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    Knot question

    Also, not a fan of any knot that throws a ringed hook all cockeyed. Like this:
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    14 Mile Bank Underwater Video - Fish ID?

    Not the best resolution. Could be a C-O sole.
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    Knot question

    SD Jam, 5-7 turns, always tied under tension so the “barrel” is already formed before pulling tight. I like the three or four turn uni more and more these days, too. Simple, strong, easy.
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    Hollow Core Braid Knots

    You can pretty much tie whatever. I've tied the FG with hollow, no problem. I still prefer to tie with solid, so with the few reels I have that still have hollow, I splice in a good length of solid. That gives me plenty to tie knots with and I think the solid has less drag in the water. Easy...
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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Such a bummer to have to confront someone about something like this. Agree that the likelihood of a "mix up" is very minimal at best. What kind of excuse did they try to hand you? Man, I can barely imagine taking a hand-off, let alone someone's fish in the round! Unfortunately, this is...
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    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    As everyone has said, you could land one on the Senator. This also could be your only shot at trophy bluefin—this year or even ever. If it were me I’d be stacking the odds in my favor as much as I could.
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    Built another box.

    Beautiful, Loc! Sorry about your friend. What a great way to memorialize him. Glad to see you posting, too.
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    Penn fathom 12 size comparison

    I can’t get to my gear right now but can post a pic in the next couple days.
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    Penn fathom 12 size comparison

    Imagine a Newell 220 with a slightly wider body overall, and slightly smaller diameter side plates.
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    Short floro to mono connection in 100lb?

    It's not terribly difficult to add more spectra to your big reels, especially with hollow, There are lots of tutorials on that. It can also be done with solid by sleeving the two sides with a short section of hollow and securing the insertions with nail knots.
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    Best Connection for 200lb Leader?

    You definitely don't want a snap swivel. The easiest way to go braid to heavy leader is via a small ring or heavy duty swivel. You can crimp both ends (lure side and ring/swivel side) to finish it off. The FG is also an option for braid to heavy leader.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Very kind of you, Luke. I hope that video will inspire some to take up a new skill.
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    Short floro to mono connection in 100lb?

    No matter what, that's going to be a bulky connection. If I HAD to go that route, I'd use the Seaguar or similar. My preference would be to ditch the mono.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Okay, I did a quick video to show how I bronze braze. Originally, I did this for my good friend Luke, who I acknowledge in the beginning of the shoot. In any case, this is how I do it. I'm not a professional in this trade, and am self taught, so take it for what it's worth. At the end, you can...
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I’m currently using “Anti-Borax” #2. It’s decent, and I’ll use it all up before I switch to the other stuff I bought.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    That's a hell of a run. I think I'm still shy of 5,000 "for hire"!
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    It’s a widely accepted opinion for those in the know! Side note: I always need to add my PSA that these fluxes are no joke with regard to health hazards. Read the MSDS, work in well-ventilated areas, and stay out of the fume plume!
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    SC Knot

    I have a hard time trusting any dude with fingernails like thatLOL!
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    corrected my post above—it is indeed oxy/propane not butane.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Pro tip: the best way to stress test your braze work is to twist the connection with pliers as opposed to attempting to pull it apart. Once you get it down, you’ll be able to tell the difference in good versus bad connections.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    It has been on my “to-do” list for a while. Maybe I can get my kids to do the camera works for me. If that’s the case, it may only be available on TikTok:rofl:
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    And, yes, it’s the Smith Little Torch!
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Turns out I do know that Bernzomatic! I bought one for bronze but the flame was giant. I gave it to my dad so he could use it for plumbing work. Yes, the Smith is dual gas. You can get oxy/propane or oxy/acetylene. Either will work.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    For silver, try the black StaySilv flux, and be sure your steel is really clean. For the bronze (my preference, by the way) you may have too broad of a flame. I'm not familiar with the Bernzomatic 8000. I use the Smith Mini and it keeps the heat focused where you need it. I've yet to melt a...
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    Shogun 1.5 Day 7-15-20

    How'd you get your sniper bites? On the sink or or the retrieve? Without a doubt, those stock hooks need to be changed to something more robust. There's a treble camp and an in-line camp. Either way, something more stout is needed on them on the better grade fish.
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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Seems like a crap deal from what's been shared. There has to be more to this story.
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    SOLD Wooden Rod Holders - 5 Feet Long

    Can't beat that price! Wish I had a spot for them.
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    Good popper rods?

    Spinning or conventional? For conventional, I really like the United US 85 monster for poppers up to 3 ounces or so. For spinning, the BlackHole 80H is a popular one. I have it, too, but prefer the conventional.
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    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Pictures never do my favorite Pacific volcanic stone any justice!
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    How’d you get a test way back in Feb with just mild symptoms?
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    graphite usa 10 ' jigstick

    9 years on the market...
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    Old Tady Surface Iron

    There were a lot of Tady oddballs and one-offs with a similar color way. The 45 usually has the “y” in Tady toward the hook, so you’ve probably got something else, or a jig rigged backward. Like the guys said above, the model is probably hiding under the paint. I had one painted similarly that...
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    FG vs RP

    Brad, this is a good one. Some use the tension method, some don’t. The method used here was my starting point to refine my own technique. The best tip I can give to help learning is to use relatively light spectra and relatively heavy (and stiff) leader. Using, say, 50 lb spectra, and 100 lb...
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    Ring them yourself

    I’ve done that. It doesn’t appear to hinder anything but probably won’t turn a dud into a dancer.
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    Ring them yourself

    It’s a cool skill to have in the arsenal. I’ve been doing it for years now. Two things I’ve found through my trials and errors: 1. The best way to test a ring is to put shear force on it-as in try to twist it to break the connection. If your joint is weak it will be readily apparent. 2. Silver...
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    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    Where is the data to support your cold/flu claim? That’s an odd statement to say the least.
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    Newell Spools With Rounded Edges

    Man, that was my favorite part of those reels—for the exact same reason. Loved that flange for control as opposed to thumbing the line. All in what you get used to, I guess. It did help if you kept it wet, otherwise you ran the risk of burning racing stripes into your thumb!
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    Favorite brand flouro?

    At those sizes, you should be fine with whatever one will fit your crimps. Blue Label will work no problem.
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    Do I need a 30lb live bait setup?

    If I had only the username to go on, I’d bet his name is Luke😂.
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    I'm sometimes surprised by how many are unaware of IISharps. I wish I had stockpiled more of them in the '90s when they were readily available. Only a few in my stash anymore.
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    Do I need a 30lb live bait setup?

    You could do 30# on your GG 6480, but then you wouldn't have a 40# if you needed it! Lots of options for 30. If you like the feel of glass, maybe check out a Calstar 6480L. A Seeker 6480 may be very similar.
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    Suggestions on a 1x3

    Thoughts on grip length and material: after years of trial and error, I've found that I like a longer rear grip than most. Like you, I'm 6'3" and have some wingspan to work with. For me to get good rail leverage without destroying the front of my armpit, I need a rear grip at about 20 to 21"...
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    Is it this color?
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    Am I allowed to ask where we'll be fishing:D? In general, I'd go with a Salas 7X. Can bomb that thing all over and cover water. Throws well into a breeze, too. If at the Coronados, probably an all-white full-size 5X. At La Jolla, I might even go with an old-school Tady A1 light. At Guadalupe...
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    If You Only Had One Jig

    Tady’s jigs may no longer be made quite the same, but their ring brazes are still some of the tidiest in the business!
  46. T.O.T.W.

    Tady 15H info

    I think you’re right about it being two 15s fused together. They look like torpedoes. I have one, too. Had to get it just for the hell of it. I’d have to guess it was made to target lings and cowcods.
  47. T.O.T.W.

    Brown Bait

    We do get the odd round herring down here. Occasionally, they can be jigged up with sabikis. They don’t seem anywhere near as hardy as a sardine.
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    7 day Guadalupe/ridge Gear questions.

    40# and 50# will likely be your go-to set ups a Guadalupe. I prefer 8-foot rods there, but many do just fine with 7 footers. You may need an 80 or 100# rig, but probably not two--unless you are a diehard dropper looper. I would not advise using 30# at Lupe unless you are making bait. The Ridge...
  49. T.O.T.W.

    Brown Bait

    I'm adjusting to the new format and picture inept at this time. Google white croaker and queenfish to see the typical two that were referred to as brown bait. I always liked the white croaker (aka tomcod) over the weaker queenfish.
  50. T.O.T.W.

    Brown Bait

    When I was a young whippersnapper fishing a brown bait a few rows back in the kelp was the sure ticket for a nice calico. If you were in good with the crew, they'd usually fish one out of the tank for you if they had 'em--especially if you put it to good use. I do think that bass like sardines...
  51. T.O.T.W.

    Brown Bait

    It used to be mixed in w/anchovy. I'd have to guess that the bait boats aren't targeting the shallow, sand/mud bottomed areas where you'd find lots of tomcod and queenfish.
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    How many scoops for a day of tuna fishing

    It all depends on your capacity and the health of the bait--other stuff factors into that like water temp, etc. For example, if you have a four scoop capacity, and the bait is in great shape with 69 degree water, jug that thing! If the bait sucks and the water is warm, maybe just go with a...
  53. T.O.T.W.

    PENN new product wish list

    Ha, Shooter got in before me! Along the same lines--I Love my Torque stars and would love to see the next gen come out soon. One wish with that line (or Fathoms) would be a size between the 25N and the 30. Penn could call it the Goldilocks, as in, "just right", size. In Newell Language, it feels...
  54. T.O.T.W.

    South 9-Mile Bank 1/18

    Rockfish is not something that I would consider sashimi fare. Is there anything special you do to it before preparing?
  55. T.O.T.W.

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Well, I was able to “like” Ali’s post, so progress.
  56. T.O.T.W.


    Ah, I see now. Can’t tell you a price, but if they were mine I’d get them rewrapped with new hardware and built with new handles—and fish the hell out of them.
  57. T.O.T.W.


    Cool looking rods. Are they one piece or do they have a ferrule connection?
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    Tardy Reporting: Apollo Guadalupe11/29 to 12/5

    Great fishing with you and the crew, Alex! Hit me up if you ever want to talk jigs...
  59. T.O.T.W.

    Discount on Independence Xmas Guadalupe trip, $1200

    Typically, fishing is done on the lee side. Or more precisely on the slot below the island and the outer rock on the south end. This time of year, if it’s not too windy, it’s drift fishing. It can be a bit rolly there, but nothing like the open ocean. Also, very typically, the crossing to and...
  60. T.O.T.W.

    100lb+ fish?

    We live in a great time in the history of medicine. I’m hoping you get your shot and you connect on your goal.
  61. T.O.T.W.

    100lb+ fish?

    Congratulations on a promising prognosis! You’ve picked a fine time to be at Guadalupe to give yourself a chance at a 100 pounder. I set a goal to do just that in 2015 and was lucky enough to cross that barrier twice on our first day of fishing. In the last five years, I think I’ve crossed the...
  62. T.O.T.W.

    Tardy Reporting: Apollo Guadalupe11/29 to 12/5

    Always great times fishing with you, Luke! Maybe next year I’ll set the lofty goal of trying to match your dock totals—I’m not sure I can put the jig rod down long enough to keep a high-percentage bait in the water. Even that would still keep me at long shot odds:notworthy.
  63. T.O.T.W.

    Tardy Reporting: Apollo Guadalupe11/29 to 12/5

    I’ve had a couple do that—where they take a long, long run at a 45° angle and as soon as they stop, the line parts, and have seen a few others come up all rashed up from rubbing the bottom. It hasn’t seemed like a shark escape behavior in my experience. Come to think about it, the fish that...
  64. T.O.T.W.

    Tardy Reporting: Apollo Guadalupe11/29 to 12/5

    Definitely, Greg! Let’s make it happen.
  65. T.O.T.W.

    Tardy Reporting: Apollo Guadalupe11/29 to 12/5

    I have a funny video of my buddy, Nick, talking about the Guadalupe Mindf*ck while fighting a fish. It can get to you! It’s also part of the allure. I enjoy the challenge.
  66. T.O.T.W.

    Tardy Reporting: Apollo Guadalupe11/29 to 12/5

    Well, it’s been a while since returning from this year’s Guadalupe adventure, and I usually get something posted on the ride home...but here goes a tardy report anyway. Maybe this can serve as much to keep people informed of current conditions as to keep an archive to reference in preparation...
  67. T.O.T.W.

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day report

    Usually those swell sharks will, well, swell up like a balloon, and they hiss like hell. If anyone is interested in the local fishes of Guadalupe, I found this study. You have to cross reference every scientific name, but it's very interesting reading for fish nerds like me. And...
  68. T.O.T.W.

    Replacement for Penn Torques?

    I think the OP is referring to the discontinued star drags as opposed to those sexy new silver levers...
  69. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Star Nov 30-Dec 7 at the Lupe

    I was down there on the Apollo the same time as you guys. Great fishing and even better weather! I'll echo Jeff on his comment above regarding the spray bottle. It's one of the cheapest tools you can take with you--unfortunately mine was a bit too cheap and broke on the first day, but one of...
  70. T.O.T.W.

    Oregon crew on the Shogun, 7 day, 11-8. Great fishing, great trip. Super cow BFTs

    All kinds of familiar faces on this trip! I saw that you also had Bob Wolfson with you. So happy to see him still getting after it.
  71. T.O.T.W.

    People who fish dark braid

    Just ask the source. Johnny is as straight a shooter as they come. He'll tell you what their rationale is. In all the times I've ever gotten reels spooled there, and I've had a lot, they've never offered me any color other than what I've asked for. All that said, this thread is pretty funny...
  72. T.O.T.W.

    Best and easiest knot for spectra to spectra

    Easy and best are rarely the same thing. While the uni/uni is quite popular for this role, I don’t like it at all. Whenever I need to put solid and solid together, I use a length of hollow, and insert the solid into either end about 18-24” using the bent wire technique. Both entry points get...
  73. T.O.T.W.

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Awesome footage! Google is reporting a sudden spike in searches for “McCulloch”LOL
  74. T.O.T.W.

    Aztec BFT or Bust Strategy - Day 1 of 3 Day Trip

    They’ll cut what they can to make room, or come home early with limits of happy anglers. Discarding fish is not only illegal, it’s incredibly irresponsible.
  75. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale TLD 20, 30, 50

    Correction: Tiburon frame. Extra bump.
  76. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale TLD 20, 30, 50

    A two speed, and with a Willfish frame?
  77. T.O.T.W.

    ID on Clear Popper?

    Hilarious description. “Imitate puny fish”LOL
  78. T.O.T.W.

    Mono to mono connection using hollow core braid?

    You could do it. You'd need to splice two different diameters of hollow spectra to account for the varying mono diameters. Probably 60 hollow on one side and 80 or 100 on the other. An in-line splice is quite easy using just single strand wire (27-lb). Secure the mono with a nail knot connection...
  79. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Heavy OG wahoo trolling lures

    Bumping to see if you’re still looking, Tim? I’ll dig through my garage later and PM you if I can find anything.
  80. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Clear Popper?

    I have a couple I’ll trade for a cousins 95 mag, or any Seeker with a nice butt!
  81. T.O.T.W.

    is bimini twist a 100% knot ?

    If you can tie a Bimini, you can tie an FG. One of these is bulky and loopy, one isn’t.
  82. T.O.T.W.

    DTX hook experiments and Halco 220 trial

    All the guppy-style lures have solid stainless rings on them, and they don’t seem to wear out that way. Even on the old ones with rusty hooks, the rings always seem to be more or less intact. That’s why I’m thinking there must be something mechanical happening at the split ring.
  83. T.O.T.W.

    History of Brass Jigs??

    Junkyard Ed, who used to post here often, told me they’re one of many made in a bygone era—70s/80s, not quite sure. Not super popular with the collectors. The guys at SD Tackle Traders would probably know a lot more if you hit them up. They told me all about my Paramount Scooters when nobody...
  84. T.O.T.W.

    DTX hook experiments and Halco 220 trial

    Interesting observation with the ring wear. I’ve never see that before. Are you making your own rings, buying off the shelf, or...? Any idea what their composition is? Edit: looking at your pic, I wonder if the split ring ridges and grooves act like a file against the solid metal?
  85. T.O.T.W.

    How many set ups?

    Also, with 20 days straight on the water, your bigger concern might be having enough clean socks and underwear! Enjoy your trip! That’s an awesome stretch!
  86. T.O.T.W.

    How many set ups?

    That’s not too many. You should be able to store up top whatever you’re not going to be using for the fishing at hand.
  87. T.O.T.W.

    What’s a trini 20DC worth?

    Seems worth a straight trade for a 16DC if both parties ultimately get what they're looking for!
  88. T.O.T.W.

    So I guess I'll sell?

    Sorry to hear this, Loc! My vicarious long-range existence will certainly miss your preparation posts as much as your reports.
  89. T.O.T.W.

    History of Brass Jigs??

    The Tady BA also came in brass. From the looks of the heavy Candy Bars, I think those are brass, too.
  90. T.O.T.W.

