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  1. FishWiz

    Shimano Calcutta 400B (Level Wind) - Like New with Box - $165

    Selling like new, Shimano Calcutta 400B (level wind) Reel with original box, manuals and tool. $165.00 Text to 619.654.1161 Glenn
  2. FishWiz

    Shimano Torium 30 & Seeker American A870-7 - $150

    Shimano Torium 30 Reel with Spectra Backing and Seeker American Series A870-7 15 (20) 25lb Rod priced for immediate sale. First $150 takes it. Mira Mesa area. Glenn 858-800-4520
  3. FishWiz

    ~100 Soft Plastics & Torpedo Sinkers - $20

    ~100 variety Soft Plastics, 4ea. 12oz. Torpedo Sinkers and 3ea. 8oz. Torpedo Sinkers. All for $20 Glenn 858.800.4520
  4. FishWiz

    ICOM IC-M11 Emergency Radio/Waterproof Case Kit - $80

    The correct phone number is 858.800.4520 Price reduced to $80.00
  5. FishWiz

    ICOM IC-M11 Emergency Radio/Waterproof Case Kit - $80

    ICOM IC-M11 6 Watt Handheld Marine VHF Transceiver with CM-7G Ni-Cad Battery Pack and one CM12G Alkaline Battery Pack. Comes with recharger. Everything in very high strength durable high-vis waterproof case. $80.00 New Lowered Price Call Glenn @ 858-800-4520 and leave message. Will call...
  6. FishWiz

    Penn 113h 4/0 Tiburon/Accuplate Conversion

    Penn 113h 4/0 with Red Tiburon Frame/Spool and Accuplate sideplate conversion - Like new $190.00 Glenn 619.654.1161
  7. FishWiz

    Shimano and Penn Reels

    Penn International 50T with box, bag, tools and lube - Great Condition - Just Serviced - $265.00 Penn 113h 4/0 Red Tiburon Topless Frame/Spool and Red Accuplate Sides Conversion - Like new - $210.00 Shimano TLD 30 2-Speed with box and manual - Nice - Just Serviced - $165.00 Shimano TLD 25 - Good...
  8. FishWiz

    Ranger Unbreakable Fiberglass Handle Fishing Net & Aluminum 17" Hoop Net

    2 Used Fishing Nets for sale: 1 ea. Ranger Unbreakable Fiberglass Retracting Handle Net, 32" Hoop, 48" Handle 1 ea. Aluminum 36" Fixed Handle, 17" Hoop, Net $38.00 for both 619.654.1161 Glenn
  9. FishWiz

    Fishing Nets: Promar LN-501B and Aluminum 22" Net

    Selling 2 Used Nets together: 1 ea. Promar LN-501B - 28" x 30" Hoop, 54" Retractable Handle, Durasoft Catch and Release Mesh 1 ea. Aluminum ~22" Hoop, 48" Retractable Handle $35.00 for both 619.654.1161 Glenn
  10. FishWiz

    Flying Gaff - 8' Handle - 6" SS Hook - Price Reduced

    Used 8' Handle Flying Gaff with 6" Stainless Steel Hook. 5/8" Rope Price Reduced: $85.00 (Girlfriend not included) 619.654.1161 Glenn
  11. FishWiz

    SOLD: Shark Lures (Bait-O-Matic Lures)

    For Sale: - 3 Large Bait-O-Matic style 16oz. (2 rigged, 3rd, comes with parts to rig) - 5 Medium Bait-O-Matics ~3oz. rigged, new in package $70.00 for all, price reduced Send text to 619.654.1161 Glenn
  12. FishWiz

    SOLD - Kill Bag - 20" x 48" - Used - Reliable Fishin Products - $110.00

    No rips, zipper works perfectly - used $110.00 (These are $239.00 new) Glenn Text 619.654.1161
  13. FishWiz

    Zwing 250 & Zwing 500 for sale - $45 for both

    1 each Zwing 250 (All Trolling Speeds - Now sold as Zwing Model 150, $69.95 new) 1 each Zwing 500 (High Trolling Speeds - Now sold as Zwing Model 350, $69.95 new) $45.00 for both, first come, first serve Text me at 619.654.1161 Glenn
  14. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    Boat is SOLD... Thank you for the good luck wishes and nice comments while listed. Glenn
  15. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    I will be back in town and can show the boat on Sunday afternoon next weekend (November 29th). If you're interest is higher than average, I can leave it in the water for another week so you can get a sea trial, but I need to know really soon. You can text or call me at 619.654.1161. Thank...
  16. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    I have delayed taking the boat out of the water until this Friday mid-day. So if anyone else is interested in a sea trial, let me know.
  17. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    Not really interested in a trade at this time. Unfortunately sale is to pay some obligations, or I would not be selling.
  18. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    I can still do a sea trial on Wednesday before I take it out of the slip and put it back on the trailer if you call and arrange sometime tonight or Tuesday.
  19. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    Sounds good. Give me a call sometime soon so I can arrange my schedule for the sea trial.
  20. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    Yes it is, and it is in the water for a couple more day so I can do sea trial for interested buyer. But I am going to put it back on the trailer and take it home by Wednesday this week.
  21. FishWiz

    Volvo Penta - A5 Duo Props - Used

    Matched set of Volvo Penta A5 Duo Props in good condition for sale - $325.00 Glenn 619.654.1161 (Leave message)
  22. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    Here are some additional pictures.
  23. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    Engine hours on upgraded KAD42 230HP Supercharged and Turbocharged is about 2100 hours. Only about 250 hours on DP290 Outdrive with new set of props installed now. I installed a Diesel Flowmaster and at 28 knots, fuel consumption is about 11.5 gallons per hour, so boat gets between 2 miles per...
  24. FishWiz

    (SOLD) 26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    26’ Blackman Billfisher 1983 Semi-Custom designed hand built commercial quality manufacturing by Blackman Boats, Inc., San Diego, CA Excellent condition – This boat has been expertly reconditioned with every attention to detail. Including new deck, new non-skid and deck paint, outdrive paint...
  25. FishWiz

    26' BLACKMAN BILLFISHER 1983 - $41,000

    26’ Blackman Billfisher 1983 Semi-Custom designed hand built commercial quality manufacturing by Blackman Boats, Inc., San Diego, CA Excellent condition – This boat has been expertly reconditioned with every attention to detail. Including new deck, new non-skid and deck paint, outdrive paint...
  26. FishWiz

    30 Amp 50ft Shore Power Cord

    Well used (not pretty), 30Amp 50ft Marinco Shore Power Cord $25.00 Glenn (619) 654.1161
  27. FishWiz

    ProFlow Bait Tank PF-22

    ProFlow Kodiak Bait Tank - PF2-22 (22 Gallon) With Hold Down Kit 17" W x 22" L x 24 1/4" H $140 Glenn (619) 654.1161
  28. FishWiz

    Volvo DuoProps - Rebuilt B4 Set, Used A5 Set, Used A3 Set

    Volvo Penta DuoProps B4 Set - Rebuilt - with nice custom carry/storage cases - $400 A5 Set - Used (hubs good, paint ugly) - $175 A3 Set - Used (hubs good, paint ugly) - $175 Glenn (619) 654-1161
  29. FishWiz

    150 miles south 9-22/24

    Nice Dodo, long ride. Makes that NY Day run a few years ago look short, huh Curtis? (I know, it's been a long time since I chimed in)
  30. FishWiz

    Cooter is back with an itch............

    Curtis and Brandon.. took a break this year as well, ironic. Maybe we should get together like old times and run for something before it gets too late. Cheers.
  31. FishWiz

    Mercury Prop Aluminum 3-Blade - New - 15-1/4" x 15" (48-78116-15)

    Mercury Prop Aluminum 3-Blade - New - 15-1/4" x 15" (48-78116-15). Hub Kit Req. $70.00 obo. Mira Mesa area Glenn 619.654.1161
  32. FishWiz

    Chartplotters : Which model do you guys like??

    Garmin 2010C (3010C latest now?) anyday. I love it. It IS a chartplotter. All the other combo features require black boxes to make happen. Just a convenience if you want to interface to other things, doesn't take away from it's root function. I especially love the BlueChart chip which even...
  33. FishWiz

    Re: The BD Article is this week's WON

    Just before that thread was canned, I recalled and posted a good motto before bursting a blood vessel in the brain and jumping on the bandwagon like I used to do: Believe nothing you hear, and only about half of what you see.
  34. FishWiz

    Catch the Truck Stealin Thief

    Damn Dave, that sucks. Hope everything else is well with you.
  35. FishWiz

    horror in west cove

    Wow, this quickly went from a post that sounded ligitimate with promise of a video, and an audio rant on 976, to suspect, in less then a day as the video is being 'withheld' and only sent to important people? /yawn Gotta remember: Believe nothing you hear, and only about half of what you...
  36. FishWiz

    RESCUE TAPE...this stuff is the shit !!

    Originally called F4 tape. We used it in the Air Force to build up a cable wrap so a cannon-plug saddle clamp would fit tight, until someone determined some reason we had to stop using it. Very versatile, keep it in the can, or it dries out and is useless.
  37. FishWiz

    Gannet Man (Video Must for Marlin Hunters)

    Interesting, and cool to watch. However, something 'fishy' about the video. How do you get an 'in the water' camera shot from right behind a marlin just in time for some guy to dive on it? Shrug
  38. FishWiz

    5/31 Our 1st Thresher and the Police

    That is classic. Great story. Nice fish too.
  39. FishWiz

    "Other" website fishing reports

    Believe nothing you read or hear, and only about half of what you see. Rule for life. I just find it funny how they have so many typos in a season. Ya, right.
  40. FishWiz

    Wanting rental home in San Quintin

    Try it with a 26' Blackman.. you'll only do it once.. LOL
  41. FishWiz

    computer help needed!

    Sounds like a system permanently borrowed from another.
  42. FishWiz

    Not get invited back on a private boat

    Fun thread. Here's a couple: Boat catching less then limits, and the boat ho grabs largest portion of the fish he (luckily) caught (because skipper driving and gaffing and clearing) and loads them up in his cooler. Everyone sleeping, no one looking for paddies, except capt while...
  43. FishWiz

    Bonito- table fare or junk fish?

    As you can tell from most replies.. they take a lot of care and have to be soaked in something strong and even smoked to qualify as table fare. Not like Bluefin sashimi off a fish still twitching that melts in your mouth.
  44. FishWiz

    price of fuel going to affect your fishing this years tournaments?

    Won't really affect the big tourneys, like Catalina Classic marlin. Fuel isn't their biggest expense, albeit close. Jackpots alone are thousands of dollars, and some drive sleds worth over a million.
  45. FishWiz

    Happy Birthday Papa "J"

    Happy B-Day Jason. Hope it's a good one! :devil: :High_Five
  46. FishWiz


    Used to be an excellent OHV area at Deep Creek, not sure anymore. Years ago, Enduro club would have one of our montly events there. Love that place.
  47. FishWiz

    It's out of Control

    This is all going in the direction I anticipated awhile ago, and caught so much flak for expressing. Just content to see some are using economics to make a statement. I.e, WON Ensenada cancelled.
  48. FishWiz

    Advise on joining the military

    Go Blue.. USAF!!! I rarely voice my opinion here anymore, but being a 10 year vet of the Air Force, I can tell you it is the only way to fly. Any branch is going to be good for teaching discipline and responsibility, but as long as ego isn't part of this discussion from people that were in...
  49. FishWiz

    Restroom Signs

    Good ones
  50. FishWiz

    Way to go San Diego State!!!!!!

    My Alma Mater. Top Ten Party Universities in Playboy for years... I don't remember those days! ;)
  51. FishWiz

    Diesel and the border

    Guy at work with big diesel truck, and a bed fuel tank, got stopped this past weekend and told no. He took the tank out of truck bed so he can get back and forth without being stopped in secondary every time now. Alas, this to, like all good things, is coming to an end.
  52. FishWiz

    Where do you buy your Volvo Penta parts?

    H & H Marine Sharon Hayes Nice dealing with someone that will remember you within two visits.
  53. FishWiz

    Red Bull Races

    Taking the boat out was worth it. Pilots show off over the boats and shoreline while queuing up for their entrance into the starting line.
  54. FishWiz

    Need help getting propeller off.

    Hitting it with a BFH won't do much good if you don't have a puller setup that can get down around the hub, not just behind the prop. Rubber hub will absorb shock. Normally you end up pulling the prop off the rubber, grinding off the rubber (don't melt/burn it, smell and mess won't be fun)...
  55. FishWiz

    Fiberglass over foam for decking??

    Dennis, Look into divynicell more. I'm no expert, but lightweight and durable if glassed up right. Plywood too heavy, and nothing will stick to Starboard for decking, and even heavier.
  56. FishWiz

    BD Sighting

    Gold tan truck in Mira Mesa Home Depot area past Sunday.. girlfriend points out BD sticker in window, after just coming back from day at docks. So I ask if she wants to see BD salute. Whistled at truck, he looks, gets salute, returns salute. She laughs.. No idea who it was.
  57. FishWiz


    All I can say right now, it's not even fun to watch them right now. Dissapointing. And that bullpen has got to go. Just hoping for some redemption before I find myself with a thousand more hours of other things to do this season.
  58. FishWiz

    Twisting wire

    Safety wire twist pliers are the ticket. Been in use in the military for decades to safety wire just about every nut and bolt on airplanes. Standard issue in every toolbox. Was almost an art to watch some of us safety wire a dozen bolts in less then a minute with perfect length bent-over...
  59. FishWiz


    Don't know how the rubber lines will affect things, but I wouldn't think it matters. My pump is up in the V-Berth on a 26' boat and works fine.. but I have the hard lines.
  60. FishWiz

    My Loony Bun is fine Benny Lava

    YouTube - Benny Lava...(WITH LYRICS) Halarious Funny. Hope it's not a repost.
  61. FishWiz

    Major White Seabass Action in Laguna Beach!

    Kids.. *rolls eyes*
  62. FishWiz

    Poor Man's Bow Thruster

    Yet another fine first poster insulting others.
  63. FishWiz

    New Boat Needs a Name Suitable for 2 Women!

    1010 Trench Canyon Yodelers Carpet Munchers (None serious, just jumping on the bandwagon) :)
  64. FishWiz

    Looking for StarBoard or similar scraps

    Ya, did that a couple years ago. All edges routered and sanded.
  65. FishWiz

    Looking for StarBoard or similar scraps

    Go with 3/4", anything less will flex too much. HDPE and Starboard flex a lot more then wood.
  66. FishWiz

    Tax Rebate

    Depends on the brand of beer, who owns the casino, and if you like Saluki girls, are they imported? LOL
  67. FishWiz

    Garmin 2010c

    I have the 3010C, love it. Even if that 2010 is radar compatible, I would keep my radar as a separate Furuno unit. I think the 2010 only had a sounder option, all discontinued anyhow.
  68. FishWiz

    Some good being done in TJ...

    almost "legit" business... man are they fucked up in the head even more in that country lately. Taking lessons from Middle East?
  69. FishWiz

    Need help with the California Lobster laws!

    Ya, no keeping crustaceans in Mexico. In addition, learned something even moreso this week. Seems you can catch them stupid humbolt squid as bycatch when in Mexico, but not allowed to bring them back to U.S. Read that in WON.
  70. FishWiz

    Guadalupe Sept 19 to 28

    Bring lots of fuel.. same distance from Coral as from San Diego almost. 220 miles from San Diego.
  71. FishWiz

    NFL free agency starts this Fri

    Fullback Lorenzo Neal, safety Marlon McCree and tackle Shane Olivea were informed of their release Thursday morning. All three players requested their release for the opportunity to start elsewhere.
  72. FishWiz

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    Sounds like more then one here can say they rode the Belmont Coaster before it closed down and was restored, then have rode it since? Most I tell that story, don't even know it ever closed for like 20 years.
  73. FishWiz

    Dancy Rd. Mira Mesa

    Westonhill here.
  74. FishWiz

    What's your occupation?

    Apparently someone needs a job. How do you even find 3.5 year old threads and want to reply to such?
  75. FishWiz

    Bose home theater system

  76. FishWiz

    TC Contender/Encore pistol fans?

    I had TC Contender.. with a 410 barrel, 357 max barrel, and .223 barrel, when I was in the Air Force stationed in Tucson back in the early 80s. I sure wish I had kept that beauty, but got shipped out to Germany (no pistols), and thought better to sell it then store it. Sure wish I still had...
  77. FishWiz

    thoughts on blackman 26'

    Blackman Boats get my votes.. for some reason. ;) Come visit us at the BOCA site.
  78. FishWiz

    bad ass custom bike... SkeleCycle - Ride to Die, Die to Ride.

    Fuel tank looks like it might leak. :)
  79. FishWiz

    How do you use a 'shark clip'?

    Correct, would love to have a handful of those. Use them to stack lines on downriggers. Rig a few feet of 2-300 lbs mono to a line release clip, then clip that on the downrigger wire 20-30 feet above the bottom clip to run two lines. Also use those to take up slack in rope quickly after...
  80. FishWiz

    Chowderheads, Thats gotta sting

    Gizelle not getting any tonight.. both teams suc..
  81. FishWiz

    San Pablo Bay Sturgeon, 01-30-08

    Nice job. My favorite place for pulling out several is the mothball fleet.
  82. FishWiz

    Islands 1/31/2008

    Good job Harry, nice to see you are able to get out again.
  83. FishWiz

    Mayor of Rosarito on KUSI about recent violence

    Glad to see that some of us did stop going down there and it might be causing change. (Referring only to the Mayor report part)
  84. FishWiz

    Harry's Post OP pics

    That's some gnarly surgery Harry. Damn. Going to have to make a house call and stop by and say hello.
  85. FishWiz

    Guadalupe closed again.The drama continues.

