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  1. Sandieangler

    TRADE Trade my UC Viper RCX70 for your UC Viper RCX76

    Looking to trade my 7' Viper for a 7'6" Viper. Or will sell for $380
  2. Sandieangler


    Was going to purchase but your website says that it is not secure. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. Sandieangler

    SOLD Brand new Makaira 30 and 20 for sale

    It’s Special edition it should say on the side plate of the reel but judging from the colors your 30 gold is not sea and your silver 20 are sea
  4. Sandieangler

    Shimano Torsa Family

    9 years too late!
  5. Sandieangler

    Shimano Torsa Family

    I’ll take it! Lemme just get into my time machine real quick 😂
  6. Sandieangler

    WTB Want to buy Okuma PCH 741XXH

    Scroll down, there’s one listed for $200
  7. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano TN30 Goldie

    Sounds good, let me know your departure time and we can meet up before you leave
  8. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano TN30 Goldie

    🙌🏾🙌🏾👊🏽 I love these reels and they definitely put in work. I prefer the gold TN over the new trinidads for sure Only reason I’m selling is cause I have 2 30’s and don’t really use both
  9. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano TN30 Goldie

    Bump, last guy flaked 👎🏽
  10. Sandieangler

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 30II Sea X

    Thanks joe! Nice meeting you and happy to meet anglers from my home town
  11. Sandieangler

    WTB Okuma PCH 4XH Rail Rod

    Message @Papa "J" I think he has one
  12. Sandieangler

    Okuma Makaira... WOW

    i think what he was saying is that there are more moving parts in accurates compared to other reels with the same drag class. Like if you were to open a Makaira vs and ATD? At least that’s what I’ve heard from other people who service reels also
  13. Sandieangler

    For Sale Brand New Okuma Makaira's

    Just picked up a Mak50 from Jason, definitely would buy from him again. Buy with confidence.. Mak30 brand new with tags is still available from him, don’t sleep on it! Good meeting and chatting with you today Jason, let’s go fish soon 🤙🏾
  14. Sandieangler

    Okuma Makaira... WOW

    Can’t beat em
  15. Sandieangler

    For Sale xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Just got your message let me know when you’ll be home later
  16. Sandieangler

    For Sale Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS - Excellent Condition

    I’ll take what ever is in that black case on the floor in the back seat for $500 😂
  17. Sandieangler

    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Yes I received my super clamp and it is the best. My favorite thing about it is it fits and works with many different reels unlike the tiburon clamps which are usually reel specific. If you like big butts and you cannot lie like myself, you want to order the super clamp.
  18. Sandieangler

    For Sale 2018 Steiger 31' Chesapeake - $225,000

    Always drool seeing this rig in person! Ali: I remember one of the first shakedown Trips you did solo with this boat, I helped you fuel up that day while working the dock and was just frothing over this thing! Who ever buys this won’t be disappointed 🤙🏾
  19. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano TN30 Goldie

    Make some offers 🤙🏾
  20. Sandieangler

    For Sale Gear stolen out of car-please keep eyes put

    Stoked for you! So rare this happens and glad that dude got caught, more importantly happy you got your setup back un damaged. Got my truck and car broken into 3 times here in Mission beach aka Missing beach, San Diego And only 1 of those times did they catch the guy months later
  21. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano TN30 Goldie

    Where my jig throwers at!?
  22. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano TN30 Goldie

    Getting rid of some reels to make room for new ones Local pickup in San Diego or can ship on your dime Shimano Trinidad TN30 Has some boat rash as pictured Cosmetic 7.5/10 Mechanically 10/10 Serviced last year 6/13 Haven’t used since Upgraded drag set Added dog (like DC’s) 2 new handle...
  23. Sandieangler

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    That’s what the boat is used for unless you’re a shitty fisherman 😂
  24. Sandieangler

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    Hey I’m selling my boat, do you want to buy it!? Sell it to you for top dollar! You’ll get the best deal I promise 😉
  25. Sandieangler