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    Makes me think that a glob of seal blubber might make good chunk bait.
  91. T.O.T.W.

    SOLD Penn Torque 15 star in black

    Can’t imagine they’re any higher than what used ones are selling for on here!
  92. T.O.T.W.

    SOLD Penn Torque 15 star in black

    I know you want a 15, but Dana Landing still has a couple black 12s. A whole lotta badass in a little package!
  93. T.O.T.W.

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    The spray bottle method mentioned helps a ton. I like how solid Pro Spec casts. You still have to be careful and lay it properly or it will zing-pow as much as any other braid.
  94. T.O.T.W.

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    If your fish squad can all only cast 20’ and you can get out another 25’, then, yes, that probably matters. But I was under the impression that we were talking about a higher-level of jig slingers here:rolleyes:.
  95. T.O.T.W.

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    I never would have imagined that I’d ever consider a big levelwind. If a Tranx 600 came out I’d definitely get one.
  96. T.O.T.W.

    What is best line for casting to big bft with conventionals?

    Heavy mono has its own casting challenges. A couple years ago, I used Izor First String in 60# and lost quite a bit of distance. If I decided to go back to the long topshot, I’d stick w/either Izor or Sufix Superior in 50#.
  97. T.O.T.W.

    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    Always have a great time fishing this one! Even get to see my name on the plaque at Bay Park Fish every now and again as a memento for my 8-lb whopper winnerLOL. I'd love to be part of the 20th but it unfortunately conflicts with an already booked trip to Guadalupe. Maybe @LTBOLTMAN and @Kareem...
  98. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale TADY BCL×4 AND a 16

    Cool vintage stuff. Beware the price police. They're coming!
  99. T.O.T.W.

    With a little help from my SDLR friends... (rigging flatfall's)

    Could be that you had older 7691s? I think the older ones were not closed at the eye. In any case, I prefer a bronze-brazed ring when adding hooks like this. Here are a couple ways that I’ve done them.
  100. T.O.T.W.

    Tackle HQ in Australia.....

    Speaking specifically of Australian vendors, I’ve never had an issue with any that I’ve ordered from. Ebb Tide Tackle, though, is quickly becoming a favorite. Fast delivery and cool stuff not readily available in the States. I’m not familiar with Rakuten.
  101. T.O.T.W.

    Newell Reel clamps large hole forward?

    It shouldn’t matter as the narrow portion is centered. I always used to put the big hole forward so I could hang a jig hook through it.
  102. T.O.T.W.

    Rod suggestions for Tranx 500 saltwater

    85 UC WAHOO for the bigger poppers and 85 Monster for the stick baits and mid-size poppers. I’m getting the WAHOO built right now, and have had the monster since the GUSA days. The Tranx pairs up very well with both rods. I’ve thrown surface iron on it, too. Go with 80#. It will cast much...
  103. T.O.T.W.

    Tackle HQ in Australia.....

    I’ve ordered from several places in Australia. Always quick and easy. The exchange rate is really working favorably, too.
  104. T.O.T.W.

    Favorite Solid Spectra?

    Sounds like X9 could be my new favorite. My current favorite designation goes to ProSpec.
  105. T.O.T.W.

    replacing hooks on irons

    Are you sure you want single hooks? On surface jigs, this will definitely affect the swimming action. The driver for singles is generally to get better overall strength, so a siwash hook is not a great option. They were made for salmon. A good single would be a 7/0 or 8/0 Mustad 7691 or its VMC...
  106. T.O.T.W.

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    You probably did, independently! Those fresh water bass guys have been doing it for a long time on their frog gear. They like e a good length of blacked out line on the business end.
  107. T.O.T.W.

    9/12 Pacific Dawn 1.5

    Nope, just handed the reins to Mike. He’s still involved—chatting via sat phone on the regular, but Mike is pretty much running the SD show this year.
  108. T.O.T.W.

    9/12 Pacific Dawn 1.5

    Yes, he’s running an albacore boat up north.
  109. T.O.T.W.

    9/12 Pacific Dawn 1.5

    Glad you had a great trip. Capt. Mike is a long-time friend and I’m so happy to see him doing well as the main man on the Pacific Dawn this year!
  110. T.O.T.W.

    Jig ID

    I finally got out to my garage to see if I could get you an ID. As noted, it’s definitely a II Sharp, and most likely a 22H. Here’s a picture of a couple 22Hs with a 6X jr in there for a size comparison.
  111. T.O.T.W.

    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    Ha! It’s a timeless discussion, I suppose. I heard once that an adult needs to hear something seven times before it actually registers. Maybe that’s part of it. We all bring our success and anecdotal bias to our techniques. When I started reading the LR board years ago, there were some very...
  112. T.O.T.W.

    Unheard of

    Seems like there are a few that have cracked the swordie code.
  113. T.O.T.W.

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    Aside from it bleeding into unmarked areas, and washing out eventually, I’ve not had any problems. Spectra is pretty inert. A pro tip I learned from Gary Dobyns: get a Magnum Sharpie and cut across the chisel in the thickest part so you can put the line in a groove. Then just slide the grooved...
  114. T.O.T.W.

    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    I was doing the mushroom thing for a while, and found it unnecessary. If it’s done right, no stopper is needed on the FG. As for the finish, I go with one half hitch and really cinch things down. Then I finish with a Rizzuto. I cinch the hell out of that, trim things close (both spectra and...
  115. T.O.T.W.

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    The GG6480 is absolutely worth waiting for. This is such a good rod for spectra to short leaders as it will absorb head shakes and quick direction moves like an all-glass stick. I think you could fish 30 all the way up to 50 with it. I like mine so much, I’m having another one built. I did see a...
  116. T.O.T.W.

    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    It helps to have several rods rigged and ready if things get hot and heavy. You can rack one and go with another set up without skipping a beat. As for connections, I prefer to use solid spectra and tie an FG. Others that have fished with me at Guadalupe use pre-made wind-on leaders and the...
  117. T.O.T.W.

    Long range 6 day trip to guad, next week.. setup rec

    You’ve gotten good advice on reel selection. Equally as important are the rods you pair them with. It’s very important to have some lift/leverage in the end game. Make sure you’re matching up with some heft that can still get a sardine away from the boat! Thanks for posting a trip down memory...
  118. T.O.T.W.

    Single hook/treble hook surface iron...

    The trebles are preferred because they aid in the swimming action. In the situations you describe where you want to release your jig fish, the best configuration is the fixed single hook. You see them commonly on Tady A1 and Tady C, and Salas J-pot models. Some of the old Candybars, among many...
  119. T.O.T.W.

    What the...... jigs..... ideas?

    High school metal shop.
  120. T.O.T.W.

    SOLD Penn Torque 12 Star

    If you’re up for some travel, Dana Landing has them. I just got one from them last week—in black, no less! Johnny says they have a few more.
  121. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Star Guadalupe Report Aug17-24

    Well, that cat’s out of the bag, I guess. When I couldn’t find a heart in the offal pile last trip, I went with a giant glob of tuna liver. It was bit nearly instantly.
  122. T.O.T.W.

    What To Leave Home?

    Amazing how many friends you make when you’re the only guy with a spray bottle!
  123. T.O.T.W.

    Another Guadalupe Question - YFT on lures?

    Hell, I don’t even like to fish bait in the stern!
  124. T.O.T.W.

    What To Leave Home?

    It’s as hard to plan for that as it is to know what your go-to rig is going to be. Maybe Grundéns will come out with some gear slickers for those rough rides home!
  125. T.O.T.W.

    Another Guadalupe Question - YFT on lures?

    I may give that Fathom 40N a whirl, too. I plan on bringing a Tranx, also, but that won’t get the nod in tuna town!
  126. T.O.T.W.

    Another Guadalupe Question - YFT on lures?

    In the picture that my good friend Luke shared, I was throwing a Torque 30 star drag on an Ulua. For line: 80-lb braid to a short length of 60-lb fluoro. I don’t recommend that rod/reel combo, though. Last year, I used a Torque 30LD2 on a Calstar 800XH. That was a little easier to handle. This...
  127. T.O.T.W.

    What To Leave Home?

    You know that you won’t be touching a few of those outfits. Problem is, you never know in advance. The RP has tons of storage, and upper-deck space, so your only real issue will be transport—and as someone mentioned, the clean up after. To get a jump on that, I bring a couple towels and a spray...
  128. T.O.T.W.

    Another Guadalupe Question - YFT on lures?

    Lures can be effective there, but definitely not as good as live bait, or chunk. Usually the bite windows are small for both bait and artificials, so most guys won’t take the risk. Larger poppers can work as can large surface irons. The skip jig is a popular method, but I’ve had better success...
  129. T.O.T.W.

    Rear grip length?

    It really depends on you and how you like to pull on fish. Being on the taller side, I prefer a longer rear grip so I can get the rod all the way under my armpit while the front grip can still rest on the outside of the rail. For me, that means a butt section that measures 20.5” from the end of...
  130. T.O.T.W.

    Trolling a Yummee

    A guy did it for the better part of two days on a recent trip where bluefin and yellowfin sightings were plentiful. It was not at all productive.
  131. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Delete

    Heads up, some of the very old 6X jrs have quite heavy rings—like 10 gauge. So, if you’re going just by that, you may be passing up on some good vintage.
  132. T.O.T.W.

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Try to find Kwells or its generic, Joyrides. They’re only available overseas, but they work great.
  133. T.O.T.W.

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    You sure did! I don’t know much about salmon, but it looks like its adipose fin is missing which I think would make it a hatchery fish.
  134. T.O.T.W.

    Questions about future trip to Guadalupe Island

    In the last four years I've used anything from 100-lb down to 40-lb leaders. It just depends, so it's not a bad idea to cover those bases. Don't bother with anything less than 40 unless you just like to get bites and not land fish! I don't even like to use 40 down there--last year guys were...
  135. T.O.T.W.

    TRADE Fenwick PJ83 for talica

    Man, I guess I should’ve hung onto mine! I definitely undervalued it. Good luck on the trade!
  136. T.O.T.W.

    Unknown jig

    Looks homemade. Also could be a jig that had its nose busted off and someone filed the end and drilled a new hole. There was a guy that used to ride the Dolphin in the ‘90s that did stuff like that all the time.
  137. T.O.T.W.

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Not a problem. Just know that you have to adjust your drag and pull according to the weaker link. The prevailing school of thought is that the leader should be weaker so if something breaks, it’ll be your leader and you won’t lose a bunch of spectra. A lot of situations, like popper fishing...
  138. T.O.T.W.

    fishing hook inserting fishing swivel

    Some guys have figured out how to heat the eye of the hook and punch it open, and then squeeze it back with pliers. I prefer to cut the ring off the swivel and braze on a new one.
  139. T.O.T.W.

    Split rings and pliers

    Split rings definitely fail. I’ve seen them open on 3-lb largemouth bass. Big tuna will straighten cheap split rings with ease.
  140. T.O.T.W.

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    You guys converted me. My go-to knot now. Like all knots it’s much easier for me to tie with an anchor point—like a big brass ring at the tackle station so the whole process can be done under tension.
  141. T.O.T.W.

    Screwed up my SX

    And I was just about to type: “there must be a small spring out of place”!LOL
  142. T.O.T.W.

    Anyone throw small jigs?

    I might have shed a few tears when Tady stopped making the A1 lite for a while. It’s a very under appreciated jig.
  143. T.O.T.W.

    ?Rod Restoration Guidance?

    Ninj at Dana Landing once advised me not to strip down a rod that could be built from scratch—as in save the rebuilds for blanks no longer in production. So, before United Rods resurrected the GUSA line, I removed the Perfection guides on my 85 Monster Mag to replace with ceramics. It turned...
  144. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale 2 Newell 322’s

    They're the oldest of old school!
  145. T.O.T.W.

    My BFT Flat Fall leader system

    5’ of leader might be too long even on the tall TG80. The last thing you want to have is a fish just out of gaffing range with your line stuck in your rod tip.
  146. T.O.T.W.

    Fisherman’s Lansing question

    I was just down there. Plenty of crimps in various sizes. Did not look specifically for crimpers, but the plier rack looked well stocked.
  147. T.O.T.W.

    Threading hollow over solid to Fluro

    PR is the gold standard, but the bobbin part is my deterrent. I cannot break an FG in normal conditions.
  148. T.O.T.W.

    Threading hollow over solid to Fluro

    In that case, skip the hollow altogether and learn the FG! It's not that hard and much easier to make new connections on the boat. The one time I did what you are describing, I actually did it backwards--the reel was full of 80-lb hollow, so I spliced in a long length of 100-lb solid (inserted...
  149. T.O.T.W.

    Threading hollow over solid to Fluro

    On the spectra to spectra side, the in-line splice is the best method. Nearly unnoticeable and a full-strength connection. You can do it with bent, single-strand wire. On the fluoro to hollow side, the serve is a good method. Stress the hell out of it a few times and look for slippage. If it’s...
  150. T.O.T.W.


    Especially for those pinto beans. I have two now. May even bring one to Guadalupe this year.
  151. T.O.T.W.


    I use a Long Beach Super Seeker 93H-10 with 2” trimmed from both tip and butt paired with a Torque 30 star drag with the stock 6:1 gears. Sometimes I use straight 80-lb spectra to a short leader, sometimes I use a long topshot of 50-lb mono.
  152. T.O.T.W.

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    I have a good stash of Kwells (and its generic, JoyRides). I only take a kids’ dose when I feel like I might need it.
  153. T.O.T.W.

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    Bummer. One reason I don’t like the patch is not being able to control the uptake. I always try to go with the smallest pill dose as possible when I need it. Sounds like there’s more of a driver now to keep that practice.
  154. T.O.T.W.

    Poppers on “The Slide”?

    The beauty of popper fishing is not having to mix it up in the square end of the boat.
  155. T.O.T.W.

    Looking for a new casting rod on a 8 day....

    Can’t help you on the brands listed. And I share your frustration with non-standard nomenclature! In any case, I picked up a Calstar 800XH for jig/bait duties for a Guadalupe trip last year, and was happy with its performance. It’s not the best for smaller surface irons, but for Salas 7X and...
  156. T.O.T.W.

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Aw, man! Seeing some clips right now. Luckily it’s flat calm. They’re trying to get it out of the sand with a skiff that looks like it’s from a bait boat.
  157. T.O.T.W.


    Don’t poke holes in its gut! This has been proven to promote delayed mortality from infection and damage to internal organs. The best way is to sink them back down to a depth that will recompress their swim bladders. Big one are hard to sink out, and I’ve heard of guys successfully getting it...
  158. T.O.T.W.

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    It’s been that way for some time now.
  159. T.O.T.W.

    Some of y’all will be real disappointed today

    No way that’s him! Gotta be a fake account. Hilarious comments, though.
  160. T.O.T.W.

    Solid braid to solid braid?

    Bimini in spectra is not difficult, especially if you anchor the loop on something and make it small. However, the hollow splice is the best way to connect two pieces of solid, and it does not require needles. A doubled length of 27-lb single-strand wire will easily open up the hollow. It can...
  161. T.O.T.W.

    Pics from the first Yellowtail ShootOut back in 2007

    Thanks for sharing! I forgot I had a metal mouth back then. What a great weekend that was! I thought my uncle Leo was nuts for wanting to fish a YT tournament, but we ended up doing okay!
  162. T.O.T.W.

    Penn trq 40nld2 or visx 12 ?

    Lots of overlap between the two. For what you are looking to do, the 12VISX would be the better bet: beefier frame, lower low gear, and probably much more available drag at the higher settings without losing freespool. All that said, I’d rather be using a 16VISX on fish over 130, or so.
  163. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Tady Jig rings

    Tady uses size 16 gauge wire on just about everything up to a 45 size. After that, you may see 14 gauge in 14A and above. Some of them go all the way to 10 gauge. You can get rings from the places mentioned above or from c and t designs among others. Start with 7/16”, 1/2”, and 5/8”... maybe...
  164. T.O.T.W.

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    Was the Tady 14 modeled after the Explorer? I heard from Luc Oldield that he commissioned the 5 to replace the no-longer-in-production Tady...
  165. T.O.T.W.

    Old jigs ?

    That front hook deal was also used on the big jigs for wahoo. As I understand, they used to slow-troll them.
  166. T.O.T.W.

    Jig colors?

    What’s “natural” and what gets bit are often two different things.
  167. T.O.T.W.

    Jig colors?

    It’s much easier to pick out a white-backed jig in the water after a cast. The more you can see, the better you can adjust to the swimming speed.
  168. T.O.T.W.

    G/T poopers

  169. T.O.T.W.

    G/T poopers

    Would you be interested in the larger Heru Skipjacks?
  170. T.O.T.W.

    Uh Oh I think I goofed

    It’s fine if you’re not opposed to railing it. Your cork tape might get a little jacked up, and you need to make sure your reel is secured well. It’s capable of landing 100-lb fish, but you may be wishing for some more lifting power at the end-game.
  171. T.O.T.W.

    Soldering Split Rings???

