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  1. FishWiz

    Shimano Calcutta 400B (Level Wind) - Like New with Box - $165

    Selling like new, Shimano Calcutta 400B (level wind) Reel with original box, manuals and tool. $165.00 Text to 619.654.1161 Glenn
  2. FishWiz

    Shimano Torium 30 & Seeker American A870-7 - $150

    Shimano Torium 30 Reel with Spectra Backing and Seeker American Series A870-7 15 (20) 25lb Rod priced for immediate sale. First $150 takes it. Mira Mesa area. Glenn 858-800-4520
  3. FishWiz

    ~100 Soft Plastics & Torpedo Sinkers - $20

    ~100 variety Soft Plastics, 4ea. 12oz. Torpedo Sinkers and 3ea. 8oz. Torpedo Sinkers. All for $20 Glenn 858.800.4520
  4. FishWiz

    ICOM IC-M11 Emergency Radio/Waterproof Case Kit - $80

    ICOM IC-M11 6 Watt Handheld Marine VHF Transceiver with CM-7G Ni-Cad Battery Pack and one CM12G Alkaline Battery Pack. Comes with recharger. Everything in very high strength durable high-vis waterproof case. $80.00 New Lowered Price Call Glenn @ 858-800-4520 and leave message. Will call...
  5. FishWiz

    Penn 113h 4/0 Tiburon/Accuplate Conversion

    Penn 113h 4/0 with Red Tiburon Frame/Spool and Accuplate sideplate conversion - Like new $190.00 Glenn 619.654.1161
  6. FishWiz

    Shimano and Penn Reels

    Penn International 50T with box, bag, tools and lube - Great Condition - Just Serviced - $265.00 Penn 113h 4/0 Red Tiburon Topless Frame/Spool and Red Accuplate Sides Conversion - Like new - $210.00 Shimano TLD 30 2-Speed with box and manual - Nice - Just Serviced - $165.00 Shimano TLD 25 - Good...
  7. FishWiz

    Ranger Unbreakable Fiberglass Handle Fishing Net & Aluminum 17" Hoop Net

    2 Used Fishing Nets for sale: 1 ea. Ranger Unbreakable Fiberglass Retracting Handle Net, 32" Hoop, 48" Handle 1 ea. Aluminum 36" Fixed Handle, 17" Hoop, Net $38.00 for both 619.654.1161 Glenn
  8. FishWiz

    Fishing Nets: Promar LN-501B and Aluminum 22" Net

    Selling 2 Used Nets together: 1 ea. Promar LN-501B - 28" x 30" Hoop, 54" Retractable Handle, Durasoft Catch and Release Mesh 1 ea. Aluminum ~22" Hoop, 48" Retractable Handle $35.00 for both 619.654.1161 Glenn
  9. FishWiz

    Flying Gaff - 8' Handle - 6" SS Hook - Price Reduced

    Used 8' Handle Flying Gaff with 6" Stainless Steel Hook. 5/8" Rope Price Reduced: $85.00 (Girlfriend not included) 619.654.1161 Glenn
  10. FishWiz

    SOLD: Shark Lures (Bait-O-Matic Lures)

    For Sale: - 3 Large Bait-O-Matic style 16oz. (2 rigged, 3rd, comes with parts to rig) - 5 Medium Bait-O-Matics ~3oz. rigged, new in package $70.00 for all, price reduced Send text to 619.654.1161 Glenn
  11. FishWiz

    SOLD - Kill Bag - 20" x 48" - Used - Reliable Fishin Products - $110.00

    No rips, zipper works perfectly - used $110.00 (These are $239.00 new) Glenn Text 619.654.1161
  12. FishWiz

    Zwing 250 & Zwing 500 for sale - $45 for both

    1 each Zwing 250 (All Trolling Speeds - Now sold as Zwing Model 150, $69.95 new) 1 each Zwing 500 (High Trolling Speeds - Now sold as Zwing Model 350, $69.95 new) $45.00 for both, first come, first serve Text me at 619.654.1161 Glenn
  13. FishWiz

    Volvo Penta - A5 Duo Props - Used

    Matched set of Volvo Penta A5 Duo Props in good condition for sale - $325.00 Glenn 619.654.1161 (Leave message)
  14. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    26’ Blackman Billfisher 1983 Semi-Custom designed hand built commercial quality manufacturing by Blackman Boats, Inc., San Diego, CA Excellent condition – This boat has been expertly reconditioned with every attention to detail. Including new deck, new non-skid and deck paint, outdrive paint...
  15. FishWiz