    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Ordered a DFP super clamp, again I appreciate the suggestions 👍🏽
  26. Sandieangler

    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Yeeew! Thanks amigos 🤙🏾
  27. Sandieangler

    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a reel clamp that’s big enough to fit big butt Uluas? I know and own a tiburon on one of my other Uluas but seeing if there are other companies/options. I’ve seen a few reel clamp companies at day at the docks in San Diego but I forgot all the...
  28. Sandieangler

    WTB Trinidad DC Parts

    eBay has some parts listed
  29. Sandieangler

    SOLD Aluminum Gaffs

    Bump bump want to get rid of, make me an offer!
  30. Sandieangler

    For Sale Tiburon clamp xxl

    Next in line if sale falls through
  31. Sandieangler

    SOLD Aluminum Gaffs

    Price drop $40 for both
  32. Sandieangler

    SOLD Aluminum Gaffs

    Two aluminum gaffs for sale -4.5’ ~ 3.5” hook -3.5’ ~ 3.5” hook $25 each $40 for both
  33. Sandieangler

    SOLD Phenix PSX908 $125

    It’s supposed to be picked up tonight
  34. Sandieangler

    WTB Left handed AR upper

    Looking for a completed left handed AR upper 556/223 can trade for a right handed completed upper
  35. Sandieangler

    That’s exactly what I had on there (Lexa 400hd) and it works perfectly!

    That’s exactly what I had on there (Lexa 400hd) and it works perfectly!
  36. Sandieangler

    SOLD Phenix PSX908 $125

    Sale pending to Jimmy
  37. Sandieangler

    Yeah Wednesday is perfect! I’ll pm you my phone number 👍🏽

    Yeah Wednesday is perfect! I’ll pm you my phone number 👍🏽
  38. Sandieangler

    Condition would be a 8/10 used but never a guide broken. If you look at the stock rods it comes...

    Condition would be a 8/10 used but never a guide broken. If you look at the stock rods it comes with a weird cork with one stand of tuna chord wrapped all the way up, i didn’t like it so I put xwrap on the bottom and fore grip. I’m located near the SDSU area (east north park) and unfortunately I...
  39. Sandieangler

    Meet you in between at $120!

    Meet you in between at $120!
  40. Sandieangler

    SOLD Phenix PSX908 $125

    Price drop $125 want it gone
  41. Sandieangler

    WTB Trini 30 dc

    Yeah look up SD tackle traders tomorrow and give them a call to check what they have, I know they have them occasionally
  42. Sandieangler

    WTB Trini 30 dc

    Budget better be about $800 or more 🦄🦄🦄🦄
  43. Sandieangler

    SOLD Phenix PSX908 $125

    Price drop $150 OBO
  44. Sandieangler

    For Sale Various Blanks

    Yeah thanks again Steve! Appreciate you coming down to San Diego 🤙🏾 So stoked on my Ulua
  45. Sandieangler

    WTB Trini 30 dc

    Try San Diego tackle traders 👍🏽
  46. Sandieangler

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    JRC you’re a legend! 🤙🏾
  47. Sandieangler

    SOLD Phenix PSX908 $125

    9’0” 15-40# moderate fast Fuji reel seat ST laser composite These rods usually come with a cork style wrap but I added x-wrap over. Drop to $125 OBO want it gone
  48. Sandieangler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Funny thing is I your original post you stated that the photos from the OP was definitely not Cabo 216, and now you know it is. You’ve owned 30 boats? Are you even a boater? Do you even know what saltwater is? 😂
  49. Sandieangler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Even down to the details of hardware mounting. Bottom right corner has the same rust spot. Bottom left corner has the same miss drilled screw slot
  50. Sandieangler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    This guys is delusional, first thing I noticed was the black rod holder. You must Be blind if you can’t see that’s the same Hull
  51. Sandieangler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Team ram rod, he just wants aliteracola.
  52. Sandieangler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    He’s a ghost now 😂
  53. Sandieangler