    Weee... Baja just keeps getting better every day.
  86. FishWiz

    Looking to the future in San Quintn

    Good luck with the business. Too late.
  87. FishWiz


  88. FishWiz

    bagged a nice 42"

    Nice Striper. How long?
  89. FishWiz


    Intrepid looks and sounds nice. Thanks for the sales pitch long range report.
  90. FishWiz

    Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

    Jeezin rice guys, anyone else see the hypocrisy in all of this shit? Wait, let me break out my Abacus, slide rule, and Oiuji board to see if it the stars align enough to go fish in Baja with getting carjacked, killed, arrested, guaranteed paying mordida, losing all your possessions, whatever...
  91. FishWiz

    how to make Ceviche

    Believe it or not, some of the best Ceviche I've ever had is the way they make it with your fresh catch at Hotel Coral. Specifically, Ling Cod was the best, made the same way they will do your Albacore. Trick is, they slice it really thin, layed out on a big platter, lots of lime juice...
  92. FishWiz

    Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

    I got the message, don't spend anymore money down there anymore. Mexican Navy going after Mexican charters, with no regard for innocent American property and people, as if the American's have the slightest ability to check on if a Mexican charter has their papers in order. Call the MBBB...
  93. FishWiz

    Told ya So:D:D

    Let me know when home mortgage lending rate goes down again, and someone interested in financing about $430,000 (barely over the jumbo rate) at lowest standard fixed rate. And that same lending source, doesn't send an inquiry to 100 other low-life lending sources, lighting up my home phone...
  94. FishWiz

    Mex navy ordeal

    YES... I would expect dept. of Homeland Security to replace it, and I think they would. When I was stopped about 3 years ago by that 39' Midnight Express (they have many now), and they wanted to board, they threw out bumpers and came along side. Bumpers didn't line up, a swell caught the side...
  95. FishWiz

    Riviera Zane Grey Invitational day 2 updates

    Keep the updates coming. It's almost like being there, when I'm not this year :( You sure they shouldn't have headed back before steering problems and needing a good samaritan to turn around and help out? ;)
  96. FishWiz

    Need your opinion & advise

    I thought the fad of watching childbirth was over in the 80s, not sure why it is/was such a topic? Just MHO. I vote no.
  97. FishWiz

    Looking at Fish Cleaning on Board

    Did same idea a couple years ago: SAN DIEGO PLASTICS, INC. HDPE if storing outside and need UV protection, textured etc. Can use indoor cutting board material if storing out of the sun, cheaper. Can buy partial sheets there.
  98. FishWiz

    Passport requirements...

    Don't need a passport for Mexico, if you aren't planning on spending another dollar down there again given all the issues. Well, I guess PV or Cabo different story and still ok.
  99. FishWiz

    Fishing in Newport Bay, CA got Stung by Stingray

    About 3 years ago, was lobster fishing with a couple nets from my boat slip. After catching a few, and having fun drinking with friends, decided to leave two nets out and go down to the beach for a few more frosty cold barley pops. Came back later, started pulling up nets, forgot flashlight on...
  100. FishWiz

    Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

    I'm with you, 100%. They've seen the last of my money.
  101. FishWiz

    Baja Travel Alert -suggestion

    Enrolling in reading lessons.. thanks.
  102. FishWiz

    Gene Kira's Bag Limit Commentary

    Are you saying it doesn't happen again in another thread not focused on that subject this time? /whatever
  103. FishWiz

    Gene Kira's Bag Limit Commentary

    Between that, confiscating real estate you can't actually own, roadside murderers/thieves, and a muriad of other things, they will stay third world for the foreseeable future. I'm also wondering how many of us and others are starting to limit going that direction to spend their money.
  104. FishWiz

    Volvo DP bellows

    Yes, the bottom bellow is just the exhaust bellow. The replacement part has a small hole (or two) to drain, as there is water in the exhaust that will sit in there when you raise your outdrive. Needs to be installed the right direction to work, of course.
  105. FishWiz

    Owning land in Mexico?

    Exactly. Yet some come to BD to sell their shit with lies and spew shit in replies I guess.
  106. FishWiz

    Owning land in Mexico?

    Question: From my research, and everything I have heard, you can't actually own property in the Restricted Zone in Mexico, right? "The Mexican Constitution prohibits direct ownership of real estate by foreigners in what has come to be known as the "restricted zone." The restricted zone...
  107. FishWiz

    Oarfish Isla San Marcos Sea Story 09-01-07

    The best photo thread on BD so far... amazing stuff. Thank you.
  108. FishWiz

    Huge Black Sea Bass Washes Ashore!

    Love the details.. NOT
  109. FishWiz

    140 bocaccio on the Pt Loma?

    Some party boats sure have a lot of them from time-to-time. This the first post that caught your eyes for reply #2 in a year?
  110. FishWiz

    140 bocaccio on the Pt Loma?

    140 people on board? Isn't it 1 Bocaccio in 10 bag limit now? Beats me, I don't keep em very often.
  111. FishWiz

    flattie report 9/3

    The Halibut killer does it again. Nice one Zack.
  112. FishWiz

    Striped Marlin, Team Ball's Out!

    Good job... and solo too! :)
  113. FishWiz

    Milton Bradley fun when on your team

    Just struck out on a pitch in the dirt and looked really stupid digging for it. So what does he do, snap bat over his knee as if it was Balsa wood.... fucking great shit. :urno1: Padres day in and day out 'they all get along in the clubhouse' no personality was getting boring. This shit is...
  114. FishWiz

    Guadelupe showing signs

    Says who? Someone with 2 posts from England, supposedly?
  115. FishWiz

    Travelocity Cheap Fares to MX

    Be careful with those places like Travelocity.. you get what you pay for.
  116. FishWiz

    For CSI fans

    If repost, so what. Funny even if telegraphed ending.
  117. FishWiz

    Cards vs. Bolts.....

    You are home alone spending a lot of time watching the Bolts Brandon.. secretly admiring us while covering up with endless boring posts, updates, and criticism? LOL ;) I'm an avid Chargers fan, and even I went out with a women dancing tonight instead of watching a preseason game. What did...
  118. FishWiz

    Buying a boat from a broker

    Move on.. find something from a private seller, get a survey, any used boat has it's unknown issues. But that broker is full of shit. Don't let your impulse to own give into the brokers bullshit.
  119. FishWiz

    Air Race coming in Sept.

    Been planning this for months. Going to spend it on friends 60' already at Harbor Island West. Hope it is as good as advertisded.
  120. FishWiz


    I'm sure, while not really written in stone anywhere, you might not get away with using bait caught in Mexico. In the same way that you 'technically' can't go catch a BSB or U.S. short Mexican Lings , then come anchor off La Jolla to finish the day only keeping legals.
  121. FishWiz

    Guess he's a good shot with a bow?

    Cat's should be indoor pets only. They can't be kept within the property lines if left outside. They hunt birds in other yards etc. Not saying shoot them, unless the owner isn't considerate. Then why be the scapegoat? Can I park my trucks in your backyard when I get home while your cat...
  122. FishWiz

    '73 40' Viking Sportfisher

    Only 800 hours? Get written proof of the rebuild or repower. Had Detroits once, never again. But not saying they won't last like anvils forever.
  123. FishWiz

    A man walked into a bar .....................

    Hear about the Dyslexic, Agnostic, Insomniac? Used to stay up all night wondering if there really was a dog.
  124. FishWiz

    Hurricane Dean coming to the Pacific?

    We are expecting some serious devastation when that hurricane makes it over the peninsula, something on the order of this:
  125. FishWiz

    a pictures worth a thousand words

    Good one.. learned all about how traumatic Change Orders are in contracts in the last couple years trying to work with architects and engineers designing buildings around my network designs.
  126. FishWiz

    we love the FED:)

    If the fund rate goes down, I'll take a 5% 30-year fixed.
  127. FishWiz

    Need Help With Network Switch

    You can't specifically state the exact bandwidth you want on each port with a switch. Most can only prioritize. What you are trying to do is Packet Shaping, which can do rate limiting. But even that is done by IP or Classification (service/port).
  128. FishWiz

    Killer Whales and Sea Lion footage.Pretty Awesome!

    And just why did that suck in your premium opinion? People post what may be interesting to most, not for negative opinions.
  129. FishWiz

    Triple Marlin Hook-Up

    Damn it, I ran out of popcorn on page 3.
  130. FishWiz

    Bait in Ensenada?

    No red tide last weekend, spent 3 days there. Only thing red I saw was bloodshot eyes in the mirror. Don't think Mike has Macks all that often though, normally just whatever Dines they can scrape off Punta Banda.
  131. FishWiz

    That Chick from Harry Potter, upskirt on leno....

    You're kidding.. milliseconds maybe. /yawn
  132. FishWiz

    Monster halibut on light tackle!

    One incredible catch.. worthy of more details we all hope.
  133. FishWiz

    Pompeous tailgaiting on Padre fans

    As some of you know, I am a big Padre fan (and Chargers)... shit like this pisses me off.. beetch (along with Feinstien) closed down most of our offroad racing areas in the early 90s (I used to professionally race Enduros). Beetch (both) live(s) in bay area.. and her publicist has nerve to ride...
  134. FishWiz


    I'd do a run to the 60, or even Cortez, if someone else had the range and wanted to buddy boat. I can do 350 round trip. Not cheap though, if nothing comes up to bite.
  135. FishWiz

    The Broken Mower

    Good one.. LOL
  136. FishWiz

    Strata glass Cleaner?

    Thanks for posting this question again, forgot name of stuff and I need to get some for my Strata. testing yet another total fucktard
  137. FishWiz

    coming back from the coral?

    Genius... go read the Darwin thread.. (not negative, just sarcastic, lol)
  138. FishWiz

    Cedar planked.......

    Exactly... orgasmic... kept stacks of cooking planks ready when I lived up in bay area and fished Salmon. I miss it.
  139. FishWiz

    BFT southwest of the 182

    Nice.. would rather have small BFT (Maguro Sushi anyday) now, then more Albacore...
  140. FishWiz

    Linebrink and Meridith

    Really depressing lately... best bullpen in baseball wasn't to last
  141. FishWiz

    Only 1 Fish!

    Excellent report... great job and congrats. Love these rare reports when no asshat has come along with some self-righteous negative reply (yet) lol
  142. FishWiz

    Autopilot Pump Needed

    Found this place online, don't know anything about them: Autopilots repaired
  143. FishWiz

    Some fun on the 181

    See, can't even post a fish report here anymore without some over-opinionated asshat or another pissing on someone's parade. Good job on the Albies and the Marlin. Doesn't matter if you kept it, released it, or fucked it. Some jackass would have more to say then 'Thanks for the report...
  144. FishWiz

    Tempbreak v. Terrafin

    If Tempbreak can't get a clear SST shot, neither can Terrafin. Cloud cover blocks clear shots more then half the year. Both basically get their data from same free place (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) data from NOAA satellites). It's the software interpretation of that data...
  145. FishWiz

    Finished My Bait Receiver

    Looks good, but will need a ton more holes, I agree. And get ready to take it out and clean off the growth often. They get bad fast, and clog all the holes.
  146. FishWiz

    Fishing in Craig, AK

    Thanks for the advertisement Mr. first post.
  147. FishWiz

    San Quintin 9/03 thru 9/06

    Wish I had a boat that could go down there or crew invite.. every year has been excellent.
  148. FishWiz

    I'll never go back to h and m harbor!!!!!

    Wow... another classic example of idiots that come here.. ooops... I mean that frequent fishing message boards. Bet it cost less then fuel, maintenance, slip fees, ice, beer, food, +++ if you owned your own boat and a clue?
  149. FishWiz

    Where to dig for clams in season

    Ditto.. and thick and amost none undersize
  150. FishWiz

    Found returning from it yours?

    You must have found Chris (Dos Locos), because he is back. And no one is going to claim him.
  151. FishWiz

    Thanks Jason

    Welcome back. PM me with what you did. Nevermind, I'm supposed to chill and shouldn't go there! LOL
  152. FishWiz

    Albies/YellowTail 7/15 & radio YellowFin

    Good job Harry.. get a job.. jeez ;)
  153. FishWiz

    182 7/14 No Chickens but This

    You did the right thing if you didn't have someone on board to suggest how to bring it in, tail rope it, drag it backwards and never let your guard down until it was a steak on the grill. Good report.
  154. FishWiz

    Keep it hush.....

    Good to know there is a bite happening in general. Fun to post a couple pics if you got some. Ok to share insight on lure sizes/colors, bait size, tactic that is working. But go find your own fish using the myriad of tools available to all. Marine Radio? What's that? All I hear all day...
  155. FishWiz

    BUFUGLY win... Dodgers 8 SF 7

    Well since we all have opinions. I for one, find anything but Matt and Mudcat annoying. Love Tony, but can't handle that voice doing color. Steve Quist sounds like Matt, until 5 minutes into the game, when he sounds like he is reading from a script for 9 innings. Regardless.. wtf is...
  156. FishWiz

    7/11 albie limits

    Nice job Bill. Way to go.
  157. FishWiz

    Cat-Poo Coffee' Fetches $40 a Cup in Australian Cafes

    Starbucks should have a field day with this one.. hell, already costs 3-4 bucks for some of their .25 coffee.
  158. FishWiz

    Red-Neck bee removal

    Fuck the repost comment... who can keep up with 1000 posts a day. First time I saw it, and I thought it was fucking funny.
  159. FishWiz

    Golden Eagles in Bakersfield

    How the hell you get that second pic? Cool.
  160. FishWiz

    Red-Neck bee removal

    Good post. Funny as hell.
  161. FishWiz

    WTF is happening with the San Diego fishing scene

    Ya, I remember when people worked together out there, the very few assholes were made into examples. You could chat, share info, banter in good fun, enjoy the camaraderie. Not anymore, too many fucktards. Hmmm.. sounds like some message boards I know.
  162. FishWiz

    The Dirty Dozen........

    Wish I could have got a crew in time to go, but then 2 days for same number of chickens.. I'll take the 38 gallons of fuel this time. Good job.
  163. FishWiz

    got them 182 but the radio has to go!!!

    Talked to you yesterday, but only long enough to say hello and glad to hear you out there.. then turned the marine radio way down, and the XM Radio back up again. One of these days I am going to hunt down some of these fucks with my ADF, just not sure what I would do then... LOL
  164. FishWiz

    Albies and an Opah

    A good report. Thanks. Opah are so cool.
  165. FishWiz

    Fish Movin Up 7/8/07

    Another fine job Harry. Get a job.. LOL
  166. FishWiz

    Caught some

    Hey Mr. 6 posts since July 2005, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to go to the 182 like the other 1000 boats. Oh, I meant the 50 I ran into! ;)
  167. FishWiz

    Caught some

    20-25lb Albies. Location isn't a secret, there were 50 boats there today. Go get em.
  168. FishWiz

    Advice re: Downrigger clips...?

    I still use plug type release clips.. Scotty stopped making the ones I use I think, but the S1020 are similar. Leftover habits from my Salmon trolling days up north. Going to hate it when my last couple are gone. Kelp doesn't pop it, but even a bonito will. Downriggers & Access.
  169. FishWiz

    PLIER Update w/ Pics and 371 Fishing

    Thanks for the report. Cut the pliers into pieces and mail to manufacturer with a :finger: I think you meant 65.5
  170. FishWiz

    Just got a call

    See ya out there.. leaving in a few hours.
  171. FishWiz

    Going long tomorrow... need a crew

    Leaving mid afternoon, going to load up the boat. PM me. Need a reliable crew that is interested. Probably 200 each in fuel, bait, ice, food.
  172. FishWiz

    Looking for serious anglers!

    Your travel speed is, day .. night>?
  173. FishWiz

    Need one for 7/5 Tuna hunt

    Thanks for the assuming and posting.. NOT!!! Another ass with an opinion.
  174. FishWiz

    Seminar for the Big Fish Tourney

    No shit.. Aug 3 almost a year ago.. how do people find these posts?
  175. FishWiz

    San Diego Rockfish

    Got a really good finder? Go scope around what we call the 9-mile bank (South end in Mexico). It's all in about 240-360 feet, but if current is right, you might find clouds that will load the boat with 2-4 lbers in 20 mins. Nothing like No Cal.. but that's what came to mind when you asked.
  176. FishWiz

    Water too warm for Albies???

    Friend recently reminded me how much tuna fishing has changed in last few years. We used to catch huge Albies off Moss Landing when water finally got up to 59 degrees, now we chase temp breaks for warmest we can find down here. Like life in general, change is inevitable.
  177. FishWiz

    Monday 7/2 390/EFly Albies w/Geno

    Another perfect report.. caught fish, proved it with pics... nuff said for me.
  178. FishWiz


    I had same problem with P-Line a few years ago, switched to Izor and never had it happen again. Regardless of knot.
  179. FishWiz

    262 Skipjack w/ kad 43 diesel and duoprop outdrive

    The higher the number, the higher the pitch. I run A6s with a KAD 42 and can get a cruise of about 24 knots with a 10,000lb boat.
  180. FishWiz

    Recruiting for crew

    Fishing offshore is heating up. Own a long range offshore boat (Blackman 26') that loves to go long and gets home safe in even the worst conditions. I don't feel like reading the 300 posts on the Boat Ho forum. Looking for a reliable crew and to meet some regulars that can get away overnight...
  181. FishWiz

    Giving Back - 2nd Annual Mexico House Building Project

    That is really cool. I would enjoy helping with something like that. But let me ask, why the pink? I don't get it.
  182. FishWiz

    Cutting speaker holes.