    26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    26’ Blackman Billfisher 1983 Semi-Custom designed hand built commercial quality manufacturing by Blackman Boats, Inc., San Diego, CA Excellent condition – This boat has been expertly reconditioned with every attention to detail. Including new deck, new non-skid and deck paint, outdrive paint...
  16. FishWiz

    30 Amp 50ft Shore Power Cord

    Well used (not pretty), 30Amp 50ft Marinco Shore Power Cord $25.00 Glenn (619) 654.1161
  17. FishWiz

    ProFlow Bait Tank PF-22

    ProFlow Kodiak Bait Tank - PF2-22 (22 Gallon) With Hold Down Kit 17" W x 22" L x 24 1/4" H $140 Glenn (619) 654.1161
  18. FishWiz

    Volvo DuoProps - Rebuilt B4 Set, Used A5 Set, Used A3 Set

    Volvo Penta DuoProps B4 Set - Rebuilt - with nice custom carry/storage cases - $400 A5 Set - Used (hubs good, paint ugly) - $175 A3 Set - Used (hubs good, paint ugly) - $175 Glenn (619) 654-1161
  19. FishWiz

    Mercury Prop Aluminum 3-Blade - New - 15-1/4" x 15" (48-78116-15)

    Mercury Prop Aluminum 3-Blade - New - 15-1/4" x 15" (48-78116-15). Hub Kit Req. $70.00 obo. Mira Mesa area Glenn 619.654.1161
  20. FishWiz

    My Loony Bun is fine Benny Lava

    YouTube - Benny Lava...(WITH LYRICS) Halarious Funny. Hope it's not a repost.
  21. FishWiz

    Owning land in Mexico?

    Question: From my research, and everything I have heard, you can't actually own property in the Restricted Zone in Mexico, right? "The Mexican Constitution prohibits direct ownership of real estate by foreigners in what has come to be known as the "restricted zone." The restricted zone...
  22. FishWiz

    Milton Bradley fun when on your team

    Just struck out on a pitch in the dirt and looked really stupid digging for it. So what does he do, snap bat over his knee as if it was Balsa wood.... fucking great shit. :urno1: Padres day in and day out 'they all get along in the clubhouse' no personality was getting boring. This shit is...
  23. FishWiz

    For CSI fans

    If repost, so what. Funny even if telegraphed ending.
  24. FishWiz

    Pompeous tailgaiting on Padre fans

    As some of you know, I am a big Padre fan (and Chargers)... shit like this pisses me off.. beetch (along with Feinstien) closed down most of our offroad racing areas in the early 90s (I used to professionally race Enduros). Beetch (both) live(s) in bay area.. and her publicist has nerve to ride...
  25. FishWiz

    Caught some

    20-25lb Albies. Location isn't a secret, there were 50 boats there today. Go get em.
  26. FishWiz

    Going long tomorrow... need a crew

    Leaving mid afternoon, going to load up the boat. PM me. Need a reliable crew that is interested. Probably 200 each in fuel, bait, ice, food.
  27. FishWiz

    Recruiting for crew

    Fishing offshore is heating up. Own a long range offshore boat (Blackman 26') that loves to go long and gets home safe in even the worst conditions. I don't feel like reading the 300 posts on the Boat Ho forum. Looking for a reliable crew and to meet some regulars that can get away overnight...
  28. FishWiz

    Free T-Shark ride on the 'Reel One' for military

    I spent 10 years in the Air Force, and really appreciate the effort you are all doing with the latest BS. Offering a free T-Sharking trip for a couple vets on Monday, May 28. PM me. Happy Memorial Day.
  29. FishWiz

    Layoff the 'REPost' Replies, get a life.

    Remove the REpost icon and stop replying with repost messages. So many fucking idiots feel they must one-up people for contributing something that might have already been posted before. I used to do it, back when the board was readable and the community was of manageable size. But now few can...
  30. FishWiz

    WON Tournament Catalina Report

    Took off Friday early AM with Zack (Fire Escape) on his sweet Blackman Outer Banks style ride. Prefished the tournament (WSB/Halibut) and after some stops for WSB, found better conditions for halibut. Kept 5 on Friday before tournament, some 18-20lb models, with a toad 34lber. Too bad not...
  31. FishWiz

    Glad I went to Greece on this boat last fall

    1600 rescued from Greek cruise ship off Santorini. U.S. students among 1,600 rescued from ship - I went on the second to the last cruise of 2006 on that boat last November. They only started back up a couple weeks ago. Glad that moron captain waited until this spring to drive.
  32. FishWiz

    Classified sections for private parties only?

