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    Tardy Reporting: Apollo Guadalupe11/29 to 12/5

    Well, it’s been a while since returning from this year’s Guadalupe adventure, and I usually get something posted on the ride home...but here goes a tardy report anyway. Maybe this can serve as much to keep people informed of current conditions as to keep an archive to reference in preparation...
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    Pink and Purple Ds

    Just in case Santa forgot to get you a hot, new wahoo lure, an elf delivered a handful or two of these to Fisherman’s Landing Tackle yesterday.
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    Guadalupe Musings

    Returned yesterday (12/7) from what has become my annual late November/early December run to the island that time forgot. For whatever reason I didn’t take as many notes or photographs, so not many play-by-play details to share this time around. Still, I’ll offer a few tidbits for what they’re...
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    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    Here’s a little rundown of the Shogun 12/1 to 12/7 6-day trip. We had great weather, good fishing and a fantastic group of anglers. This was my third trip down since the island reopened. Every time, there are new angling experiences and new things to learn about fishing there. I try to jot a few...
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    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    I'm always looking to improve my knot skills and will take the time to learn new ones if I think they'll give me a little edge. That said, the buzz around the Spangler knot had me intrigued. I used it last year on my 'Lupe trip and it sure held up nicely. There is one thing that leaves me...
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    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Just got back from a six-day Guadalupe trip on the RP. I took daily notes like last year's Shogun trip. Here they are with some photos mixed in--and some annotations with extra detail here and there. Also, a few background details to add: In the days prior to departure, I was keeping an eye on...
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    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    Last edit. Added a video of the deck after a good last-day snap. For those heading out on the upcoming Guadalupe trips, I've compiled my daily notes and annotated them on the ride in. Fantastic trip. Some quick takeaways, don't be afraid to fish 80-lb, dry spells happen, listen to the crew...
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    16VSX Drag/Freespool Question

    Hey Penn Folks, My early run 16VSX has developed an issue where it will reengage its gears if the drag lever is put all the way back. Hard to explain but it gets free spool in just a little sweet spot above 'Free', if the lever gets pushed farther back, the spool moves a bit to the left and...
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    Short-Range Shortfin

    Fished the local banks the other day on Zorros Gene and found those bluefin. Mostly a nature cruise with lots of seeing fish and porpoise and fin whales and not much catching to go with it. Managed to get a couple careless tuna to let their guards down. No sardines in Mission Bay but not to...
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    Halibut Sweepstakes (ATHC 2012)

    Beating LTBOLTMAN to the punch here! Good times on tournament day and got lucky with an early bite that turned out to be enough to eke out a victory. We picked this one up just before the fan turned on. Once the wind started decent drifts were almost impossible. Wait, how'd that pic get in...
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    Iron Talk

    So, I've been keeping tabs on some of the "what's the best" and "how to pick 'em?" jig threads. They inspired me to take a look at some of the stuff I've hoarded over the years. Unfortunately, the Tady 4/0 light that I caught my first "iron" yellowtail on, is still hiding from me, but I did find...
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    DVL on the Basstaxi 060911

    Fished DVL Thursday with the wife's boss. Seems like that's the only way I can get on the water these days! Anyhow, met Ken as soon as the gates opened and loaded the Skeeter. He gave us a few tips on some areas to check out and dropped us in the pond. "See you at 6:40." Fished Rawson's...
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    hmmmmm, hey Chris, you stay signed on the computer at your mom's house and you never know what you might say about time :supergay: Leo Bryon Andrew Jake
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    Cheap Silver Solder (Partial) Starting Kit

    First time I'm actually kicking off a thread here... After reading up again on all the silver solder posts/techniques, I decided to do some garage inventory and see what I've been using. From the advice of others online and the recommendations from the guys at Airgas, I ended up with some...