    I use a Roto Zip with circle attachment. That gadget can be difficult at best, especially if surface is not flat.
  183. FishWiz

    Orange Gaff - Part Deux!

    I think Jason was looking for this type of gaff?
  184. FishWiz


    Unlike the dumb replies: Toads = any big fish in that category Chicken = Albacore Biscuit = WSB Flattie = Halibut Mud Marlin = Bat Ray Splitfin = forum we used to have a few years ago before this website got too big and commercialized.
  185. FishWiz

    Fishing tomorrow

    Go to the 390, don't get run over by seiners, take 1" mega baits... catch some bluefin and enjoy sashimi like I have the last two nights.
  186. FishWiz

    Tuesday 6/26 Albacore Limits w/ BFT and YT

    Asking me something? Not sure the question if so.
  187. FishWiz

    fish prep before sashimi/sushi

    Ya, fillet it! LOL Seriously. I eat sashimi off the bones of a fresh fish while filleting it on the boat on the way home, after it's been on ice for a couple of hours. Sashimi grade = killed quick (spike brain once on board), quickly on ice, kept very cold in very cold fridge for a couple...
  188. FishWiz


    Forget about bait in Ensenada right now. Red tide from half-way to the islands to inside everything. So much bait dying in the bay, even the seagulls are just sitting around sometimes watching bait float they are so gorged. Bay stench so bad it actually can get to even the most seasoned.
  189. FishWiz

    Bad fishing jokes

    And the worst fishing joke ever: Hear about the girl that went fishing with three guys? Came home with a big red snapper.
  190. FishWiz

    Tuesday 6/26 Albacore Limits w/ BFT and YT

    Best report of the season so far.. Good job.. it was starting to go off Sunday right there on our way home.
  191. FishWiz

    6/24 LJ Halibut Double Freeswimmer

    Woah.. I'm confused... again... I guess. I thought this was someone posting about taking a tailgater with a net, and getting slammed for doing so. Logging off.
  192. FishWiz

    Outer Banks Boat Club???

    Opinions are like A**holes.. ever own a boat larger then a kayak, pay maintenance, clean it after 24 hour run, pay slip fee, etc? May not be for everyone, many of us love our boats, even like working on them, but they have a niche for some people. But apparently not for some people so willing...
  193. FishWiz

    Long story 4days fishing!

    As I posted on your other short report, thanks for calling us in. Was fun to briefly try to get another BF on that school you so kindly called us in (eating sashimi now from the #35.7 lb we caught Friday). We might have been the boat you saw almost getting wrapped. Marks were so thick, we sat...
  194. FishWiz

    6/24 LJ Halibut Double Freeswimmer

    This thread made me think of two things: #1: How fast people latched onto the negative aspect as to the method of take, instead of even a grats on the legal first. #2: Up in Bodega bay, we used to catch big ass lings that were only holding onto little Black or Blue rockfish that had been...
  195. FishWiz

    Quicky! Albies Bluefin and tails

    The helicopter and spotter plane were literally circling Finatic (I don't know who was there first). Finatic let others close by know about the school, thanks for the call. As Finatic ran off a little ways chasing some birds, we got in about 2 drops on the school before the seiner circled us...
  196. FishWiz


    Was talking to a buddy today, and he brought up the subject about a retrofit kit they made for the KAD42 twin belts. Made me remember hearing about this kit, which is a full pulley replacement to accomodate a serpentine belt layout, because the twin belt system is tricky. Has to be just tight...
  197. FishWiz

    WON Ensenada tourney, Yellowtail and Albacore!!

    Grats Rick.. good seeing you down there and good job on the fish.
  198. FishWiz


    Don't even go into the bay if you have good bait from San Diego. Red tide almost to island. Bring it in the bay and watch it roll over fast. Most of ours did, and we even got out of there as soon as allowed. Tide brought massive Dines into Coral Marina, and it was a seagull festival for two...
  199. FishWiz


    I can confirm, they are there. Bluefin all over the place, and Albies all over other places. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to find em either, just watch the meter and the birds, as soon as you find that stop, the spotter plane and helicopters watching everyone will probably have one or more...
  200. FishWiz


    I have the same motor, with bypass switch on supercharger. Probably the belt, check the tensioner, that pulley that takes two allen wrenches, one to adjust the cam action, the other too loosen and tighten the bolt. You can see if the clutch is engaging or not, it's literally a automotive...
  201. FishWiz

    Gel Batteries???

    6 Volt Trojans, in series, are the way to go, for long lasting house type batteries (run pumps, bait tank, inverter, etc).. Regular car battery with major cold cranking amps, isolated from others, for starter, is the setup.
  202. FishWiz

    is it just me, or is ANGLERS CHOICE a rip off?

    I love posts like this. Everytime I drive by there, I remember the posts from 2003/4. 6 month return might be a little long, but the follow-up stories just re-affirm my thoughts of the place. Now there went a break-even or couple dollar loss, into another few thousand in business POOF...
  203. FishWiz

    Pictures from a cell phone????

    It's one of many industry scams, if you will. Most cell phones that take pictures, only let you send them to an email through their servers, at an extra cost. You have to sign up for the service. You can't download them via the USB cable. They aren't even in standard format (JPG...) Cell...
  204. FishWiz

    My sons new stix..

    Best stuff I have seen in a long time... wow!
  205. FishWiz

    cornado dog beach corbina 6/14

    Nice job. (here comes the usual /yawner "Nice Corbatina, BSB, Corvina, etc" replies.
  206. FishWiz

    Has this been posted?

    I side with the angler. #1. Mostly because that type of response from officials resembles a witch-hunt. #2. If experienced shark hunter, and you bring what normally looks like a Mako up beside the boat, I'm sure the fish wasn't happy. So let em all go instead of sticking it, just in case...
  207. FishWiz

    After Party Anxiety

    Where is the After-Party? Back at Dana Inn or ???
  208. FishWiz

    Tried a new way (for me) to cook the threasher

    That's the easy awesome way I do it most the time Curtis... Mmmmmmmm
  209. FishWiz


    Excellent game.. boring for 8.5 innings, but never lost hope. Go PADS!!
  210. FishWiz

    Pending World Record Mullet Snapper

    Now that is a big one, and really great to read a report about pursuing a true record. Thanks for sharing. (an enjoyable BD read for once this week)
  211. FishWiz

    Fucking asshole punk bitch cocksucker

    Another reason BD has problems.. thanks for sharing.. not.
  212. FishWiz

    Mission Bay Bait and fuel

    Summer hours for both as soon as fish show up and worth it, my guess.
  213. FishWiz

    t shark

    Give him or whoever took pics a chance.. or jump on the 'No Pics BS' bandwagon.. either way, your choice. BD = 'Berate Daily' anymore. Besides, you all questioned a fish from almost two weeks ago that was already posted. So only slam here is why post a new post now about it?
  214. FishWiz

    Mission Bay Bait and fuel

    Bait 24 hours.. if you pull up and seems no one home, he's just napping inside. Be nice waking him to get good service. Hyatt Islandia fuel at this time: Open until 5:30PM
  215. FishWiz

    6/3 Sweet Sixteen

    Perfect report. You caught fish, no one could call BS no pics.
  216. FishWiz

    Oops...... was that me?

    Saluki doesn't need more press, replying to a 1.5 year old post now? Jeez.
  217. FishWiz

    Captains Meeting

    Count me in if invite open... short walk from my boat where I will park with ease, sleep on my boat in comfort and be across the street from the meeting.
  218. FishWiz

    late- mission bay humbolt

    Deposited some crap, withdrew some crap. What comes around goes around.
  219. FishWiz

    1 cent Per yard of P-line CXX

    Long time ago, some thread here talked about how Shimano price-fixes their reels. Like someone said earlier, any line/promo is considered a discount. Everyone has to sell Shimano's at or above some price-level. That is how Shimano does business. Not the fault of a reseller. That is the...
  220. FishWiz

    Free T-Shark ride on the 'Reel One' for military

    I spent 10 years in the Air Force, and really appreciate the effort you are all doing with the latest BS. Offering a free T-Sharking trip for a couple vets on Monday, May 28. PM me. Happy Memorial Day.
  221. FishWiz

    Halibut fishing??

    You are not going to get GPS spots.. but get a good drift in 90-20 foot onshore waters at the right time of year.. and get these.
  222. FishWiz

    Layoff the 'REPost' Replies, get a life.

    Let's go fishing Frank. Was just talking bad about you at Papa J's B-Day thing. Yes, I still have my boat.
  223. FishWiz

    Layoff the 'REPost' Replies, get a life.

    Remove the REpost icon and stop replying with repost messages. So many fucking idiots feel they must one-up people for contributing something that might have already been posted before. I used to do it, back when the board was readable and the community was of manageable size. But now few can...
  224. FishWiz

    Happy Birthday Papa J!

    Was fun at Happy's Sushi. Good to see some of the old-timers again. Happy B-Day Jason.
  225. FishWiz

    WON Tournament Catalina Report

    Largest WSB for the tourny was 45lbs
  226. FishWiz

    Know how, perservence, luck= Old farts rule

    Good going Harry and Robert. You won something, why is lunch on me? LOL
  227. FishWiz

    Who won the W.O.N Catalina?

    We (Zack on his boat Fire Escape and I) won the first place halibut jackpot. I still don't know what a WSB looks like on the end of a rod and reel... LOL
  228. FishWiz

    WON Tournament Catalina Report

    Took off Friday early AM with Zack (Fire Escape) on his sweet Blackman Outer Banks style ride. Prefished the tournament (WSB/Halibut) and after some stops for WSB, found better conditions for halibut. Kept 5 on Friday before tournament, some 18-20lb models, with a toad 34lber. Too bad not...
  229. FishWiz

    We made the U/T Sports Page!!!

    Had a sense of humour when I joined ~2.5 years ago... When it was small, real people, real friends, some of us going longer then man normally has gone before. But like all good things, they don't last. Especially after slowing my drinking down to a trickle.
  230. FishWiz

    How to get on to two harbors?????????

    At the risk of replying to a fake post or stupid fishing report, IF I understand the question correct. Two Harbors (front side) has a water-taxi, especially during the tournament, that I will be attending. Cat Harbor on the backside does not.
  231. FishWiz

    We made the U/T Sports Page!!!

    Well that's embarrassing. Another reason not to post reports or reply to anything anymore. Thanks.
  232. FishWiz

    LJ 5/13

    Perfect BD Report.. Thanks Don. ;)
  233. FishWiz

    We made the U/T Sports Page!!!

    Clear something up for me, you got in the paper as a contender to win the contest that is a month away? How? I guess I missed the history and skilll that led up to the write up in the paper? Include the links for all the YT you have caugnt and posted so I don't have to search.
  234. FishWiz

    Poll-What's the best time to Bug Hunt?

    Set me straight.. do people do searches for subjects to find 6 month old posts, or more, and reply so they can show off their 'wisdom?' Or is their an issue with forums on BD?
  235. FishWiz

    Hardcore Tuna Fishing!

    STFU Brandon... lol ;)
  236. FishWiz

    Sharking today 5/8/07

    Also went today.. was that you Harry that pulled up off the starboard about 2PM? We had one slap and tickle, but nothing else. Would post a new thread.. but why bother.. not posting catches or non-catches anymore for all the pussies that buy expensive cars to compensate for their little...
  237. FishWiz

    Mission Bay Halibut

    I am so done ever posting a fish report here again.. Grats on the flatties guys. Too bad there are so many self-righteous pompous fucks that probably don't even own a boat so willing to impart their bullshit opinions instead of stuffing a cock.. er sock .. in it and shutting the fuck up if...
  238. FishWiz

    208 lb Thresher 5-5-07

    Nice job Harry.. grats.
  239. FishWiz

    10th wedding anniversary need help

    This time of year, is May Gray/June Gloom. View of ocean and cold might not live up to expectations. However, years ago, I did a Bed and Breakfast up in Julian that had jacuzzi tubs. Pretty romantic shit, the mountains, small quaint town, weather warming up and getting sunny. Just an option...
  240. FishWiz

    In the Gray - Wisch

    I knew this thread would be entertaining. I wonder if Mark is laughing as much as I, about how some personalities are so eager to be 'King of the my opinion is the shit hill,' as he reads this thread.
  241. FishWiz

    Poor Man's Bow Thruster

    You'd only find little bitty pieces left of that gimmick on my boat after one trip in 4-6' seas heading out 100 miles for tuna.
  242. FishWiz

    Are bag type bait tanks bad for the bait?

    My opinion, bait bags are ok for local calm water inshore fishing. Try to take a 1/2 scoop even 20 miles out to a paddy in 2-3 foot or more swells at any speed, and whatever bait might still be alive, will be beat to shit, in all but the most perfect circumstances.
  243. FishWiz

    Did anyone go to the Fishfinder Seminar at Pacific Edge?

    He talks about the A-Scope stuff in his book. Still would like to understand it for real though.
  244. FishWiz

    Great Article on getting your lawn mower ready for summer

    I like mowing my yard, for some strange reason. Had a gardener for awhile, always a pain to get a regular day of the week, follow up on what happened if they missed a scheduled date, leaving the money someplace, etc. But after reading that article, I think I'll just buy a new mower every few...
  245. FishWiz

    Deadliest catch tonight

    Good interesting episode. But question: Some know I like to read between the lines (aka: can be a pessimist), so: No safety line on that guy that far down the side of the boat chaining pots in rough seas in just slickers? Time Bandit just 'happened' to be there watching, ready, filming? I...
  246. FishWiz

    Did anyone go to the Fishfinder Seminar at Pacific Edge?

    So is there any information that can be put in writing that would be interesting and informative? Or would that be infringing upon something?
  247. FishWiz

    Post your yellowtail pictures here

  248. FishWiz

    Dealiest Catch, Blakes a punk

    Another case of the media taking real life, and turning it into BS. Ya, I believe everything I see on that show, like 14 cameras all in position including on a boat next to another when they flourbagged the greenhorn.. ya right... Too many gullible people in this world. Good show when...
  249. FishWiz

    I got one?

    Surely it would be ok to fly my helo back to weigh in the first fish though? ;)
  250. FishWiz

    OHV area's? any place to (legally) ride a quad in SD county...

    Corral Canyon OHV is a nice change from the desert norm, and not very far. Not very big, but nice mountain roads, trails over some great rocks, and a couple of challenging hills. I used to put on an annual enduro there a few years back.
  251. FishWiz

    SCI Raft Up...

    Same weekend as Day at the Docks, not that it matters that much, just FYI. Whenever this really gets going, I'm interested.
  252. FishWiz

    Glad I went to Greece on this boat last fall

    All thread hijacking aside, the ship did sink. Greek cruise ship sinks
  253. FishWiz

    Glad I went to Greece on this boat last fall

    1600 rescued from Greek cruise ship off Santorini. U.S. students among 1,600 rescued from ship - I went on the second to the last cruise of 2006 on that boat last November. They only started back up a couple weeks ago. Glad that moron captain waited until this spring to drive.
  254. FishWiz

    Why you dont feed morays!!!

    A new psychosis: Crocodile Hunter Disease Next week he films giving a leopard a prostate exam with that thumbtoe.
  255. FishWiz

    Worst thing you've lost while fishing

    I lost my sanity! Between fuel prices, customs, licenses, mexican seiners, maintenance and slip fees, I still do it, so I must have lost my sanity. Not worth much though.
  256. FishWiz

    Flush cockpit -vs- raised engine hatch

    Smaller boats don't have the depth between hull and deck to fit an inboard without having a raised hatch.
  257. FishWiz

    The Coral, ensanada???????

    Thanks for the invite! :finger: LOL
  258. FishWiz

    The Coral, ensanada???????

    Have girlfriend drive me? DOH! LOL
  259. FishWiz

    Tanner buoy today, 3-27-07

    Avg day out of Bodega or Moss in the winter... no problem.
  260. FishWiz

    The Coral, ensanada???????

  261. FishWiz

    Guadalupe Island

    Mots left out the part about the fact he is as hairy as a sea lion, but not as intelligent. When the dingy came untied, and started to float away, he dives in and swims to retrieve. Half way to the dingy he remembers the 25' great white they were admiring swimming under the boat earlier. So...
  262. FishWiz

    Armored Hull

    Kinda like buying a jacuzzi. Half the people take care of it, use it properly, and love it year-to-year, the other half are giving them away on Craigslist in shitty condition. I wanted to try one, but I like backing into my slip, and you can only pull into those things forward. But I'll be...
  263. FishWiz

    Holy Tax Time SHIT HOWDY

    If you are surprised at what you owe, then you have no clue about adjusting your deductions to match your status and income (or paying quarterlies if self-employed).
  264. FishWiz

    Guadalupe Island

    It's 210-220 miles out of San Diego, but far enough offshore from anything closer to be a huge waste of fuel to travel to Ensenada to top off. Travel to San Quintin is silly, only cuts 70 miles off water travel, minus the fuel in the tow vehicle and time. Like someone said, talk to...
  265. FishWiz

    Do you have the balls to do this.......

    Fun to watch.. makes one wonder. Sure would love to hear the other 2 sides to the story of how they did that (yes, I said 2)
  266. FishWiz


    Every year, the annual pilgrimage we used to do out of Moss Landing for Albies was to watch for that very short few weeks when the water hit 60-61 degrees off the 601. Only about a 35 mile ride, if seas cooperated, and even then, rarely smooth. And BIG fish up there, later season stuff...
  267. FishWiz


    LOL.. no comment.
  268. FishWiz


    I posted a story about Travelocity's policies with a reservation last year. Same idea, they are a big ripoff. They were even so bold as to tell me to get lost on making a change with a hotel, so I call the hotel a minute later, and they inform me they just got a hand-written fax from...
  269. FishWiz

    It happens every year...