    Or free spam for retail dealers too? Just wondering, because of recent burial within.
  33. FishWiz apparently a huge RIPOFF?

    Little did I know. Made some hotel plans through Travelocity. Tried changing the plans, got some help desk in India. They wanted over 60% of original cost of the two nights, to make the change. Checked with hotel directly, and found out room costs were zero savings with Travelocity over...
  34. FishWiz

    Cookie cutter report from "The Reel One" 8/4/06

    Same report as the others. Dodos and Yellows not far offshore. Left late (just shoot me next time I take I-5 south from Oceanside), left the slip about 2:30PM with FishStalker and friend. Went to the 182, found a great big salad bar after a few dry stringers. Watched Charles catch most the...
  35. FishWiz

    330 Miles for just Yellowtail on "The Reel One" 7/7/06 - 7/9/06

    Left Mission Bay at about 7PM Friday night 7/7/06, after a 2 hour delay because of an accident in front of marina that blocked traffic back to probably Riverside, they were turning everyone around. Anyhow, got going with Fishstalker (Charles) and Phil on board with plans to go long and find...
  36. FishWiz

    7/7 - 7/9 "Reel One" Going Long

    Need one more. Charles (FishStalker) and I are going to go catch some fish. Leaving tomorrow night, about 6:00PM, going about 110-130 miles, catching 50lb + YFT and BFT, maybe Dorado, and of course YT. Staying at Coral Saturday night. If they have fuel Sat afternoon, going back out to at...
  37. FishWiz

    06/11 Yellows on the Reel One, no BFT Love

    Short report, tired. Left MB Saturday evening about 7PM with X-Man (Rick) and Produce Man (Jay) aboard, around to SD Bay for fuel and better bait. Buddied up with Papa J in front a couple miles, Hanna behind a few miles, headed outside and south. Plenty of paddies with yellowtail under...
  38. FishWiz

    Still need crew leaving 6/10, fishing 6/11

    Going long, whatever that means, with the others who have posted same trip. But want to take my boat, and go, if I get a crew with basic non-chumming, boat handling, fishing abilities.
  39. FishWiz

    New Strataglass on The Reel One

    Just finished all new Canvas/Strataglass. Done by Travis, That Canvas Guy. Not quick or cheap, but you get what you pay for and we worked together a lot to redesign the entire layout. His suggestion to raise the bimini was key, now I can standup on the flybridge and the visibility is...
  40. FishWiz

    Reel One recruiting dependable crew mates

    26' Blackman, 350 mile range round trip. I think I have been working on it more then fishing it in the last 9 months (not that there have been many fish (other then one trip for a 233lb T-Shark). I leave on Friday nights, go 80+ miles, catch fish, go to Ensenada and stay on Saturday nights...
  41. FishWiz

    5/14/06 No T-Shark Dice on the Reel One

    If I can post a report 5 days ago about our #233 lber, I can also try to help out the masses and post a skunk. Waited until the chaos of the weekend was almost over, drug Ms. cool FSHing CHKick out to get her a fish, trolled around the weather buoy area from 350 to 900 feet with two BOMs for...
  42. FishWiz

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    Played hooky from work, called Charles (FishStalker) and basically talked him into taking the afternoon off to go get a T-Shark while they are here. Met up at 1:00PM at the boat, kicked the guy working on my canvas off the boat, and launched. Went to the La Jolla kelp beds to get some...
  43. FishWiz

    Tired of not being able to surf BD

    Ok, two weeks plus and counting. I had good connectivity and actually posted a couple of my 'usual' replies for about 2-3 days after the Domain Name Server issue was fixed, so I thought that was the issue. But now I can't get on BD worth a shit again. Slightly better at work today, where I am...
  44. FishWiz

    Stereo Recommendations?

    Nothing fancy, not trying to be a rice burner with a bumper rattling system on the water, just wondering what brand, models are reliable marine quality, for the money? AM/FM/CD/MP3 with aux inputs for my XM system. Mostly got the XM to listen to the sucky Padres play tee ball, and for...
  45. FishWiz

    Surfdoc's latest fishing report
  46. FishWiz

    San Quintin Killer Trip Feb 17-20 Report

    San Quintin Bloodydecks - Feb 17-20, 2006 Report from Fishwiz with PapaJ, SeaDawg and Ed the LCKMF!! Tired, so I'll probably leave out some stuff, but wanted to get some stuff up with pics. Met up at Harry (SeaDawg's) place at 4:00AM Friday morning. By 4:30AM, the BasSectomy, Miss...
  47. FishWiz

    A productive Saturday reassembling "The Reel One"