    The original Megabaits (the metal jig, not their trolling guppy) had brazed split rings. They must've thought it would help, but the hooks they used were pretty weak, so the ring really didn't need to hold all that well, anyway. For the cost of a couple of beers, you can go to the c and t...
  172. T.O.T.W.

    Flat-fall jig failure

    My buddy cut one in half at the midpoint. The wire does appear to travel all the way through the lure.
  173. T.O.T.W.

    This washed up today...

    Ha! Not chupacabra?:D
  174. T.O.T.W.

    This washed up today...

    Brace yourself for a thousand smartass replies. It's a midshipman.
  175. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Truline RD8-Cobra glass

    I think we found who’s going to finally get some definitive Bigfoot picsLOL!
  176. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Salas Yo Yo 6 surface irons

    Nice meeting you, too, Aaron. Hope you get a bunch!
  177. T.O.T.W.


    Can’t argue with any of that. I do still like to hear honest feedback about new gear and techniques—even if that comes without the daily updates from a trip.
  178. T.O.T.W.

    Torque 30 star drag as a surface iron reel???

    Funny, one of mine had the low gears when I bought it, and I swapped them for the original 6:1s right away. That gearing with the handle in the “long throw” position still offers lots of power. The extra speed is nice to have when you need to pick up slack in a hurry. Edit: I should add that...
  179. T.O.T.W.

    Torque 30 star drag as a surface iron reel???

    I have two 30s. They are great surface iron reels. Definitely a wider spool, but not bad if you have larger hands.
  180. T.O.T.W.

    The Natural History of Guadalupe

    Thanks for sharing, Loc. Good to see you posting again. I've missed your shares!
  181. T.O.T.W.

    FG knot failure??

    So hard to know what's going on without seeing you tie it. That video above is a great start to getting it right. Also, wet it and cinch it TIGHT before stacking on the finishing knots or Rizzuto, and then cinch that finish knot down, too. You should see a color change in the spectra on the...
  182. T.O.T.W.

    Re-rigging yo yo and surface iron

    I'd go without. I recall seeing this discussed in a thread and others said it impedes the action. I would think it would make a yo-yo jig more prone to spinning. Some have found that adding an additional smaller ring to the front of a surface iron will aid in its ability to swim, though. I've...
  183. T.O.T.W.

    For sale ads....

    I’d guess it’s so they’re not bothered by the “is this still for sale?” posts. Some guys will scare up years-old threads looking for deals.
  184. T.O.T.W.

    FG KNOT?

    I did the burn thing for a while. Seems like a safety mechanism for a knot that's not cinched properly. It also leaves too much tag for my liking. Lots of methods seem to work for lots of people.
  185. T.O.T.W.

    FG KNOT?

    The FG is a pretty rigid connection already. I would not want the added stiffness to the entire knot, so I keep the glue coverage to a minimum.
  186. T.O.T.W.

    FG KNOT?

    Single half hitch to cinch, then rizutto, then a drop of Tac Glue on the finish knot (only the finished section and not the weave). The half hitch and glue may not be necessary for some, but that’s how I like to do it.
  187. T.O.T.W.

    Using TacGlue

    Yep, it does that. I do find that the reaction mellows with age, and at some point it won’t even go off anymore. I’ve never had an issue with it weakening a connection, though.
  188. T.O.T.W.

    Tested for high Mercury

    Would you mind sharing/citing your sources for this information? The only thing I could find about aluminum gallium arsenide is that it’s used in the semiconductor industry. Agree. Hard to get good information on the true hazards, and some of the anecdotal stuff isn’t helping. I’ll certainly...
  189. T.O.T.W.

    Calstar Grafighter butts keep falling off

    I've but a band of electrical tape on the aluminum. Holds the end caps on a little tighter. The permanent route is really the best fix if you don't need the gimbal.
  190. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale s sold delete

    10-4. Standing by if you don’t sell it up there.
  191. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale s sold delete

    Coming to SD any time soon? If so I’ll take it.
  192. T.O.T.W.

    Treble Hooks on Schnabels

    Seems to have been the easy and popular way to replace the hooks w/o having to braze a ring. I see lots of old Candybars with the open-eye hooks, too. Some collectors find these desirable in any condition.
  193. T.O.T.W.

    SOLD Clyde's schnabel ???? single hooker

    The Putters had those pinholes to secure the fixed hook with wire as opposed to the larger hole/cotter pin configuration. So, maybe you have a highly sought after Putters there.
  194. T.O.T.W.

    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    Those look pretty cool! If you’re looking for a wider-gapped assist hook, check out the Shout Kodaku. They’re not cheap, but they’re a hefty hook and generously sized. Their 9/0 is giant.
  195. T.O.T.W.

    Jig porn

    They’ll always be a favorite of mine. Got my first surface iron yellow on one in the mid 1980s. That jig was what got me into learning how to re-ring and replace hooks via brazing. By the time I’d figured all that out, that jig was misplaced. Luckily, I’ve managed to stock up on a couple others...
  196. T.O.T.W.

    Talk to me about the VISX12

    How solid a tuna are you talking about? It's great for 100-lb class fish. Mine has worked well on several of that class up to about 135#. It's a great 80# finesse reel.
  197. T.O.T.W.

    New jig collection_ DIX brand

    The feedback from my jig connoisseur friends is that they are decent, but maybe not highly sought after. I've never seen the models in your picture, but they look just like a 6X Jr which is a tried and true shape. These would probably great fish catchers should you choose to use them. If they...
  198. T.O.T.W.

    WTB VMC Treble Hooks 4x

    I’ve purchased from NJ Tackle Co in the past. The minimum order size is pretty big if I remember correctly. Around $37 for 100 9626PS in 4/0.
  199. T.O.T.W.

    Jig porn

    Post a batch of 4/0 lites if you want things to get downright smutty! Ever swim those A2s? I have several and don’t think they’ve ever seen the water.
  200. T.O.T.W.

    Foamer Rig Options

    I love my 16VISX. Not sure it would be the first reel I’d pick up to cast lures, though. I might consider the 12VISX, though.
  201. T.O.T.W.

    Foamer Rig Options

    Haha! We will have to face this harsh reality at some point. Hoping we get a few more good seasons in before we need to huff all our helium!
  202. T.O.T.W.

    Foamer Rig Options

    I recommend finding an operation like a 4-pack charter that will take you on a trip that might do some run-and-gun style fishing. It will really close up the learning curve and eliminate many assumptions about how it all works. On your boat you may find that you will need to be ready to fly the...
  203. T.O.T.W.

    SOLD Japanese fillet knife

    Badass knife, and a good price. These things are shave-your-beard sharp right out of the box.
  204. T.O.T.W.


    Saw a post of a new Torque narrow in silver. Looked very nice!
  205. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Mackerel Tady 4/0 lite & 45’s Mack

    Hard to replicate a good 4/0 lite, though.
  206. T.O.T.W.

    Fred hall report - Wed

    Nice! Any other silver Torques? Just when I thought I was all set on those!
  207. T.O.T.W.

    UC Delmar 900 What Reel?

    That’s a hell of a feat, Garry! To your question: That top fish weighed 106 at the processor, so probably 115-ish before gill/gut. Camera angle makes it look small. Here’s a different angle wth Big Russ to add scale,
  208. T.O.T.W.

    Calstar 700H or 700XH for a 6 day trip on RP in September (Guadalupe)

    The 700XH would be a good 50/60 lb. rod. In September, you’ll likely be trying to put max pressure on the fish to keep them away from the sharks. You may want to consider bringing something even heavier that can fish 80-100.
  209. T.O.T.W.

    UC Delmar 900 What Reel?

    It takes some getting used to. Maybe pull of 30 or so yards and see if it helps. Those Tranx reels are badass, but at some point, you’ll want to be able to turn the handle!
  210. T.O.T.W.

    UC Delmar 900 What Reel?

    Guadalupe has me constantly thinking of how I might refine my approach. Without a doubt, a 2-speed reel would be my choice when throwing surface iron down there.
  211. T.O.T.W.

    UC Delmar 900 What Reel?

    Having done exactly that (with a high-gear star-drag Torque, even), I wouldn’t say it’s NO fun...more like 50% fun/50% “what the hell am I doing?”!LOL To the OP, the lever drag is, without a doubt, the better option, and I whole-heartedly agree with the reel seat advice. The TRQ30LD2 worked...
  212. T.O.T.W.

    FG knot vs RP knot

    Interesting notion. From my experience, learning the FG is easiest using relatively lighter spectra to a heavy leader—like 50# braid to 100# leader. Also for the way I tie it, fluoro’s hardess helps, too. You could definitely tie 65 to 25 if you take your time, and have your technique down. I...
  213. T.O.T.W.

    Any interest in a Saturday, San Diego Swapmeet?

    There’s that, and youth baseball, too, which takes up a lot of my Saturday mornings. I could bring some Newells and sell them for considerably less than Machado money!
  214. T.O.T.W.

    Any interest in a Saturday, San Diego Swapmeet?

    If it didn’t conflict with baseball, I’d be all over it.
  215. T.O.T.W.

    12VISX or 16VISX????

    I have both of these reels and prefer to use ProSpec solid. There’s a significant jump in diameter from 80# to 100#, so I opted for 80 on the 12 and 100 on the 16. I tie an 80# leader to the 80# solid all the time, no sweat. The deciding factor for you might be what your next heaviest and next...
  216. T.O.T.W.

    2 speed question

    Star drags are king in light line situations. They’ll always have better freespool. New lever drag reels have great freespool, but the stars are still better. The only time I’d opt for a lever drag (either 1 or 2-speed) would be for halibut drifting. If you are trying to whip a fish on light...
  217. T.O.T.W.

    AA 14 Day Trip Report 1/27-2/10

    I don’t like how the finished knot makes a ringed hook sit all cockeyed. Doesn’t seem to make any difference to anyone else, but I like everything sitting in a straight line. Here’s an example of what I’m referring to,
  218. T.O.T.W.

    Fathom 40 2 Speed Line Recommendations - San Diego Tuna

    Yep, 80# braid. ProSpec would be a fine choice.
  219. T.O.T.W.

    AA 14 Day Trip Report 1/27-2/10

    For different reasons, I’ve also abandoned the Spangler. The uni works much better for me, too. Simple, strong, easy.
  220. T.O.T.W.

    Broken rod

    I feel your pain. I broke a D8 in my living room once—in front of my buddies while trying to show them how great it loaded up. They sure got a kick out of it! In any case, it’d be pretty hard to trust a rod that folded relatively easily. Even if you trusted the repair, could you ever really...
  221. T.O.T.W.

    2/9-1.5 day trip to Colonet on the Pacific Queen

    On more than one occasion, especially in early season, I’ve found the “slow-yo” method to work better than burning it. Not sure I’d start in low, though!
  222. T.O.T.W.

    Please identify old lures

    You probably get a lot of short biters on the two on the right!
  223. T.O.T.W.

    Please identify old lures

    Those double-stamped 6Xs seem to be sought after. Maybe not big $$$, but probably worth a few bucks more than the new the right buyer, of course.
  224. T.O.T.W.

    best San Diego saltwater tackle shop

    Bubba is awesome. Don’t forget Johnny White!
  225. T.O.T.W.

    Torque Longer Rod Clamp Screws

    It’s not an issue. If I get time, I’ll try to pull a spool and take a picture of the screw heads sitting on the base.
  226. T.O.T.W.

    Torque Longer Rod Clamp Screws

    I did not have to grind anything and these screws fit on both my star and lever drag Torques. These are Penn screws. They fit a 349 or 209, or something like that. They do not have the flattened side but it has not been an issue for me to get them to fit.
  227. T.O.T.W.

    Torque Longer Rod Clamp Screws

    Not sure off the top of my head, but they are long enough to mount a Torque onto a fat butted Ulua.
  228. T.O.T.W.

    Torque Longer Rod Clamp Screws

    If you want the Penn part, it’s 34-200.
  229. T.O.T.W.

    Local Sculpin Stomach Contents, Nuts?

    Could also be hagfish eggs. I used to find them every now and then when filleting bottom dwellers. I nabbed this pic from
  230. T.O.T.W.

    Old friend, new friend, and Jerry Brown

    Loc, Sorry I’ll miss you on departure day. I hope you have a fantastic trip. Although, I get the impression that you adhere to the “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” school of thought, so you can already call this one a success! Chris
  231. T.O.T.W.

    CalStar Lineup Help

    Fishe shared the breakdown above. To add to that the GG rods are glass over graphite. I really like the GG6480. The GGs have more of a forgiving, glass rod feel, but are much lighter. While I like it for 40, it would be a good 30lb rod, too. For 10’, I just got a 100mag, but still need to get it...
  232. T.O.T.W.

    What technique to stop overruns us8ng heavy flat falls?

    Message Tautog_17 for the red-glow FFs. His are 300g models. The red will not keep a “charge” like green or white.
  233. T.O.T.W.

    To Much Stuff! How do you cut it down?

    LOL. Poopers might require a new thread. I keep a supply of miralax in my toiletries bag for that.
  234. T.O.T.W.

    Looks Like the Really Big YFT are in the Caribbean-480#

    After the great “is it a bigeye or YFT?” Debate of 2019, I asked Owyn Snodgrass (dos ballenas) about tuna hybrids. He said he’s seen no evidence of that ever happening.
  235. T.O.T.W.

    Looks Like the Really Big YFT are in the Caribbean-480#

    Aside from the sickles and massive tail, it really doesn’t look all that much bigger than others shared in pics. It’s all head. Maybe my calibration is off from seeing so many big bluefin lately? If they called it 380#, I might still be scratching my head. It would be nice to see the...
  236. T.O.T.W.

    To Much Stuff! How do you cut it down?

    Loc, I’m a long-time WTMS (Way Too Much Stuff) sufferer. Lately, I’ve gotten more into the TMS category. My friends may argue the downgraded diagnosis, however! You’re getting good advice here. For me, the more trips I go on, the easier it is to parse my gear burden. In the absence of that, I...
  237. T.O.T.W.

    Pink and Purple Ds

    Not sure, Garry. I may chop one in half at some point to confirm. All I know is that the guys at the shop love them and they’ve put them through the paces on wahoo and incidental marlin. Pretty robust, it seems...
  238. T.O.T.W.

    Heru Poppers

    Yeah, no doubt on their track record. I’ve got no issue with those Halcos. The Herus are just another popper I like to throw when the conditions seem right for what they do.
  239. T.O.T.W.

    Pink and Purple Ds

    Diver, maybe:D? They’re Bomber CD30s.
  240. T.O.T.W.

    Heru Poppers

    The way they cast is certainly a plus for me. They’re also truly through-wired, so they’re super strong. I throw one when I want to cover a lot of water quickly, especially in windy conditions.
  241. T.O.T.W.

    Pink and Purple Ds

    Not exactly sure, but they seem to stick in the water pretty well at standard sport boat troll speed. These have 9/0 Mustad 7691DTs which allow them to track better than the 8/0s...
  242. T.O.T.W.

    Pink and Purple Ds

    Just in case Santa forgot to get you a hot, new wahoo lure, an elf delivered a handful or two of these to Fisherman’s Landing Tackle yesterday.
  243. T.O.T.W.

    Rod to do 40 50 and 60

    Going old school, a Calstar 610H might be a good one to check out. Seems like the older glass is a little more rangy with line classes. As mentioned above, an 800XH might work, too. I had the same notion about going as versatile as possible, but my "minimal" quiver was still at seven rods last...
  244. T.O.T.W.


    I totally understand the frustration. My point is that flipping the electronic bird to Mexico isn’t helping. We’d be far better served using a little diplomacy. If you were in a place of power to make a change with the process, and read some of these replies, how would you be inclined to respond?
  245. T.O.T.W.


    Well, it’s their water, their resources, their country. I appreciate the fact that fishing down there is even an option. I don’t think the gringo gripe is going to work in our favor.
  246. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe Dec 9 - 16 - Penn Reels trip

    Seaworld has those in a few of their tanks, but no description. Thanks for sharing. We saw many of these on deck last year after the fish had been hosed out. Must be a staple food for YFT down there.
  247. T.O.T.W.

    Heavy line hook knot test

    The hooks don’t look any worse for wear, either!
  248. T.O.T.W.

    PENN 7-day on Shogun Dec. 9-16 report

    I’ve seen Russell on the Shogun use 80# on the Fathom and put the hurt on 130# class tuna. He puts an equal amount of hurt on his reels, though, so probably not the best practice for a reel you want to last more than one season!
  249. T.O.T.W.

    Ringed hooks vs non-ringed.

    While I have seen first-hand at least a few knot failures when the line creeped into the eyelet bend gap, this issue has been eliminated by “closed-eye” hooks. Seems like there’s plenty of evidence that direct-tie and open loop methods work just fine, too. Still, it’s pretty cool to see a hook...
  250. T.O.T.W.

    Nomad DTX report

    Ha, nice! Those Kudakos are beefy!
  251. T.O.T.W.