    Amen... common progression of most things good. ...hence Cyonara.
  270. FishWiz

    Classified sections for private parties only?

    Or free spam for retail dealers too? Just wondering, because of recent burial within.
  271. FishWiz

    Volvo Penta Duo-Prop question

    Looks like just paint to me. Give it a few dozen more trips, there won't be any paint left, then they will be the same old cast aluminum look we all have on our DPs.
  272. FishWiz

    Salmon Fishing in Pulaski, NY 10/20-10/24/06

    Looks like some fun interesting FISHING.. but they are half dead (spawned out), can't imagine eating any except that one silver.
  273. FishWiz

    I seriously need some help with my neighboor.

    Good luck, you have my sympathy. First, what is a Noise Control Complaint? Who do you call for that? I searched on the Internet to see what I could do and found a form to fill out and mail in. Called SDPD a few weeks ago when college kids across the street decided to have a gang fight, and...
  274. FishWiz

    Leaking ram seals on Volvo DP outdrive

    Volvo doesn't sell any repair seals, it's replace the rams according to them. I have heard a good hydraulic shop should be able to get seals that size and repair them, but never tried it. And that assumes you take them off of course, which is a whole nother major project.
  275. FishWiz

    Volvo Penta DP Questions

    I have been using Mobil 75W-140 Synthetic Light Truck and SUV Gear Oil in mine for over 3 years. Not cheap. These outdrives are one big gear box. Many of us with Volvo Engine/Outdrive combos go this direction, recommended by many.
  276. FishWiz

    L.T..... Interesting......

    Glad to have LT, and a great decoy for the moron opponents while Turner runs up the middle.... nuff said.
  277. FishWiz

    Volvo Penta DP Questions

    Probably better ways to check, but does it have hydraulic tilt/trim motor mounted someplace with hydraulic rams (I think all of those are 290 DP), or electric motor in top of outdrive (pre 290)?
  278. FishWiz

    What is the Sheepshead world record?

    Nice goat.. yummm. Oh, and Harry, that pic must be about 50 years old, no? LOL
  279. FishWiz

    58' riviera tower

    Bill bought a 58', wow. The 51 was sweet enough and spent many hours in the tower you did on that one. Sweet stuff..
  280. FishWiz

    Need suggestions making my pulley

    If you don't build some way to swing the net into the boat quickly, you are going to watch some lobsters hanging on or close to the edge, just flip there way out. That assumes it's even legal to have a winch. As for checking shorts before getting net in boat, I don't believe that is true...
  281. FishWiz

    Is my boat a TRUE displacement Hull?

    I'm no expert, but that boat doesn't have the sharp 'V' up front to get on top of the water, or chines to stay there... I had a 23' diesel boat at one time that had more of a planning hull then that, and couldn't do more then 10 knots on a good day, downhill, with a blow job.
  282. FishWiz

    is there fish in mission valley golf course

    What course are you talking about? Hope not the Mission Beach golf course? What in Mission Valley has water except the river, like Riverwalk course. If you mean the Mission Valley little executive course.. /rant on I golf there all the time. Those ponds are so overgrown with crap half...
  283. FishWiz

    Day 1 and 2 Catalina Classic updates - $227,876 up for grabs today!!!

    Thanks for the updates, some exciting times for the team I was on last year it sounds. I was wondering how it was going out there while I sat in meetings at work all day concentrating on work (not).
  284. FishWiz

    Zane Grey 2006 Marlin Tourney update Day 1

    Thanks for the update. I miss not being out there this year doing the tournaments as well. Nice to get the scoop. Keep em coming.
  285. FishWiz

    Bathroom/Shower Remodel

    Takes 4-6K to turn the following before, into this after, if you sweat a lot every night for a couple of months and do it yourself. I would expect it would justifiably be more to have some of these experts do work of this quality.
  286. FishWiz

    Dodgers/Padres Series

    Thank you Cubbies for the little bit of help. Now it's all in the Padres hands. I sure hope last year's May team shows up.
  287. FishWiz

    Rod building 101

    Kidding? See the date of that thread.. How do you even find something that old?
  288. FishWiz apparently a huge RIPOFF?

    Little did I know. Made some hotel plans through Travelocity. Tried changing the plans, got some help desk in India. They wanted over 60% of original cost of the two nights, to make the change. Checked with hotel directly, and found out room costs were zero savings with Travelocity over...
  289. FishWiz

    Cheap Skipjack Fly on craiglsit

    Ya, looks like AMS getting burned out repowering fix-me-ups with those 1.6 liter? Merc diesels. Hmmm.. got a spare complete KAD42 and transom plate in the garage, empty RV parking beside the house, and winter coming.. wait, keeping my own boat in shape is enough work, don't get stupid.. hahaha
  290. FishWiz

    Starting a charter business

    Good luck with that. As for my initial comments, were honest opinion of things to consider, nothing more. Lot's of people have already learned lessons that you seem to want to learn on your own.
  291. FishWiz

    Starting a charter business

    Not a big enough boat for 4 man charters. You need a deckhand to take care of helping/gaffing/untangling etc. (making it six people), and more amenities, not to mention the skills and reputation. Also heard the license costs will eat you alive, for US and Mex.
  292. FishWiz

    Cheers Gentleman, To The Gaiders Getting STOMPED On at HOME!!!

    Amazed and happy if true!
  293. FishWiz

    our damn fine military at work

    Would loved to have witnessed that. Amazing.
  294. FishWiz

    best seafood restaurant in Oceanside area?

    West Steak and Seafood off Cannon, if you want very nice. Kings for the best variety anyplace, I know one of the managers there which works out nice when the bill comes.
  295. FishWiz

    Striped Marlin Lures?

    10 to 12", or a little bigger if good size fish around.
  296. FishWiz

    Capt. peabody passed away....

    Woah... so sad to hear. What a shock. The Catalina Marlin tournaments won't be the same this year without PBod around. Many of our catches in last year's tournies came from Pbod's recommended lures and riggings. RIP
  297. FishWiz

    Boat Hoing 101, the 13 Rules

    What was that? LOL.. Classic!
  298. FishWiz

    The "Should Cuda stop posting polls" Poll

    Give it a rest.. you made your point. you win.. happy?
  299. FishWiz

    Boat Hoing 101, the 13 Rules

    Great post.. and soo true. One last comment I have about boat ho's: Almost every successful trip includes LOOKING FOR PADDIES, FLOATING OBJECTS, SCUM LINES, BIRDS, PORPOISE/DOLPHIN SCHOOLS, WHALES, BAIT BALLS, JUMPERS, TAILERS, anything out of the ordinary endless water. Being down in the...
  300. FishWiz

    We lost a friend last night

    Damn, always sucks even worse to hear about these things to one of the BD family. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
  301. FishWiz

    The "Should Cuda stop posting polls" Poll

    Ok, whatever. :rolleyes: And to think it's summer and there are fish around. Someone last winter said something along the lines of "It's winter, all the bullshit posts and asshats will go fishing and content will improve". Silly me, I believed that. This too shall pass. *flushes toilet*
  302. FishWiz

    teleflex hydraulic helm leak

    Bleed all the pressure out of the system, drain the fluid by cracking loose the lines below the dash, before taking that plate off or you might not be happy with the mess.
  303. FishWiz

    What a fucking dumb ass!!

    Hmmm.. I have a handful of 30mm shells from A-10 Warthog Thunderbolt II aircraft, spent after live fire exercises (all show primer fired). BUT, a story like this sure makes me want to be careful anyhow.
  304. FishWiz

    The "Should Cuda stop posting polls" Poll

    Can you kids all go play someplace else? There has got to be some kinda webspace, BLOG crap, whatever kiddie land place to fill up hard drive space other then our beloved fishing message board. There, I fucking feel better.
  305. FishWiz

    How To:Rigging Tuna Feathers-Crimped

    Very nice to have taken the time to show others, a real fishing message board post (unlike so many others), thank you. The only thing I would add is that you add more beads to adjust the hook to ride just back inside the tail of the skirt if you have longer/larger lures.
  306. FishWiz

    Penta I/O maintenance

    H&H Marine, off Morena (on Banks St.), Sharon runs a good business if you want it today if in stock, or within a couple days, and need help looking up the needed parts in the catalogs. If you have time to wait, Marine Parts Express online, if you have a parts catalog and know the part numbers.
  307. FishWiz

    I can't find shit worth posting

    That reminds me, I need some new boat fenders.
  308. FishWiz

    fish processing?

    Yes, these are the guys next to Hyatt Islandia. Find out if they got a new sealer for their vacuum bags yet. I had several freezer bags from a #233lb Thresher this year, that leaked all over when defrosted. Heard same story from someone else about them over a year ago. They need to get the...
  309. FishWiz

    Black Marlin Report w/ More Pics

    Excellent report, awesome pictures. But I agree that weight is not right.
  310. FishWiz

    All New Perko Underwater lights!!!!!!!

    I wonder if Perko did them right? Most of their stuff rots in 2 years. They look solid bronze, and seem to use off-the-shelf type bulbs, so it might be the midrange some of us would like for the money vs. those $2K fixtures the rich use that are soo bitchin.
  311. FishWiz

    La Jolla Black Sea Bass Film from last week

    What an excellent video. Thanks for sharing. Sure hope to be around to see the same kind of video in another 10 years when those BSB are up closer to their pre-1920s days and sizes.
  312. FishWiz

    It's been 5 weeks since I've caught a fish and these are my sins...

    I hear ya. Boat ownership = maintenance, slip fees for some, driving most of the time, etc.. and unless wide open, you often only get the tail end of a bite if anything left, and rarely a trolling rod. But I get to go where I want, when I want, stop where I want, and turn around when I want...
  313. FishWiz

    Parasail paddy spotter

    LOL. Cute idea in theory, logistically impractical. Without a launch platform on your boat, or a launch from shore (tricky), you couldn't get air in the sail/chute to get someone up. And you would have to have a fairly fast boat, and could only go into the wind unless really calm.
  314. FishWiz


    Striped Marlin are like Mackeral, if you do everything just perfect, and smoke it all in really good brine, you get 100lbs of marginal smoked fish. But if you C&R most of them (unless bleeders, first time catch, whatever), there will be some left next year. Just my opinion.
  315. FishWiz

    The adventures of Boner Boy!

    Stupid. Anyone watching not realize there is a camera person obviously filming every part. Very staged and dumb.
  316. FishWiz

    Here She Comes Part 3

    What a beauty. Thanks for the pics. Just don't keep her in the water then. I will never get an I/O for a boat I keep in a slip again. But inboards suck on single screws too.
  317. FishWiz

    Help with OLD photo

    Excellent book. I just pulled mine down off the shelf to see if that barge/boat was listed, it is not. Thought I had a chance to confirming one way or the other.
  318. FishWiz

    MDR Dodofest & other Critters 8/18 w-pics

    Nice to see a good report instead of half dozen new threads or replies to everything non-fishing related daily by some. Thanks. Good job! :appl:
  319. FishWiz

    Those with Daughters

    Who changed the link of Bloodydecks to Bleeding Hearts?
  320. FishWiz

    The Legacy???

    Now you are talking my kind of humour.. funny and true..:rofl:
  321. FishWiz

    Another SCI Trip

    Just a thought, but with all the far out planning, only to be thwarted by all the SCI closures, maybe we should start thinking about going to someplace like the back side of Catalina, and staying inside Two Harbors. Yes they charge for a mooring ball and anchorages, but take a dinghy into the...
  322. FishWiz

    Not cool trolling by someones Paddy.

    Hence my comment 'even if I ever did fish on a PB' ;)
  323. FishWiz

    Anybody know about anchorage @ Colonet?

    One option is to plan for San Martin Island.. fishing village and small lee side cove there.. and lots of great fishing options.
  324. FishWiz

    Not cool trolling by someones Paddy.

    As I often say, the Internet makes the world a much smaller place, and word travels fast. Now someone just needs to send a link of this thread to the landing, owner, anywhere you can get an email address related to the operation. In the meantime, let me add my :finger: :finger: while adding...
  325. FishWiz

    6V on a boat?

    TO answer your real question... get 6V Trojan batteries, wire them in series... and enjoy almost 200% more reliable house power for the same replacement cycle... that is what I do.
  326. FishWiz

    Team Noah's at Puerto Vallarta for the Bloodydeck Tournament

    Excellent report Kevan and Cooter... what a great trip that must have been. Good job! :notworthy :appl: :)
  327. FishWiz


    If true, that is such an epitome of the current state of affairs.
  328. FishWiz

    8/10: Marlin, Dodos and yellows

    Just had to toss in your two cents huh?
  329. FishWiz

    8/10: Marlin, Dodos and yellows

    Nice going Charles... got yourself a Striper... someone's going to be smoking fish for the next few days.
  330. FishWiz

    WFO EAL lures off Point Loma

    One of the better reports.. Congrats! :appl:
  331. FishWiz

    Hotel Coral

    Small slip (farthest away) is about $38 per night or something like that (unlike the $65 a night I spend to put my 26' in a 50 foot slip to be next to the bathroom and coffee - LOL). Fuel a couple weeks ago was under $2.00 a gallon for diesel, not sure about gas, but couldn't be that far off...
  332. FishWiz

    How Moses got the 10 Commandments....

    There's always one in the crowd, no matter what you say or do. It was funny!
  333. FishWiz

    Boats that can handle a 100 mile journey out of San Diego? Not easy to find a nice one for sale, but I can go 350 round trip. Been known to go 140 one way before turning back for home, with no fuel stops. Further if inshore enough to go to Ensenada overnight on the way back. Older ones in good shape start at ~$60K.
  334. FishWiz

    emergency need 1 or 2 for tomorrow!!!!

    You seriously don't get it, even after getting berated? To steal a recent applicable comment from another thread, what an asshat! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Hope you make it out and kill em Harry. I'll have my boat back in the water after fluid changes soon. Let's start planning our annual...
  335. FishWiz

    Bottem Painting advise

    No one does a real serious job unless you pay extra. Never been painted before means you should first apply a 2-part epoxy barrier coat. Then I do 2 coats on the bottom, and 3 at the waterline (I do my own, lots of work). Lasts about 2 years in the water full time. Most quotes I got they...
  336. FishWiz


    Probably a Big Eye. Did you check the liver to find out for sure? Many years ago that area was a well known corridor for them. Read something about night fishing for them in that area. Would like to see the pic.
  337. FishWiz

    Point Loma 8/7

    Nice job Stan... good going! :appl:
  338. FishWiz

    Gallilean Marlin

    Need I say more? I rest my case.
  339. FishWiz

    Gallilean Marlin

    What an AC thread. Would I keep one? No.. but that is just my feelings. But it's legal and as long as it's not decimating the fishery, so be it, whatever. OH, and as for this comment: You are an ass... oh, but most 21 year olds these days are (ooops, just made a generalized comment that...
  340. FishWiz

    Want to buy a hot tub/spa

    I almost did the same thing last winter, but got too busy working on the boat. What I learned, if you are a do-it-yourselfer at all, is to keep an eye on Craigslist for used ones, rather then buy a new one. You can find some really nice ones that are only a couple of years old, and spend a ton...
  341. FishWiz

    Cookie cutter report from "The Reel One" 8/4/06

    Same report as the others. Dodos and Yellows not far offshore. Left late (just shoot me next time I take I-5 south from Oceanside), left the slip about 2:30PM with FishStalker and friend. Went to the 182, found a great big salad bar after a few dry stringers. Watched Charles catch most the...
  342. FishWiz

    8/6 la jolla mako

    Wow, this thread should go on for awhile. All arrogance and testosterone will end up being a great sad story of someone's demise, eventually. Chasing Makos in a what?
  343. FishWiz

    Radar and Bait

    LOL.. 100nm without radar.. oh ya, found you out there on New Years eve 2.5 years ago doing just that. As for a first post with tude', sure, hate to see people out there not being safe and traveling at night without. But do you really think you are going to make the bait barge the safety...
  344. FishWiz

    Skip 262 - Volvo Penta vs. Yanmar ?

    Yanmar is a nice diesel, but I don't like Bravo 3 outdrives. VP Duoprop outdrives are better, but the KAD42 has it's nuances. I own a KAD42 with DP, no experience with Yanmars.
  345. FishWiz


    I don't care about the trade, just find the quote 'Dodgers are going to :nutkick: the Padres' when the Dodgers went 1 for 14 after the All Star break. Now there's some arrogance for ya.
  346. FishWiz

    Leak in engine compartment

    I have a KAD42, w/ DP290E Outdrive/Transom Took me over a year to find my leak, after doing and checking more things then you can imagine (or that I care to type at this time). End result, after I found the leak, took another year to bother fixing because I had to pull the motor and rebuild...
  347. FishWiz

    Cleaning boat bottom?

    You are making it way to complicated. Just take it out sometime soon, and power wash it, like FishStalker said. You don't have enough growth in 2-3 weeks to justify all the concern. I leave mine in a slip all year, and take it out a couple times a year and power wash it. Yes, I have bottom...
  348. FishWiz

    How come.......