    In the tradition of Curtis/Saluki on Hanna, thought I would post a couple pics of how I spent my Saturday. You guys keeping up? Your motor installed yet? Mine started in 7 seconds by 12:30 today after a 8AM wake up.
  48. FishWiz

    Job openings for IT professionals

    If you have a few years of experience working in Information Technology, are reliable (show up for work except when the fish are biting), good with people, not going to go on Workmen's Comp after 3 months claiming you can't sit for long periods or whatever anymore :shake: , and want a good job...
  49. FishWiz

    Need advise on FloScan installation

    I am installing a FloScan on my diesel Blackman. The kit comes with 2 Pulsation Dampeners, a flowmeter for the input side, and a flowmeter for the output side. Also in the kit are two hoses, about 2 feet long each, that go between the flowmeters and Dampeners on each side. Space is limited to...
  50. FishWiz

    Another Google Earth thread - post your stories

    I've been getting a kick out of looking up places I have lived, places I have traveled, etc, on Google Earth. Thought since the first Google Earth thread showing marinas, kinda died, I would try to get another started. Post pic(s) of cool looking locations AND brief story about it. Doesn't...
  51. FishWiz

    8/14-8/? Ensenada Coral on "The Reel One"

    FishStalker (Charles), SeaDawg (Harry) and I (insert insult name here.. LOL ) heading out Sunday morning on "The Reel One" for a week, or at least 4-5 days out of the Coral starting Sunday 8/14. Initial plans are to extend our range 55-90 miles out of Ensenada, south, starting at the lower 500...
  52. FishWiz

    Microsoft Windows Beta Pre-release

    This is going to be the BEST version of Windows, EVER!!!
  53. FishWiz

    Pepe le Pew on 8/6/05

    Short and not so sweet shitty report. Not sure what is going on out there, but as you have probably read on other reports, the radar looked like a shotgun pattern at the 60 mile bank. FishStalker, SeaDawg and I left about 7PM Friday night, took our time, went down to about the stem of the...
  54. FishWiz

    Leaving Friday 8/5/05 to load up some more.

    FishStalker and SeaDawg aboard. Leaving early if we have to go far, a bit later if reports are in closer. Who else is going?
  55. FishWiz

    Say goodbye to the Chargers I guess!

    That stupid wrinkled bag Donna Frye is going to win mayor? What a sad day for San Diego. And the Padres can't even win a game in almost two weeks. Fuck this, there will be plenty more time for fishing with sports going downhill in the next few years? Is there a runoff if the vote is split...
  56. FishWiz

    Makos and Blues on "The Reel One"

    After spending a decent day offshore yesterday loading up on some Albies and a Bluefin, saved the carcasses and went out for some shark fishing today with a female friend. She wanted to bring her teenage son (oh goodie, someone to help clean the boat) LOL It was great fun, felt like a dad a...
  57. FishWiz

    BD Slow for anyone else?

    Now I'm seeing some really slow screen refreshes. I doubt it's just me, other surfing is just fine. Something wrong? Too painful to even read all of the post replies right now. So I think I'll go fishing.
  58. FishWiz

    7/23 Albies and Bluefin on "The Reel One"

    Left MB about midnight Friday night with FishStalker and a last minute third guy, Tim, from HB. Ran down to about 10-12 miles south of the 390. Every boat with a motor in San Diego was down there, you could have made this run without radar (except to avoid the lesser well lite boats), just...
  59. FishWiz

    7/9/05 Albacore and a Tow Job

    I said 'T'ow Job, not... errrr.. nevermind LOL Left MB about 6PM Friday evening with Charles (FishStalker) and Gary(Hoodie2). Loaded up 2 scoops of dines with mixed stupid pinhead chovies in there. Not very slimy, mediocre. Headed down about 115 miles on a heading south of the 295, almost...
  60. FishWiz

    What to do the day after limits of Albacore

    After plugging the boat yesterday, and needing a weekend day off to actually stay home away from the boat and relax, I vaccum packed and canned it all. Some cool pics of turning my kitchen into an albacore canning/vaccum packing processing plant for 9 hours.
  61. FishWiz

    Limits of Albies @ Dumper on the "Reel One"

    Left MB about 6:30PM Thursday night for the Dumper with FishStalker (Charles) and TunaTodd (Todd - duh) onboard. Glad to meet Todd, good boat ho. Charles is ok too ;) Picked up 2 scoops of decent dinos. First couple hours of the ride were beautiful. Running full speed as the sun went...
  62. FishWiz