    Nomad DTX report

    I’ll bet those are Shout Kudako hooks (maybe 7/0), ~300 lb swivels, silver brazed rings. No guesses on connection....
  252. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    I’ve confirmed that at least one foundry south of the border does indeed use brass.
  253. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Interesting question. I’ve always assumed bronze. I’ll do some digging and reply if I can get reliable info. Sure would be nice to know what Tady uses. Their joints are always so clean and tidy!
  254. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Ha, you beat me to it, Loc! Well stated!
  255. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Black flux is for silver. Use either powdered flux for bronze to stainless or pre-coated rods. Ringlord has a printable pdf file that will give you a good idea of ring size for ordering. Typically, 16 and 14 gauges are most frequently used for jigs/lures. You may go 12 gauge for PL68s, etc. and...
  256. T.O.T.W.

    Finally Getting on the Shogun

    More likely a new partnership...
  257. T.O.T.W.

    Favorite Poppers

    I’ll always have a Heru Skipjack 60 or 90 with me if popping is on the menu. One of the easier plugs to cast, and it can be worked pretty fast. Actually, it has to be worked pretty fast or it’ll start to sink!
  258. T.O.T.W.

    Excel 16 day

    Too bad on the bluefin. They were definitely there. I thought Aaron was pulling our legs until they started blowing out around the boat, and a 100-lb unit went completely airborne. Seemed like they might have gotten with the program with heavier chum. We were pretty much out of bait.
  259. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    Good luck, Greg! I hope you guys smash ‘em! Don’t be afraid to try the chunk if the finesse bite has you worried.
  260. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    They never stopped...
  261. T.O.T.W.

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    I had to laugh when others showed me the “right” way to tie it, and it sat the exact same way! I also had every intention to try the Figure Eight Loop, but never took the opportunity. Next time...
  262. T.O.T.W.

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    The great knot debate plodded on during my recent trip. Everyone has their personal favorite, and they all worked. Minimal, maybe, zero, knot failures on our trip. And while we weren’t pulling on cows, everything was downscaled to get bites, so lines, hooks, and knots were put through a robust...
  263. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    Ha! What do you mean “keep up”? Are you even done cutting fish yetLOL?
  264. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    In my very limited experience doing it, there’s never been a chunk line going. I do take my shots at it when we’re settled into a stop, and there’s been a steady stream of smashed baits, gills, guts, etc. going over the side.
  265. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    Probably castable, visible, and fast are the key elements. The Super 6X should work. Or the JRI 5 (I think that’s their giant one). I have a few PDQ lights, but they’d wear you out in a hurry.
  266. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    He was just doing relief for Jodie. Lucky for us. He’s a fishy dude.
  267. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    A vintage purple mackerel Tady 14 lite, not 14A which is smaller. It’s still down there if anyone wants to swim down and grab it:eek:!
  268. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    My Ulua (not quite full-length at 9’8”) didn’t make the trip. I used an 800XH as my jig rod.
  269. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    There were some moments of “spin” but when it was right, it was a super tight “z” pattern. The Salas 5X and Tady 14 have both worked this way.
  270. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    Yes, Torque 30ld2. No mono. 80lb (I think!) ProSpec to a 10’ length of 60lb Blackwater. I experienced all the positives and negatives of the straight spectra. Great feel. Long casts when you do it right. Also lost my vintage Tady 14 when I tried to get some extra distance into the wind and got...
  271. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Musings

    Returned yesterday (12/7) from what has become my annual late November/early December run to the island that time forgot. For whatever reason I didn’t take as many notes or photographs, so not many play-by-play details to share this time around. Still, I’ll offer a few tidbits for what they’re...
  272. T.O.T.W.

    Round Profile Braid

    ProSpec is as round as any I’ve used. I really like it. You may want to give it a whirl.
  273. T.O.T.W.

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    Speaking of the SD Jam, I like to pile up the coils as I wrap—much like what Loc did on his Trilene knot. Makes for a perfect “hangman’s noose” every time.
  274. T.O.T.W.

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    Very interesting, Loc. I wonder if the short line lengths are removing the ability for the line to stretch and spread the energy over a longer distance? In any case, this does re-pique my interest in the FO8.
  275. T.O.T.W.

    FO8 v. Ring

    Glad to open you to a moment of clarity! I dig your ringing tree, by the way! I can tell you I have far more faith in the FG than I now do in the FO8...
  276. T.O.T.W.

    FO8 v. Ring

    Thanks for sharing, Loc! Maybe I’ll skip that 2X8 knot. And by the way, did my ring coaching feel like shaming? I was going for “encouraging”!LOL
  277. T.O.T.W.

    Figure 8 Knot

    That’s works, too. In my experience, one good yank to pop off a long-soaked/bird/seal-bit bait, and the loop is gone.
  278. T.O.T.W.

    Figure 8 Knot

    That’s where I learned of it, too. I wish I had watched Russ a little more closely when he tied it. He killed a 125-class YFT in less than 10 minutes using that connection. Needless to say, he was pulling really hard!
  279. T.O.T.W.

    Tony Pena knot vs. FG knot

    I find it a little more difficult to tie the FG in leaders less than 40lb. Partly because the leader line starts to flex under tension and it's hard to see--and partly because my eyes aren't what they used to be! Below 40, I usually just go with a modified Albright.
  280. T.O.T.W.

    Figure 8 Knot

    I'm tying it like this. I have not had the opportunity to really reef on it, but it's worked fine on smaller grade fish. It'll get some work in the coming weeks, I hope...
  281. T.O.T.W.

    New Braided line finger protection.

    Used it a few weeks ago. Feels good on the thumb—very pliable and far more tactile than flex tape. I did use a trimmed down piece and it ended up falling off. I think it would have lasted longer had I not cut it down. Heading to Guadalupe in a few days, and will give it another whirl. I’ll...
  282. T.O.T.W.

    splice together braid scraps?

    Hollow to hollow is a 100% connection.
  283. T.O.T.W.

    splice together braid scraps?

    If it’s not hollow, you can use a length of hollow to join your existing solid to a new section. Pull each end into the hollow with a folded length of 27-lb single-strand wire and serve with nail knots of 65-lb spectra. Pretty easy and very secure. If you want, you can then “flip” your line, or...
  284. T.O.T.W.

    Mutu Hybrid?

    Yep, I figure hooks are pretty much disposable. The silver has always worked well for me—and you can get way more precise with the smaller rings. I tee up a bunch at a time on this contraption when I’m in the mood...
  285. T.O.T.W.

    Mutu Hybrid?

    Easy to do these yourself, Loc. This is one application where I feel that silver is superior to bronze. And you can decide what size rings to use.
  286. T.O.T.W.

    calstar 800xxh vs 875 xxh vs 775xh or 80 raptor

    I think they’re the same blank with the 875 having 6” cut from the bottom.
  287. T.O.T.W.

    calstar 800xxh vs 875 xxh vs 775xh or 80 raptor

    I have the 800XXH and 775XH. I’d say 80 is the absolute highest end for the 800XXH, and is the sweet spot for the 775XH. Not having held the 15T, I’m imagining a slightly shorter 16. Probably a little too small for the 775XH, and about right for the 800XXH or the 875XXH.
  288. T.O.T.W.

    Calstar 775H or XH or another 7'6 Rail Rod for #60-80 Sardine Fishing

    That's what I did with mine. I'm a little too tall for the standard factory butt. I think mine ended up at 20.5" from bottom of butt to the bottom of the foregrip. Much easier to rail that way.
  289. T.O.T.W.

    Penn 12 VISX

    I fish mine on a Calstar 800XXH. It’s filled w/80-lb ProSpec, and I use it with 60 and 80-lb leaders. It’s a beast of a little reel. *note, I’m using the VISX not the VSX...
  290. T.O.T.W.

    What to do between noticing you are crossed and the arrival of a deckhand?

    I understand and appreciate your concerns. Yes, fish get burned off by anglers not following their hooked fish, or broken off by someone yanking away on their line. In any event, nobody will get burned off when only one line is under tension. A vast majority of times lines can be very simply...
  291. T.O.T.W.

    What to do between noticing you are crossed and the arrival of a deckhand?

    Not at all necessary, and will often cause more problems than it fixes. Loose line wrapped around a couple others with fish on can be a nightmare to untangle. Much better to get alongside the angler with the hooked fish and figure out which way to unwrap.
  292. T.O.T.W.

    What's a hot bait?

    So hard to advise without seeing everything in action. But know that even the best of the best go through cold spells every now and then. One thing that I’ve found is that hot sticks will readily share information if you ask them at the right time—as in not when they’re trying for a bite...
  293. T.O.T.W.

    best cal star 8 foot rod

    Can’t stand them! I bring a janky rod holder that I put together years ago, and use it for upper deck storage. It holds ten rods. I’ll be doing some climbing.
  294. T.O.T.W.

    best cal star 8 foot rod

    Good to know, thanks. I figured I’d try both the XH and H...already have the XXH. Knowing this, I’ll rush to get the XH built if I can only get one done by Dec. 1.
  295. T.O.T.W.

    PLANNING BBF Trip San Diego SCI Nov 6-8

    Go when you can. Plan to fish heavy and adjust down if necessary. If I were going again, I’d be starting with 80-lb and a 3/0 size circle hook.
  296. T.O.T.W.

    best cal star 8 foot rod

    I love the GG6480 for 40. Hoping to have both an 800H and XH wrapped up by Dec 1, too. Was planning on using the 800H for 50... Now to figure out how to store all these 8 footers under a 7 foot overhang!
  297. T.O.T.W.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    I probably should have been a little less aggressive on pushing the drag lever to strike, too.
  298. T.O.T.W.

    Surface iron retrieve rate

    I'm a bit fidgety, so I'd say my favorite speed is as fast as I can get away with. You have to adjust to both the lure, and what the fish want, though. My A+ jigs swim well on a faster grind.
  299. T.O.T.W.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    I was using 3/0 Trokars, and switched to 5/0 4X Mustads. I think the Trokars may be a little too sharp which leads to them sticking where they shouldn’t which leads to bite offs...
  300. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale NEW Penn VISX 12 Silver w/ JB 80# for $530 - Reduced!

    The more I use this reel, the more I like it. Great choice for 60 or “finesse” 80.
  301. T.O.T.W.

    Apollo question

    Thanks for that info! I’ll have to readjust my quiver a bit. Glad to know about upstairs storage. Looks like I’ll be getting some extra steps in!
  302. T.O.T.W.

    17 over 200!

    Lots of big ones taken in November last year. I’d bet on them being around. Weather, as always, is the biggest factor.
  303. T.O.T.W.

    17 over 200!

    Stoked for my buddy, “Man Dawg”!
  304. T.O.T.W.

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Did Bob Steele fish with you on that trip? He did a trip on the SOA every year and was good friends with Tim Green. I barely qualify, but my first “long” trip was on the O95 of all boats. Had a blast on a Penn charter. 2003, I think it was. 5.5 days at Guadalupe.
  305. T.O.T.W.

    Can Anyone Shed Some Light On This Rod

    That’s the United Composites font. Any idea how old it is? The model number seems to be a more recent one. UC is thriving now....started in SD as Graphite USA at which time they changed hands and also launched the United Composites line. Later, the production moved to Arizona and QC went into...
  306. T.O.T.W.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    I somehow left my 100-lb fluoro at home, otherwise I’d have probably used it. On this trip it seemed like the most important thing was a decent bait about 100 yards away from the boat.
  307. T.O.T.W.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    Roughly 50/50 kite fish and sardine fish landed. More bites overall on the sardines. With the weather the way it was, it didn’t make much sense to fish anything less than 80. Even with 80, I landed only two of my five bites. Two fish bit me off almost immediately and another broke off at the...
  308. T.O.T.W.

    Apollo question

    I figure 120 holders should do it. Might need some upper deck storage, too.
  309. T.O.T.W.

    Apollo question

    How about the house overhang? Will I have issues fitting 8 footers?
  310. T.O.T.W.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    Absolute monster! Good fishing with you. Hope your bro is feeling like he’s back with the living.
  311. T.O.T.W.

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    Fun trip. Never thought I’d be flying sardines on 80-lb for bft, but glad I was prepared for it!
  312. T.O.T.W.

    SCI Bluefin on the flatfall

    Well, I guess I’ll be putting that color right back into my tackle bag!
  313. T.O.T.W.

    Penn international 12 VISX

    For what it’s worth, to fill my 12 VISX it took 640 yards of 80-lb solid ProSpec.
  314. T.O.T.W.

    San Diego Shops - Quick Ring Brazing Turnaround

    Fisherman’s probably has some that are already rigged. As far as them getting yours done by this weekend, they’re in the same position as Dana. They use the same dude for that type of work.
  315. T.O.T.W.

    What's working on the troll for the Yellowfin?

    True! We've hooked a few makos and threshers on the x-rap. The release certainly is no picnic!
  316. T.O.T.W.

    What's working on the troll for the Yellowfin?

    Ouch! I’d rather fish the x-rap and leave the mako in the water...
  317. T.O.T.W.

    Penn 16 VISX and #80/100 Berkeley Pro Spec: Flat Fall BFT Rig

    Well, capacity certainly won't be an issue for you! I have 80 ProSpec on my 12VISX--it is quite thin, but performs well. No BFT on it, but I did land several YFT over 100 lbs without issue. The jump from PS 80 to 100 is definitely a big one, for sure.
  318. T.O.T.W.

    Casting Clinic

    Here are a couple examples of guys that have it down. The “snap” cast will get the spool going without the caster relying on the weight of the bait to overcome the spool’s inertia. The pull of the left hand while the right hand does the underhand pendulum cast. Maybe a bit taxing on the right...
  319. T.O.T.W.

    What's changed?

    Well, aside from fishing less because of work/family commitments.... Some of these will be redundant to the speedy typers above! —definitely solid spectra/FG knot —lower profile terminal tackle knots like the reverse Trilene over the SD jam; there are some lower profile knots but I do not like...
  320. T.O.T.W.

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    Marginally. The old megabaits used to come that way. It’s better to use the jump rings if you’re going to go through all the effort. The rings are the cheapest part of the equation.
  321. T.O.T.W.

    Anyone with experience with VMC 8386PS circle hook

    VMC makes lots of good hooks. My only experience with their circles is the Nemesis 8382 model. Unfortunately, we broke three of these right at the barb at Guadalupe a few years ago, and that was it for me. These 8386 models appear to have that same hard bend that may be a weakness. I was able...
  322. T.O.T.W.

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    Be sure to add regulators and back flow restrictors to your order! If you buy "naked" bronzing rods, you can use anti-borax flux. There are several makers out there. I use one brand, el Toro uses another. All the same stuff.
  323. T.O.T.W.


    They make good tacas.
  324. T.O.T.W.

    Colorado was good to us!

    Looking good, Nate! On behalf of the late, great Tone Brah Simpkins, I’ve gotta ask, is that his onion?
  325. T.O.T.W.

    30/40 # mono help

    Izorline has been a long-time favorite. Lately, I’ve also been using Sufix Superior in smoke blue. It’s not a brand you hear about much on the west coast, but it’s been impressive.
  326. T.O.T.W.

    Swimming jig does not swim well

    Haha, Luke! I can’t imagine who you may or may not be talking about!
  327. T.O.T.W.

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    Bonito love a chrome Rat-L-Trap. Probably not on anyone's "easy-to-cast" list, though.
  328. T.O.T.W.

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    Some tidy braze work there, Luke!
  329. T.O.T.W.

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    Message tautog_17. He’s already done all the legwork. If it glows, he knows!
  330. T.O.T.W.

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    Way to jump in with both feet! I’ve found that a “twist” test will tell you whether your connection is integral. It's probably a bit easier than putting each one on a tensioner, too.
  331. T.O.T.W.

    What do you call this “Y” thing?

    I’ve always called it a fork.
  332. T.O.T.W.

    Replacing a single hook on a jig

    Ah, in that case, disregard my recommendation! The fixed hooks are a different animal.
  333. T.O.T.W.

    Replacing a single hook on a jig

    Either a Mustad 7691 or VMC 8709 (8700 for stainless. 7/0 or 8/0 sizes for most jigs.
  334. T.O.T.W.

    Roddy H9 Help??

    I'd go for it--especially if you think the blank is something you'd fish regularly.
  335. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Thanks for sharing that table. Interesting info...I’m definitely not a metallurgist! All I can share is my anecdotal evidence: I’ve seen many failed silver-brazed joints—not just my work. I’ve repaired quite a few high-end jigs with these corroded (open) rings. I rarely, if ever, see a failed...
  336. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Silver will work. It’s easier to braze, and plenty strong. However, silver is prone to oxidation and because of that the connection will eventually fail in a salt environment. If you are inclined to rinse your lures, and hooks—or toss bait hooks after use, silver solder will work just fine. If...
  337. T.O.T.W.

    What tool to cut off welded rings from jigs?

    I use bolt cutters and cut across the diameter of the ring. This eliminates the need to twist the ring to remove. Watch out, though, the cutoff parts will go flying! The Dremel tool works, but makes a needless, dusty mess.
  338. T.O.T.W.