    Best if like before imho, show up under new posts. Too many non-related fishing posts already to ignore, without having to actually navigate the site when doing a quick check for a couple of things.
  349. FishWiz

    West Marine= stainless

    That is why real Stainless pliers can cost upwards of $100 bucks. You can take those back and buy anything on the shelf marked stainless under $50 bucks, and you will get the same results. You can buy the expensive stuff and it might last a season, or the 10 dollar stuff and spray with...
  350. FishWiz

    HELP with marine stereo

    Takes two power wires on most of these stereos now. One to a full time power lead, and the other to an accessory lead. If you don't hook up the full time power lead (needed to keep the station presets and time from relying on internal short term battery backup), stereo will not work on many...
  351. FishWiz

    Broke down wednesday D.p Please read.

    4 hours waiting for SeaTow on a non-weekend? Hmmmm Well good thing you found some good fisherpeople to help pass the time.
  352. FishWiz

    How much do you spend on fishing?

    We won't talk about my engine replacement, transom rebuild, outdrive overhaul, new GPS chartplotter, AM/FM/CD/MP3/DVD player, autopilot work that's been driving me nuts for the last two weeks, slip fees, another truck just to tow it all when I do drag her out of the water, tackle, hoop nets...
  353. FishWiz

    26' Blackman Bait tank

    I run the stock 26' Blackman bait tank on a 1100 GPH ShurFlo. Two scoops stay perfect for over 24 hours on most trips, unless the bait starts off as the crap being sold as bait a lot lately.
  354. FishWiz

    Speaking of BSB...

    They grow to slow to open a season on them, in my opinion. Average size back in the 20s was well over 200 lbs. We are just C&Ring babies that haven't even had a chance to breed.
  355. FishWiz

    Dorado and YT at the 425 7/23

    Nice report Harry, good job.
  356. FishWiz

    I ran it over

    One whopper measured at 3.1 metres in length was found to weigh 2,235 kg making it the heaviest bony fish in the world.
  357. FishWiz

    YT & Dorado at the 182 7/23

    Good report, thanks. Sea Roach made it back to her slip. Watched Sea Tow bring her in this afternoon. Whatever the problem, appartently repaired or I would expect she would have been taken to the yard and hauled out.
  358. FishWiz

    Dorado at the 425 7/17

    Good going Harry! :appl:
  359. FishWiz

    Weird Lobster

    Looks fishy to me. (There are almost no straight lines in nature)
  360. FishWiz

    Electric Filet Knives?

    Can't imagine the technique it takes to not turn most fish fillets into mush.
  361. FishWiz

    Big shark!

    Read a report of a 1120+ lber near San Clemente a few years ago... will see if I can find a link later.
  362. FishWiz

    forward and reverse mixed up. any help appreciated

    I think you got screwed. Someone sold you motor/linkage manufactured in the Southern Hemisphere! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  363. FishWiz


    Great report, thanks. As for the Mako Shark article, something isn't right. That pic doesn't seem like it belongs to that article. That shark looks a lot bigger then 426 lbs. No? Maybe the pic is misleading, taken from a low angle with the people standing further back then it seems.
  364. FishWiz

    302-230 Dorado & YT 7-13-06

    Good report, thanks. Grats!
  365. FishWiz


    Thanks for the details.
  366. FishWiz

    65' viking tower

    Bill bought another Riveria in Texas? Sweet tower on his 51', spent many hours in it.
  367. FishWiz

    The Coral make any sense this weekend?

    We did the Coral last weekend, not much out there except Yellowtail under paddies. We went 65 miles south, it was a ghost town. Of course things change in a day, and that was last weekend, so base what you think off of SSTs and water color more then old reports.
  368. FishWiz

    Sad music news

    Very sad news to hear. Thanks for sharing. For any of you that like Reggae, and grew up with Pink Floyd, check out this band. Seen em several times at Belly Up... spent two summers listening to their Dub side of the Moon Album every day. Their live new release pays tribute to Syd...
  369. FishWiz

    TANNER/CORTEZ food 4 thought

    I have the range (only 60% of my tank for Cortez round trip), and I have the interest.. But I think it would take a lot of busted trips to prepare, head that way into head-on seas for 100 miles, only to get 30 or 40 and turn back from the weather. So count me in to try, but the weather is not...
  370. FishWiz

    7/7-7/9 ALB, YFT, Dodos & Yellows

    Saw you out there, coming or going out of Ensenada I think. You really went the distance, when I thought we were the only ones down there because we saw not a single boat for over a day. Good job.
  371. FishWiz

    330 Miles for just Yellowtail on "The Reel One" 7/7/06 - 7/9/06

    Hey Tankwagon, passed you Sunday morning in the Coral Marina as we were headed out... nice boat. Forgot to mention in my report, we had Dorado under one paddy, but small and wouldn't bite before the yellows boiled on the baits. Nice to at least see them.
  372. FishWiz

    330 Miles for just Yellowtail on "The Reel One" 7/7/06 - 7/9/06

    Left Mission Bay at about 7PM Friday night 7/7/06, after a 2 hour delay because of an accident in front of marina that blocked traffic back to probably Riverside, they were turning everyone around. Anyhow, got going with Fishstalker (Charles) and Phil on board with plans to go long and find...
  373. FishWiz

    Underway friday to the coral

    "The Reel One' will be down there... leaving Friday as well. Hope to talk to someone else out there on the radio during the drive. Ch 72 when paying attention over the DVD player or XM Radio.
  374. FishWiz

    7/7 - 7/9 "Reel One" Going Long

    Need one more. Charles (FishStalker) and I are going to go catch some fish. Leaving tomorrow night, about 6:00PM, going about 110-130 miles, catching 50lb + YFT and BFT, maybe Dorado, and of course YT. Staying at Coral Saturday night. If they have fuel Sat afternoon, going back out to at...
  375. FishWiz


    Just wanted a general idea, to see if my tentative plans to go long and stay in Ensenada, might get me in the area. Don't want to give numbers to the seiners, or upset anyone by driving a private boat within 500 square miles and catching 4 or 5 of someone's fish. We'll find em, like we...
  376. FishWiz


    Beautiful fish.. Location? Some of us can go pretty far.
  377. FishWiz

    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    Some very wierd relationships going on it seems. Very disconcerting. Makes you realize how insignificant the private fleet is regarded and lends creedence to the subject of how little privates and party boats communicate. Sure would like to see some proof about seiner BFT included in a...
  378. FishWiz

    LJ bouy shark fishin

    Good going, nice fish. :appl: Don't be fooled thinking it shutdown. What happened when you saw the Mako is exactly what should happen. Blues everywhere, then when they vanish, it's because Mako(s) showed up. Wait a few and it's Mako catching time.
  379. FishWiz

    I really miss the farm life

    I refuse to click on the link.. especially since there are no replies yet to confirm my fears... Brandon, you can't be trusted... LOL
  380. FishWiz


    A 70lb WSB? WOW... now that is a one in a lifetime. Makes me want to dive again. I'm so amazed, thanks for the pics.
  381. FishWiz

    Bodega to Gualala opener

    Nice Salmon, congrats. I miss Salmon fishing (or is that Salmon sashimi after a good day fishing?)
  382. FishWiz

    302-425-371-101 Nothing

    Thanks for the report. So frustrating to hear about the net boats everywhere. Just boggles my mind.
  383. FishWiz

    Coolers vs. Kill Bags

    Even if you have a fish hold, kill bags are still the way to go. I have a one ton fish hold, great if you feel like filleting for two days, but so big, ice bags used to just slosh back and forth and melt. Kill bag IN the fish hold rocks.
  384. FishWiz

    Electrical Glitch?

    Maybe heat related. Selenoid probably except you said Trim doesn't work either? Some control relay?
  385. FishWiz

    Perfect Storm - 6/24 Pics of Prop

    Happy with your WOT vs. Temp and speed? Now is the time to play with different props and record the differences fully loaded vs. light loads. I have a set of B5s, A5s, A4s, and B4s (ya, I've been through the routine). Just offering to lend if you want, and have time to, play around and test...
  386. FishWiz

    Coolers vs. Kill Bags

    Kill bags are the way to go. We put 100lbs of ice in one and go out for a couple of days sometimes, and 90% of the ice is still frozen. Catch fish, put in bag, pour ice over top, spray a bit of saltwater in there, and you have frozen fish in a few hours. Lastly, they semi-collapse for...
  387. FishWiz


    Nice report and pics!! :) I don't know the answer, but it sure doesn't sound like a good idea. I don't even put them on the deck of a big boat.
  388. FishWiz

    Whos meeting the Royal Star in the AM?

    That week of many less useless, non-related, responses to almost 'every' f*cking thread, went by quick. Can only assume certain people were on that trip.
  389. FishWiz

    Ideal hunting depth (freediving) + Bottom times

    Someone please take this message board back to rod and reel, boat fishing. Or at least find a way to put a limit on the amount of arrogant testosterone laced asswipes that post to talk about how their shit don't stink. /rant off
  390. FishWiz

    Is there any charter boats that go out for shark?

    Islandia and Seaforth used to run night shark trips when I was younger, back in the 80s. Until they realized it was not a renewable resource at the rate they were trying to convince people 30 blues and 2 makos a night was a good night and all were delicious (NOT, the blues). Was an interesting...
  391. FishWiz

    Need help replacing my trim/tilt cylinder on my 1990 Volvo Penta 290DP

    I expected to eventually here that... sorry. Yes, I suffered with my issues until this past winter when my oil cooler went out and flooded the bilge with oil. That was the last straw, pulled everything, and learned a lot along the way. That pin location is basically a full arm extended, rib...
  392. FishWiz

    Need help replacing my trim/tilt cylinder on my 1990 Volvo Penta 290DP

    While the manual does explain how to removed the plastic plugs, temporarily install grease nipple, and pump up with grease to push out pin, trust me, IT DOES NOT WORK. Maybe if the transom plate is brand new and never seen a day in salt water, otherwise you'll just end up with a greasy mess...
  393. FishWiz


    You failed at your attempt to be funny.
  394. FishWiz


    Don't ever be hesitant to fish DEEP under kelp. A silly crewmate last year (after loading up on Yellowtails and a Dorado), dropped an iron 200' down under a kelp patty at about the lower 500. Harry (SeaDawg) Ironman, drags up a 50lb Opah. Thanks for the dope Tommy... learned something new...
  395. FishWiz

    Grady White vs Boston Whaler?

    If going to mention Davis, may as well mention Blackman's too (if you can find one). LOL Seriously, GW vs. BW? A better debate in No. Cal. then here. Popular up there, depending on make and model. Most are outboards, so even though I once wanted a GW, couldn't bring myself to buy an...
  396. FishWiz

    WON Tournament, 2nd place, damn it!

    Good going Rick.. first place comes in Sept at the Marlin tournies.
  397. FishWiz

    Perfect Storm - 6/24 Pics of Prop

    Damn.. explains the power problem.. those are some beat up props.. mine only looked polished after San Quintin shallows a couple years ago, and threw those away.. your's are gnarly.
  398. FishWiz

    First Boat, First of many Questions

    Bought a new outdrive from Ray about 2.5 years ago. Towed boat up there at 6AM one morning, got there about 8AM, drive done by 9AM, home by noon. Needed a shim adjustment a year later, and he just pointed me at Volvo, but overall, about as good a service as you can expect in boating.
  399. FishWiz

    Need help replacing my trim/tilt cylinder on my 1990 Volvo Penta 290DP

    Here is a pic of the ram pin locations shown after I pulled my Transom Plate, refiberglassed the transom, repainted the bilge, rebuilt the Transom Plate, and reinstalled it. (Can you tell I'm not a graphic artist?) LOL
  400. FishWiz

    Need help replacing my trim/tilt cylinder on my 1990 Volvo Penta 290DP

    The 290DP Trim/Tilt system really doesn't need bleeding. But I assume the pump/reservoir is the highest in the system. The pump on my setup is above the height of the rams/hoses. The air comes to the top out of the rams and hoses into the reservoir by just running her up and down 8-10 times...
  401. FishWiz

    Need help replacing my trim/tilt cylinder on my 1990 Volvo Penta 290DP

    Yes, the pin is inserted through the transom plate from INSIDE. No real need to take off the outdrive, if you have the room to get to the pin(s) behind the motor, without removing the motor. The o-ring I was talking about is on the pin. The pin is about 2.5 inches long with a groove for...
  402. FishWiz

    Man Survives Harrowing Boat Accident

    Alone? 16 boat? night? Frequent bad wind/weather reports, STUPID. Guy is lucky to be alive.
  403. FishWiz

    Before you run to Nevada for those fireworks

    I outgrew the need to play with fire and make loud noises when I left high-school. Got a couple close calls to show for it. Leave fireworks up to the professionals. In retrospect, they really are dangerous around kids and drunks.
  404. FishWiz

    Lost of power AD41P Volvo Diesel

    What does it do sitting in the water, out of gear, no load? Can you hit WOT? Turbo spins up and sounds good? Tach smooth as you run it up? If yes to all of the above, I agree, sounds like prop issues.
  405. FishWiz

    Need help replacing my trim/tilt cylinder on my 1990 Volvo Penta 290DP

    Depends on how much room you have between the engine and the transom plate. I built a make-shift tool to remove mine, and it wasn't easy, with the engine out. I'm sure no fun with engine in. There is a ~10mm flanged bolt next to the pin on each side, that acts a retainer for the pin...
  406. FishWiz

    6/23 BFt and albies

    Now that's a report. Thank you. Great job.... Congrats.
  407. FishWiz

    33-46lbs. BFT

    That's a report? Nice pics. Too bad boat, approximate location, date, water temp, price of tea in China, any facts seemed to have escaped.
  408. FishWiz

    turbo repair....??

    Action Turbo, very fast turnaround. Was surprised they got the parts so fast for a turbo on my last boat's Detroit several years ago.
  409. FishWiz

    Mission Bay Bait Barge question

    Been going to MB barge for years, I'm slipped at Seaforth and even know one of the guys that worked on that barge awhile ago. The bait was really bad last week, but that can change with one new load. Glad to hear they might be out of the bad stuff. I don't think it was just tidal or red tide...
  410. FishWiz

    Bait in Ensenada ?

    There was a bait boat outside the Coral often last year. But they had a hard time keeping bait alive when they came inside to sell because Todos Santos bay was red tide for months.
  411. FishWiz

    Mission Bay Bait Barge question

    24hrs worth of worthless bait that will roll on you before you get 24 miles... EB get a clue. Had to go to SD bay for bait last weekend... And my slip is 100 yards from MB barge.
  412. FishWiz

    AM/FM Antenna

    AM/FM only works marginally offshore once more then a few miles out. So just simplify things and get the little 'pig johnson' looking thing that plugs directly into the antenna jack under the dash wherever the radio is installed. Too much effort for some big real antenna for just a couple more...
  413. FishWiz

    Cooter, Swazi, & M.M. get BFT, Albies, YT's 6/18

    Good job. Nice catch. Wish I knew someone was going long last weekend.
  414. FishWiz

    Ok, now I want to keep the fish :)

    Just a note, as it sounds like will be learning to fillet, don't ever wash the fillets off with fresh water. Good way to turn the meat to mush.
  415. FishWiz

    Bait @ Catalina??

    Never heard of a straight bait received at Cat, only squid boats and sometimes those boats will have very overpriced mackeral for the rich Marlin fishing yachts. Was there ever a receiver for anchovie/sardines at Cat?
  416. FishWiz

    Battery Question?

    I went with the 6V Trojans for house setup. House (with Inverter/micro) and electronics do better on the deep cycle. For starting, any good 12V marine is fine, imho.
  417. FishWiz

    New Strataglass on The Reel One

    Raising the radar dome at end of this year, with new Garmin 24" array that integrates into my 3010C. In the meantime, don't want kids, hate remembering who.... errrr.. what I did yesterday, worked on 200 mile radars on airplanes for 10 years, so not really scared of a 16 mile Furuno.. :rofl:
  418. FishWiz

    late Bodega report w/pix

    Awesome.. that is what I miss about Bodega Bay. (Don't miss the often blown out conditions and cold though - hehe)
  419. FishWiz

    Ya get what ya pay for

    I have an A-Frame you can borrow if you want to come over and take it apart, and got a way to transport it... FYI
  420. FishWiz

    cheep diesel

    Coral is often out, waiting for one dinky truck to come refill the main tank during the busy season. One party boat would drain them. This makes me doubt most of this thread.
  421. FishWiz

    Inverter Question

    15' feet is far... and 8 guage is way to small. You will need a 3K inverter and some major batteries, or the startup on even a medium microwave will kick off the inverter's cutout circuit in my opinion.
  422. FishWiz

    Guys, try to put the date in the Title

    Too fucking funny. That is the FIRST thing that came to my mind when I read this new thread as well. :rofl: :rofl:
  423. FishWiz

    Inverter Question

    The only big thing I learned a long time ago, is the inverter must be as close as possible to the batteries. And use the largest guage wire (#1 to 00) you can for the battery to inverter connection. There is a significant drop in the capability for the inverter to draw enough current over any...
  424. FishWiz

    how to hide visible wires in a pilothouse?

    Cut an appropriate size PVC pipe (light wall, not Schedule 40), in less then half (to match angle of corner) lenthwise to make a custom corner molding type of raceway. Affix in a couple of places with screws. Get real fancy and cut any other pieces like you would do fancy wood molding, to make...
  425. FishWiz

    Cabo to Ensenada, senic route

    Great report Rick. Would love to go on some trips like that and help out someday. Maybe when I retire or buy my own company... LOL
  426. FishWiz

    Take a Warrior Fishing????

    I would very much like to participate. Can take one or two, depending on if I one of my regular crew can help, or I have to capt and crew. I spent 10 years in the Air Force and would like to give back, especially to someone just back from, or getting ready to go to, that mess in Iraq.
  427. FishWiz

    Should sport boat employees post?