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Come on man 😂🤯 how can you be so naive about this. This is clearly the same boat, there are several threads on here from the incident of when it sank with pictures of the same CF #. Also your Facebook post comparison shows in both pictures that there is a black mount on the port side bow rail so...
  54. Sandieangler

    SOLD Trinidad 16 DC San Diego

    Called him and it was gone quick!
  55. Sandieangler

    For Sale Daiwa saltist bg50H

    Just need to include a price 👍🏽
  56. Sandieangler

    Snow Summit. Method

    Tail press proper. Bummed I didn’t make it up there to even hike the boneyard after they closed
  57. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20 DC MINT

    HAHA that wasnt it though! lol I havent received it yet
  58. Sandieangler

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 20 DC MINT

    damn Jamie! going to make me spend this whole stimulus check on a fishing reel LOL
  59. Sandieangler

    SOLD *Off the Market* - 21ft Boston Whaler Justice "Grey Ghost"

    Seen this sled in person, such a fishy boat. Wish I could buy it. Bump for da Grey Ghost
  60. Sandieangler

    SOLD Avet Pro EX 50 2 speed SIL

    750 yards of #130 hollow #200 Fluoro wind on Good for kite fishing for big bluefin Prefer local pickup but willing to ship on your dime $450 OBO no box
  61. Sandieangler

    Reel corrosion Tiagra 50W

    Thanks for the input fellas 👍🏽 Buying a new spool would always be the last resort option for sure. Going to try what Swami says and put wax on it, I don’t imagine it affecting performance and as long as there are no sharp edges exposed to compromise the braid then it should be ok.
  62. Sandieangler

    Reel corrosion Tiagra 50W

    Anyone have a good solution on how to restore this corrosion spot? Running my finger against it there isn’t any sharp or raised spots, but ideally want to get this spot back to the original gold color. Someone suggested clear nail polish but wanted to see if anyone has fixed something like...
  63. Sandieangler

    Snow Summit. Method

    Snow summit this season, so bummed about all the resorts shutting down way too early. RIP spring riding
  64. Sandieangler

    I had nothing to do

    The shaping bay looks dialed! Do you ever rent out the bay if someone has their own blank, materials/ planer!?
  65. Sandieangler

    For Sale UC RCE 900 wahoo 40-60

    i dunno if i trust this guy though.. 😅
  66. Sandieangler

    SOLD Black Penn Torque 25 SD

    Taylor you’re my idol
  67. Sandieangler

    For Sale 97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    I will definitely, yeah I’ve talked to you a few times! I work for Freedom. Yeah market is thought for sure, wanted to list my boat but decided to hold off. I’ll spread the word about your rig for sale 🤙🏾
  68. Sandieangler

    SOLD 2 AR uppers

    I pmd him a while ago saying I’d be next in line to purchase if sale fell through, I got ghosted. Gave me his number to call him on another upper, kept calling him and his phone kept going to voicemail
  69. Sandieangler

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    I mean you pretty much know boat’s story isn’t credible due to the fact that he lied to everyone about working at a grocery store 😂
  70. Sandieangler

    SOLD 556 (AR) complete upper

    I’ve been trying to call you since this morning but it goes straight to voicemail
  71. Sandieangler

    For Sale 97 Alblemarle 27SFX Express REDUCED

    Sad to see her leave out of CAB, but looking forward to seeing the new boat if you stay! GLWS
  72. Sandieangler

    FREE Low Ball Offer Question

    That’s the worst, I’ve had that happen to me after agreeing to pay the full asking price and agreeing to meet st 8 am the next morning I get a text at 730 saying he sold it to someone who offered him higher
  73. Sandieangler

    FREE Low Ball Offer Question

  74. Sandieangler

    FREE Low Ball Offer Question

    You can almost always expect a lower offer than the asking price. Everyone wants the “bro” deal. That’s why you list things higher than what you’re wanting to get out of it
  75. Sandieangler


    Garage set up proper! GLWS
  76. Sandieangler

    For Sale or Trade Shimano Trinidad 16DC

    20 is the perfect size, I don’t think I will ever get rid of mine. GLWS/T
  77. Sandieangler