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    Well, since it’s come into the discussion, how about a couple pics? Probably not the most effective way to get a bite at the Lupe, but a fun change up after getting a good haul on bait. This was at the end of 3 days of phenomenal fishing, so I think the crew and the others anglers had a better...
  339. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Clarity

    Well, we can certainly hope...and try in December.
  340. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Clarity

    That was a fantastic trip.
  341. T.O.T.W.

    Pt Loma Yellows, Bass, Barricuda and Bonefish!

    I’ve heard that bonefish have been showing up in creel buckets on the OB Pier for the last few months, too. I wonder what’s next? Sailfish?
  342. T.O.T.W.

    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Incredible. A good reminder to have a heavy rig on the boat at all times in this big BFT era...and a camera. Although, I gotta admit that I’m still far more prone to try for the bite over the photo op!
  343. T.O.T.W.

    Green Braid

    How much “green” do you need to be in stealth mode? If you feel like it makes a difference, you could do the sharpie thing and darken the last several feet of your line whatever color you like. That way you and all your friends will still be able to track your line through tangles.
  344. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale Blackman Albacore Special23

    I’ll miss fishing on that rig!
  345. T.O.T.W.

    best casting reel for 100lb straight spectra

    Hey Richard! Are you talking line class or tuna class? If you're going line class, I'd say you need at least a "16" size reel. I really like my 16VISX for that. I've not used (much) a Makaira 16, or Talica 25, but those would probably cast well, too. For tuna in 80-100# class, you could probably...
  346. T.O.T.W.

    Portable Solder Kit

    The braze will have more tensile (pull) strength than shear (twist). The twist is the best way to check. If you can break it by twisting, you know you did something wrong. Those connections may not fail right away when pulling, but they will eventually.
  347. T.O.T.W.

    Best time to fish the Lupe?

    Best time to be there is when the sharks aren't. I do not think that private boat permits are an option any longer (I have some friends that pursued that and struck out).
  348. T.O.T.W.

    New Braided line finger protection.

    I figure that for the cost of a couple of beers, why not try it out? I hate the flexxrap and generally go without coverage. Last year at Lupe, my primary set up had 80-lb ProSpec on it. That stuff is thin! Seemed like a small patch on my left thumb would have helped level the line with a fish...
  349. T.O.T.W.

    New Braided line finger protection.

    I must admit, I boiled right up on this chumline. Got a couple packs to try out, and some Jinkai swagers while I was at it. Just got confirmation that the shipment is already on its way.
  350. T.O.T.W.

    August Kelp Fishing

    Looks like a furbag in its proper state!
  351. T.O.T.W.

    Rod recommendation for casting small sardines/anchovies

    I remember when the hotshot chovy combo was a Penn Levelmatic and a 9 or 10’ Fenwick—I think they were Fenwicks. Way out of my price range as a 10-year old, so I never bothered to look for model numbers. These days I have a GUSA 79 Mag that works well, but agree that old-school glass is the...
  352. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Sato Crimp Kit or pliers *** Got Em***

    Nice meeting you, Jon! Enjoy the new toy!
  353. T.O.T.W.

    Glow paint for jigs

    Message Tautog_17. He knows all about the glow!
  354. T.O.T.W.

    WTB Sato Crimp Kit or pliers *** Got Em***

    I have what you seek. I’d be willing to trade for old 45s or 7Xs. Are you ever in the San Diego or Oceanside area?
  355. T.O.T.W.

    Portable Solder Kit

    Just checked my inventory. They’re actually Radnor. I’m sure I bought these because they’re 1/16”. I’d get 1/32” if I could find it. I also have some bare rods that require a powdered flux. Both work. The coated rods have a LOT of flux...
  356. T.O.T.W.

    Red Rooster 7 day short notes

    I don’t think they’d mind that you have your own hooks. The turnaround is going to be your hurdle.
  357. T.O.T.W.

    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    I've never seen a blackfin in person. Those finlets sure look black to me, though.
  358. T.O.T.W.

    Portable Solder Kit

    Avoid the cadmium if you can. Yes, it flows well, but the health concerns are not worth it. Check the MSDS.
  359. T.O.T.W.

    Portable Solder Kit

    I’m away from my workbench. Will check when I get home—it’s standard stuff, either bernzomatic or Harris, flux coated...1/16”, I think. As far as silver goes, over time it will corrode and fail. It’s fine for hooks, since they’re essentially disposable, but jigs, Marauders, etc. now get the...
  360. T.O.T.W.

    Portable Solder Kit

    Cool of you to share! I’ve been on the braze train for a while, and learned from posts like yours. I’ve thought of doing some videos, but time and other priorities always seem to get in the way. Lately, I’ve moved on to bronze from silver for most applications. It takes a little more heat, but...
  361. T.O.T.W.

    San Diego Shops that carry bulk Pro spec?

    Dana definitely carries it and moves a lot. You may want to call them to make sure they’re not sold out.
  362. T.O.T.W.

    1.5 day Pacific Dawn 8-14. Bluefin, Bluefin

    Congrats on a great trip! One of my favorite local boats for so many reasons—including getting to hang out with my old friend, Mike “Man Dawg” Nickerson.
  363. T.O.T.W.

    2 Rings on Surface Iron

    If you’re going with a loop knot, consider the double figure eight. It’s a stronger connection. As for the original question, I’ve done a few 7Xs like that, and it certainly doesn’t hurt the action. (And, yes, tie to the small ring!)
  364. T.O.T.W.

    2 Rings on Surface Iron

    If you’re going with a loop knot, consider the double figure eight. It’s a stronger connection. As for the original question, I’ve done a few 7Xs like that, and it certainly doesn’t hurt the action. (And, yes, tie to the small ring!)
  365. T.O.T.W.

    turn left or turn right

    Let’s see...a very good shot at a fish of a lifetime, or a shot at some relatively pedestrian variety down below? I’m opting to turn right every time! Ideally, I’d want to load up on the jumbos and then head south for the “crowd pleasers”.
  366. T.O.T.W.

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Wow. I figured that you guys were buds and that was some sort of inside joke. Sorry you have to deal with that negativity. Nice work on those fish!
  367. T.O.T.W.

    Bullet mackerel

    From this link, I'd go with frigate...Auxis species, at least!
  368. T.O.T.W.

    Bullet mackerel

    Now you have me wondering!
  369. T.O.T.W.

    Bullet mackerel

    Cool! AKA bullet tuna...definitely a warm-water fish. I caught one in the ‘80s on the Phoenix on my first 3/4 day trip.
  370. T.O.T.W.

    Is there a guadalupe cage dive/fish combo?

    The two are mutually exclusive. The dive trips cannot bring ANY fishing equipment with them.
  371. T.O.T.W.

    Heru Poppers

    Welcome! Had to order my last batch from Australia. Ebb Tide Tackle had some a few weeks ago.
  372. T.O.T.W.

    Spooling 12 VISX

    Did mine the same. I really like that Pro Spec.
  373. T.O.T.W.

    Replace trebles with single inline hooks

    ^Agree. There are a few applications that warrant a single hook on the back of a surface iron. If this is for large tuna, the hooks you’re looking at are too light. BKK makes some that would probably work better. You’d have to attach with an Owner Hyperwire split ring size 9 or bigger. Or, if...
  374. T.O.T.W.

    Tomahawk - 7/27 on the water report - WFO yellows to 35#!

    My good friend won the sweepstakes on this trip with a large YT. He and his sister both had a great trip, and nothing but good things to say about the boat and crew.
  375. T.O.T.W. is BonitA or BonitO

    Now that that’s settled, how do you say “Alijos”?
  376. T.O.T.W.

    SharkWeek has an Episode on Guadalupe Island

    Cool footage of the island and residents. Seeing the underwater topography is interesting, too. The staged dialogue and canned drama get old real quick, though. Maybe I’ll watch the next episode with the volume off.
  377. T.O.T.W. is BonitA or BonitO

    BonitO. We used to joke that bonita make good burritas...and tacas!
  378. T.O.T.W.

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    And a jig rod if you want to get a little crazy!
  379. T.O.T.W.

    Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    I’m with Squidiot. Look at its dorsal spines. No way that’s a cow.
  380. T.O.T.W.

    Help me with FG knot please

    This will make for a good start...and a rough finish!
  381. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe fishing time

    Count on 26 hours of travel time each way. Depending on bait situation, you may spend a portion each night replenishing. The rest of the time, if the boat is on the anchor and you're awake, you can fish (of course, bait making is technically fishing, too). In 2016, the RP was first boat out on...
  382. T.O.T.W.

    Braid to Braid - Double Uni???

    If time is not an issue, I’ll always join two lengths of solid with a short sleeve of hollow finished with nail knots on the entry points. Uni to uni would only be used in “panic” mode for me.
  383. T.O.T.W.

    Knot for popper leader.

    I’m going to give the double figure eight loop knot a whirl this year. I saw Russ on the Shogun pull incredibly hard on it last December without failure. Also, I figure that with heavy leaders that are more for bite off/abrasion resistance, even a 60% knot will hold just fine.
  384. T.O.T.W.

    Help me with FG knot please

    Man, I’ve gotta rethink this business model. Free beer AND lessons?
  385. T.O.T.W.

    Help me with FG knot please

    Sounds like it’s time for another garage session, Nate.
  386. T.O.T.W.

    Trebles vs. Singles on your Colt Snipers/Megabaits

    I should add, I went with in-line hooks to keep everything aligned. A standard ringed hook will sit to one side. Front ring also goes on to allow more sassy wiggle :jig:. Those hooks are BKK. Can’t remember the size. Maybe 3/0.
  387. T.O.T.W.

    Trebles vs. Singles on your Colt Snipers/Megabaits

    I went with inlines.
  388. T.O.T.W.

    How deep are Bluefin tuna???

    Learned this from the freshwater bass crowd: take a Magnum Sharpie and cut a groove across the middle of the chisel. You can slide your spectra into the groove and color the entire section at once. I colored all my line in 50’ increments. I tried to add an extra band for every fifty I marked...
  389. T.O.T.W.

    Who still sells the J pot?

    Ha! Me, too...making a special exception. I’ll go dig them out. Probably have ten or so—some w/fixed hooks. Easy to convert to treble, though.
  390. T.O.T.W.

    Who still sells the J pot?

    Believe it or not, I have several, Nate. What do you have to trade?
  391. T.O.T.W.

    Spawning Sand Bass

    I've seen sandbass, and rockfishes, and other misc. fish puke up stuff that looked almost like roofing tar paper. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what the hell it was until I pulled some of that tar paper out of a sandy and there was a barnacle smack in the middle of it. Turns out it...
  392. T.O.T.W.

    Glow coating Flat Falls

    Look up Tautog_17 on here. He’s a master of the glow!
  393. T.O.T.W.

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    Haha! What are you talking about? Pics or it didn’t happen, right? I’ve taken two jigs past the barb over the years. Never on a cast though...the closest it ever came to that was as I walked out of the wheelhouse of the Dolphin and a dude reared back to cast his yo-yo Sumo mere inches from my...
  394. T.O.T.W.

    Dolphin Half Day Today...

    You make me almost miss driving that rig. Almost.
  395. T.O.T.W.

    Yo-yo's for the surface?

  396. T.O.T.W.

    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    Those 4/0 lights must be defective, factory rejects. I’ll trade you some nice heavies for them :D.
  397. T.O.T.W.

    Short wind on leader with PR knot ?

    PR will work. Trying to get your 80-lb set up to serve as a finesse rig...maybe not so much.
  398. T.O.T.W.

    Short wind on leader with PR knot ?

    You could certainly do that. I'd rather just tie as needed. I like to use solid spectra.
  399. T.O.T.W.

    Short wind on leader with PR knot ?

    I’ve never done the PR knot because I’ve been reluctant to add a bobbin to all the junk I already take with me. It is the gold standard for solid spectra to a leader, though. You will soon see advocates for the FG, RP (modified Albright), and Tony Peña. Everyone has their favorite for...
  400. T.O.T.W.

    A Different Sort of Jig Storage Question

    The easiest way for me to pick through my far-too-many options is to mark my good swimmers with a Sharpie. Storage-wise, I keep surface irons by make/model in Plano boxes...yo-yo tend to end up stored by size. Of course, I’ve got plenty of wall hangers and 5-gallon buckets, too!
  401. T.O.T.W.

    Hook Change on Jigs

    Solid, Nate!
  402. T.O.T.W.

    Hook Changing on Jigs

    Depends on the jig. For heavies, you can go single hook. If you have surface iron, you probably won't be happy with the swimming action using a single, though. While split rings will work on some applications, they are a fail point. If you must use them, I'd leave the original ring intact, cut...
  403. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale Old Irons

    Thank you, Mike. Nice to meet you and talk tackle!
  404. T.O.T.W.

    Yo-Zuri Bonita?

    There are a couple places in SD that can set you up if you're okay with shipping. Fisherman's Landing and Dana Landing can both do it.
  405. T.O.T.W.

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    “I think the dosage rate is 2 pills every 24 hours. Be careful!...” “This is the way I see it; What’s it gonna do? Make me sick?” Very likely. At best it will amplify the side effects.
  406. T.O.T.W.

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    If you can get someone to shop for it in Europe for you, Kwells or Joy-Rides are fantastic. Disregard the replies telling you it's all a mental game.
  407. T.O.T.W.

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    14 gauge is my preferred size, too. I’ve been going with a bronze braze like Nate for gorilla strength. That looks like one of the Leadmasters jigs. Their split rings seem a bit weaker than the Shimano ones. Both styles scare me.
  408. T.O.T.W.

    Jigs ID help

    Okay, so they’re not 3n1s. Sorry that didn’t help. Looks like you have some really old unmarked jigs. Hope they’re good swimmers and catch you a bunch of fish. Or better yet, they make you a pile of $$$ on eBay.
  409. T.O.T.W.

    Rusted hooks?

    Never put a used hook or lure back in the box without rinsing w/fresh water. Also, avoid reaching for anything in there with wet hands. I like to keep hooks in small ziplock bags with just a few to a bag to help keep water intrusion to a minimum.
  410. T.O.T.W.

    Jigs ID help

    Maybe ask the guys at SD Tackle Traders. They gave me some info on my Paramount Scooter when no one else seemed to know anything about them. One thing is for sure, you’ve got some very old jigs as evidenced by their brass rings. The unfinished aluminum one (4th down from the 6X) looks like a 3n1.
  411. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale Anybody Recognize These Jigs??

    Buck Perry’s Spoonplugs. The guy had and an entire methodology for fishing them—mostly trolling if I remember correctly.
  412. T.O.T.W.

    Fish hook to the hand video...tough dude!

    Ouch! Imagine if that hook had gone into his forehead—at the start of a charter, and then he kept fishing:D...
  413. T.O.T.W.

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Alexes with no onions from the Dana Landing Deli!
  414. T.O.T.W.

    smoothest spectra?

    Daiwa Samurai, Nate. Super soft.
  415. T.O.T.W.

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    No doubt, we all play a role. Sometimes when the fish get stupid, so do the anglers. My buddies and I call it "kill mode" and have learned to show restraint in those instances. I remember a trip on the RP when a guest of the charter master went totally ballistic on a wide open YT bite. I had...
  416. T.O.T.W.

    20# Class Reel

    If you opt for a 12 or 15, another alternative is to extend the handle position. Even at 6:1, those spools have such small diameters they don’t gather many inches per turn. If using only 20#, the gear change is an option but probably not all that necessary.
  417. T.O.T.W.

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    For those that have discovered the magic of Kwells (hyoscine hydrobromide), there is a generic alternative out called Joy-Rides. Unfortunately, still only available in foreign markets...
  418. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    I inherited mine from my wife’s grandfather. They’re old. The regulators are not so great and they definitely do not have flow arrestors. It’s time for an upgrade.
  419. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Interesting. This happens with the flux-coated rods and the borax-based powders I’m using. The StaySilv pastes I use come off with water—even the black formulation. I usually just pop the glass residue with pliers and hit the rest with a couple passes of a wire brush.
  420. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Nate’s a quick study. Had it down in no time and also quickly realized that, like anything fishing related, you can spend money really fast!
  421. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    That’ll work for the silver. For bronze, the flux can turn to glass which won’t break down with just water. It needs some mechanical action and a pickling solution to do it properly.
  422. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    I’m using oxy/acetylene and always braze in the breezeway on the side of my house. I try to keep those fumes and vapors as far from my face as possible. My stuff is old and the regulators are about shot and I’ve been thinking that it’s time to upgrade...sounds like I probably should.
  423. T.O.T.W.

    NON - Smokers

    And I get a healthy added dose of radiation every time I get on an airplane. Still wouldn’t want to compound that with someone firing up a Camel in the seat next to me.
  424. T.O.T.W.

    20# Class Reel

    Penn Torque 12 or 15. I think there’s still a black 12 on the shelf at Dana Landing.
  425. T.O.T.W.

    BEST KNOTS!! For 50lb mono/fluro

    I still tie the SD Jam for many applications. A double SD sometimes, too, for heavy jig fishing. I'm a long-time proponent of the FG. For mono to fluoro, I suppose I'd tie a Seaguar knot--rarely do this, though. For stealth connections--at Guadalupe, for example (although, 50# would not be my...
  426. T.O.T.W.