    Takes a lot of opinion to answer that question, and hard to get small groups to agree, let alone this monster of a 'group'. But I felt inclined to throw in my .06 cents worth (cost of opinions like fuel, have tripled). The Internet has made the world much much smaller. Knowledge that took...
  428. FishWiz

    Electrical wiring shit needed

    I wouldn't say it is the 'best' selection, and not sure what you mean by widgets, but for a good selection of switches, junction blocks, decent bulk connectors (not marine, but heat shrink over silicone cheaper the marine anyhow), try that Surplus Electronics place a few doors down from Noah's...
  429. FishWiz

    Love on the 43 6-11

    Nice job Dave, you found em.
  430. FishWiz

    Hanna got bloody 6/11

    Wow.. nice job Brandon and Curt. You found a pig Bluefin there... nice. Nice running with you somewhat on the way out.
  431. FishWiz

    06/11 Yellows on the Reel One, no BFT Love

    Short report, tired. Left MB Saturday evening about 7PM with X-Man (Rick) and Produce Man (Jay) aboard, around to SD Bay for fuel and better bait. Buddied up with Papa J in front a couple miles, Hanna behind a few miles, headed outside and south. Plenty of paddies with yellowtail under...
  432. FishWiz

    Tony Reyes Midriff Islands 6/4-6/9

    Great report Charles. Glad to see you had a good trip.
  433. FishWiz

    Sindicatura stickers on Ebay

    I like reading more factual stories about how effective they are, and I keep all the information for Sindicatura in my wallet, but $10+ for a sticker? Jeez. Great racket.
  434. FishWiz

    WSB .... 12

    Next time, keep the report shorter, so we can absorb the basics and not get overwhelmed with trivial details!!! LOL LOL LOL
  435. FishWiz

    Great Whites in Southern California

    Odd question.
  436. FishWiz

    Pacific Voyager fish report

    Now that is what I'm talking about. Boat is done (ok, didn't get a chance to install DVD player on flybridge, but who needs it when the fish are biting). Cya out there... GAME ON!!!!!
  437. FishWiz

    Hanna Going Long - Fishing 6/11

    I have a crew... need to talk about departure times and where we are going. Let's firm this shit up by early tomorrow night (Friday). I am thinking the fly areas.. so not that far. Leave about 11PM, with at least a couple others around the same time in radio range. Final roll call...
  438. FishWiz

    Water in the Engine

    You blew a head gasket.. sorry. Top end overhaul at minimum, pull engine and replace or completely overhaul.
  439. FishWiz

    Still need crew leaving 6/10, fishing 6/11

    Yes, a Blackman. And one of the only 3 boats to go 140 miles with Gas-can-Hanna (ok, they are crazy) and Alluminator on New Years Eve 2 years ago to find Albacore (got a few Yellowtail). Some Blackman owners are considering a Mag Bayish trip this year, is that long? Looking like the fly...
  440. FishWiz

    Sweating copper pipe

    Are you using emory cloth to clean both inside the fitting, and the end of the pipe? And lots of flux? Acid flux is fine. And using silver bearing solder? Oh, and put away the little electronic soldering gun and use a propane torch next time.. LOL
  441. FishWiz

    Legend Update?

    Anyone that does that, is stupid, beyond belief. I don't have many times I feel so adament about coming out and stating an opinion that is just basically an insult, but if you do that, you need to rethink what treading water feels like for a few hours before you die of hypothermia anyhow. 8...
  442. FishWiz

    Antenna Question ?

    How far above the belly loop is the top of the antenna? I've seen many installations where the antenna is mounted along the side, and works fine. VHF is a line of sight frequency (with some atmospheric skip). So the only issue might depend on your direction of travel relative to whom you...
  443. FishWiz

    Still need crew leaving 6/10, fishing 6/11

    Going long, whatever that means, with the others who have posted same trip. But want to take my boat, and go, if I get a crew with basic non-chumming, boat handling, fishing abilities.
  444. FishWiz

    running FCV 600 transducer wire

    Ran mine in same channel as everything else (most boats's only have one path from front to back). No problems.
  445. FishWiz

    Garmin 498C GPS/sounder

    I just went through this exercise, and here is what I concluded. Screen is too small on the 498C to be both GPS and finder, so you have to go back and forth. Furuno is top of the line for fish finder/sounders, not sure how Garmin compares. Do you need both a GPS and Fish Finder? Since I...
  446. FishWiz

    New Strataglass on The Reel One

    Just finished all new Canvas/Strataglass. Done by Travis, That Canvas Guy. Not quick or cheap, but you get what you pay for and we worked together a lot to redesign the entire layout. His suggestion to raise the bimini was key, now I can standup on the flybridge and the visibility is...
  447. FishWiz

    6-3-06 limits outside 371 & 302

    Good job Mike.. now let's go long and find some Albies. :)
  448. FishWiz

    Hanna Going Long - Fishing 6/11

    I'm still looking for a crew. Can't let Hanna go and not be there myself. Must be familiar with handling boat duties a bit, not green, not a chummer, blah blah blah... PM me.
  449. FishWiz

    Reel One recruiting dependable crew mates

    26' Blackman, 350 mile range round trip. I think I have been working on it more then fishing it in the last 9 months (not that there have been many fish (other then one trip for a 233lb T-Shark). I leave on Friday nights, go 80+ miles, catch fish, go to Ensenada and stay on Saturday nights...
  450. FishWiz

    Rebuilt Volvo Outdrives

    Outdrive Exchange is good. Blew my DP about 2 years ago, called him, had one in stock that was supposed to go on another boat, new one, but other boat wasn't ready. Got up at 4:30AM, towed the boat up there, and was back home in San Diego with a new outdrive by noon. He's not into dealing...
  451. FishWiz

    Hanna Going Long - Fishing 6/11

    Team Reel One is interested. Got to talk with the crew. Let the good times roll!
  452. FishWiz

    SurfDoc, JGraham, and other current/ex military members check this out

    Looks like a Military Warfare Contractor convention video from yet another company trying to break into the military contract arena.... some make it, most don't. Seen a ton of these come and go while I was in. If the Phalanx is way less then 100% effect on a 300' long boat at sea and has been...
  453. FishWiz

    Navy, Coast Guard rescue 35 from sportfishing boat

    Glad to hear it is working out for the best. Our Coast Guard quality makes it a lot more comfortable fishing here when shit happens. Now, is it a glass boat or wood? Conflicting reports. Also, I assume the pumps are keeping up and they didn't have to beach her to keep from sinking? Just...
  454. FishWiz

    Bonds just hit 714

    Hurry up and hit 715, so we can stop hearing his name and get back to other baseball news.
  455. FishWiz

    Abalone Diving

    Now that's what I'm talking about... Yummmmmmmm.... worth every diving minute. Good job.
  456. FishWiz

    San Q ramp to be improved !

    Ummmm... thought just occurred to me. Good chance someone starts charging to launch? Progress comes at a price.
  457. FishWiz

    Fish Consumption Linked to Heart Abnormality????????

    Just give me all your Abacore and Salmon. LOL Just trying to help out the paranoid... :)
  458. FishWiz

    What is eating Mr. LJ Kelp?!?

    Just a normal cycle. Comes and goes depending on water temperature mostly. Been coming and going for decades. Kelp grows so fast, what you don't see today, can be back in a couple months, if the water temp and nutrients are right.
  459. FishWiz

    Opah on board on the Un Reel

    Incredible..... Nice pics, congratulations... what a thrill. I still have some Opah in the freezer from last years catch. They are gnarly to fillet.
  460. FishWiz

    San Q ramp to be improved !

    Excellent news... still not taking my boat down there ever again though. Too stressful towing 10,000 lbs over that mountain... lol
  461. FishWiz

    Opah on board on the Un Reel

    While trolling for T-Sharks, they got an Opah? Hmmmmm... interesting.
  462. FishWiz

    Light at the end of the Tunnel on Hanna

    Oh shut up and finish it already!!!!! LOL LOL LOL I guess Dennis and I will have to a 100+ miler for limits without you since you're still not back in the water. hahahha
  463. FishWiz

    5/14/06 No T-Shark Dice on the Reel One

    If I can post a report 5 days ago about our #233 lber, I can also try to help out the masses and post a skunk. Waited until the chaos of the weekend was almost over, drug Ms. cool FSHing CHKick out to get her a fish, trolled around the weather buoy area from 350 to 900 feet with two BOMs for...
  464. FishWiz

    Oceanside shark tournament, no winner here

    Nice try Rick.... yes, I remember dragging Marlin up on the step of Bill's Riveria to measure... what fun. You got one, but it wasn't to be.
  465. FishWiz

    Inexpensive Sound Shielding

    I understand that stuff is readily available, and low cost, looks like a great installation. For those looking for real fire-resistant insulation, I bought mine from these people that sell Insultech:$sitepreview/ I think they are in Santa...
  466. FishWiz

    5/13 LJ PM

    Another fine job by Yakker Extraordinare Andy!! Grats!
  467. FishWiz

    Mr. T

    Good going Lee, Micah and crew. Nice pic of the bait too. :appl:
  468. FishWiz

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    LOL.. I can not compete! (mind isn't warped enough to beat that) :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy Oh forgive me your Hinny-ess. :appl: :appl:
  469. FishWiz

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    And you hath succeeded.... Good job. :) Shitty fishing can not be succumbed purely by winter dating activities... one must find someone who's strings can be pulled. Appears I have succeeded in my quest. :) You now owe me a reach-around... :rofl:
  470. FishWiz

    Non-Thresher Report - The Curse Lives

    Ali scared most of them away? Who let him touch the water? LOL
  471. FishWiz

    What happened to the "join date"?

    Ok, no one tell him. LOL Gone along with the post count (unless you look into someone's profile) to reduce noobie bashing. It wasn't ok to ask a noobie posting something for sale on their first post, if they actually fish, were planning on posting reports, and contribute. (Some of it was...
  472. FishWiz

    Thresher Prep and cleaning

    Head cut is to subdue them, and bleed them. Any sharp knife makes the cut real easy, no hacking away needed. As for cleaning, if you get a big fish, pay a processor. You don't leave the skin on. But you will spend many hours, and lots of money in freezer bags, cutting up a 200#+ fish...
  473. FishWiz

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    Going downhill is a matter of opinion, and you know the saying, two things we all have, opinions and assholes. ;) Thanks sweetheart, for the kind reply. LOL
  474. FishWiz


    Yep, they are migrating up the coast. A sign of water temps changing (more slowly this year then the last couple years). A couple of years ago, they were jumping out of the water down south offshore in March and the Albacore were right behind them. It's a go now, or go bob around with the...
  475. FishWiz

    Boat Insurance

    AAA is a good price if you have your vehicles through them. And I expect they will treat you right if you have a total loss (I don't want to find out). But I will post this comment and let everyone know that you can expect shitty ass claim service for a marine damage claim. There is (was) one...
  476. FishWiz

    Another T-shark post 9-9

    That's a big one... congrats.
  477. FishWiz

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    We took the fish over to the Islandia Seafood Market for professional packing... Not cheap, but they act like they know how to chill it to firm it up and make it right, then professionally pack it. Would cost us half the cost in vaccuum bags and we would still be slicing instead of home...
  478. FishWiz

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    LOL.. Fuel Dock does turn into FU... CK, if you take the picture just right, by accident... good eye.
  479. FishWiz

    T-Shark Toad on The Reel One

    Played hooky from work, called Charles (FishStalker) and basically talked him into taking the afternoon off to go get a T-Shark while they are here. Met up at 1:00PM at the boat, kicked the guy working on my canvas off the boat, and launched. Went to the La Jolla kelp beds to get some...
  480. FishWiz

    Isenglass/Strataglass - What's better? - Where to buy?

    I am not having mine done by Al Malone... I found a guy Travis, runs his own business called 'The Canvas Guy'. So far, so good. Will post full details when done.
  481. FishWiz

    Mexican diesel fuel-T.J. or Ensenada

    I was told technically, you can not transport more then ONE 55 gallon barrel inside the U.S. without a commercial license.
  482. FishWiz


    Rickdickulous and Knot for Rent have some of the nicest Riverias in town... front page in Riveria advertisements. Love going to the Coral. Thanks for going the distance.
  483. FishWiz

    Isenglass/Strataglass - What's better? - Where to buy?

    If my guy finishes mine, and I like it, I will post a recommendation. Not cheap, but hoping I get what I pay for, even if it is taking longer. So far, lots of attention to detail about redesigning the configuration and doing the hardware.
  484. FishWiz

    Isenglass/Strataglass - What's better? - Where to buy?

    I am in the middle of having all of my Isenglass/Bimini/Window Coverings redone (and a new half boat cover). I asked the same question about Isenglass vs. Strataglass, the feedback I got was they are one-in-the-same, just different manufacturers of which Strataglass was earning a reputation as...
  485. FishWiz

    Best Steak Joint?

    Not quite related, but my favorite is to go to a place called Iowa Meat Farms, on Mission Gorge, buy 2-3 lbs of aged 30 day, grade AAAAAA, rib eye (not cheap, about 1" - 1-1/4" thick). Sprinkle with a little Lawry's on each side (do not marinade this stuff and ruin it), toss on grill for 3...
  486. FishWiz

    Tired of not being able to surf BD

    Ok, two weeks plus and counting. I had good connectivity and actually posted a couple of my 'usual' replies for about 2-3 days after the Domain Name Server issue was fixed, so I thought that was the issue. But now I can't get on BD worth a shit again. Slightly better at work today, where I am...
  487. FishWiz

    Stereo Recommendations?

    Nothing fancy, not trying to be a rice burner with a bumper rattling system on the water, just wondering what brand, models are reliable marine quality, for the money? AM/FM/CD/MP3 with aux inputs for my XM system. Mostly got the XM to listen to the sucky Padres play tee ball, and for...
  488. FishWiz

    Butt on the beach 4-30

    Nice going Dave. Looks like fun.
  489. FishWiz

    A Look Back at BD in 2004

    Nice video Mark. I recognized the cockpit of my boat on one of those pics :) Send me a copy?
  490. FishWiz

    Help I screwed up!

    Doesn't sound worth the effort, imho.
  491. FishWiz

    not bad at lower 9 saturday

    Cow cod do not qualify? Why? What kind of tourney is that, vermillion, treefish, lings?
  492. FishWiz

    Need to pull some fence posts

    Just don't try to pick them up tomorrow... on strike, not working, not going to school, not buying anything (maybe not getting any free medical and assistance on the tax dollars for a day?).
  493. FishWiz

    Abalone Diving

    Abalone, Dungeoness Crab, and Salmon all in one day.... Bodega Bay... Crabalone Fest we called it... Those were the days, when the weather would let you get out.
  494. FishWiz

    The Prank Post

    Thread was funny, and educational, until that reply.
  495. FishWiz

    Thank god its back up

    Moving to the new Domain Registrar, seems to have fixed my issues as well. Haven't been able to really get online in over 1.5 weeks. Thank you.
  496. FishWiz

    installed a new tv, and it is good!

    Nice mod Rick.... :)
  497. FishWiz

    The Rumors of my Demise are untrue......I'm alive

    Damn dude.. what a scary situation... glad all is ok. And thanks for bringing me so much closer to giving up smoking as well. Damn, scaring me.
  498. FishWiz

    Mission Beach

    Good going Dave... looks like fun for the young ones.
  499. FishWiz

    Thieves hit the Make-a-Wish office.....

    I thought we were responding quickly to help in a time of need. But then it turned into something else after others donated computers and now this is still outstanding? Won't be associated as a BD nice quick response to the theft at all now.
  500. FishWiz

    Phantom Catalina Monday Yellows

    Yet another one... up to two or three a day now?
  501. FishWiz

    Catalina report...

    More date-challenged, post reading, noobs.. /shrug
  502. FishWiz


    Sounds like a well layed out plan. Go Padres. Bill buy tiks for all his employees? If you see Bill, mention Glenn (from the Catalina Marlin tournaments last year) said hello.
  503. FishWiz


    Sad... #whatever lately.
  504. FishWiz

    Unsecured property tax

    1% here in San Diego County too. They get the info from DMV, new or used. So whatever 'wreck' you buy and restore, is always the price info they have on used. New, you get screwed. Basically, this government would tax (and does think you are responsible for paying tax) on everything you...
  505. FishWiz

    Jew Fish Controversy

    Finally something funny as shit... great post... laughed my ass off.
  506. FishWiz

    Cool Car Commercial

    I've always appreciated that commercial.. and enjoyed watching it. Now if I could just get a copy to show others.
  507. FishWiz

    Just a little Bloodydeck help?

    Done. And can't wait until Boxer and Feinstein are gone. They have been messing up things for way too many years with their pompous actions.
  508. FishWiz

    GetGaff got a prop Q-tion?

    I agree that a duo-prop changes everything. I have no problem getting on plane with my duo-prop (diesel), fully loaded. Can't imagine even trying to run 8000 lbs with less then a duo-prop. I probably run about that weight (or a little more) loaded.
  509. FishWiz

    Couple of questions

    I made these out of 3/4" from SD Plastics. New on left.. old wood one on right.
  510. FishWiz

    Couple of questions

    San Diego Plastics.... most stuff in stock. Hate talking to many of the others and hearing 'we can order it'. They will cut to any size you want too.
  511. FishWiz

    GetGaff got a prop Q-tion?