    The Reel One heading out Friday

    Too impatient to wait for Saturday. Got the crew confirming in the AM, should be FishStalker (Charles) and SeaDawg (Harry). Headed to the dumper for limits by 9-10AM hopefully, then back early Friday evening to complain about all the fish to fillet, can, smoke, etc :D Plan is to leave about...
  63. FishWiz


    Link bad for me (even after I took off the first http: )
  64. FishWiz

    5/14-5/15 - Catalina WSB Time

    Heading out Saturday morning with Fishstalker and Bloodbath for an overnighter at Catalina chasing the ellusive gray ghost. Loading up the bbq for an evening on the hook. Will be on 72. Coming back midday Sunday.
  65. FishWiz

    Quick movie reviews

    With no boat on the trailer to work on at night the last couple of days (put it back in the slip last weekend), I went and saw a movie each of the last two nights (really rare for me). Talk about contrast! Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Fun movie. Enjoyed the simplistic fun and special...
  66. FishWiz

    Another BD sticker sighting

    Who drives the Blue Ford Explorer with the Red BD sticker in the back window, parked at Mesa College "A" Bld. this AM?
  67. FishWiz

    Marine Carpet????

    Looking for a good quick recommendation for marine carpet. Replacing the carpet in my cabin. About 2.x wide by 8-9 feet long. The kind that stays put well, holds up to boat ho's foot traffic, take it out and wash it style. Any of these boat shops got a reasonable selection? (never looked)...
  68. FishWiz

    BD needs a spam filter? LOL

    When you are the most popular (good) message board in CA, it appears you become the place where come to post bullshit fishing reports that say 'We caught umpteen 1000lb whatever' with no details, or post their veiled advertisements to try to fill up party/charter boats. It's getting old...
  69. FishWiz

    Alumaspray outdrive paint SUCKS!!!

    Pulled the boat out of the slip yesterday, and after investing some serious time last fall on primer and paint on the outdrive and tabs, the Alumaspray (by Petite) crap didn't deter growth a bit. Any recommendations on an outdrive spray that works? On a positive note, West Marine Bottom Pro...
  70. FishWiz

    Be careful when golfing with women.

    "Where am I? How did I get here? Why does my head hurt?" "You're in a hospital, sir. I'm with the police. We weren't sure you were going to wake up. You had a golf club wrapped around your neck. Just tell us everything you remember." "Well, I was teaching my wife golf. Of course, I won...
  71. FishWiz

    Repower with these!

    LOL Not that fond of Detroits, but it's not every day you see a pair this size
  72. FishWiz

    WaaTooSee Fishing/Ensenada/Bparty 3/4 - 3/6

    Met up with WaaTooSee, MikeyLikesIt, Gato Gordo and Mots about 7-8AM Friday morning. Loaded Frank's new ride (Med 38) to the gills with something to drink, and one or two fishing poles. Ran to Ensenada with Gabacho Gordo on his Grady and his friend Drifter in his 21' Striper. Stopped on some...
  73. FishWiz

    Things That Are Difficult To Say When You're Drunk:

    THINGS THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK: -Indubitably -Innovative -Preliminary -Proliferation -Cinnamon THINGS THAT ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK: -Specificity -British Constitution -Passive-aggressive disorder -Loquacious Transubstantiate...
  74. FishWiz

    Best Garage Door Opener?

    My old garage door opener is toast. Since this is the perfect place to get opinions (most of us here have too many - LOL), I thought I see if anyone had some feedback on a better then the run-of-the-mill stuff out there? Standard roll up door. Old opener is a chain drive. Pretty much...
  75. FishWiz

    New Years Project

    What to do when you think the weather is too nasty to go for albacore on New Years Day (I hate the weatherman)? Destroy something!!! I didn't like my master bathroom, not a problem now. This should keep me busy for a few weeks. Before Demo and after Demo.
  76. FishWiz

    Albacore @ Lower Cross on WaaTooSee

    Met up with Frank, Mots, and Ali (damn Arab :D ) at the WaaTooSee about 2PM on Friday. Loaded up 2ea. 30 packs of Coors, 3 cases of Pacifico, and some other less important stuff like fresh Chorizo and Machaca burritos. After a pitstop at the Yacht club for 30 bags of ice, 3 rounds of long...
  77. FishWiz

    MB Bug Report 11/16

    Slow night, 3 bugs for 2 hard working guys. But I am looking forward to melting some butter.
  78. FishWiz

    Any rumours/reports for offshore fish this weekend?