    NON - Smokers

    You might change your mind if that booze accidentally found its way into your mouth every time those drinkers took a sip, though...
  427. T.O.T.W.

    Makaira SEa for Calstar 800XXH

    A 16-sized reel would be pushing it, and a 20 is way too much. I don’t know much about the Okuma options, but the 40LD2 recommendation above is a good one. The Penn 12VISX is another solid option.
  428. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Could be that the rings are dirty. More likely, you’re getting the ring too hot. If it turns bright red, it’s WAY too hot. The solder will run wherever that flux ends up, too. MAP works for silver. I have better results with butane, though.
  429. T.O.T.W.

    recommendation for sunglasses for a guy with a large head!

    Another vote for the MJ World Cup. The Nine Palms were also good, but I think they’re no longer in production. World Cup are glass so a little more weight, but definitely the best clarity. I just picked up a pair of MJ Big Waves. Polycarbonate lenses. Very light, so less likely to slide down...
  430. T.O.T.W.

    who remembers Joel Raulston?

    Well, you did start the chumline... I remember Joel running twilight out of Seaforth in the ‘80s. Absolutely hilarious.
  431. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale BNIB Factory Fresh Shimano TLD 5

    They had to have been produced at least until the mid-late ‘80s. Still an old reel, no doubt.
  432. T.O.T.W.

    80lb gear: light vrs. heavy

    My current “light” 80 rig is a Penn 12VISX paired with a Calstar 800XXH. I fished it with 28 lbs of drag with no problem (one pulled hook) last time I got a chance to use it. “Heavy” 80 for me would be a 16VISX and a 775XH Calstar.
  433. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Nate, hit me up. I’ll show you what you need and teach you how to do it.
  434. T.O.T.W.

    Torque or VISX?

    I have the Torque and the 12VISX. I really like both, but I’m much more comfortable fishing 80# on the 12VISX. It was my go-to at Guadalupe in December and performed very well, and I pushed it pretty hard drag-wise. For what it’s worth I put 80-lb ProSpec on mine, and it holds a LOT.
  435. T.O.T.W.

    Ring on Marauder

    So far on top of the world and on my high horse that I need to double-post, apparently...oops.
  436. T.O.T.W.

    Ring on Marauder

    The learning never stops. I never miss an opportunity to break out the brazing kit, but was advised to go with the harness. Might need to rethink that approach and add the ring.
  437. T.O.T.W.

    Ring on Marauder

    The learning never stops. I never miss an opportunity to break out the brazing kit, but was advised to go with the harness. Might need to rethink that approach and add the ring.
  438. T.O.T.W.

    Ring on Marauder

    You'll probably want to go with a harness rig for that attachment. It's a Hawaiian-style clip with a bonnet over it.
  439. T.O.T.W.

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    Here’s a look at an FG of 80 spectra to 60 fluoro after about 50 minutes of pulling on a 115#-class YFT on the long rod. Slight kinking, but no failure.
  440. T.O.T.W.

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    I do finish that way...I think a small amount of slight kinking at the very end of the cuff is normal. I also break protocol by adding a drop of Tac Glue to the finish (Rizzuto) knot—not the “active” part of the cuff. It’s never failed me. For clarification, the kink I was referring to above is...
  441. T.O.T.W.

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    It won’t relax on you. If you want to tie it early, you’ll be fine. I tie my long topshots of mono this way for my jig reels. No problem. The one thing with tying short leaders early is the risk of creating a kink in your line which is not optimal. Your leader should be arrow straight. Again, no...
  442. T.O.T.W.

    Vintage Wahoo Jig?

    Looks like you inherited from a true wahoo aficionado! For those Hopkins, I’d personally feel much more comfortable fishing them with a solid front ring. In the absence of a ring, definitely check your wire for wear frequently.
  443. T.O.T.W.

    For Sale 11" plastic worms

    Auger tails! Haven’t seen those in years...brings me back to the Bass Pro Shops print catalog days. GLWS.
  444. T.O.T.W.

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    I'm with Bill. Brazing is best. I'm also admittedly a little obsessed, too, though. There is something satisfying with taking out the bolt cutters without hesitation and cutting off a configuration that's not working, or just beat to hell for that matter!
  445. T.O.T.W.

    RIP Norm Taniguchi

    Used to go to his shop back in the ‘90s. Always nice, always helpful, and always willing to educate a young buck trying to mix “old school” with “new school”. Norm set me up with a bunch of feathers and skins so I could retrofit a bunch of pearl heads I had found. Those things killed the...
  446. T.O.T.W.

    Poll on topshot creation preference: Loop, Pena Knot or Sato Crimp?

    Yep, w/o FG, I’d have to go with “none of the above”.
  447. T.O.T.W.

    Looking for Reel Cover

    Let's just say I like their reel covers far more than their rods!
  448. T.O.T.W.

    Looking for Reel Cover

    Phenix makes a good one. Size large should be right.
  449. T.O.T.W.

    Spooling a Penn Fathom 40NLD2 with 80

    The Fathom would be a great reel to deploy and retrieve your kite. It would not be a good choice to use for the rig with the business end on it. A 30-size reel would be considered small for that application.
  450. T.O.T.W.

    Hooks on Surface iron for BFT

    Still a popular method and used with success by some hotshot anglers. I have some jigs rigged this way and some rigged like Jamie describes above. If I had to pick one style, I’d want to hook a big one on the 7691 configuration, but I don’t have enough reps with either to tell you which works...
  451. T.O.T.W.

    For the tackle whore in you

    Harder to get a bait out and minimal clearance around the hull, rudders, etc. Most anglers use the rail these days, so they can still get mechanical advantage with a longer rod.
  452. T.O.T.W.

    why penn

    I’m sure Luke can set you up along with the rest of the boat! You might want to check with Dana Landing. They may still have some 12 VISXs in stock.
  453. T.O.T.W.

    For the tackle whore in you

    Pulled on one at the show today. What a beast! Probably more than I need right now.
  454. T.O.T.W.

    For the tackle whore in you

    I wonder how these compare to the 800XXH. No cows to my name, but I put the hurt on some good--up to #135--Guadalupe fish in December with that rod. These might be just the 100-lb rod to add to the mix.
  455. T.O.T.W.

    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    I wish I had the presence of mind to fish with Eddie. If I'm not mistaken, he actually ran some twilight trips on the Dolphin in his retirement, but I never took advantage of riding the boat with him running it. Booger speaks very highly of Eddie and Tim Ekstrom wrote a very nice tribute to him...
  456. T.O.T.W.

    Tip of Hook Pointing Up or Down

    Haha! While I’m a true tackle whore, none of those are mine. They all went back into retail circulation after I ringed them.
  457. T.O.T.W.

    Tip of Hook Pointing Up or Down

    Those are all 8/0 Mustad 7691 DTs. I’ve experimented with many...and haven’t really settled on an all-time favorite. Gamakatsu makes a similar hook that I really like, but it’s JDM and very pricey. I’ll have to look up the model. Saltywater Tackle sells them. The two FFs below have gammies, the...
  458. T.O.T.W.

    Tip of Hook Pointing Up or Down

    I did some swimming pool testing and found that flat falls drop (mostly) eye-side down. It made sense to me to have the hook point facing away from the eye so that when you pull your lure upward after a tuna inhales it, it will be more likely to gain purchase in the upper jaw area. This picture...
  459. T.O.T.W.

    S 9 limits

    Love seeing Ed still getting after it!
  460. T.O.T.W.

    Boccaccio Worms

    Which ones? The long, skinny, curled up ones, or the one that looks like a grub?
  461. T.O.T.W.

    Boccaccio Worms

    Standard. Boccaccio are notorious for these, but don’t count on those reds being worm-free, either.
  462. T.O.T.W.

    What's the best way to makeover your old Irons jigs? Sharpen hooks, repaint?

    Replacing the hooks is your best bet. Several years ago, I taught myself how to do this. Here are a few things I’ve learned over time—I’ve done hundreds of replacements, —For surface iron, match the ring and hook size to the original. Larger, heavier hooks will likely deaden the action on your...
  463. T.O.T.W.

    What's the best way to makeover your old Irons jigs? Sharpen hooks, repaint?

    Either Fisherman’s or Dana Landings.
  464. T.O.T.W.

    Calstar GF800XXH?

    I used mine at Guadalupe this year to fish sardines with 80-lb leaders. It’s probably in the sweet spot with 60, but handles 80 just fine. The upper third is very much like the 800XH, but the XXH definitely has more power in the bottom end. I’ve only used it as a heavy bait rod. It might also...
  465. T.O.T.W.

    Anybody use straight spectra, no topshot?

    Only for certain largemouth bass applications. Saltwater gets a leader of some sort, whether it be fluoro, mono, or even wire.
  466. T.O.T.W.

    Jerry "Jerry Jig" Esten passes

    Sorry to hear. Always liked reading his stories.
  467. T.O.T.W.

    Spectra-mono-fluoro or Spectra right to fluoro?

    I think most crews would eliminate the mono section these days. It sounds like the Vagabond still likes the mono cushion. They’ve certainly had success using that method. To me, it’s just more weight for the bait to drag around.
  468. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun version of RP knot?

    Yes, I use the FG. It does not take that much longer to tie once you have it down.
  469. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun version of RP knot?

    Some guys add a couple finishing wraps around the "horseshoe" after the wrap up and back. It seems to secure it a little better. This knot works for many, and I saw Russ on the Shogun absolutely reef on a fish with it. That said, I've seen way too many failures to have any faith in it...
  470. T.O.T.W.


    No telling what next year will bring, but if the last three are any indication, you should cover 60 and 80# first and work on lighter/heavier after. The UC recs above are right on. For Calstar, consider the 875XH for 60, and maybe a 775H, or better yet, XH for 80. Of the combos you have listed...
  471. T.O.T.W.

    I just ordered VISX 16

    Centaur is a good choice. I’ll pair mine with a Calstar 775XH.
  472. T.O.T.W.

    Help me identify a blank please

    First thing you should look for is your cameraLOL.
  473. T.O.T.W.

    Penn INT VISX In Stock

    Check with Dana Landing. They DID have them very recently.
  474. T.O.T.W.

    need Newell 332 parts

    I know another guy ready to deal in Newells :D.
  475. T.O.T.W.

    need Newell 332 parts

    Reelman is your man.
  476. T.O.T.W.

    reel confused

    Okay, I just did some very non-scientific testing on my TRQ40NLD2 and 12 VISX. The Torque spool has less inertia and starts ever-so-slightly easier than the 12. Both spin like tops once they get going.
  477. T.O.T.W.

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    Probably a confidence thing on the flat sides. I find the factory rings to be oversized, though, too.
  478. T.O.T.W.

    reel confused

    Those Torques are no joke—same for the Fathoms. Those two in the 40NLD2 model accounted for as many 100+lb fish on our trip as any other reel. The biggest fish on the boat recently (156 gill/gut weight) came on a Fathom. Garry, given what’s your preference in other reels, you may not like the...
  479. T.O.T.W.

    reel confused

    I think they’re really close. The VISX maybe a bit better. The big difference is how they feel in your hands. The 12 is lower and wider than the 40N.
  480. T.O.T.W.

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    The factory rings on those aren’t so good. You’re better off getting them ringed as an aftermarket add on.
  481. T.O.T.W.

    reel confused

    Hey Garry, It seems to have better guts: both stopping power and low-gear leverage. The freespool is ridiculously good without any tuning. I even considered throwing a popper with it at one point. That said, my buddies both fished the Torques the entire trip, and did very well, too. I really...
  482. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    Luke, Greg, So glad that you both were able to join us. I don’t think you could have a more cohesive group of anglers in an open party trip.
  483. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    No. We didn’t have any time for that.
  484. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    Great to see and fish with you and the Oregon gang again, Bruce! Thanks for the smoked fish! Have a safe trip back up north. I sure hope we can get something lined up for next year.
  485. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    Seemed that way. The sardines were really good, especially once we started using the more cured ones from the deck wells. Pro tip: to keep the sea lions from eating your sardine, cast your bait right at them.
  486. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    Good fishing with you, too, Mike! We sure had some characters on the boat. The crew did an awesome job.
  487. T.O.T.W.

    reel confused

    Solid. I connect to fluoro with an FG knot. I got this line at Dana Landing, but I’ve also gotten it at Fisherman’s.
  488. T.O.T.W.

    reel confused

    Mike—just got back. The 800XXH is badass. Mine is paired with a Penn 12VISX. I fished 80 on it the entire time. My spectra was also 80#. I use ProSpec and that reel will hold a lot of it (640 yards).
  489. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    Here’s a little rundown of the Shogun 12/1 to 12/7 6-day trip. We had great weather, good fishing and a fantastic group of anglers. This was my third trip down since the island reopened. Every time, there are new angling experiences and new things to learn about fishing there. I try to jot a few...
  490. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe updates

    I like all those green triangles! Is it Friday, yet?
  491. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe updates

    Can’t wait, Luke! I should have enough time after work to pack and repack all my stuff a few times between now and Friday...
  492. T.O.T.W.


    Scampi Coaster. Probably from the ‘80s.
  493. T.O.T.W.

    Rigging solid/hollow braid backing on hxw raptor?

    I like solid, too. So with two spools, I’d go hollow and then solid.
  494. T.O.T.W.

    Polaris Deluxe ????

    Yep! It even ran out of Seaforth for a while. I never rode it, but heard it was a VERY wet ride. It ended up in Seattle, I think. It’s got a new name that I can’t remember...
  495. T.O.T.W.

    Reel covers?

    I really like the Phenix reel covers. The wrap all the way around the rod handle and have a clip on the outside to hang a hook. The XXL size may cover the new Penn 20VISX. I don’t think they come any larger. I buy mine at Dana Landing in Mission Bay.
  496. T.O.T.W.

    SHOGUN trip coming/ Wind forecast, when do LR trips get canceled

    I’m on the one after him. Tell him I’ll see him at the dock.
  497. T.O.T.W.

    SHOGUN trip coming/ Wind forecast, when do LR trips get canceled

    Are you leaving the day after Thanksgiving? The wind models at Guadalupe are looking quite calm through this Sunday. The crossing may suck, but looks good on the lee side.
  498. T.O.T.W.

    Brazing rings on jigs for large tuna. Strongest method.

    Agree with rodblder, you don't want any of the silver alloys. I still use it, but not for the big dog applications any more. I use a powder flux with bare bronze brazing rods. I bought them from various places online. That said, the flux coated bronze rods for sale at Home Depot will work just...
  499. T.O.T.W.

    Brazing rings on jigs for large tuna. Strongest method.

    Agree with rodblder, you don't want any of the silver alloys. I still use it, but not for the big dog applications any more. I use a powder flux with bare bronze brazing rods. I bought them from various places online. That said, the flux coated bronze rods for sale at Home Depot will work just...
  500. T.O.T.W.

    Spirit of Adventure 7 day =Bigeye

    Man, I’d love it if someone would post the bigeye pics!
  501. T.O.T.W.

    Spectra question

    Sometimes you can open up solid to allow an in-line splice with hollow. Depends on the braid, and your patience, and your eyesight! If I’m joining solid/hollow, and can’t get the solid to open up, I like the insertion method with a nail knot or two. If the hollow is a much larger diameter...
  502. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Tyler Rich RP knot vs John Collins version

    Same source as Gregory...Matt has great attention to detail and customer service. Excellent product.
  503. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe 80 Set Up Thoughts

    My trusted line winder person got 640 yards of 80-lb ProSpec on my 12VISX. Should be more than enough for a long soak/long run situation.
  504. T.O.T.W.

    8.0 ft Rods for 60-80lb. Topshots

    Same. Had an 800XXH built for Lupe fishing. I’d planned to pair it with my TRQ40NLD2, but I’m leaning toward pairing it with my new 12VISX. In any case, I like how that 800XXH feels. I’ll share more feedback when I return.
  505. T.O.T.W.

    #40-50 bait rod? 7’. braid to short flouro

    Hey Nate! I'm with the longer rod advice. You can handle it. I have a GG6480 for 40# that I love. It's one rod I wouldn't mind having two of. I've fished 50 with it at Guadalupe and landed fish up to about 70 lbs. It's lighter like a composite, but bends like glass to absorb head shakes...
  506. T.O.T.W.

    Brand new Calstar Rail rod 770 XXH-SOLD

    Ha, my buddy will find the right one before our trip. Turns out this was not a Love Connection.
  507. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe report- Shogun Nov 4-10

    Your brother is lucky to have you! Thanks for sharing. I’m in my less-than-twenty day countdown. What rods did you have paired with those reels?
  508. T.O.T.W.

    Brand new Calstar Rail rod 770 XXH-SOLD

    Well, the label IS still attached, though...
  509. T.O.T.W.

    Candybar Starman 150's

    Nice set. I do believe the really old ones were without the R. But those definitely look vintage. Are they all heavies?
  510. T.O.T.W.

    American Angler off the water report

    Thanks for sharing. The shark news is very encouraging!
  511. T.O.T.W.

    gudalupe late in december?