    I just feel like chiming in, owned a couple of boats that did the same thing in the past. Honest bitter truth, boat is underpowered with that much load on it. If prop is bogging engine down, might try a prop with less pitch. Isn't going to help your hole shot a ton that heavy, but less stress...
  512. FishWiz

    Need a bigger boat....

    Classic... LOL
  513. FishWiz

    Thieves hit the Make-a-Wish office.....

    $50.00 Sent to the Noah's Tackle Paypal link. Would like to see it go towards the kids, but if someone already donated computers, going to operations will have to do and ultimately serves the same purpose. (There are a lot of eyes and ears on this board, if we knew details about what was...
  514. FishWiz

    Dear Bitches..........

    Easy to do...
  515. FishWiz

    Dear Bitches..........

    Damn you, now I have to agree with you twice in one month. Said what I wish I had said, more or less. I mean, if you have like 50 posts, and been here 2 months, you haven't even seen Bloodydecks fishing. It's been winter. Yet 9 out of 10 can't even post a hello, I'm new, without BS...
  516. FishWiz

    I need one of those huge Dumpsters at my house ASAP

    Holy crap.. is that really what they charge for a day of an old rusty metal box per day? I suppose with delivery charges and dump fees, it must ad up. Neighbors had one of those pieces of shit in front yard on and off between dumps for a year.. I guess they refinanced to pay for it?
  517. FishWiz

    Transom Reglass

    Are the transom modification to increase the size of the cutout, reduce, or completely change the shape? Increasing the size, and reglassing the hole is easy imho. The others are a ton of structural work.
  518. FishWiz


    Like Dos Locos said, and I'm agreeing (oh jeez), do not shorten the cable. It would take special electronic equipment (wavemeter that can do that frequency) to get the wavelength of the frequency correct again based on adjusting the new length, equipment and engineering skills that aren't worth it.
  519. FishWiz

    volvo duoprop

    Since you said 'outside prop', I am going to assume a duo-prop. If you only have washers, instead of the discontinued line cutters, this is the order: Later models (large cone bolt, nylock first nut): Washer, prop, nut, washer, prop, cone. Earlier models (smaller cone bolt, first nut...
  520. FishWiz

    The Million Dollar Bass Myth

    Jim Rome may have contributed to that BS. Heard him make mention of the catch on his radio show the other day and claim the guy was an idiot for not keeping it because it 'probably was a million dollar' fish. He didn't elaborate, just Romey jungle talk.
  521. FishWiz


    I sure wish we had bought all of baja when we did the Gadsen purchase. But then BOLA would look like La Jolla by now, all fucked up. Love Mexico, and most of the hard working honest people. But the government and some of the criminal mentality is what keeps that place poor and the good...
  522. FishWiz

    Need Volvo Diesel Mechanic

    Call Steve, I agree.... who else would know more about a Blackman other then Steve, except Don before he passed on to Blackman heaven.
  523. FishWiz

    Marlin Seminar- Lassley, Groesbeck, Kingsmill

    Watched these guys catch fish right out from under our wake on the boat I was on last year. Amazing team... Bad Company. Looks like that marketing machine is in place gearing up for another year. $100 x 300, wow.
  524. FishWiz

    Custom covers???

    Save me the time to research, please. I need a new bimini sewn, and I want new Isenglass to match with additional zipper windows this time. Does Sandy at Advanced to Isenglass? If not, which others are you all talking about in the San Diego area that I might contact?
  525. FishWiz

    Well, looks like we hit 11,000 members.

    Too bad half of the last 1000 weren't fishermen/women that post reports, understand this started as a SoCal fishing community, and weren't here to just sell stuff or pimp punk attitudes... :ranton: :rantoff:
  526. FishWiz

    Fred Hall 3-18

    HEY ED!!..Glad to see you made it to the dark side. Ed makes some of the best jigs around. We knocked em dead in San Quintin last month on Ed's jigs. Lings, Yellowtail and Reds, they catch everything. :notworthy :appl: I'm sure you will get the standard BD salutes and 'sit down shut up'...
  527. FishWiz

    Friday Night @ FHSDM

    Thanks for the report Torium-guy. That is about how I always remembered the Del Mar FH show and hence the reason I don't normally go anymore. The only reason I am considering it today is because the weather blows and Bloodydecks is there. Otherwise, it sucks as a tackle show. I guess the...
  528. FishWiz

    Is it just me?

    Ok, I'll leave the recruiting up to you. gunz :High_Five No one under 25, with less then 100 posts. If that ruins it for anyone without an attitude that is new and cool, let them take issue with the asswipe punk posters. :banned: Besides, we can't do all the driving, gaffing, catching...
  529. FishWiz

    Is it just me?

    Exactly!!! Arrogance is something you grow out of when you start learning more about the world, when you realize you don't know everything, and when the world stops revolve around you. I hope we pick up a few good real fishermen with all these shows and booth advertising. In the meantime...
  530. FishWiz

    Surfdoc's latest fishing report
  531. FishWiz

    Scammer's revenge--Mr. Okorie
  532. FishWiz

    One Big Mutha

    Partly true. Pictures are real, but are from South Africa.
  533. FishWiz

    Its me

    Welcome to Bloodydecks... a fellow Blackman owner. This place is actually improving.. :rofl: :rofl:
  534. FishWiz

    day on the pond

    Or Something! :rofl:
  535. FishWiz

    Need a new DVD player. Any suggestions?

    Most of the big consumer electronic stores have shitty customer service. The business is so competitive, all they can afford for sales people are high school kids paid via commission. They don't know shit about electronics. I've laughed my way out of many places after asking a simple question...
  536. FishWiz

    Registering small inflatable boat

    If never registered, they want a sale receipt and the VIN. Then it's like $10 bucks and easy. If no sales receipt, plan B is to fill out a form they have explaining that you salvaged it, but that is kind of a pain because DMV is very inconsistent from office to office, and even person to...
  537. FishWiz

    anyone know a doctor?

    Too funny!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  538. FishWiz

    Need a new DVD player. Any suggestions?

    Just don't drop big bucks into features, most never end up using most of the features after once or twice. Run of the mill, name brand, progressive scan, on sale with the monthly Best Buy discount coupon is a good bet. I have a 5 disc table changer in my sound system, and a single DVD R/W...
  539. FishWiz

    San Diego Lightning

    Cool pic. There's probably a TV news channel in town that doesn't have anything that good depicting the recent storm for tonights news. Email them a thumbnail and see what they say.
  540. FishWiz

    new to bloody deck-south louisiana report

    Nice pics and report. But I'm confused how it relates to Capt Josh reports forum?
  541. FishWiz

    Building a Center Console, any help?

    Yep. 1/2" Baltic Birch, glassed both sides with 4 oz. cloth, sanded finish side down to 600 grit, primered, two coats of white LP, two coats of cream LP, sprayed.
  542. FishWiz

    Building a Center Console, any help?

    My first thought, you already have the structural part with all that stainless steel welded up. Don't go with 3/4 plywood, that will make it super heavy for no reason. I'm not even impressed with the marine plywood available these days, I'm using 1/2" baltic birch plywood and glassing both...
  543. FishWiz

    The start of wiring on Hanna

    Looking good Curt, real good. Going to be back in the water soon? I'm almost done with mine.
  544. FishWiz


    Stick to starting your own several threads a day about non-fishing related shit. Leave us sports fans to our devices and male-bonding. You don't have to reply to everything. (Sluester still owes me a man-massage for sleeping on my boat in the parking lot at Don Eddie's a couple years ago)...
  545. FishWiz


    Other then the opening day vendor-sponsored event I plan to attend, I want to see if the Padres are a contender, or pretender, with so many changes and the dilution of the pitching this year, before I am very excited about attending too early.
  546. FishWiz

    bait limits **topic for today**

    Can we post stupid fishing regs, even if they aren't related to bait or applicable to our area? Brilliant legislators!!! Oooops.. I think I just HiJerked a thread, but hey, I was getting bored and wanted some attention. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  547. FishWiz

    New Bloody Decks Member

    Nice fishing report. Welcome.
  548. FishWiz

    Transducer install help

    If the old transducer was installed with 5200, it isn't coming out easy. I wouldn't put the new one in with 5200 either (I use 4000 or 4200), you might be the one taking that out in the future too. Technically, 5200 takes 7-14 days to fully cure, not that I ever heard anyone wait that long...
  549. FishWiz

    deck surfacing?

    I went to that Ultra Tuff link posted by Kareem Korn above, to read up on the stuff, and was a bit perplexed to see the following: Toilets? OUCH!!!!! Is that so you don't slide off the shitter? :rofl: :rofl: Must be tough being a Marine!
  550. FishWiz

    friends of rollo raffle who won?

    I buy a lot of tiks every year at Day at the Docks, I never here who won, from where, how many tiks sold, in what areas. Might be better if they realized we were curious people into fast feedback.
  551. FishWiz

    Sturgeon SF Bay

    The White Sturgeon "Acipenser transmontanus" is one of approx. 27 species of Sturgeon. It is the largest and most recognized and can grow to 20' in length and 2000# in weight. The Sturgeon of the Pacific North West (Columbia and Fraser Rivers) mature at an older age and larger size - than the...
  552. FishWiz

    Be careful of the bait you use when Bugging!

    This ranks right up there with claiming to check my freezer for limits of species already caught before catching more (the moronic 'possession' debate), even though I've trimmed and vacuum packed everything. I wouldn't even repeat this type of rhetoric, or bring it up to a DFG person in...
  553. FishWiz

    Great trip

    I sure liked reading that real report. Good quick follow-up to the lead report that didn't make sense unless we knew what you were doing.
  554. FishWiz

    Sturgeon SF Bay

    Great report, thanks. I miss fishing for those things, love the fight. Got ours up by the mothball fleet in the delta when I lived up there. Great tasting too.
  555. FishWiz

    3/4/06 - L.J. Mixed bag

    Wow, a fish report, on a fishing web site. Good job, thanks. Back to not reading the 100 other non fishing related 'I need attention so I post' posts.
  556. FishWiz

    diesel or outboard?

    Diesel stores better then gasoline.
  557. FishWiz


    Do you work with any carriers that cover at least down to San Quintin for occasional runs?
  558. FishWiz

    New Avet T-shirts!

    Very nice... anyway to get some without going to the show in LB?
  559. FishWiz

    Free Pancakes!

    I hate getting butter and syrup in my clothes dryer, it makes the lint all sticky. Lent on the other hand, is a whole different story.
  560. FishWiz

    Awesome tow in surf footage

    Cortez Banks Billibong vid?
  561. FishWiz

    9 Mile Bank 2-26-06 Plugged

    Sounds like a great day. Good job Jeff! :)
  562. FishWiz

    Avoiding toll road to SQ

    $5.00 per toll stop ($15 each way) if you have a double axle boat trailer. The road to Tecate is not bad, if you have a good truck and live in East County. I didn't like the old I-94 section though, had to pull over and let traffic by often. Leaving really early and doing TJ would be best...
  563. FishWiz

    Smoke Free Petco Park

    Mike, I guess we have to agree to disagree. Explain? How does it affect you, your family or your friends? Why does someone care what others do if your(s) are not affected?
  564. FishWiz

    Smoke Free Petco Park

    Yet again, another example of self-righteous pompous people imposing their beliefs on others. If you (family or friends) aren't affected directly or indirectly by the activities of others, then shut the fuck up. Most of what few designated areas they had were so far away from everything in the...
  565. FishWiz

    San Quintin 2-17 thru 2-20

    Some more pics from the trip.
  566. FishWiz

    Pismo Beach

    Can we impose a lock on threads over about 90 days old? Most of us hit the 'New Posts' option to read up quick and get back to work/life/jacking off. These replies to 1, 2, 3 year old threads suck when we think it might be something new.
  567. FishWiz


    Sites like this (ok, this site by itself), has put a hurtin on that kind of business. Half us are the ones that report the numbers TO that site, then others go chase fish that used to be there yesterday. It's a business, an information broker business. You pay them to gather the information...
  568. FishWiz

    San Quintin Killer Trip Feb 17-20 Report

    The door was open. I tried to walk through the glass section next to the door. At least no one else will make that mistake until they clean it again, the glass has a big face print in the middle of it now that you can see instead of clean clear glass. Like you said, my radar wasn't working...
  569. FishWiz

    San Quintin Killer Trip Feb 17-20 Report

    San Quintin Bloodydecks - Feb 17-20, 2006 Report from Fishwiz with PapaJ, SeaDawg and Ed the LCKMF!! Tired, so I'll probably leave out some stuff, but wanted to get some stuff up with pics. Met up at Harry (SeaDawg's) place at 4:00AM Friday morning. By 4:30AM, the BasSectomy, Miss...
  570. FishWiz

    So you think you can play the Ukulele..

    That was a good find. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Would be dissapointed to find out it was overdubbed, but even more dissapointed to see replies that may not be facts.
  571. FishWiz

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    This weather is a bit concernng after the 80+ degree days last weekend. Pocket book is going to take a larger hit if I have to sit in the 'couch lounge' and drink all their Pacifico.
  572. FishWiz

    No Sex since 1955

    Good one!!!:rofl: :appl:
  573. FishWiz

    roof gutters

    Go with the one piece extruded gutters. No seems, no leaks. They pull up in a truck with a roll of the color you want, stick one end in a machine, and out of the other end comes as much as one 60' (or however many people can hold it) long gutter. I can only guess that they would have to put...
  574. FishWiz

    who bowhunts?

    Older 65lb PSE for sale... can't get connected back into a group of friends that are interested in taking a past bow hunter into their cliche per replies.
  575. FishWiz

    who bowhunts?

    Nate, I used to bowhunt almost exclusively after I got over the rifle and pistol stages. I still have my old PSE compound in the attic penthouse. Haven't pulled it out in years. Probably couldn't hit the broadside of a barn these days. Still has the old peep sites, not any of that...
  576. FishWiz

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    LOL... Glad to see your going to get out of the house and make it, you pussy! :rofl: Don't you owe me a cigar or something? This trip is going to be crazy!
  577. FishWiz

    A productive Saturday reassembling "The Reel One"

    If you need to borrow my A-Frame/Hoist.. I'm done with mine.. LOL
  578. FishWiz

    A productive Saturday reassembling "The Reel One"

    In the tradition of Curtis/Saluki on Hanna, thought I would post a couple pics of how I spent my Saturday. You guys keeping up? Your motor installed yet? Mine started in 7 seconds by 12:30 today after a 8AM wake up.
  579. FishWiz

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    I like it. Good idea Mikey. I suggest we get sign ups over the next two weeks online, rather then someone having to use their time to go around asking, explaining, and gathering the bucks. Then if you sign up, the days, amounts, are all in writing and each person is responsible for paying up...
  580. FishWiz

    Get Well Card for Mot's Sr....BD style

    Dang Gary, hope everything is good to go. Get well and get out of that dang in-hospitable soon!
  581. FishWiz

    Depth Sounder/Fish Finder question

    That was almost a 1.5 year old post. I bought and installed a Furuno FCV582 color long time ago. Extremely happy with it. Someone close the thread.
  582. FishWiz

    What size valve should I use?

    Not sure about the valve answer, looking for brass, best to get them from a marine store. You fab that yourself? Planning on setting that on the swimstep? That's going to be a lot of weight in the rear. You driving a Blackman 26? Bio says Fish Machine, the Blackman moniker.
  583. FishWiz

    "Buggin Out!!"

    Nice first post. Welcome to BD. Nice to see real posts every now and then, expecially from someone new. :)
  584. FishWiz

    What makes a Marlin so special?

    I disagree. Compared to many other species, Marlin is only fair smoked and way below tuna, WSB, Dorado and others in taste. Unlike tuna, Marlin are not a schooling fish for the most part. The fun is catching and releasing them unless it's a money tournament, and even then, the minimum length...
  585. FishWiz

    Ok guys here is my side of the story

    Being the first to say you will take the sale, drawing the money out of the bank, and driving half way there, is no guarantee of a sale if someone's butt buddie calls and says 'sell it to me, tell the other jerk I was first' or something like that, if dealing with shady people.
  586. FishWiz

    Hey Ice, do you know these guys

    (Fishwiz tries to put on his 'ask nice' hat before posting reply) HOW THE FUCK do you find the time to read posts almost 1.5 years old and reply? Oooooopssss...gunz :rofl:
  587. FishWiz

    Docking in Avalon

    Channel 12. But trust me, I doubt you will have any trouble getting a hold of them. Normally he sits in his red-hulled harbor patrol center console at the entrance and runs down everyone not on his mooring list. Day and much of the night during the busy season, not sure about winter.
  588. FishWiz

    Alfa Outdrive, Impellor Change Out

    It doesn't sound hard to me. I've changed the impeller on older outdrives before, and there wasn't much more too it then draining the oil, removing the lower section, replacing the impeller and reinstall/refill. If you are mechanically inclined and have the tools, try it imho. Satisfying if...
  589. FishWiz

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    Frank is going to make it? This I got to see.. LOL
  590. FishWiz

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    From my experience two years ago, and pics I've seen since then, any talk about that ramp being anything better, redone, or whatever is just rumour it seems. We all launch in the sand next to the ramp on the left as you are looking down the concrete in order to avoid the concrete chunks still...
  591. FishWiz

    Boat Insurance

    AAA and Boat U.S. local investigators seem to suck in So Cal. Cost me 7 grand for an outdrive that lost a prop (the other damaged - had to have hit something). They didn't pay. And read many of the same stories with Boat U.S. I just carry the BS insurance in case it sinks. Another in a long...
  592. FishWiz

    FHS wont be selling tackle????

