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  1. lammy


    Launched around 1pm, ran out near the 277. found a hundred terns and some puddling tuna.... not a lot of volume of fish, but they were there... tried running a chum line a few times near the activity.... never got bit. but, there were some feeding bft and yft in that area.... get 'em ~ GOOD LUCK!
  2. lammy

    out of DP saturday...

    first Dana Point trip offshore since i moved from laguna to Ojai... didn't quite get 'em..... But it's on! launched at 5am, got a scoop o' deans, headed out of the marina by 6am, found boiling tuna at 7am... stayed on the same boil for 20 minutes~ hooked one on the popper... unbuttoned...
  3. lammy

    my 2016 giant bluefin story

    Well, as this season of offshore fishing comes to an end, and the chances seem about over for a big bluefin.... I just thought I would share a story from my 2016 offshore season out of Dana Point. This is my last year fishing down here... I am moving from Laguna Beach to Ojai soon. (you're...