    You never know. December can still be a good month (I’m banking on it!). The fish are generally better grade and the sharks tend to back off. If we don’t get any major Pacific storms between now and then, you should be in good shape. As a single point of reference, the surface temps were around...
  512. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe

    Penn trip will have tons of gear to use. You’d be better off using their stuff and decide what works for you. Buy after.
  513. T.O.T.W.

    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    Probably nothing. Some knots are proven to be stronger and more stealthy. That's what I'm going for. Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference.
  514. T.O.T.W.

    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    Ha! I'll call it my Swerve Knot!
  515. T.O.T.W.

    Changing out yo yo irons

    Interesting. I hadn't realized the switch. I'm sure I have old mixed up with new!
  516. T.O.T.W.

    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    Hmmm. I'm definitely doing something wrong. Straight pull from the hook. I have not been putting tension until the knot bunches up so I don't burn it. Back to the woodshed!
  517. T.O.T.W.

    Changing out yo yo irons

    You'd be better off using their version of the Southern Tuna (8709 or 8700) instead of these, which would work, but were designed more for the free-swinging rigs with cord--like what you'd get on a flat fall. I really like those 6X treble hooks as an option for yo-yo and large surface iron...
  518. T.O.T.W.

    Another day at San Clemenete Island Sunday 10/29

    "The red arrows are pointing to the icons for rocks. You should try to avoid those whenever possible." LOL
  519. T.O.T.W.

    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    No offense intended--especially with the knot's originator! I am curious, though, if there's a tendency for this to happen. I could be doing something wrong.
  520. T.O.T.W.

    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    Yeah, maybe I'm a little over the top on this one Luke! By the way, Nick and I are on the Shogun on 12/1 if you still have a Guadalupe itch to scratch...we'd love to see you as a late add!
  521. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe Yellowtail (dropper loop) Go-To Set-up?

    The break away is a good idea. 60 does seem a little heavy--and 20 a little light. I'd use 40 or tie an intentionally crappy knot in the main line. And maybe bring a few extra sinkers!
  522. T.O.T.W.

    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    I'm always looking to improve my knot skills and will take the time to learn new ones if I think they'll give me a little edge. That said, the buzz around the Spangler knot had me intrigued. I used it last year on my 'Lupe trip and it sure held up nicely. There is one thing that leaves me...
  523. T.O.T.W.

    Spectra to spectra knot?

    I get what you're saying...two open-ended loops encased in a spectra sleeve? I suppose it might work, but you lose the "cuff" movement under tension.
  524. T.O.T.W.

    Let the Listing Begin

    Several if you're serious about tubes. They're pretty fragile, and it sounds like the dolphins will wreck them at Clarion. I'll have at least 4 packs with me at Guadalupe where the bait making has been fairly "clean" in the past--no mammals ripping off baits.
  525. T.O.T.W.

    Spectra to spectra knot?

    Best way is to join with a length of hollow. Insert solid into a 4' length of similar size hollow and lock both ends in place with another nail knot or serves. Time consuming, but the strongest and thinnest end result.
  526. T.O.T.W.

    Let the Listing Begin

    Super small, pink/red. I think they're made by Hyabusa. The leader is 7-lb fluoro and the hooks are ridiculously small. With the tiny hooks and soft-mouthed tubes, you need a comparatively forgiving rod or you'll be shaking them off on the retrieve.
  527. T.O.T.W.

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    Was it digging in too hard or flopping all over in the wake? These things definitely seem like they need the low gear for retrieving.
  528. T.O.T.W.

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    Bombers. CD 30 or something like that.
  529. T.O.T.W.

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    Full disclosure: zero wahoo to my name. That said, these pink beauties are the hot ticket. I may catch some heat for publicizing :D.
  530. T.O.T.W.

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    I put it in a small pail or an old Penn reel bag I've had for years. You should be good with that much weight, but there are times when you'll burn through the key sizes. Maybe double up on 12s and 16s. If you need more weight, you can daisy chain them together by clipping the bottom ring of one...
  531. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Low fuming sounds good to me! I use the same. You bring up something that people getting into this should be mindful of. Between the metals involved and the fluxes, there are some health hazards. Especially with the fluorides in the silver flux. Minimally, read the MSDS, work in a well...
  532. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Have you ever found bare bronze in 1/32"? I've only found 1/16".
  533. T.O.T.W.

    RP 10/3-13. Fall variety with a bonus

    Thanks for sharing. I learned about the chunk on the RP last year. I'll definitely give it some time in December.
  534. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe set ups

    You're probably good, but if you can get another heavier rig to fish 100-130-lb leaders, do it. Check Tim's recent reports from the Royal Star. Big fish that you need to pull through the shark gauntlet. I'll probably add another heavyweight rig before my December trip. Hoping they stick around...
  535. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Either Dana Landing or Fisherman's Landing can do it for you. I'm pretty sure they both have a guy they use for that.
  536. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Refer to photo:D.
  537. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Agree. Huge pain. With silver: With bronze (X-Raps are silver brazed on lure side):
  538. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    I dig that bungee configuration. I've been using a vice with tape for padding to hold marauders.
  539. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    I've used regular borax and am currently using this stuff, Both work okay and both are better than the coated rods which have far too much flux on them.
  540. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Good stuff! You type faster than me. And your ring holders are WAY better!
  541. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    I'll get you started with some stuff you'll need ahead of the tutorial... Several places to get rings: ringlord, C&T Designs, Rosco. You can make them, too, but it's PITA. Ringlord has a PDF you can print so you know what size you're ordering. For solder, 56% silver is most common. Use the...
  542. T.O.T.W.

    How to solder solid rings

    Someone was working on a tutorial...fishdoggary, maybe?
  543. T.O.T.W.

    Someone chime in, is this for real?

    I'll leave this alone after this as I'm breaking my #1 rule in avoiding internet arguments! I'd agree with your view if these guys were on a non-commercial vessel. He could have told everyone he was trying for chupacabras! The fact is he didn't catch any of those, so it does not matter. My...
  544. T.O.T.W.

    Someone chime in, is this for real?

    Intent to catch a marlin still does not make catching and selling a yellowfin illegal.
  545. T.O.T.W.

    Someone chime in, is this for real?

    Unless there's some sort of required DFW declaration of intent before the trip, I can't see the issue. As long as they both have the right permits, and they weren't in possession of any fish not allowed, there's no way to say what they were "trying" for. Are marlin off-limits to commercial anglers?
  546. T.O.T.W.

    Braid to short flouro and pulling HARD

    Sounds like it was time to switch to a bigger hook, Nate. I mean, if they're biting nails, go big.
  547. T.O.T.W.

    welding rings on hooks

    Good safety tip! That flux has some pretty toxic ingredients. I always have fans blasting when I braze, but that fume extractor looks pretty cool. I'm going to get one for my workbench.
  548. T.O.T.W.

    welding rings on hooks

    Good info here, especially on the bronze applications. It's a little harder to do than the silver (at least it was for me), but definitely stronger and more corrosion resistant. Once you're past the initial investment, it's cheaper, too.
  549. T.O.T.W.

    Rodless Again

    What crappy news. Sorry this happened, especially to start a trip! If it's any consolation, a local charter operator was hit by thieves and was able to recover his stolen equipment after a short time. Hoping the fishing community will again keep its collective eyes out for your rods and get them...
  550. T.O.T.W.

    3/4 day Sea Watch 9/20 - ouch - we all have to pay our dues

    Side scan is more the norm than the exception. Many 1/2-day boats have it. It's just that Capt. Ryan on the San Diego has mastered its use. He's been sought out by other experienced operators for lessons in the art of seeing and swinging the boat over wads of fish.
  551. T.O.T.W.

    RP knot failure

    I used to burn the fluoro, but gave up because a) it's a pain (sometimes literally!) and b) it didn't seem to help much. Now I just cinch it all down really well, and cut the leader end as close as possible to the finishing knot.
  552. T.O.T.W.

    3/4 day Sea Watch 9/20 - ouch - we all have to pay our dues

    And the SD didn't do so hot the day before... You never know. One thing you can research ahead of time is the RSW situation. For me no RSW is a deal breaker.
  553. T.O.T.W.

    RP knot failure

    Not at all. Tac Glue is quite thin--and strong!
  554. T.O.T.W.

    ideal 50-60# bait rod for the 'Lupe

    What's your ideal as far as rod length? I feel like I can handle an 8-footer for that line class range. Given that, I'm going with a Calstar 800XXH built with longer grips so I can rail it. The United Rods are also very popular for this application... The "ideal" did will be one that gets a bait...
  555. T.O.T.W.

    RP knot failure

    Indeed the best way to tie an RP is to tie an FG! I also finish with the Rizzuto(?) knot and add a small drop of Tac Glue to that, and only that, part of the connection. I've had my finishing knot come unraveled a couple times and the glue prevents that. As for knot pullers, Tautog_17 sells a...
  556. T.O.T.W.

    Penn Torque

    My 40LD2 will be on a Calstar Grafighter 800XXH for this year's Lupe trip. Can't wait to use it.
  557. T.O.T.W.

    G-lupe intel ??

    Good question. As with every destination, I think you have to have some situational awareness at Guadalupe. Biting nails? Already five fish hanging? Multiple bent rods in the corner? This is no time for finesse. 65 lb is not advised. In a pick bite, nothing else hanging, fish are only eating...
  558. T.O.T.W.

    Searcher 3 Day - Local Offshore / SCI - Big BFT

    Awesome, Matt! You're timing has been spot on the last couple years.
  559. T.O.T.W.

    G-lupe intel ??

    It's a first-generation Penn 16VSX.
  560. T.O.T.W.


    I think it's first come/first served at Phil's. It's a very popular spot, so expect a wait. Bull's Smoking BBQ is also good. Probably less wait and they may be more open to a pre-order. Both places are only a few minutes away from the PL landings.
  561. T.O.T.W.

    G-lupe intel ??

    This was a pretty much brimmed spool before two 125# units packed things down proper.
  562. T.O.T.W.

    G-lupe intel ??

    Luke knows...
  563. T.O.T.W.


    Phil's barbecue is pretty close. Be prepared to wait in line. There's also Bull's Smokin' Barbecue...
  564. T.O.T.W.

    Dove opener 2017 - tough day

    My old man stopped going to the opener, actually, stopped dove hunting altogether, right about when I got old enough to go. Cool that you're carrying on your grandfather's tradition. Cheers to you guys!
  565. T.O.T.W.

    Braid to Fluoro

    Interesting. I find it harder to tie the FG in lines under 40#. Works great for me from 40-100#.
  566. T.O.T.W.

    The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    Heartbreaker! Thanks for sharing your story. My friends met the same fate after being on a jumbo for the better part of four hours a few weeks ago.
  567. T.O.T.W.

    Thinking of going all Braid next year.

    Agree! I fish mostly all spectra now, but it has nothing to do with the "saw" factor. If you stay aware of your surroundings and avoid getting tunnel vision, you can keep out of trouble a majority of the time. You may need to go tip up, tip together to keep angles to a minimum...
  568. T.O.T.W.

    welding ring shops

    I've heard of guys using the 45 successfuly. I've only used 56. You definitely have the right flux! An easy way to test the 45's strength is to braze a ring and then try to break it by twisting it with a couple pairs of pliers. If you can't twist it apart, it'll never pull apart on a fish.
  569. T.O.T.W.

    Why don't they use hook keepers on salt water rods?

    I saw someone do this a couple years ago. A crimped figure eight that goes on the clamp screw--only works if you use a clamp, of course. It's very tidy and flexible so it won't dig into your hand and it keeps the hook in the safest place behind the reel.
  570. T.O.T.W.

    welding ring shops

    If you come south ever, both Dana Landing and Fisherman's Landing can arrange this for you. These would be brazed rings like you see on Tady or Salas jigs as opposed to a true weld. The brazed connection is strong as hell.
  571. T.O.T.W.


    Okay, maybe a nice little flurry then. Save me a few!
  572. T.O.T.W.


    I hear it's going to get hot right around December 2!
  573. T.O.T.W.

    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    Too long of a leader and you'll be standing there watching that fish lay just out of gaff range...especially if your rails/gunwales are low. The ones I've seen rigged by those "in the know" are around 4'. If you go straight spectra to the short leader, you risk the snap. Besides the shock...
  574. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe in August

    I hadn't either until last December! I was using a 6/0 Trokar circle--the offset one on 80-lb fluoro. I just buried the hook into the bait and let it sink back. It helped me to follow my line back and forth as the boat swung in the wind--lots of going under the flyliners. This year, I may try a...
  575. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe in August

    Good points, Luke. I recall the sea lions being a nuisance on the 2015 trip, too. Last year, I had some success with the chunk and will use it again in December as conditions dictate. The seals more or less stay off the chunk baits.
  576. T.O.T.W.

    Shimano trinidad dc question

    The parts you want to get rid of are the same ones everybody wants so they can upgrade their old Trinis and Toriums. The dog and spring are making the noise. Taking them out and you've lost your back up braking system.
  577. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe Permit

    I'm on the one right before you, Jerry. I'll try to get a report out on the way in.
  578. T.O.T.W.

    number 26 is an idiot

    Still out of bounds.
  579. T.O.T.W.

    Shogun Guadalupe Permit

    It's all about the timing. At some point, "late season" turns into "too early season". I'm leaving in a 6-day in December knowing I'll be right in the edge the peak bite. We'll see, but I'll roll the dice and take my chances. One thing's for sure, I'll take having the permit versus not.
  580. T.O.T.W.

    Lupe rod for tac 20

    I fished my 770H with a 16VSX in the legendary 'Lupe 2015 bite and landed a couple 125-lb class units and several others in the 75 to 100-lb range. It worked, but it would have been nice to have a little more lift in the end game on the larger units. Given that you're leaving so soon, I'd roll...
  581. T.O.T.W.

    What's your favorite 30# fly line sardine set up?

    Wow. Four pages on 30-lb rigs! I guess I ought to chime in... Back in the old days, my go-to was either a Newell 332 or 338 paired with a Calstar 6480L. I killed so many fish with that combo! When I was limited on gear options, this one was always with me. Now my favored 30-lb sardine set up...
  582. T.O.T.W.

    Egg Sliders and the Yummee Flyer

    The weight is necessary and keeps the flyer down and skipping. It's also important to keep it near the nose without it being "pinned" directly to it. Some rigging floss or dacron tied in a nail knot a couple inches above the weight will keep it from sliding up the leader.
  583. T.O.T.W.

    Spectra to mono/fluoro

    I want that connection to be as streamlined as possible. For that reason, I go with the FG.
  584. T.O.T.W.

    lousy vhf transmittal

    My buddy was just telling me today that his vhf does this when he accidentally puts it in "international" mode. Something to check before pulling things apart.
  585. T.O.T.W.

    Success of Flatfall Jig

    To me the Flat Fall (really, the slow-pitch jig, in general) is just like the Senko when it dropped on the freshwater bass scene. Sure, everyone caught fish before, but every now and then, something comes out with "game changer" status. If you want to keep up with the pros, there are times when...
  586. T.O.T.W.

    Spectra Glue

    Try Tac Glue.
  587. T.O.T.W.

    40lb stick?

    Depends on how you like to fish...for bait and shorter topshots, I really like the Calstar GG 6480. It's light with a glass feel. Just the right forgiveness to absorb head shakes and quick directional changes. It'll cover the bases from 30-50 lb.
  588. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe in August

    I should clarify that the crew had already gotten bait, so we didn't have to was nice which made for a quick run from Ensenada across.
  589. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe in August

    Figure on six hours to Ensenada. Maybe an hour in the harbor for check in, and then about eighteen hours to do the crossing to the island. Last trip we left SD before 8AM, already baited up, and were there the next day just before 7AM, so we did it a little quicker than the times above...
  590. T.O.T.W.

    Jigs for Nov. 'lupe trip

    I'll always bring more than a handful of various jigs and other assorted lures down there. One that will always be in the mix is a full-sized (not baby) Salas 5X.
  591. T.O.T.W.

    Starnge Lingcod Parasite - Any Idea What it is?

    ^^Yep. And they bite! Nasty buggers!
  592. T.O.T.W.

    Newell Blackie 344 F

    Hi Luke, With the blackies, much of the value will depend on whether the sideplates are fully integral. They are prone to hairline fractures along the length of the screws. If there are no cracks, you're on the high end for sure! Chris
  593. T.O.T.W.

    Thursday run for tuna 6 29 2017

    Oh, they definitely do!
  594. T.O.T.W.

    #40 Jig Stick Fathom 30 Star or Baja Spec 113N

    I believe Ronnie passed away a few years ago. The SoCal PFU trips are run by Steve Carson (tunanorth),
  595. T.O.T.W.

    #40 Jig Stick Fathom 30 Star or Baja Spec 113N

    It's the School of Penn. Pro-Spec is quite good. You won't be disappointed.
  596. T.O.T.W.

    How do you prevent getting sunburned from the neck up ???

    I like the Aftco Ninja with the hood pulled over a visor or baseball cap, but do need to use sunscreen on uncovered areas around my sunglasses. Aftco just came out with a new mask that looks like it will cover well, also.
  597. T.O.T.W.