    That show doesn't get it anymore imho. Stopped going because one full retail tackle booth and a few rod sellers, didn't provide enough variety. The show is for people that like to stand in line to walk around on big expensive boats. *yawn*
  593. FishWiz

    Boat Cover Cleaner recomendation

    Just power wash it. If the stitches aren't rotten, power washer will blast almost anything and not hurt a thing.
  594. FishWiz

    Lobster Bag Limit Question!

    Oh goodie, this retarded debate again. Let em come check my freezer, but don't forget the warrant with due cause. Or better yet, the enforcement agencies could stop one or two illegal aliens with my tax dollars instead.
  595. FishWiz

    Pick your butt

    I sense a setup. Next reply from Andy will be of the front and no choice will be good. LOL
  596. FishWiz

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    + FishWiz Or were you just listing people bringing their boats, not the crews/bums/looosers? :)
  597. FishWiz

    garage door help ?

    Get a roll-up style door. You won't regret it.
  598. FishWiz

    G squid are back!

    LOL.. eat dirth Stan. He told me the same thing, but didn't come through (before I knew what he did).
  599. FishWiz

    Job openings for IT professionals

    If you have a few years of experience working in Information Technology, are reliable (show up for work except when the fish are biting), good with people, not going to go on Workmen's Comp after 3 months claiming you can't sit for long periods or whatever anymore :shake: , and want a good job...
  600. FishWiz

    Stolen rod on the Q-105...

    LOL... chill out, take a pill. I believe the majority are honest, short or long range. Just wondered who else experienced any exceptions.
  601. FishWiz

    Stolen rod on the Q-105...

    Answer: My own boat. Haven't done a party boat in a decade. And? I'll bet the 1/2 boats are a little different then the long range. But thanks for the BD style comeback.
  602. FishWiz

    Stolen rod on the Q-105...

    Do deckhands tend to return lost rods, or make a little $$ on the side selling what they find? Anyone ever had the crew return a lost rod?
  603. FishWiz

    Another day of work on Hanna.....

    Curtis/Brandon, Appears you already used some kind of silicone to secure the bottom of the new bilge pump in place, but I still thought I would throw an idea at you. It's no fun reaching under the motor to get that thing out when they need replacing, so I modified my installation a couple years...
  604. FishWiz

    G squid are back!

    I for one, wish they weren't going to come back soon. They are ferocious predators, and must be removing something from our fishery, be that the bait or the fish themselves. To top it off, they taste like shit for the most part.
  605. FishWiz

    How long is the drive to San Quintin?

    I don't see how you can go 5 hours in the winter, leaving at 2PM, and not be doing the last part (finding the turnoff and doing that washboard dirt road) and it not be dark.
  606. FishWiz

    ***Mexican F License***

    Wow! Feel better? /yawn
  607. FishWiz

    Weird Shit relating to Sept. 11

    All made up to entertain those that don't own boats occupying all their time using or fixing! :High_Five
  608. FishWiz

    ***Mexican F License***

    Until someone can prove why they charge you for a Mexican fishing permit on cattle boats when you have your own, I'm not believing any of the reasons/excuses I read. It's probably more of a matter of simplifying the trip charge process, and maybe a small extra source of $$. Any cattle boat...
  609. FishWiz

    Bder spotted & soluted

    Or SeaDawg, sounds like he was on his way to work.
  610. FishWiz

    Preferred leader size for marlin and tuna jigs

    80-100# Flourocarbon - 20' or less if you want to tourny leader a fish, on 100yards 40-60# mono high-vis, bimini tied to 400yds+ of 150ish spectra, on a 2-speed auto Shimano.
  611. FishWiz

    Arizona bow hunt 2006

    I don't know him. I never used a guide or horses.
  612. FishWiz

    Need advise on FloScan installation

    I am installing a FloScan on my diesel Blackman. The kit comes with 2 Pulsation Dampeners, a flowmeter for the input side, and a flowmeter for the output side. Also in the kit are two hoses, about 2 feet long each, that go between the flowmeters and Dampeners on each side. Space is limited to...
  613. FishWiz

    This little car hauls ass!!!

    This is a recording! :rofl:
  614. FishWiz

    Arizona bow hunt 2006

    Great post Nate. You brought back some big time old memories. I used to live in Tucson and chased Javelina with everything from pistol to bow. Never thought to miss it until I read such a report. P.S. It's California that's all fucked up with time changes. Arizona is Mountain Standard...
  615. FishWiz

    Post a photo that you feel best sums up a certain BD'er......

    Mr. HD? Please don't post anymore pictures of Mots... I just ate and now feel ill! :rofl: :rofl:
  616. FishWiz

    Giant Squid?

    I hope last year was a rare occurance. I think they do have an impact on other local fish, although it's just speculation. It was fun, loaded up on tons of those giant squid, but I was not impressed with the taste and it took forever to clean them right just to find out they taste like shit.
  617. FishWiz

    Flying fish video...

    Not flying fish... no one can tell the loc and type of fish the first 2 time it was posted.
  618. FishWiz

    Best communities near Mission Bay??

    I think Time Warner is only available North of the I-8 freeway. FYI I agree with going with Time Warner... I hate Cox cable.
  619. FishWiz

    Albacore info

    If half my boat wasn't in the garage (engine, outdrive, transom plate all almost done overhauling), you know I would be out there making a 100+ run with you, just to laugh at Brandon and the gas can stop in the middle of the night.
  620. FishWiz

    60 Minutes

    Good straightforward reasoning and opinions. Some of that is well put. Of course, some are offended by almost anything.
  621. FishWiz

    What is a close airport to San Fran area?

    Go into Oakland, then take BART over to SF.
  622. FishWiz

    what is a "Mero"

    Sounds like oil fish to me. As for getting fish in Ensenada, they sell a lot of fish in that market that is not local. Even what you think is local, probably isn't. For example, you can get Dorado almost year round there - surely not local.
  623. FishWiz

    Changing a V.P 280 to a 280DP

    It will be an exercise in repropping, I agree. And depending on the gear ratio, may be real difficult to borrow the props that will work.
  624. FishWiz

    2006 customs sticker

    It's for boats over 30'. In the past we had long conversations about whether having the sticker means you don't have to stop and check-in with customs, it doesn't. The sticker doesn't help a bit, it's just another gov scam way of charging arbitrarily for services. Before I bought my boat...
  625. FishWiz

    In the wrong buisness

    Something fishy (no, not catching fishy) is up with SDG&E this month. Last month $77 bucks, this month $249. I turned on the heater maybe twice. Live alone, never home. Assrape and no vaseline. Hope someone is pissed enough at this obvious year-end profit gouging to call them out on it.
  626. FishWiz

    Baja Launch Ramps

    Wish I had a secret ramp, then I could post non info too.
  627. FishWiz

    Happy B- Day No Slack

    Have a good B-Day Mike! :)
  628. FishWiz

    Surf's up

    Cortez Bank?
  629. FishWiz

    Great fishing video!

    That was cool. What kind of fish were those, and where? Anyone figure that out?
  630. FishWiz

    Another Google Earth thread - post your stories

    Bingo... Exactly... caught my first on a 4500 coffee grinder off of a 20 bow rider anchored between the mothball fleet. Ghost shrimp on double SS hooks.. Ok.. anyone else got a good Google Earth pic/story?
  631. FishWiz

    Another Google Earth thread - post your stories

    I've been getting a kick out of looking up places I have lived, places I have traveled, etc, on Google Earth. Thought since the first Google Earth thread showing marinas, kinda died, I would try to get another started. Post pic(s) of cool looking locations AND brief story about it. Doesn't...
  632. FishWiz

    FloScan installed

    Any tips on doing the installation? I am installing a FloScan while my motor is out. I plan to install the pulsation dampeners as low as possible in the bilge and make up custom interconnecting hoses. Diesel installation, so I have a primary sensor and return sensor to install. Just asking...
  633. FishWiz

    What's the weirdest/coolest thing you've ever seen offshore?

    Not very wierd, and probably common enough, a couple years ago we headed out on a usual Friday night departure. It was so dark once we got away from SD, that you couldn't even see the faint horizon between water and sky. A overcast haze blocked the stars. Passed about 1000 feet from the North...
  634. FishWiz

    Fishing Girls Video DVD

    Not impressed. Testosterone go fast boat driving, models posing and acting. /yawn
  635. FishWiz


    Cool compilation... better if they were all real.
  636. FishWiz

    good day on the pond

    A recent report? Don't think so? I need attention too.
  637. FishWiz

    Google earth: Where is this harbor?

    Here is MDR.
  638. FishWiz

    First chicken of the new year

    I was in the New Years Eve run a couple of years ago. Brandon (Saluki) and Capt. Curtis, Alluminator, and myself with Shark and Dave went 140 miles one way. Shelly (Shark) caught a couple of Yellowtail and almost fell overboard. LOL Was flat as a lake. Fun endeavour. Last year the weather...
  639. FishWiz

    New member, great site

    Good intro. Welcome.
  640. FishWiz

    friday night bugs

    Good job. Glad to see they are around.
  641. FishWiz

    DECEMBER: Avet Free Reel Picture Contest

    Now there's some proactive marketing for you. ;)
  642. FishWiz

    So you're the bad guy, now what would you do if......

    I guess you put me in my place /shrug I'm a nonprejudice basher to all the deterioration of BD by 1 post seller/scammers, attention grabbers, etc. Nothing to do with a boat, but thanks for reminding me.
  643. FishWiz

    So you're the bad guy, now what would you do if......

    Most of us understand the law and the consequences. Only the minority apply to this question, and even smaller minority think it's applicable to a fishing message board, since hypothetical.
  644. FishWiz

    NEW FOR 2006 2-SPEEDS FOR $200.00!

    Brand? Asian imports or what? Welcome to BD to sell stuff.
  645. FishWiz

    Where do the yakers want to post?

    Getting to be too many forums... Kayakers on their own? I would miss Iceman's occasional monster reports. East Coast forums? Sorry, don't they have their own? Sure, cool to see a 900lb bluefin out of MA, but between 90% of the posts in the off season being about Doug, lying about Great White...
  646. FishWiz

    RP arrives in the ZONE

    Does someone get these reports via Sat phone and get to chat for a bit, or they just called in one direction to the landing? If the reports pick up, I'll be wondering if a certain couple of people on the trip are doing some of that catching.
  647. FishWiz

    Where are the BloodyDecks stickers?

    I've had one on my truck for a almost 2 years. The answer to your question however, , is because we don't have 8500 members. We have 8500 people that; registered and lurked once or twice, registered just to sell something, registered to spam, same person that registered multiple times to...
  648. FishWiz

    18 day INDEPENDENCE JAN 5TH - 23RD

    Wish it were any other boat. Sounds like it will be a great trip.
  649. FishWiz

    I'm outta here

    They are going to have an awesome trip. Harold Davis and his friends (10 or so drove down) were at my house at 5:30AM this morning dropping of a motor. They were supposed to get here at 6:30AM, but they were so excited to get on the trip, they got here early. You could sense the excitement in...
  650. FishWiz

    I'm outta here

    Good luck. Which boat?
  651. FishWiz

    What is the going rate for an engine/trans/outdrive inspection?

    I am taking delivery of a used engine on Friday. It will be a couple of months before I put it in the boat while I work on repainting things, installing a floscan, etc. Not in a hurry. How much for just engine oil analysis? Someone comes to my house instead of slip to take the sample or ?
  652. FishWiz

    What is the going rate for an engine/trans/outdrive inspection?

    Sounds cheaper and faster then I expected.
  653. FishWiz

    Need a Tile guy for my bathroom

    Another post derailed.
  654. FishWiz


    CNN even has a writeup about it. Just another in a long chain of losers that think email scam/spam/viruses are funny. It's a trend that will fade, because most of us don't care anymore, nor are we fooled.
  655. FishWiz

    Need to buy set of 20" tires

    Not sure this is the answer you are looking for, but I have never been happier with tire purchases since I waited about 2-4 weeks once for Evans Tires to put what I wanted on sale (they do every month). Then, the free alignment, free rotation, $9.95 oil change (while they do the rotation), has...
  656. FishWiz

    What is the going rate for an engine/trans/outdrive inspection?

    Most buyers go on the maintenance record, reliability of the seller, and maybe an engine oil test. Not many sellers would deal with the wait of testing everything and paying for it, even less buyers are going to pay then end up not buying boat and spending a few bills in the process. Used...
  657. FishWiz

    Need a Tile guy for my bathroom

    I could probably show you how to do some tile, tile is easy. I did my own marble last winter, what a pain.
  658. FishWiz

    Is this enough engine????

    Most of the Blackman's, even most of the new ones still popping out of the shop, are single I/Os. For decades, the stock motor was/is the AD41, a 200HP straight 6 diesel. I think it pushes the Blackman along about 18 MPH, on avg. I have the KAD42, 230HP, I avg about 20MPH and can hit 25, but...
  659. FishWiz

    Stolen Fucking Dinghy

    Never even heard of that party boat before. Maybe it's not a very good one, considering the actions and attitude of the capt and crew. Always glad to see the speed of communication today with the Internet, able to impact those that deserve it.
  660. FishWiz

    Stolen Fucking Dinghy

    Give us more details.. Ranger 85? Is that the kind of boat or name of the boat? What marina? Too many of us have boats in marinas, and have friends all over the place in marinas. Don't hold back, give lots of details about marina and boat name, and there is a chance this F capt won't be a...
  661. FishWiz

    11-19 cat report

    Good report! What party boat had the attitude?
  662. FishWiz

    Re-Picthing Props

    Ed repitched a set of my props a couple of years ago. Yes I recommend them. I might have a set of A4s or B4s leftover from my prop changing exercises over the last couple of years. Used sets sell for about $300 at most, repitching and cleaning up is about $250.
  663. FishWiz

    Well, here's some weird BS re: My Boat

    Brandon, you worry me.. Glad you don't have my address or slip number.. LOL :rofl:
  664. FishWiz

    So, What is it?

    Maybe an Angel Shark.
  665. FishWiz


    Someday reports here will be limited to helpful, instead of spam, even after the first 'ultra big text spam' is deleted. I relish the old BD days, when sharing meant info, instead of sportboat ads and classified 10 poster sales.
  666. FishWiz

    Truck Mounted Crane for Engine R&R

    Is this a sale or ad for services? Rate if service?
  667. FishWiz

    Dan Osman footage of speedclimb

    Is that supposed to be real? Even if it is, are we to believe all that footage was the same climb? Anyone else watch this stuff and immediately start considering all the aspects other then the moving person/object? In other words, I didn't see a dozen camera men plastered to the side of that...
  668. FishWiz

    25 wahoo on the deck

    Using P-bods special rigged lures I presume? Good job Rick and crew.
  669. FishWiz


    There are a few swordfish boat in MB... big time pulpit spear walkways they lower when appropriate... those guys laugh at our ignorance, I'll bet. During my Marlin pro tournament fishing this last year, saw more then one, and one boat had one on for 3 hours instead of cutting the line and...
  670. FishWiz

    How many BD'ers play in the dirt?

    I used to race MX when younger, then got into a SoCal Enduro club in the 1990s. Got too old to go to work with broken ribs/fingers/stuff every month and moved out of San Diego for a little while (mistake), so got out of it. One place in San Diego County that I used to sponsor a race is Corrall...
  671. FishWiz

    Cabo and back, new boat record

    Awesome Rick... Must have been a blast. Can't imagine reeling in that many Marlin in one trip. I thougth 3 in one day at Zane was good.. LOL Sure wish I had been there. Tell Bill hello. Looking forward to next years tourny. Rickdickulous and Knot For Rent are killer rides and crews.
  672. FishWiz

    CHP vehicle catches 200 # tuna.

    LOL No shit, had the same after-thought. It's been at least a week since a new rant post on cow town, no?
  673. FishWiz

    Boat buying scam information wanted

    The common scam is to get a reply saying they represent a buyer from out of the country. They have a check for a certain amount (more then your asking price). You send them the difference and cash the check, or some stupidity like that. I got one of those emails when I sold my last boat and...
  674. FishWiz

    Hanna gets a face lift

    Sorry Curt... it just doesn't look the same without the gas cans 100 miles south on New Years Eve... LOL:rofl: :rofl:
  675. FishWiz

    Lower Unit Oil Color - Green & Slightly Milky White

    Green = the oil used Smell = all gear oil (scent added on purpose to help mechanics troubleshoot, as in a leaky differential on a vehicle and they instantly know and you think they are experts at finding so quick) Milky = Bad.. water.. somehow.
  676. FishWiz

    Keeping the Cool

    Sounds like you need to plumb one of these setups into your rig.
  677. FishWiz

    Fish Taco's (again)

    Those were some awesome fish tacos, and the white sauce was excellent. Thanks for bringing all the stuff over and cooking, everyone loved them.
  678. FishWiz


    Two pickups is the way to go... keeps me from stopping unless the kelp won't chop and starts to cavitating.
  679. FishWiz

    Babe of the Day???

    LOL... pics, profiles? You go Nancy. :)
  680. FishWiz

    Can't remove prop - it's stuck, need help.

    You are doing it right. If you (or previous owner) didn't take the props off AT LEAST once a year, better if twice a year, and grease the splines, the props will be impossible to remove in one piece ever again. Surprised you even got the back one off. I have a KAD42 running a VP 290DP. I had...
  681. FishWiz

    more detroit rebuild info

    The average cost a couple of years ago was $1,500 a hole. Meaning, 6 cylinder x $1,500 x # of motors. About $18,000 for two 6V53s (+ anything else outside the motor they find, and will).
  682. FishWiz

    WFO yellowtail from san diego boats

    It's that time of the year again. Late season peanut YT decimation. :(