    For Sale Super rare ulua

    You should have said, "But it has fuji guides...."
  78. Sandieangler

    SOLD Creating new thread once I get organized

    Got my Rainshadow rail rod in the mail nicely stored in a PVC tube! Bump for a great seller. Thanks Hector!
  79. Sandieangler

    SOLD Brand new Tanacom 750

    Lol why have we never used this before?
  80. Sandieangler

    For Sale Std Horizon Handheld HX 300 VHF Marine Radio

    Not the first time someone has bought and STD
  81. Sandieangler

    For Sale Tiagra 30W LRSA reel

    Sounds kind of like a crazy ex girlfriend of mine when I didnt respond to her text right away. LOL Come on man you make it seem like you have access to his PM's to know you were the first guy to send one. I, on the other hand would have definitely PM'd for this deal instantly if I saw it at...
  82. Sandieangler

    For Sale Full Length Rod Sock Covers

    Do you have any that fit around the bottom guide of a 10' Ulua?
  83. Sandieangler

    FREE Definite scammer here

    Chillin out scamming and ramblin all cool And all being some lowlifes with nothin else to do
  84. Sandieangler

    For Sale Shimano tyrnos 30ii looks and works brand new

    Yeah, only rod I have for the deal, ive caught a bunch of YT and tuna with the rod just fine though. The condition is good, I can take some pics today.
  85. Sandieangler

    For Sale Shimano tyrnos 30ii looks and works brand new

    Yeah, its a Custom coast classic JS801M MF 15-40# and lexa is spooled woth 65# power pro white
  86. Sandieangler

    Capsized Parker

    1 From my understanding a foamed filled hull/boat will never truly sink to the ocean floor, but instead flip over as pictured with the bow somewhat tombstoning
  87. Sandieangler

    SOLD 1998 Davis Cortez 22

    Haha, hes out there trying to gaff their fish before they do
  88. Sandieangler

    Capsized Parker

    Yeah I believe there are two, a parker on Friday and the cat on Saturday
  89. Sandieangler

    TRADE Shimano Torsa 16N

    When was last service? Iooks like some serious boat rash
  90. Sandieangler

    Capsized Parker

    That is super sketchy! Does your buddy have the coordinates of it so we can post it on here?
  91. Sandieangler

    Capsized Parker

    Heard on the radio of a Parker that capsized today near the 226/302. Hope everyone on board is safe and back at home.
  92. Sandieangler

    TRADE Shimano Torsa 16N

    Just got to work but will shoot you pics as soon as im home
  93. Sandieangler

    TRADE Shimano Torsa 16N

    Sorry typo not narrow
  94. Sandieangler

    TRADE Shimano Torsa 16N

    Would u trade for a trinidad 30N with dog installed
  95. Sandieangler

    For Sale Shimano reels and yeti coolers

    You know the more you get flustered and bothered by the comments, the more guys are going to bust your balls.
  96. Sandieangler

    SOLD Surfboard Shaping & Repair Stand

    I need!! Will be contacting you soon. Hopefully you still have some to sellt
  97. Sandieangler

    For Sale Full Length Rod Sock Covers

    Would like a few in a more neutral color when available!
  98. Sandieangler

    FREE XD 100 oil Approx. 1 gallon

    Dang, if only you were closer. That oil is pricey!
  99. Sandieangler

    SOLD Ulua- 10ft CEX - Pics Added

    If you don't know, you can't afford it
  100. Sandieangler

    For Sale Raptor - $350

    Now you got Raptors for days! Raptor on Raptor
  101. Sandieangler

    SOLD Ulua- 10ft CEX - Pics Added

    Getting ready to grab some popcorn and read the comments LOL, its getting spicy in here
  102. Sandieangler

    For Sale Rainshadow 80xxh Bluefin Railrods

    Nice meeting you Jason, stoked on the rod. Ill contact you shortly here for the other one
  103. Sandieangler

