the habor and cleared up outside. Went to about 100 ft of...
  29. RyanErb

    Port San Luis Rockfish & Lost Tackle Bag - Reward

    Hey guys, I fished Sunday off the personal hoist on the pier at PSL. Fished out in 100 feet of water outside the jetty, caught a few rockies and a nice blue before the other guy on the boat started the puke thing. I'm thinking I left my brown / green tackle bag on the pier next to the hoist...
  30. RyanErb

    Local Yellowtail - Sportboats

    Seems like the local sport boats have been doing good on the yellows... (Ventura/etc) Don't have access to the boat right now, figured maybe I would try to hop on a boat. Called Cisco's about the Gentlemen, they said on the weekends they usually only bottom fish because of the full load of 60...
  31. RyanErb

    Meter Marks - Tuna Marks - Pics

    Lets all post up some pics of what the meter marks are looking like this season with tuna 100 feet down. People are pulling up on paddies and metering fish 100-150 feet down and chunking them up. Both times I've gone out I've seen a few 'blue specks'.... I haven't seen my meter light up...
  32. RyanErb

    8-9 YFT San Pedro Channel

    Short report Water 69. Bummer I think temp dropped. Found paddy Had to chunk for at least 40 min... Had no live deans Finally get bit on a chunk Had a double but one popped off. Fish never came up. Slow day in channel not much at Avalon Bank. Will post pic soon.
  33. RyanErb

    150 - 8/10 - Marlin

    Fished the 150 for the first time in my life from about 10-12 on the way in from Catalina. Only had 4 big spanish macs from cat. The fleet got big around 11am. Seems like lots of hookups all around. A guy in a grey pilothouse hooked a marlin next to us. Everyone was watching it jump. Fish...
  34. RyanErb

    Best Month of El Nino 2015?

    What is everyone thinking is going to be the 'best' month this El Nino? July August September October Is this fishing just going to get better or are we already at the prime? When will it start tapering off? Which month is going to go down down as 'the best of 2015' do you think? Trying to...
  35. RyanErb

    Kill Bag

    Here's a kill bag up for sale, posting the link to craigslist since we already posted the pics and description on there.
  36. RyanErb

    Personal Best White Seabass

    Got this fish on Saturday, 80 feet of water on two squid pinned on the hook. Ran like a freight train and got it to the boat. Fun times!
  37. RyanErb

    Yellowtail Science - Where are they?

    Seeing that the yellowtail bite has been slow at best around the islands, lets review what brings in fish: Bait must be present - Sounds like squid is holding up at some key spots, and there is some mackerel Current - Not sure how this is going, usually with some tide swings there is some...
  38. RyanErb

    Late Yellow Report

    I've been wanting to get a yellow for quite some time, thanks to those who have provided some tips and techniques here on the board! Picked up a yellow on Saturday 6/27. About 80 feet of water on a mackerel on dropper loop. Pulled hard, surfaced with a ton of kelp on the line & fish and a seal...
  39. RyanErb

    Sonar Interpretation - Screenshot

    I am still a rookie and would love some confirmations on what exactly is visible in the sonar shot below. I took this shot this weekend, fishing out of Avila Beach a mile or two offshore, fishing for salmon. I think I am looking at most of this and thinking wow, lots of baitballs... but in...
  40. RyanErb

    Yellowtail - When to Anchor?

    I will be the first to tell you I am just learning yellowtail fishing, hence my questions. If I was an expert, I wouldn't be asking these questions. So instead, I am looking for some expert opinions.... thank you for the help! So right now a lot of the yellows are getting caught on the...
  41. RyanErb

    Anacapa / Santa Cruz 4/19

    To contribute back: Water 58 front side, up to 61 at SCI Lots of bait, dolphin, birds Never found the 'right kind' Scratchy bite, majority of fish still down south I think Need to put in more time out there, I'm still learnin the ropes If you want to see a few photos of the islands, click the...
  42. RyanErb

    WTB: Calstar 610

    Looking to see what is out there and at what price for Calstar 610 (7ft 25-60). Let me know what you have, how old, and color. Thanks, Ryan
  43. RyanErb

    Great Prices for Saltist Reels & Question

    I was looking to buy a saltist and found this site. Has anyone ordered from it? Their prices beat some of the others by quite a bit... Also, it looks like some sites are listing the 35 as: STTBG35H...