    Hollow Core or straight Braid for a Newbie

    Cool! You will get many opinions on the right knot. I've tried all of them and have found the FG when tied properly to be, by far, the best--both for its strength and super-low profile.
  598. T.O.T.W.

    Protecting your gear from the elements

    Best is a light mist to break up the salt and allow it to be wiped away. Any pressure and you'll force salt and crud into the internals. On longer trips I've brought a bug sprayer with me. It doesn't take up that much space and it's a good way to give your gear a little spritz.
  599. T.O.T.W.

    How far can you actually throw a Jig???

    Also remember that just because you dumped all 100 yards of top shot off your spool on a bomber cast, it doesn't mean your jig went 100 yards away from the boat! Unless it was a perfect line-drive cast, the belly in your line will take up quite a bit of that distance. As for casting a Tady 4/0...
  600. T.O.T.W.

    Hollow Core or straight Braid for a Newbie

    My preference is solid for leaders up to 100-lb. What type of fishing do you plan on doing? Are you good at knots? Ideally, you learn the FG (maybe the RP for really light lines), and also learn to do some work with hollow (splicing, nub connections, end loop, and connencting two separate...
  601. T.O.T.W.

    Tac12ii UC Raptor, Tac16ii UC Centaur

    Nice gear! It looks like those reels may be a little under gunned drag-wise for the rods. Someone with more experience with either can confirm. As for hollow/solid, I prefer solid as it is a little better for fly lining baits. I can also change leaders much faster this way. (Granted the loop to...
  602. T.O.T.W.

    June 15th - 3/4 Day Report - Liberty

    Good job, Matt! You've been the hot stick lately!
  603. T.O.T.W.

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    38 lb halibut after sitting on the anchor all night trying for a white seabass. User-friendly sized marlin while trying to shake the wahoo curse on the upper 9 a couple years ago. Never been so mad to see a marlin on the line!
  604. T.O.T.W.

    Fishing single vs Treble hooks on iron

    These are the general "rules" for tuna and YT. However, some are inclined to use heavy trebles on their tuna jigs--something like an Owner ST-66. When going single hook, I like something stronger than a siwash. To me, those are for salmon! A Mustad 7691 or VMC Southern Tuna would be a better...
  605. T.O.T.W.

    Rule #1

    If you think it makes any difference...
  606. T.O.T.W.

    Lupe Sea Temps

    Thanks for sharing. Right about the same temperature range now as it was in early December...plenty of YFT around then. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  607. T.O.T.W.

    Flat fall set up

    Hard to say. Looks like a fancy clip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  608. T.O.T.W.

    Flat fall set up

    Looks like the single rear hook does the trick. Pic from Excel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  609. T.O.T.W.

    Flat fall set up

    I do them the way Baller does. The FFs appear to sink eyeball side down so I want the hook swinging up, so it hits the fish in the upper portion of the mouth. Hard to explain...his picture tells the story.
  610. T.O.T.W.

    looking options for an aftermarket knob handle for the fathom 40LD2

    X2 for Tib handle. As for the knob, the cap pops off allowing you to unscrew it. The shaft does not appear that it will come off without drilling it out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  611. T.O.T.W.

    Options at Guadalupe Island?

    I'd be cool with that, too. Especially with the music in discussion here (for the most part). Problem is getting alignment... There was a thread on here a few years ago that said they blared Jimmy Buffett every single day, all day, on a Clarion/Hurricane trip. I would have jumped ship and swam...
  612. T.O.T.W.

    Flat fall set up

    You crack me up, Nate. It's hard to cover all the bases with flat falls. They catch everything! Besides, we're in SoCal, the land of custom fishing equipment! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  613. T.O.T.W.

    Flat fall set up

    I like the idea of the inlines, especially for the Colt Snipers. Those VMCs are a bit light, though, in my opinion, if you're targeting tuna over 100 lbs. There are some JDM suppliers that have beefier options. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  614. T.O.T.W.

    Flat fall set up

    I can't see a difference from above, Nate. The 200 and 250 gram sizes have so much mass I think they can still shake and wiggle with the extra hook weight. It'd be cool to see a side/side comparison of these versus stock from a halibut's perspective! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  615. T.O.T.W.

    Flat fall set up

    Fisherman's Landing should still have some of these super-charged models. Solid ring to an 8/0 Mustad 7691. More on the way, so I'm told... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  616. T.O.T.W.

    50lb iron reel. Saltiga 40 vs Trinidad 20a

    I really like my Torques, but I've fished the new Saltiga 40 and, to me, it's the perfect size jig reel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  617. T.O.T.W.

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    Yeah, don't let Tac Glue run all over. If you keep it on the finishing knots, you'll be fine. I've had similar success as you--can't break the knot, but I've broken three hooks while using it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  618. T.O.T.W.

    Torque 25n surface iron

    I use both models for surface iron. If you don't mind the extra width, the 30 holds enough line to handle just about anything. That said, the 25N will fish 40-lb no problem. I suppose it really comes down to your comfort level with a wider reel...Whichever one you go with, you can be confident...
  619. T.O.T.W.

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    Try putting a drop of Tac Glue on the lock knot. Any super-type glue would probably work, but that Tac Glue works really well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  620. T.O.T.W.

    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    Good luck! Be warned, it can get a little addicting...and be sure to work in a ventilated area!
  621. T.O.T.W.

    Hook replacement for maurader style lures?

    If you're in SD, either Dana or Fisherman's Landing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  622. T.O.T.W.

    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    You can get 56% silver at Airgas online. I use the thinnest stuff they sell. 1/32", I think. For flux, get the Harris Stay-Silv Black. It's much easier to work with than the white. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  623. T.O.T.W.

    Scopolamine, tablet form

    These are fantastic if you can get them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  624. T.O.T.W.

    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    Just last week we had to send a guy packing because he had forgotten his passport. Couldn't make it home and back before we were done loading bait. On my last LR trip I would have been more comfortable at night had I packed a pair of sweatpants. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  625. T.O.T.W.

    Anyone have a guess as to the snake type

    They're harmless. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  626. T.O.T.W.

    Rockcod kick off, late report from Friday (GoPro edition)

    Looks like I'll need some 3-way swivels, too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  627. T.O.T.W.

    Rockcod kick off, late report from Friday (GoPro edition)

    The GoPro is back! How's the red crab situation? Still everywhere? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  628. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe in mid November, thoughts, what to expect. Worth it?

    You never know. I've done an end-of-November trip the last two years. 2015 better than 2016, but both good trips. Probably doing a December trip this year. I think if the water temps stay above 63° or so, the YFT will be there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  629. T.O.T.W.

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    Shame indeed. I spent many hours on that rig in the '90s--in every capacity--night driver, day driver, cook, crew, wood worker, fiber glasser... Sucks to see it in a heap like that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  630. T.O.T.W.

    Jig identification

    Those rings appear to be brazed with silver solder. It will flow in a nice, even layer like that. You just have to make sure it completely fills the joint. Those thick rings are the easiest to braze, too. Should be an easy swap if you decide to go bigger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  631. T.O.T.W.

    Budget 6 day Yoyo / Guadalupe bait 50-60 setup

    I've confirmed that the PRTB70XXH is on display at the show and a few dealers have them. Aside from some inshore models, this is the only new model out just yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  632. T.O.T.W.

    Jig identification

    Cool jigs! Whoever blinged them out didn't scrimp. Looks like they all have heavy Owners on them. The chicken wire patterns remind me of the old Neptune jigs. Hard to say what they really are without side to side comparisons. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  633. T.O.T.W.

    Budget 6 day Yoyo / Guadalupe bait 50-60 setup

    Daiwa is adding some new Proteus models. I've pulled on the PRTB70XXH and it will do 50 or 60 pound line no problem. They're shipping to dealers now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  634. T.O.T.W.

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    If you're logging onto BD to get your science straight, well...
  635. T.O.T.W.

    My favorite jigs

    Such a show off!
  636. T.O.T.W.

    Jig Paint - white/glow

    Message Tautog_17. He has what you're looking for.
  637. T.O.T.W.

    Braid to Florida connection

    Indeed. We all end up going with what works for us. Lots of choices.
  638. T.O.T.W.


    The 3rd and 4th ones from the bottom, are those Putters? I have a jig just like them with no markings, brass split ring and fasteners on the fixed hook. Definitely an older vintage. No way to know for sure, I guess...
  639. T.O.T.W.

    Braid to Florida connection

    FG. PR (not RP) is probably the gold standard for this connection. You need a bobbin, though. Once I settled on the FG, I figured that the bobbin was overkill. It's one less thing to carry around all the time. I take too much crap with me as it is. I've tried every other knot/connection in...
  640. T.O.T.W.

    If I could only own 1 fishing rod it'd be a.....

    I'd kick and scream at the torture! But for salt, it would be a Calstar GG6480.
  641. T.O.T.W.

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Whelp, when this first went down, I assumed good intent when others speculated fraud. I sure was wrong. What a shame.
  642. T.O.T.W.

    Iron Hook Rings...???

    I've never really found a need to go over 3/4". The 1" ring is way too big in my experience. For ring gauge, I try to stick with what the jig came with, maybe going one size down here and there. Salas have mostly 14 gauge (some of the big ones have 12). Most every other jig uses 16 gauge. These...
  643. T.O.T.W.

    Iron Hook Rings...???

    I've done both. Much easier to buy pre-made. Ring Lord is popular. They use 304 stainless. Lately I've been buying 316 from C&T designs.
  644. T.O.T.W.

    Iron Hook Rings...???

    Extra pics are giving me fits. You should get the idea...
  645. T.O.T.W.

    Iron Hook Rings...???

    Okay, I suppose I could do an entire video series on this, but that's gonna have to wait until I can get them together. Here are some still shots of what I mean about closing a ring. Bent needle-nosed pliers are best for this. Starting with an opened ring: Twist the two points away from one...
  646. T.O.T.W.

    Iron Hook Rings...???

    To close your ring, hold both sides of the opening with pliers and flex the two ends away from one another. Now squeeze them as you'd close the ring and twist them back. I'll try to post some pictures of what I mean later... As far as reusing rings, I've never had much success doing that. Much...
  647. T.O.T.W.

    Saltiga Star Drags

    Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like there are any lefties in this first run.
  648. T.O.T.W.

    Guadalupe was very slow

    Cool, Mike! Thanks for posting a report. Damn, 17 trips down there?!? I'm hoping to make my 5th in December.
  649. T.O.T.W.

    glow paint experiment

    Matt is well versed in making things glow!
  650. T.O.T.W.

    Night fishing for the big guys

    I believe they were 5/0 Owner ST-66. That was the biggest, beefiest hook in stock at the time. Owner makes an ST-68 and ST-76 that might be even better.
  651. T.O.T.W.

    Night fishing for the big guys

    That's cool. Just sharing some info. I don't have any empirical data to back this. Just passing along the rationale given for the request of me to put trebles on PL68s.
  652. T.O.T.W.

    Night fishing for the big guys

    I don't think anyone would argue those points. Along the same lines as the 100 versus 130 conversation, I brought up the trebles as a "bites or no bites" situation.
  653. T.O.T.W.

    Night fishing for the big guys

    Okay, please keep in mind that I do not have first-hand experience with the lower-zone-PV-Hurricane-glow-treble PL68s. I'm just the guy that did the retrofit. What I've gathered from those I very much trust, there are times when having the treble and a jig glowing like the sun is the difference...
  654. T.O.T.W.

    January 14 event at Dana Landing

    As if I didn't need another excuse to head down to Dana Landing! Free beer now, too?!? Great speakers on the agenda. Corey Sanden always has some great local intel and techniques to share.
  655. T.O.T.W.

    Night fishing for the big guys

    I honestly don't know! I rigged them and off they went. Let me ask the man that would know. Stand by...
  656. T.O.T.W.

    Night fishing for the big guys

    I did up several PL68s last year with those big owner trebles. Story went that they were getting bit 10:1 over the single hook configuration.
  657. T.O.T.W.

    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Thanks for the report. Can't wait to get back down there.
  658. T.O.T.W.

    Saltiga Star Drags

    Will do. My buddy is out of the country for the holidays. It may take me a few days to get an answer.
  659. T.O.T.W.

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    BD Member, Tautog_17 has done a ton of research on glow paints and how to activate them. He recommends a UV light, especially for the violet pigments. Here's a link to an old post that has some pdf files attached if you're interested...
  660. T.O.T.W.

    Saltiga Star Drags

    Didn't really get a chance to shake down the brakes with the surface iron. I generally don't like any type of cast control aside from my thumb, the brakes seemed pretty subtle, but I can't make a definitive call without bombing a 7X with it for a while. I can follow up about a lefty version for you.
  661. T.O.T.W.

    Saltiga Star Drags

    They're very nice. Super smooth gears--even smoother than my Torques. They're well put together and stout. It's clear Daiwa put some thought into where they could cut down on weight. Some are not fans of the asymmetrical handle, but this did not bother me. I think the 40 is the perfect size for...
  662. T.O.T.W.

    Hooks for guadalupe

    Good luck! Fish hard, the bites will happen.
  663. T.O.T.W.

    Hooks for guadalupe

    Some of us just ring them ourselves:D.
  664. T.O.T.W.

    Hooks for guadalupe

    I think those VMC Dynamics are still available. Only problem is the minimum order size is 1000 pieces.
  665. T.O.T.W.

    Hooks for guadalupe

    I'd be sure to have hooks for all different sizes of baits. You shouldn't have any issue with standard Mutus of Trokars in the 2/0 to 4/0 range. Some guys do like to push the limits of the standard Nautiluses or 3X Mustads, but know that there's a good chance of a bend or break with these. As...
  666. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Haha, yeah, I sure lucked out on that deal, Richard! Shogun sold out before I could pull the trigger. I was super bummed for you guys! Didn't want to rub salt in anyone's wounds by mentioning that little twist of fate. I really like both operations. Would happily ride either one as my schedule...
  667. T.O.T.W.

    Best knot for solid spectra to spectra?

    This is the lowest profile and strongest way to join the two. If it were my reel, it's the only method I'd consider. Seeing a pair of loopy knots zipping back and forth through my guides would drive me bonkers!
  668. T.O.T.W.

    Post your best PENN-related photo here

    Torque 30 star drag. 6:1 gears. 106 lbs after gill/gut. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  669. T.O.T.W.

    Current bait situation-Super small bait

    4/0 Mutus were too big for a single sardine last week save for a few standout baits. One option is to go with the chandelier rig in areas without any sealions. This was not possible at Guadalupe, but could work in the lower zones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  670. T.O.T.W.

    Apollo 6-day to Guadalupe 11/25-12/1/2016 Report and pics

    You bet. I may need to steal one of those RP shots you took. We chipped away...Fished my butt off for 11 bites over four days! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  671. T.O.T.W.

    Apollo 6-day to Guadalupe 11/25-12/1/2016 Report and pics

    Good stuff! That place can really get in your head as you wait for the next precious bite! I got a shot of you guys under the rainbow... It's amazing how the wind and sea state just do not translate in a still photo. It was howling! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  672. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Are you asking for delivery, too? I already traveled 500 miles to get it, lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  673. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Oh, that one made onto the boat, Leo! They usually don't try to lift them over in the bow because it's so much higher out of the water. Plus it makes a big, slippery, bloody mess up there. We walked it back and posed for a rail shot. That was my Michael Jordan "victory face" at the end of the...
  674. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Ah, thanks for clarifying! I was a little apprehensive about mentioning 50...if everyone shows up fishing with 50 on upcoming trips, a few crew members may come looking for me! You guys were hot. I wouldn't be surprised if you got a bunch fishing 80. Never would have occurred to me to try a...
  675. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Oh, man, Greg! I was so bummed for you when I heard the news! I hope you can get redemption soon. Would love to be there when you do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  676. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Nan=Nanette? Yes, that's her. She did very well. I fished the heaviest gear I had (80 and 100) when I chunked. I should have brought some swiveled circles with me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  677. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Sure thing! If you have good bait and current, 60 still may be a good choice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  678. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    It was definitely a different ball game with small bait and weak current (except Tues when it was ripping pretty well). The hot sticks used the Fathom 30 and 40 with 65-lb. spectra and 50 or 60-lb. Seaguar Premiere. I should also mention that the chunk and mack fishing was anything but...
  679. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Thanks for the kind words, Luke! I sure missed fishing with you this year. That was only trip #4 down there for me, but I completely agree on each one being unique. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  680. T.O.T.W.

    Royal Polaris Guadalupe Six Day 112516 to 120116

    Just got back from a six-day Guadalupe trip on the RP. I took daily notes like last year's Shogun trip. Here they are with some photos mixed in--and some annotations with extra detail here and there. Also, a few background details to add: In the days prior to departure, I was keeping an eye on...
  681. T.O.T.W.

    Saltiga Star Drags

    "Mid-December" is what I heard. I get to demo the 40 and 50 sizes on my 6-day leaving in a week. If the conditions line up, I'll put them through their paces on some Guadalupe yellowtail.