    Graphite Composite blanks

    Had a bad day? Sorry for posting in a wrong section. You didnt have to click on it/ be a prick. Glad everyone else who responded were not you
  104. Sandieangler

    Graphite Composite blanks

    Lol yup, on the phone he kept talking super fast and when I would try and say something he would cut me off and wouldnt let ne speak LOL . I picked up a Rainshadow XXH today instead for $325
  105. Sandieangler

    Graphite Composite blanks

    Thank you to everyone who input thier feedback/advice. Hope everyone has a great weekend
  106. Sandieangler

    Graphite Composite blanks

    Yeah I always pull on them before purchase. But thats what I wss thinking, the fact that the blank is a no name worries me.
  107. Sandieangler

    For Sale Kite rod, boat rods cheap

    Whats price on kite rod?
  108. Sandieangler

    Graphite Composite blanks

    The seller who wraps these said that they are no name blanks, they are from a factory from china. He said the lighter rods are similar to calstar graphiters but the heavier hes not sure of
  109. Sandieangler

    Graphite Composite blanks

    Does anyone have feed back on these graphite composite blanks? Supposedly from China? Looking into buying a rail rod with that blank 7ft rated 130 - unlimited
  110. Sandieangler


    Someone lost thier phone again. LOL Thanks for the heads up to not do buisness with him.
  111. Sandieangler


    But I absoluteley agree, CIM is a great marina and Debbie and her staff are amazing
  112. Sandieangler


    That is super unfortunate that he couldn't get into the marina that night. That shouldn't happen as I know he goes around and has to scan a post on each dock. I would love to bait these fkrs, leave a bunch of gear out and sit in the fly bridge with a bat or a gaff. These tweakers need to learn a...
  113. Sandieangler


    One* Sets of eyes*
  114. Sandieangler


    Wow, I work at C.I.M and didn't hear about this. I only heard of some dingy outboards being stolen at night a week or two ago. There is only 1 security guard for the entire marina. I think we need to talk to Debbie and get a second once on shift so we have 2 eyes on the docks. I'll be keeping my...
  115. Sandieangler

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    If there was the author probably would not be bashing a solid op and crew. He has no idea what the rockpile is
  116. Sandieangler

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    Would you be complaining if you found fish down south near the rockpile?
  117. Sandieangler

    SOLD Calstar Grafighter 700ML

    Would you sell for cash? I cant part ways with any of my 10fters
  118. Sandieangler

    TRADE SS Seeker, Calstar, Shimano rod

    Is that other grafighter for sale?
  119. Sandieangler

    WTB Cabo 221 or 226

    Yo Brian, my buddy might be selling his 226. Ill let you know
  120. Sandieangler

    For Sale New in box Talica 12II

    Nice meeting you Bryan and I hope you enjoy that 90J!
  121. Sandieangler

    SOLD BRAND NEW never fished Uluas

    Will you be down in San Diego any time soon?
  122. Sandieangler

    For Sale Calstar TIOOJ SOLD-reels left.

    Let me know if sale falls through, is like to buy it
  123. Sandieangler

    SOLD Reliable Kill Bag - 48"

    What happened on the inside? Did you caulk the seams?
  124. Sandieangler

    SOLD 23’ Mako CC w/ 2007 Yamaha 225

    where is the gas tank location in the the hull? Is there easy access for removal or would one have to cut through the deck?
  125. Sandieangler

    28' Flybridge Tollycraft.

    Clean!!!! Nice setup
  126. Sandieangler

    11.16.17 DP

    Fishing with Luiza :p: (picture attachment)
  127. Sandieangler

    Local San Diego rockfish and cod

    I actually use that sun screen I bought at dana landing called UNI butter for the sun protection, you should try it!
  128. Sandieangler

    O95 11/16

    Just got an account ya dummy, but you better believe that I won't sound like a little whiny girl on my posts, talking about getting fish on the boat including your 25# BFT and still being so critical, fishing is fishing, and especially finicky when its tuna. The fact that you didn't tip the crew...
  129. Sandieangler

    O95 11/16

    what a lame report