    With all the weather, and the lack of SSTs, I assume not many have been out, including the party boats. I went out after last Friday's rain with no info and found some, but I don't feel like going long again unless there is at least a rumor to chase? Anyone hearing anything?
  79. FishWiz

    10/22 1010/295 Yellowtail and stuff

    Left MB about 5AM Friday morning, headed about to the last numbers from bites before the storm (inside the 1010). Micro yellowtail under first paddy. Many skippies on the troll. 6-10 lb yellowtail under last paddy. Kept some yellowtails for dinner, C&Rd over 30, not worthy of pics for such...
  80. FishWiz

    Philosophy class

    A professor stood before his Philosophy 101 class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full? They agreed that it was. So the...
  81. FishWiz

    Friday 10/22 - Headed inside the 1010

    Got friends flying in from No. Cal. Appears the rain will leave us alone, just hope the swell comes down a bit more and wind keeps coming down. Headed out early tomorrow morning (Friday, 10/22) for some YFT and BET inside the 1010 area, last reported area before the storm -- unless anyone...
  82. FishWiz

    Depth Sounder/Fish Finder question

    Yep, it's that time of the month again. Time to ask the often repeated question: What's the best color fish finder out there today? Notice I say today? Sure, I can go back and search the forums for the same question from earlier in the year, but then I would have last year's electronic...
  83. FishWiz

    930-10/3 I'm off to Catalina

    Trolling for Marlin for a few days. Staying at Two Harbors on a mooring ball. Got 5 cases of beer, 1 battlejug of Jack Daniels, and a full tank of fuel. Guess I'm going to run into Buc-a-queer days while there, but /shrug, gotta give the Marlin a real effort at least once this year. Will...
  84. FishWiz

    9/25 WFO Football YFT & 265 miles

    Gathered a last minute crew, FishStalker (Charles) and Bryan (Spooler on other board). Good crew. Left MB at 9:30PM Friday for a long long run. I wasn't convinced the BET were gone, and I don't like being near the flotillas that chew up the same 3 paddies all day, so I set my numbers for a...
  85. FishWiz

    9/19 Attempt at those Big Eye

    Loaded up at 5:00AM, got two scoops of bait, what a way to waste money. Because, this isn't as much a skunk report, as it is another report confirming what a shitty day it was on the water. Wind was already blowing at 5:00AM, had a bad feeling, but had to go look. Started out for the 1010...
  86. FishWiz

    9/6/04 The Reel One Fishing Report

    Headed out at about 10PM Monday night from Mission Bay with SeaDawg and his friend Bruce from Australia. Plugged in the numbers from bajabums report, about 75-80 miles. Met Payaso on the radio which killed some time on the overnight leg. Agreed to work together more or less to find the fish...
  87. FishWiz

    9/7 It's about to break wide open!

    Two reports from today got me convinced (that, and I just need to be on the water). Still on vacation for another week. SeaDawg and Bruce from Australia are headed out tonight to find us one of them 3 hour, wide open, YFT/Albie/Dodo paddies. Going south of the Double_220, then work our way up...
  88. FishWiz

    Ensenada Report 8/29 - 9/3

    Left Mission Bay last Sunday with Harry (SeaDawg) and his friend Bruce from Australia for a week at the Coral fishing the Ensenada banks. Checked outside the North Island on the way down for tailers and paddies, picked up a yellowtail for dinner, that worked. Monday hit the 238/295, water...
  89. FishWiz

    8/29- ~ 9/5 Ensenada/Coral

    Fishing the next two weeks, starting this Sunday 8/29. Going to the Coral and getting a slip for a week or more. On vacation until 9/13. SeaDawg, his bud from Australia, and I are going to kill some fish. Original plan was to tow long down to L.A. Bay/Loreto, but no reason to waste days of...
  90. FishWiz

    7-24 Limits Yellowtail & Fat Albie

    Left MB at 9:00PM Friday night with Charles (Fishstalker/Javaguy) and his brother Gary onboard. Headed down to the Double_220. Lines in the water at 5:30AM and had the first jig strike about 7:30AM with a 35+ lb Albie. No bait fish, no more albies. Trolled all the way to the 238 where there...
  91. FishWiz

    7/23 - 7/25 Dodo hunting & Ensenada

    Heading out Friday night about 8PM with FishStalker and his brother onboard. Seems like the Albies are on their way out with the warm water here (and my freezer is plugged anyhow), so maybe (just maybe) we will find the YFT and Dodos. Probably going for that warm temp line down the double 220...
  92. FishWiz

    Finally stuck one on...

    ... Bloodydecks sticker that is. Finally got around to sticking one on my truck. Should be worth more now! :beerbang:
  93. FishWiz

    Scratched a couple Albies - Sat 7/10

    Left MB about 9:00PM Friday night, a couple of good scoops of bait, headed to The Airplane. SeaDawg and flentz onboard. A BDers chat room evening with WaaTooSee and Dos Panchos headed to the same place, HeatherLynnII to the 60 mile bank, Alluminator more southerly to the cross I think, Salty...
  94. FishWiz

    Doing another limit of Albie Sat 7/10

    Doing another limit of Albie Sat 7/10, we trust. Heading out Friday night about 8PM. Going South to 1010/213/outthere area. Taking Harry (SeaDawg) and Frank (flentz) once again (good crew). Coming back Saturday eve. Going where the fish are. We put in our time, so maybe this time we find...
  95. FishWiz

    Seeking Cabo San Lucas info

    Not sure if this is the right forum. How much is a slip (full year) in Cabo? How hard is it to get a slip? Considering something like a 38 Mediterranean in the next 2-4 months, and living down there for a year or two. Cabo prices almost American like, right? Getting too stupid down there...
  96. FishWiz

    Traditional msg board colors?

    Do many still use the traditional blood red msg board colors? If so, have you gotten to the point where you almost won't read certain threads that people always post in black or blue letters? Just curious.
  97. FishWiz

    6/19 Limits by 7:41AM on 'Lake' Pacifico

    Left MB about 7:30PM Friday, cruising about 30 minutes behind Whippet Good, with WaaTooSee about 30 behind us. Great Boat Ho's, SeaDawg and his friend Frank. This was to be the cruise of the month. Went 99 miles South to about 15 South of the lower 500, lines wet at 5:40AM, boat plugged to...
  98. FishWiz

    6/18 - 6/20 Way South and Ensenada

    Ok, reposting in a new thread so it's not missed. Where did all the hardcore BDers go this weekend? All got kids and afraid to miss out on that cute Hallmark card and ugly tie? Harry (SeaDawg) and I are buddy boating down with WaaTooSee, leaving about 7-8PM Friday night. Going long to get...
  99. FishWiz

    6/5 Albies and Yellows way South

    Left MB about 11:00PM Friday night with FishStalker (Charles) and InSTANt Bendo (Stan)-(Scumbag on this msg board) on board. 2 scoops of decent bait and on our way. Headed down by the 238 and ended up trolling the 117.00 line where Hanna called us in after getting on and off jig strikes...
  100. FishWiz

    Slaying tuna 6/5/04

    Couldn't stand it anymore (as always). Just had to find a last minute crew and make a choice of where to go. Picked up the Charles/Stan crew from Sea Hags cancelled trip. Hope you feel better soon Sea Hag. Heading out tonight to start long and work our way back up the line. That should...
  101. FishWiz

    5/29 Butts and WSB shorts

    Left MB about 6:00AM, scoop of SMALL dines and out in the snot by 6:30AM. Finally got a good admirable halbut instructor onboard taking NoSlack (Mike) out for my first real local fishing of the year. This being my only real inshore US water trip so far this year, with only one other trip to...
  102. FishWiz

    Team "Reel One" looking for tuna 5/1/04

    Headed South, leaving Friday night or very early Saturday morning. Going to load up on another limit of Albies and a half-dozen YT or so again, weather and the fish god permitting.
  103. FishWiz

    May 1 Tuna

    Headed South, leaving Friday night or very early Saturday morning. Going to load up on another limit of Albies and a half-dozen YT or so again, weather and the fish god permitting. Might have room for another, will know in a couple of days. (Reposted in the offshore section. Wasn't...
  104. FishWiz

    RFQ for Calstar 800M

    RFQ (Request for Quote) Got too many hobbies, and as much as I think wrapping my own rods would be fun, I gotta draw the line on spending a grand in supplies to make a $100-200 item and starting yet another hobby. That said, I would like to know if any of you rod builders out there are in...
  105. FishWiz

    4/10/04 Halibut (not) and Customs Collision Report

    Quick trip to the Coronados to drift for Halibut inside the South Island. 20 gallons of diesel = ~$33.00 Scoop of bait = $20.00 Being run into by the Customs 'go fast' boat = PRICELESS Left MB about 10:30 AM. Plan was to do some relaxing halibut fishing on the incoming tide. Ran down...
  106. FishWiz

    4/4/04 Albies, YT & Balloons

    What a fantastic day! :) Left the slip at 4:30AM, a scoop of bait onboard and out the jetty by 5:00AM. Awesome crew, Dave (GaffNLaff) and Nate (El Toro) onboard. Headed towards those 295 numbers. Slow until we had grey light, then up to 21 knots. Contacted Hanna (Curt and Saluki) about...
  107. FishWiz

    Butterfly Exploratory 3/28

    Already got more rockcod, ling, sheepshead and bass then I can eat in 6 months So, "Team Reel One" went out to take a look at that temp break between the 371 and Butterfly for the BD team. Left MB about 6:30AM, after going through some confused water around the jetty, the water outside was...
  108. FishWiz

    Sunday Plan A/Plan B

    Plan B: Heading out early, plan is to peak outside and see for myself if the swell report is as mixed as they say. If it looks fishable, headed to that N of 390, E of 371, W of E. Butterfly temp break and maybe pull in a tuna or two. No one seems to have gone out and looked, with the...
  109. FishWiz

    3/22 Tuna 'Striper' Report

    No, not the bass kind, nor the marlin kind, the skunk kind :( Left MB about 9:00PM Sunday, did 8 knots the whole way to those numbers South of the 295. Bumpy as shit the whole way. At grey light, put out a couple trollers, started looking for paddies or any life, forget it. It was a...
  110. FishWiz

    The 295 on Monday

    Leaving tonight for the 295 to get some Albie/BFT/YT blood on the decks. Departing 9:00PMish, taking our time going down. Seems it's a little bumpier now, but still doable. Crew = Moo Fish (on BOCA) and WahooBoy.
  111. FishWiz

    Oldest fishing joke in the world.

    Did you here about the girl that went fishing with 3 guys? Came home with a big red snapper! :D
  112. FishWiz

    Can't stand it!!!

    Friggin planned this weekend to be in Vegas, but it's killing me that the tuna bite is on. That said, I'm considering running after tuna Monday (leaving Sunday night), when I get back from Vegas. Never know when temp or weather will change, and I don't want to wait until the 'next time'. I am...
  113. FishWiz

    3/7 La Jolla Report and stuff

    Started out Sat evening dropping nets. Too much moonlight, wrong tides, bugs all snug in bed and didn't come out for dinner (mine). Kept in touch with Mots ("UnReel") most of the day Sat. on the radio as I worked on the boat in the slip, and they went out to La Jolla Canyon. Come night...
  114. FishWiz

    3/7 Looking for YT/WSB

    Going to invade Ironman's territory and catch one of his YT or WSB (if he left any) off La Jolla Sunday, weather permitting. I'll be on 72.
  115. FishWiz

    Water Report 1/31/04

    Stay home, watch the Super Bowl, whatever. I'm headed to the BBQ now. Just got back from Don Blackman's memorial boat procession. Went ~2 miles out of Point Loma and there were some 10 foot - less then 6 second swells from the SW, mixed with wind chop and some other swell that kicked even...
  116. FishWiz

    Ensenada Cruiseport Village INFO!!!

    In past threads, people have asked about the accomodations and slip prices at Cruiseport Village in Ensenada. I wanted to share some additional information I find a bit disconcerning and hopefully elliminate the element of surprise for others heading that way. I spend 2 days, with...
  117. FishWiz

    Something you don't want to find.

    Something you don't want to find in your boat mounted under the engine in the bilge. It serves no purpose now (seems it was needed in the Loran days). Needless to say, it won't be replaced.
  118. FishWiz

    Good ole B-52

    An F-111 was flying escort with a B-52 and generally making a nuisance of himself by flying rolls around the lumbering old bomber. The message for the B-52 crew was, "Anything you can do, I can do better." Not to be outdone, the bomber pilot announced that he would rise to the...
  119. FishWiz

    Longer report 01/01/04 Albacore Chase

    Left out of Mission Bay at 9:30PM New Years Eve with Dave and Shelly to look for the first Albacore of 2004. Picked 2 scoops of large dinos, and headed South. Plan was to cruise slow and find Saluki/Capt. Curt out on the water headed the same way. Since we figured Saluki got on the water...
  120. FishWiz

    12/27 Bugs & 12/28 Halibut

    Went out Sat night solo to try out my new hoop nets that I spent all night rigging Friday. Only caught 3, but all were keepers, and two of them were nice sized (pic attached). It was sooooo cold, I only dropped a couple hoops and pulled them a couple times. JavaGuy and I headed out Sun...
  121. FishWiz

    12/21/03 More Rockpile Lings

    Headed out about 7:00AM. Picked up a mixed scoop from EB. Went to the Ling Farm by the Rockpile and picked up a dozen that would have been legal even in US waters. Tossed another dozen shorts/smalls and the half the rest back and kept 6-8 nice taco fixins. Gave most to my rookie crew. Water was...
  122. FishWiz

    Sotally Tober

    The perfect boat name: FishWiz